he wears hats that often

there is so much in this picture to concentrate on and this is also making me emotional

Imagine Agent Florida interacting with the AI fragments:
- He’s around Wyoming a lot, so he becomes pretty well acquainted with Gamma, and happens to pick up quite a few jokes from him. He often convinces Gamma to project himself wearing silly hats and other accessories
- He gets along very well with Theta, and is generally very good at cheering him up with singing or cheerful words if North is injured and unable to help
- Sigma would most likely find Florida fascinating, curious about how someone so cheerful can do so much damage in the field
- Florida wouldn’t interact with Delta often, but the few times he has, he attempted to convince Delta to project himself in a pair of glasses. Florida has also asked Delta on numerous occasions to calculate ridiculous probabilities on long Pelican rides (things such as ‘if I ate this jellybean, what’s the probability that the Pelican would crash’)
- Omega would undoubtedly be less than happy about the fact that Florida insists on referring to him as ‘the angry glowstick’

For bloodyrose1998  
Jace is inspired by this guy, illan riviere :D He wears the same type of harem pants/belly dancing pants/belt. He has a septum piercing, skeleton-style warpaint (face and ribcage) and a loooong black mohawk that he lets trail down his back in a ponytail. He also wears black armbands and has 4 horizontal scars down the front of his throat. He often wears a top hat adorned with bones and feathers. Here’s a sketch that blatterburystreet did of him :)