he wears a suit well

I̸̞͓̬̝͐͆̚͜t̷͚́̿'̷̭̠̈́̍s̶͇̜̦̗̏̆ ̷̣͙̋h̵̟̠͇̪̓̿̈́̾͘ì̷̧̜̓̽̈́s̶͓̪̐͘̕ ̵̨̰̱͖̏̅t̷̩͙̗̗̺̐ȗ̵͓̂̈r̵̪̲͆̀̽̎n̸̻̓̇̄ ̶̩̰̰̬́̅͌n̴͎̓̋̓̍͘o̵̲͚̟̙̳̒̎̀̐ẃ̷̨͙͓̤̓̀̄͠

I went through all the times Dark made an appearance in yesterday’s videos again, including the old ones (don’t blink, don’t move and relax). Here are my thoughts (this turned out way longer than planned, and it’s not even all, yay for way to much theorizing?):

If you’ve found the Exit video, you know that after you go through the door, you see Dark smiling at you and you get put back into prison. Dark made the loop. Like @caustic-synishade​ pointed out here (and Mark “confirmed”): he wants you to get stuck in the game. Now I was thinking, why the prison? Mark even said at the beginning that he’s seen us before, so that would make more sense right? But consider this: the only way you can get Mark killed in the game, without Dark making a clear appearance, is by choosing to split up. That event only occurs when you escape the prison again, Dark wants you to find this other option. This way, you make it easier for him to take over. He doesn’t even have to go through all of the trouble of killing Mark, you took care of that. (More on Dark taking over later)

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So, Dark makes a clear appearance when you choose the Horror play in the theatre. There are some (okay, way too many) things that caught my attention regarding his powers. First, Mark disappears. Dark appears on the stage, your vision gets stretched and weird. Next thing you know, you’re somewhere else, with Dark in front of you. This, suddenly appearing somewhere else, happens a lot in the videos with and without Dark. The ones with Dark are more sudden, unlike the other ones, where Mark hugs you, puts his hands before your eyes, etc. I think he also did this during the Exit video, like I pointed out before, when you are suddenly put back in the prison. This makes me think that Dark is capable of some serious telekinesis (I have so much more to say about this! So I’ll probably do a different post on what I think Dark’s powers are, with more detail and research).

His behaviour is also very interesting (during the Horror, Freedom and Left videos)! Like @http-jack​ says in this post (thank you for putting my thoughts together so well!), Dark is serious business. He wears a suit, makes sure he speaks clearly, puts his hands behind his back and has good posture. This guy is bursting of self-confidence and he doesn’t play around. But that doesn’t mean he never loses his temper. Every single time he raises his voice, you can see that he didn’t mean that to happen. He fixes his tie and jacket, sighs and continues his speech. If we say that the options Dark gives you at the end of Horror are the “canon” times he made an appearance, then he’s been around since June 2012. More than enough time to get seriously pissed off.

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Not only his behaviour, but also the things he says lead me to believe that Dark is anything but happy with Mark.I’ve been pushed aside. Replaced. Mocked. And then, he had the gall to not invite me to his little adventure with you. No more. Never again. It’s my turn now.
He’s angry with Mark’s arrogance and ignorance towards him. He’s waited long enough, giving Mark the change to do this willingly, but if Mark won’t let him in, he’ll do it himself. He’s jealous of all of the attention Mark’s been getting, while he was humiliated and forgot. He’s desperate to show off how stupid Mark was for ignoring him. “Take your pick, anything of four different choices. More than he could’ve ever given you. (…) If dinner is what you want, then I can provide. And I can take you wherever you’d like to go. (…) I can give you anything! (…) There’s nothing you, or he, can do to stop me!” He shows off how strong he is and how weak Mark is beside him. He straight up says he can give you so much more than Mark, you just have to let him in, it’s as simple as that.

Dark’s loving all the attention he’s finally getting. He’s putting up one hell of a show. He shows off his powers, mocks Mark and he pretends he gives you a choice (with the loop the choice at the end of Horror). Even though Mark puts up a fight, I don’t think Dark ever really leaves or gave any of us a choice:

I’ll talk more about the difference in the speech of Mark and Dark in the Right and Left videos in the powers post, but at the end of both videos, it’s clear Dark is still there. When you “accidentally” kill Mark, it’s clear Dark’s still here and here to stay. “But now we’re going to be together, forever.”
If you actually shoot Dark, he’s not gone. In the Right video, your vision is still somewhat distorted, but the actual Mark is there. Dark never left and he didn’t actually give you a choice, he took control. It’s his turn now.

Now, I was thinking, why is Dark so obsessed with getting a connection between you and him? “I’ve been waiting a long time to get some, personal time between us. (…) So, now that we are here together, we can really get know each other.”
Consider this: he needs us. He can take over Mark, but Mark’s able to push him out. But we’re not. Mark’s there in his physical form, we’re not. He knows that Mark cares a lot about us, so what does he do? Make us suffer. He loves to see Mark suffer (in don’t blink and relax, Mark’s hurt in some way), and he knows he can hurt him by hurting us.

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If you read the whole thing, thank you! I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. I’ll do way more theorizing on things like: Is Dark there the entire time? What are his powers? What even is he? How far does this rabbit hole even go? Who knows Dark, who knows.

Daddy Daughter Date! (Photos aren’t mine)

You were in the middle of starting your bath when you heard the bathroom door open and close. You had a feeling you knew who it was, you just tossed in some lavender scented bath salts before tightening your robe and turning around. You couldn’t help but smile at the sight of your five year old daughter standing there in her favorite dress. You knew she had been looking forward to this night all week, she had even put a “special princess” sticker on today’s date on the Frozen calendar that was hanging in her room.

“Well don’t you just look lovely.” You told her and she smiled and did a little twirl for you. “Have special plans for tonight?” You asked and she just slightly rolled her eyes, something Harry swears she learned from you.

“Mommy, you know I have a special date!” Her voice was soft and sweet, you just smiled at her as you ran your hand through her long hair.

“Oi! Did I hear somethin about a date? Ya too young lovey!” The sound of Harry’s loud voice made you jump as you snapped your head in the direction of his closet where he was supposed to be picking out a tie.

“Daddy don’t be silly!” Your daughter’s voice was playful as she turned from looking at you to facing the doorway of the closet Harry was currently standing in. You smiled as Harry walked towards her holding out two ties, one was a nude pink color and the other was a bit of a brighter shade of pink. He knelt down in front of her and held out the ties for her to look at.

“Need ya help lovey, I have a special date tonight with one of the most precious girls in the world and I just can’t pick a tie.” He quickly glanced over at you giving you a wink causing you to roll your eyes and laugh a little as you turned your attention back towards the bath you were so looking forward to soaking in.

“This one.” You looked over and saw Harry grinning as your daughter pointed towards the brighter pink tie. You knew it wouldn’t exactly go well with the navy suit he was wearing, but you also were well aware of the fact her favorite color at the moment was pink so naturally Harry had to incorporate that color into his outfit.

“Perfect choice my little love.” You heard him say as you leaned over and turned off the water. When you turned back around you couldn’t fight the grin that took over your face as you watched Harry do his tie in the full length mirror outside his closet. Your daughter was now standing next to him looking up at him as his hands fiddled with the fabric of the tie until it was decent enough for him to flop the collar of his white button up shirt over.

“Well don’t you two just look smashing.” Both of their heads turned towards you, Harry smiled as he looked down at the little girl standing next to him in her pretty pink dress and white sandals. You smiled at her as she walked over to you and wrapped her arms around your legs.

“You gonna miss us mommy?” Her voice was muffled slightly as she turned her head so her cheek was against the fabric of your robe that hit just above your knee. You gently ran a hand over her hair as she looked up at you with her big green eyes.

“I will miss you terribly.” You reassured her causing a smile to form on her face. Harry cleared his throat making you shoot him a look, he just shrugged causing you to roll your eyes. “I will miss you as well H, don’t worry.” You teased causing him to stick his tongue out at you.

“Come on my little love, don’t wanna be late for our dinner reservations.” You smiled as you felt her arms unwrap from around your legs, she turned around and grabbed Harry’s outstretched hand. “See you later my love, enjoy your bath.” Harry leaned over quickly and placed a sweet kiss to your lips before the two of them were out of the bathroom and you were left alone, just you and the relaxing bath you had prepared.

You knew Harry had pulled out all the stops for this special daddy and daughter date, it being the first one and all he wanted it to be special. You knew he had a limo waiting out front and a table reserved at her favorite restaurant and he even went as far as to make sure flowers were waiting for her upon their arrival at the restaurant. He planned for the two of them to get a private tour of the zoo after dinner.

You knew that was just going to blow her mind, she had developed a new love and interest in animals lately so you knew a tour of the zoo for just the two of them was going to be so fun for her. He had mentioned to you his idea of getting frozen yogurt after the zoo but he also mentioned the idea of going to a bakery and having her pick out cupcakes he wasn’t quite sure so he was going to let her decide when the time came. You were just so excited for the two of them and you couldn’t wait to hear all about it.

You later found yourself in bed reading your latest book when you heard the front door open and when you didn’t hear the sound of little feet running towards your room you turned and looked at the clock. You hadn’t even noticed they had been gone for quite a while, you slid off the bed and poked your head out into the hallway. You smiled as you saw Harry walking towards you.

“She fell asleep on the way to the bakery.” Harry’s voice was barely above a whisper as you saw him carrying your sleeping daughter off towards her room. You had to stop a laugh as you saw her cheek pressed against the top of his shoulder and her hair a crazy mess atop her head.

“Did you two have fun?” You quietly asked as you followed him into her room, he slowly and gentle laid her down onto her bed as you slipped her shoes off her little feet. Harry smiled at her before placing a quick kiss to her forehead, he tucked her quilt over her as you placed her shoes back into her closet.

“Oh love I wish you could’ve seen her face.” He explained as the two of you quietly exited her room and made your way back towards your room. “She just lit up and I thought she was going ta scream when she saw the limo.” His voice was soft and quiet as he made his way towards his closet.

“Did she love the restaurant?” You asked as you sat at the edge of the bed. Harry appeared in the doorway of the master bathroom now just in his trousers and button up shirt that he was working on unbuttoning.

“Of course, but the best bit was when she got her flowers she told me she thought flowers were just for her Mommy and Nana. I told her she was one of my special girls as well so she deserves flowers of her own.” You smiled as he talked while slipped off his shirt, you didn’t even care that he just let it fall to the floor instead of putting it in the hamper.

“I knew the two of you would have a great time.” You told him as you watched him slide his trousers off leaving them on the floor next to his shirt so that now he was just in his boxers before making his way to the bed. “She will remember this night forever H.” You added as he sat next to you on the bed, you placed your hand on the top of his bare thigh giving it a squeeze.

“As will I love,” you felt his arm wrap around your middle as he pulled you closer to him. “She loved the zoo, thought she was gonna ask me ta buy her a lion for a moment.” You giggled when you felt his breath on your neck before he placed a sweet kiss to your cheek.

“You would have.” You teased, the two of you both knew that Harry would drop as much money and move the heavens and earth for the little girl currently asleep in the room down the hall. “That’s why you’re such an amazing dad and she loves you so much.” You felt his grip on your waist tighten a little.

“She’s the amazing one love,” you placed a kiss to the side of his mouth causing his lips to twitch up into a little crooked smirk. “She makes being a dad easy, I jus want to make her smile all the time and protect her from anything that could take that smile away.” You smiled as his eyes lit up as he talked about his love for his daughter. You knew the two of them had a very special bond, it just proved that Harry was indeed an amazing dad.

“Well I’m glad the two of you enjoyed your time together H.” You told him before you rested your head on his shoulder, you felt him place a kiss to the top of your head making you smile.

“Did ya miss me?” You rolled your eyes as you felt his hand slowly begin to creep down from your waist towards your hip. You lifted your head off his shoulder and when you saw the slight smirk on his face you just shook your head.

“Didn’t even notice you were gone.” You joked and Harry’s face slightly dropped and you just shot him a smile before giving his thigh a slight pat. “Okay, I might have missed you just a little bit.” You lifted your free hand up and brought your pointer finger and thumb together to show him how much.

“Oh jus a little bit hmm?” Soon his face was in your neck giving it sloppily kisses causing you to laugh as he grabbed your waist and pulled you onto his lap. “I love you.” His voice was low in your ear and you just smiled as he placed a kiss right below your ear.

“I love you too H.” You felt him smile against your neck as you snuggled into his chest. You could’ve stayed like that all night, you loved how the two of you always managed to meet at the end of the bed telling each other about your days. You loved watching his eyes light up when he talked about his daughter and you just couldn’t help but smile when he would gush over how much he loved the two of you. The truth was you loved Harry so much you truly didn’t know what you would do without him along with the little girl that was asleep down the hallway after an exciting Daddy daughter date, the two of them were the lights of your life and you wouldn’t change it for the world.

Clothes change throughout each KBTBB season

Do you notice that everytime kbtbb has a new season, Eisuke is the only one who got a different suit as well? It’s like he needs to wear differently for each of his hotel and cruise lol. For example:

Season 1:

Season 2:

Season 3:

Season 4:

The maid uniform for the cruise in season 4 is different from the one in the hotel throughout season 1 - 3 as well.

Season 1 -3:

Season 4:

Corporate || Dylan O’Brien AU {Part One}

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Words: 1976

Warnings: none really

Pairing: Dylan O’Brien x Reader

Series Masterlist

Author’s Note: thanks to one of my favorites @were-cheetah-stiles for proofreading this for me :) Enjoy everyone!

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I DONT KNOW WHAT TO SAY ABOUT THIS. @samcybercat and i had an idea, where Rei and Nagisa split up after a fight and meet up with each other 3 years later AND THIS IS HOW THEY BOTH TURNED OUT. Wild

RFA Wedding HCs: Jumin

Oh I’ve been waiting to do this one

• the wedding is SO classy
• The wedding was so big it was probably a national holiday tbh
• like Jumin is so bougie
• he spared no expense
• half the guest list is people MC doesn’t even know
• Juju wants everything to be perfect for MC
• they’re like as long as you’re there it’ll be perfect
• Jumin hired a fancy ass French wedding planner
• MC and Jumin agreed with most of the stuff they were suggesting
• but MC disagreed with the food choices
• the wedding planner was tryna serve crab cakes and caviar
• Mc was like

• the wedding was probably in a palace or something
• like there are those weddings where you’re scared to touch anything or pocket everything because it’s all so beautiful
• that was Jumin and MC’s wedding
• the colour scheme was so nice it was like rose gold ,dark purple, blood orange and black
• Jumin was wearing the classic black tux
• he looked finnneee as fuck
• Well I mean he wears suits like everyday but shhhh
• the wedding venue was super fancy
• like Palace of Versailles fancy
• ornate ceilings, statues, fountains, the works
it even had its own hedge maze
• the ceremony was in some big ass cathedral
• when the thing actually started Jumin was eerily calm
• on the inside he was freaking out rip Jumin
• then MC entered looking like a goddess
• dress trailing behind, hair on fleek, tiara poised on head, holding the biggest bouquet known to man
• They were looking finnneee 2.0
• like Juju and MC looked so classy together
• Instagram was blowing up with pictures from the wedding
• Chairman Han was blubbering
• his son is finally becoming a man about time
• MC was also shedding some tears
• Jumin had the widest grin on his face the whole day it was co cute


Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Request: Can I request a civil war!Bucky oneshot where Reader comes home to Bucky (in his little apartment) to find him and Steve staring at eachother and like Steve points a gun and asks who’s she and then Bucky gets all protective and they both escape the black panther together and fluff (sorry for long request 😂) love your writing!❤️

A/N: Are there any classes for naming your work because I feel like I need some… Anyways, this is basically just the chasing scene from Civil War only it’s described by me. Of course I left some parts out and also there are some parts with the reader that I’ve changed to fit the story but… yeah. I literally watched the scene while writing this, pausing it every few seconds to be as accurate as possible. I realize I could have just come up with something myself but… gotta stay true to Marvel. I don’t know if that bothers some of you but I’m sorry if it does.
It’s messy, probably not easy to understand but if you’ve seen Civil War (which I’m sure you have at this point) you might know what I’m talking about. It’s not very fluffy, sorry about that. It’s hard to mix action and fluff. Hope you’ll like it either way!
ALSO, I keep referring to T'Challa as the ‘guy with the cat suit’ or armor or whatever bc the reader nor Bucky knows who it is and i mean, he wears a scary cat suit okay idk

Words: 3,345

Warning(s): well… fighting, gunfire… that’s it??

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She’s sort of drunk. This is the only time she does this. Left, left, left. She takes another drink from her beer, one of the ones that Poe buys and leaves in the fridge. Ew, left, once again. Just because she wants to get laid and is drunk, no, buzzed, enough to open up Tinder does not mean she’s desperate for whoever is within a five mile radius and is currently awake.


The next profile comes up and Rey almost chokes on her beer.


It’s him. The guy who stalks into Cantina Coffee every weekday morning at quarter to eight on the nose and orders a 20oz almond milk latte, with an extra shot, and a vegan blueberry lemon muffin, and puts $2 in the tip jar when most people just throw in their change or a straw wrapper.


Kylo R., the profile states. 31, Coruscant, Designer. Designer of what, she thinks, that’s fucking vague. But he is attractive. Gorgeous, actually. He’s polite enough when they interact in the mornings, and she had always assumed he’s rushing off to work, some office in a high rise downtown, judging by the well-tailored suit he wears and the fancy shoes.


Oh, fuck it. She swipes right without even bothering to flip through his pictures or read his About Me, then throws her iPhone into the couch cushions.


She gets up to go into the kitchen, grabs another beer and a party sized bag of Doritos, and hears her phone chime. Probably Poe checking up on me, she thinks.


Chips in hand, she plops back down on the couch, ready to watch some How Its Made reruns, text Poe that really, she’s fine, and have yet another nice night in, when she picks up her phone and unlocks it.

A Tinder notification pops up.

Fucking hell. This cannot be real. I just matched with Kylo.

Overprotect - Wanna One       [Part 1.]

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genre: fluff
member: all
word count: 1268
requested: yes
side note: PART 2 COMING SOON

requested by: anon

i cant find the request hhhh

- you were the queen’s daughter in the royal kingdom
- and despite you not having a prince, you were going to be claimed princess soon enough when the time is right
- the king never let you leave the castle
- in fact, you had to be homeschooled (in which you hated a lot)
- and this was because the king didn’t want you to meet the wrong people of the kingdom
- despite the the kingdom was awfully nice and friendly
- the king was afraid of you falling in love with someone he doesn’t approve of
- you tried to escape multiple times but it just never worked
- you tried to escape tOO many times that you became friends with the guards
- and not in a way that you wanted to backstab them by earning their trust and leave
- but in a way that you were extremely lonely and wanted some friends
- the guards had to follow the beliefs of your father (the king)
- you would talk to them normally but every time you mentioned escaping or falling in love, they would have to side with the king despite being your friend
- in which you understood that it was their job
- but you were awfully thankful you at least had friends
-  "y/n! the king wants to see you,“ one of the guards named seongcheol (yes im using seventeen’s names as the guards) called
- you groaned and rolled your eyes
- "go before he says we didnt do our job and makes us clean the washrooms again,” minghao spoke in revolt as he had the urge to puke just talking about it
- you softly chuckled
- “okayokay- im goingg,” you said as you stood up and walked into your fathers office
- he was writing a letter as he put his glasses down once you entered, closing the door behind you
- “hello there princess,” you father spoke with a smile
- you softly chuckled
- “tomorrow, we’ll be having a royal ball. i just want you to know that it is open to the public so i’ll be putting 5 guards on you,” he says as you instantly drop your smile and mood
- “but father-”
- “those guards will be sooyoung, seungkwan, jeonghan-”
- “father!” you slightly raised your voice as he stopped and sighed softly
- you bit your lower lip in anticipation
- as you found your foot to be tapping
- and your heart began pounding so loudly
- “may i have no guards assisting me just this once? i will not leave the castle, i just would like to interact with people normally,” you spoke as you could hear how loud your heart was racing
- the king deeply hesitated and began tapping his ink brush against the table
- “fine, but i will have at least one guard keeping it’s eye on you,” he spoke
- him saying that was music to your ears as you couldnt help but smile
- “thank you,” you spoke happily as you rushed out of his office and back to the guards as you began jumping out of excitment
- “what he say?” seongcheol asks
- “IM NOT GONNA HAVE GUARDS ON ME FOR THE ROYAL BALL TOMORROW!” you yelled happily as your cheeks began to hurt due to how much you were smiling
- “REALLY? IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU !” jeonghan spoke as you squealed like a child
- time skip woosh
- you were at the royal ball
- dressed all fancy in tall high heels, full makeup, hair and nails done
- and it felt sort of empty not having the guard by your side
- but you were happy that you were a free spirit just for tonight
- as people greeted you and complimented you
- you stood there on the side of the food bar
- as you noticed a handsome fellow standing across from you and he catches your eye, softly smiling
- he was wearing an awfully well fitted suit
- he raises up his wine glass as you followed as two boys, also in suits, approached him bickering
- “daniel, tell jisung that it was a mistake and that i thought the wine was cherry juice,” the tallest one out of all three of them said
- “daniel, he’s too young to be drinking wine and you’re a bad influence,” the other said as so-called daniel chuckled
- “well i mean, he claims its a mistake and he’s going to drink at one po-”
- “sHH YOU’RE JUST LIKE THE REST” the mother like one flips as daniel begins laughing
- daniels eyes wander as he notices you staring at the sitatuion as you snap out of it
- “go ask miss princess over there on her opinion,” daniel speaks as you could feel your cheeks flaming up a bit
- they all approach you as they formally bow
- “nono- no need for that, i think we’re the same age anyways,” you spoke as a smile aroused on your face
- “we need your opinion,” the tallest one says
- “and so i heard,” you replied
- “and in my opinion, i agree with daniel. if he says its a mistake, its a mistake and he is going to try wine at one point so,” you added on agreeing with daniel as the tallest sighs of relief and daniel smirks
- “see? i was right minhyun,” the tallest snickered
- “shaddup guanlin,” minhyun murmured
- “yo daniel,” an awfully short boy says as they all turn to see 8 boys approaching them with soft smiles who looked awfully handsome in your eyes
- “oh hello princess y/n,” he spoke as they all bowed
- you shook your hands and became flustered
- “nono- no need, it’s fine, and it’s nice to meet you all,” you replied
- they eventually all introduced their names as you were overwhelmed
- “you’re awfully beautiful,” woojin spoke as you softly smiled
- “thank you woojinnie,” you replied, dropping the formalities
- “oh my god-”
- “the princess just dropped formalities with me i feel so honoured-” woojin spoke as he clenched onto his heart
- you laughed softly
- “but you do look beautiful as always,” sungwoon spoke as he lightly rose his glass as you repeated the same action
- “is y/n a hard drinker like daniel?” jisung asked as he scratched his head
- “daniel can drink 9+ beer bottles and not be drunk,” daehwi mumbled as they all teased him lightly
- “i’m not that hardcore of a drinker, but i do fancy a few,” daniel spoke
- fuck
- daniels still too powerful
- my heart
- you softly chuckled as you shook your head
- “one or two glasses is my limit. if i have three or more i’ll be done for,” you replied as some nodded their heads in agreement
- “don’t you usually have like 10 thousand guards on you?” jihoon asks
- “mmhm, but my father let me go gaurd-less tonight,” you replied
- “your father really doesn’t like you talking to people like us, doesn’t he?” seongwoo asks softly
- you frowned a bit but slowly nodded
- “he just doesn’t want me to fall in love with ‘anyone’ i guess,” you spoke softly
- “aHH SEONGWOO STOP RUINING THE MOOD,” jinyoung snapped
- “seriously, this is like the 6th time you’ve done that,” jaehwan said as he rolled his eyes and slightly chuckled
- but suddenly you received a tap on your shoulder
- you glanced over as minghao stood there with a guilty look on his face
- but you read it loud and clear
- your heart dropped as you sighed and nodded
- “i have to go, but i hope i’ll meet you guys again!” you said, faking a happy smile through your pain as you walked off with minghao
- and you never saw them again
- jk there’ll be more in part 2 lol

Part 2

Reunited - Three

A/N: Part three. Thank you all for your feedback on this, you guys are awesome. Also thanks to my beta, @thorne93 and my buddies @hanny-writes-spn and @melonshino for agreeing to be my testers. I love you all.

Characters: Jensen, Reader, Jared, Rose (OFC)

Warnings: Language, Fluff. Multiple POV’s

Wordcount: 2408


Jensen’s POV.

“So you’re having dinner with a girl?” Jared asked, having a hard time understanding his friend’s rambling.

“No, Jared. The girl. Remember the one I told you about? (YN)? We were together all through high school,” Jensen reminded his friend. He had put his phone on speaker so that he could keep unpacking as he spoke on the phone. Jared was still living in LA, but he was searching for a home in Austin as well.

“How in the hell did you manage that?” 

Jensen had talked to Jared about you a few times over the past years and even if Jensen hadn’t come right out and said it, Jared could tell that he missed you a lot.

“I don’t know, and I’m not gonna dwell on that now. I’m cooking her dinner tonight, just to talk and get to know each other again,” he said excitedly. “You should have seen her, man. She looks so beautiful.”

“Dude, you’re being all mushy. I can’t talk to you when you’re like this,” he teased.

“Fine. You’re still coming next weekend right, for my housewarming?”

“I’ll be there early on Thursday, see you then.”

And with that the call ended, and Jensen could focus all his energy on getting his kitchen done. He didn’t really have much left, just a few pots and pans and then he would have to go shopping.

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anonymous asked:

Colin's nose confuses me. Sometimes I think it's a bit big, sometimes extremely cute as a button and quite different from different angles. I can never paint his nose exactly like it should be. Argh! Why is he like this!!!


I said it once before, Nonny, but no one even responded to it, like I was crazy or something, but I’m gonna say it again: Colin O’Donoghue has two noses and he switches them out randomly just to keep us on our toes. Maybe more. He might have as many noses as other people have, like, shirts. Or pairs of shoes. That might be why he’s always wearing the same shirts and shoes, because he spends all of his money on his collection of noses. Okay, so that’s a bit of an exaggeration, BUT I SWEAR HE HAS TWO OF THEM.

Okay, this is his basic nose right here:

That’s the one he wears all the time. It’s just a basic model, but it suits him well. Notice the normal sized bridge, the flared bottom, the tip that is noticeably lower than the overall bottom of the nose. That part’s important.

Because this is a flat nose right here:

In fact, in that second picture, the tip almost looks upturned - like it rests marginally higher than the overall base of the nose - not lower. Ah, but maybe it’s a fluke? Or maybe since these pics are both from the same photoshoot, maybe they photoshopped something? Nope. Check these out:

“Okay, so maybe then that’s the basic nose and the other ones are flukes?


The tip

is almost always


than the rest.

And then there’s this nose:

I think he borrowed this one from somebody else or something, because I’ve never seen it before. The bridge is wider and the flare is thinner, making them almost appear to be the same width. Very strange.

So Nonny… You really don’t have to worry about drawing his nose exactly right. If anyone ever says his nose doesn’t look right, just smile and say, “Oh, no, I wasn’t drawing that nose. I was drawing his other one.”

That’s me - solutions for all your Colin-related problems!

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Ahh I love all your Keith headcanons? Also any headcanons about The Gloves™ that Keith always has

Thank you!

  • The Gloves™
  • ngl I unironically love those gloves. I mean?
  • Good gloves. Great fit, A+ #aesthetic, breathable so your hands don’t get sweaty and gross. Fingerless so you don’t have to ragequit because of the penalty to Dex. 10/10 I want two pairs. One black, one in Ace colors.
  • (Seriously, tho, fuck fingers on gloves. I hate them.)
  • But that’s all beside the point
  • Headcanons!
  • Keith wears gloves because of those patented autistic Sensory Bads. Keith has issues with a lot of textures, and gloves help mitigate that.
  • I mean, yeah, his fingers still have to touch the whatever, but he’s willing to compromise on that because seams against his fingertips are sensory hell and the extra layer of fabric makes it impossible to do anything that requires any sort of finesse.
  • Seriously. Do you have any idea how hard it is to wrap and unwrap his knife to look at the Marmora symbol? How hard it is to tie your shoes in gloves, or tie back your mullet hair? And forget about making any sort of notations in the pocket-sized notebook you know he carried around that year in the desert when he was chasing the Blue Lion’s energy.
  • So yeah. He’ll sacrifice his fingers to the sensory unknown for the sake of not taking his knife to his gloves in a fit of rage. The Gloves save him from sweaty palms when he’s forced to shake hands, which is the most common issue he runs up against. (At the Garrison, at least. Iverson’s big on sportsmanship and shit, and whenever there are formalized competitions among cadets, competitors are expected to shake hands before and after. Oh, and then there are people like Lance who high five everyone they see.)
  • (Besides, Keith has disposable gloves and a couple of rags in his fanny pack for when he runs across something that is truly unbearable.)
  • Keith scammed the Original Gloves off a classmate in eighth grade and wore them so much they fell apart, and he spent three months wearing ratty gloves while he scoured the internet and literally every store in town for a suitable replacement. When he found them, he bought three pairs, just to be safe.
  • Shiro gave him his current pair before he left for Kerberos. It was kind of an off-handed gesture on Shiro’s part. He likes wearing fingerless gloves when he flies–a holdover from learning to drive motorcycles and fly hoverbikes.
  • Keith was moping about Shiro leaving for months, and so Shiro tossed Keith his old gloves (an unremarkable pair he bought from the campus store, but worn in just enough that they’re soft and comfy instead of literal sandpaper omfg how can you wear those when they’re new, Shiro???)
  • Keith literally has not taken them off since Shiro left.
  • That’s not true.
  • He takes them off when he goes rock climbing, because that shit tears up gloves faster than anything, and he’s not ruining Shiro’s gloves hunting ghost energy in the desert.
  • (He wears the oldest of his old gloves for rock climbing, and he learned how mend worn seams because there’s not really any replacing gloves in the middle of the desert.)
  • Keith stims with his gloves all the time. Tugging at the fingerholes, fiddling with the cuff, taking them off and rolling them between his hands. Good portable stim right there.
  • He looked at gloves at the Space Mall, but none of them fit right.
  • Oh
  • And he 1000% wears his gloves under his paladin suit, because the gauntlets might as well be made of oil and hell-sludge. You sweat a little bit and it all pools at your palm. It’s disgusting. He doesn’t know what Altean materials the things are made of to do that, but he’s pretty sure he knows what it feels like to have the Slipperies now.
I’ll Get You

Request: Could I request a reader and Damon fic where he tries desperately to get her attention but she’s been warned that he’s “trouble” but eventually he wins her over by being sweet? ? – @ellen-reincarnated1967

Pairings: Damon x Reader

Warnings: none

Word Count: 2069

*swoons over Damon*

(gifs not mine, credits to owners)

Mystic Falls has always been a place of weird and creepy things happening once in a while and a few weeks ago, your eyes were finally open to what was really happening, per say, to the real-er world. Vampires, werewolves, and witches are real, and you just knew that you were already been friends with supernatural creatures, Bonnie being a witch and Tyler being a werewolf. Two months ago, before junior year started, you had met your new neighbor, Stefan Salvatore, who turned out to be vampires, along with his brother, Damon.

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WE DO knot ALWAYS LOVE YOU Part 13 Full translation.

Marriage Registration


pages 138-148

6th sector - Kuchiki clan mansion.

On the morning of the day they were to head to the Kinin Noble Assembly, Renji passed through the Kuchiki clan’s huge main gate with a nervous expression. As he advanced on the stone pavement that had been swept clean, he was greeted by an old man with white hair wearing a pair of round spectacles - Seike Nobutsune, an attendant attached to Byakuya.

“Abarai sama, we have been expecting you”

Calmly bowing, he opened the door of the (genkan) entryway, “please come inside”

“Nah, I’ll meet her in front of the entrance……”

“I have been informed to tell you that you are to join Byakuya sama for breakfast”

“With the captain!? U-understood”

Renji became increasingly nervous, moving awkwardly, he followed behind Seike.

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