he watched something of mine


“What is it?”


a few highlights from the turn panel:

  • alexander rose asking (and i’m paraphrasing on this one), “what self-respecting actor would really want to wear those wigs?” was priceless. nick was first to respond with, “no one.” ian followed with, “everyone.”
  • ian still has that wig, too. they joked it’s under his bed now.
  • when alex began asking the actors questions, he had to decide in which order they should go. they decided rank, but he still had to muse, “i could go with heather first. ladies first and all.” he paused, considered profusely… annnd carried on with ian. 
  • they did mention the music featured on the show, but nothing of the releasing soundtracks, only how they went about choosing. that said, they were playing full tracks from the first three seasons before the panel began.
  • “love is patient, love is kind.” it was this verse, heather said, which was her inspiration for anna strong.
  • nick’s favorite scene was the rob/arnold moment from the season 3 finale. he thought it was beautifully written and exciting, knowing how robert would be risking his life once more.
  • ROBERT WILL EXPRESS HIS MOTIVES THIS SEASON. nick was excited for this, and rightfully so. 
  • nick also went on to say rob has some of his best scenes this season with with james rivington and abraham woodhull. ngl, my heart soared.
  • alex posed the question of, if we were living in a alt universe where turn got another season, what would it be? of course a musical came up, thanks to hamilton, and someone pitched jamie’s dancing. nick was all nods and grins to that, then pitched his own: a buddy comedy. “like cheers, but with james and robert. he gives one-liners and robert grunts.”

Just in case any of you wanted to watch a 16 minute silent video of Patrick walking around and sitting on a couch. 


The night is a life of its own. The energy that the darkness emits is stronger than the comfort given off from the light, and at times, it is provocative. The darkness, in that way, penetrates through our skin. By letting our endless pleasures and desires take the lead, they take, clasp, and shake our hearts. And we can’t refuse it.


The Twelve Davids of Christmas Part 4 (7/12)

Six Davids with Blowing Hair


I just want an entire episode of Yuri being happy and spending the day with his Grandpa *cough*OVA*cough*  

please just let the boy be happy. 

you were the ocean when i was just a stone.

“i think about just walking into the ocean and disappearing like i never existed, and the world would just go on without me.”


DARK MATTER | 2.01 | Five & Six

I was torn. I didn’t know what to do. I was a cop, sworn to uphold the law, and after that planet was destroyed-


bellamy & clarke; from script to screen (x) ;; aka that time when the writers underlined and capitalized the word ‘they’ in the script to show that, even if clarke might believe it, bellamy refuses to accept that she no longer belongs with him and their people 

Valentines Day Surprise  D|H

A/N: Well since today is Valentines Day and I’m obviously at home like on any other day I thought I’d write my own V Day date and share it with you. I noticed that most of you don’t mind smut at all so…I wrote my first ever smut ! I hope it’s decent, I will surely get better at it with time. 

“We’ll take the champagne, please” Dan told the waiter who quickly wrote down our order. After he had walked off we continued searching through the menu for something to eat. Dan had literally chosen the fanciest restaurant in London. He sat opposite me in a black suit combined with a black tie. I can tell you he was honestly breathtaking. The suit showed off his broad shoulders. Elegance and his ‘emoness’ mixed so well. Let’s not forget to mention that his dark hair was as perfect as always.

“Nothing could be too expensive for you” he said this morning when he revealed what his plans for today were. I looked at him with big eyes. “I also got you a little something since I thought you’d need something nice to wear for tonight. I hope you like it.” My eyes got even bigger when I opened the huge present and saw that he had bought me an expensive dress.

I sat opposite my fiancé, my body covered in the red lace dress he gave to me as a present this morning. It was pretty tight and showed off all my curves. My boobs looked even bigger in it and I knew that Dan chose it because of that. Valentines Day was pretty important to him, he always emphasises that it’s the perfect day to do something special and show his love. Right now I couldn’t really believe how I could have ever gotten this lucky. I happily smiled at him and he smiled back making his dimples appear. 2 minutes later the champagne arrived at our table and we clinked classes. We told our waiter what we’d like to eat. It was that kind of restaurant where the meals have such fancy names that you question that it even is in English. As I looked at the prices I had a hard time not feeling guilty but I told myself that my present for Dan would make up for it. Yes, although he told me that he didn’t want anything I had something planned and I knew he’d love it.

After we had finished dinner and left the fancy restaurant Dan took me for a stroll alongside the Thames. We held hands and looked at the reflected city lights in the dark water. “Thank you” I whispered and kissed him as we sat down on a bench next to the river. “I love you” he answered instead of 'No problem’ because to him ’ I love you’ was his reasoning behind everything he did for me.

I leaned against his shoulder and we stayed there in comfortable silence for a while to take in the beauty of the moment. As soon as he noticed that I shivered he called a cab and we drove home. He opened the front door for me and as we entered the flat I knew that it was time for plan. I sneaked into our bedroom while he stayed in the lounge. I nervously opened my underwear drawer and underneath a few bras I found the new set of lingerie that I bought for this special day.

I slid out of the dress I wore and put the black see through lace on. I examined myself in front of the mirror. I looked sexy and it showed of just enough skin without giving everything away.

“Dan.” I shouted as I positioned myself at the edge of our bed.

“Yeah?” he asked from the lounge.

“Can you come real quick ? I need you for second or two..”

A moment later the door opened and revealed Dan who was still wearing his suit. “What do you need me f-” he started but then he saw me. “Fu-ck” he whispered and I cheekily smiled at him.

He quickly rushed over to where I sat. I guided him so he stood between my legs. I grabbed his tie and pulled at it so he had to bend down. Our faces where now at the same height and I started to kiss him with lust. Without asking he slid his tongue into my mouth. Meanwhile I ran my hands up and down his chest and I took his jacket and button up off. I teasingly  kissed the naked skin that I now had access to. A silent moan slipped from his lips and made my inside tingle. As soon as he was on the bed with me he took hold of my breasts. “You look so fucking hot in that thing, too bad that I have to take it off” He forcefully grabbed me by my hips and put my onto his lap so I was straddling him.  

His eyes were now almost black and filled with lust. His huge hands made their way up my sides and I melted under his touch. My mouth attacked his neck and I started to suck on his soft skin causing him to moan my name. With one swift motion he unclasped my black lace bra and started nibbling on my left boob. I swayed my hips a little and felt his hard on underneath me. “Shit” he whispered desperately. “I guess we have to do something about that” I grinned and he eagerly nodded. I undid his leather belt and unbuttoned his trousers. He lifted his body up a bit so I could take them off easier. He was left in his boxers and tie now and I was still wearing my lace panties. He was about to roll us over and get on top of my like always but I wanted to be in charge today. I took his tie of his in love bites covered neck and wrapped it around his wrists. “Baby… what are you doing ?” he breathed surprised because he had never seen me this dominant before. I just looked at him seductively and tied him against the bed post. He swallowed heard as I looked down at him and licked my pink lips. My fingertips travelled down his bare chest until I reached the waistband of his boxers. The outline of his cock was visible and and he really needed to be freed. I pulled his underwear down and his hard member slapped against his abdomen. “Do something” he pleaded as he watched every step of mine. My hands wrapped around his dick and his swollen tip was tripping with precum. I swirled my tongue around it and he tensed under my touch. I licked him up and down and bobbed my head a few times before I let go off him again. He groaned at the sudden loss of contact. “Y/N, I’m telling you I’m gonna explode” he shouted. I took my panties off slowly and felt that Dan’s eyes were glued to my naked body. “You are damn hot, can you fuck me now ?” he asked  frustrated. I raised an eyebrow. “Please” he added.

The sight of Dan in fort me naked and tied up against the bed post was without doubt the hottest thing I have ever seen. I knew that Dan could barely handle his neediness and arousal but I had a hard time, too. I was tripping wet and my inside was tingling like crazy. I crawled towards Dan on all fours and stopped as soon as I reached his crotch. I lined us up and sat down on him without a warning. “DA-N” I moaned loudly and he nearly screamed. I slowly bounced up and down his cock a few times until I had adjusted myself. I placed my hands onto his chest and started riding him. He was a moaning and groaning mess underneath me. And although we were both feeling immense pleasure he was not entirely happy with the tied up situation. “Untie me baby, I need to fucking touch you” he growled and I did as he told me. His large hands travelled all over my body. He rolled us over so he was on top and rammed into me with enormous force. “Oh my god” I shouted in surprise and pure bliss. He hit my g-spot a few times and I felt that familiar feeling in the pit of my stomach signalizing that I was close. “I’m gonna cum” I warned him and he pulled out all the way shortly before he smashed into my again. I screamed his name as I felt my orgasm wash over me. Soon after I felt his juices fill me up. We rode out our highs together and he fell down onto the bed next to me. Our bodies were sweaty and our cheeks were hot . “Thank you” Dan said out of breath as his strong arms wrapped around my body. “I love you” I answered just like he did earlier tonight.


the force awakens: rey moments.

↳ hearing the tie fighters.

this is antireylo pls Stop


So I’m watching Disney Channel (yes I’m 25 and I still LOVE Disney Channel) and I see this scene where the main girl says “I need you” and immediately every single character on the screen reacts as if she just confessed her love. 

So apparently…in a Disney Channel movie…something noncomplex and aimed at 12 year olds, “I need you” is obviously something that is a little weird for just friends to say to one another.

It just makes me want to grab the SPN writers and shake them as hard as I can.



David Tennant Appreciation Week: Day Three

↳ Favourite Non-DW Role: Peter Carlisle, Blackpool


Horror / Comedy / Sci-Fi: Ryan Guzman, Kelsey Chow, Raven Goodwin, and Jacob Artist

Four young adults take up a job beta-testing a new virtual reality game resembling CLUE – where each adult becomes a separate character and must figure out who killed the victim of the pertaining location. However, the job takes a disturbing turn when each adult begins to find their character influencing and driving them – and becoming a core part of their own identity – in reality. Each adult must decide whether to use their new additional identity for good or for bad.

Mrs. Scarlett / Reverend\Mr. Green – Iva Jane – Raven Goodwin

Mr. Plum – Jose Macias – Ryan Guzman

Mrs. Peacock / Mrs. White – Pablo Weller – Jacob Artist

Col. Mustard – Elena Kuang – Kelsey Chow