he wasnt man enough for me

i wasnt ‘born ready’ but nazi science has solved that problem for me

its really fucking annoying when girls slut shame other girls. its bad enough that men do it on a daily basis. whats wrong with embracing your sexuality and being open about it? I could fuck three different guys on a daily basis and if it wasnt right in front of your doorstep, its non of your fucking business. dont come at me with the “she was trying to steal my man” shit. look at your dude. if hes giving in to her then its not only her you should blame. 


Toni Braxton - He wasn’t man enough for me

“He’s a vampire! He should be killed!” These words were only some of many aimed at the man living in the woods. It was something that cause Rei great concern. This man whom gave up society, who gave up his life with people to live secluded in the forest was still in danger and it wasnt right. No matter if this man was a vampire or not, he didnt deserve to be hunted.

During a town meeting, Rei, having enough of his townsfolks planning to attack, decided to speak up.

“He needs to be put down. I say we plan an attack tonight” the mayor spoke, rallying the townsfolk.

“Leave him be! He has done nothing to us!” Rei stood, slightly shaking nervously as every person turned to stare. “He lives alone….why….why can’t we just let him live his life of solitude?”

“You, boy!” the mayor demanded. “Are you working with him? He’s probably got you hypnotized by his vampire magic! ”

Rei knew he was in trouble, the moment magic was brought into it he knew he had to run. Slowly making his way towards the window he tried to deny any involvement but the people were sent on him. With no choice Rei jumped out of the window, and ran for the woods.

With glass piercing his body, it didn’t take him long before he needed a break. “Damn….” he panted, wishing he could just go back to the way things were before he opened his stupid mouth.

“Get him before he goes back to his master!” He heard them cry out, forcing him to start running again after he pulled a large glass piece out of his abdomen.

“I’ve never even met the man…..why….why did I even bother…..he’s probably not even…even real….” he pushed further into the woods, thanking the heavens the sun would be going down soon. He knew the villagers wouldn’t follow him after dark….though once night hit he had more pressing matters like the wolves.

“I…I have to…..I have to at least warn him… If….if he……is real…..then he should…..” Rei gasped, blood trickling down his body as he clung onto a tree. He only made it a few steps more before tripping down a ravine, and into a river.

This was the end. Never had he learned to swim and after his drop he was sure he had broken a leg… There would be no escape…. He pleaded for the gods to save him, splashed harder than he thought possible to try and get to the edge of the riverbed but it was no use.

This was truly his end….


like heres something that i wonder about that makes me sad (and also one of a few reasons im Sure that waverly wasnt Ward’s favorite kid At All). waverly thought bobo was her imaginary friend. she was alone enough that she was approached and befriended by a strange and intimidating man without anyone noticing (or caring?). she never realized that bobo was real. who leaves a six year old (or younger) alone so often that they can be that close to a stranger without anyone saying anything to tip her off that he’s real? look what im saying is that i want to fight the entire earp family rn. like square up earps lets dance

I thought the ness doodle wasnt enough to commemorate such a great man. When he passed we as gamers lost not a developer or a figure head  but a father. He inspired me to create and play games and just be who I am. Nintendo has helped shaped me as person and I have this man to thank for it. I have so many stories of ways Nintendo has helped change my life but if I told them all, I’d be typing for hours. Rest in peace Mr. Iwata, I honor you so much in so many different ways. You taught us to have fun and do what we love. Thank you….for all the fun.