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[TianShan Week]

Day 4: Shield

…Rubber gloves provides protection for your hands!

In the last panel, Guan Shan should also say, “at least clean up your own bloody mess…”

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time slows. i remember this. time slows and fragments. how long until it blows up? zemo would be sure it’s the same as the last time… when i should have died. maybe he’s right. maybe this is what i deserve. time fragments and i see it all again… slivers of the winter soldier in my mind…   
—captain america #610. 



Jongin smiled at Kyungsoo and he smiled back 😆

In 1.16 Cisco asked if he was being punk’d when Lisa flirted with him and in 3.11 he didn’t once question Cynthia’s attraction to him he just flirted right back with confidence look at how far he’s come. 

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David Dances - Part 2 (or Part 3 if you count The Doctor Dances too)

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I also failed to tell him we were wearing the same thing…

Why is it every time I dream about Jack complimenting me, he reblogs my stuff?

last night at exoluxion, chanyeol kept telling the crowd to take a step back and no one would listen. so he said if everyone took a step back kyungsoo would dance. when people backed up jongin, who was not near kyungsoo turned to the jumbo screen smiling and waiting to see what kyungsoo would do. kyungsoo was too shy to dance so he made a heart and jongin smiled this cute little ‘aww man’ smile and turned back to face the crowd it was so cute!

when he’s tired, everything bleeds into everything else.  visions and revisions, faces that are long, hard grey eyes, snow and endless snow fading into spring and flowers, fading into darkness.  you must learn to control it, lord rivers tells him.  you must rule the visions.  you must not let them rule you.  it was like what jojen used to tell him about his wolf dreams, about running with summer.  it had been so long since he’d worn the wolf’s skin.  he wanted to, just to remember, to remember that it was easy, that it could be easy.

power is never easy, bran.  nor should it be. 

is that lord rivers’ voice?  or is it another voice?  the trees’ voice.  it had taken him a long while to realize it wasn’t always lord rivers who spoke to him when he lost himself in the past, in the present, in the glimpses of the future.  i see sunlight, he thinks for just a moment.  i see darkness.

“ary” the word bounces through his ears–a vision’s voice.  not the gods, not lord rivers.  it echoes, the way it does in the cave.  “aryaryaryaryaryary” arya, his heart leaps.  he has not seen his sister since he caught a glimpse of her shouting at him in harrenhal.  no not him, the gods.  but i was there.  he waits for the “aryaryaryary” to stop its echo and waits to see…“arianne.”

his heart sinks. 

she is not his sister.  she is older, and softer than ever arya was.  there’s a steeliness there, though, that’s familiar, and he breathes–such as thoughts can breathe–and focuses.  you must rule the visions.  you must not let them rule you. 

he does not know where he is now, but she is not northern, whoever this arianne is.  dornish? he wonders.  he’s seen dornishmen in his visions before, but it’s dark and he can barely make out her expression. 

“you could have died,” she says, her hands on her hips.

“i caught two fish,” says another girl.  she is younger, and taller.

“you could have died,” arianne says, and her voice echoes off the cave walls again.  “died, died, died, died, died…”

she was fishing.  whoever the other girl was fishing…there’s water in that cave, the way there is water in this one.  and the girl’s like meera, he decides.  why was arianne worried?  meera wasn’t going to die, there was nothing in the waters that would hurt her, and she wouldn’t fall…

bran’s falling again, falling and yelling, and when his eyes open, they open to darkness and he’s calling out, though whether it’s for meera, or arianne, or his sister arya, he’s not sure.