he was worried about keeping up with her since week one

Steady as you go

A Gajevy week prompt! 

Trouble Twins!



Levy was at a loss. She had tried everything; little tips from other parents, research from books that Lucy had been kind enough to bring her, and instructions from Porlyuisca. Yet she couldn’t comfort her poor squalling babies, both of whom were running slight temperatures.  

She knew that she had nothing to worry about, she and Gajeel had done everything right and only had to keep the twins comfortable till they were cured. Still she couldn’t help the tears as she cuddled with Shutora on the couch, humming as she watched her husband try to sooth Yajeh from across the living room. He looked as exhausted as she felt, dark rings under his eyes from the lack of sleep. She had to give him props, though. Since they had gotten sick, he hadn’t left her side while they wailed. Even Lily had been more than helpful in taking care of them, enlisting the help of Alzack and Bisca.  

And they had more than enough help coming from the rest of the guild as well, with well-wishers coming almost constantly to offer their own tips. Finally irritated to the point of bursting, Levy had taken both of the twins to the bedroom and shut the door, wishing for a quiet moment. To her utter surprise, (and Gajeel’s as well) Jet and Droy posted themselves in front of their front door, barring any more well-wishers from bothering the exhausted parents. She could understand the rest of the guild wanting to help, but she was more than thankful for her boys.  

“Finally got him to sleep,” Gajeel sighed, easing himself into the chair next to her. She nodded, glancing up at him and the baby who had tucked his tiny hand into his father’s hair. Shutora had drifted off as well, providing them with a rare moment of silence. Sniffling, Levy reached for his hand, biting her chapped lips as he grasped her fingers gently. He squeezed them gingerly, rubbing them as he studied her face.  

“Gajeel,” she murmured, and he rumbled as tears slipped over her cheeks again.  

“Lev, it’s okay, the kids are fine,” he reasoned. “Kids get sick, we ain’t done nothing wrong.” She nodded, despite her quivering lip.  

“I know, but still,” she said. “I feel so horrible, knowing I can’t help them feel better right away.” She snuffled as Gajeel gently got up and set his sleeping son on her chest, nestled next to his sister. He then took the corner of the soft blanket and wiped her tears away, kissing her brow and nose soothingly.  

“Yer a great mom already, Lev,” he muttered, tweaking her nose. “The kids will get better in no time, I promise.” He ran his hand through her hair, gently massaging her scalp. She sighed in relief, relaxing against his hand as he tugged another blanket up over her legs. Her eyelids drooped lower and lower as his fingers continued to lull her into a doze, comforted by his presence.  

“Mmm, Gajeel?” She murmured, feeling the tug of sleep creep up on her. He paused in his administrations, crooning in her ear. “You’re a great dad, you know?” After a heavy moment of silence, she could feel his lips on hers, soft and tender as she succumbed to sleep finally.

I apologize for the bad looking colouring… I’m still working on my techniques. 

Anyway, here is some nice kacchako for you beautiful shippers out there.

I have this idea that Bakugou is the one to first realize his feelings towards Uraraka, but as we all know, he is not stupid. He knows she feels the same but towards Izuku, and he decides to keep it a secret to himself (especially since he REALLY DOESN’T KNOW how to deal with this kind of feelings, he’s a noob in this and that really bothers him). Out of nowhere one day, he can’t hold it in anymore. It’s been weeks and he still doesn’t find a way to control his emotions, and that one day he sees Uraraka hurt herself after trying to train so hard in order to catch up to Izuku. He hurries to her, carries her bridal style and you can imagine everyone’s faces (yes, including Uraraka) because woOW BAKUGOU IS BEING NICE AND WORRYING ABOUT SOMEONE WHO ISN’T HIM, BUT RATHER THAN SOMEONE… A GIRL. so yeah on their way to the infirmary, Bakugou asks her why she goes to such extents knowing her limits, to which she replies that “She only wants to be as amazing and cool as Izuku”. Bakugou right after hearing this, stops walking and immediately starts yelling at her. His emotions take over and all he can say is “How blind she can be, because she is amazing already, one of the MOST amazing people he’s ever met, and he ACKNOWLEDGES THIS and even RAISES more his voice when saying this. He keeps going on and on about how she is unique and can’t compare herself or be like anyone else because there is no one else like her, and she’s awesome and for gODS SAKE STOP LOOKING AT FUCKING DEKU AND LOOK AT ME, I LIKE YOU MORE THAN THAT DUMBASS EVER WILL” 

The next day Bakugou completely ignores and avoids Uraraka because he can’t believe that he actually confessed at all, and left her in the infirmary immediately after saying such a corny thing. Unfortunately for him, everyone in Class-A knows about this thanks to Shouji’s ability, so the next day nobody knows what to do because if they stare too much or even stare for a second at all at bakugou, he’ll blow them to bits, therefore, contact at all with Bakugou was nothing more than a death wish (except fro Kirishima because we know how much of a good samaritan this guy is and how he is the closest friend Bakugou has). For the other side, the girls and boys don’t want to overwhelm Uraraka. She could get embarrassed (She was, actually, she figured everyone knew as soon as she saw everyone stare at her and thus now she can’t look back at anyone because she doesn’t know what to do) and scared and she’s too much of a pure girl nobody wants to make her super uncomfortable either, plus, she as well as them may not know nothing. To Uraraka the situation was a mess. She didn’t know at all about Bakugou’s feelings and didn’t knew how to respond to them. She knew she liked Izuku but that didn;t mean she wasn’t happy at all with Bakugou’s feelings or that she wanted to reject them. As a matter of fact, she wanted to face Bakugou about this upfront despite the huge amount of courage she’d need to walk towards him without her face burning red and her senses going numb and him walking away. 

On the very last minute of school after a lot of trying to move from her seat to the other side of the classroom, only to find an empty seat, Uraraka decides for sure to face Bakugou and properly face his feelings in order to not harm the relationship they had built without intention, because it was still too precious for her. On the way out of the classroom, Uraraka starts chasing after Bakugou, whom as soon as the bell ringed, speeded through the classroom and into the halls full of people, however, Uraraka isn’t dumb either and simply makes herself float on top of the swarming of students and finds Bakugou hurrying to the lockers. When she FINALLY catched up to him behind the school building (Yes he ran away again, the little shit), both out of breath, stand on the wall, ALMOST giving up, because Bakugou is about to walk away first, but Uraraka refuses and holds his sleeve, which upsets Bakugou and he violently shakes it off, but she still won’t give up and instead hugs him from behind because she thinks they MUST talk about this. Bakugou, shocked and flustered doesn’t know what to do because GOD he’s too embarrassed to face her, but he can’t force himself to reject her because he’s probably unconsciously dreamed of this for days, and her hug feels strong but soft, and he likes it but no he doesn’t because he’s too stubborn. Uraraka after seeing he won’t move starts talking about how much she appreciates him as a friend and she feels like she’s worth the fight with him because he acknowledges her, but her precious relationship with Bakugou can’t be broken because she simply doesn’t want it to be. Bakugou thinks this is it. I’m only considered a friend to her, but then he feels Uraraka move in front of him (still not letting go) and she says that because she doesn’t want it to end she’s willing to give it a try because as she phrased before, HE acknowledges her, and he makes her feel like she’s worth the effort and the fight, and to Uraraka that means a lot, and this thoughts make her realize she has slowly and unconsciously developed small feelings for him too, because why would she hold him so precious after all? And to the point of being excited to giving a try to a more intimate relationship between the two? So yeah, after this, Bakugou is frozen in place, flustered as balls and sweating tons, he really doesn’t know what to do so he just nervously says ok because he needs to process everything that happened just now and Uraraka so close to him at the moment isn’t helping his hormones and thoughts.

So yeah… This is where this drawing came from.

Push Ups

I couldn’t help myself. I was going to draw this (I still am, probably), but I thought writing would take less time. The more Tousaki there is, the happier I am, even if I’m the one doing it. I hope I can liven up the tag a little. ♡

Pairing: Tousaki

Words: 492

Haise doesn’t feel motivated enough to do push ups, so he asks Touka to help him out.

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