he was very happy to see all the from fans

Regarding Jae’s Twitter

As we all know, Jae has reactivated his Twitter and we’re all happy that he’s done so. From My Day to random strangers, we all enjoy his tweets and the humor he puts into them. Besides the comedy and hashtags, Jae is known for being super interactive with his fans and replying to our tweets whenever he can. But as always, with any rise of popularity will come with a rise of negativity and hatred as well.

Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of blatantly rude and disrespectful comments towards Jae. Yes Jae is very laid back,chill, and funny, but that doesn’t give you any rights to address him like he’s your bestfriend or something. We all still have our boundaries as a fan and everyone needs to understand what those boundaries are. Asking extremely personal questions like “Who has the ‘longest’ among the members?” and “Are you still a virgin” yes i’ve seen both of these are NOT in any way appropriate to be asking him. Saying things like “we don’t care” when he’s expressing his feelings or constantly complaining about him not noticing you isn’t acceptable either.

I’m not trying to be some peace-keeping law maker but I think certain mannerisms should just be common sense? But apparently for some people it’s not so here’s a little DO and DON’T list for things to say/do on Jae’s Twitter


  • ask about his day/how he’s feeling
  • ask questions you’re curious about (appropriate ones)
  • send in positivity/motivation
  • send memes yo 
  • send fan art / fan videos
  • (or say nothing at all)


  • spam him with “nOTicE mE!!!1!1″ type comments
  • ask about his/members sexuality & sex life
  • send links to nsfw fanfiction…
  • start arguments in his replies
  • make rude replies for attention
  • Bonus: Call Day6 an idol band/boygroup (they aren’t)

I think this about sums everything up. Feel free to add  on if I missed anything. Just remember to have to respect and common decency yall. 

Things that make Bobby Beautiful

He took part in SMTM3, and went through the roughest stage of his life, for the money to bring his family back to Korea and build a house for them

He calls iKONICs ‘best friends’ & ‘adorable’ on a daily basis and treats them exactly like that

He’s bad at telling lies and would rather tell his girlfriend the truth if he didn’t like her outfit than to lie to her

He draws cute figures and hearts on his hands and arms

He recorded his members voices and laughters to add them to the ending part of his solo song ‘HOLUP’

He respects women and treats them like QUEENS. He even called a fan queen once and other fans ‘flowers’

He got out of a car just to let an old lady pass the street and bowed to her. When a cameraman called him a hero for it on broadcast, instead of agreeing, he said he isn’t a hero just a normal human being

He prefers to see his members slogans at concerts or konbats instead of his own slogans

His three biggest priorities in life are music, family & Jesus Christ.

He asked fans to sing along to iKON songs, and when they did, he kissed their hands.

He wears and accepts fan presents as often as he can and even treasures some in his room

At the age of 14 he came to Korea all by himself to start a career only to be able to take care of his family which still lived in the us back then

In 2015 he had enough money to bring his parents back to Korea and build a house for them and he still takes care of them

When he saw a pregnant fan at a concert, he went down the stage and gave her his jacket so she wouldn’t feel cold and be safe

He wanted a tattoo and asked his dad and brother to do a family tattoo with the lyrics of his born hater rap ‘fear only god hate only sins’

He grew up in church and thanked god on almost every award show in which iKON won

He and his mother have golden couple bracelets

He can play the guitar, piano and drums but he never shows off. Many people don’t even know that he is a pretty decent singer too

Anytime a fan or a random person falls down near Bobby, you see him being the first person to help them get up even when the place is crowded or they’re in a hurry

when fans asked him at the airport if he was tired (during one of the most stressful times for iKON members) he said ‘I’m fine, don’t worry’ in a soft voice and repeated it over and over again until the fans stopped asking

He sleeptalks and keeps telling Donghyuk to go to church

He is the most hyped and happy when he is on stage and hears iKONICs singing along to iKON songs

All his members repeatedly said that the private bobby they know, is exactly what we get to see on tv and that he is very natural and honest

He is everybody’s hype man. No matter who is on stage or performing, he hypes them up and dances and sings along and jams to the song

He picked up a fan from work and had a date with her for the program dingo. He bought her food, helped her clean up at work, flirted with her but kept his distance, gave her his jacket and presents at the end and a long hug and took her home

His goal in life isn’t to live a luxury life, but a happy one.

He asks younger members what they’d like to eat and lets them pick what they want first

He is actually an introvert and shy around strangers but still gives as much fanservice as possible

He watches animes and reads manga and loves to wear clothes with anime print or cartoon prints on them

He wears colorful friendship bracelets that fans gave him

His biggest treasure is a Winnie the Pooh plushy that his older brother gave him when he was born. He panicks whenever he can’t find it and sleeps with it until this day even said it makes him sleep better.

Even when many people call him ugly, he never wanted to do plastic surgery and repeats that he loves himself the way he is.

He disliked dressing up as girls the most, but still did it so fans would be happy

He is really respectful. Especially towards seniors and fans. He always bows 90 degrees.

He doesn’t like skinship but let’s other members be touchy with him

He told fans to care more about themselves than about iKON and do their best in their area (school or work etc.)

this post will be constantly updated

[TRANS] Haru Hana Vol. 41 Issue ‘Interview with NCT 127′

Group Interview

NCT127 who were the last to appear on stage at the 68th ‘Sapporo Snow KPOP Festival’ held on the 12th of February. Because of their Japanese member, Yuta, we were able to hear their stories on their first time in Hokkaido.

Q: What did you do in Sopporo?
Taeyong: We saw the snow and everyone played like kids.
Doyoung: We haven’t seen snow in a while and everywhere we go there’s piled up snow, we played happily. We also wanted to show our fans this scenery, so we took photos and shared them on SNS.

Q: What did you eat?
Mark: Ramen.
Taeyong: Shabu-shabu and sushi.
Yuta: Can I speak Japanese? It was my first time eating miso ramen in Sapporo, it really is delicious, everyone all ate like they were possessed by a hungry demon.

Q: During your concert, Taeyong performed Kotori Yoshino’s gag, who showed it to him?
Yuta: I showed it to him, and he seemed to like it a lot, so he decided to do it once.

Q: Yuta also worked hard to be the MC.
Yuta: Normally it’s hard for me to express my feelings in Korean, but I can freely do so in Japanese, so I want to talk more and interact more, ad libs just comes out.

Q: How did the other members feel after watching Yuta?
Johnny: This was my first time coming to Japan with Yuta, and because he was so used to Korea, I thought he is almost a Korean. But after seeing him in Japan I thought ‘ah, (he’s) Japanese’.
Mark: That’s right, that’s right
Taeyong: He came to Japan and did various things well. (He) organised our food menu as well.
Haechan: When we arrived in Japan and asked about things we didn’t know, Yuta hyung helped us.
Jaehyun: During the show when we were doing the ment, I also asked questions, Yuta hyung overcame it all.

Q: I am going to bring up a unique fashion topic, what kind of style of plain clothes do you like?
Winwin: I like clothes that are clean (bright) and smart.
Doyoung: I like comfortable clothes. Casual clothes.
Taeil: For me, training wear. I really like being comfortable.
Yuta: I like (wearing) entirely black. Or all black.
Jaehyun: I like all kinds of colours. I also like anything monotone, simple but with a point.
Haechan: I like comfortable clothes~
Taeyong: I like baggy clothes. For example, a t-shirt that I have at home for 5 years.
Mark: It differs depending on how I feel. I pick clothes according to how I feel.
Johnny: I also wear clothes depending on how I feel that day, I pick clothes that can express my feelings.

Q: Which member cares about their fashion the most?
Mark: I think it’s Winwin hyung.
Yuta: Isn’t it fashion terrorist Winwin?
Doyoung: It’s high fashion (as in high fashion sense).
Taeil: You will be surprised when you see it.

Q: What goals would you like to achieve in 2017?
Taeyong: We would like to have more activities in Japan, and in Korea of course.
Yuta: There will be a lot of chances this year to come to Japan so please look forward to them.

Solo Interview

Q1:Food I can’t get sick of
Q2:If I could go on a one-day trip without any distance restriction
Q3: Member with who I want to always stay together
Q4: Song that I like
Q5: Praise for another member
Q6: A word for Japanese fans

A1. Samgyeobsal, Pizza (it has been my favorite food)
A2. Gangwon-do. I want to go to a ski resort for skiing and snowboarding
A3. Johnny. We talk well. Even if I ask strange questions, he answers well. It’s fun.
A4. NCT127 LIMITLESS. The more you listen, the better it becomes
A5. Taeil -> Johnny:  He is calm. He is tall.  Can communicate well with anybody.  Language Skills (English, Korean, Chinese). He is strong. 
A6. Thank you for always giving us your support. From now on we’ll work hard to be able to show you a cool stage and music. NCT fighting!

A1. Sandwich. You can eat it wherever and whenever you want, there are a lot of types as well.
A2. I want to sleep on my bed in our house in America.
A3. I like all of the members!!
A4. Coldplay – Yellow
A5. Johnny -> Taeyong: Really handsome. Knows for sure what he is looking for. It’s cute when he tries to look cool.
A6. I wish there were more fan signs where I can meet Japanese fans! Thank you so much for cheering (for us)!

A1. Sujebi. I have liked it ever since I was small, and I also like kneading.
A2. Youngsters’ street, Shibuya. I like fashion so I want to see what it’s like.
A3. Yuta. It’s comfortable (with him) because we’ve known each other for so long.
A4. NCT127 Limitless
A5. Taeyong (JT/N I think in the original text, it was misspelled as from Taeil) -> Yuta: a good friend who is joyful, cheerful, righteous, he always does his best, cool and manly
A6. I will always appreciate the interest and affection we get from Japanese fans. I will continue to do my best to make NCT 127 reputable!!! 

[ YUTA ]
A1. Takoyaki. Isn’t Takoyaki the best?
A2. Europe. Italy. The streets are very pretty.
A3. I don’t have one. I don’t want to be together until we are old (I want to be) together with my beautiful wife in the future…
A4. TVXQ sunbaenim’s Begin. I always listen to it when I sleep.
A5. Yuta -> Doyoung: He sings well. I like his voice. Among the member, he is a person who is always stable. (well-controlled and organised) he is the mediator. He can talk about his personal opinions, but also care about his surroundings.
A6. Japanese fans, it’s Yuta! I am always, always thankful for your cheers!! Please continue to look after us!!

A1. Noodle soup (Udon)
A2. Italy
A3. Taeil
A4. NCT127 Switch
A5. Doyoung -> Jaehyun : I can’t choose one because he has so many charms. I just want to point out his ‘Reverse Charm’. He’s both manly and kind! The charm is coming from the gap.
A6. To my fans in Japan, I will cheer you up because your love and encouragement. 

A1. Water. I never get tired of drinking it.
A2. Neptune. I want to go to Neptune as the first person in the world
A3. Winwin.  He’s my friend. I don’t think I’ll get tired of him when we are together
A5. Jaehyun -> Winwin. Winwin’s is optimistic. He is very innocent but can also be serious at times.  And most of all, he is very, very, very cute. 
A6.  Everyone please love us 'limitlessly’  We (I) will always be grateful.

A1. Meat (chicken, beef)
A2. I want to go to New Zealand. I like everything about it.
A3. Friend. Jaehyun.
A4. NCT127 Limitless
A5. Winwin -> Mark: I really like his personality. He is always considerate and cute. He’s also good at dancing and rapping. He really, really has a lot of charms. Mark who has limitless charms.
A6. Please continue to cheer for us.

[ MARK ]
A1. Chicken. I can eat many different kinds of chicken.
A2. I would like to walk around the town I lived in Canada one more time.
A3. Winwin hyung. It’s interesting how there’s always a new feeling when being together with him.
A4. Justin Bieber - Love Yourself
A5. Mark -> Haechan: His legs are pretty. His energy is overflowing. He’s good at cooking. He’s not good at listening to me but he’s improving.  His character is completely different from mine so it’s interesting.
A6. To all our Japanese fans~!
This is our first visiting Sapporo. After being welcomed by our pretty Japanese fans, I like Japan even more! I would be very happy if we can visit Japan more frequently from now on. Please anticipate the next time we see each other!!

A1. kimchi
A2. Busan. I want to go to eat sashimi.
A3. Doyoung hyung
A4. Michael Jackson - Billie Jean
A5. Haechan -> Taeil: He’s good at singing. He plays instruments well. He’s fun, kind, and good at sports.
A6. Everyone, I’m so happy!! Thank you!! 

Translation:  Teddy, Rini, Selin  Esmee, Em @ FY! NCT (NCTINFO) | Source: llla_ittt

Please take out with full credit

Like A Diamond (Leo fluff/smut)

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Cutie taek *squeals*

So the reason that this took so long is because I wrote it out like 6 times and tumblr kept deleting it and I was having a mental breakdown agshkhdjoude I was so fucking m a d

This is my first smut i’m posting on this account so please let me know what you think on my asks or messages 

Written for frhhdj and lililoveskpop, enjoy! :)

Genre: Smut / fluff

Length: 3.7k

Pairing: Jung Taekwoon (Leo) + you

Summary: You’re having a bad day and Taekwoon wants to make sure you never doubt his love for you again by showing you how much you mean to him

Today just wasn’t your day. Your boss had constantly been on your back for the past week and any little bit of work you tried to provide he scoffed in your face, constantly saying you and your work weren’t ‘good enough’. He kept threatening to firing you for your incompetent work. You knew this wasn’t true because the company had less workers than it needed currently, but it was still making you feel shit.

You felt less than ‘good enough’ with your personal life as well. Taekwoon, your boyfriend of 4 months had managed to convince you to go on a public date with him. After much reluctance you agreed, just to see him happy. You hadn’t been dating long, but you still knew you’d do anything to see that beautiful smile on his face. 

You had been spotted by a fan and dozens of pictures of the two of you were taken and posted all over the internet. From the first time you saw the comments on it you could see starlights weren’t very happy about seeing their ‘precious Leo’ dating someone like you. They laughed at your appearance saying Taekwoon could do so much better than you. 

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E X O  R E A C T I O N

F I N D I N G  T H E I R  S / O  M A S T U R B A T I N G  A N D  M O A N I N G  T H E I R  N A M E  [short ver.]

Originally posted by xiumined-and-minseoking

Contrary to how gentle he is normally, Minseok is far from this in bed. He likes to own you. Safe words have been arranged and he’ll gladly stop if you ask of course, but if you want to be, you’re his. You can’t cum unless he says you may, so he’s a bit taken aback that you would defy this rule. He would arrogantly raise an eyebrow at you the moment you notice him.

“My sweet whore couldn’t even wait for me to get off work, now could they? You know what happens when you break the rules.”

Originally posted by 1lu

To compensate for his feminine appearance, Luhan enjoys having control. He is by no means a strict dom and doesn’t care much that you’re masturbating, but rather that he wasn’t there. This sight is so enticing for him that he falls into his dominant position immediately. A mischievous glint is in his eyes when he says:

“Do you want Daddy to give you a hand, baby? You know I don’t like it when you cum without me.”

Originally posted by yifan

Yifan is not a fan of masturbating at all, unless he instructs you to (for his viewing). Due to this, he isn’t very happy that you chose to do this on your own, as opposed to sending him a message telling him that you are in need. His arms are lightly crossed over his chest. A smirk is appearing slowly on his face as he thinks of all the devilish punishments he has to choose from.

“How naughty; starting without me. Naughty girls/boys get punished.”

Originally posted by royalyeol

Junmyeon’s bedroom craving is to make you see stars. Making you cum gets him off. He’ll grow painfully hard while hearing his name dropping off of your tongue and seeing you, it only worsens. His instinct kicks in, his tongue wets his lower lip, and he asks if he can pay you back for not being home when you needed him most.

“Please, baby, let me help you get off. Let me make up for my absence…”

Originally posted by justforluhan

Yixing has no clue how to react. Yes, he’s flustered for the first few moments. There is also another ‘yes’ though—he desperately wants to help; however, he isn’t sure if that’s something you desire. He will ask after a minute, but he will be hesitant while doing so.

“Oh! Do you… want any help?”

Originally posted by ethereal-baek

Rather than idly watching, Baekhyun quickly inserts himself into the situation. Given that this surprise is very pleasant, he isn’t too stunned. He will walk up slowly, ignoring your shock, and place his hand directly over top of your own. In your ear, he will whisper:

“If you were so needy for me, you could’ve just called~”

Originally posted by baekintime

Jongdae is in love with this sight at his first listen to your faint moaning. He wants to toy with it a bit, so he simply leans against the door frame of your bedroom, watching you carefully. He’s wearing a smirk on his face when he speaks up.

“Don’t stop now, love. Put on a little show for me; maybe you’ll get a treat afterwards.”

Originally posted by sehunsi

Since the surprise is so unexpected, Chanyeol’s first response is to be very visibly flustered and nothing much. His eyes are locked on you now, too fixated by the sight to make his presence known yet. When he finally does speak, it is after he’s grown used to this and it’s turned him on.

“Having fun without me?”

Originally posted by luedeer

Kyungsoo is not too happy to be walking in on this. He despises when you start without him, if even unintentionally. Though he isn’t heartless and he can see and hear how desperate you are, so he’ll grant you this release—he will help you to reach your peak. After though, a punishment will ensue. He’ll be expecting you to make it up to him, and then possibly denial for a week, for good measure.

“I’d savor it if I were you… You should know by now what happens when you act so dirty.”

Originally posted by 3x0ismystyle

Zitao is such a bratty sub, to say the least about him. Despite how difficult he can be, you shouldn’t have to yearn for him. That should be his hand, never your own. He will definitely whine when he sees you working to get yourself off. Impatient as well, he will quickly start to pull his shirt over his head.

“Baby~ You know that’s my job!”

Originally posted by beatriceindre

Jongin would be shocked and flustered to hear such moans floating throughout the house, especially his name. Even so, you won’t be able to tell—he’s so good at being able to turn such a thing on and off. Once he reaches your bedroom, he’ll be staring at you with a seductive gaze, which he had quickly put on before walking into the doorway.

“Will you let me be a good boy and finish you off? I want to make you feel good.”

Originally posted by fy-sexo-exo

Frankly, Sehun wouldn’t care. This isn’t to say that he doesn’t want to mess with you. He will most likely cough noisily to make himself known. Making a big show out of it, he will wink and walk over to you. Without a single word, he will kneel between your legs and pick up where you left off; however, he’s sure to stop before you get the chance to orgasm, just because he can.

“It was wishful thinking to assume you’d get to cum, my love. Maybe some other time…“

BTS attending your concert,

(A/N hi! I’m finally back! Hope you guys like this imagine even tho it’s a bit lazier than usual)


Would act cool and chill in front of your fans, but when you get back home he’ll be your biggest fanboy. Won’t shut up about how good you were and how he almost fainted by how beautiful you were.

Originally posted by bwiseoks


Nobody has seen him this excited since when they debuted. Cheers along with your fans, already memorized the fan chants. Will point at you and yell that you are his partner. Someone posted a video of him tagging it as #goals, he reblogged it on Twitter.

Originally posted by kthish


Would contain himself from screaming during the whole concert. Knows every dance and song you performed. After your performance he’d give you the biggest hug, saying how proud he is of you.

Originally posted by junghoseok


He would have helped you with the choreo beforehand, so when you performed it he was very proud. His eyes would occasionally wander to your fans to see their reactions, happy when they’re all excited and impressed. 

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned


He’d be the only one the security guards would have to hold back. His eyes never leaves yours. When you make eye contact he’ll blush and giggle. The smile never left his lips during the whole concert. He could watch you perform for hours.

Originally posted by itschiminie


He’d be so shocked. He knew you were good, but not this good. Lowkey would brag about you to everyone he knows. Isn’t shy to show his love for you. He’d force Namjoon to tag your song under his #RMusic so that more people can find your music.

Originally posted by bwibelle


If you’re nervous before the concert he’d reassure you that you’ll do great. Confident you’d nail every move and note. He would whisper encouraging words into your ears while hugging you for the last time before you had to go. When the concert is done he’d tell you “I told you so,” stating that you were perfect.

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- Admin Mello

Family, friends, feeling (P.3)

Summary: You and Jaebum make breakfast for the boys but something stirring behind the scenes 

Genre: fluff

word count: 2206

[pt.1]  [pt.2] 

Jaebum x reader, (and maybe a surprise …..)

Jaebum heard a knock as his door and it was immediately followed by someone turning the knob. He knew it was Jinyoung since he was the only one with this habit. “Hyung” He said leaning against the frame of the door. “Uh?” Jaebum replied, disinterested and looking at his music sheets. “______ah wants to cook us breakfast. She said she wanted help but I can’t really cook. Do you mind?” Jaebum raised his eyebrows at Jinyoung and knew that his classic smirk hid some sort of agenda. But even in spite of that he said “I guess so.” Jaebum walked to the kitchen where she was already rummaging through the cupboards and fridge to figure out what the boys had on hand. “Looking for something?” Jaebum tried to sound cool as he put his hands in his pockets propping himself against the counter and observing your movements. “Oh. I was just…trying to think of stuff to make. But it doesn’t seem like you guys keep food around” She said laughing and then biting her lip, which Jaebum couldn’t help but look away from. “No we don’t. Its only 7:00am they won’t be up for at least a couple hours…we can go to the 24/7 mart. It’s a little bit farther but it would be the only open right now.” She looked to the ground and rubbed the back of her neck with her hand. “Sure let me just go put on some regular clothes” 

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what’s a title i don’t know

Warning: There’s a few sexual inuendos lol byyyyyeeeEEEEEEE

The bolded print is Shawn’s POV

The one day you had off you were being called into work. Because what else would happen. You had received the call at 2:45, your boss told you that your co worker Kelsey, had called in sick today. On one of the biggest days of the year for the company you work for. The VMAs. Yes you worked for MTV, and it was great. You were one of the stage managers and photographers whenever the crew was short on photographers. Regardless, you had wanted to spend your night curled up on the couch with a cup of tea, a book and John Mayer playing quietly from your phone. But you unwillingly pulled on your black MTV staff shirt, black leggings, black lowtop Velcro vans and got into your car. All black was standard uniform for a stage crew member. The focus should be on the celebrities not the people behind the scenes. 

By 3:30 you were in your car dealing with LA traffic attempting to get to the location in Inglewood. By 4:00 you were on sight of the award show, and the pre-shows wouldn’t start for another 3 hours. You quickly found your boss through the haze of busy coworkers. 

“Hello dear, thank you so much for coming in today. I know it’s your day off but that stupid head lady Kelsey decided to call in sick today and you’re the  only one who could cover her job. So let’s get started we have no time to lose. See those baskets down the hall. Yes okay, you need to deliver them to the dressing room of each corresponding performer. Their name and room number will be on the card.” your boss, Spencer, explained to you quickly. 

“you brought me here to hand out baskets? Kelsey couldn’t do that, hell bring her in sick or not. It’s a few baskets. MY one night off is going to be wasted because Kelsey couldn’t come in and hand out a few baskets.”

“oh shut your trap sweetheart,(btw this guy is gay, so he’s not like some predator calling her sweetheart for some creepy ass reason lol)  it’s just a few baskets an then I need you to help conduct cameras and take photos at the show tonight. NOW SHOO” he finished, lightly shoving you in the direction of the hall. You walked down the hall muttering to yourself til you reached the basket table. You picked up the first four, balancing two on each arm and walked to your first destination of Khalid’s room. After leaving baskets in the empty rooms of many artists including Ed Sheeran, Kendrick Lamar, Cardi B, Fifth Harmony, Julia MIchaels, Alessia Cara and many more. You went on to give your last basket to Shawn Mendes, a Canadian popstar you had heard about on the radio. Stupidly, you didn’t knock and walked right in. But unlike the last 20 rooms this room happened to be occupied. Occupied by a half naked, Shawn Mendes. Clad in only his boxers and socks. You immediately shrieked upon entering and quickly backed out of the room, shutting the door behind you. You faintly heard Shawn’s voice from behind the door.

“It’s uh fine you can come on in again” he said to you from the other side of the wooden boundary. You slowly turned the doorknob and your eyes fell upon a still half naked Canadian popstar. 

“uh Hi, Mr. Mendes, I am so sorry I didn’t knock. I thought your room would be empty. But here is a gift basket from MTV personally. Have a great time at the award show.” you word vomited quickly.

“It’s fine” he said taking the basket from you “you can call me Shawn and please thank MTV on my behalf for this fantastic gift basket.”  he finished, turning away from you to set the basket on the vanity behind him. Back muscles shifting. You chuckled quietly at his last comment. You had obviously knew who Shawn Mendes was. You had seen his videos and heard his music but you wouldn’t call yourself a fan. It’s not that you didn’t like him you just never took the time to thoroughly check him out. At the current moment you were beginning to retract and make new opinions of the boy standing before you. You slowly began to realize you had spaced out and began to snap back to reality (oh there goes gravity lol sorry) but before you physically showed you were paying attention to what was happening. You couldn’t help but notice that Shawn had been staring back at you, studying and scouring your features.

“Um I’ll make sure to tell MTV that, once again I’m truly sorry for walking in on you. Have a fantastic time tonight.” you said quickly rushing back to the door.

“yeah thanks you as well.” Shawn replied lazily watching you leave. You grabbed the knob and pulled the door closed behind you. As soon as you heard the door fully shut, you exhaled and speed walked down the hall and back into the red carpet area. 

She’s adorable, you couldn’t have been happier that she walked in on you getting dressed. But that line, who the fuck is MTV. It’s a company not a person, Jesus Christ. You were overthinking everything now. She’s perfect but you doubt you’ll ever see her again. Which sucks.


Bright lights flashed as you adjusted the headset connected to one of your coworkers who was feeding you instructions about what interviews you needed to film, what cameras, what angle or what celebrity was going to be interviewed next. The pre-shows had commenced 25 minutes ago and you already felt like you’ve lost your head among the sea of stars. 

“Shawn Mendes is up next on camera 3″ said the little voice in your ear and your stomach explodes in a mass of butterflies. You hated it. Yet you still returned Shawn’s grin as you handed him his mic. 

“Fully dressed now huh?” you coyly whispered to him.

“Yeah I hope so” he replied sarcastically, his cheeks heating up. You lightly pushed him up the few steps and onto the interview platform. Every so often he would glance your way and grin slightly. You just continued to do your job, trying to keep your gaze away from his. He was a star and you were an asteroid. He burnt brightly, shining for all to see. You were dull and boring. You had no purpose but to drift through life quietly going unnoticed for the rest of time. It was the sad truth but then again not many truths are very happy.


It was finally time for the award show to start. You were walking around the venue taking pictures of the stage, the fans and obviously the celebrities. You had the camera hanging around your neck and were listening to the headset in you ear giving you the countdown til the show started. At the 5 minute mark you made your way over to the cameras being set up and tested. Finally the lights began to dim and those standing on the main floor began to scream and shout. Every time you and the camera man walked past Shawn during the show he would lick his lips or clench his jaw or curl his fist that was casually resting on his thick thigh. It made you blush every time so thank god for the darkness.

She was the epitome of absolute perfection, every damn time she walked past him as she trailed behind the camera man. He would feel his mind and heart explode into thousands of pieces. He almost lost his mind when she crouched down several feet in front of him. Her ass, Jesus fucking Christ, her ass made him wanna cry. She was a goddess but he knew he could never have her. She couldn’t love him if he was always on the road or recording or practicing. He was physically unlovable and nothing could change. But he would never see her again after tonight so what’s the point.


The show had whirled by and before he knew it, Shawn was standing backstage waiting for someone to hook him up to the sound system and a mic. By the luck of the gods, she came walking through the green room door. Her hands piled high with equipment to help Shawn and his band perform. She looked busy and tired, he wanted to be able to comfort her. He just barely met her and has probably spoken to her twice but he couldn’t help himself. She carefully dropped the equipment on the table across from Shawn and sighed.

“It’s been a busy day huh?” Shawn asked trying to break the ice.

“You have no idea.” she replied, picking up an in-ear monitor and walking over to him. When she reached him she began to untangle the wires of the monitor. Once the monitor was successfully untangled, she looked down at his crotch and then up to his face.

“May I?” She asked him. Shawn looked at her a bit puzzled and taken back. “Oh my god, I’m not trying to get in your pants or something. I just need to clip the monitor’s power box onto your waistband. Jesus, for such an innocent looking guy you have one hell of a dirty mind.”she said quickly. She crouched down onto her knees so she was level with his waistband. She pulled the waistband away from his hips and handed the monitors control box to him.

“Just clip it to your waistband so that it’s inside your pants and the little light is facing your skin..or…torso I guess.” she said, leaning to the side you grab the wire on the table behind him. Her chest was pressed against his upper thighs and he almost yelped at the contact. She took the wire and plugged it into the monitor box clipped on his pants. Needless to say Shawn would have loved to have her on her knees in front of him, under other less clothed circumstances. She took the other end of the wire and put it up the bottom of his shirt, so that the wire was brushing gently against his abdomen. Her cold hands made him shiver but the new sensation felt oddly relaxing. She made him nervous, she relaxed him and she even excited him with her glowing presence. Shawn hadn’t noticed what was happening until he felt the wire tickling his jawline(so sharp it could cut a bitch). She then stood up and pulled his waistband away from his hip, putting her hand on the monitor’s switch and turning it on. Shawn couldn’t help but what the way she moved with her fluid motions, he knew it was creepy and they had just met but he couldn’t help but look at her. Shawn was once again caught off guard when she cupped the side of his face and put the ear piece correctly in his ear. Their faces couldn’t be more than a few inches apart, a gap that could be easily closed. Her minty breath fanned his face, their gaze connected and Shawn almost exploded. But then it was over, and as soon as she came in. She was gone. He realized he would probably never see her face again. Little did he know that she would be working the next MTV unplugged show.(part two?)

Okay so I realize I’ve been gone for too many weeks and that school is bullshit. BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTTTT I’m back and this is my apology and I love every single one of you beautiful people that are crazy enough to follow me and publicly say you enjoying my writings. Ok bye<33333 but like if you want a part 2 I would be so down to write it.

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YAYYYYY IT'S TIME TO SEND MUSHY STUFF LIKE WE WERE TOLD TO THAT ONE TIME *rubs hands together* How would (separate) Papyrus, Napstablook and Mettaton react if their s/o sent them a heartfelt original poem about their love and other feelings for them via an old-fashioned, hand-written letter?~


The moment the letter catches his eye, he bursts into the house screaming at Sans about how he’s received his first bit of fanmail. Finally, his fanbase is rearing it’s head!! He’s going to read this at once, for all to hear of his coolness!!

Dear Papyrus--” Wowie, this handwriting looks familiar! He must know this Anonymous Fan. “Allow me to describe some complex feelings to you. Feelings like love, adoration, contentment, wholehearted dedication–

Oh. Ohmygod. Sans do you know what this is. It’s a love letter!! He’s received an anonymous love letter!!! Ohmygod!! Ohmygod!!! It takes a little bit of hinting from Sans for Papyrus to finally put the dots together.

That adorable handwriting. The sweet scent, undeniably like that perfume you wear sometimes. The gentle, incredible way you word things, nearly identical to the way this letter is written!! You wrote him this letter!!! Ohmygod!!! A. A. A. A. A.

He’s torn between immediately confronting you about it, before he realizes. No!! This must be handled delicately!!! You are obviously trying to surpass him in Dating, & he has never been beaten–except maybe once before. For a gift like this, he must write you something in return!!!!

Ahem. “Dear Incredibly Anonymous Sender…”


When they see the letter sitting on their desk, they think it might be a bill at first. They don’t get a lot of mail, since most of it goes to Mettaton, but…

They open it anyway. It smells nice, like flowers. Oh. They recognize your handwriting. Did you write this for them? That’s nice. Then they read it.

Oh. Oh no. This is so sweet. You really like them that much? You really think they’re cool? They’re not that great. They don’t think they deserve this much, but…it definitely makes them happy. It’s a very nice gift, thank you so much.

They set it down after a moment, unable to hide the tiny smile on their face. They don’t know what to do to make it up to you, but they’ll think of something. For now, they’re happy. 

They love you, a lot. & they’re happy you love them, too.


When he sees it, he thinks it’s just another letter from one of his adorable fans. But then he opens it, & instantly the smell of roses overwhelm him. What’s more, he recognizes that handwriting. It’s yours.

He’s shocked. He doesn’t know how to react, as he reads the letter, letting it all soak in. The way you describe your love for him, like a poet to their muse, makes his circuits buzz & his SOUL tremble. Your words are carefully picked, dripping with all the drama & romance that he adores so much. You did all this for him. You love him this much.

He doesn’t even get to the end before he’s putting in an order for a private table at his fanciest establishment for you both that evening, following it up with a personal visit to your workplace to greet you–a specialty-made bouquet/chocolate order of all your favorites in hand. 

You spoiled him, now it’s his turn.

Kihyun’s abs

Ok just one thing. I’m going to be brutally honest here. 

I absolutely fucking loathe the way people talk about Kihyun’s abs. 

I’m not going to reblog even one picture of his stomach because even if he’s my bias and probably really proud of his achievement, IT’S NOT LIKE THIS ISN’T THE EXACT REASON WHY HE’S BEEN STARVING.

How can you people act WORRIED over him losing weight and then jizz over the fact that he has abs now?

What’s the deal with kpop idols having abs? Why is it so important? Why do you care? Why are you guys pretending every idol should act and be just like they want to, and then scream your ears deaf when he has seen enough extra effort to form a couple of extra fucking lumps in his stomach? 

They’re not doing this for themselves. Some of you guys don’t do much else but blabber about abs and arms and toned chest muscles so of COURSE they’re going to think that’s the only thing that matters to us. When you’re literally drooling over Wonho’s and Shownu’s bodies, it IS showing the rest of the members a certain message. They’re entertainers, they know what’s up, they know we sexualize and fetishize their bodies to infinity. Kihyun is not stupid. We’ve been making him an effeminate, tiny hamster mom with chubby cheeks and whatever inaccurate bullshit we can come up with - of fucking course he’s been trying his hardest to prove us otherwise.

Wonho may have been working out just because he has always enjoyed doing so, same goes for Shownu. They have been striving for getting fit bodies and even if it’s because of unhealthy beauty standards, it’s still something that’s not solely coming from us fans. Kihyun, however, was here mostly because of his singing skills. He was convinced he could make a lasting impression with that alone, maybe combined with his cute face. But now, with endless comparison and unhealthy praising (towards certain members for their physical appearance) and stupid joking nicknames that decide his personality for him, he’s internalized the idea that he should also flash you some abs (judged by your reaction, it’s almost like he just showed his dick to us) to get enough validation that he’s a real man.

This “real man” thing and its byproducts are a serious cultural problem in Korea among men, so he’s most likely trying harder and harder to convince not only himself, but also his members and us that he can also fit into the same category.

Seriously, this is why men don’t believe us when we say women have it worse when it comes to a social pressure to look good. Abs are nice, for sure, but they’re also just muscles that literally EVERYONE has under the layer of stomach fat that protects our internal organs. Getting rid of that stomach fat requires a lot of unhealthy dieting (draining yourself up) and training and even people who do it for a professional purpose, know that even if you have rock-hard abs, they don’t just miraculously stay there for years to come, but instead they disappear and reappear several times a day because of all that nutrition you ingest. To have us see them, he and Wonho most likely didn’t eat or drink before getting up to the stage.

You know, maybe, just maybe he wouldn’t have to literally put his health in danger if his fans weren’t so thirsty to see that one part of him aside from his dick that proves he’s a “real man”. (Why else would you be so excited? It’s just lumpy skin. It’s just his stomach. But we all are very much aware of what abs are actually representing in our culture. We’re calling him cute and fluffy and whatnot but when he shows signs of conventional masculinity, we’re celebrating it much more than him actually acting cute.) 


It’s not wrong to be happy for him because he reached a goal he’s been trying to achieve for several months. But you have to remember that his goal might not even end here, that he might continue this unhealthy lifestyle and that he’s doing it because of us fans comparing him to his members. Even his friends were worried for him yesterday in the V live for losing too much weight (ofc it was again not his health really but his looks, because they literally can’t get past of that ever, but it’d be nice if WE could be the people that help them see more, since we’re not enslaved in that industry). 

And you have to remember that celebrating him for having abs kind of ruins your images as concerned Kihyun fans. He was proving his actions RIGHT in the concert. The idea that he should lose a lot of weight in order to be approved was reinforced. From now on, it’ll be even harder to convince him he should stop. Just look at the reactions he got. 

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BTS reaction to their s/o being physically disabled and being bullied for it

A/N: Hope you like it! Sorry for taking so long. I just want to say that I never think army would bully someone who is disabled in real life, so don’t take this to serious. Requests are still open!


Jin was always there to help you. He never viewed your disability as a burden to your relationship, but he still helped you as much as he could. Your relationship was something he loved showing off, therefore he presented you to his fans proudly early on. But to his dismay people seem to leave hateful words in the comments on your social media. He hated the way his own fans made you feel. Why can’t they see how grate you are? Why can’t they see how happy you make him? He caught himself wanting to punch whoever made a hurtful comment about you.  


Suga knew how insecure you were because of your disability, and he absolutely hated it. A beautiful person like yourself shouldn’t hate themselves. He made sure to tell you every day that the people who said such horrible things didn’t matter, and that you were the most amazing person he knew. Even though you were disabled you were very much capable, and Suga knew this. Never would he let you think you were any less of a person than others, and never would he let anybody make a rude comment about you when he was around. 


You were his sunshine and seeing his sunshine sad made him sad. But knowing what had made you sad only got him angry. How can his own fans say these things about you? He did his best to make you happy and for you to forget about all the hate, but he couldn’t constantly protect you from all the rude remarks. Your disability didn’t define you, it was simply a struggle you were dealing with. Hoseok always kept you as far away from the bullying as possible and always did his best to make you smile.

Rap Monster:

Rapmon helping you somehow most often ended up with his clumsy nature getting the best of him, but he never stopped trying to do his best. He was beyond happy to call you his, that he never saw your disability as a problem. But then someone brought the hate you got from his fans to his attention, and suddenly he became very serious. Nobody should ever make fun of you for something you have no control over, and you should never feel the need to cover up for his fans when they are the one at fault. 


Jimin first saw the comments you were getting while he was on tour, and he almost threatened to cancel the concert. Luckily he decided to do the show after calming down, but he did make a very angry tweet about the issue to his fans. How could his own fans do that to you? The way you recently started to feel ashamed of your disability, it suddenly made sense to him. All he wanted was to rush home to comfort you and yell at you for not saying anything. 


You were the most hard-working and smartest person he knew, and your physical disability was only a challenge you had to face. Therefore he found it hard to believe some of his fans bullied you because of it. He tried to maintain a positive attitude by only showing to the posts from the fans who supported and defended you. His baby would never feel down because of some stupid remarks, not on his watch. 


For his young age, Jungkook handled the situation well. He helped you out when needed and at times almost completely stopped the hate coming from his fans. But from time to time things could get extra rough and he would look to his hyungs for some guidance. All members would tweet about their disappointment towards ARMY. After dealing with his fans, he would put all his energy in making you more confident in yourself. Slowly you’d open up and ARMY would fall for your charm just like Jungkook did.


*requests are open*

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Originally posted by ethereal-baek

Pairing: Baekhyun x OC

Genre: fluff, one shot? (Maybe more if you guys like it)

Word Count:  2,172

Summary: You’re waiting in line and lock eyes with Baek. What happens next is every fan’s daydream while going to a meet.

Note: Basically, this was just a short and sweet little story I put together just to see if I could do it. I’ve done my fair share of writing for school, and did a bit of HP stuff a long time ago, but reading the great fics on here made my writing bug flare up. So I apologize in advance if it’s crap lol. Also, I know it’s the usual thing to put “Y/N” instead of giving the character a name, but from the view point it just sounded better. Just envision your own name if you want lol.

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SUKEKIYO [2017.06.27 - Kyo and YUCHI interview part 2]

Explosive force , an inquisitive spirit and everything thereafter.

Part 2 of Kyo and YUCHI’s interview for spice.

“If its something I depend on, I wanna cling to it and have everything and anything I do be forgiven.” - Kyo

“But even saying that, in reality you’re the one that everyone clings to.” (haha) - YUCHI

SORRY IT TOOK SO LONG. Remind me to finish translating things BEFORE going to see Dir in future. 

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happy 22nd birthday ♡

Sungjong once said this ’I want to have that kind of charisma that will make all the fans around the world fall in love with me.” and I honestly think that he already succeeded in this. I mean during these years he showed a lot of his side to us. We all know that the he can be very cute but at the same time very sexy. And he really changed a lot since debut. And finally after 3 years he got some invidulal project so we can see a lot more of him from now on. I mean he is obviously getting better as the MC of Super Idol Chart Show and he got his first individual photoshoot too. Hopefully he will get a lot more in the future since he is clearly interested in modeling and obviously he is a great model. Anyway I could go on a lot more why Sungjong is great and why do i love him but I better stop now. But really, he deserves every good thing in the world ;;

BTS reaction to their S/O being a hardcore fan

A/N: @peepskeep Thanks for requesting! Sorry for the wait :’D I hope this is what you were looking for! :) Requests are still open!

Rap Monster

He would laugh and be stunned by all of the merch you had in your room. After hiding it from him, he was honestly surprised. You were very lowkey about liking his group but after seeing all of your things, he wouldn’t be weirded out at all. He’d appreciate that you’re a huge supporter and would be proud to have a s/o like you.


Jin would be so happy. He would wander around you room looking at all of your merch and laugh seeing all of the old posters of them. He would look back at you and wink saying, “Wow. I knew you were a fan but this is great.” He would be so proud of having you as his s/o.


I feel like he would be the most embarrassed out of all of the members. Not of you but because you had pictures of him from his debut days. Deep down, Yoongi would be really happy and glad that you were a huge fan. He would love to hear that you supported him completely and it made him feel like all of his hard work has paid off when he was with you.


This happy ball of sunshine would be so glad you had so many things from their group. He would be so surprised to see all of the limited edition merch you had from them. He would be even more happier if you had more merch of him than any other member. “Of course you should have more of me! I should be your number 1!” He would say.


Little mochi would be so shy when you showed him all of your paraphernalia. He would already imagine you at one of their concerts being the happy excited fan and that would make him even more shy. He would be so thrilled to see your collection though, despite being shy. He would cringe seeing his old self but be really glad you supported him nonetheless.


“You must really love us that much, especially me.” He would say seeing all of your collection. He would play around with the things you had, being careful if you told him to of course. He wouldn’t be ashamed or embarrassed by you. I think you would be more embarrassed by him when he would pull faces and joke around with your things. Like all the members though, he would be super ecstatic to know that you were a big fan of their group.


Jungkook would either be meme-y or just normally surprised. You would hide it from him, hoping you wouldn’t overwhelm him with how big of a fan you were but he wouldn’t mind at all. He was really glad you were a fan of the group and to see all of your things would make him feel really glad he was with you. He would definitely help your collection grow as well, for example by sending you pictures of him and of him with the group.

Goodbye Kisses pt 3.5

Pt. 1 || Pt. 2 || Pt. 3 || Pt. 3.5 || Pt. 4 || Pt. 5  || Pt. 6 || Pt. 7 (final)

Jin x Reader (ft. Jungkook)

Genre: Angst/Fuff

Summary: Jungkook could remember the day he fell in love and remember the day you fell in love…with someone other than him.

Word Count: 2907

A/N: This is kinda like a lil backstory as to how Y/N and Jungkook and Jin met and stuff. But there is a small snippet at the end which continues from the last part.

Originally posted by princesseok

Jungkook could remember the first time he ever laid eyes on you. It was around a year after BTS’ debut that he saw you in a small cafe you had previously worked at. It was quiet, and there were rarely many customers, and he had been in that part of Seoul that day and he so happened to want a cup of coffee.

At the time, you were busy paying for your schooling by working at your family owned cafe. It was in a secluded part of Seoul, just the kind of place Jungkook had been looking for.  The bell rang as he opened the door, 

“Welcome!” You bowed from behind the counter. Jungkook took a glance at the menu hanging from the ceiling,

“One iced coffee, please.” He took out his wallet ready to pay whatever amount the coffee had cost, but when he finally took a look at you, he froze. It was like time had stopped and it was only you and him on the entire earth. Your smile was perfect. The way your hair fell down the sides of your face was perfect. Even the sound of your voice entranced him. To him, you were stunning. It was like falling in love at first sight. 

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Preview! Animagus Escapades

It’s preview Monday! not gonna lie I almost completely forgot and I have a new One Piece x Harry Potter Crossover. This one is going to be very different from the others because it’s going to have pretty much nothing to do with Cannon except for Cannon Characters and is Whitebeard Pirates centric (eventually anyway).

It’s also going to involve a lot of family stuff like babies, childcare/child-rearing because apparently I’m feeling broody, fair warning.

I’m not going to tell you who the pairing is, but if you’ve read some of my other stuff you can probably guess lol

Helina Potter knew her luck was wild and unpredictable, so why exactly had she volunteered to help find a plant at the bottom of the Black Lake again, resulting in her being sucked into a magical ritual being performed by the merfolk and transported to another world? Oh yeah because her Animagus form was aquatic and she never could say no when someone asked for her help.

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All My Idols Ch 15: The Video

Sorry if this is too cheesy…I already know it is…..

The lights are bright, so bright I can’t even see the crowd at first. A large hand in mine draws my attention away from the lights to see Seungri with his classic handsome smile, that is always contagious, a smile spreads across my face.

“Everyone say Hello!” Seungri yells into the mic as he holds my hand up, turning back to fully face the crowd. I’m surprised when they all shout back a very loud hello.

I automatically bow deeply to the crowd, I almost considered getting on my knees if I wasn’t in a dress. Though I yell hello as loud as I can, not many people can hear me. Seungri hands me his mic and gestures for me to try again.

With a deep breath I say, “Hello I am Charlotte.” Again, I bow.

“Aigoo, our princess is so nervous,” Seungri teases but his grip on my hand tightens comfortably.

“Should she be nervous everybody?” Youngbae’s voice seems full of playfulness but not a single person misses the threat in it too.

The crowd yells, “No!”

“Good!” Youngbae smiles wide, “Now we know a lot of you guys will be upset with this news. But let me clarify that Charlie is not dating any us, she is just a friend. Say it with me,” He holds out the mic expectantly, the crowd echoes his words.

“Can I say something?” I ask the boys quietly. They smile and nod, staying silent for me to speak. “Hi, I’m sorry if this upsets any of you but I just want to say thank you for not rioting or something, I was really worried about that.” My erratic heart beat calms down a bit when the crowd responds with a laugh. “As a fan myself, I understand if anyone is mad, I would be too if I found out some strange girl was spending time with my oppas. But please don’t be too mad, I would be really thankful it if you all you could see that I’m not some girl who weaseled my way into their life. I just happen to be in the right place at the right time to run into Top oppa who introduced me to everyone else and things just got kind of crazy from there. I have no intentions of dating anyone, though if some asked me to marry them, could you blame me for accepting?”

I grin when the crowd cheers, all the faces I’m able to see are filled with smiles or at least not frowning.

“I will try to stay out of the way as much as possible but for the few moments you might see me, please take care of me.” To say the least, I’m surprised when the crowd boos.

Seungri grins at me, “I think they like you.” He says loud enough to be picked up by the mic. The crowd cheers.

“This is going much better than I thought it would,” I say honestly.

“Lets see how much they really like you,” GD beams at me and to the crowd, “for all those who would like to see the princess crowned please cheer as loud as possible, and for those who do not,” He pauses as the bright smile fades from his face, “leave.” The iciness in his voice makes me cringe. “You have a minute to decide.” We wait as the crowd chatters amongst themselves. I watch as some leave the crowd, while others move closer. When their minute is up, the crowd didn’t seem much smaller, and I can’t help but feel a little proud of myself. Grinning wide GD yells, “Who wants to be a knight to the princess?”

The crowd cheers loudly, and the boys all turn to me with child like grins at their success. Suddenly Fantastic begins to play and the groups from earlier flood on to stage to join in on the performance. BTS, Ikon, Seventeen, Got7, and Twice get to me first, while the other groups try to get to me as well. Still holding my hand Seungri begins jumping and thrashing around to the music. Too excited to not join along I follow his crazily stupid dance moves. I’m passed around stage as the song goes on, both the crowd on the floor and the crowd on stage dance like maniacs. When the song is over Daesung pulls me center stage. The other groups stand around us with grins. GD appears with a gorgeous golden tiara. He easily places it my hair, adjusting it just right before stepping back to stare at his work.

I stare at him with a small smile, “How do I look?”

Looking to the crowd GD repeats me question, “Well everyone? How does she look?” The crowd screams.

“As a little gift for you we asked all of your knights to make a little video for you,” Top says a the people on stage part to let Bobby and B.I, who are carrying a large throne like chair, through. They set the chair down with the back to the crowd, facing the massive screens on stage. Bobby sits me down in the chair before leaning on the back. I sit there and stare up at the screen nervously.

The dark screen suddenly flashes and all of Ikon is staring down at us, all except Bobby, who I’m guessing is holding the camera. When his voice comes over the speakers, my assumption is confirmed, “As the princess’s first official knights we are in charge of getting a message from all the other knights before the corination. Are you ready to accept your mission?”

“Yes!” The six other members yell out.

“We will go first,” B.I smiles awkwardly into the camera. “Noona we just want to say how much we appreciate you and all the hoops you have jumped threw to spend time with us.”

The focus goes to Jinhwan, “Hello my little dongseang and to the amazing crowd who stayed in support.” The crowd cheers and I find myself cheering along with them. “I just want to say thank you for being so accepting of our princess and I hope you decide to join our brotherhood of knights.” After the others go Bobby begins wandering down the halls of back stage, stopping when he finds BTS.

“Say hello to the princess!” He yells to the confused group of boys. “This is the video that is going to be played at the show so stay classy.”

The whole stadium laughs.

Jin steps forward first, “To whoever is watching this-“ Poor Jin isn’t able to say much before J-hope cuts him off.

“Hyung, you’re making this seem like your last words. Be fun!” J-hope hops into view, being his normal derpy self. “Princess! Since I am your bias I should be the one to leave the message. We love you very much!” He makes a heart with his arms as he continues his dance.

“You guys suck at this,” Bobby groans as he leaves the room, ignoring the very loud complaints from the group of boys behind him. Down the hall he spots more groups; Girls Generation, Twice, Red Velvet, and Mamamoo all give their adorable greeting with perfect smiles. As Bobby travels farther he runs into Seventeen, Monsta X, Topp Dogg, and a few others. Though their messages aren’t long I feel warmth growing in my chest as I resist the urge to cry at such happiness.

When the video is over I can’t help it when a single tear rolls down my cheek. Looking over my shoulder I see lots of fans already bawling or on the verge because of their idols heart filled messages to all of us. The video doesn’t end there, the camera turns around to show a very unflattering view of Bobby with a silly smile making me laugh.

“There a lots of people who wanted to be here but couldn’t so they recorded a video earlier,” He explains. “I hope you enjoyed this, I love you all!”

The screen switches to the whole AOMG crew making me grin like a maniac when Jay starts talking, “Hello there Princess! Sorry we can’t be there as much as we wanted to. But we still want to hope that you had an amazing coronation. We can party it up when we get back from America!” In the back round the group of guys, Loco, Gray, Simon Dominic and a few more are screaming like maniacs and running around. I can’t hold in my laughs at such a crazy sights. When they are done I want to scream when EXO pops up, all nine of them standing there in their outfits for playboy looking absolutely breath taking.

“Congratulations Princess!” They all yell together, making me grin bigger then ever before.

“Sorry we could not be there due to scheduling but I hope you know we wish you well! We will see you at the next award show, hopefully we can become closer!”