he was there to help her find herself again

The thing with Skam is that it’s able to tell emotional stories that are totally realistic. 
Eva is just a messy girl in love. She’s insecure and she makes a lot of mistakes, but she costantly tries to be a better person. She tries so hard that eventually she takes the most difficult decision: she gives up her love to find herself.
Noora is been abandoned by her first love and she’s so scared to love again that she hides behind several layers of sarcasm and hostility. She has to learn again how to trust someone else.
Isak has to face with the separation of his parents and the illnes of his mother. He finds the courage to come out with his family and friends. He falls in love with a boy and has to learn how to help him with his bipolar disorder.
There aren’t absurd plot twists.
There isn’t unnecessary drama.
They are regular teenagers struggling with normal problems.
Skam is so incredible because it shows there aren’t more interesting stories than real life.

Stardew Valley Headcanons
  • Leah is fucking ripped. She’s an artist that does wood carvings and lives out in the woods by herself. Someone has to chop and haul the wood. Her closest friend is Elliot, and that scrawny writer already brags about having delicate skin. Think he can fell and carry a tree? Nah, Leah does that all herself and has the muscles to show it.  
  • Alex secretly admires Leah’s muscles whenever she’s at the beach. He’s not entirely sure how she got those massive biceps, but he’s determined to find out why. The only issue is that the one time he worked up the courage to ask her he didn’t actually say anything. She was wearing a tank top and Alex just stared at at her biceps without saying anything.  Now he’s too embarrassed to face her again. 
  • Demetrius is autistic. Science and categories helps him interact with others, but sometimes it doesn’t always work.  This is why he got confused when Robin was upset that he got her a tomato when she asked him for fruit when she meant something like an apple or orange. 
  • Alex was a star quarterback and Haley the head cheerleader in high school. They dated for a little in junior year, but after a while they realized they were gay as fuck and have been bffs ever since. They never came out to anyone else and instead spent the remained of their high school career gushing to each other about how cute some of their teammates/cheermates are. 
  • Alex struggles with reading because he has dyslexia. 
  • Elliot was once a model for an underwear brand before moving to the valley. 
  • Kent secretly loves the Flower Dance and even though he and Jodi don’t participate in the bachelor/bachelorette dance, he and Jodi still stay behind during clean up to dance with each other.  
  • Sebastian is a mommy’s boy.  He complains a lot about the valley and wanting to leave, but he never says no to his mother and secretly never wants to move out. 
  • Gus knows how to play every instrument in existence and gets every excited to show off whenever someone books the private room. He wants to train Emily to take over cooking for him at festivals so he can instead provide live music. 
  • Linus and Lewis are twin brothers. 
  • After his brief fling with *spoiler*, the Wizard starts dating one of the merpeople. 
  • Willy once witnessed the merperson that the Wizard was dating, but no one believes him. 

anonymous asked:

Hi, I don't mean to bother you when you're studying, so please ignore this until you're free, but would you mind doing the RFA characters reactions to MC being skilled at knife throwing? Thank you in advance, and thanks for this blog.

No problem dear! I don’t even know what was going on at this point when you sent thins to me honestly. Maybe exams? 

Your welcome! 


  • He’s so intimidated but that’s also one of the single coolest talents a person can have 
  • Desperately asks them to teach him how
  • He actually turns out to be pretty good at it. 
  • They both probably end up bragging to Seven 


  • She finds it really interesting and unique
  • She’d love if they showed her, but she also can’t help but get a little concerned for their well being because knives are sharp, but then again, she knows that they’re talented at this. They know what they’re doing
  • She will brag about their talent so much
  • She’d refuse to try herself but would completely admire them for that skill


  • He’s so intrigued, but also again knives are sharp
  • He’s so protective because he doesn’t want them to get hurt
  • It’s funny because if anything he’d be the one to get hurt (he really does seem to get himself hurt pretty easily)


  • He is highly concerned 
  • He’s glad that you know how to handle the knives and stuff and like, technically self defense which is always nice but also like, he’s kind of frightened
  • When you ask him if he wants to try he ends up being shockingly good 
  • It frightens most of the RFA honestly
  • Don’t let him try, it’s really scary


  • He’s actually barely concerned
  • He trusts you to know how to take care of yourself
  • Definitely asks to try
  • Do. Not. Give. Him. A. Knife.
  • It’s a really, really bad decision 
  • Don’t keep them anywhere Seven can find them. 

Part 1: Resurfaced Part 2: Reactivated 

Pairing: Rucas

Title: Reassured

Summary: The final part of a short three part ficlet that takes place during senior prom where Riley and Lucas reconnect after being separated for six months. Lucas has moved on, but seeing Riley in her prom dress the way he always imagined seeing her, stirs up old emotions that he soon realizes never really went away in the first place. 

Background: Over the past year, there have been people and events that have caused Lucas to stop believing in his relationship with Riley. He’s been lost, unsure of Riley’s, and even his own, feelings. Have recent events helped him find his way back to believing in their relationship again? Or is too late for them to be anything other than two people who used to know each other?

As the elevator doors slid open, Maya pushed her way through the crowd of guests standing around the lobby, weaving this way and that as she navigated herself towards the ballroom where her senior prom was being held.

“Maya, think about what you’re doing!” Farkle followed close behind her, shuffling his feet as he struggled to keep up with her quick pace.

“Thinking, thinking,” Maya stroked her chin thoughtfully, glancing back at Farkle to show him as she nearly slammed into an employee making his way to the hotel kitchen. “Yep, thought about it and Missy’s still about to get her ass kicked!”

“Would you just stop for a second?” Farkle grabbed Maya by the arm and she whirled around to glare at him, her eyes dancing wildly as she huffed at him in exasperation.

“No, Farkle, I can’t stop,” Maya snapped, running a hand through her hair impatiently as she wriggled her arm free from his grasp. “My best friend is hurting and the only way I can think to help her right now is by beating some sense into Ms. Missy the Man Manipulator.”

“You’re just going to make things worse,” Farkle warned her, and Maya rolled her eyes as she turned to look in the direction of the ballroom.

“Fine, I’ll just have a little conversation with her,” Maya conceded. “Will that get you off my back?

“Maya, you and I both know that talking isn’t your strong suit,” Farkle pointed out, and Maya reached out to smack him lightly on the shoulder.

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anonymous asked:

Theories on the chasing amy episode? B99 ep17

prediction #1 || prediction #2 || prediction #3

but in all reality i’m a trashcan and i’m kind of hoping for some kind of situation wherein amy finds herself stuck in a very dangerous situation (kidnapped?? one of her snitches turns on her?? hostage situation?? idk) that jake and the others are somehow unable to help her out of, so we get both a badass amy who has to fight her way out of said situation and a frantically worried jake wHO WILL BE SO RELIEVED THAT SHE’S OKAY THAT HE’LL INITIATE A KISS WITH HIS GIRLFRIEND OF 1.5-2 YEARS (at that point) FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE THEY GOT TOGETHER

i’m,, not tha,t bitter,,,,

dreaminglikeeames  asked:

steve and peggy headcanon

  • first and foremost, they were absolutely together during the war. did you see the way they looked at each other? there’s no way they weren’t
  • they actually danced a lot during the war, even though no one saw them. peggy would sometimes pull him in after a late-night briefing or on missions, while the commandos slept. it tended to be pretty tame, lots of swaying back and forth and spinning. steve especially liked to twirl peggy around and watch her curls fly. (when peggy finds herself in the future somehow, steve is the one who pulls her close and whirls her around whatever room they are in)
  • in every version of his uniform, steve has a special pocket that holds his compass next to his heart, and the weight of it is reassuring against his chest, like peggy is beside him with every breath he takes. when he gets knocked down in a battle, that is what helps him stand up again.
  • peggy and steve are really bad at separating what is personally and professionally appropriate in really weird ways. they bicker about laundry and dishes and whose turn it is to take out the trash in the middle of missions, much to the frustration of everyone who works with them, and then they clean and repair their gear on the dining room table, right next to their dinner, usually.
  • the annual carter-rogers push up contest. one year, natasha actually sold tickets. dugan did the same thing during the war.
  • neither of them cook (or cook well, anyway), so they eat a lot of takeout and frozen dinners (until the avengers stage an intervention and all crowd into their tiny kitchen and watch as sam and, surprisingly, tony, show them how to live off of things they prepare themselves)
  • peggy taught every single one of the avengers the “star spangled man with a plan” song and routine, and one night, during a team get together, they spontaneously burst into song and dance, until steve is fire engine red and peggy is on the floor laughing so hard she’s crying
  • steve and peggy have many comfortable silences. during the war, most of the time they spent together was around other people, so they got used to just sharing space and enjoying each others’ presence, which has continued into the present. they arent overly demonstrative of their relationship, but it’s rare to see one of them without the other nearby
  • whatever brought peggy to the future/somewhere within the many years she lived led to her losing that photograph of pre-serum steve from camp lehigh. she makes steve draw one just like it for her, and she pulls it out before every mission to remind herself of everything she gets to come home to
  • they smile a lot. they cry sometimes. they laugh a lot more. they are happy.

KogKag week day 1: Reunion

OKAY so i really like the idea of these two unexpectedly running into each other a year or two after kagome has returned to the feudal era for good! Say… Koga’s out investigating a rumor he heard about a possible threat near his home, and Kagome is out traveling by herself because some far away village needed her help and she hears about this threat and decides to do some investigating of her own when BAM, Koga catches wind of her scent and like old times, doesn’t hesitate for even a millisecond and nyooms to her. Before he even has time to process that he’s about to see Kagome again, he finds her and their eyes meet… time freezes for a moment and the two just stare at one another.

And then, with a grin, Koga says, “Long time no see.” Joy overpowers shock as Kagome smiles brightly in return and I say that rather than the signature hand grabbing happening, a hug ensues. It’s a very warm, very overwhelming, and very happy moment for the both of them.♥

The rest of this is more for day 5/AU day so i’ll put it under a read more ahh

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Continued from here [X]


You do not know where she is,” he stated, looking at both the flora and the ink, “You will help me find her. Please.” Again, this did not sound like a request. Harbinger had obviously done something to earn herself the ire of the stalwart guard. The room began growing colder, the temperature dropping at an alarming rate.

“She has likely covered her tracks, trying to escape. Given her nature, she’s likely to have gone somewhere secluded, somewhere she thinks I would never look. That rules out Snowdin… she likely fled to Hotland, far from my posting and my element. Given the high temperatures precluding all but the most hardy from setting up residence there, it’s a good place for seclusion.” Xanos stared the duo down.

“Have you got all that?”

Johnny shivered slightly, wondering why Xanos was using this method of interrogation, however Injustice had showed no sign of being affected by the cold. Currently, the ink’s mind was dead set on the safety of Harbinger.

“Loud and clear cap.” Injustice lightly stated, shrugging for a moment before looking to Johnny, whom had hugged himself immediately to warm up. The ink remarked that it hadn’t been that cold but he assumed it was one of the guard’s perks in order to force someone to talk.

It was interesting but another question had popped into the ink’s mind to realize something.

“…Say, why are you dead set on findin’ my sister anyway? Never thought we’d arrange a search party already and somethin’ tells me that you already met her.”

Johnny blinked, donning a look of uncertainty towards Injustice and back to Xanos. That was a good question, he hadn’t even seen Xanos until now and he tried to connect the dot’s in his mind.

Something didn’t add up and he dreaded for the response that both of them were waiting for.

Let’s talk about Rey and her feelings towards Finn @intheindigo 

Rey “i know how to run” newly-awakened-Jedi

the girl who had to survive on her own. who had to learn how to fight and fend for herself. the girl who counted each day until her family would return to her. she lived a harsh life and by all accounts, never had a friend

then suddenly she finds herself with a droid and a random guy who claims to work with the Resistance and she’s so down to help out–even forgets about the family who left for a couple of hours. He helps her and the droid escape. He’s completely impressed by her and talks a mile a minute about her piloting.

But then she learns he lied to her about being Resistance and wants to leave.

And suddenly it’s like she’s losing her family again, even though he lied. But she understands why he has to leave and all she can say is “stay” because she doesn’t know how to tell him that she needs him to be there with her, that she can’t be alone again

she doesn’t get angry at him, she doesn’t call him names or throw it back in his face that he was once the enemy so it’s the least he can do. she just holds back the tears and watches him leave, never once thinking that she might see him again

until she does and it’s because he wanted to or rather, needed to. because that’s what friends do. it’s what a family does. and Rey “Let go of my hand” hugs him, perhaps the first person she’s ever hugged and it feels right.

daedricpyromaniac  asked:

Okay, completely unrelated to everything that's going on but, would Jakob serve Corrin even past the brink of insanity? Whether from her dragon instincts, just losing her mind, from corruption, or if too much happened and it hardened her to the point of her almost being cruel (or being cruel)? (Bonus points: Corrin snaps back to her usual self sometimes in private.)

I feel like he would. In my mind, his devotion to her exceeds anything she could become. If anything, I could see him trying to help her find herself again or just keeping her company after everyone else has left her because of her change in personality. He’d likely see it as something along the lines of “She never left my side and stayed with me when no one else would, the least I can do is return the favour”

         her breathing faltered a little when he answered her. no no no. the doctors had told her it was a possibility, but she wanted to pretend they hadn’t said it. she knew it was a possibility the moment she got the call. she’d seen it on the job before. even when they said he came to while she was asleep and couldn’t remember his own name she had hoped when he woke up again it would all come back to him. she couldn’t handle this. years of memories just — GONE
          um, y-yeah. it would’ve been more favorable if you did. she sighed, letting her head drop down for moment to try and compose herself. this would go no where if she started crying. she had to keep it together. look at this as the DOCTOR she was and not the WIFE she was. but she couldn’t help it. he didn’t remember her, wouldn’t remember their baby girl, wouldn’t remember finding out she was pregnant a week earlier. oh god was the room spinning ?? // @tcrightnow [x]

blairphantomhive  asked:

Hello! Can make a request? I would like a stage where Castiel's girlfriend is on vacation in another country and he sends texts, knowing that there is very late but as he misses his girlfriend can not help it ^^ Sorry if my English is bad ^^U

I hope this is what you had in mind, dear.


Candy groans when she hears her phone beep again. Reaching blindly for her phone, she manages to find it. Looking at the screen, the clock shows 1:20 AM in .

“It’s too early for this,” she mumbled to herself as she checks her text. It seems like another one from Castiel.

“Hey” The text reads. Rolling her eyes, Candy flops back on her bed and goes back to sleep. She would answer the text when it is a reasonable time.

As she’s about to fall asleep, another beep wakes her up. “Oh my god, Castiel!” She sits up fully and grabs her phone. She had told him the time difference between the USA and France was five hours, but it seems as if he forgot or didn’t care.

“Are you up?”

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Like a Princess

A/N: Got to this Tangled fic faster than I thought!

Summary: Plays right before Eugene helps Rapunzel reunite with her parents after Mother Gothel’s death. Rapunzel feels insecure about seeing her parents again, and Eugene tries to help her. However things turn out a bit differently when he finds out the princess is ticklish!

Eugene smiled as Rapunzel was rambling on and on. He hadn’t expected her to be so lively after losing Mother Gothel. Even though she was evil, creepy and robbed Rapunzel of a normal life, she was still the mother who cared for her until now.

So he was relieved Rapunzel was still like herself. She even reminded him of when they first started their journey together, and how she was switching between being nervous and afraid, to being happy and excited.

“I’m going to meet my real parents! It’s been so long! But what if they don’t like me? What if they don’t recognize me? Would I be the daughter they wanted me to be? Aaaargh I don’t wanna go!” Just as the brunette was having another outburst, Eugene laughed out loud.

“Rapunzel, it’ll be alright! Look, we’re almost there,” he said as they arrived at the water which was the only thing left that separated them from the kingdom. Rapunzel first looked delighted at the sight of the kingdom in the distance, but then she sighed and sat down in the grass close to the water.

“They must think I’m stupid to have lived a life like that. How would anyone with a healthy mind believe they’re supposed to be locked up in a tower?” Rapunzel continued. It had been this way the entire travel, and Eugene rolled his eyes mockingly.

“We’ve been over that Rapunzel, and you didn’t know any better,” he tried to argue with her neverending insecurities.

“What if they don’t like me?“ she said again, totally ignoring Eugene’s comment. 

"I am nothing like a princess, what should I do?” Rapunzel nervously reached to play with her hair, and Eugene looked at her with a mixture of amusement and pity as she was shocked when she couldn’t find a lock of long blonde hair. She still wasn’t used to it being so short.

“Well, for starters,” Eugene started, and he joined her by sitting down near the water as well. He carefully took one of her feet in his hand and stretched her leg, until her foot was in the water. Rapunzel gasped at the cold feeling and looked at him in confusion.

“We could clean your feet. I don’t know if that would make you feel a little bit more like a princess? I mean, look at them,” he joked, and Rapunzel took a look at her other foot.

“Ah, right!” she said, and she placed that one in the water as well.

“I can’t believe you walk around without shoes all the time,” Eugene said as he gently started to rub the sole of her foot with his thumbs to clean it.

“Mother never bought me shoes actually. I - ahaha hey!” Rapunzel suddenly giggled, and Eugene looked up at her.

“T-that tickles,” Rapunzel admitted with a blush on her face.

“You’re ticklish? Isn’t that convenient,” Eugene said, and he continued to wash her foot with both hands in the most ticklish way possible.

“E-Eugehehene s-stop! No! Hahaha!” Rapunzel fell on her back and she tried to pull her foot away, but she was helpless against Eugene’s strong grip.

“Your feet are to be cleaned Rapunzel, the more you struggle the longer it’ll take,” Eugene said with a playful tone in his voice.

Rapunzel laughed and giggled uncontrollably. It had been ages since she felt such a sensation. She was only tickled rarely when she was a kid, but Mother Gothel mostly used to tickle her as one of her awful forms of teasing and humiliating her.

However this time, despite feeling like it was nearly unbearable, the tickling made her feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Maybe because of the person who was doing the tickling…

“Hehehe no no don’t!” Rapunzel squeaked when Eugene dragged his short nails from her sole towards the arch of her foot. She suddenly used her other - still dirty - foot to kick into the water, and Eugene yelped when water was splashed all over him.

Rapunzel used this opportunity to pull her foot free, and she rolled on her back and broke into another giggle fit because of the hilarity. Water was dripping from Eugene’s wet hair on his face, and she couldn’t stop laughing at his expression.

“Think that’s funny hm?” Eugene said, slowly getting up, and Rapunzel giggled nervously as she got to her feet as well and ran way from him. She screamed playfully when he chased after her, enjoying the ability to run freely without tripping over long locks of hair.

Her freedom only lasted a couple of seconds though, since Eugene caught up with her, wrapped his strong arms around her and dragged her to the ground with him. Eugene ended up on his back in the grass with Rapunzel on top of him, and he used both hands to tickle her sides mercilessly.

“Noooo s-stop stop! Hahaha!” Rapunzel giggled hysterically, and she squirmed on top of him and tried to lift herself up, but he kept her trapped against him.

“But princess, you seem to be enjoying yourself!” Eugene teased, and Rapunzel buried her face into his chest to muffle the giggles. Eugene suddenly let himself roll on top so he could pin her down in the grass and tickle her tummy. The blushing girl was now shrieking with laughter and desperately trying to block the tickles, only to have him find a new spot to attack each time.

“Mercy! Hahahaha E-Eugehehene!” Rapunzel squealed, and he finally stopped. They both panted and for a moment Eugene felt himself drown in Rapunzel’s sparkling eyes. Even though tickling forced her to laugh, the smile on her face looked genuine, and he felt himself entranced by the sight of it.

“Well Rapunzel, I have to say.. you laugh like a princess,” he said, and he leaned in to give her a loving kiss. Rapunzel closed her eyes and wrapped her arms around his neck, giggling softly into the kiss because of that comment.

“You know…” Eugene said, breaking the kiss, and Rapunzel looked at him with adorable curiosity.

“We still need to wash your feet,” he finished, and Rapunzel’s eyes immediately widened. Eugene laughed at how she started to giggle and protest again while he wasn’t even tickling her (yet), so he enjoyed the way she squirmed nervously before he scooped her in his arms and carried her towards the water.

scarlett ran her fingers through her hair as she walked in the room, following the waiter as he led her to her table. her sisters had been going on and on about how she needed to stop sleeping around, and find someone to be in a stable relationship - so to shut them up, she’d agreed to go on a blind date. but as she sat down at the table, the brunette couldn’t help but laugh. “hello…again.” so much for a blind date, she thought. about a month ago, scarlett had found herself in bed with the other - and she had left the next morning before they had even woken up, because she was the no strings attached sort of girl. “i certainly wasn’t expecting you see you again…how are you?”

‘Coffee’s an excuse.’ [ Steve one shot ]

Summary: Steve and his neighbor bond over her clumsiness and long conversations over coffee at night. He’s afraid to take things further.

Written by: A.Wölf.


She’s running up the stairs to her apartment.

She misses the last step.

She’s caught before she hits the ground.

She looks at her savior’s blue eyes.

-Ma’am, you’re going to need to find a way to stay out of danger. –He says helping her stand up straight.

-Well, if you keep saving me like this, I might not. –She says with a smile that fades as soon as she hears the echo of her own words in her head.

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Possible Solas Romance outcomes for DA:I DLC Trespasser...

Here are just a few outcomes for the Solas Romance I have been mulling over in my mind since all hell broke lose yesterday (these outcomes are all just speculations - NOT confirmed!!)…

  • Lavellan will want to stay with Solas, but he will sadly deny her to keep her safe. However, in the end, Lavellan will be like “lol whatever” and will decide to follow him - go on a journey to find Solas (perhaps going through an eluvian into The Crossroads).
  • Lavellan will join Solas on his “whatever the fuck he is trying to accomplish” quest - will never see companions again.
  • Lavellan and Solas have a heartfelt “goodbye” scene (may or may not be romantic), but Solas asks for her to wait for him or Lavellan herself says she will wait for him/will always love him.
  • The Inquisition is no more, and Lavellan helps Solas in secret. Not always being by his side, but helping him in the background. Solas perhaps visiting her from time to time.
  • Before Solas leaves “for good,” Lavellan and him share an intimate moment (sex in The Crossroads ayee lol) and Lavellan becomes pregnant in the end - we see her with a little baby. This is probably the least likely outcome to happen, but it would leave Lavellan and Solas connected in a sense. Also, it makes one wonder if there was a child, what would this mean for future DA games? OR Lavellan and Solas share one last intimate moment, but she doesn’t become pregnant.
  • Solas and Lavellan cannot be together, but perhaps will seek each other in The Fade or The Crossroads to converse.
  • If Lavellan drank from The Well of Sorrows, she may have no choice but to follow Solas since he took Flemeth’s/Mythal’s power (?).
  • Lavellan dies from The Anchor, leaving Solas as a very broken elf.
  • Lavellan punches Solas, officially ends the relationship, gets rid of The Anchor, and starts a fancy cake-making bakery in Orlais.

Feel free to add your own outcomes and/or thoughts/opinions! :D

That Antivan Jerkwad

Twigs discovers that Josephine is engaged and has to learn to fight like a normal person.

The smithy door flew open with a bang. “Cassandra! I need your help!” The Seeker, startled, looked up from her book to find a breathless Twigs Lavellan standing in the doorway, muscles tensed and a desperate look in her eye.

“What is it, Inquisitor?!” Cassandra instinctively made for her sword, which was never far away.

“You know how to duel, right? I need a tutor!”

The Seeker was gobsmacked.

Now you want to learn proper fighting technique? What in Andraste’s name could have brought this on?”

“Some Antivan jerkwad thinks he’s engaged to Josephine, and I have to fight him for her hand!”

Once again, Cassandra found herself speechless. Of course. What could be a more powerful motivation than love? Twigs widened her eyes impatiently and threw out her arms.


“Inquisitor, that is so… so…”

“Don’t you laugh at me, woman!” Twigs became more flustered with each passing second. “Lady Montilyet and I are just starting to get serious. I can’t screw this up!”

Cassandra looked warily around the smithy and dropped her voice to a low volume. “That is one of the most romantic things I have ever heard. A duel for a lady’s favor! Imagine! Of course I will help.”

Twigs squealed and threw her arms around the Seeker. Cassandra rolled her eyes in mock disgust, but in the end she couldn’t help but return the affection. Stupid elf. Stupid, stupid elf. She considered the task ahead. Together, she and her companions had faced down dragons, darkspawn, bandits, barbarians, demons, and all manner of wild beasts, however… She had a feeling this would be her most difficult challenge yet.


“Why these puny things?” Twigs asked, waving the saber in the air with abandon. Cassandra dodged the blade before she could accumulate another facial scar.

“It is tradition. And if you use the Sulevin Blade, you will most surely kill him.”

“Isn’t that kind of the idea? He accepted the challenge! If you want my opinion-“

“I don’t.”

“-he’s asking for it.”

“Inquisitor… This duel is not comparable to the combat we’ve faced trying to fight Corypheus. It is more closely aligned with playing the Game.”

The idiot elf looked horrified. “What? Truly?”

“Truly. Dueling is ceremonial, a debate. There are rules. Opponents engage in a conversation with their blades; a series of points and counterpoints. To whisper meekly is to submit, but to shout over one’s opponent is to appear barbaric, uncivilized.”

“So you’re saying I can’t yell ‘Go fuck yourself’ and tear him a new one?” Twigs asked, her ears drooping slightly in disappointment.

“Not this time. While your… unconventional fighting style has been more than successful thus far, in this situation it would hardly be fair to Lord Otranto.”

“I guess you’re right. Where do we start, then?”

Over the course of the next week, Lady Pentaghast spent her free afternoons teaching her hapless pupil the basics of footwork, feints, cuts, parries, and thrusts. She had to admit that when properly motivated, Twigs could focus and apply herself at least as well as any average student.


“Seeker, I must say, I’m amazed at what you’ve managed to do,” Blackwall remarked before taking a pull from his tankard. He, Cassandra, and the Iron Bull were taking a night off from drilling to have drinks at Herald’s rest. “The Inquisitor is… unique in her talents as a warrior, but she’s not always the quickest study.”

“She’s a dumbass who doesn’t listen,” Bull corrected. Blackwall choked on his ale, coughing. “But for whatever reason, you’ve got her attention. Is she still hot for you?”

Cassandra gifted Bull with her trademark disgusted noise.

“It was a passing infatuation, nothing more. We have moved on from that nonsense. Truthfully,” she leaned in, “it has to do with certain developments in her courtship of Lady Montilyet.”

Bull and Blackwall listened intently as Cassandra explained about Josephine’s engagement and the upcoming duel for her favor.

“I think it’s an incredibly bad idea. Can she not choose a second? Someone who has more experience with dueling?” Blackwall asked.

“Would you let someone else fight for your love? No, this is an affair of the heart, and those are rarely pragmatic,” Cassandra replied.

“You’re such a softie, Seeker!” Bull laughed. “What do you know about this Otranto guy? Does she stand a chance?”

“Maker willing, perhaps. However, one should always assume an opponent has a measure of skill. Lord Otranto may not have faced an archdemon, but Twigs is fighting on his terms.”

“You might want to go with her, Seeker. Just to make sure she doesn’t embarrass the Inquisition,” said Bull.

“I had thought of that.”


The afternoon sun raked light over shining towers as Twigs and Cassandra approached the Summer Bazaar. The elf fidgeted with her gauntlets, nervousness radiating off of her in waves.

“What if he wins? What if he wins and then they have to get married and then it turns out she likes him better than me?”

“Inquisitor…” Cassandra glanced at her idiot companion with a warm expression on her face. “Andraste’s grace has brought you this far. Surely you may also be afforded victory in love.” Besides, if you fail miserably, Josephine may yet break the engagement by more practical means, she thought.

Twigs nodded her thanks to the Seeker. Despite not being of Andrastian faith, she appreciated the sentiment. They reached the rendezvous spot and Twigs unbuckled the Sulevin blade, allowing Cassandra to take it from her.

“Remember, Inquisitor: Find your range, keep your wits about you, and for Andraste’s sake, do not use that ridiculous battle cry.”

“Inquisitor!” a voice rang out over the bazaar. A dashing young man approached. “I am Lord Otranto of Antiva, rightfully betrothed of Lady Montilyet. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance… A pity is will be so short.” His deep set eyes and chiseled jaw gave Twigs cause to stare. He’s quite a looker, she thought, feeling threatened. I bet he and Josie would make a pretty attractive couple.

She shook it off and strode forward to meet him. 

Lord Adorno Ciel Otranto smirked.

“For some time, I wondered- Lady Montilyet is rumored to be a beautiful, graceful, intelligent woman. What could she possibly see in someone who is known about Thedas as a ‘legendary idiot?’ I must admit now that we meet that the Maker has seen fit to provide you with… other gifts.” The Antivan swept his eyes over Twigs’s form as she swaggered into the center of the square.

“As a specimen, yes, I’m intimidating,” Twigs replied, gifting the Antivan with what she hoped was a menacing scowl.

“That is not what I… Never mind.” Lord Otranto gestured to an armored companion to hand him a pair of sabers, one of which he threw to Twigs. She made a move to catch it, but failed. It clattered on the ground.

“Not an auspicious beginning, Inquisitor,” Otranto taunted.

Cassandra winced.

Twigs picked up the sword and assumed her stance. “I’m pretty sure it’s the end that counts, my lord.”

“Indeed. Yet you seem to be holding the wrong one.”

Twigs looked down. Yep. That Antivan jerkwad was right. She fixed it, and they began to fight.

“Ah, your clan must have stumbled upon a practice sword in the woods one day, Inquisitor!” Lord Otranto snarked. Though Twigs seemed to be holding her own, the Antivan was on the offensive and easily in control of the duel. He held his ground in the center of the square and tested his range, forcing her to circle him. Twigs struggled to focus, and Otranto seized an opening, slashing her arm.

Cassandra let out a small gasp, bringing her hand to her face, but her worry was for naught. The injury had flipped a switch in the elf, and she strung together combinations of strikes that set Otranto on the defensive. They locked swords at close range, faces inches from one another. Otranto bared his teeth in a wicked grin.

“Ahh, there you are. I was beginning to think all the tales of your exploits were only fairy stories after all. Have you been a master swordswoman all this time?”

“Nope, just an idiot. But this time,” Twigs said, stomping her sabaton onto the Antivan’s soft leather boot, “I applied myself.

“AUGH!” For a split second, Lord Otranto stumbled, but it was enough. Twigs brought a knee into his face, causing him to drop his saber. Quick as a wit, she snatched it up and held both sword points to Lord Otranto’s chest.

“HA!” she laughed, then caught herself. “Oh, wait. Is that cheating? Cassandra!” She looked over her shoulder at her companion. “Is that chea-OW!”

With Twigs distracted, Lord Otranto had lunged forward and dropped his level, sweeping the elf with an inside leg trip. She landed hard on her backside and tried to scramble away, but the Antivan was upon her, raining blunt-fisted blows on her person.


Lord Otranto’s fist froze in midair as the two combatants turned toward the voice. Lady Montilyet shoved her way through the crowd and into the square, looking uncharacteristically flustered.

“Lady Montilyet!” exclaimed Lord Otranto, still kneeling on Twigs’s belly. “What a pleasure to-“

“What are you doing?” Josephine shoved the Antivan aside and yanked Twigs up by her gorget.

“I was fighting for your honor…?”

“And losing, apparently!” Josephine took in Twigs’s crestfallen expression and softened. “I would have found a way around this engagement. The Inquisition needs you! I need you! Yet you threw yourself into danger! Why do this?”

“B’causerlurvyer,” Twigs mumbled, looking at her feet.

“What did you say?”

“Because I love you!”

“You… you do?” Josephine looked shocked.

“She does?” Lord Otranto echoed, now back on his feet.

“You’re smart and talented and you’re always nice to me, even when I don’t deserve it. And you’re so beautiful, like a princess! You deserve better than an idiot, but I hope you want one.”

Behind her, Cassandra sighed, pressing a hand to her heart. Abruptly, she dropped it and looked around, scowling. No one had seen her. Good.

“I… I love you, too,” replied Josephine. Twigs opened her arms to the ambassador and Josephine closed the distance, swept up in a passionate embrace. Twigs laid a fierce kiss on Josephine’s lips before setting her back down on her feet.

“Ahem,” Lord Otranto interrupted. “Well fought, Inquisitor. Lady Montilyet, I had assumed your liaison with the Inquisitor was an affair of passion or convenience. I am not fool enough to stand in the way of true affection. The Otrantos regretfully withdraw the terms of our betrothal.” The Antivan bowed and retreated, limping slightly and massaging his sore nose.

“Maybe he wasn’t such a jerkwad after all,” Twigs mused.

“Inquisitor, perhaps we should return to Skyhold,” suggested Cassandra.

“An excellent idea, Lady Pentaghast. I believe the Inquisition has caused enough of a spectacle here in Val Royeaux,” Josephine replied. Twigs collected her weapon from Cassandra and buckled it across her back as the trio exited the Summer Bazaar. “I can’t believe you fought for me, my love!” Josephine giggled, clutching Twigs’s arm. Understanding that her lover was no longer in danger, she found the whole exploit thrilling.

That you can believe easily,” remarked Cassandra. “What is truly remarkable is that she learned for you.”

Fosterson AU: Ever After/Cinderella

Having been a slave to her stepmother for ten years, Jane has an encounter with Prince Thor of Asgard as he attempts to flee an unwanted arranged marriage. He pays her for her silence before reluctantly being forced to return to the palace. Jane disguises herself as a noble woman to free her old friend, Erik, from being sold, and meets Thor again, this time, giving him the name of her mother, and claiming to be a countess. 
With the help of his half-brother, Loki, Thor convinces his father to give him two weeks to find a bride of his own choice, with the intent of announcing it at the coming Midsummer Masque. And somehow, fate keeps pushing Jane and Thor together.
Amora, the older of Jane’s two stepsister, learns of Jane’s ruse and blackmails her into ending the romance with Thor before the ball. However, with the unexpected help with a faerie godmother, Jane makes it to the masque, and explains everything to Thor, who forgives her and asks her to marry him.

Judging Books By Covers

TITLE: Judging Books By Covers

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter Twenty Five

AUTHOR: wolfpawn


Imagine Loki is cast out into a castle in his Jotun form, under a spell that will return him to his Aesir one if he learns to accept himself for who he is, not what he looks like, and can find another who will do the same. Angry and repulsed by his own appearance, Loki fears he will live out his days as the monster he so greatly loathes. 


It was passed noon when Lagertha exited Loki’s chambers again. Her lips swollen and deep red, just as Loki had sworn they would be, her hair tossed and her clothes crumpled. One of the maids, Myra was walking up the corridor the same time, the maid could not help but notice her dishevelled appearance, her eyes widening as Lagertha cursed herself for not thinking to ask Loki to use his seidr to at least make her look less like she was mauled by a wild beast. “Myra, could you please get the lunch and leave it on the table outside the quarters half way down the private hall on the right?”

Myra frowned for a moment at being given conflicting orders, as Lagertha had instructed her not to concern herself with meals that very morning, but knowing her place, the maid said nothing and simply nodded as she did what was asked of her.

Keep reading

I absolutely love that Philadelphia is the city they chose for the case. When Scully was in one of her darkest hours she went to Philadelphia to find herself, to try and hunt down this part of her identity she thought was lost to her. She went by herself at his request and told Mulder not everything was about him when she came home again, deep in private pain.

This time she goes to Philadelphia with Mulder at her urging instead of his. And she goes not to find herself but to lose herself in the life he helped her build. She immerses herself wholly in it and it’s then, when she’s not looking for it, that she perceives these deep truths about her life. So not everything is about Mulder but he is most certainly her anchor, her home, and this source from which she draws strength and clarity even in the midst of such terrible losses.