he was the hair and make up artist


Sebastian Stan x reader

Notes: fluff, swearing, innuendo. 

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Summary: as Sebastian’s assistant you’re in control of almost every aspect of his life. Your relationship with him is friendly, however childish he can be sometimes. And when an accident happens on set, things get even more friendly. 

There will be a part two! 

“You know, this would be a lot easier if I’d have had my morning coffee..”

Sebastian’s voice trails and he looks at you, pushing out his lower lip in a pout. The make-up artist is still working on his hair, not to make it look better, but tousling it around messily. Other crew members are slicking up his left arm with lube to get him into the metal-looking arm that would complete the picture of Bucky Barnes.

You roll your eyes at him, he knows damn well there’s no time for coffee breaks.

“Yeah, I know, Mr Stan; but you wanted to sleep late, so: no coffee

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One of my favorite art history anecdotes has to be George Washington posing for his life mask.

The process of making a life mask was tedious and looked absolutely ridiculous, an absolute contrast to the point of catching Washington in his most dignified. The artist (Houdon) would have to lay Washington out flat, cover his hair and clothes with cloth, and then coat his face and neck in oil. To make sure he could breathe when they applied the plaster to his face, they stuck two quills up his nose. You can see why it’s so much easier to have a death mask made than a life one.

BUT— that isn’t it. I’ve read two accounts of this day. One being that Washington’s step-granddaughter came looking for him, saw him laid out like a corpse with strange men casting his features, and became so distressed she needed to be calmed.

The second account (my favorite) was an account Washington recalled of his life mask situation, stating at one point of the process, while his face was completely covered, Martha also walked in on him—and screamed. She screamed so loudly that he couldn’t help but find it funny, and says that he sees the faint imprint of a smile in his life mask from where Martha startled him.

Let me tell you, I’ve looked at the life mask and if he did smile even a teensy bit, it barely registers. But he sees some sort of smile in that dead pan, serene, life mask ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Burning Desires - Bucky One Shot

Author: ruminationsofaraven

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 1409

Warning: SMUT! Please do not read it if you are NOT into it. Thankyouverymuch!

Summary: It is the reader’s first time and Bucky is going easy on her and trying to make her all comfy.

A/N: I was inspired by a fanart that was posted on Tumblr ages ago, I don’t even remember the artist’s name (sorry about that). I guess this piece is loosely based on it. Photo credits - to the owner! Also, this is the first smutty fanfiction I’m posting, so go easy on me guys. I hope you like it and please do drop in your honest comments, would love to know what you think. Cheers.

Your POV

Bucky’s teeth tugged on his hair-tie as he gathered his errantly behaving hair together and sexily tied it up. Damn, he took your breath away when his teeth tugged at things. His eyes never left yours as he did this. You were unequivocally mesmerized by him and there was no hiding it. He strode towards you and you found yourself cringing in the shadow of his broad shoulders.

“You are so intriguing.” He whispered in your ears, making them tingle and tenderly burn in the process. Your hands went rigid by your sides and you look up into his melted sapphire eyes. They gleamed at you, yearning? And if so, what were they yearning for?

“Why are you so intriguing, Y/N?” he breathed into your ears this time, tantalizing your nerves. Can’t you see that I will melt in this very spot if you do not stop that, you fool? You screamed at him internally.

“How am I supposed to know the answer to that?” You replied back feverishly.
He captured your ear between his teeth and nibbled it, you let out a gasp almost instantly and your arms went flying around his neck for support. You flushed a deep scarlet and you could not meet his gaze. You wondered how you would react if he continued this torturously seductive ritual. His lips trailed to your neck and proceeded towards your lips, now beckoning and ready to be kissed. He seized them in one quick motion and let his tongue wander into the wilderness of your mouth. He explored passionately and traced the crevices, making you tingle and longing for more.

You gripped at his chocolate messy ponytail and yanked it free, reconnoitering through his long and luscious hair. Before you realized what you were doing, he made you moan as he grasped your thighs and brought them around his waist. You were straddling him in mid-air and he was losing control. He took long strides as he moved towards your little snowy bed, not leaving your lips unattended for a second and gingerly placed you on it.

His eyes feasted on your flustered state and he ran his hand through his wild mane. “What am I going to do with you, Y/N?”

You couldn’t form any coherent thoughts let alone words as he stared at you, intently. You felt like he was stripping you with his eyes alone! They weren’t wrong about the eye-fucking alright. Soon, he ripped off your purple vest tee and you attempted to unbutton his plaid shirt. He smelled like the fresh winter and forest mixed together and you inched closer to him, pressing your face down in the crook of his neck. Finally, he was not wearing that shirt anymore and the rest of his clothing followed. Now, it was your turn to ogle.

He was not very patient after that as his lips came thundering down to meet yours almost immediately. He even slid you out of your pyjamas and you did not even notice that! You moulded yourself to him and intertwined your hand in his hair for dear life. You could feel his nakedness on you as he pinned you on your back to your bed. He wasted no time as he unstrapped your bra, your breasts quivered under his primal gaze. Slowly, he blew on your right breast, teasing the nipple and finally taking it into his mouth. You were gasping for good old oxygen and found none. You were partly afraid that you would rip out his hair as you tugged at it penetratingly. Before you knew what, you were doing, you let out a loud cry of ecstasy.

Bucky’s POV

She was sprawled, naked and sexy. My eyes gorged on her exquisite breasts, I just had to take one in my mouth and see how she tasted. Divinity did not even come close to this magnificent creature I held tightly in my arms. I stripped her off her useless clothes and managed to pull off her pants as well. I could feel my erection, hard and wanton. I had to go easy on her. She looked so fragile and tiny. And damn her cunt, it was tight and fucking perfect.

I saw no reason to rush the provocative ritual and focused on making her feel comfortable. I coaxed her breasts with my tongue, making her wet and ready for me, attending to her flawlessly narrow hips, stroking and licking along the way. I could do this, slow and steady and I knew I could do all of this for a beautiful woman like Y/N. Her eyes were glazed with a carnal passion which matched mine and that pleased me immensely. Knowing that I am the cause of it, I smirked as she responded to my tongue so honestly. Her orgasmic reactions were making me come.

I had to do something to make her feel at ease. I knew what I had to do, I slid my forefinger into her, circling her clit. She immediately responded with pleasurable gasps.  She arched her back, bucking her hips to my finger and I kissed her wherever my lips found flesh. I fucked her with my finger and she moved gracefully like the strings of a violin to the bow. She moaned my name into my ears, biting and wanting more.

“You are so tight, baby. Unwind, for me.” I soothed her with my best sugar-coated voice.  And then I timed it effortlessly and slipped my hard cock into her as her tightness welcomed me. She started to feel the rhythm and I seized the opportunity and thrust into the softness between her thighs.

“Oh, my god, Y/N, you feel so damn good,” I grunted loudly. I had to grind into her to find a way to her sweet spot. Damn, she was a beautiful puzzle I wanted to solve, tonight. I was worried because she wasn’t saying anything, what if she was hurting? She cried out in pain as her nails dug into my back, pleading and craving for more, at the same time. I plunged into her, not having stopped for a minute and I could hear my heartbeat pounding in my ears.

“Come for me, baby. I groaned as I gave her my everything. “Bucky, I love you. Oh, my Bucky, Oh for the love of…” She loved the feeling of me inside her. This was the only way I could show her my love and she was so fucking perfect, meeting me, thrust for thrust until my seed spilled into her as her inner thighs dripped with my mark. I retired into the crook of her slender neck, breathless and content. She was all mine.

“Are you okay?” I asked her, struggling to catch my breath.
Tears welled in her eyes as she nodded at me. What was I going to do with this beautiful and patient woman! I placed a soft kiss on her plump lips and held her close, never wanting to let go even for a second.

“Why didn’t you tell me that it was your first time?” I implored as I shifted my weight onto my arms, playing with the loose strands of her long hair.

“I was ashamed, sorry.” Her cheeks turned a dark shade of crimson, glorifying her after-sex radiance.

“After tonight, I think it is safe to say that you have nothing to be ashamed of.” I winked at her and she responded with that deliberate shyness of hers. I carried her to the bathroom and decided to clean up the little mess I put her in. She was gleefully nestled into my neck and I had to say that I was getting used to this. I finally felt like I was home.

why is the gulf between official art Red and the fandom’s perception of Red so wide??

I’ve been aware of this for years but never properly talked about it, but it just seems like the pokémon fandom has this collective idea about what red looks like despite the fact that he’s never once looked like that in any official art

official Red:

the very first. look at this dork. does he look cool to you?? I think not

but then:

what about this guy?? this brooding, pensive man with his red eyes and swoopy hair. surely it’s just one artist exercising their right to age up game protagonists and make them badass?

or is it? let’s do another comparison

manga red. it’s not canon canon exactly, but it still counts as an official incarnation. but this red is a go-get-em chap. he’s pumped. he’s smiling.

this guy is NOT smiling. he’s looking into your god damn soul. he is not a man to be trifled with. 

origins red. an awkward kid with short arms and a wide mouth. not your typical bamf

this guy looks like the sexy crossroads demon from an ancient episode of supernatural. he’s got eyes that stare into your soul. they’re so powerful that they can see through the giant wisps of hair hanging in his face. fear him

it says a lot that leaf green red probably looks closest to what we see in fan art. he’s not smiling. he’s got a somewhat badass pose going on. but his eyes and hair are brown and he’s not rocking the lank emo fringe that we’ve come to expect

again. the boy is caught in a permanent wind tunnel. he needs a haircut. someone help him.

sun and moon red. he’s older, he’s not smiling, so that ticks two boxes. but he hasn’t got a fringe, he hasn’t got red eyes, he hasn’t got black hair, and it’s too fluffy in any case. he is A Different Red.

he’s back again. who is he?? not official red, that’s for sure

but here’s the thing: I’m not surprised that people are adapting characters from the official art. people do that with all pokémon characters, in varying ways. what I find so bizarre is that the pokémon fandom has converged on a shared perception of what Red looks like, and a lot of his traits can’t be traced back to anything official. sure, the brooding look goes with his silent game personality and reputation as a powerhouse trainer, but very little official art shows him with red eyes - it’s only in the manga that he has them, and I don’t think that could account for such a strong trend. and whilst the black hair is understandable (nobody ever accepted brown haired Red, myself included) the style is not - he’s never had the flat emo hairdo except in fan art.

I have no answers for it. but I think about it a lot  

Jumin Han Headcanons

Prolly ooc but w/e

- Okay so I see this everywhere but Jumin totally picks clothes for both of you to wear every morning and they may or may not be matching

-Jumin would let you style his hair everyday, it’s the most expensive hair product you’ve ever seen let alone touched, if someone else tried to style his hair he’d get very mad only you can do it no one else get off his ass

-I feel like there would be zero pressure to wear make up, you want a professional makeup artist to do it: consider it done, you don’t want to wear any: you’re beautiful without it, you want to do it yourself: alright love I know it’ll look fantastic

-same thing goes for styling your own hair

-also he’d dedicate a large space to whatever hobby you have, like he’d deck out a room for video gaming, or art, or a recording studio, or entire greenhouse for you, anything you want

-honestly you could buy this boy something but it wouldn’t mean half as much as something you make him

-even make him a dumbass card, he’ll cry and keep it forever, just the fact you took time out of your day not only to think about him but to make him something? Him? You love him that much? Wowzer

- he’d get over the whole owning you thing I think if you were to sit down and talk about it, like why he thinks that way, why it’s not right, ideas for better ways to treat you

That’s all for now folks you can request more headcanons for specific things or characters whenever love you

HC: Remus Lupin covering the palms of his hands with his shirt-sleeves not because he thinks it’s cute, but because it’s an awfully convenient way of covering the scars on his hands and avoiding the questions that come with revealing his wrists to the world. James learns that the hard way.

After a particularly restless evening, he runs a hand through his hair, unbuttons the hastily-pushed up mess of his school sleeves over his fingers, lowers the register of his voice and rasps his best Remus impression.
“Ah yes,” He muses. “It’s me, Remus John Lupin.” Waves a semi-concealed hand in front of his friend’s face. “And I really should buy clothes that don’t make me look artistically dishevelled, beautiful in my intelligent, harmless ways.”
“You’re funny.” Lupin doesn’t look up from his book, the edge of his thumb between his teeth as he reads, half-hidden in the enclave of the window.
“And you’re all sleeves,” James swats at his book, pushing down at the pale green jumper trailing quite close to his friend’s chewed finger nails.
He doesn’t say a word as Lupin glares at him, sighing just a little in frustration at having had to drop his book. But James’s brown face isn’t caught between a laugh and a sentence anymore.
“Shit…” His fingers hover over scars Lupin has forgotten about. Tentative. Solemn.
“You were wrong,” Lupin swallows, fixing his face with a smile as he pushes his jumper back up over the physical reminders of his childhood. “I’m all scars, not sleeves.”

The Shattered Camera || Wonwoo || Pt. 5

Pt. 1 // Pt. 2 // Pt. 3 // Pt. 4 // Pt. 5 // Pt. 6 // Pt. 7 //

Word Count: 3615

Genre: comedy, fluff, paparazzi!au, celebrity!au, angst

Summary: Wonwoo already had enough on his plate as it is—proving his parents wrong, making a living, fighting his just conscience—and with you in the picture, nothing could possibly go more wrong. Or could you be his ticket to the good life that he wanted?

“Y/N! Y/N! Where is she?!”

You looked up, stopping mid laugh as you watched your manager scurry over. She had told you that she was going to get coffee to wake her up but now, with her slightly red rimmed eyes, hidden slightly behind glasses, and messy hair tied up in a bun. The makeup artist that you had been chatting with looked at her in alarm and stepped aside, subtly waving to you. You gave her an understanding smile and watched as your manager approached, stopping in front of you with her phone clutched tightly in her hand.

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One day late, but here’s a short birthday fic for the marvelous @misspaperjoker, who requested “anything with both Bucky(!) and Steve being artists and making life make sense” - hope this is close enough! Have some modern-day AU with married artist boys.  <3333


Bucky finally looks up after about twenty minutes. His hair’s coming loose and he’s sweaty and he’s got a mostly-healed burn on one arm, the one that can burn, anyway. He’s beautiful—Steve Rogers has always thought so, when they were young and when Bucky left to join the Army and when he’d thought he’d lost Bucky forever, another missing-in-action name lost to war; and then, oh, and then, finding Bucky again at a black-tie star-studded up-and-coming artist showcase…

Bucky says, grinning, “You admiring the view, Stevie?”

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ok ok but 5′3 alexander angrily craning his neck up at ppl when he rants their asses off

alexander who sleeps in mulligan’s oversized sweaters 

alexander who has the loudest and most embarrassing laugh ever

alexander who has to literally be carried off by his friends from his office like every night

alexander who makes a 50-minute powerpoint presentation explaining why he is in love with john laurens and eliza on each and every one of their anniversaries

alexander who more often than not sometimes forget to brush his teeth

alexander who outgrows his hair by mistake and is always too busy to cut it so he always looks like a wild pirate

alexander who is both artistically eloquent and painfully blunt 

alexander who lets lafayette do his manicure and make-up 

alexander who is an active member in LGBT+ activist groups 

he punched so many dudes for spewing nasty insults about bisexuality/bi folks it’s ridiculous 

It’s a Percy Jackson Halloween!

  • It’s after the war with Gaia and Camp Half-Blood holds a Halloween party (costumes are mandatory)
  • Annabeth, as she does every year for Halloween, dresses up as Hermione Granger 
  • Although she did consider changing things up and going as a classic Sherlock Holmes, but decided to stick with tradition
  • Percy, being an awesome boyfriend, lets Annabeth talk him into going as Harry Potter (after all they both have dark hair and green eyes)
  • The characters might not be love interests, but they are best friends just like Percy and Annabeth
  • Piper goes as an almost grotesquely real looking zombie
  • The Aphrodite cabin is known for being extremely good make up artists, so Halloween was just another project for them
  • And by the looks Piper gets, her and her siblings did not fail
  • Jason, opposite to Piper, has a horrible Dracula costume
  • He wears fake plastic vampire teeth and a cheap black cape that looks hand sewn by a kindergartner 
  • Piper can’t stop laughing at him when he tries to look intimidating and says in an awful accent “I want to suck your blood”
  • Hazel, being a super fan of the show, goes as Opal from Steven Universe
  • Everyone tells her how she looks like a real gem tonight
  • Hazel can’t help but be proud of herself as her costume was all homemade, but looks almost perfect to Opal in the cartoon
  • When Frank was trying to figure out what he’d go as he suggested he’d just turn into an animal or something
  • The rest told him that was cheating and he needed an actual costume
  • So Frank shows up to the party as a cowboy
  • Hazel can’t help but blush because he looks so darn cute in his blue cowboy hat
  • Rachel and Grover team up together to wear one of those horse costumes
  • It ends up not working at all and they trip at least every five minutes
  • It makes a great story though
  • Reyna went, surprisingly, as a princess
  • But not a pink, poofy dress kind of princess
  • I’m talking like an actual Renaissance princess dress
  • Last, but not least is Nico
  • Nico goes to the party without a costume
  • Will, who’s dressed as a punk rock star, lectures Nico on how it’s a costume party
  • Needless to say, at the end of the party Nico’s begrudgingly wearing a set of blue and pink, sparkly fairy wings 
Coran headcanons because I have writers block
  • He has a mustache because his grandpappy had one and he’s always thought they’re really cool
  • He grew it out right when he hit puberty because he was rly excited about facial hair, and for a long time it was at fuckboy level of scraggly
  • He sunburns REALLY easily
  • And like, gets freckles, tons of freckles
  • Even though he’s really good at organizational stuff (eg: piloting and managing the ship, the paladins, and pretty much everything else), he’s really an artist at heart.
  • But like, he’s really bad at art
  • For instance, one time he tried to take up knitting and make socks for all the paladins, but they ended up full of holes
  • And so did he
  • Plus we all know his cooking is less than great
  • When he was a teenager, he was in a band called The Legendary Offenders, with their hit single “flaming rocks falling from the sky”
  • It maybe got like 2 views on bandcamp
  • Theoretical space altean bandcamp
  • When he cut his hair short, he left a rat tail hair cut there for the longest time and it embarrassed everyone until Allura finally cut it off in his sleep.
  • He technically needs to wear spectacles when he reads fine print
  • He tells everyone it’s a matter of pride but really he just keeps losing them
  • Anyways I’m done

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Harry's daughters' first prom¡! KiLL ME.

Okay, so, here in the UK, we have prom at the age of 16 so we’re in our final year at school - sort of like an end of exams/school type of thing - so I’m just going to roll with that. 

So, maybe Persephone has just finished her GCSE’s and they want to treat her to something really extravagant on the day of prom as a kind of well-done/congratulations present for doing so well in her revision and studying and for doing her best in her tests. And Harry gets all of the best make-up artists and he gets Lou to do her hair and he just dotes on her the whole day, allowing her to drink a few glasses of champagne and getting her the food she desired whilst the missus took photos of everyone throughout the day. 

And when it comes to seeing her all dressed up in her dress and looking beautiful and ready for her big night, Harry would get all emotional and a bit teary and he can’t help but squeeze her with every opportunity he gets because he can’t believe his little girl is off to her prom to celebrate with her friends. 

Anne and Robin and the missus’ parents would have travelled to see her, and Alfie and the twins would treat her extra specially throughout the day and they’d take nice photos together as well as some funny ones that would have everyone laughing. And Harry would be taking even more photos with her, making sure to capture every hug she has with her loved ones, before a few solo shots are taken on her own. 

It’s a big mass of emotions for both Harry and the missus and by the time Persephone arrives home after a good night, they cuddle up on the sofa with mugs of tea and plates of biscuits before cracking out a home video and reminiscing on the past years when she was younger. 

“can’t believe how big you’ve gotten now, Poppet. you’re not the little baby who could fit in the palm of my hand, are yeh?”


“let me be sappy this one night, Poppet. i’ve got three more kids to go through with this. this is my preparation.”

“i can literally see your eyes welling up, dad.”

“it’s just an emotional day today. your mum and i can’t quite believe how grown up you are. we spoke with you’re grandparents earlier and they can’t believe how fast the years have gone.” 

“i’m still your little girl, dad. m’not goin’ anywhere.”

“just scoot over here and give ye’ old man a hug, will you?” xx

I can see the different clone units having fierce competitions over the most ridiculous things.

Like….the Wolfpack has won the GAR wide flower arrangement competition 6 times. No one can arrange geraniums like Commander Wolffe, and his daisy flower crowns are a work of art.

Cody is a galactically ranked make up artist. My dude’s X-Wing eyeliner skills are godly, and he can contour you an entirely new face don’t test him.

Rex can fucking juggle anything. Anything.

Help me out here @knight-kennedy @the-last-hair-bender @sanerontheinside @meabhair

Was It All a Lie?


Genre: Angst

Words: 625

Characters: You x Jungkook, BTS members.

Warnings: Swearing

Summery: Jungkook is dating Y/N to make his crush jelous,  Y/N find out.

I kinda changed it a bit <3


You sat next to Jungkook in BTS’ current dressing room, watching the other members getting their hair and make-up done. You had your legs slung over Jungkooks lap and his arm rested lightly around your waist as you messed around on your phone.

You glanced up at Jungkook to see him staring at something,curiously you followed his gaze to find him looking at Jimin and a make up artist, Soo Jung you think her name was. Soo Jung was pretty, she had a slim body and long healthy looking hair she was the type of person men lusted after. You decided to ignore Jungkook’s staring, maybe he was looking at Jimin you thought turning you attention back to your phone.

After a few minuets you felt eyes on you, you looked up to see Yoongi giving you a strange look, once he saw you looking at him his nodded his head slightly towards Jungkook who was still staring at Jimin and Soo Jung. You looked back at Yoongi and shrugged before going back to looking at your phone.

You and Yoongi have been friends since before he became famous, he was the one to introduce you to Jungkook. He also was the one to warn you that Jungkook used to have a think with one of the make-up artists but he never mentioned which one.

Throughout the day you noticed how distant Jungkook was being, you asked if he was OK more than once which he would only reply with a slight nod or a small kiss on your head.

The next day you decided to visit Jungkook and the rest of Bangtan during their practice, you had picked up some food for them on the way and were now walking down the hall to their studio, you were about to open the door but stopped when you heard a your name being said on the other side of the door.

The talking continued but was slowly getting louder, you gently pushed open the door slightly and looked in to see Yoongi and Jungkook standing in the middle of the room, Yoongi looked angry while Jungkook’s face didn’t hold any emotion.

“You can’t do this to her,” you heard Yoongi exclaim “Your going to break her,”

“I don’t see why you are making such a big deal about this, you should be happy for my hyung,” Jungkook replied “I’ve found someone I really like”

A small smile etched onto your face, you thought he was talking about you.

“And your using my best friend to get to her,” Yoongi said now glaring and Jungkook.

The smile of your face instantly disappeared, what was he talking about?

“I don’t like Y/N that way, you can’t blame me for my feeling,” Jungkook exclaimed

“So you’ve always been using her?” Yoongi almost growled at him “After all this time you’ve been trying to make Soo Jung jelous,”

You gasped loudly, Yoongi and Jungkooks heads both whipped towards the door just as it clicked shut. You dropped the bag of food on the floor and rushed out of the building, wiping the tears from your eyes.

You practically ran back to your apartment, tears were still blurring your vision as you collapsed onto the floor; you thought he really like you.

“Y/N?” You heard someone call from outside the front door before the handle shook. “Please, I know your here.”

You hid your face in your knees before letting out a quite sob as Jungkook knocked on the door again

“Y/N please open the door,” Jungkook pleaded

This went on for hours until he gave up, you sat in the same place thinking the same things over and over again.

Was it all a lie?


Style - Sebastian Stan x Reader

Sebastian has never seen you really dressed up until tonight because you guys are going to a promo event for civil war. When he sees you walking down the stairs nervously, he thinks you look incredibly beautiful and lets you know.

Tonight was going to be a big night, you knew this and so you dressed yourself to the best of your ability. You’d gotten your hair cut the day before so you didn’t have a single split end for anyone to make a comment about, there was no need for you to hire a makeup artist to help you, and only you could really get the look you wanted. It was a compilation of smoky eyes, winged eyeliner that could cut a bitch, and red lipstick.

The dress had been the hardest thing for you to find, Sebastian had originally gone shopping with you to find it but after three hours of you not being able to find the perfect one, you sent him away because you did feel quite guilty that he was just following you around all day. It took you another two eyes before your eyes finally fell upon the dress you’d dreamed about.

It was a floor length dress which was a dark blue shade and covered with stars printed onto it, the bottom part of the dress fading into a light grey. Seb had yet to see it, you were so proud with this purchase that you were pretty much acting like it was a wedding dress which he was only allowed to see on the day. And now it was time for the reveal, and you felt more nervous than you had the past few days.

“Baby, are you ready yet?” Seb cried out, his tone sweet but you knew he was just being impatient.

“One more minute!” You called back, giving one last look in the mirror and wondering if there was anything you should change. You put another layer of mascara on your eyes, powdered your cheeks a little more, and left to go down the stairs.

It was like a moment out of a Disney film, you walked slowly down the stairs (only because you were being careful not to tread on the dress) and Sebastian awaited your arrival at the bottom of the stair case, dressed very dapper in his black and white suit, a bow tie around his neck. Sebastian had never seen you dressed up before, he’d never really seen you in a dress actually, and so tonight you were gouging his reaction intensely as you walked down.

Once you reached the end and stood beside him, feeling proud that you were now no longer tiny compared to him thanks to your heels, he seemed to release the breath he’d held in the entire time you were walking down the steps. “Wow, y/n, you look… wow.”

A very girlish giggle escaped your lips before you had time to stop it, “shut up,” you mumbled, “you look way hotter than me.” Your hand automatically went to straighten his bow tie; a large smile grew on his face.

“All eyes will be on you, baby.”

He leant in to give you a kiss but you raised your hand and stopped him. “I don’t want to get red lipstick on you, think of the scandal!” You released a false gasp, “and I think we all know that really the cameras will be on RDJ.”

“He wouldn’t have it any other way,” Sebastian laughed along with you, nodding his head in agreement with what you said. There was a honk coming from outside which signalled that the limo had arrived, of course you were going to arrive at the Civil War premiere in style. Though, at the sound Sebastian released a petulant groan, “noooo, I don’t want to go.”

You laughed at his pouting expression, “why? Even after I made myself look this beautiful?”

“That’s why I don’t want to go!” He continued to moan, “I want to stay here and kiss you, and just appreciate how goddamn amazing you look right now.” His hands wrapped around your waist and pulled you closer, he didn’t kiss your lips but instead went to kiss your neck.

“Well, just think, you can take my clothes of when we get home.” You continued to giggle, already feeling happy and you knew things would just get better when you finally met up with the cast. “So get off,” you jokingly pushed him away, “and let’s go.” You proceeded to grab his hand and tugged him out of the house, though he did continue to complain.

Lipstick Kisses (One Shot/Scenario/Request)

Summary: It started with lipstick and ended with kiss.

“You don’t really have to give me an answer, not yet. Just let me be with you, at your side, like always?”

Ideally people would always like to make a great first impression and there are a number of ways to do that. Being caught with a lipstick almost crammed up your nose is not one of them.

“What are you doing?” The question’s followed by a soft giggle and Y/N’s staring up at a dark haired male not too much taller than her. He looks younger, but it could just be his baby face. His eyes are crescent shaped from the wide curve of his smile and she notices two things, first his teeth are really straight and white, and second, he has great lips for gloss and lipstick. But he’s a boy, the only thing she’ll be doing is using a smidgen of gloss and a lip stain when asked.

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  • Fluff revenge Mikey ??
  • Hello! I was wondering if you could do a Mikey Way with glasses imagine. PS, I love your blog!

“Mikey! Hold still!” I giggled, trying to even out his make up.

“I hate make up!” He whined, holding still to let me even out his blush.

“Okay…” I hummed to myself, over looking him one last time. His make up looked good. I straightened out his army suit again before giving him a thumbs up. “Okay! I think you’re ready to go!” 

“Nice, I have to look good to go die,” he chuckled, looking at his slicked back hair in the mirror. 

“No, that’s tomorrow. Today is the ballroom scene so you have to look nice and spiffy.”

“Thank you babe, you’re the best damn make up artist I’ve ever had.”

“I hope so, can you send Ray in here? I have to start working on his fro now if it will be ready by shooting time.”

“What’s wrong Mikey? You seem…tense,” I questioned kneeling eye to eye with him as he sat in the make up chair.

“Nothing, I guess i’m just a little nervous.”

“Nervous? Why are you nervous?”

“Well, this is the most important scene in the video and I really don’t want to let the guys down,” he shook his head lightly, staring at his feet. It was almost time for Mikey’s death in the video, right after this last make up check, it was time to film. I was surprised by his confession, Mikey seemed genuinely excited bout having an important role in the video. 

“You’re gonna do fine babe, I know you can do it.”

“I’m just worried that it won’t look realistic and they pick someone else.”

“You know the guys won’t let that happen.”


“Mikey, you’re gonna do amazing, okay? Just pretend like you actually did get shot. Look like you’re in pain and yell, it’ll be fine,” I said reassuringly, giving him a tight hug. “I’ll be right be the camera the whole time.”

“Oh don’t say that, that will just make me more nervous,” he giggled, returning the hug. There was a knock on the door.

“Mikey? Ready to go?”

“Yeah, one second,” MIkey replied quietly, voice cracking. He looked back at me, giving me a quick peck.

“Okay, go out there and break a leg. You’re gonna be amazing!”

“Cut!” The director yelled next to me. The explosions stopped and the extras got off the ground at the sound of voice. Ray held out his hand, pulling Mikey up. “Awesome Mikey! I think that’s all we need. Now we just need Gerard’s reaction then we’re done. Great shot kiddo.” 

“Thanks!” Mikey beamed, looking over at me. I smiled and wiped my eyes, I actually teared up during that take. 

“Hey y/n, did you hear what he…are you crying?”

“No,” I sniveled, rubbing my eyes.

“Yes you are.”

“No, i’m not.”

“Was it that good?” Mikey laughed, smiling brightly in astonishment. “I didn’t think it was that good.”

“It was pretty intense, I told you you would do good.”

“Because of you.”

“Because of me?”

“Yeah, your words of encouragement.”

“Well, i’m happy to help.”

“Do you think I could win an Oscar?”

Quit Playing

Genre: Fluff
Pairing: Junhoe x Reader
Words: 1,641
Summary: You’re a trainee at YG. Being the sweet person you are, it feels weird and unpleasant that Junhoe has been acting very rude towards you. After finding out about Junhoe’s ‘secret’ crush on you, you decide to play along.
Requested by: Anonymous

A/N: This one was more difficult to make than I imagined, it was fun to write, so I hope I didn’t make it boring. I apologize if this does not live up to your expectation ^^’

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