he was the guy who played patrick i think

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After watching It, I've started to crush on the guy who plays Patrick and now i'm wondering what it;'d be like to share a kiss with Patrick. Save me.

Save you…?

Or help you sin more???

In this inbox, the second answer is always the only answer!

Because I think Patrick’s kisses would change entirely depending on his mood. If he’s feeling playful, or manipulative, it might be long and slow. Or quick, passionate, a slow pull back to tease and let you come to him.

Or, if he was feeling particularly aggressive, he would crowd you into a corner, get you half on the ground, shoulders pressed into the wall, neck crooked almost uncomfortably. He holds your hips, presses them hard into his, and kisses you mindless. 

Either way, he’s always seeking the same thing, even if you can’t quite place it; He always wants what he wants and he always gets what he wants.

Auston Matthews #10

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1.  i have a prompt!!! youre watching your boyfriend play live in a super heated game, somebody chirps him and says something about you and that triggers him to start throwing punches. interested to see who you think would fit this situation :))

2.  Hey! Love your imagines :) can you please do an auston matthews imagine where he heres patrick laine talk shit about you? It’s somewhat a continuation of (i think( of the last auston matthews one where he gets compared to laine. Thx!

*Hi guys! I would have picked Antoine Roussel for this, my favorite Frenchman fighter, lover, etc, but I thought about combining both requests because Auston and Patrik can also be a good choice, noh? Again, I have nothing against Patrik Laine and this is not meant to hurt him or his reputation. :) Enjoy and thank you both so much!*

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You threw the ice pack at him the moment the door opened. He was caught off guard and it almost hit his already-battered face but then again, this is Auston Matthews we’re talking about. The guy has good reflexes.

He gave you a weak smile, “how long have you been standing there?”

“A long time,” you told him, anger lacing your voice.

“I thought we were going home together?” he asked, dropping his bag on the floor.

You turned around and ignored him, walking to the kitchen. He silently followed you like a wounded puppy, ice pack pressed against his tender skin.

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today I went to hottopic with my friend and I was looking at the shirt displays when I asked my friend “hey should I get a panic shirt or a twenty one pilots shirt?” and before she could answer the guy who worked there turned around and asked “what do twenty one pilots sound like?” and without even thinking I said “ukulele violence” and he started laughing and he didn’t understand until I played him songs on my phone and it was a great moment when he truly understood

hot fireman to the rescue

As an apology for not being on much the last few weeks, have my draft for the firefighter/kindergaten teacher!Jonny and hockey player/suburban resident!Pat AU

Patrick Kane really fucking hates spiders. They’re creepy and crawly and have a totally unnecessary number of appendages. Thus he is totally justified in almost burning his house down in a valiant quest to vanquish the evil eight-legged beast.

He’s doing a public service, okay, and maybe trying to go at it with a homemade blowtorch wasn’t the brightest idea he’s ever had. But he’d seen it in a movie once, and it had looked pretty damn badass, and the next thing he knows Patrick has spray paint in one hand and a lighter in the other.

And, well, then his laundry room catches on fire.

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Obviously he is a very mature guy, and it’s hard to understand how young he is. To become captain when you are 19, there is a lot to take on. But he is a great captain, a really good leader. He plays hard and is a great player. He’s a humble guy, no matter how young and good he is, he has no arrogance in itself. I think all the guys have respect for how he plays, but also what kind of guy he is. 

He and “Patty”(Patrick Roy) do a lot together for the team. They go through the schedule, workouts and things of different guys. It is part of the captaincy, having a good relationship and communication with the coach, and to feel the pulse of the players, how they feel. He is reachable for everyone, no matter who it is. I have been incredibly impressed.

He is exactly as you see him. I mean, he has a sense of humor and all that, but yes, he’s the guy you see in the interviews. He was probably like that even at 19. There are not many at that age that can keep track of everything. He does not even have an accent ?! It’s funny. You do not meet many like him.

—  Jarome Iginla about Gabriel Landeskog

I want a news article about how Patrick Kane is a fucking genius. Have you ever heard him talk about CORSI, stats and all that analytical mumbo-jumbo scouts judge players on? HE KNOWS WHAT HE’S TALKING ABOUT! And, I dare you, ask him about plays, whether it be the Blackhawks, other teams, defensive, offensive, ask him. His brain has it all stored in there. I’ll bet it’s not just hockey, too. I bet he could do the same with any other sport he’s into. 

Seriously, this guy is so smart. He could kick all our asses at hockey trivia, I’m sure! Can we talk about that?

NASHVILLE – Sometimes it’s hard to believe Chicago’s Patrick Kane is just 25 years old just by his list of his on-ice accomplishments.

He’s scored a Stanley Cup winning goal – in overtime no less. He has won a Conn Smythe Trophy. Oh yeah, and he’s a millionaire – his next contract signed this summer and kicking in next year will pay him $84 million over eight seasons, starting in 2015-16

Still there is a sense of youth with Kane. He sometimes seems cursed to always at very least look his age, or younger – who could forget his Abe Lincoln beard from the 2013 playoffs.

And there is that stigma of immaturity that always haunts him.

Anyway, we had a chance to sit down with Kane before Chicago’s Thursday’s game against Nashville – oddly the last two teams in the Western Conference yet to lose in regulation.

Puck Daddy: Now that (former Flyers) defenseman Chris Pronger is working for the NHL, do you think you will get your Stanley Cup puck back? (Kane’s winner in Game 6 of the 2010 Cup Final against Philly has never been found. It has been surmised that Pronger is the one who stole it).

Patrick Kane: (Laughs) I don’t know if he was the one who took it. I know he was the one who was taking the pucks in all the games in the finals. He would probably be the first culprit, but I actually think it was one of our guys from the team who took it back in 2010. I’ll try to hunt that one down.

PD: Do you still think about the fact that you don’t have the puck? I mean, this is basically an achievement every little kid dreams of playing in their driveway.

Kane: Yeah, I mean it’s different. If we had the puck in the first place it would probably go to the Blackhawks because it had been 49 years since we had won a championship. But it’s something at some point in time you hope shows up just for the sake of seeing it. Who knows if that will be the puck or where it has been? What are you going to do about it now? It is kind of in the past and I think we still have the moment to live on and the uniqueness of scoring that goal … whether the puck was in or not is a pretty amazing story.

PD: At a young age, you’ve accomplished pretty much everything a hockey player can. You scored a Stanley Cup winning goal. You’ve won a Conn Smythe Trophy. What still motivates you?

Kane: It’s easy to be motivated around here because there are so many guys in our locker room who have that ‘never say die’ attitude. I think it wears off on us. I think the big thing is you really have one chance to do this … to play hockey for a living, you have one chance at your career and you have to take full advantage of it. I still love playing the game and it’s amazing we can do this as a so-called ‘job’ and it’s amazing we can come to the rink every day and play the game we love. We don’t take it for granted. We keep improving every year and take advantage of it.

PD: You signed a long-term contract extension this summer. How do you not stay complacent in spite of having such financial and job security?

Kane: It’s nice and amazing to be a part of this organization for another nine years, including this one. I think both of us wanted to be in this situation where we’re here for a long time, and we both wanted to have that. I think with signing that deal and being here for eight years and the amount it was at … I think you have to prove yourself every day and every game to kind of live up to that. It’s just there and it’s something you know is there. I guess it’s obviously very nice and honoring we get to be a part of this organization for a long time. But you have to prove to everyone that you made the right decision by keeping you around.

PD: Around the United Center, there are statues of Blackhawks legends. Ever think of what a Patrick Kane statue would look like?

Kane: We do the bobblehead with my mouthguard hanging out of it or some kind of celebration going on. Maybe it will be something with that.


What motivates Patrick Kane? The Puck Daddy Q&A (x)