he was the cutest kid

who deserves happiness and everything good in the world?



He is the cutest!!!

Caught in the Rain- Bucky x Reader(f)

Authors notes: Since y’all love the fluff….lol This one is from my requests! Thanks @tatortot2701. Also, I rushed to get this out so forgive me for spelling or grammar errors..

Prompt: Okay, get this. Coffee shop au with Steve and Bucko

Notes/Warnings: Vomit worthy fluff and kissing.

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 Your alarm clock buzzed and you smiled wide. Six am was no reason to grin but going to get your morning coffee was. You’re local shop was run by two of the cutest baristas in the entire world, and you had the hots for one in particular.

 You showered quick and braided your hair into a messy bun- which worked for business casual- and slipped on your favorite dress and heels. Okay, you were trying extra hard today but with good reason.

 Today was the day you would ask out James. At least you would if you could muster up the courage. You checked your make-up one more time and grabbed your purse and rushed out the door.

 The walk down the street was actually not terrible. A little dark and gloomy with the oncoming storm but, you were other wise distracted by thoughts of your dark haired dream boat. He always smiled at you when he took your order and would stepped away from the register to make your coffee himself.

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The way he looked so damn happy the whole way through that scene has literally just made my heart burst. Honestly I think it’s the most we’ve ever seen him smile and it’s right there beside Noora and her funny roommates. Literally he’s just the cutest kid ever and he looks so happy and free after finally choosing Noora and choosing himself and his own happiness instead of trying to impress people and ahhh it’s his new little familyyy

Jim Gordon has accepted that it is literally impossible to get any of the Batkids’ attention if the K-9 unit is around.

Dating Diego Luna Would Include:

  • dancing around the house with him at 1 am 
  • getting along with his kids
  • playing with his hair
  • cooking and listening to loud music, dancing around the kitchen with him
  • him talking about you all the time in interviews
  • watching all of his young stuff and teasing him, him getting extremely red
  • talking in spanish with him
  • he always draws you a bath, and always gets in the shower with you 
  • holds you tightly at night 
  • also hanging out with Gael Garcia Bernal 
  • thinking he was just the cutest kid, again making him completely red
  • the first time he saw you naked, he did a quiet high pitched laugh and was smiling a bunch before tackling you with kisses
  • sings to you, even though he gets embarrassed at first 
  • he cooks breakfast everyday 
  • playing soccer with him, or watching him play soccer
  • exploring Mexico with him
  • calling each other “mi amor” 
  • saying “ay papi” around him, making him once again go completely red
  • “men are awful” *diego walks in smiling* “nvm” 
  • “Do you have any Mexican in you?” “no” “Would you like some?” 
  • “You have a jabba kink” “..yeah” 

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Everyone's family comes to visit for parents' weekend. Including Dex's and Nursey's. But Dex's is late and so after their game a little boy comes running up to Dex, but instead of yelling Billy like the team expects, he yells daddy. Let the team see soft Dex interacting with his son. Let Dex see how amazing Nursey is with kids. Let Nursey lose his chill over adorable baby Dex. Let Bitty bake with this baby! And let Dex see how truly supportive and amazing Nursey is. & backstory for baby plz

i love love love love love this prompt.  Its mostly a bullet point fic, but its pretty long…

Thanks for the prompt! Enjoy! :-) xxxx


* Dex leaves the Haus early every night.  Usually a few hours earlier than anyone else.  On roadies he heads up to his room at 7 o’clock sometimes, or goes for a walk.

- The team don’t want to pry, but were confused, concerned, and a little nosy.  They have found out he’s on the phone to someone he’s close to, because they’ve overheard him saying “love you lots” a few times.

- So they figure he’s probably talking to a girlfriend.

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Little brazilian reporter talks to Ayrton Senna
Little Girl: Do you feel fear when you’re racing?
Ayrton Senna: Yes, I do. Because when we are racing we are always in a fast speed and elevated risks and as every human we are afraid of suffering an accident and getting hurt