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Hiya, its viewsie. Little update: just came out of Bens photoshoot. He's in a MUCH better mood than last year, genuine smiles, posing with people, really friendly etc. Has 3 bodyguards. Autographs earlier (didnt get one, theres another chance later). All extremely strict organised, very quick but hes taking a bit time for a friendly word. Autographs in a separate booth. Hair: longish though not quite Sherlocks length, reddish dark brown and a bit wavy. Not geled back, luckily. No goatee

Viewsie again. Two more things I noticed: no Karon in sight whatsoever. Ben has another assistant, I think provided by Showmasters. Also a few (in my queue two) people handed him little gifts (a picture, a letter). He took them but handed them immediately to a bodyguard. I’m curious how the talk will go, he seems in a so much better mood than last year, still.


Viewsie, you’re a treasure!!!!  Thanks for checking in and HAVE FUN!

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But honestly, Elena Gilbert has Damon Salvatore wrapped around her little finger.

She wants to show him a meteor shower? He goes.

She wants to go into a photo booth and take silly pictures? He does it.

She wants him to be her date to a dance at college? He obliges.

If she wanted to go to the freaking Disneyland Resort, he’d take her.

Because as long as Elena is happy, Damon doesn’t freaking care what he has to do. Because seeing his girl smile is all it takes to make him happy.

The 2Ps at the mall
  • 2P!America:flirting with girls + getting their numbers probably
  • 2P!China:accepts dares like going up to random strangers and asking to take pictures in the photo-booth together; ends up asking them on a date most likely
  • 2P!England:screams in delight at the shiny glowing carousel and calls dibs on the pink pony for the next ride
  • 2P!France:looks for someplace quiet, ends up in a coffee shop, sits down and uses their Wi-Fi until the person he came with wants to leave
  • 2P!Russia:walks into Barnes & Noble and isn't seen for the rest of the day
  • 2P!Italy:is looking for a new suit but gets distracted by the knife/ sword shop because hOLY SHIT THEY EVEN HAVE VIDEO GAME REPLICAS
  • 2P!Germany:is at the theater and ends up illegally movie-hopping all day without getting caught because badass like that
  • 2P!Japan:gets asked by a solicitor to sample a massage chair and ends up actually buying it
  • 2P!Canada:gets a coffee and saunters into a joke shop full of sarcastic T-shirts/ pranks/ souvenirs and walks out with an offensive bumper sticker as a present for Allen
  • 2P!Romano:the only one actually shopping; walks out of the mall with arm-loads of bags from Gucci, Prada, Versace, and Dolce & Gabbana
  • 2P!Austria:fanboys over the vintage Guns & Roses records in the CD store for hours
  • 2P!Prussia:spends the majority of his time at the arcade and wins enough tickets to get like a lava lamp or something

So today I went to Oz Comic con and my friend had a ticket to have a photo with Benedict Cumberbatch and he invited myself and two friends along and we waited in line for over 2 hours and we finally got into the photo-booth space with Benedict and the bithy workers with their false advertising said only two of us were allowed to take the picture with Benedict and we were all pretty bummed out and Benedict spoke up and said “Just let the four of them have a photo” and the lady quite literally put her hand up to silence him and told us to decide on who got the photo so said that my other friend should go since she was super keen and when I went to walk out he whispered an apology to me and he is basically glaring at the camera and not many people can say SHERLOCK FUCKING HOLMES DEFENDED THEM!

i say this every day but we truly don’t deserve sebastian stan???? he’s one of the most genuine, kind, devoted people and we’re incredibly lucky to have him. he cares so much about those that support him and keeps every gift, every fan book, every drawing…he’d read every message if he could and take the time out of his day to reply thoughtfully. he means it when he says thank you, when he says he appreciates and sees everything. he takes pictures of gifts he likes and of fan’s tattoos, and records marriage proposals that happen in front of him! he tries to make photo ops worth your while by being enthusiastic with his poses and facial expressions. he hugs fans and takes selfies at his autograph booth even though security says it isn’t allowed. he tries to remember everyone’s name, kisses your hand if you’re anxious, offers you leftover plums. he doesn’t have to do any of it but he does, and i hope he never changes

Going on late night diner runs had always been your favorite thing to do with your best friend Luke. Whenever either one of you couldn’t sleep, you’d call the other or show up at their house and then walk the few blocks to the 24 hour diner, or drive if the weather was bad. You’d always get fries and milkshakes, and spend hours sitting across from each other in a booth, teasing the other and laughing about stupid things Michael had done the last time you’d all hung out as a group. It was one such night, and you were sitting in your usual booth in the corner of the diner. You’d be making dirty jokes and obscene gestures with a french fry when Luke froze, a fry halfway to his mouth. When you asked him what was wrong, he’d say nothing, and you’d steal the fry from his hand, laughing when his jaw dropped a little. You’d tease him, taking a picture to show him how silly he looked. That would snap him out of wherever he’d been in his head, and he’d take a picture of you, smiling when you when you hid behind your hands, knowing your hair was a mess, and the circles under your eyes looked almost drawn on. You’d yell at him to delete it, and he’d say something cheesy about how you always looked beautiful, which would result in both of you blushing and staring into your milkshakes. You’d sneak a look at him when you thought he wasn’t looking, at the same time as he looked up at you, which would cause more blushing on both of your parts, something that never happened between the two of you. The waitress would come by to check on you and refill your water glasses, and make a comment about how you were the cutest couple she knew. You and Luke would look at each other wide eyed, both of you stuttering about how you weren’t a couple, and she’d walk away with a knowing look. 

After that there was a change in your friendship with Luke, though it wasn’t an unwelcome one. The two of you still went to the diner, but he wouldn’t yell at you when you leaned over the table to steal a sip of his milkshake, only smiling instead of telling you like he always did that it’d be easier to just get chocolate instead of the vanilla one you always ordered. He’d let you eat the last fry, something the two of you had always fought over. There was still a lot of teasing, and you’d reach across the table and steal the hat off his head, laughing when he ran his hands through his hair trying to hide how flat it was. It was around that time that you started noticing Luke in a different way, like how broad his shoulders were, the thick stubble on his cheeks, and the way he chewed at his lip ring whenever he was thinking. You weren’t sure how you felt about your new feelings for your best friend, but you also weren’t trying to make them go away. 

One night you’d end up in the treehouse in Luke’s backyard, watching the stars through the missing slats in the roof, and it’d be colder than usual. Neither of you had said much, but you didn’t need to either. A shiver ran through you and you decided to throw caution to the wind, turning on your side and burying your face against Luke. If you were just close enough to feel the stubble on his cheek against your face, it was no one’s business of your own. What you didn’t see was the way Luke’s eyes widened, or the way his hand would twitch towards your own, too scared to make a move. With you so close to him, there was no way he could focus on the stars, and his eyes shifted towards your face, taking in the slope of your nose, and the freckles across your cheek. You’d feel his eyes on you after a while, and turned further toward him, propping yourself up on your elbow. You’d make a face when he mirrors your pose, laughing when he sticks his tongue out at you. It was super cliche, but when your eyes locked with him, you felt a little like time had stopped, and all that mattered was Luke. He seemed to have the same feeling, which both scared and excited you, and both of you leaned in at the same time, until Molly’s barking from below you made both of you jump. Luke rolled over onto his back, running his hands over his face and cursing under his breath. You laughed a little, just because it figured something like that would happen. When he didn’t move his hands, you started poking him in the side, smiling when he squeaked and tried to roll away from you. It wasn’t like you at all, and maybe it was just because it was Luke, but you’d make a comment about how he should suck it up and kiss you already, because you were getting impatient. He’d peak up at you and chew on his lip ring, eyes wide, and you’d be able to see the resolve in his eyes as he pulled you down towards him, nudging his nose against yours before closing the space between the two of you.

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The first time I met Ghost Town was June 1, 2013, on the Noise Tour with Mariana’s Trench, and even though I’d heard a little but of their stuff a few months beforehand, that was really when I was truly introduced to the Haunted Youth society. I lined up at their merch booth two songs before the show was over just to make sure I could at least say hi and take a picture with them. When the guys finally came out, I was about.. 5 people behind and You’re So Creepy was stuck in my head so I started singing it and a few of the other girls joined along, so when I was up for the meet n greet, Kev smiles and reaches for a hug and I lean in and he pulls me in really tight. Then I give Evan, Manny, and Alix a hug as well, and asked them to sign my pants (which they did,) and right when it was photo time, (which was pretty much immediately over) Kev says “nice lips, pretty creepy,” I laugh, then we take the photo, and I have to leave, so I jump and start to skip away and the guys start laughing and I wave and Kev goes “no hug, bye?” So I go to hug him, kiss his cheek, and he squeezes me tight again. So far, I’ve met the guys three times, and I love and adore each of them completely, they have encouraged me and listened to my rambling and have been here for all of us Ghosts in every moment. But, the reason I singled out Kevin is because in September of last year, I was talking to Alix, when he pointed to me and waved me over and immediately pulled me into another super tight hug, asked me how I was doing, and told me he was happy to see me again. We had as long of a conversation as we could about pretty much everything, but I knew he had other people who wanted to see him, so I hugged him and went to talk to Martha and Evan. Of course, the show went on & it was amazing and at the end of it, the guys came back out and I talked to you (Bryan) and Kev walked over and joined our conversation about how I’m the perfect arm rest And in March, the same thing basically happened. I walk in the venue, Kev saw me, and made sure to say hello, pulled me into a hug, and told me that I looked good and happy and asked me if I actually was. I told him I was, and that it meant a lot to me that he asked. His response, “Lily, you’re an amazing person and I want to make sure you’re better than okay." There was more to our conversation, but, the rest is really what made me want to write this to you.. Kevin isn’t the only one in the band who cares so much, it’s just that Kev is the one who, from the beginning, has kept up with me. 


Phone booths used by the Zodiac Killer

The top picture shows the phone booth that, on the 5th of July, 1969, was used by the Zodiac Killer to report his Blue Rock Springs Park murders of Darlene Ferrin and Michael Mageau as well as take credit for the murders of Betty Lou Jensen and David Faraday on Lake Herman Road which had happened six and a half months earlier.

On September 27, 1969, the killer placed a call reporting his latest crime that had taken place on Lake Barryessa, where he attacked Bryan Hartnell and Cecelia Shepard. The call was traced to a phone booth located in the Napa Car Wash (bottom left photo). Minutes after the call had been made by the Zodiac, police arrived at the place and found the phone off the hook, just as it had been left by the killer. (bottom right photo).


Taylor Caniff - The Girl Next Door 


Cameron Dallas -

Beach Vibes: http://narrymeh.tumblr.com/post/86108299644/cameron-dallas-imagine-beach-vibes


Jack Gilinskyhttp://narrymeh.tumblr.com/post/87626754709/jack-gilinsky-imagine

Matt Espinosa/Nash Grier - http://narrymeh.tumblr.com/post/92134070369/matt-nash-imagine





Favourite Picture of you (Kylie Jenner)

Beach Day

Wedding Dress 

First Date 

Puppy you get together

Favourite Picture of you (Barbara Palvin) 


Prom Dress 

Photo booth 


He asks you out 

His favourite picture of you both

I take requests for everything, just ask x 


I can’t believe I’m actually writing my own Loft ‘89 experience. AHHHH!! Okay here we go! So when we were waiting outside before doors opened, Kevin from Taylor Nation (now I understand why he’s so loved online, he’s the sweetest) asked if he could take a picture of us for the TN home page and we were like yeah!! Then as soon as the doors opened we went straight to the TN booth and they had the TV screen with tweets and fan pictures and ours was there! But it was one that I had posted the night before in my room and I have no idea how they even found it?! It had barely gotten any notes on Tumblr or Twitter so idk I thought that was crazy! Then Kevin took our pic again at the booth and he was also there after the show with all the loft 89 people. This may have nothing to do with why we were picked, or everything. I’ll never know. So our seats were in Section 119, Row 13, Seats 11 and 12. From the time the concert started, we were dancing and jumping and singing and having the time of our lives!! We had our posters with “mad love” lit up and our pink lit up fairy wings (which apparently were visible even from the higher up sections!) Obviously I had thought about the possibility of getting loft before the concert, but when we sat in our seats, I noticed that they were really in the middle, and I didn’t think anyone would navigate their way in there to get to us. Idk, but once the show started, loft was not in my mind at all. Me and my sister were just so entranced by the whole show. Nothing else mattered except that we were finally being serenaded by Taylor and we were going to enjoy every second! During the All You Had To Do Was Stay Speech, I kind of saw shuffling next to me but I was so focused on Taylor that I didn’t even turn. Then I see my sister turn her head, and her mouth fall open. I turn and Andrea Swift is right there. I like gasped her name and I started bawling as I gave her the biggest hug! She was like, “I have one question for you: have you ever met Taylor?” And through tears I was like nooo! And she’s like “do you promise me?” And I was like “I promise” through my sobs. And so she said that we were gonna meet her and she put on my loft bracelet and my sister’s and gave us the golden ticket and I couldn’t stop bawling. She also gave loft to these two girls almost directly in front of us who totally deserved it! I said thank you so many times and eventually stopped crying. Throughout the concert I would just look at our pass because I could not believe this was real life. After the concert, we were meeting in my section so we stayed there and tried to make ourselves a little more presentable after that emotional roller coaster that is a 1989 concert. They eventually walked the 25 of us over to loft 89! Jamie Foxx was standing right in front of the entrance btw!!! He didn’t say anything to us and we didn’t say anything to him, though. Lol. We took pictures inside and I had a cookie, and Scott was chilling passing out guitar picks. I didn’t get one or to interact with him at all, though. Sadness. Then we were told to stop taking pics because tAyLoR was coming. She didn’t come until like 15 minutes later, though! Before she came in, we were told to get our energies up for Taylor and we all started cheering. Then Austin came in! He talked to people and then she finally came in!!! She was like “hi guys!” And started going around. Austin asked us if we were some special kind of fairies and I explained our poster and then introduced myself and then we shook hands. I told him that his sister was pretty great and he was like she is, isn’t she. Then we were talking to Andrea again and she was explaining how she picks people and how she had to walk so many stairs to get to the top people. She said something like how to us, it may seem crazy why we get picked out of all people, but to them, it’s clear who deserves it. I thought that was really beautiful. I didn’t get a picture with her, though, cause it was our turn with Taylor!! She finally got to us, and she was like “ELLO!” British accent. My sister hugged her then I was like Taaaylor and I hugged her and she gives the best hugs. She said we looked so cute and I told her we were wearing the wings because of our poster so I showed it to her her. I was like we actually didn’t fly here, though, we took the metro! So we got some funny looks and she was like “oh no!” I was like but it’s ok, I owned it! When we got off I even waved to the people on the train and she was like yes! Then she asked where we were from. My sister asked how she felt getting the banner from Kobe Bryant and she talked about how she wasn’t expecting it and how she couldn’t comprehend that it was a permanent thing that would be there like forever..or at least until someone else breaks the record. I was like oh, you’re gonna keep coming back and the record will still be yours. She said yeah that’s what we intend to do or something like that. Then she asked if we wanted our poster or crown or what signed and my sister had her sign our loft pass to her and I gave her a poster and said to address it to my brother who didn’t come but loves her just as much as we do. Then I told her how I just found out today that I was gonna go to the VMAs in the pit & she said that’s awesome. I told her how excited I was to cheer her on there and how I voted for Bad Blood and stuff. She said she was excited that we were gonna be there but I told her I was the only one going since my sister isn’t 18 and she was like aww but I said she’d be there in spirit. She said that stuff always happens in those shows, and that she’s nervous. “But I feel better knowing you’re gonna be there” ASHDDHFKDLDL. At that point I realized I never told her my name cause she didn’t sign anything for me so I was like oh I’m Crystal by the way and she was like oh do you want me to sign anything for you? And I didn’t think I was getting anything signed because they’d said one item per person but she signed my 1989 cd cover thing and I almost cried. Then I told her how I actually saw her last year at the VMAs and how I was just watching her dance the whole time instead of the actual performances and she said she was glad! We hugged her again before she left us and she told us be careful and don’t talk to anyone and if we were gonna be ok, if we had someone to take us back. We told her that our parents were picking us up and she was like okay good! HOW SWEET. Also, at one point I told her how I didn’t know how I still had a voice and she was like yeah I’m gonna sound weird tomorrow and I remember thinking “oh stop, you’re gonna sound flawless as ever.” When she finished the last group, she started leaving, but she turned around and waved to all of us and said bye and that she loves us. WHAT IS MY LIFE. I just want to say how thankful I am to Andrea and the whole Taylor Nation team. Never in my whole life have I been so happy! I can’t express enough how easy Taylor is to talk to!! I feel like we were one of the groups who were with her for the longest, but it wasn’t even us blabbing on to her, she kept the conversation going as well and was in no rush to just finish and leave despite the fact that it was already almost 1am! She made eye contact with me like the whole time and she had the biggest smile on her face! She’s so tall and skinny and beautiful and I feel blessed to have been able to look into her blue eyes for so long! Meeting her was more than I could’ve ever dreamed!! I still can’t believe it happened. I keep looking at our picture and it makes me cry because I love her so much and she actually knows that and she loves me too bye.


midorin’s lucky item of the day was a neoprint sticker (like a photo booth) and while looking for a machine he was found by takao. 

then apparently midorin just stood by the machine saying who in the world takes a neoprint alone…

takao responds that while that’s true, he didn’t expect midorin to be so conscious (prideful??) like that, and goes to take some prints with him ^q^

afterwards midorin remarks that the machine doesn’t seem that difficult to operate after all

takao then asks if that’s the reason why midorin was previously just standing there and not going in to take his picture, that he didn’t know how to operate the complicated looking machine!

and midorin just huffs and rebutts that, replying that he’d operate it the next time

Friday Night

Summary: #38- It’s an arcade, do you need more reasons to go?

#40- Can we please take cheesy best friend pictures in the photo booth? I promise to keep silly faces to a minimum.

#60- That sounds like a bad idea. I'm in.

#58- Okay but hear me out: Fluffy. Sharks.

Pairing: Dean x Reader, Sam

Warnings: NONE

Word Count: 1827

AN: For the List, you have to message me! Sorry for inconvenience.

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You take all the pictures when you first meet your boyfriend. His phone camera isn’t that great, so you both elect you as photographer. For nine months, the pictures of the two of you are mostly pictures of him. Him at the Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera exhibit on Valentine’s Day, him staring down a chilidog at a baseball game on his birthday, him trying on a monocle on the Warby Parker bus in winter, him posing for pictures in a photo booth with his then three-year-old daughter on Father’s Day. When he gets a new phone, he is most excited about being co-photographer.

It doesn’t take long for you to realize that you will now be in pictures. After any series of pictures, your hands itch to see what he sees. Then, the purge. All the images of you deleted. A photo could pitch you into waves of anxiety and depression. You suggest he take pictures of the sky around the two of you at an art fair, the audience at a reading you read at, anything moving or still that isn’t you.

♥ Taylor Michael Caniff ♥ Part 3

Part One:

Part Two:

Your POV

You pulled away from Taylor. You needed breath, and to check the time. The time has flown by it was already 10:20. It kind of upset you because at 11 all of your friends are coming over to pig out and watch movies.

“(Y/N)?” Taylor questioned.

“Huh, oh sorry I was thinking.”

“About what?” he asked.

“My friends are coming over at 11,” you said. “And Its 10:20.”

“Oh so we only have like a half hour to hang out left huh?” he said glumly.

“Ya” You said and than you gave him a little kiss on the cheek. 

He tomorrow we should hang out, bring your cousin and I will bring Hunter.

“Okay!” He said super excited.

You went and grabbed your computer to take a bunch of weird pictures on photo booth with Taylor. There isn’t a better way to waste time.

Taylor's POV

She pulled away from me. And I craved more of her. She checked her phone and than started staring off to space. Wait did I do something so I scared her. Oh god. She probably thinks I’m a bad kisser.


“Huh, oh sorry I was thinking.” She responded.

“About what?”

“My friends are coming over at 11,” She explained.

It was already 10:20. I didn’t want to leave I wanted to stay longer, but I can’t let her know that. I don’t want her to know that I like her. Or that I want to get to know her.

“We should hang out tomorrow, bring your cousin & I will bring Hunter.” she said.

She got up to get her laptop and than came back and laid next to me.

I just sat there and stared at her for a couple seconds, she is so gorgeous. 

“Come take stupid pictures with me Taylor.” She said.

“Okay.” You said with a big dumb smile on your face.

Your POV

You opened photo booth and started with the regular filter.

*Snap* *Snap* *Snap*

You guys atleast took 50 pictures together.

It was already 10:40. Time just keeps going and the more and more it leaves the more and more you want Taylor to stay. But you promised your friends.

“Hey, its getting around 11.” he mentioned

“I know” you said quietly. “I’ll walk you out in 5 minutes.”

“Ok.” he responded.

You shut the computer and you just looked at each other.

“What your cousins name again?”

“Cameron.” he said.

“Oh ya, did he move here with you?”

“No, he will be leaving at the end of the summer.” he explained.

“Ahh okay,”

You started to stand up when you felt Taylor’s hand grab your arm and he pulled you on top of him so that your face and his were barely centimeters away.

“You have the most gorgeous eyes (Y/N).” he said.


Before you could even finish his lips were on yours again. And your body lit up with electricity like you were shocked by lightening. You knew that you shouldn’t rush anything and you weren’t going to. But you just couldn’t pull away knowing he had to leave in a few minutes anyways. So you used that time to just sit there with your lips moving in sync speeding and slowing. With the best lip biting and the best movement of tongue. You were hooked. He pulled away and let you go.

“C'mon Taylor.” “I should walk you out, hopefully my parents are here.”

“Okay” he said.

He trailed behind you as you guys walked upstairs. Your mom was sitting on the couch.

“Hey mom, this is Taylor. He just moved here from Texas.” you explained.

“Oh Hello.” She said.

“Hi nice to meet you,” Taylor said very politely.  

You walked him to the door. 

“Text me” you said

He smiled and walked out the door.

“He is really cute, (Y/N)” Your mom said. As you started to walk down to your room. 

“I know,” You responded. “The girls are coming over we are going to be downstairs watching movies and stuff.”

“Okay.” she said.

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Nordics at a convention/cosplaying?

Awww yissssss…

Sweden: The one that plays a stoic and tall character and gets stopped by practically everyone to get a picture with him. Wandering off on his own and gaining popularity without even trying or saying much. Sve completely oblivious to any of it, as he walked to the booths and found cute things that he would blush over like little stuffed dogs and Hello Kitty stuff.

Finland: Fin would go as an adorable character that conveniently carried a gun and or large weapon of some sort. A cute little smile on his face as he went and checked out the different booths, taking pictures and probably putting pics on his social media pages as he ran into characters he adored. Going into total cute overload. beautiful.

Iceland: After telling his brother for the 100th time that  he was not going as a character from the same anime as him, nor would he try to dress as twins of any sort, he would put on a T Shirt that would have the word Otaku or an anime he liked on it and wander around checking out the booths and such. Getting pretty good pics here and there for his blog coverage of the event.

He would probably invite Hong Kong whom would wear regular clothes like Icey, with the addition of cat ears (mostly to make Icey feel uncomfortable) and make it super awkward by asking Ice to scratch his ear for him every so often.

Norway: Norge, after being rejected by his little brother,  would go as one of the cool, intelligent types. Hands down he’d be wearing glasses. Being in costume would actually be pretty cool to see, as the character he chose would probably be pretty close to what he himself is, so he would be mimicking the character flawlessly and more likely than not gain a legion of fans with minimal effort.

Denmark: Den would probably be the one that went all out. Den knowing that if he was going to do this, he would do it up right. Being elaborate in his costume and trying his best to study his character really well so he can get it down. There would be no mistaking he’d enter a contest and probably win something for how well he did, not to mention the bragging rights. The Dane running around. and buying everything he could find and gifts for others. Needless to say he’d be pretty proud and also pretty broke at the end of the con.

So I was thinking about how everyone said ‘This seasons finale will be the most intense since season 5.’ Season 5 finale was Swan Song….If we take all the information we have and put it together, it’s going to literally kill us.
I mean , we have a picture of a bloodied up Misha in a recording booth..could he be doing a voice over like Rob did for Chuck….Is this what is going to make it so intense?! I’m scared , I really am.
I feel like one of the Winchesters is gonna die , and Cas is going to be the one to narrate it , just like Chuck did … Okay , and the released name for the episode is ‘My Brother’s Keeper’
There’s a movie called ‘My Sisters Keeper’, it’s really sad. I’m just gonna shorten the summary.
‘It’s about a little girl who has cancer and the doctors kinda clone her an she has a little sister (clone) and they kinda have the same DNA and the doctors wanna use her to help save the sick girl.In the end the eldest doesn’t want to hurt the little one anymore by making her cure the eldest, so she dies.’
So I really hope that it has nothing to do with that. But TPTB are pretty clever.
And then I just recently seen that Misha has given his 10x23 script (signed by Jared , Jensen, Mark, and himself) to William Shatner to auction off at the horse show charity (correct me if I’m wrong) but the episode title had to be censored because ‘it could contain a spoiler.’ ..
My reaction was ‘what the heck? I thought we already knew the name for that episode..’ I’m still confused on this, if you know something please tell me. I’m very interested in knowing about it.
But , anyways this scares me more than any of you will ever know. Like what could be the big spoiler?! Destiel becoming canon? Gabriel coming back ? Sam dying, or maybe Dean dying… Maybe Crowley and Rowena do something…The odd are endless…
Thanks for taking the time to read this. I honestly have no idea where I was going with it. I am worried, but very intrigued.

Like To Love

A/N: This ficlet is for the lovely @quiettewandering who sent me this cute headcanon about Cas being on social media and annoying Dean with it. So, Dean is a bit of a grump at first but things get fluffly in the end ;) I hope you like it! x

As soon as they pulled up outside the diner Castiel got his phone out of his pocket ready to take pictures of the exterior and the surrounding area. Now that he was human and the world was no longer in imminent danger Castiel had taken to admiring the earth a bit more and documenting its beauty.

“You two can go in and get a table” Castiel said to the Winchester brothers. “I’ll catch up." 

"Okay” Sam said with an amused smirk.

Dean merely rolled his eyes; he wasn’t going to let Castiel prevent him from getting a juicy burger for a moment longer.

The brothers went inside and sat in a booth by the window so that they could keep an eye on Castiel.

“What’s with Cas being a photographer all of a sudden?” Sam asked.

“It’s an obsession is what it is” Dean grumbled. “He’s signed up to one of those social media sites; FaceSpace or something. Anyway he wants to take pictures of everything to post. He made me pull over the other day so he could photograph a cat. I’m allergic to cats!”

Sam smirked and shook his head. “He didn’t make you do anything. You just have a soft spot for our curious Angel friend.”

“Yeah, sure” Dean scoffed dismissively; Sam wasn’t at all convinced.

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Absolut Vodka Gets Provocative With Pro-Transgender Ad

Forbes covers a new ad from the Swedish brand Absolute Vodka.The brand actually gives a very positive presentation of a male to female transgender person. 

Forbes writes:

In the ad, a man at a music festival spots someone he knows. “Then I turned around and saw Dave,” the voice over goes. “Only it wasn’t the Dave I remembered. He told me his name was Darla now.” The man “tried to make an excuse to get away,” but goes along as “she grabbed my hand.” They listen to music, drink Absolut Sea Breezes, go backstage, dance, watch a parade, and take pictures in a photo booth.

Eventually, they talk about how Dave became Darla. “We walked, and she told me she always felt this way,” the man says. “I just listened, and somehow I understood.” He enthuses, “She was amazing.” Finally, the two watch the sunrise, and Darla shares her journey. “She was my friend,” the voice over concludes. “The same person. The same heart. She hadn’t changed. I had.”

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