he was taking a picture with the booth

Photo Booth Pictures - Cody Christian Imagine

Requested by @currentlycreatingme - Okay, don’t feel like you have to accept, but what about one where you’ve only been with Cody for a little while but you’re really happy, but because it’s so new you haven’t gone very public with the relationship yet (only close friends and family know). One day, while messing around and taking goofy pictures, one of you two kissing accidentally gets posted to one of Cody’s social media accounts. He’s ok with it but you’re nervous how people are going to react, especially given his fan-base. :)

Word Count: 1,917

Author’s Note: First of all, pretend Holland is the reader because that gif is SOOOOOOO perfect for this imagine, ha! Lastly, I talked to currentlycreatingme about changing this prompt a bit due to my Cody Christian fanfic I’m working on and I can’t thank her enough for being so understanding about it. I hope y’all enjoy it because I had sooooooo much fun writing this one. Happy reading!

I talked to currentlycreatingme about changing this prompt a bit due to my Cody Christian fanfic. I can’t thank her enough for being so understanding about it and I hope y’all enjoy it. Happy reading!

My Teen Wolf Masterlist

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“Sooooooo when do you think you’ll be ready to visit me in LA?” Cody asked as he walked downtown in Y/N’s hometown with their hands intertwined.

Y/N let out a small sigh. “Honestly, I don’t know, Cody. I know we’ve been seeing each other for a couple of months now and I really do appreciate you flying in to see me when you can, but I’m just not ready,” she explained as she slowed their pace. “Cody, I really like you, and I don’t mean this in a rude way, but I’m just not ready to face all the fame that comes with you when I go to LA for a visit. I sort of like this private bubble we have here in this little bitty town in the middle of nowhere, and I’d like to stay in this good place we’re in for a little bit longer if you don’t mind.”

Cody stopped in his tracks and turned around to face her, taking both of her hands as he looked into her beautiful eyes. “I get it, babe,” He smiled at her. “And I’m perfectly fine with taking it as slow as you want. I just thought I’d ask.”

Y/N smiled as she leaned in and kissed his cheek. “Thank you for being so understanding. You are the best boyfriend ever.”

Cody chuckled as he pulled her in for a hug, wrapping his arms around her neck before kissing her forehead. “You’re not so bad yourself,” he teased.

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Closure and Acceptance. PT.2 (Saeran Choi x Reader One Shot.)



-Mod Unknown

The following day, Saeran asked you out on a date.
You both had a long talked and resolved everything. He promised you that he will try much harder for you.
Although everything seem to be working out, you couldn’t help but feel guilty for your selfish needs. You wanted him to feel comfortable and you could only hope that it wasn’t forced.

He took you to an amusement park to enjoy a day with you.
It was mostly spent walking around and enjoying the sights of it. Which you didn’t mind since you were with him.

It was evening and you both stopped at an ice cream booth. As he ordered, your eyes gazed around and stopped when you saw a couple taking cute picture in front of a magical castle.
They were hugging, kissing and looked as happy as ever.
You had your right arm crossed from your chest and your hand started to slightly grip your left arm.
You felt a little bit of envy inside but quickly calmed yourself down.
“Just because we’re not that type of couple doesn’t mean we don’t love one another.” You internally comforted yourself.
You softly smiled still keeping your eyes on them.
You were to focused that you didn’t see Saeran turn around to face you the moment your lips let out that small smile.

He moved his attention to the couple you were staring at and saw them embrace each other in their partner’s arms.
He hoped that one day in the future he can give you what you craved and the affection you deserved.

“Uhm f/n, here’s your ice cream.” He turned back around, pretending he didn’t see you staring at them.

“Oh thank you!” You smiled and accepted the sweet.
It was already a little over sunset and you, Saeran along with other people waited around for the light show to start.
It took a few minutes but finally the lights around the park dimmed and the lights on the water turned on.
You grinned in excitement which caught Saeran’s attention. He absolutely loved that smile and made it his priority to make sure it never fades away completely.

While the light show continued, he found himself unable to focus on it. Instead his attention was on the way the lights made your face shine as beautiful as ever. He was in pure disbelief that he had someone as beautiful and supportive as you. Eventually, his eyes made their way down to your lips which were also shining due the lights.
He turned back around but his eyes kept traveling back to them on their own.
After a complete thought, he took in a deep breath and remembered the satisfaction he felt yesterday when just the slightest touch of your skin rubbed against his.

Catching you off guard at first, his fingers then intertwined with yours. It took you a second to understand but quickly accepted. He gave you a smirky smile and used his intertwined hand to push you towards him and wrapped his other arm around your waist. At that point his lips were hovering on top of yours.
“I love you.” He whispered and you felt the movement of the vowels leaving his lips on yours.
But before you can answer, he grew the strength to finally kiss you.

With no hesitation, you kissed back, sharing a very meaningful moment while the lights from the show shined around you both.
It was very passionate filled with much love for one another.
It lasted for a good moment before you two broke it off to catch some air.
Once again, he felt the same pleasurable feeling but this time it was much greater. He never knew such feeling ever existed and finally realized how special it is to share it with a significant other.

You were about to throw yourself at him but you stopped yourself inches away.
“Oh..uhm.. can I hug you?” You nervously chuckled scratching your cheek.

“Come here,” He smiled and pulled you in for a hug.

“Thank you Saeran.” You dug your face on chest and held him tightly in your arms, physically showing him how much you loved him.

“No, thank you f/n.” He genuinely smiled, fully accepting your love.


Phone booths used by the Zodiac Killer

The top picture shows the phone booth that, on the 5th of July, 1969, was used by the Zodiac Killer to report his Blue Rock Springs Park murders of Darlene Ferrin and Michael Mageau as well as take credit for the murders of Betty Lou Jensen and David Faraday on Lake Herman Road which had happened six and a half months earlier.

On September 27, 1969, the killer placed a call reporting his latest crime that had taken place on Lake Barryessa, where he attacked Bryan Hartnell and Cecelia Shepard. The call was traced to a phone booth located in the Napa Car Wash (bottom left photo). Minutes after the call had been made by the Zodiac, police arrived at the place and found the phone off the hook, just as it had been left by the killer. (bottom right photo).

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“Master Plan” - Stiles Stilinski Imagine

Requested by Anon: The episode where Stiles got beat up by Gerard, but instead of Lydia visiting him afterwards it’s you and you get really concerned and worried

UPDATE: POSTED! You can read it HERE.

“Photo Booth Pictures” - Cody Christian Imagine

Requested by @currentlycreatingme : You and Cody have been dating for a little while and you’re really happy because it’s so new you haven’t gone very public with the relationship yet. One day, while messing around and taking goofy pictures, a photo of you two gets posted to one of Cody’s social media accounts. He’s ok with it but you’re nervous how people are going to react, especially given his fan-base.

UPDATE: POSTED! You can read it HERE.

“Nightmares” - Theo Raeken

Requested by @kalista-rankins - Theo keeps having the night terrors with his sister but at the time he’s sleeping in bed with the reader since she got him all cleaned up earlier that day after getting him out of hell with Liam. Theo sorta wakes up but still thinks he’s in his night terror so instead of the reader he sees his sister and he attacks her. The reader thinks she’s about to die because Theo looks like he wants to kill her and she’s trying her best to pull him back to reality. The reader could have severe/serious injuries and ends up in the hospital but pulls through and is at first afraid of Theo but later makes amends with him and forgives him since she loves him.

Which one are you most looking forward to reading?

@ltleflrtsaid: team free will at a diner that has kids placemats that can be colored on, and dean asks for crayons and he and cas color one together and sam thinks they’re disgustingly cute and is wondering how to secretly snap a picture for blackmail later.

shit man i love coloring on the kids’ menu or placemats ok like ! nice™

the bell above the door tinkles cheerily as dean pushes into the diner. he holds the door as sam and cas come in behind him, taking in the “seat yourself!” sign and letting his eyes roam the cozy little place for an open table. there’s a booth open to their left, up against the window, so dean gestures sam and cas to it and follows behind them. 

he groans as he slips into the booth beside cas, sam taking the opposite side. a waitress comes and hands them menus and takes their orders for coffee, then leaves them to look over the menus. dean’s leg throbs where he’d hit the wall hard when the werewolf had flung him across the room, and he massages it with a tired grimace. cas catches him and frowns, and dean knows he hates the fact that he can’t just mojo dean back to full health anymore. 

dean wants to distract him from the guilt party he knows cas is ready to throw, and unthinking, he reaches toward the side of the table where the salt and pepper and ketchup sit. propped between the condiments are sheets of paper with a large oval in the center, with gilt edges like a picture frame. below the frame are happy mascots encouraging a child – dean guesses these are for kids – to draw whatever they like: a self portrait, a family portrait, a picture of their pets, whatever. 

dean looks up when the waitress sets their coffee down. “hey, do you think we can get some crayons?” he gives his most endearing, charming smile, ignoring sam’s growing smirk and cas’ questioning look. “been a while since i’ve tapped into my inner artist.” 

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This didn't happen to me but to 2 of my new coworkers

We work for an event company that does photobooth and the other night 2 coworkers of mine had to work a Christmas party event. The client wanted to make make a speech so asked the photobooth attendants to stop taking pictures until they were done. It’s not uncommon so they shut down the booth for a few minutes, no big deal.

But then this drunk guy came up to them and started yelling at them for not letting him get his picture taken! I don’t know the full details yet but he made my newest coworker cry! The other coworker had to physically step in front of her and tried to get the drunk guy to leave the booth. I was told the crying booth attendant had to go to the bathroom to calm down. She’s a really awesome worker, very nice, very calm, and this was maybe her 3rd time actually working. I’m just furious that someone had to have said something so terrible that it made one of our workers cry. The male coworker was the one who let us know of the incident and was worried that if he hadn’t been there, that man might have gotten physical with our new girl. Smh. If I were there, who knows what would have happened.

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Hello! I really love your blog. Can you maybe do an ideal first date with the 2ps please?

2p France: A romantic candle lit dinner with wine and diner food just the two of you, no body else in sight. Because then he can be more open.

2p England: Go see a movie! Have dinner! Ya know, the usual!

2p America: He’d take you to a fair! Go on rides, win you a giant stuffed animal, get you anything you wanted, take some pictures in a picture booth, and then end the night with a kiss at the top of the Ferris wheel!

2p Canada: A nice lovely picnic on a warm sunny day under a tree where you two can eat, talk, and watch the clouds go by.

2p China: A fun night in the town just doing what feels right!

2p Russia: take you somewhere nice and quiet, get you anything you’d like, stay out as late as you wanted, maybe even take a lovely walk through a moon lit park.

2p Italy: Take you out dancing, buy you a nice meal, and show you that he loves you!

2p Germany: Taking a nice boat ride, walking around town and getting you something to eat and continue to show you the places you’ve never seen before.

2p Japan: He’d like to take a nice walk through the gardens and parks of his country on a warm day and show you the beauty.

2p Prussia: Maybe a book date? Take you some really cool book stores and buy you any books you wanted, grab a bite to eat and a movie and go back to his place to watch the movie and get to know each other a bit more.

2p Romano: He’ll take you on a gondola ride, get some wine flowing, nice music, maybe have a slow dance.

2p Spain: He’d love to cook for you personally, get to know you, maybe watch a movie, and if your really for him, start rough housing and play fight!



 Kay, so we arrive and I see his booth thing. He’s signing people’s pictures and stuff and I’m peering at him out of the corner of my eye and he looks up at me and smiles, and I smile back. It was a short, but awesome moment.

  Then it was time for me to take the picture with him, but I got the wrong directions from a worker there aND MISSED THE PHOTO OPPORTUNITY. So I met this girl (who was literally my spirit animal) and the same thing happened to her, and we were in the autograph line with tickets for pictures. When we get up there, we tell the worker what happened and she said “I’m sorry, I don’t think you guys can take the pictures. Just buy another ticket for tomorrow and come back.”


 I walked up and he smiled at me and said “Hi, how was your day?” and I replied with “Pretty great, how about yours?” and he said “Tiring,” and I said “I bet,” and we laughed and shared a moment.

  Then he asked if my friend ( @shipyoulikefedex ) and I were going to the panel, and I said “Probably not, we’ll be driving home by then,” aND I KID YOU NOT HE REPLIED WITH “Aw, I wish I could ride with you guys.” AND I SAID VERY CALMLY AND COOLLY, “I’d gladly take you” aND WE LAUGHED TOGETHER.

He asked what my name was after that and I told him “Mckayla” and HE FREAKING SAID “I like that name, a lot,” and I told him “thank you so much!”

 Then it was during the actual picture and @shipyoulikefedex had a wire to hold up some of the hair on her cosplay (which was Canada from Hetalia aND IT WAS BEAUTIFUL) and he said “Don’t stab my eye out with that thing” IN THE MOST DAD VOICE EVER AND I WAS STILL CALM AND COOL.

 During the picture, we put our arms around each other (like you do when you take pictures) and I was really hesitant to get all close to him and he fREAKING (GENTLY) PULLS ME CLOSER TO HIM SO OUR BODIES WERE TOGETHER (not to be weird)! THEN AFTER THE PHOT WAS TAKEN HE






“I love you, Mckayla,”






This has been a very important PSA from this psycho

The 2Ps at the mall
  • 2P!America: flirting with girls + getting their numbers probably
  • 2P!China: accepts dares like going up to random strangers and asking to take pictures in the photo-booth together; ends up asking them on a date most likely
  • 2P!England: screams in delight at the shiny glowing carousel and calls dibs on the pink pony for the next ride
  • 2P!France: looks for someplace quiet, ends up in a coffee shop, sits down and uses their Wi-Fi until the person he came with wants to leave
  • 2P!Russia: walks into Barnes & Noble and isn't seen for the rest of the day
  • 2P!Italy: is looking for a new suit but gets distracted by the knife/ sword shop because hOLY SHIT THEY EVEN HAVE VIDEO GAME REPLICAS
  • 2P!Germany: is at the theater and ends up illegally movie-hopping all day without getting caught because badass like that
  • 2P!Japan: gets asked by a solicitor to sample a massage chair and ends up actually buying it
  • 2P!Canada: gets a coffee and saunters into a joke shop full of sarcastic T-shirts/ pranks/ souvenirs and walks out with an offensive bumper sticker as a present for Allen
  • 2P!Romano: the only one actually shopping; walks out of the mall with arm-loads of bags from Gucci, Prada, Versace, and Dolce & Gabbana
  • 2P!Austria: fanboys over the vintage Guns & Roses records in the CD store for hours
  • 2P!Prussia: spends the majority of his time at the arcade and wins enough tickets to get like a lava lamp or something

Went to “Mangafest UGM 2016” last weekend and cosplaying as MC default 1 from Mystic Messenger, so I could comfortably move around as I was on duty for taking pictures at my community’s booth hehe
From 707’s chats, I think she is a cute and petite girl, with a cheerful and bright personality, optimistic mind, yet still had a warm and nice heart
He was once told mc that she is strange, but immediately took it back, lololol
They are both a unique pair tho, they match each other

Aaand…my friend is comin cosplayin as 707 *internal heart screaming*
Well, I’m screaming for real tho, sorry for the visitors, I slapped his arm and shoulder hard for countless times lololol not sorry
Ended up with us taking this picture lololol
So hectic and the weather is hot af that I forgot to take off my cap and my hair is a mess

If you are wondering what’s with the —friendzone— sign….that’s because I was in the middle of playing 707’s route, 8th day, he kept pushing me and close his heart
I was so depressed and heartbroken
But the photoshoot was so fun tho, that sign is just so hillarious lololol

Just realised when I reach home
Why didn’t I took picts with a similiar setting as in the game *cry in silent*
Just ignore it

Anyways, good luck for all the MM players ^^

#522: Jack is literally the nicest person ever. At Pax East there were so many people at the booth for him and Mark to sign stuff so Mark said “We won’t be able to sign or take pictures.“ Jack came over and signed everything and gave hugs to everyone that he could. He really does love us. I don’t know anyone else on YouTube who loves their fans as much as him. He’s so sincere. 

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Nordics at a convention/cosplaying?

Awww yissssss…

Sweden: The one that plays a stoic and tall character and gets stopped by practically everyone to get a picture with him. Wandering off on his own and gaining popularity without even trying or saying much. Sve completely oblivious to any of it, as he walked to the booths and found cute things that he would blush over like little stuffed dogs and Hello Kitty stuff.

Finland: Fin would go as an adorable character that conveniently carried a gun and or large weapon of some sort. A cute little smile on his face as he went and checked out the different booths, taking pictures and probably putting pics on his social media pages as he ran into characters he adored. Going into total cute overload. beautiful.

Iceland: After telling his brother for the 100th time that  he was not going as a character from the same anime as him, nor would he try to dress as twins of any sort, he would put on a T Shirt that would have the word Otaku or an anime he liked on it and wander around checking out the booths and such. Getting pretty good pics here and there for his blog coverage of the event.

He would probably invite Hong Kong whom would wear regular clothes like Icey, with the addition of cat ears (mostly to make Icey feel uncomfortable) and make it super awkward by asking Ice to scratch his ear for him every so often.

Norway: Norge, after being rejected by his little brother,  would go as one of the cool, intelligent types. Hands down he’d be wearing glasses. Being in costume would actually be pretty cool to see, as the character he chose would probably be pretty close to what he himself is, so he would be mimicking the character flawlessly and more likely than not gain a legion of fans with minimal effort.

Denmark: Den would probably be the one that went all out. Den knowing that if he was going to do this, he would do it up right. Being elaborate in his costume and trying his best to study his character really well so he can get it down. There would be no mistaking he’d enter a contest and probably win something for how well he did, not to mention the bragging rights. The Dane running around. and buying everything he could find and gifts for others. Needless to say he’d be pretty proud and also pretty broke at the end of the con.

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please, could u do some ushijima/tendou headcanons? :') so deprived of their fanfics! (rarely see any of them....)

ushiten week is coming up soon! i’ll try my hand at it for u, anon

  • consider tendou and ushijima taking really ridiculous photos together in a photo booth, tendou sitting on ushijima’s lap, his arm looped around ushijima’s shoulder (there are props involved - ushijima wearing a fake mustache/nose, tendou wearing a bright lei around his neck), there’s smooching involved too uvu
  • ushijima being one of those really outdoorsy kinda people but he’s not snobby about it, he likes to takes pictures of the beautiful sights he comes across (although he also has a lot of pictures of tendou on his phone too, like the one of tendou curled up in his sleeping bad, with his red hair disheveled, mouth open as he drools onto his pillow or the one of tendou grinning maniacally right before he’d jumped from the tire swing, into the lake bellow)
  • tendou being the type who loves pet names but all it takes is for ushijima to call him by his first name and he melts (he’s weak, okay)
  • tendou as a very clingy sleeper
  • ushijima hugging him from behind and kissing his neck is such a Good
  • au where they’re classmates and they meet in the library, tendou deciding they’re now part of a study group and ushijima just going along with it 
  • au where tendou works as a barista and the best part of his day is making ushijima (his fave regular) cracks a smile 
  • ushiten as queer platonic is also very important to me 
  • ushijima and tendou sitting on the roof of ushijima’s car, holding hands, tendou’s head resting against ushijima’s shoulder, ushijima staring up at the stars, tendou stealing glances at him when he’s not looking uvu
  • ushiten when years have passed and ushijima is a professional athlete and tendou is SO proud, okay? he brags to everyone that that used to be his ace. tendou who blushes bright red when he sees the hot photoshoot ushijima did for a magazine’s special edition on World’s Sexiest Athletes but he buys it anyway. in a show of support (was ushijima’s stomach always that toned? his shoulders that broad?) and tendou kinda sorta realizes that he never got over his crush
  • tendou calling ushijima up when ushijima wins at the olympics and he doesn’t expect anything bc he knows ushijima’s an incredibly important person but ushijima picks up on the first ring and they agree to go for drinks. (they catch up, tendou’s voice cracks when he tells ushijima how proud he is, ushijima admits he’s happy but tendou’s call made ushijima realize he’s still hung up on tendou, and then they DATE)
quite a charm [jungkook&you]

Summary: You’re an idol who runs into Jeon Jungkook, the sunbae of you, and he gets shy and flustered upon meeting you. 

a/n: @loudandweird okay, so it’s just a drabble, because i didnt know how to make it longer? lol sorry!! but i hope you still enjoyed it, love! ^_^

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It was a beautiful and bright sunny day, and you were out shopping alone on the outskirts of the busy downtown of Gangnam. Smiling at the mini accessories you saw on booths, you would take pictures of them and buy one of each, for they’re just too irresistible for you.

“Excuse me, miss. But are you from the rookie girl group, Sunset?” A female student around your age comes to ask, when she sees you trying on the adorable hair clips of an ahjumma’s booth.

You turn around to properly greet her and answers with a sweet grin, “why yes I am!”

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Your Side

You and your boyfriend Joe must have been walking around the streets of London for hours.

“Ah, look at it y/n, it’s one of those cafe places you always want to go to!” Joe told me as he pointed at a little shop down on the corner.
It was decorated with purple lights and pictures of coffee on the windows. Before you can say anything, Joe is already opening the door for you.

Walking into the place you automatically feel warm and fuzzy, taking off your blue gloves and placing them into your coat pocket.

“Why don’t you go find us a spot, I’ll get our drinks.” You go to tell him what to get you but he raises his hand,“ I know what you like babe, now go before we have to stand.”

Finding your place in a comfy booth next to the window, looking out to the busy streets you start to day dream.

“ Excuse me, miss.”
You look up to find a boy about your age smiling at you.

“ Yes?” You ask with a smile, peeking around him to find Joe waiting for the drinks to come.

“ I was just wondering if this seat was taken.” The boy said, cheekily.

Once again, before you could open your mouth, Joe walks up.

“ Yes it is actually, can I help you?”
Joe never really got mad but when he did, it wasn’t pretty.

“No, I’m sorry, I didn’t know you had company.”

“ I’m her boyfriend, not company. Now if you wouldn’t mind, I’d like to take my seat next to my girlfriend.”
And with that, the boy walked away.

“ Joe-”

“Don’t Joe me y/n, what were you doing huh? Flirting with him from across the way?”
Taken back by his accusations you scoff.

“Joe if you honestly think-”

“ Honestly think what? That you’re slut who flirts with other guys right in front of her boyfriend? Yeah I do.”

Feeling your nose burn from the tears swelling your eyes, you slam 10 dollars on th table and scoot out of the booth bench.

“Fuck you.” You shouted as you storm out of the cafe. Tugging your jacket closer to you, you angrily walk to your best friends house.

When she sees the tears cascading down your cheeks she shuffles you into her home.

“ What happened love?” Her eyes widen as she searches yours for an answer.

“ J-joe he.. ca-l-led me a..” You try to explain through your sobs. She holds you and nods, understandingly.

After your sobs stop, you must’ve fallen alseep cause you awoke on an a couch instead of Joe’s bed. Then you remembered what had happened hours earlier. Gaining enough strength to check your phone, you find you have many notifications.

52 missed calls

100 text messages

7 New voicemails

Wiping the sleep out of your eyes, you find Joe’s contact and call it.

“ Y/N?! Thank god you’re okay! Where are you love, I’ll come get you.”

“ Did you mean it..?” You whisper, afraid that he’ll hear the tears in your voice.

“ No baby, oh my god no. I’m such a fucking idiot y/n. I just got jealous and I couldn’t control my mouth. Please my love, you have to believe me, you have to forgive me.” Joe says and even though your on the phone you can hear his regret.

“ I forgive you. ”

Hearing the smile in his voice as he says “ Thank god, I love you so much baby.” causes you to smile as well.

“ We’ll now, where are you? I have a lot of making up to do.” He chuckled

Frowning you tell him “ I’m gonna stay at y/b/f/n tonight.”

“ Love you can’t do that… You know I can’t sleep without you.” He murmurs and you can hear his voice break.
“ Please baby, come home. I need you, this king size bed feels like a jail mat without a queen. ”

You blush shaking your head, he always knew what to say.

“ You have 10 minutes to come get me dork or I’m shutting my phone off and going to bed.” You can hear him jump up, frantically searching for his keys, muttering curse words and what not.
You smile to yourself and close your eyes, waiting for your boyfriend to come get you cause if you were honest, you can’t sleep without him either.

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midorin’s lucky item of the day was a neoprint sticker (like a photo booth) and while looking for a machine he was found by takao. 

then apparently midorin just stood by the machine saying who in the world takes a neoprint alone…

takao responds that while that’s true, he didn’t expect midorin to be so conscious (prideful??) like that, and goes to take some prints with him ^q^

afterwards midorin remarks that the machine doesn’t seem that difficult to operate after all

takao then asks if that’s the reason why midorin was previously just standing there and not going in to take his picture, that he didn’t know how to operate the complicated looking machine!

and midorin just huffs and rebutts that, replying that he’d operate it the next time

I Want Us To Be Cheesy~

Fluffy scenario with Taekwoon where his girlfriend wants to do cheesy couple things at an amusement park but he is too embarrassed (eventually does some of the couple stuff though). Happy ending on a Ferris wheel please.^^

“Y/N…” Taekwoon sighs softly as the two of you were entering into the amusement park. “Don’t you think it’s too much to do every little thing that couples do at a theme park?” Taekwoon had always been on the shy side, but when it came to doing things with you, he allowed to do whatever you wanted. However, today, Taekwoon did not want to follow what you wanted to do. 

“Eh? Why not? I want to Woonie, please~” You asked him as you held hands with him, seeing all the cute things to do at the theme park. “And we don’t have to do everything, just the kissing and taking pictures on the Ferris Wheel, taking a photo booth picture, and getting those bracelets that tell us when how long we have been together.” Then you bit your bottom lip as you wanted more. “A-And share food..” You whispered the last part praying that he didn’t catch that on. 

“No.” Was one word that he needed to say in order to break the mood. Taekwoon’s face was serious, so serious that it looked like he was ready to go home.

“Woonie, no! Please, I promise it will only be for the day. I just want to do it today. We can limit to the photo booth and the Ferris Wheel if it makes you feel a bit better?” You asked to see if he wouldn’t mind to do at least two of those things. Seeing his eyes rolling a bit and then thinking. 

“Okay, but that’s it, nothing more, okay?” A soft smile had grown onto his face making you smile. 

“Really!?” You began to hold his hand tightly and started to walk around the amusement park and riding all the rollercoasters. Taekwoon would usually hold his straight face while getting on the ride, but once it began to move fast paced, his face would change immediately to a smile. Every once in a while you would steal a glance from him to see his smiling face. It made your heart flutter knowing that you can make him smile once in a while. 

Taekwoon would always hold your hand tightly as you two hit the larger crowds; he didn’t want to lose you because you were too precious to him. Although Taekwoon doesn’t like to show it, he enjoyed trying to make you happy, holding you close, and especially just being there with you through every moment. 

Seeing the photo booth, you let yourself take over the lead, “Woonie, let’s take pictures now~” Taekwoon had a blush on his face now that you two were going to be stuck in a tiny booth together to take pictures. Entering in the booth, you sat down first and then patted the spot next to you, making Taekwoon sit next to you. “Don’t be shy. It will only be for a few pictures and then we can go to the next ride or get food, I promise.” You pointed out your pinky finger to promise him. 

Taekwoon let out a small laughter as he covered his mouth as he did so. “You don’t have to get me anything, but the food does sound nice, but I’m doing this because it makes you happy, and your happiness is my happiness Y/N.” A smile appeared on your face knowing that he said that. Quickly pecking his lips, you added in the money and then repositioned the camera and added a design. “Come sit on my lap, Y/N.” Taekwoon pats his lap, making you blush and quickly moving towards his lap before the countdown. 

As soon as you sat down on his lap, the camera began to have its countdown. Taekwoon popped his head out from your back and held onto your waist gently as he began to smile for the first picture. Your smile was bright as well once the first picture was taken. Quickly changing for the next position, you sat next to him for this one and with a special surprise, you pecked his cheek making him have a dumbfounded face. Taekwoon then took advantage for the next picture to kiss your cheek as well making you blush into the picture. The fourth picture both of yours and Taekwoon’s cheeks were stuck together as a goof off. Finally, the last picture was a small peck on the lips, clearly seeing the blush on Taekwoon’s cheeks in the picture. 

“You look cute in the pictures Woonie!” You laughed as you saw the results of his cheeks in the last one. “Thank you again.” You whispered into his ear before pecking his cheek. Taekwoon once again blushed and sighed out to hold in his embarrassed frustration. “Yeah, well just buy me food, I’m hungry.” He said while dragging you to the nearest food court. 

As more time passed by, the night came fast, letting the twinkling stars to come out. One more ride and you knew which one you wanted. Fingers laced with each other, Taekwoon lead you to the Ferris Wheel and kept a tighter grip as you two waited in line. Although there was silence in the atmosphere, his and your thoughts were always talking with each other. Your head leaned on his shoulder as you two continued to walk towards the ride. Taekwoon’s soft smile always appeared when you did small gestures like this. 

Finally getting on the ride, Taekwoon sat next to you as his arm draped around your shoulder as you two saw the night sky. “Thank you again for today. I know you don’t like doing cheesy things, but it was just a small experience. Next time you can do whatever you want.” Taekwoon grins as he pulled you in more into his embrace. 

“I thought today was perfect too. You didn’t force me to do anything, I wanted to do them as well, it’s just that you know how nervous I get.” A little giggle came out of your mouth as he was embarrassed of his own words. 

“Mm I know, that’s why I’m saying you can do whatever you want next time, that’s if you want to do an amusement park again.” Taekwoon nods and pecks your forehead as he felt relaxed for being up there. Again silence filled the air as you two could only hear the laughter and music from the park. It was almost closing time. 

“I know I don’t tell you enough of this, but I want you to know that I love you, Y/N.” Your ears weren’t sure if you heard it correctly, did Taekwoon just said he loves you? The kitty man has never said those words and now he’s saying them.

“I’m s-sorry?” Stammering your question back at him as you wanted to hear it clearly once more. Taekwoon covered his face as he was flustered as he couldn’t believe it himself that he said the three magical words. Shortly, getting himself together, breathing out, and then finally facing you again.

“I said, I love you Y/N. I really do. Without you, I wouldn’t be able to smile as much. I have been able to open myself up to you much more than I do to my band members. You’re the person I love.” Your eyes light up as you heard every word that he said. 

“You d-do? You r-really love?” Taekwoon nods right back at you. “I love you too, Woonie..” Seeing his face light up even more, you smiled at him. Slowly, both of you began to lean in closer and closer together until both lips began to touch each other, moving in sync, but shortly breaking the kiss for the two of you were going back down quickly and didn’t want anyone to see. Giggling, you rested your head onto his shoulder for the rest of the ride, muttering I love you to him several times as he did the same back. 

~Admin Butterfly~