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Deku and Todoroki

Deku -

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang | CUTEST GREEN BEAN WITH THE BEST SMILE
hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff (if Bakugou is Slytherin… well, of course naturally Deku fits right in Gryffindor lmfao)
best quality: HHHHHHHHHHH this BOI is so perfect, like, gosh, he tries his best so much and is super smart/analytical and super caring, all he does is try to support everyone even while he has the weight of the world on his shoulders……… he’s at a huge disadvantage, starting at such a late age with a Quirk he inherits, he’s basically a 5 year old catching up a decade in his dream school to become a professional and struggling but still doing his damn hardest to be the best he can be; all that sheer determination driving him because he wants to be just like his hero All Might!! It’s really amazing to me too that before he got the All for One he was so selfless to jump in to rescue Bakugou even being powerless, his heart is so big that it touched All Might……… aaaaaa my emotions ;A;;;;;;; he deserves the recognition and gratitude he has gotten from almost everyone in his class already………. even the way he helped Todoroki gives me kokoro the Big Feels, aaaaaaaaa OH AND I love that Deku is openly emotional, I want to cry when he cries tho, lmao………
worst quality: He doesn’t seem to have much concern over the breaking of his bones and puts everyone else’s safety above his own it’s kind of hard to watch him tear himself apart to the point of being useless and it’s really only luck on his side that he hasn’t died yet like Deku, I love you son, please take better care of yourself ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; also he overthinks maybe a little too much, but it’s also saved his ass plenty of times so I guess whatever LOL
ship them with: TODOROKI!!!!!!! alsooooo I guess Ochako is fine, they clearly have something going on with each other in canon and it’s cute. I also really like him with Tsuyu, Shinsou, and Tokoyami!!! :’) I feel like there’s potential with Kirishima too……..
brotp them with: all of the above!!!! but also p much all the other kiddos too~ and of course, his Dad All Might
needs to stay away from:
Bakugou…… till Bakugou can truly chill around him, I want to see them become good friends by the end of the series tho!!!!!
misc. thoughts: Deku is forever my favorite boy. In a series like BNHA, with SO many GREAT characters… it’s really difficult to choose a number one fave but, Deku has been such a great example of a shounen protagonist that was desperately needed, like, omfg, I love this boy so much, he is MY HERO.

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Todoroki -

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang (get it……. hot…….. cos he’s half fire…………. ) | cute fire son I love he
hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff
best quality: Todoroki is my other fuckening son. He has such a sad backstory, it’s quite heartbreaking. But despite it, he still has nothing but a drive to be a better hero than his shitty father, and underneath that cool aloof personality is a soft warm boi who cares a lot about others the same way Deku does. His half-half abilities are really awesome, I’m so glad Deku was able to talk sense into him so that he lets the fire power be his own without letting the deserved grudge for his father control him. Great design too, I really adore everything about it!!
worst quality: He’s gotten better but he was very distant in the beginning and letting his father’s wickedness control his life too much. He obviously still has mixed feelings about that and using his fire powers, so I expect he will continue to do his best to be better about all that. The fact that he’s smiling more and wanting to be around others is a good sign.
ship them with: DEKU DEKU DEKU. I also love him with Momo!!
brotp them with: The above, and also all the other kiddos. Even Bakugou. I think they could have fun if they’re both being chill.
needs to stay away from:
Endeavor needs to stay 9000 ft away from him, I hate this abusive father so much, ugh.
misc. thoughts: Todoroki is a hard worker and deserves to be recognized as top of the class. I will keep rooting for him and his character development >W<

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HC: Victor is a Nerd

Screenshots were provided by @kukapanda with permission for me to use!

Ok so you know how in Ep. 1 we get a glimpse of Victor’s apartment.

In the blu ray version, they changed how his apartment looks. It’s still very stylish but it is much more cozy as well.



I strongly support the headcanon that although Victor is forgetful and can be very ditzy, he loves learning, is super book-smart, and very well-read. 

Victor’s the type of person to hold all the Weird Facts and blurt them out at the most random times.

Victor also genuinely likes receiving books as presents.

Victor’s the one to drag Yuuri into bookshops and he never leaves one empty-handed.

Victor’s the type of person to murmur deep poetry into Yuuri’s ears when he kisses him. 

Victor is the biggest nerd.

headcanon where lance breaks down.

everyone was joking and making fun. and he knew deep down they didn’t quite understand. didn’t quite understand how hurt he was able to get. he wasn’t brave like hunk. he knew that. he wasn’t able to not mind comments like keith. he  wasn’t super smart like pidge. he didn’t show command and he wasn’t steady like his hero, shiro. he was aware of that.

so he goes to the training deck when no one else is awake. he goes to the stars and looks at them, trying to figure out some type of pattern that could help them. he learns altaen when everyone else is having fun. everyone thinks he’s just inside his room, relaxing, doing absolutely nothing.

lance tries to find something that will make him indispensable. he stops sleeping for days at a time. he stops going to breakfast. people like him don’t deserve to eat or sleep. only people who actually have something to the table do. he practically lives by this rule.

one day, he collapses under the pressure he puts in himself. no one else is aware of it. until coran comes in. he had noticed that lately the boy has been off. he noticed that someone has been using the training deck because they had logs.

he walks in to lance having a panic attack. he takes the boy in his arms and tries to calm him down, which is slowly working. he’s not used to comforting the humans, but he figures it’s the same as comforting the small child. in this moment, he whispers, “you’re like the son i lost.”


top 20 degrassi characters (as voted by my followers): #4. Campbell Saunders

“How am I supposed to survive a whole season here? I have no friends, my hockey team hates me, my family is thousands of miles away and I’m crying in the girls bathroom.”

I am completely, 100% serious when I say that when I left for work this morning, Kara and Lena were both facing the same direction.

When I came back, they were gay not.

There’s either a supercorp shipping ghost in my home or more likely my 3 year old nephew came in, completely ignored the other 50 funkos next to them, and for whatever reason decided that Kara and Lena should have some very intense eye contact instead. I adore him.

Shoutout to @onceuponafunko for the really great Supergirl custom funkos : D

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Can Denki help me with my electrochemistry I'm dying

[TRANS] Shukan Josei: Profiles

SUGA: Profile
23 years old, born March 9th, 1993. 174 cm, Blood type O. Along with his activities with BTS, he also is known as a music “genius” with his solo activities under the name of Agust D. He said, “When I work, I just work and when I rest, I rest. That’s my personality.” In the studio, he’s usually buried in his bed alongside Jimin, as they wait for their makeup to be done. Brilliant self-analysis.

JIN: Profile
24 years old, born December 4th, 1992. 179cm, Blood Type O. Vocalist. He’s the oldest member of the group, known to be a handsome eater. Rap Monster says that “I’m really jealous of how he doesn’t have any stress.” His personality makes him say things like, “Once I sleep I forget. The tough things, even things I learned (lol). Ah, is that my tea? (lol)” His innocent personality makes everyone around him feel happy.

JIMIN: Profile
21 years old, born October 13th, 1995. 173cm, Blood Type A. Vocalist. He shows expression through the contemporary dance he learned at a Performance High School. Because he sometimes looks like he has soft face, people call him “ChimChim.” During an interview, we told him that his jawline looked sharp, his eyes lit up and said “I’m on a diet,” then turned to Jungkook to say “They said I lost weight!,” with a smile on his face.

22 years old, born September 12th, 1994. 181 cm, Blood Type A. He has many solo activities, including collaborations with other artists. Relied on by others, he’s a super smart yet clumsy leader. When he goes into the studio or when simply greeting staff he would greet them, “Good Morning… aah!,” as he trips on the stairs. He’s a good person.

V: Profile
21 years old, born December 30th, 1995. 178cm, Blood Type AB. Vocalist. He is currently starring in the ongoing Korean Drama, “Hwarang” (broadcasted in Japan from March, on CSDATV). He’s a handsome and interesting kid. During an early schedule, while everyone was sleepy, he came in humming a song. Although it was early, he showed enthusiasm, even asking, “Where will the makeup be done?” in Japanese, but as the schedule was ending he seemed to have a delayed feeling of sleepiness that he was fighting against (lol).

19 years old, born September 1st, 1997. 178cm, Blood Type A. Vocalist. He has brilliant skills in dance, singing, and sports, and is known as the “Golden Maknae.” He was teased by J-Hope who said, “Your legs are shaking” as Jungkook tried to keep a challenging pose for the shoot. But then, he just smiled and told the staff, “I’m fine!”. His manly Busan personality made our hearts race.

J-HOPE: Profile
22 years old, born February 18th, 1994. 177cm, Blood Type A. Rapper. Since he practiced street dance from his school ages, he pulls the group along as the lead dancer. His words “Let’s go,” was also the ones that brought the group in together to start this shoot. During his free time, he was practicing his Japanese pronunciation of “HOPE” with the staff, which was very impressive.

BTS: Group Profile
Their name holds the meaning that their music will push through the negative stereotypes put on millennials by older generations. BTS debuted in Korea in 2013. The following June, they also debuted in Japan. Their 2015 Japanese single “FOR YOU” placed number 1 on the Weekly Oricon Rankings. Last year, they also placed first on the Oricon rankings for their album “YOUTH.” The members also participated in producing their Korean album WINGS, last autumn, which earned the highest placement as Korean Artists on the American Billboard Charts, 26th, showing their popularity across the globe.

Trans cr: Mia @ allforbts
© Please credit when taking out

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Can you do one where Lance is super smart and he gets fed up with the team acting like he's stupid, so be basically snaps at them?? I love your stories!! They're awesome!

Thanks so much! I hope you like it! 

“Thank you for agreeing to meet with us Princess Allura,” Kolivan bowed to her. She gave him a small smile and a nod. They were gathered around the dining hall table with the Paladins and Alteans on one side and the Blade of Marmora on the other. Kolivan pulled up a stolen layout of a Galran base and placed it on the table.

“There is valuable information, regarding the locations of important members of the Blade and our allied rebel forces stored in this base’s hard-drive, it is imperative that we get our hands on it and away from the Empire,” Kolivan started. “We need to find a way in without being spotted, and complete the mission without alerting the Galra. We were able to infiltrate successfully some time ago, and have access to some of the surveillance feeds and schematics,”

Immediately the room was filled with the sound of ideas being thrown around; Lance quietly listened to the different scenarios coming from his teammates and stored them in the back of his mind quickly picking out the flaws and how he could secretly tweak them when they were out in the field. He realized that the others would reluctant to listen to his ideas because of how he had already presented himself to the group. So he decided to quietly help them in the background instead. He pulled up the information on his screen and scrolled through the information available. Without a word he began highlighting points on his map that would require extra surveillance once they entered the base. Unbeknownst to him; Kolivan was watching over his shoulder with interest and nodding along to each dot. After Lance stopped and absentmindedly nodded his head, Kolivan put his hand on his shoulder. Lance yelped and he shot around to look at the leader of the Blade.

“Apologizes Blue Paladin, I would like to hear your ideas for this infiltration,” he admitted giving Lance all his attention. Lance gave a tentative smile and opened his mouth, only to be interrupted by Hunk and Pidge’s laughter. His head turned to the two and he shrunk into himself a bit knowing that the two were laughing at him. Kolivan only looked with a raised brow.

“Sorry Kolivan, but you don’t want to ask Lance for ideas,” Pidge giggled. The two of them cracked up into laugher, eventually dragging the rest of them minus Lance, Kolivan, and Coran who were looking at them incredulously.

“I apologize, but perhaps I’m misunderstanding. Please explain why I should not consider the Blue Paladin’s suggestions,” Kolivan said stepping forward. The laughter stopped aside from a few sniggers and they looked toward him.

“Kolivan. Its Lance, Mr. Razzle Dazzle, get all the girls and glory,” Pidge said with finality. “His plans probably involve a lot of shooting and not getting anything done,”

“Yah, he has fighting power but when it comes to infiltration…” Hunk continued with a shrug. Lance could feel the blush traveling up his face, and his shoulders bunched up further as if to protect him.

“All his brain can store, are cheesy pickup up lines and weak insults,” Keith commented. The others burst out laughing again; Allura and Shiro only giving weak smiles. Kolivan looked down at the blue paladin and while he seemed shocked and saddened; he could see anger stirring in his eyes as well.

“Hey! I have more in my brain than that, I have good ideas!” He cried trying to defend himself.

“Really, a thousand times ten?” Keith asked with a smirk. Lance’s eyebrows drew down with an angry grimace.

“I was trying to break the tension,” he growled. His hands were clutching the armrests of his chair tightly, his knuckles turning white from the pressure. Shiro stood up from his chair and carefully approached the angered teen.

“Its okay Lance,” he said soothingly. “We all have our weaknesses, this is just yours,” he gave him a soft smile. Lance looked at him in pure disbelief; this man was the leader of their group and he was going to let Lance believe that he couldn’t contribute to the planning of this mission.

“My weakness?!” Lance growled. “You know what?! I’m done!” He yelled jumping out of his seat and pulling his screen along with him to the front of the room. The others looked at him with quirked eyebrows.

“What? Going to shows us the pretty dots on your map?” Keith taunted with a smirk.

“No, each of these dots is a mistake that you over looked,” he hissed. He pointed to the first one and pulled up the surveillance from the base’s server room. “This is a PXY-6075 system, you were going to go in blind with a code not appropriate for this system, it would shut down the entire thing and we would lose everything,” he swiped across his screen and sent a code to Pidge’s system. She pulled it up out of curiosity and her jaw dropped before she looked up at Lance.

“Lance, this is genius,” she muttered. He ignored her and went to the next beacon. A security camera showed a hallway were Shiro suggested they infiltrate on the way to the server room. He turned to the leader with crossed arms.

“This hallway is filled with blind spots and vents, how could you even think that this was a good place to enter?” Lance asked with a quirked brow. Shiro only crossed his arms in defense.

“It is the fastest way to the server room, we need to get in and out quickly,” he replied. Lance gave him a short glare.

“So because it is the fastest way to the server room, it is automatically the safest, you’re putting the safety of your teammate on the line in order to complete the mission faster?” he asked getting closer to Shiro who tried to avoid his eye. “What would have happened if we went down here and there were drones or weapons in the vents, we could have died in there,” he pulled the map back and brought up a different hallway. Shiro looked at it and back at Lance for an explanation.

“It’s a maintenance hallway, the other direction from where this one is, it is fully surveillanced with no blind spots and no places for anything to be hidden,” he said pushing the screen into Shiro’s who looked at it sheepishly. He zoomed out letting the outside of the base show. He turned to Allura who jumped at being in the teen’s sights.

“The defense of the base is different from the cruisers we come across Allura; if we had gone on the mission and used what we usually did we would have gotten caught and the entire mission would be compromised,” he stated bluntly. He brought up the schematics of the base and pointed along the foundation “This area is susceptible to fire, if I send out an electrical pulse along the base, it should collapse the barrier without any alerts to the Galra,” she carefully nodded it response watching the tiny barrier breaking down on her screen. Lance looked around at the ashamed paladin avoiding his gaze around him.

“Need I go on?” He asked quietly. He humphed when he only received sheepish nods. He turned to Shiro and pushed a finger into his chest.

“Next time when you say something about someone’s “weakness”, don’t. None of us are weak and you out of all of us should be the one to see that,” he said pushing him back. He turned to Keith.

“You shouldn’t be so insulting,” he said standing beside his chair. “I know that I haven’t shown you what I’m capable of but you don’t have to be so condescending,”

“You shouldn’t be so quick to judge,” he stated turning to focus on Pidge. “I try to come off as the carefree goofball because let’s face it, we’re fighting in a war and we’re a bunch of kids who probably shouldn’t be out here,” he turned to look at Hunk as well at this point. “You should know that I’m smarter than I act, you have known me the longest,”

“Lance,” Hunk tried but Lance only raised his hand between the two of them.

“Please let me finish,” he pleaded. “I wasn’t at the Garrison as a charity case or anything, and everyone here ignored that. I tried to do the best I could to keep the peace and keep the image of comic relief because it seemed to help you perform better,” he looked down at the ground trying to avoid the gazes of his teammates. His hands were shaking by his sides, the only visible sign of his anger through the entire rant until he started to feel a tremble in his lip and tears gathering in his eyes.

“Lance…” he heard Shiro hesitant voice call. His head shot up causing a tear to roll down his cheek as his eyebrows furrowed in anger.

“No! I don’t want to hear it!” he shouted shocking the other into silence. “You have been pulling this shit for too long, and you didn’t think anything of it! Well, it hurts! It hurts and no one cared enough about me to stop it!”

“Lance, we’re sorry,” Pidge said reaching out for the teen trying to put her hand on his arm. He slapped it away and started making his way to the door to leave. Before he left he put his hand on the doorway and looked back at Allura.

“Call me for the mission, I need to cool down for a bit,” he said quietly. Angry tears still streaked down his face, be he felt and looked resigned now. He turned and left, leaving the bridge in thick silence. It was broken by Kolivan making his way to the entrance to follow Lance to wherever he decided to hole up. Just like Lance, he looked at the others before he left.

“Perhaps next time, you should get to know your soldiers before you judge what they are capable of,”

Part 2

Lance Head canons
  • Is like scary good at math and chemistry, everything just clicks with him and it once caused a teacher to think we was cheating on his advanced calculus tests because they took him no time at all 
  • He makes all of his own skin care and hair care products, he did so on Earth and continues to do so in space
  • Hasn’t learned many science names in English so often times his abilities are underestimated because people think he doesn’t understand
  • Isn’t the oldest but is the second oldest. The oldest is his big sister, and she is 3 years older than him.
  • He taught his younger siblings how to swim, and many of his cousins
  • Loves mermaids and the ocean so much that he has a collection of glass figurines in his room at home with them as the theme
  • Can hold his breath for nearly 4 and a half minutes and is working to increase it
  • Lance is absolutely the person who will drop 30-50$ on a single eye shadow palette and he’s done it many times
  • Is bisexual as fuck
  • Hasn’t ever really dated anybody because he was focused on doing well in the Garrison, but he really likes to flirt, but he doesn’t really want it to go anywhere
  • Sees Pidge as a little sister because she reminds him of Sophia, his 12 year old sister who is really smart and also wanted to join the Garrison
  • Always second guesses himself and doesn’t really view himself as super smart despite everything he can do which sometimes puts him at a disadvantage
  • Had the biggest crush on Prince Zuko from Avatar the Last Air bender as well as Katara

I bought the first couple volumes of the Haikyuu manga and I noticed on Kageyama’s profile page there was a disclaimer on the bottom.

The author wanted to make sure that you didn’t think Kageyama was anything other than the volleyball idiot he is. Poor boy 😂

I’m freaking watching HxH 1999 and they’re wondering what the final stage of the hunter exam will be, and:

Hisoka freaking drops his cards, ruins his card house-

They run off to the library to study:


Hisoka’s like “dam, I haven’t studied, I’m gonna fail” and then he realizes this old guy didn’t really know what he was talking about and he’s like “bless”

MBTI types as people I've met


INFJ: (besides me) into vintage things, friendly, sarcastic, independent, a little weird to some people, stands out in a crowd even though doesn’t really want to. Is a hardcore teddy bear. Easy going and laid back mostly. Very driven and very intelligent.

ENFP: Best friend, sassy, super fun person, into being active, sometimes acts like an introvert, but really isn’t one. In love with dogs and snow cones. And lots of wisdom behind those bright eyes

ESFJ: (girl) Best friend, super girly and funny, bossy, will be an awesome mom one day, responsible, into makeup and doing hair, friends with everyone

ESFJ: (boy) good at anything that requires sporty skills or being active, entrepreneur minded, adventurous, doesn’t act like it but is super smart, friends with everyone he meets

ESFP: sensitive, outgoing, super laid back and good at sports. Friendly and nice. Has a weird sense of humor. Can be quiet at times… good friend to anyone.

INFP: genius. Doesn’t write much, but is very poetic. Creative, emotional, but tough. Funny, witty humor, kind, and friendly. Into techy things as well as traveling. underestimated, encouraging and inspiring.

INTP:quiet and reserved, but will sometimes act like an extrovert. Laid back and easy going. Very handy and sarcastic. Independent and likes alone time. Extreme adventurer and sometimes intimidating. Seems tough, but actually way nicer than anyone thinks.

INTJ: really really smart and intelligent. Seems intimidating, but is actually softy. Actually very nice despite what people may think. Deep thinker and handy. Makes for a good conversationalist. Likes outdoor activities.

ENTJ: energetic and genius. Drummer and tech geek. Kinda weird, but fun to hang around. Talkative and did I mention smart?

ISFJ: Quiet, But fun. A little awkward… very kind. talented artist. Does have an outgoing side around friends.

ISFP: quiet sometimes, friendly, very artistic in music and drawing, loves people and is nice. Has a funny side. Loves wearing black lol

ENTP: really smart and laid back. Hilarious and fun. Very outdoorsy and tough. Loves hunting, fishing, hiking, exploring and all things mountain man involved. Also entrepreneur minded.

ENFJ: friendly and easy to talk to. We have a lot in common. Adventurous and lots of deep conversations. Good and kind with people and lots of wisdom.

ISTJ: best friends when I was little. Wanted to be president one day. Shy and a bit bossy. Caring and diligent in work.

That’s all I got for now🤷🏽‍♀️😝

ok, so i wasn’t the biggest MCU fan since the beginning, like I didn’t even know Iron Man was a thing at first but I distinctly remember one of my friends from high school literally walking around with that movie in his pocket. he’d uploaded the movie on his phone, at a time when the biggest phone screen was like 2 inches wide, in a very sad time for us and whenever he had time, even during our freaking classes he would watch that movie as if it was a mantra.

i remember that i once asked him why he liked Tony Stark so much and he smiled and said the same thing that Yinsen says in the movie. “He’s the man who has everything and yet has nothing”. And so I asked why, and he simply said “Cause he’s like super rich and super smart, he’s got all the toys and everything, but he’s an orphan, he’s completely in love with his secretary and probably will never do anything about it because he’s scared it’s all gonna put her in danger, his only other friends are his driver and a guy who still doesn’t understand why he wants to stop weapon production and he still doesn’t understand his worth”.

I haven’t talked to the guy for a couple of years now, and damn i don’t even know if he still watches the movies, but I wish I could rant with him about Tony Stark being awesome ok.