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Do any of your characters in AFAC have Asperger's Syndrome? If you don't know what that is, it's like a minor form of autism. It's 1% of our population, and have trouble following "emotional rules" because they aren't programmed into our mind at birth. Are any of your characters like that?

Yeah I know what Asperger’s is. That’s the brand of autism I have. It’s possible that Paolo did. They’re socially odd and have a specific interest in stories and exploration bordering on obsession, and it’s typical of autistic people to have a specific special interest. I would also suggest that Papyrus displays a lot of typically autistic traits but since he’s a monster I’m gonna say he’s not cause monsters have their own disorders separate from humans.

an uncategorised Snape mess:

01) I like in the movie that Snape, along with Minerva (indirectly), defeat the Carrows. I didn’t notice that the first time, but after rewatching I did.

02) I would have liked to see more of McGonagall and Snape’s relationship in the books and films. Like, how did McGonagall treat Snape as a student; or during Snapes early years as a professor, I’d especially like to know how McGonagall reacted to knowing the truth about Snape.

03) If Severus didn’t have to by spy, I believe he would have gotten over Lily. Giving his role, it would be to dangerous for Severus to form a relationship.

04) Honestly, I hate the actions that Snape did, like abusing Harry, but I absolutely love the character, because he’s such an interesting character. The fact of the matter is that I dont understand why people defend him like he’s a real person; he’s supposed to be controversial and ~problematic~. That’s what makes interesting characters. All this discourse is unnecessary.

05) It’s a shame Steven Universe was released well after Snape died (unless it’s possible for a portrait to watch TV), because he could have taken a leaf out of Pearl’s book on how to get over a loved one ending up with someone else, and how to treat said person’s child.

[…] When asked what drew him to Room No. 7, Do Kyungsoo replied, “The story was really interesting. It would be my first time in a black comedy, and Taejeong was a character I had never been before. And he had a tattoo. That’s why I really wanted to be in it.” fydk-translations

 And he had a tattoo. That’s why I really wanted to be in it.” 




I feel the need to share the distinction between my Dark and the actual Darkiplier. I made my Darkiplier before A Date with Markiplier came out so I had a lot more freeform interpretation from the few silly appearances we had of Dark. But now we have a LOT more information on Dark and it’s clear he’s different from my own ideas of the character.

I love them both. They are quite an interesting breed of character that I’ll never stop exploring. As any of you who follow me know, I’m a huge fan of alternate universes. And in their own ways, they are alternate universes of eachother. So I’m going to keep to my Dark while maybe even drawing and speculating on Marks version of Dark. ;> just let me know if you had a specific one in mind from now on.


Here we are at the apocalypse after all this time. I don’t think the narrative leading up to this is quite as well-developed as the ramp to A Tale of Two Stans, but it is what it is.

This series remains a masterpiece of character writing. All four of the current main characters are believable, consistent, nuanced, and above all interesting. In particular the parallels between Mabel and Stan that have shown up recently are fascinating to me because they’ve always been there, under the surface. Even Ford, jackass though he might be, is unique and well-written. The things he does all make sense within Ford-logic, which is great. 

This episode wasn’t particularly strong, although the tension at the end was perhaps better-laid than at any point in the series. It wasn’t the deafening brawl at the portal, but something far more suspenseful and sinister.

Dipper and Mabel Vs the Future is a 9/10 to me, although “Give Mabel a Hug”/10 is also acceptable. 

The end is here. Let’s see where it leads us.

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It occurred to me that the turning point for BJR was Wentworth Prison. He was happy to shoot and kill Jamie then, but the pistol wasn't loaded. It strikes me that his love / hate / admiration and need to break Jamie solidified. He envied Jamie's courage to face life without becoming hardened and dark like he'd become. Jamie had the strength of character and fortitude that BJR knew he lacked. Thoughts?

This is a really interesting ask. I think you’re referring to Fort William, not Wentworth, because that’s where Jamie came in to save Claire with the empty pistol.

You are so correct in this - he truly *wanted* to kill Jamie at Fort William. Likely had wanted to kill him four years earlier, when he flogged Jamie.

But once Jamie knocks him out - mocks him, really - and beats him, Randall has a LOT of time to think about what he would do to Jamie, should they meet again.

Randall didn’t just want to kill Jamie - which was clearly his endgame at Wentworth. He wanted to break Jamie - to destroy him. To dismantle him, and everything important to him. To kill his soul, and to take his time doing it. So that killing his body would be almost an afterthought.

Remember how Randall tells Claire, “the boy would not beg.” And what do we see Jamie do, right at the beginning of 01x16? Beg Randall to kill him.

Randall *does* succeed in breaking Jamie’s spirit - but he doesn’t count on Claire restoring that spirit. Renewing that spirit. Giving Jamie the strength to heal, and move forward, despite everything Randall did to him.

Still by my side

Summary: There was someone else he was far more invested in right now. Someone who was rough around the edges and interesting on so many levels. He turned to walk the busy streets. A glimpse of red caught his eye and he silently thanked Lady Luck.

Still by my side

Pairing: He Tian x Mo Guan Shan

Rating: T

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Do you think Momota would have agreed to kill Ouma if he wasn't poisoned and already dying?

Now that’s an interesting question. There’s no way to know with 100% certainty of course, but if I had to give my own opinion… I don’t think he would. And not for reasons that have anything to do with “hating Ouma” or “doubting” him or anything like that. Rather, Momota himself is also very strongly against murder (something that was somewhat lost in some moments of translation in the localization).

One of the parallels between Ouma and Momota that I find the most interesting is, in fact, how much both of them hate murder and killing. For all their differences and all their disagreements, that seems to be one point they definitely both have in common. Where many other characters in ndrv3 are a little more undecided about whether a death was deserved or justified or not, Momota is easily one of the characters who, for the most part, thinks it’s pretty unforgivable even if there were good intentions behind it.

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Supergirl 3x02 - few thoughts...

Ooookay, so here we go…

I guess with 3x02 episode we now have some kind of idea what this sason is going to look like.

1. Kara & Lena “friendship” will be put up front to bait SuperCorp fandom to boost some ratings up until obvious conclusion for Lena finding out Kara’s secret, feeling betrayed and probably going evil of something simmilar.

2. Lena & James are going to be “paired” as a couple, because it’s obivios that powerful and badass woman can’t be complete without “her man” — we saw it clearly with thier interactions and trying to portray James as whiny brat.

I have absolutely NOTHING against the character of James Olsen. He is an amazing character & 100 times more interesting than Mon-El…. well… who am I kidding… the cgi snakes on tonights episode were more interesting than Mon-El :)

3. Reign as Lena’s “substitute” at L-Corp. Well… surprise, surprise… I guess it had to be done to make some “friends/adversay triangle” between Kara-Lena-Reign and the show need to start at some point with s3 main villain.

4. Reign (cont.) - we can be fairly sure that Reign “going bad” is going to have something to do with her daughter being hurt or killed - and she will be blaming Supergirl for it.

5. Alex & Maggie - I guess “The CW way to breakup” just started :( Shit! I only hope they will adress it properly and not put it on a side like some unwanted detail.


- Danvers sisters are pure perfection :)
- Jonn’s detailed analysys of DJ vs BAND argument :)
- Winn’s silent interrogation :)
- Melissa’s acting :) (She was really great in this episode!)


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I hope they don't get too silly with the whole "tfw adopts Jack" thing. Like I know this show runs on family dynamics and i'm excited for the character development and dynamics it will bring, and i'm sure there will be some humor surrounding the situation. But i'm really not interested in "domestic destiel adopts Jack" and again, just hoping it doesn't get silly:P

I am sure they won’t be :)

So… whilst a lot of people were here daddy shipping Dean/Cas or Dean/Sam with bringing up baby Jack or parenting teenager Jack over the summer I was here like

They’re . gonna . teach . him . and . he’s . an . exposition . not . a . baby .

And this is coming from me, who LOVES dadstiel… like I’m desperate for them to adopt a kid at the end of the show.

So I agree, this is not the point of Jack. There will be some I’m sure but I don’t think this is gonna last long at all, it’s more about exposition and moving their individual arcs forwards than parenting.

(( What’s up, my beautiful people? My name is Aaron. You guys might know me, since I’ve had Isa/Saïx as a muse for a long time now, as well as other muses in the Kingdom Hearts fandom. I had a couple of things that turned me off from coming back to this blog, but I think that I’ve taken care of these issues, so let’s do this thing!

If you’d be interesting in interacting with my baby boy or agree that Square Enix needs to give him the character development and redemption arc that he deserves, then click on some of those buttons down there. I would really appreciate it and will do my best to check out your blogs. c: ))

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Some James fans are angry that a lot of people don't want J/L happen because they think it's something against his character but I think this ep showed a big reason why that's a bad idea. They are doing his character wrong. Can't the writers think of storylines for James? He's such a great character and the only thing they know what to do with him is give him a love interest? Even after the ship happens I still hope they give him more to do than only being Lena's shadow. Is not fair to James.

yeah i’ve seen ppl lash out at James multiple times when the idea of this pairing came up so i really cannot fault them being angry, i was fucking pissed at some of the headassery i’ve seen but like. literally the starting point of the relationship is seemingly that, in Mehcad Brooks’ own words, James is ready to give Lena a second chance but is never going to trust her fully? the writers seem to think that ppl being antagonistic to each other is what a romantic relationship should be based on apparently & are bending and breaking the characters around them as they like for that and it’s literally 1) fucking infuriating, especially when you’re a fan of both James and Lena 2) a terrible fucking way to write a relationship in general? (not even mentioning how this is a very deliberate move to tie down both of Kara’s prospective love interests that ppl would actually be glad to see her with lmao)

also James is still a professional and quite outstanding investigative journalist, head of a media company AND a vigilante to boot, i cannot believe there isn’t Something A Bit More Relevant to do w him……………. like anyways

I’m hella hyped with star wars after seeing the tlj trailer and I really wanted to interact with the fandom but damn! the shipp war is CRAZY here and I can’t believe people hate on Adam Driver because of Kylo Ren (my goth emo murderous baby Kylo? that amazing, complex and interesting character?? for real, bitches???!?!) and because the dude was in the marine when he was, like, 17?!?!?!

I mean, y'all realise that people who wanna find a nice place to chill and talk about a thing we all love start to avoid interacting with y'all because of this kind of bullshit, right?

I still want to, but honestly I’m scared with what I’ve seen… the good fellas out there please be the Kylo to my Rey (maybe?!) and show me my place in all this, because I’m yet to find a nice spot in all this sea of hate… :/

why does fat gum get to be fat, but momo doesn’t? if anything, his quirk (adsorption/release) wouldn’t necessarily require fat unless the author wanted it to work out that way (he did because it’s more interesting that way). meanwhile, momo’s quirk actually requires her to transform the lipids in her body. she shouldn’t be skinny. 

momo’s power working functionally in actual relation to her body fat would mean

1) she would be an example of an athletic, fat girl who is that way because she chooses to be & it helps her be the best she can

2) the kids who watch/read this would see that other characters respect and look up to this girl, who is the smartest in the group, charming, and very competent, which helps the little representation that fat girls are ever allowed to have

3) like fat gum, she actually has a functional limit (instead of a theoretical limit) to her power. even if it’s vast, she has to be smart about what she does so she doesn’t reach the limit of her power in a crisis. perhaps part of her training would involve lowering the exchange rate of lipids for other materials. more opportunity for growth beyond just needing to believe in herself

also, unrelated, but momo needs to engineer material her objects can phase through. being that exposed is not only super gross but really bad for combat where enemies could attack her exposed skin to impede her quirk; acid, ice, burns, anything could make the release of her creations very difficult if her skin is damaged or dry or clogged. it should be protected and covered.

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Who are the good canonic characters on the spectrum?? This sounds promising

Renarin from the Stormlight Archive series (hes not a major-major character as of yet but hes gonna get more involved and have his own POV/backstory book in the series) and Steris from the 2nd Mistborn series (shes the mc’s major love interest). 

theyre both written by brandon sanderson and he actually talked to autistic people as a reference when writing them

Writing/ Character Development Advice: Shakespeare’s Absolutes

the thing I learned in my shakespeare class that really stuck with me was one of the points my prof made about how he approaches drama/ character, and this is, everything is on the table. His stories operate on the idea that any particular character– even the Good ones, even the heroes–can and will do anything, however seemingly counter to their character, if correctly motivated/ pushed. 

And I bring this up because a lot of character development advice I see says stuff like “what are your character’s hard boundaries/ things they’d never do?” and I’m not gonna say this is a wrong way to think about a character, but it’s. a vastly less interesting way. 

You can apply this to pretty much any shakespeare but let’s do twelfth night: Duke Orsino would never give up his pursuit of Olivia, or question his absurd, self-pitying, misogynistic beliefs about love. Viola would never let her emotions get the better of her practicality. Olivia would never fall in love or even hang out with dudes until her seven years of mourning have passed. Malvolio would never partake in any indignity such as smiling constantly and wearing yellow stockings. The best example I can think of is Benedick in Much Ado: He repeatedly espouses how terrible and untrustworthy and shrewish women are, and is known for his epic bromances with his buddies. He would never take a woman’s side over theirs in what is literally a life and death argument.

Guess what ends up happening! Circumstances become such that they do all of these things! And those Circumstances, and Things, and the consequences of those Things, are the plot. And I’m not saying you have to plot like shakespeare, but the dude is wildly famous for a reason.

So my advice is that if you think of your character as having absolutes, figure out what would drive them to give that up: that’s probably your story, or at least a part of it. The internet understanding of “OCs” tends to look at them as static beings, a list of immutable traits and backstory talking points, and there’s nothing inherently wrong with that, but when you’re writing stories, understand that they’re fueled by the dynamism of characters, by their growth or change or moral degradation. Characters aren’t precious; don’t be afraid to break them to show us what’s inside.

Bendy vs the inkmachine

The series follows bendy Boris Alice Henry and new character bella as they try to stop the ink monster’s sammy Laurence let loose on new York city…get ready for the adventures of your favorite anti hero bendy and his friends.


Bendy the ink demon: he’s The Leader and Star Of His show

Boris: Bendy’s best Friend and the brain’s (even if he doesn’t look like it)

Alice Angel: the girl who gets captured

Henery: a guy that does what ever it takes to save the city

Bella: a girl with a mysterious past with ink powers and bendy love interest

Sammy lurance: the main villain

Get ready for a adventure of laughs blood, adventure and romance *wink*

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You have really an interesting Top Five of the sexiest guys... And Kudou Michiya ? I totally agree. And his voice~ I was hesitating between Endou & Hiroto. Buuut... Hiroto just got me with his glasses and his eyes ! X3 Anyway, you can develop anytime hehe...

Develop ? Sure I can ~ I never really loved Hiroto’s design this much, I find it really… banal ? He’s sure cute though, and I really like the character ! 

Why Kudou Michiya is the sexiest coach from Inazuma Eleven (not Go. We have a bunch of sexy coaches in Go, and Kudou can’t compete with Adult!Kidou anyway xD) and why he is one of the hottest guy of the show (to me) :

First, his design. You know what I mean. I have something for this kind of glares : a dark, hot glare, right ? And the way he thinks with his hand on his chin, and the way he frowns

I bet he has a pretty little ass too ~

Second : just look how he cares for Fuyuka. Even if he adopted her, he really feels like a father (and I love the way Fuyuka accepts it in the show. I mean, it could have been so easy to go all drama like “you’re not my father” before understanding that it’s the same and that she loves him and blah blah…).
He even is kinda “nice” with Fudou, “supporting” him when he is playing aggressively and when nobody wants to be his friend, to show the team he is a good player.

I guess his biggest flaw his habit not to say what he has in his mind when he’s ordering his team. It’s a real problem (Hitomiko did the same too), it really feels like he doesn’t really consider Inazuma Japan is strong/smart enough to understand what he’s saying.

BUT ! I really loved the episode where Kudou orders Endou not to play so he can see what’s going on in his team. Endou was so oblivious to his teammates issues, even though he is the captain… Kudou helped him understand that sometimes you can’t only pat someone shoulder and say “it’ll be ok’’

That’s why I really like Kudou as a character. And he’s hot, don’t forget it ok ?


Arin yawned as he picked out a game for the recording session with Dan today. He had no clue what the game was, but it looked like it was going to be hilarious, but he went to check with Dan just to check if he was interested, which he was after reading the back and seeing that the game warned that there would be some sexual content.

“There’s no way it’s gonna be good,” Dan giggled, looking at the characters awful designs. He knew that Arin was planning for this to be a one off, but there was no way it was going to be, it would be seven episodes, at least.

It took five episodes for any sexual content to appear. Dan and Arin were literally only continuing to play because they wanted to know just how sexual things got an how bad it was, with how bad the dialogue was and the way the characters moved in ways that could not be described as human, they knew it was going to be bad, but the question was would it be worth it? They both felt they had lost almost all the brain cells they had by this point.

“Oh fuck yeah, wet t-shirt contest!” Dan cheered, although what was happening was not cheer worthy.

“How was it possible to make boobs look so bad?” Arin wondered aloud. Although what was happening onscreen was absolutely atrocious, Arin couldn’t help but let his mind wonder to thoughts of when he was younger. This was the second time he had thought of this, the first time when he was with Suzy playing that Hunie game, he couldn’t recall the complete title of. He wondered whether he should bring it up or not, and figured, fuck it, he already had on KKG so why not? Plus, he could direct more people to his wife’s channel.

“You know I used to really be into watersports when I was younger,” Arin let out a small chuckle, but stopped when he realised that Dan was completely silent, no longer laughing at the game they were playing and was staring at him like he’d just confessed to killing someone.

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You know, the only thing I appreciated about J.K. Rowling was when she corrected someone about Dumbledore’s sexual orientation because it was just accepted that he was gay. 

Funny how perspectives turned out after that one.

Now there’s more emphasis on exactly how stereotypically gay/trans/asexual/etc. a character MUST be in order to be considered interesting. Kind of was hoping it would have gone in the other direction where it was just accepted that it was a part of character and everyone would move on. Wouldn’t that be considered a good thing if people were able to look passed a stereotype and see a person?

Oh, but that’s right. We’re on the Hellsite™ where positivity is bad and we all have to be miserable.