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I think I sent this ask to the wrong blog earlier LMAOOO but I think I can identify the virgo sun traits in jungkook, but I don’t really see that much of them in namjoon. i mean im still sort of a beginner at astrology so maybe I’m not even right about jungkook 😂 but what are some really virgo things about namjoon? Love your blog!

namjoon is like the epitome of virgo. first of all his hard working nature. he’s a perfectionist and you can see that through his music. all virgos are quite critical and picky. he’s critical of not only himself, but also the world around him/society. his humility. virgos are one of the most humble signs, completely content working behind the scenes and not making a fuss (they often don’t give themselves credit where it’s due) his love for helping others. his superior intelligence. his socially awkward moments (aka never receiving a handshake back) his nerdiness/dorkiness (obsession with ryan and collectibles) that’s just to name a few !!

Love these interviews where he talks about his music and solo career. He sounds like a perfectionist and it’s no wonder he took the most time out of all 1D guys to put music out. He REALLY REALLY thought this through. Honestly at first I didn’t know what to make of strip that down but it certainly is a grower and I now enjoy it so much and i will never get tired of that song. I can totally understand why they made it the first single. And Get low? for me that song is 10/10. can’t wait for the whole album….  and how personable and sincere does he come across in all these interviews… I just cannot imagine anything that comes out of him is fake.

Angel Of Music: Part Four

Harrison Osterfield x Reader

Summary: You’re preparing for your next gig, but not before sneaking off, with your guitar for some quiet time in the secluded park. 

Song used as inspiration was our last summer from Mamma Mia. For the video Ipswich by Georgi Kay.

Warnings: Swearing

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You had spent the last couple days rehearsing your asses off, for your next gig. You were now tired and grumpy with Storm who had been giving you a hard time, mainly because he’s a perfectionist. Which you had nothing against but, everyone wouldn’t let down the fact that you were completely irresponsible and left with a group of strangers. With a rather frustrated sigh you leave the house, with your guitar case in hand wanting nothing more than peace and time for yourself. 

You walk to the park that’s not far from the house. The park was rather quiet not many people were around. You make yourself comfortable on the grass, it’s soft under a large tree. The dappled light coming through the leaves. Running your fingers through your hair, you pull out your guitar tuning it. You begin to gently pluck the strings, it’s long after that you begin to sing softly.

I can still recall our last summer, I still see it all, 

 Walks along the sand, laughing in the rain, 

 Our last summer, memories that still remain, 


The Holland family had decided to do a family walk, along with Tess, Monty and Harrison. They were enjoying the peace and tranquility of not needing to bother about, the public. The boys were all goofing off with the two dogs, when they first heard the soft music. The group stopping suddenly, listening to the soft feminine voice floating in the air like a summer breeze.

‘But underneath, we had a fear of flying,

Of growing old, a fear of slowly dying,

We took a chance like we were, dancing our last dance,

The boys choose to follow the voice in order to find the owner of the beautiful voice that accompanied the guitar.

“Hmm, they’re very good.’’ Murmurs Dom as they get closer to the sweet voice, when they turn the corner their rather surprised to find the very girl, they met a couple weeks ago. Only this time she’s dressed much more casually in a black pinafore, with a pale pink shirt underneath. Teal high-top Converse with cat faux-stocking tights, her hair hiding half of her face. They watch her for a moment, it almost felt as if they had walked in on an intimate moment the way she sang. Her voice full of unspoken emotions, that could only be unleashed in music. The strumming of her guitar fades away as she lets out a heavy sigh, running her fingers through her hair.

“That was so cool.’’ Paddy exclaims, causing the girl to jump a small surprised noise escaping her. As she turns her head to the group staring at her, a smile breaking out on her face as she recognises them.

“You know if we keep meeting like this people will start to talk.’’ She says standing up, dusting herself off of dirt. The boys merely chuckle.

“How you’ve been Y/n?” Tom asks,

“Busy, we have a gig in a few days. How about you lot?” She asks

“We’ve all been pretty good.’’ Tom says as the two dogs bark, wanting to get off their leashes. Y/n’s attention is now focused on the two dogs.

“I didn’t know you had dogs.’’ She says,

“We only have one dog, Tess. Monty is Harrison’s.’’ Harry says,

“My grandparents had a dog called Monty when I was little.’’ She says with a reminiscent smile. She was about to say something else when her phone started ringing, with a sigh she offers an apologetic look knowing that she had to answer it. The family give her the ok, as she turns away distancing herself from them.

“I can see why you like her so much Harrison.’’ Nikki says with a smile causing the blonde to blush.


DJ was calling you wondering where you were, you told him and also explained that you bumped into Tom, Harry and Harrison along with the rest of Tom’s family. He seemed relieved, all the boys were protective of you and they didn’t like it when you guys argued, or fought for that matter. You let him know that you would be back soon. You end the call turning to see the boys laughing at Harrison, who was a bright shade of pink with embarrassment.

“Everything alright love?” Nikki asks you,

“Yeah just the boys wondering where I was, they’re a protective bunch.’’ You explain.

“Why weren’t you with them?” Tom asks,

“We were arguing, and I’d rather cool off than say something that I’ll regret later.’’ You say while putting your guitar back in it’s case. 

“That’s mature of you.’’ Sam says,

“What’s that meant to mean?” You ask, raising an eyebrow,

“Well, you’re just so young….’’ Nikki starts, causing you to laugh almost uncontrollably.

“I’m 20. I’m older than I look.’’ You chortle,

“You are?” Harrison asks,

“Yep. It happens all the time. And I’m not going to lie I use it to my advantage all the time.’’ You admit with a shrug and a giggle.

“Well that explains a lot.’’ Harry murmurs more to himself. You’re about to reply when your phone starts going off again, you sigh inwardly.

“I gotta go. But come to the gig.’’ You say, with a wave as you skip off back to your friends.


A couple hours later at the Holland House:

The boys were all lounging in the living room, Harry was on his laptop with his headphones in, a smirk on his face as he glances at Harrison every now and again. It hasn’t gone unnoticed by the blonde who’s scrolling through his phone mindlessly.

“Jesus, what is it?” Harrison asks turning to Harry,

“Well your little girlfriend and her band have a Youtube channel. They make their own music videos.’’ Harry explains his smirk widening as Harrison practically jumps out of his spot on the armchair to where Harry is seated on the couch. Tom and Sam joining him to, to look at the laptop. Harry takes his headphones out of his laptop, as he starts a random video, from their channel. It’s starts off showing an abandoned, old house out in the middle of nowhere, inside is Y/n only she looks scary and dead. Her voice is enthralling, as she sings the lyrics, that are rather dark and chilling. The boys can tell that a lot of effort has been put into the video. She looks sexy but terrifying to a point, as she sits alone singing, as flashes of her been beaten and put through witch trials are shown throughout the video.

Harrison is transfixed, as if nothing else in the world mattered. As the video ends, Tom lets out a breath, he’s seen things being behind the scenes but that looked way more amazing than any normal amateur band.


“Now I understand why Harrison is obsessed with her, she’s pretty fucking fit.’’ Sam says, causing Harrison to shove him a little.

“I’m not obsessed, I admire her work.’’ Harrison retorts,

“Well we’re all going to that gig now.’’ Tom concludes, with a smirk.

Kissing Styles...

James Potter: Very… very eager, but trying really… really hard to restrain himself. Knows how to do fun things with his tongue… has had a lot of practice. All in all… he’s what people like to describe as “fun”… 8/10 

Sirius Black: Knows how to adapt. Can pretty much match anyone’s kissing style, but likes deep, intense kissing the most… Also likes biting and hickeys. As talented as he is pretty. Down for basically anything… An enjoyable experience all the way around. 11/10

Remus Lupin: Nervous. Starts off slow… then kisses like it’s the last time he’ll ever kiss someone because he always feels like it’s the last time anyone will ever want to kiss him… 6/10 when he’s nervous… 9/10 when he relaxes and let’s go. 

Peter Pettigrew: Sweats a lot… too much tongue… 4/10  

Lily Evans: Expert kisser, knows her shit… at least as far as technicalities go… but lacks spontaneity. Get’s flustered when she doesn’t see something coming like James’ tongue tricks… also gets distracted easily (”SHIT! That’s due tomorrow!”)… Overall, needs some work. 6.5/10

Frank Longbottom: Handles you like you’re made of glass… very gentle… very sweet… enjoys kissing the spot just beneath your ear. Hates biting because he’s worried he’ll hurt you. Often stops to stare or chat. Worships the ground you walk on… 8/10 for kissing… 20/10 for making you feel like a goddess. 

Alice Longbottom: Kinky as fuck. 9/10

Dorcas Meadowes: Kinkier than fuck. Kisses like she owns your ass. Also hella gay. 10/10

Marlene McKinnon: Also also hella gay… less kinky. Uses a lot of tongue… but does it right. 9/10 

Mary Macdonald: Mary sue to the max… every kiss is like a reenactment of “The Notebook”. Disney-esque. 7/10

Regulus Black: Untrusting. Tends to panic if things go too quick… or too slow… or not exactly how he planned it. Perfectionist… and a bit of a control freak… doesn’t really know how to adapt to other kissing styles. 4.5/10

Narcissa Malfoy: Reserved… until between the sheets, then she will eat you alive. Mother fucking queen. Savage. Always tops. 10/10

Lucius Malfoy: Fun to look at… Terrible kisser. -5 stars. Two thumbs way down… would not recommend…. 0/10……………. alright… 2/10 for being pretty… Also… submissive af.  

Bellatrix Lestrange: Will rip your goddam lip off. 0/10…. unless you’re into that.

Fenrir Greyback: Will rip your goddam head off. -54/10

Severus Snape: Ew. 

  • 707: Can you tuck me in?
  • V: ??? you handed me a shovel..
  • 707: Yeah just spread the dirt over me as evenly as you can thanks.

Completed in the stream last night. Thought it would be appropriate that Zack could braid hair since he’s got a little sister. Melissa likes to style her hair but braiding is impossible for her to do alone. Mr Chase is the dad who can’t Hair, and since she’s tried Milo once as kids and it sort of went all to Murphy’s Law, Melissa decided to see if Zack could braid. Being surrounded by boys, her options are limited lol.

Good thing Zack could braid… Too bad he’s a perfectionist when he does XD

Why does Black Hat keep the trio?

Alan, the creator of the show Villainous, did a Q and A recently on a live stream and one of the questions were.

Why does Black Hat keep Dr. Flug and the others and why won’t they escape?

Now, Alan didn’t reveal too much but he did gave us a hint which was, Black Hat keeps them there for a reason or purpose, it’s not random and it’s not that he wants to destroy them. (Which implies BH wants to, but won’t) because if there were other people, they would not stay with him. (Which also implies that he wants them, specifically, for a reason.

 and it also implies that the trio continues to stay with him after all the abuse he gives them, because for some 
“reason” they want to stay with him.

Alan also follows up by saying that BH keeping them with him, is not with good intentions, they have a purpose. Every single one of them. But what is that purpose?

Here is my own thoughts.


Flug gets most of the abuse from BH, but he continues to stick around. Most people believe that he is there against his will, but that is not true because Alan also revealed that Flug is actually “Working” with Black Hat! By Choice!

From this, we can assume that Flug had worked with Black Hat the longest and that he is getting paid. Perhaps a LOT. In an article that Alan was interviewed in, he gave out even more information on Flug’s “Role” in Black Hat inc. 

This translates to “Dr. Flug, is Black Hat’s right hand-” He is BH right hand man, which also proves that he had been there the longest to be by his side. Dr. Flug (described by Alan in the article) that he is the most Brilliant scientist in the world, but because he is so nervous it actually causes problems. Which brings me back to Black Hat’s purpose for Dr. Flug. 

Alan stated in a tweet, that Flug is actually a villain, but now as evil as Black Hat. 

I believe that Black Hat’s purpose for Flug is to mold him into a real villain and to also use his inventions for his own financial gain. Remember, Black Hat is EVIL, he is selfish, greedy and a perfectionist. Alan stated that Black Hat is not keeping the trio there under “good” intentions. BH sees Flug potential and also sees his brain and inventions as financial gain. 

Now as for Flug, I believe it has something to do with why he wears the paper bag, this is my own thoughts by using some of the evidence provided for us.  Flug is actually a beautiful man underneath his paper bag. Think about the Misadventures of Flapjack and “the most beautiful man in the world” episode.

Taking this example, there was a man that wanted people to recognize him through his combs (because he sold them) because he knows if he takes off the bag, they won’t care about his creations they will busy gawking at his face. I believe something similar happened to Dr. Flug. He is a scientist and inventor. He wanted to be recognized for his works but because of his face, people didn’t care about any of that which led him down the path of villainy. We also know from Alan that Flug is an aviator and is also fascinated in “planes and plane-crashes”. From what I believe is that Flug, possible, hijacked a plane and accidentally crashed it into BH’s house. Where the Demon found him, learned about him and decided to use him. Flug is more than happy to join him because he knows that with BH’s help, he could actually make something out of himself. 


Dementia is kinda still up there because we are not entirely sure as to what she is. Is she human? an escaped mental patient? a cyborg created by Dr. Flug?

maybe. In a tweet by Alan someone asked him about the metal band around Dementia’s ankle and got this. 

Dementia is under house arrest and it seems that she is bound to the house and bound to BH. She loves him unconditionally. But he does not love her, but in the same article that I explained before, Dementia is the destructive and impulsive “assistant” of Black Hat. In the poster art of the show, we can actually see her holding a mace. 

This is what I believe is Dementia’s purpose for Black Hat. She is his body guard. A body guard? what? Can’t Black Hat take care of himself? Yes! so think of it this way. She is his guard dog. She is a force that will destroy everything in her wake, BH just have to give the word and she will obey unconditionally due to her love for Black Hat. He knows that no one will be able to handle her, expect for him. Why not use her as an attack dog? 

Black Hat does not want to waste his power of inferior beings unless he has too, when Dementia came along, she would do whatever he says so he will let her do what she wants in the name of BH. Including destroying anyone he finds annoying. 

Dementia stays with Black Hat because, well, she loves him. All she wants is for Black Hat to notice her. Which means she is happy to stay by his side as long as Black Hat needs her. 


In the article, 5.0.5 is an experiment gone wrong and created by Dr. Flug. He was suppose to be super evil but became everything opposite of that. Black Hat tried to get rid of him but Flug managed to convince him to keep him as a pet. 5.0.5 is a little mysterious and we don’t know a lot about him but in the article, 5.0.5 is based on childhood Alan and Black Hat is based on Alan’s father. In the live stream, 5.0.5 wants to be useful for Black Hat which is why he cleans the mansion and does chores because all he wants is Black Hat’s love. Which he will, sadly, never get. 5.0.5 will never leave because Flug (who created him) is his friend and he sees Black Hat, as a father figure. 

My own thoughts from his creation is when he was created. He saw Black Hat first and immediately thought of as parent, even though Flug takes care of and protects him from BH’s wrath.

Black Hat keeps 5.0.5 around as a pet and as a personal maid. He’s not going to be the one to clean. Why not let the bear do it? He also uses 5.0.5 as a guinea pig to test Flug’s experiment’s on and also to torment every now and than. 

Well that’s all I have, if anyone of you want to offer your own headcanons as to the reasons why BH keeps them there, go ahead and comment below. Also another interesting fact. 

I was looking around in Alan’s twitter account and I found how evil each villain is from bad to worst, in villainous. 

so it goes from

5.0.5, Dr. Flug, Dementia and Black Hat (as being the worst)

Hang on To That Feeling


A/N: This is a planned post. I’m going to put a trigger warning on this just in case. This one is a bit different, so feedback would be lovely. 

Word count: 3,278

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”Hey Brian, I don’t have much time. What is it?” I asked, struggling holding the phone to my ear using only my left shoulder. 

My fingers moved across the keyboard on the computer without my eyes gazing down once as I continued to type. 

Multitasking had never been my thing and talking on the phone while typing in corrections for the next meeting at work, wasn’t really working out for me. 

“It’s Shawn” he stuttered and then the air in my lungs what punched out entirely. 

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bts personality analysis: jimin

park jimin is a man with two sides: an on stage persona, and his own personality that he shows to society. i think jimin is one of the few idols that doesn’t change when the camera is on him. im not even being biased because he is my bias, but i do believe that jimin is just genuinely good. and im not one to think that of people because i believe everyone has an innate side of them they arent too fond of - and im sure jimin does too (im going to talk about his temper later on). jimin believes in the good in people which can be both a strength and a flaw. i don’t necessarily think that jimin is naive, but he sees the good in people and could be manipulated due to the fact that he is so kind and compassionate. his niceties allow him to be vulnerable to people taking advantage of him and using him. and because jimin is so kind, he would let them - but only to an extent. i think jimin can hold his own because he is quite temperamental but you have to do something that challenges his own morals and valeus to see that side of him. he is genuine. he is authentic and you can tell that he was raised in a loving environment. 

jimin is temperamental. when he feels emotions, he feels it intensely. and because he has such strong values - ive noticed he values kindness and integrity most, he is understanding but he does not sympathise with people who have done the wrong thing -, when he is angry, he is angry. he is annoyed, frustrated, agitated. he is all the anger synonyms. this could be scary to witness firsthand because jimin is so sweet that you wouldn’t expect the intensity that comes with his anger. i dont think this anger is a flaw, though. because jimin is normally so tender, if he didnt have this frustration, he would be manipulated. its his psyche making a barrier to protect his feelings. his anger is also very telling as to what he believes in which is good when your making an analysis. he normally gets mad when people dont follow the rules, or when they are unkind. he doesn’t like conflict and wants harmony. jimin is a pacifist.

because he feels his emotions so intensely, he is prone to falling into his own thoughts of insecurity. i dont think jimin is as aware of his emotions like namjoon is which is why his reactions are always big and his entire body reacts - when he laughs, he laughs with his whole body. he would often fall into the trap of not feeling good enough and because he is so passionate and he expects so much of himself, nothing will ever reach the expectations he sets for himself. i see that jimin often reflects on his performance and monitors himself closely whether it be his diet or his shows, which is a really damaging mindset to have when he often thinks he isnt good enough because he is a perfectionist. he wants to be perfect when he knows that nobody can be. but because he feels this way, it allows him to understand people more, be more empathetic. that is what makes jimin so kind. its a shame that he doesnt see himself the same way when i believe he is an incredible person.

jimin and jin are a good pair because jimin has a habit of making people feel good and validated which is exactly what jin needs most, and i think jinmin’s relationship is healthy and beneficial for both of them!! jimin and yoongi are one of my favourite relationships in bangtan because jimin just wants to please yoongi and yoongi likes to be pleased. thats really all i have to say about yoonmin. jimin and hoseok are really lovely because jimin understand hoseok and his love for dance and i think hoseok really appreciate that. jimin knows when hoseok is tired and grumpy and knows when to stop and i think thats a really good quality in a friendship. jimin and namjoon r adorable because namjoon has a soft spot for cuteness and thats what jimin is - cute. jimin always knows how to make namjoon happy and jimin know how to makes him say aw - “YELLOW CARD”. jimin and taehyung are also one of my favourite relationships in bangtan because they seem to understand each other. they have this deep brotherly bond that they have formed over the years and i think its a really important relationship for jimins psyche because taehyung understands jimins personality better than i think anyone else does. its really beautiful to watch them interact and hear their inside jokes. jimin and jungkook are odd because as much as i love jikook, i think jungkook is a handful that jimin doesnt have the strength for. but jimin is a really crucial part to jungkook and i think that jungkook needs jimin as a shoulder, someone that he can rely on. jungkook is like jimins younger brother and i think they really do adore each other.

park jimin - enfj/libra. kind, temperamental, sensitive, charming.

kim seokjin ; min yoongi ; jung hoseok ; kim namjoon

Steve/Tony Fic Recs: Pining Steve

This is for the anon who wanted pining Steve, thank you for the ask, I LOVE  pining Steve <3 Some of this crosses over into mutual pining, but I’ve tried to focus on Steve - mutual pining will be another list :)

Remember to leave kudos and comments for your hard-working authors!


the very heart of it by schweet_heart“Hey Soldier,” he mumbles, unable to muster the energy to sound annoyed. “I see you drew the short straw.”

Five times Steve woke Tony, and one time Tony woke him.

Apple Bottom Jeans (And Other Love Songs) by gyzym: Or, how Steve Rogers–kind of–learns to dance.

Steve Rogers’ Guide to Recognizing Your Saints by Amuly (@everybodyilovedies​): Mary was for mothers. Christopher was for travelers. Michael was for soldiers. Steve carried his saints with him from his life to this new, shining future.

Steve Rogers Is A Slut For Art (And Tony Stark) by itsallAvengers (@itsallavengers​): So what, Steve wants to draw Stark. He gets that all the time. And usually, once he’s completed his sketch, he moves on. But for some reason, he just can’t seem to get Stark right. And everyone knows Steve is a perfectionist- he won’t sit still until he can draw that man’s face with his eyes closed. And in order to do that, he’s gotta go see him again, right? Except it kind of escalates from there.

Harlem Shake (I Won’t Dance, Don’t Ask Me) by theladyingrey42: It’s only by chance that Steve happens to head down to Tony’s workshop on the day they’re filming the video.

Healing Hearts by FestiveFerret (@festiveferret​): “Steve was tired.”

Photo Quest by adarksweetness (chayaasi) (@maniibear​): Steve loses a wallet, where he keeps a secret picture of Tony. His team of heroes is of no help, but hey, Thor’s roommate Daryl has some strangely insightful advice about ham.

Escape (The Piña Colada Fic) by Wordsplat (@wordsplat​): Tony’s looking for an escape; it’s closer to home than he would’ve thought.

Steve Rogers, Nurse McSexy by Wordsplat (@wordsplat​): Tony does not handle his morphine well, and Steve has been pining way too long for this shit.

Appreciation by Wordsplat (@wordsplat​): Steve has cultivated a wealth of appreciation for Tony’s many different looks, but he does have a favorite.

That Damn Tank Top by inukagome15 (@inukagome15​): He’d never seen Tony like this – so stripped down of his usual armors and completely in his element. Or, Steve sees Tony in his tank top when he’s in his workshop and likes it. A lot.

all i ever want to be is somebody to you by theappleppielifestyle (@theappleppielifestyle​): It’s not like Steve went out of his way to be stupidly, pathetically, embarrassingly in love with Tony.It just- it turned out impossible to not be, after a while.

Rush Over Me by MusicalLuna (@musicalluna​): Steve falls in love, which is a terrible thing to do.

take me out (and let me hold you tight) by MusicalLuna (@musicalluna​): Steve daydreams about holding Tony’s hand, and Halloween might just be the best chance he’s got for making dreams reality.

i’m hella bi (but you’re hella drunk) by MusicalLuna (@musicalluna​): Steve pines. Tony gets drunk. Tony kisses Steve. Steve almost, almost does something he should not.

Not just a river in Egypt (Tony is most certainly not in denial) by theoddoodisnude: "I am,“ Steve cuts off, equal parts amused and frustrated and concerned. "In love. With you. Tony, I’m in love with you.”

a superhero and an idiot walk into a bar by eleadore: It’s not that he and Tony don’t get along. It’s more that Tony got so drunk on New Year’s Eve that he kissed Steve full on the mouth in front of everyone and called him Shirley and then laughed until he passed out.

Falling Into You by sabrecmc (@sabrecmc​): Tony and Steve end up as fuck buddies after the events of The Winter Soldier until Steve calls it off. When Loki’s spell wipes all of Steve’s memories since the last time Loki was in town, Tony decides it will be so much easier to just not tell Steve they had something of a relationship. Spoiler: It isn’t. Or, how Steve fell in love with Tony and forgot about it, and how Tony fell in love with Steve and realized it.

For a Certain Definition of Happiness by Neverever (@captainneverever​): Steve Rogers should be happy - he has a job leading the new team of Avengers, friends, and a steady girlfriend. He works well with Tony Stark, who has retired as Iron Man and provides financial backing and technical support for the team. Steve’s life becomes complicated when the Avengers encounter a mysterious supervillain crimewave, Helmut Zemo wants to legislate the Avengers out of existence, and his relationship with Sharon begins to fall apart. Then, after the death of a close friend, Steve begins to question if he is truly happy. 

And, worse, why can’t he get Tony off his mind?

Ain’t No Drinking Man by archwrites (Arch): Steve’s skinny and asthmatic again, thanks to AIM. On the plus side, he can get drunk for the first time in seventy years. On the minus side, he kissed Tony, and now he’s skinny, asthmatic, and pining for his best friend. The first two conditions may be curable. The third is giving him some trouble.

By Its Cover by EClairedeLoon: The men and women Tony dated were young and beautiful and grew up in this modern world. Steve was still just that skinny kid from Brooklyn that didn’t get asked to the Sadie Hawkins dance and never had hopes of going steady. Only now, he was just as awkward, twice as big, and painfully out of date. In which Thor is wise, Steve is wrong, and Tony is more than he seems.

The Tchotchke Cha Cha by Arukou (@arukou-arukou​): What started off as one impulse buy souvenir snowballs into a constant flow of knickknacks from all over the world, and Steve is starting to wonder if it’s more than just Tony being nice.

Breakfast is the Most Important Meal by CherryIce: In which Steve is kind of a fossil but his squishy parts and feelings are still intact, Bruce hates blueberries, there’s a mysterious banging coming from Tony’s lab in the basement, and Emma Frost is not actually a stripper.

Something Red, White and Blue by Traincat (@traincat​): Steve Rogers is always the groomsman and never the groom. Tony Stark hates feelings and ancient alien prophecies. Or, five weddings Captain America attended, and one he crashed. Not necessarily in that order.

The Last Love Song of Anthony E. Stark by jibrailis: After contracting an Asgardian virus, Tony starts forgetting things. And people. And Steve.

Love among the Hydrothermal Vents by DevilDoll: In which Namor has a thing for Steve, an octopus has a thing for Tony, and Steve and Tony eventually have a thing for each other.

I don’t want you (to smile to anybody) by Mizzy (@mizzy2k​): Tony Stark doesn’t do commitment. So Steve finds it weird – but not impossible – to deal with Tony suddenly bringing home dates that look like him.Until one of Tony’s one-night-stands, who could be a double for Steve, turns out to be not quite as disposable as the rest of Tony’s conquests – and Steve’s repressed crush on Tony starts to become problematic…

the entire and perpetual sea by jelliebean: Steve was surprised by how domestic his day had been. How sweet Tony was to him. It was as if he’d been dropped in the middle of a relationship that had been going for years, and it felt. Well, it felt like home. The casual way Tony would bump into him and smile. The way it felt natural to pull him into a hug, kiss his hair.

Steve is granted a day to express his love. But all days end.

A Minor Incident by missbecky (@missbeckywrites​): Steve drags Tony along with him when he makes an impulsive decision to chase after Hydra. Things go downhill from there, and Steve discovers a new mission for himself. (series)

Wants And Needs (Or: Please Let Me Fuck You) by infinite_wonders: In which there is sex pollen, Tony is needy and horny, and Steve is more than happy to be ridden like a fucking bronco. Except, it takes a while because Steve’s got Morals and Scruples.


If At First by kellifer_fic: Where Tony is stupid and Steve has been waiting for a long time. (Try, Try Again)

Bulletproof by foxxcub: At age fifteen, Steve Rogers had been in love with Tony Stark.By age twenty, he’d (mostly) gotten over it. And then he promptly became Tony Stark’s fuck buddy.

You Never Forget Your First by cvsossong: Three years ago, Steve had an unforgettable first night with his long- time crush, Tony Stark. Expecting to never see him again, Steve joins the Army, buffs up, and heads off to college to finish his education. Unfortunately, things get turned around when Steve finds himself a part of Tony’s group after their friends start hooking up. Even more unfortunate is that Tony seems to have no memory of their night together. And all this before they become fuck buddies. Steve’s life is really a mess.

Issues by so_shhy: In which Steve has a crippling crush on Tony Stark, Tony is oblivious and obnoxious, and Bucky expresses his disapproval via passive-aggressive comics.

Steve Rogers’ Life Is Not A Romance Movie (He Wouldn’t Get The References, Anyway) by someonelsesheart: Steve hasn’t always had this ridiculous crush on Tony Stark. (Or, the one where Steve is his polite old self and doesn’t really hate Tony Stark (unfortunately), Tony is a child prodigy and apparently a cab driver now, too, and high school is still high school, even when you are the son of a billionaire.)

Run by itsallAvengers (@itsallavengers​): Steve took a long breath, shutting his eyes and putting two fingers up the bridge of his nose.

“So you’re telling me… you decided it would be a good idea… to start a fight when you were outnumbered… twenty to one?” he asked shortly. Tony grinned then, and nodded his head.

Looking for Heaven by foxxcub: When young Lord Anthony Stark learns Steven Rogers has enlisted in the army, he thinks he’s seen the last of his tiny, headstrong, haughty stable boy. But four years later, Lord Stark gets an unexpected visit from Steve, whose mother has fallen gravely ill and into financial ruin. Even more unexpected, Steve agrees to a shocking proposal: they will marry, giving Steve the necessary funds to save his mother, and Tony the much-needed reprieve from harassing would-be suitors. It is a business arrangement, nothing more. But as time goes on and circumstances arise, Tony begins to learn that keeping his heart away from his husband is easier said than done.

The Captain and the Prince by Penumbren: Steve has had a crush on Tony for years. Captain Rogers heads up the castle guard when Prince Anthony returns from his studies abroad. What’s a poor captain of the guard to do when his past crashes into his present?

616 + Other Universes 

I Get By (With a Little Help from My Friends) by captainshellhead, vibraniumstark (@captainshellhead​): Steve has a crush on Tony, and he’s not entirely sure what to do about it. The team helps, because they’ve had enough.

Cutting In by captainshellhead, vibraniumstark (@captainshellhead​): Steve is nervously making his way through the gala’s stock of Champagne. Tony is none the wiser.

An Ideal Perspective by magicasen (@einheriar​): Steve gets back into professional art under a new pseudonym. Guess who his biggest fan is.

You and Me and Him by navaan (@naavan​): If you live in the same house, it’s really hard to keep your secrets. Especially if you are good friends. He doesn’t mean to watch as closely as he does, but it’s obvious to Steve that Tony and Iron Man are in a relationship. Right?

Your Hand in Mine by navaan (@naavan​): Steve tries to find his place in this world. But it’s hard if you’re in love with someone who you don’t really know outside of their secret identity.

Requited by pensversusswords (@pensversusswords​): Sometimes, Steve Rogers just can’t keep a secret–even when it’s his own.

Logical Fallacies by laireshi (@laireshi​): “I thought you were dating Clint,” Steve said, and Tony dropped the screwdriver.

In Every Way That Matters by Sineala (@sineala​): There are bright things about the future, and Steve’s friendship with Iron Man is one of the brightest. So what if he doesn’t know who the man under the mask is? That’s not going to stop Steve from wanting his friendship, or even from wanting something more.

Get Some Now by Sineala (@sineala​): Avengers Mansion has a mysterious feline infestation. Meanwhile, Steve just can’t figure out how to ask Tony out on a date. And the thirteen teleporting cats sure aren’t helping matters any.

Plus One by Sineala (@sineala​): Tony wants Steve to accompany him to a gala. They’re not together. Tony doesn’t seem to think this is a problem, but he doesn’t know about Steve’s feelings for him. And Steve’s certainly not going to tell him.

The Nucleus Burning Inside of the Cell by Sineala (@sineala​): Steve’s had a hopeless crush on Natasha Stark for years, but the rumors in the headlines about their passionate romance are just that: rumors. He knows he’d never really have a chance with her. But when the rumors become harder to ignore, the only way out is to give in, and Steve and Natasha must pretend to be in a relationship. The press is happy, their teammates are thrilled for them… and it’s going to kill Steve.

Bold by @snoozingcat​: No one could ever say Tasha Stark wasn’t bold. In dress, in philosophy, in person. She was colorful, and bold, and bright, and asking her to dance was impossible.

Take My Breath Away  by pensversusswords (@pensversusswords​): In which Steve Rogers has been in love with Natasha Stark for years, and managed to keep it a secret for almost just as long. Almost.

Say It (Movietone News remix) by a_sparrows_fall (@asparrowsfall​): Steve and the other Invaders are stationed at headquarters just outside of London, where they run into Tony Stark—the Tony Stark of Marvels magazine. Steve struggles to express how he feels.

Bright Eyes by copperbadge (@copperbadge​): Steve might have a fixation on Tony’s minor mutation.

Jan Van Crime! by MemoryDragon (@memorydragon​): Jan is upset about the new Ant-Man movie that she doesn’t feature in, and she plans to become a Super Villainess to make herself more relevant. It also means making a new outfit, which she is super excited for. Carol and Tony want to help cheer her up, while T'Challa agrees that diversity in movies and merchandise is a worthy cause.

Steve would be all on board as well, but turning to super-villainy is not the answer. Neither is Tony being Jan’s love interest. Definitely not Tony being Jan’s love interest. Both are valid points of concern.

The More Things Change by cookinguptales: Steve’s not entirely sure how seduction works nowadays, but he’s learned from the best.

Heart Burn by nightwalker (@onemuseleft​): There was a dragon and now Tony’s mostly naked and it’s all Reed Richards’ fault.

The Jar by Sineala (@sineala​): The Avengers are ridiculously competitive people, and what starts out as a silly late-night team discussion quickly becomes a contest: their names. Not the code names – the nicknames. Who can go the longest without using them? They pledge to spend a week not nicknaming each other, and they’ll pay up every time they mess up. This hits Tony the hardest, and not just financially. Tony’s got a lot of nicknames for everyone, but most of all for Steve – and when Tony can’t use the names he’s already got, the names he uses reveal feelings he had no idea he had.

All the times Steve nearly kissed Tony by cptxrogers (@cptxrogers​): Steve has got used to pining after Tony. Tony is just so soft and warm and lovely, and Steve can’t help wondering what it might be like to kiss him. But that’s not going to happen. Because it’s not like Tony would want to kiss Steve… right?

Mission: Improbable by cptxrogers (@cptxrogers​): Tony is called on to investigate strange events which have been occurring in the upper echelons of society recently. There’s just one small issue - he needs Steve to pose as his date for the evening.

yes hello i have decided not to finish this because wots to come is too horrible and  i might die (if you have seen the video ull understand) ,, but since i suffered workin on part of it, you gotta suffer too so here:


“There’s this story, actually, that Quincy told me years ago. And what said is that Michael had the ability to come in, he could lay down the lead vocal of a track. And then he could sit there, listen, just put the time in and figure out where all the harmonies should go. And then do that, not leave until he had the harmonies right.”~Nelson George

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hi, could you analyze dance line's styles using astrology?

i’m no dance expert but i’ve so noticed different styles between the boys and i think their charts reflects these nuances really well. to see matters of dance, let’s look to the 5th house


first, our dance king. hoseok has the kind of dance that makes you sweat just from watching it. what characterizes his style most is one word: power. the sheer energy and effort he puts into each movement? incredible. i think that comes from his leo on the 5th house cusp. not only is he a born performer, he’s one that owns the stage and demands attention. leo is quite a showy sign which explains his big, grand movements and heart stopping stunts. although he has no planets in the 5th, his virgo chiron lies there. this creates an almost obsession with dance, a perfectionist to the core. he’s very hard on himself (when he was no reason to be as he’s already perfect) but this also contributes to even more amazing performances


his strong modern dance background stands out no matter the choreography. jimin has a 5th house stellium so it’s no wonder that he excels at it. out of all the boys, he focuses on artistry the most. and if you look, he has venus in the 5th. venus is the planet of refined art and love. he exudes sensuality from that scorpio influence. scorpio is a water sign and his fluidity and flowy movements definitely reflect that. his mars and pluto in the 5th brings tremendous intensity and focus to his dance. he’s a tireless worker, will take hours analyzing every little detail and won’t settle for anything less than perfect.


although all of them are extremely talented and capable of many different styles, jungkook takes the cake in terms of versatility. he can do it all: from softer, flowy movements to powerful pop-lock techniques and even b-boying. we have his jupiter in the 5th to thank for this. jupiter brings luck wherever it goes, and in the 5th house it blesses him with incredible talent in all things creative. jupiter also “expands” his 5th houses’ horizons, which explains his wide range of dancing techniques and abilities. jupiter also represents education and travel: jungkook went abroad to learn dance

bts personality analysis: jungkook

Originally posted by nnochu

ive talked a lot in these analysis’ about avatars in the industry and how they select specific personas to appeal to a target audience; and i dont think jungkook has one. its weird because nearly everyone does, famous or not. people select an image to show their best side. but the reason i think that jungkook doesn’t have a specific avatar is that i really dont think that jungkook could. he couldnt stick to a certain image and you often see in interviews or lives that his persona falls, like he gets tired of it sometimes. he also kind of mocks the idol stereotypes sometimes and i think its funny because jungkook is one of the most loved idols, yet he is so cynical of his own industry. he doesn’t like avatars, he values honesty. i noticed this most in this years kkul fm - the members ask jungkook if he is sleepy and tell him to notice the camera, and jungkook blows a kiss with a smile and looks back down with a blank expression. i think this says a lot about him and how he responds to certain situations.

jungkook is quiet, observant. its rare that he speaks up in an interview; instead, he prefers to let his other members speak. i dont necessarily think jungkook is shy, but i think he has trouble expressing himself. i dont think he can articulate his thoughts and i think he isnt as aware of his emotions as namjoon and taehyung are. because doesn’t know his own emotions, i can see the intensity of them being overwhelming to him and jungkook breaking down because of stress. jungkook is known as the multifaceted member - the golden maknae. he has to live up to that title and i think the pressure is sometimes a little bit too much sometimes. instead of an idol image, jungkook wears a calmer, more collected exterior to protect himself - this goes for yoongi, too. even though he seems calm, his mind is busy and nervous. 

jungkook is facile because he is so adaptable to situations, he is comfortable in unknown situations and that makes it easier for him to learn new things. where anybody would be anxious in a new environment, a new environment gives jungkook drive. it serves as motivation. i see him also liking change - because his mind is so busy, i think he would be distracted if he was in a routine. he needs to be doing things at all times. i also think that jungkook really shows virgo traits when he is learning something new because he has a desire to improve and perfect, which is his flaw and his strength. because he is such a perfectionist, just like jimin, he sets expectations that he cannot even dream to achieve. he strives for perfection when he cannot be perfect and this mindset can be damaging to his perception of himself and that could lead to him being in a bad state of mind. jungkook is also completely stubborn so he will not give up in the middle of something, he will keep going until his bones atrophy. again, this is a strength and a weakness. i just hope jungkook hasn’t worn himself out.

i think my favourite thing about jungkook is his compassion and complete admiration for his members. although he finds it hard to express this love and sometimes seems almost rude when he is amongst his hyungs, he does it in other ways. a small compliment - “jimin you can sing pretty well”-, or with a joke that he knows will make them laugh. he cannot articulate his emotions. he becomes uncomfortable when expressing himself. thats why i think that jungkook crying with his members before the wings album was such a huge moment for them as a group. im sure they have cried together many times, but for jungkook to truly admit his feelings to his members and tell them that he values their emotions over his own is a fucking big deal. once jungkook begins to develop and mature, i think that he will learn to love himself more and respond to his emotions. i think that he will learn to articulate his thoughts and im sure we will see them in his solo songs.

jungkook and jin are hard to work out because as much as i do believe they adore each other, i think jungkook often forgets that jin is his hyung and demands respect because jin is always so goofy. jungkook doesn’t acknowledge jin and acknowledgement is what jin needs and values.  yoongi and jungkook are a relationship that is hard to define - i find that most jungkook related relationships are like this but ill get more into that in his analysis. both yoongi and jungkook have trouble expressing themselves so it wont be the most overtly affectionate relationship but i see them both having a lot of respect for one another and just a chill duo who just wanna have a relaxed time. hoseok and jungkook have a sibling relationship, jungkook really admires and respects hoseok and his dance and wants to learn from him. hoseok keeps jungkook on his toes which is exactly what that boy needs. namjoon and jungkook are a really special relationship because jungkook sees namjoon as an older brother or even a father figure. he admired namjoon and shows him respect - and for the maknae to do that… he must love the guy a whole lot. jimin and jungkook are odd because as much as i love jikook, i think jungkook is a handful that jimin doesnt have the strength for. but jimin is a really crucial part to jungkook and i think that jungkook needs jimin as a shoulder, someone that he can rely on. jungkook is like jimins younger brother and i think they really do adore each other. taehyung and jungkook are another one of my favourite relationships because jungkook can keep taehyung on his toes and thats what taehyung needs, he needs someone that can keep up with him and give him a run for his money. he loves the competition and thats what jungkook brings.

jeon jeongguk - infp/virgo. perfectionist, observant, compassionate, adaptive.

kim seokjin ; min yoongi ; jung hoseok ; kim namjoon ; park jimin ; kim taehyung

a/n: and that is all the analyses done!!! i hope u enjoyed reading everyone!!! pls come into my inbox and tell me what u thought - lana

anan Performance Unit Interview Q1
  • Q: The good points and slightly worrisome points among members?
  • Dino: The8-hyung is too much of a perfectionist. When he matches clothes, everything needs to be considered, even when he's packing, he watches the mirror while muttering, "Does this combination look good?"
  • The8: I just want to bring everything, and end up bringing a bigger suitcase than everyone else.
  • Dino: But when everyone's gobbling up food with spoons, The8-hyung uses chopsticks and eats very little, no wonder he never gains weight, I'm a bit worried.
  • Jun: Dino, too. Sometimes you don't eat breakfast properly, right? If you don't eat properly, you won't grow big like me. (laughs)
  • Dino: I don't do that. I grew taller during "BOOMBOOM" era. When I stand with the other members, I no longer feel small.
  • Hoshi: When the group was first formed, he was still a kid. As for Jun, he's just handsome, open-minded and a peacemaker. The fact that he has no bad points is the most disappointing.
  • Jun: (trying very hard to hide his blushing shy face) Please give me a mask~!
  • The8: But he always likes to tell jokes, when he hypes himself up it's... Oh well, we're all used to it by now anyway. (laughs bitterly)
  • Jun: Every time I tell a joke I think, "Wow, my Korean's so good!"
  • The8: That's why you tell them?! This is the first time I'm hearing it. (laughs)
  • Jun: But aren't I right about this? (laughs) Dino thinks in detail about all his expressions and actions on stage. Even though he's so talented, he's still this hardworking, it's truly commendable! His slightly worrisome point was mentioned earlier, he doesn't eat breakfast.
  • The8: Hoshi is the member you should learn from the most, he's someone you can rely on. A lacking point is that, he's slightly short-tempered, when he gets worked up he talks really loudly.
  • Hoshi: When we're nearing the deadline for the choreography, I get anxious when I have no inspiration, so sometimes...
  • The8: Because he's very close with us, he is able to show us without any disguise, everyone understands.

Concept: laurent, having learnt a bunch of romantic words and sayings in akielon, earnestly telling damen in a private moment how much he loves him in his language since he knows that his words will be even more meaningful to him, but he’s a bit nervous and he’s blushing and he messes up, the grammar is not quite right, not like he practiced, so he shakes his head once a bit frustrated with himself (bc my son is a perfectionist) but then he looks up and damen is grinning and looking at him like he’s the cutest thing ever with SO MUCH LOVE IN his eyes oMGG!!!