he was such a good kid

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is it just me or do the kids ALL have Eren's eyes? Well good luck Levi - try saying NO to the partner AND the kids!

Can we go play outside?

the children both have big eyes like Eren, but the little girl’s are gray! it’s probably hard to tell in the other pics :D;;;


I can’t wait for this Charlie Charlie bullshit to blow over so kids will stop trying to summon demons in my classroom.

Wednesday Night Bratva Tease and Open Ask Box

So I thought I’d start a new tradition. Here’s a tease for the next chapter of “This Life of Ours”. Also, my askbox is open for questions about this verse for the next couple of hours. 

Coming up in Chapter 3….

Felicity was drinking red wine, and as the night grew older, her smile came quicker, her laugh was louder, and her hands were bolder. Oliver loved it. He particularly loved it when she took his hand, and gave it one good tug, leading him away from the crowded room down another corridor.

“I used to come here all the time as a kid,” Felicity said. “I know every nook and cranny of this place, every little hidey-hole. Which is awesome, when your date looks as good in a tux as you do.”

She pushed open a door, which led to a room of modern art next to renaissance paintings next to unwieldy sculpture.

“It’s a storage room,” Felicity said. “And it locks from the inside.” She turned the lock.

Oliver couldn’t breathe. For one full minute it was like his lungs were underwater. But then he was crossing the room, lifting her up against the door. He had his hands full of Felicity Smoak, his mouth on hers. Every time they were together it was like this – fast and breathless, tinged with urgency, like they could hear the tick-tock of the clock in the background. He lifted her hands above her head, crossed at the wrists.

“Shhh,” Felicity let out on a breath, “not so loud.”

“I’m not the one who can’t keep quiet,” Oliver said, grinning cockily. He had two fingers on her clit, panties shoved aside, before she could even blink, and a spot behind her ear he was kissing. “I’m not the one who can’t stop saying ‘please’.” 

Alright, so the theory about Sasuke being away on a mission was half-true.

But he’s not gone for Sarada’s sake, it’s all some more bullshit about Kaguya.

So Sasuke’s movements had to be kept a secret because of that?


At least it somewhat excuses Sasuke from being an asshole deadbeat dad. But still, he couldn’t send pictures to his kid? He couldn’t chat with her on a cellphone? Seriously? Ugh, whatever. It’s clear to me that those things aren’t going to be addressed and we’re just supposed to accept that Sasuke was away for the good of his country yadda yadda yadda and that somehow renders him incapable of communicating with his family every once in a while. As if saying “hi” would jeopardize his fucking 12-year long mission when the Aburame clan could just send out fucking bugs out to the world and find shit in a matter of days or weeks.

But wait…Sasuke and the others looked about the same age in that flashback. But he’s been gone for 12+ years. Did that mission start 12 years ago or recently? Or did they just not age at all or change their hair or outfits (except Sasuke’s shirt) in that 12 years?

Whatever. I don’t give a shit anymore.

On the plus side at least we saw Sasuke referencing Naruto’s promise to him. It still pisses me off that Sasuke’s willingly working for Konoha despite never seeing justice. But I guess in this case Sasuke sees it more as working for Naruto, so….eh?

This villain is basically Danzo on steroids. Okay. So this isn’t going to only be a Kaguya and an Akatsuki rehash but a Danzo rehash. Cool beans. >_> But were those all a bunch of Onion-head clones? Freaky. That’s somewhat interesting maybe.

At least Chouchou was adorable trying to get Sasuke to go patch things up with Sarada and offering her chips.

I’m sure SSheeple will freak over Sasuke telling Sarada she has nothing to do with his business. Same shit he told Sakura in 699. What a happy fucking family with such happy fucking traditions of attempted murder and telling each other “it’s none of your beeswax”. -_-

Also Sasuke deliberately ignoring the all-important question of who the fuck Sarada’s mother is. A simple “yes” or “no” would’ve sufficed, but no, we’re dragging this shit out. Kishi knows no one gives a shit about the rehashed villain plot, they only care about the Maury-level drama. We probably won’t get a proper explanation until Sakura shows up. Maybe.


Wait, I just noticed in the second panel

It kinda looks like Sakura’s pregnant? I guess this would confirm this taking place 12 years prior and would make sense if Sakura’s indeed Sarada’s mother. idk, I’m not going to make assumptions, but through the entire scene she has her hand resting on her stomach.

But another thing that’s interesting….Sakura doesn’t have the Uchiha crest on her back.

Are they married at this point? Hmm….the fake photo, the lack of a crest…was it a shotgun wedding? And a quick one at that? Hmm…

I just stood up for myself and managed to make good eye contact for the first time in a month and I feel GREAT

Some kid saw all the “do not open” signs on my sketchbook and decided to flip it open. Luckily I was right behind him so when he turned to run away laughing and saying “hahaha it said do not open hahaha” I looked him in the eye and said “I swear to god, do NOT do that again or so help me” and he just COMPLETELY blanched and said sorry like 20 times and it was honestly like really empowering

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Can I ask you for some awesome SIM meta about what inverted!Tony's characterization means about normal!Tony? Meta that completely ignores Taylor's interview bs? *begs*

IDK there’s not much I have to say about this? D: Also I’m not super interested in opening myself up to the shitstorm that is blogging about modern comics especially something like SiM…

I mean, one thing I noticed before that made me laugh was the narration box in Mighty Avengers about inverted Tony:

which basically confirms that non-inverted Tony lives his life DRENCHED in guilt. Which delights me (hey I’m Catholic what can I say).

Uuuummm… I mean, SiM just shows Tony is a good guy? You know. Normally. I also think it shows he’s SUPER BAD at being a bad guy. Just based off stuff like how he treats Happy’s kid and whatnot.

Also he’s canonically bisexual because “inverted morality” doesn’t mean “suddenly bi” and yet:

^Tony’s boning dudes. In his bed. Also ladies but ALSO DUDES.

So you know nice. Score. More evidence for bi!Tony. 

Uuummmm what else. Sorry terrible meta but like I said not a ton I really have to say on this… uh SiM Tony is just like. I mean, he’s almost like drunk Tony, ie uninhibited and guilt free. Oh, and SUPER willing to indulge his massive control fucking fetish without checking it like I’m sure Tony always is. Like with the Extremis app tHING, we see SiM Tony basically going all Emperor Stark on the world. All those plans and skills and, let’s be honest, DESIRES to just FUCKING FIX EVERYTHING, EVERYONE SIT DOWN, SHUT UP, I’M GOING TO FIX YOU, is in regular!Tony’s head all the time. He just doesn’t ACT on that SCREAMING NEED TO FIX EVERYTHING (whether you want him to or not) because, you know. Morals and free will and all that. A lot of Tony’s lowest points canonically have been him giving into that screaming voice to assert control and FIX, even when it was unwanted: Armor Wars, the Cap & IM ‘98 annual, Civil War, Hickmanvengers, &c. And, funnily enough, those were the EXACT TIMES that brought him into conflict with Steve, AKA 99-times-out-of-100 Marvel universe’s go-to “this is the correct morality, guys” guy. AKA “no stop people have free will” guy.

SIM!Tony is just as smart as regular!Tony, but a lot less willing to give any shits about people’s free will/free choice. And SIM!Tony and regular!Tony obviously both share pathological needs to control everything, and pathological fears of just… letting things GO.

Man, AA must be fucking hell for Tony. Prayer of Serenity? Fuck that shit. It’s incredible that regular!Tony actually manages to live like that/live by that. Or at least try. I guess SIM!Tony actually goes to show exactly how MUCH of a good person regular!Tony is. Because SIM!Tony didn’t invert Tony’s a.) intellect, b.) compulsions/control issues, c.) basic desires. What SIM did was reverse MORALITY. Clearly Tony’s morality is what keeps him from doing… exactly what he does in SIM. Except normal!Tony would have done something like ACTUALLY given away Extremis for free. To the whole world. And then fired up the dyson sphere and strapped himself in and kept any aliens ever from hurting earth ever again. Because this is the shit that Tony fantasizes about at night, but won’t let himself do, because free will and all that shit. People gotta make their own choices, blah blah blah, ALRIGHT STEVE I GET IT I WON’T FIX THE WORLD DAMN IT. So yeah, inverted Tony let him actually do those things. And did them for selfish reasons like spreading chaos, making slaves, and making money, because, again: evil.

Okay so there I think that’s a. Kinda worthwhile meta? Little bit??? D: I got there eventually? Hahaa anyway yeah sorry that’s about all I can think to say on this.

….canonically bisexual, people. CANONICALLY. okay i’m out.

I wish Ohkubo hadn’t waited so late to reveal that Shinigami-sama and Kid were Lovecraftian madness gods so it could’ve gone into the anime, because then more people would know about it and I think the whole literal-having-tea-with-Cthulhu thing is hilarious and underused especially compared to lazy OCD jokes.

Like, imagine some manga/anime hybrid AU where in the end Shinigami-sama is alive and instead of killing Asura he punishes him by making him teach at Shibusen for, like, 1000 years. 

And it’s bad enough he has to interact with humans, but the ACTUAL WORST is that Kid is lending humans pencils and passing them notes and inviting them to parties (and inviting him to the parties, out of politeness more than anything else) and making club budgeting decisions as president of the goddamn student council.

One day he asks to borrow Asura’s phone because Black*Star forgot to charge his and they need to record some awesome skateboarding trick across a canyon for their Vine account and Asura is just like, “Ugh, I have the most embarrassing little brother in the world.”

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What happened in the Bite of '87 and the killing of the 5 children?

Melody: Five little children. One sinister man. It was so sudden. So terrifying. And yet I did nothing. Nobody saw but myself. That day, from the sounds of their screams, from the glimpse of that horrid guard catching my eye…

Melody: My final decision was to kill those who lay in the same position of those horrid night guards. Those children didn’t deserve it. Why didn’t I stop him? Why did he cry? W H Y.

Finnick: The Bite of ‘87…that was a downer. That kid, Jeremy, was too sweet for his own good. I remember him laughing, the first guard to joke back with a pathetic waste of air like myself…he was so happy. So excited. It…frustrated me. Seeing him happier than I. Selfish; which was why I did nothing when that animatronic came into the office. I didn’t yell, I didn’t hold back when it cornered him. At that moment, I realized I was going to be stuck in that place forever. So why not wait for a new friend who made me smile again? I was wrong. He didn’t die there. There were wrenches left on the stage.

Ew. Is it really his birthday? He totally doesn’t deserve me even wishing him one….but KIDDING. Totally kidding, my friend. Happppy birthday to you! We joke and we tease each other but at the end of the day, you’re one of my closest friends and I wouldn’t trade that for anything. <3 Have a good day and try to stay out of trouble, okay? Also, I might have a present for you.

theecrossfitchamp ;

Lindy and the Agents

“Alright, Lindy. Can you show us what you’re working on there?” Agent Sand sat next to a miniature table that Lindy was using as a workstation. After a wink and a thumbs up to Lindy’s mom, he tried to see meaning in the playdough she was sculpting.

“It’s a sound,” Lindy said, and she opened her hands to proudly display her latest masterpiece. Before Sand and his partner, Agent Water, could get a good look it faded away and delightful note hummed through the room. With a clap, Lindy dismissed the sound and smiled at Sand. He stood up without a smile and walked to the back of the room with Water.

“Good enough to call it?” Sand whispered to Water. He made sure to throw in another wink and thumbs up to Lindy’s mom; she was looking awfully worried.

Water nodded, “She’s just a kid, so low stun should be enough,” she said.

Sand waved his hands palms like a waiter trying to balance two platters of food, “Ehhhh… you never can tell with the mind-bending ones. Medium, just to be safe.”

With a click of his frequently-polished oxfords, Sand spun around and marched back to Lindy and stood over her. Sitting was now out of fashion.

“Alright Lindy, Agent Water and I are going to take you to a special school with other creative people like you! Isn’t that exciting?” Sand had the kind of grin that made you just want to remove every tooth with some blunt instrument.

“No,” Lindy said.

Sand’s grin retreated back under his lips, and he shrugged, “Water, if you will.” The crackle of electricity filled the air as two electrodes soared like rockets towards Lindy. They passed through her suddenly incorporeal form and embedded themselves in the back wall; Lindy’s mom let out sigh of relief.

“Light’s like sound, only sweeter,” the fading image of Lindy said as she was replaced by a tiny doll of dough and pipe cleaners.

Sand mumbled something into his sleeve to his superiors. Water was already out the door after retracting the taser, and Sand followed her out.

“Say anything about this to anyone, and I’ll… Probably do nothing, because who would believe it?” Sand said to Lindy’s mom as he closed the door to the apartment, but not before he gave her a wink and a thumbs up.

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Real Life: You only know one person who actually bought a WiiU and he won’t shut up about how “good” Sm4sh is.

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Fun fact: my ex had an allergic reaction to my cum because he had a severe nut allergy and I ate a lot of peanut butter

ur kidding this is too good (not that,, they got sick or w.e but u kno..)

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see d, you're a good older bro! you were really accepting of your gay kid, and because of how you acted he's confident about his sexuality. and you helped him when he was sick!! you're doing a good job man, a real good job. also, this is a little off topic, but what do you know of dave's sexuality??

Well.. yeah I suppose. Cheers mate, you made me feel alot better.

See with Dave, he’s a it harder to read. No one knows whats running through that boys blonde locked head really, hes a mystery that boy.

It’s become a bit of a thing that Peter was kind of the creative one right? Like in fics and stuff he makes the banners and has the best writing. I am totally on board with the idea of him making millions of music playlists - Quidditch party playlists, Christmas playlists, birthday playlists, exam stress playlists, last day of school playlists and playlists for on the train to and from school. He’d ask the others for their inputs and Remus would actually give him a few good ideas while James and Sirius wouldn’t be too fussed or would suggest the cheesiest songs they could think of. But if they were kids now I bet he’d just be able to produce a suitable playlist at the drop of the hat because he’d have tons saved on his laptop just waiting for the right occasion. 

“You look good,” Kirin said, ruffling Kili’s short hair. “You could almost pass muster at boot camp.“ 

Kili shot a shy smile at Dis. "Yeah, she…did a good job." 

"She cut your hair when you were a kid because you used to try and bite the barber,” Kirin said. He had his hands in his back pockets, a habit Kili had picked up, and was wearing that sad, sort of happy smile he wore when he thought about the past. Kili wondered if maybe, years down the line, he’d pick that habit up as well. 

“I’ll see if I can find some pictures,” Dis said. 

Kili nodded, still rather hesitant. He had thought what he had had with Fili, and Kina when she was there, was what family felt like. But having his dad’s standing at his back in that calm way he had and the way Dis was smiling happily at him… 

“Oh, hey,” Kirin said, pulling something out of his back pocket. It was in a gift store brown bag sleeve and he handed it over to Kili. “Figured you’d be happy to leave this place behind." 

Kili took it, trusting the brace to actually hold him up, and pulled out the postcard. He rolled his eyes. "Gee, thanks, dad." 


"It’s a hobby of his,” Kirin said. “His way of kissing off a place." 

Dis arched an eyebrow as Kili handed the postcard and sleeve back to Kirin.


"Every place has postcards, no matter how obscure they are. Whether it’s about a state or a tourist place or whatever. Gas stations around the world have it. Good industry." 

"If no postcards then a magnet,” Kirin said. 

“I’d love to see them all some time,” Dis said. 

Kili nodded. “Think you could post them to us?” At Kirin’s nod he offered another unsure smile at Dis. “That’s okay, right?" 

Dis reached out, just the tiniest bit up, and ruffled his hair until it was sticking up all over the place and he was laughing. "There we go,” Dis said. “Better." 

"I should be able to help you lug this one home before I leave,” Kirin said. “Docs here said he didn’t have to have the constant supervision anymore but they like you and Dwalin being there in case anything happens." 

"My stitches are out,” Kili said. 

"Doesn’t mean anything and you know it,” Kirin said, pointing a finger at Kili. “You are ridiculously skilled at hurting yourself." 

Kili rolled his eyes at him. "Shut up. You are such a liar." 

“We’ll be fine,” Dis said. 

“Of course you will,” Kirin said, “you always are.”