he was such a beautiful person

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I dare you to make a post about ALL the panels stating and emphasizing that Touka is cute/beautiful since chapter 1 of part 1

Mod K:

HOW DID YOU KNOW THAT I WAS JUST ABOUT TO DO THIS??? Damn, son. Okay. Challenge accepted!

Let me know if I missed some!

So, many people have spoken about or emphasized how beautiful is throughout the course of the series. Here are the panels that stick out in our minds the most when we think about our gorgeous queen!

Hide is the first person to acknowledge how cute and pretty Touka is! He takes the initiative by flirting with her first!

Next, Ken also acknowledges that Touka is definitely cute as well in the first chapter, even though he is primarily focused on Rize.

Some random dude also notices Touka’s beauty when she is taking Kaneki to have his mask made. Look at that little blush!

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Saw the story about the manager with the Afro and it reminded me of my former coworker. A man with the most beautiful locks in the world. I'm talking thick and obviously well loved. I could smell the product he used, his hair was marvelous. But what the fuck did A white middle aged Moms do? TRIED TO CUT A BUNCH OF it off WITH A pair of fabric scissors while he was wrapping her fabric purchase on an empty bolt. DONT TOUCH BLACK SERVICE WORKERS HAIR. ITS NOT FOR SALE, HELEN.

That is assault. He must be a better person than I because I’d be calling the fucking cops if the manager didn’t kick them out. -Abby

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Do you think Stefano is a "Love At First sight" type of person?

Before his accident while being in war, no, I honestly don’t think so. Stefano was  a bit too young and too determined to find inspiration to even think of such an emotion as love, and relationships were a no no.

But after his ‘transformation’ I think he would have to start having tendencies to being a “Love At First sight” type of person.

Of course everything changed when he saw you for the first time, his beautiful (Y/N). 

In that moment he knew, Stefano knew that you were the one, his muse, his love, his everything, and in that moment only one thing was on Stefano’s mind:

“This has to be love at first sight~.”

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i still cant believe phil actually shared his creator of the year award with dan. he didnt need to do that???? hes such a sweetheart??? also it was very gay

don’t get me started anon bc i’m literally going to cry. the boncas gave us the purest declaration of love i’ve ever seen. there are no words that can fully describe how beautiful phil’s gesture was. like?? even the people who were attending gasped when he called dan up on stage.
he didn’t need to do that. he didn’t need to prove us anything because the audience know they’ve spent the majority of 2016 together. but he said that in front of an audience peers?? youtube personalities?? he wanted everyone to know that award was also dan’s because dan is his other half and they share everything, their jobs and their daily life. they help and inspire each other, they’ve always been there for each other and as phil said it’s only fair for him to share the award with dan.
it’a absolutely adorable.

let’s talk about dan and phil

Today i’ll make sure i reblog much more pictures of the timeless and beautiful aquarian Sharon Tate as a talented actress and a pop icon of the 60s literally how she must be remembered and a bit of celebration posts about the death of that disgusting serial killer yup he can fucking slowly rot in pieces i hope his death was painful for himself.

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Tell me one thing you really appreciate about Jikook! (I love your answers, you're amazing.)

1. the way they support each other. obviously they look good, and they act cute to each other. they do things like backhugs and holding each other and that’s all cute. but the way that jm and jk support each other, care for one another, and make sure they’re doing good. (ie, jimin being the person jk could go to when he was missing home. and jk always encouraging jm when the other members/fans/whoever make jokes (like when he kept saying jimin was doing good when jimin messed up mcing)). the way that they are a support system for one another, and they’re able to talk to each other and confide in one another, without thinking they’ll be judged is beautiful. of course, all the bts members can do this. but jk and jm have really shown how common it is for them. 

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I was thinking about the backstories of the gender-swapped versions and was wondering, if they had been born female, would any of their names change? I’m so curious after seeing the female versions of some of the characters!

mhh probably their names would be different! mamoru 守 means to protect, so I can imagine that if victuuri had a girl, they would give her a deep-meaning name like that. Using the same kanji, there are few female names (they also would sound odd for us, like 愛守, aisu)
I personally think that a name like 未来 mirai, that means future, would be beautiful and in line with mamoru’s name meaning! 
regarding milo, I think that if he was female, probably she would be the one that got the name lilia
talking about jr, I am pretty sure jj would’ve just changed his name to female, calling her jacqueline or jeanette or… both lmao of course they all have to be JJ!! 
for noah, i think he would have another cute name starting with n, probably noelle or nicole, something like that. 

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...I like shy!Cree, and think he's rockin that crying SoftBoi aesthetic. That said, your posts and reblogs stirred me thirsty for Cree razing the earth and won't stop at none pummeling his tomentors to kingdom come. Give me marble-beauty Credence's withering glares, silently promising death

Anon, you have come to the right person.

Let me begin with recommending my own works (because this is my blog):

In a City, Reconstructed is my magnum opus and it has our dear Credence Barebone’s fractured ghost digging up Percival Graves just to wreck his shit. Things get thrown. Percy dreams about Credence ripping his heart out through his guts. The angriest frottage occurs.

Velvet is not my best work per se but opens with the threat of murder and closes with happy marriage. Also I love Salome, I need to do better by her. (But she is… full of murder)

And By Blood or Marriage is a forced marriage AU where Percival saves Credence’s skin by marrying him, and once more murderous intent ends in happy marriage because that is A Thing for me, apparently.

Now, I rec th_esaurus’ Gradence fics with the caveat that Graves is an extremely bad person in all of them and that every single one of these fics makes me dissociate like a motherfucker for hours. Like, well done, terrifying Credo and an even more terrifying Gridenlgraves who definitely does not realize what he’s fucking with. Anyone who gets triggered by domestic violence and coerced sexual contact should definitely not read these fics! Do not make my mistakes!

Mind Games by scrapbullet is short and frankly terrifying. (I think I had a nightmare 

the king of oaks by saltpan is NOT scary and Graves is a GOOD PERSON who does not DESERVE THIS SHIT and Credence is 20 pounds of fury in a 10 pound bag. I love him.

your need grows teeth by alamorn is just a pure delight and again, Credence is terrifying and Graves has no idea what he’s gotten himself into but in this instance, Graves is a good person and them finding where their jagged edges line up is Very Nice.

bare-stript heart by alamorn is a delight and also Credence turns GG into a bloody smear on the wall. There’s lots of violence and some sketchy sexual content, so be forewarned.

Also the Credence that burgundians writes is fairly chill actually but in her Holy Wine series, Percival definitely sees Credence as a marble-beauty of withering glares.






Mamo show her the biz dear! You better tell her the galaxy belongs to no one!

Well At least he TIRED to get a lick off of her unlike other folks.. For a person who has been called useless by the fandom…. 





Galaxia is like “ Bitch who are you talking about?”



MAMO!! *falls out the chair crying* 

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I so love overprotective!Hashi. It's just...funny. Because he's just so goofy and yet HE'S PROBABLY THE STRONGEST SHINOBI EVER. Who sulks when his little brother ignores him. Who could probably break you in half in 30,000 ways. It's beautiful. (And Tobi probably doesn't even realize this side of his brother.)

On the contrary I think Tobirama is probably very aware of both sides of his brother. He’s borne the brunt of the over-protective side since he was quite little but they’ve also been fighting side by side since they were young as well. It probably baffles him all throughout his life how someone can be so goofy and oblivious yet wield so much power. Just because Hashirama doesn’t want to hurt people doesn’t mean he won’t if they threaten his important persons. Then afterwards it’s time for hugs!

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So i was online and met a boy he’s sweet we talk all the time and snap chat and face time like crazy and he talks bout how he likes me bc I’m not just pretty but that my heart is beautiful he lives two hours away and we are meeting up in December we like each other v much but I’m worried bc I’m not thin i weigh 190 and I’m scared he won’t like me in person bc of how i look and now I’m debating on to go or not all his ex’s are small and well I’m not what do i do like what do i do help :,(

Darling, don’t compare yourself to them.. that creates unnecessary fear. you are beautiful in ways that they aren’t. he’s seen you and he’s obviously interested in you. it’s up to you to find the confidence in taking this next step. I am rooting for you. ❤

songs about sarah

i’d like to believe that it doesn’t depend on anything

except a goat born one month early;

the snow, the blue around

a bulb is the first thing he sees.

a person becomes

the return; spring we couldn’t smell

in the dirt, the air

shaking like a wet dog.

it’s not fair that you called parallel light


sliding that thin

rectangle of mint gum out 

of its paper husk

with my clothes seeping like a sponge.

                   if you had asked why

I came back, I came back

for you.

where there’s a 4X4 balcony,

i’m thinking that i’m touching nothing

except the flight

between atoms. you turned into a number

you liked and i’m sitting in so much grass.

don’t tell me you’ve forgotten. don’t tell me anything.

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So your Miami Rick fic made me wonder if Morty ever developed a crush on Rick’s gal, and if Rick found out, how it would go down finding out his grandson has the hots for his lover

(I don’t do incest or pedophilia soooo here’s what I got for you, anon. Also this is my first time writing Morty so yay!)

“Oh, honey. It’s OK. Don’t be upset. He’s just a cranky, old asshole.”

You sat on the chaise lounge by the pool, soothing the distraught 14 year old. Morty had made the mistake of confessing to Rick that he admired your beauty, and Rick had proceeded to berate the poor teen for his admission.

“Oh, y-you think she’s pretty huh, Moooorrtyyy? I-I-I mean that- that’s nice and all, but Grandpa doesn’t keep her around so you can - so you can drool. S-s-so stop being a little - a little creepy creep person and shut your fucking mouth.”

Morty’s bottom lip had trembled before he’d tossed his half eaten lollipop to the ground and stormed away. You’d scolded Rick for his insensitivity and then followed, realizing the poor boy’s words weren’t meant as anything other than the harmless acknowledgement of what he considered to be your good looks.

Now, you were doing your best to alleviate his hurt feelings.

“H-he-he’s such a - he’s such a jerk sometimes. I-I-I wasn’t trying to be - be creepy. You are pretty. And - and I hope that - that one day I can be with someone as pretty as you.”

You wrapped an arm around Morty’s shoulder, hugging him. He slumped against you with a sigh, and then he reached into his jacket for a lollipop, offering one to you.

Taking it, you smiled at him before unwrapping the candy.

“Don’t worry, Morty. One day, you will.”

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Hey!! I love your blog to bits and your writing is absolutely spot on fantastic! This is my first time doing so, but I just wanted to ask if I could put in a request for headcannons of Matsukawa, Kuroo and Akaashi learning to do the Argentinian tango with their female significant other, if that's okay? Sorry if this is super vague, but thanks a lot in advance!!

It was fun to look into the art of this dance, so thank you for giving me that chance, Anon! It’s very beautiful and intimate and I wish I could learn some of these one day! I also hope that you can forgive the slight vagueness and size of these headcanons, dancing vocabulary is not my strongest area of expertise!

Hope that you enjoy, love!

P.s. I’m a terrible student and should be in class right now but I’m sitting in my car with a personal hotspot going….

Matsukawa Issei

  • He’d totally play up that he knows exactly what to do and the first half hour of their practice is spent with Mattsun pretending he’s got a rose stem in his mouth as he’s dragging them around the floor with long exaggerated steps and arms extended.
    • At the end, he’d dip her way too low and the probably both end up on the floor! And amongst all his laughter and kisses to their cheeks he’d be all “see, I know exactly what I’m doing!”
  • But since this is something very important to her, he will take the lessons seriously and put in the effort to learn the steps. It’ll probably take him some time to get the timing right plus all the placements of the feet when they’re not traveling.
    • I can see him looking down at the floor for a significant amount of time, even when he is confident with the footing and steps. He’d definitely come to love it, especially with how close the process has brought them!

Kuroo Tetsurou

  • I really think his main concern would be the footing during this dance. And not just traveling, but when they do those little kicks between each other’s legs. Guarantee that he’s kicked the poor girl a couple time during those first couple lessons!
  • She probably starts him off with an open position, right? And it totally irritated him that he’s so far away from her even though he gets that it’s just for when he’s learning the steps.
    • More often than not, he completely closes the space between them in order to be all romantic and it backfires big time because their legs get a little tangled and they have to start all over again!
  • Even though they’re practicing for this intimate and incredible dance, he always takes time in the middle or the end of their practice to just hold her close and sway slowly. He’d take the time to kiss them softly and tell them how beautiful they are when they’re dancing.

Akaashi Keiji

  • I can see him watching a couple videos online before walking into that studio to perform. He’d admit straight up that he’ll probably be bad at it and mess the whole thing up numerous times before she decided that this is something she wants to commit to, lol.
    • And he does mess up a lot! He probably gets this little crease between his brow and studies hard at the image of them moving in the mirror trying to catch himself where he’s making mistakes.
    • He totally counts out loud throughout the entire process. Even when he starts to get it and could probably do it without a conscious count, he still numbers it off out loud.
  • I can actually see him getting really good at this dance the more they practice. And I can see them just free styling it when they meet in that studio with their bodies pressed close together and their eyes locked on now but each other. They’re definitely the couple that brings out the extreme sensuality of the dance!

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Can i talk bout my crush? He's super tall (like... 6'6" tall) and has the prettiest blue eyes, they're so sharp and piercing- and his smile! Oh my goodness, he smiles so widely and genuinely, it's so beautiful. He's pretty anxious all the time, which isn't as good, but he is so... nice? about it? Like, he never makes me feel as if it's because of me. He... he's the sorta person I could fall in love with, and that scares me (and not only bc he is already in a relationship...)

He sounds so sweet, I’m so sorry a relationship isn’t possible right now 💕  

consider: this is deadass how victor describes his fiance to strangers when he’s looking for him lmao (insp)