he was such a . . . boss


Here’s my @iwaoiexchange gift for @monichi0!! I’m so sorry I’m so incredibly late!! !!

I really like the prompts you gave!! The ones that stuck with me was the friends to lovers prompt and office men au, so I decided to combine the two! I hope you like it, I’m sorry again for posting so late (´•ω•̥`)

(Also short disclaimer: this isn’t supposed to be iwaoi bonding over ~hating~ Ushijima more like bonding over how they’re competitive?? I rly hope it comes across alright..! )


modern disney aesthetic
↳ aladdin

Why is Flug only gay in Spanish

Flug in English: Sir/Boss 

Flug in Spanish: Jefe (boss)/Señor (sir)/Señorón Black Hat (Sir+augmentative suffix, to make it bigger, like big sir)/Jefecito (little boss or bossy)/Jefe Chulo (handsome boss)

Body Language, Unlike Roadhog, Says A Lot

“I need my space.”

Mister Mako Rutledge can randomly say this when killing an enemy in game. He then proceeds to spend all his time with a person who treats personal space as gone as half his limbs.

It’s all about the money, is the easy answer, to how Roadhog puts up with it all. It’s also one that completely misses the affection Roadhog is admitting, just through his body language.

Look at these screenshots everyone is posting. His boss is tugging at his mask and pointing at him and slinking up next to him? To a quarter ton man with “a well earned reputation for cruelty and wanton destruction?” Roadhog’s response to this?

Arms at his sides. Relaxed muscles. His major movement is to track his boss’s every gesture, but he’s not tensing, he’s not watching his back or looking for an opening. He’s just absorbing the incredible amount of scenery Junkrat can chew and digest and hurl back out at once. He actually listens to his boss’ plan and nudges Junkrat toward a version of the plan that includes them living through it with some cash to spend.

A promise of 50/50 from a man who forgets everything does not drive someone to be so patient. Cash, even a lot of it, does not adjust a person’s body language with such finesse.

What does alter your behavior is finding the person who is the exception to all your rules. Finding a person you would forsake your old job and standing for and travel around the world for a petty revenge plan and lie on a beach with in a Speedo and joyride in a stolen car and come back to a place where everyone wants to kill you, because you wanted to stick with them for the sake of it.

In summation, Roadhog can’t get enough of that clown shit

I did a doodle for fun for @themarshmellowsnowqueen cuz gOD DAMN I DIDNT REALIZE HOW FUN THIS ASSHAT WAS TO DRAW
This is sort of the first time in a long while that I’ve drawn with a warmer color palette. Typically I like working with really cool colors, like blue, but this was a nice change of pace! Guess you can say it’s warmer in more ways than one ;) 🔥


Yuri Plisetsky WeekDay Five: Social Networks
↳ Yuri “I must post a selfie with this shirt immediately” Plisetsky