he was somebody's kid

Also like no offenstable but some of Yall have friends and family irl who do same the shit as rap mon does so y would u ever think his life is disposable when u wouldn’t think the same of ur ppl like he still somebody kid somebody’s annoying kid but a person nonetheless just like ur shitty racist grandpas and ur sexist dads but u don’t threaten their lives like u scared a bunch of boys and a bunch of underage fans how does that feel I can’t even imagine that feeling good u scared a bunch of ppl and for why???

Let's throw it back scream fans

So yall remember when Audrey for mad at Emma and remove the pic of them together and underneath it was a picture of Brandon James? And yall remember that Brandon James had a brother right! What if he wants revenge or somebody kid wants revenge. And where the Dafuq is Emma dad at?? Also why did the new kid Kieran have to move to be with his dad? And jake still has the video of Nina dancing in her room half way undress that he didn’t delete.

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And I'm not dancing around the topic trying to divert it. I think what somasis did is fucked up cause its more then this transmisogynist he's claiming to. The kid went with the intent to hurt somebody by messing with their page and income. Don't go to somebody job with mindset to get a person fired.

I just had a talk with a counceller that frankly left me emotionally drained and I’m well beyond the point of participating in The Discourse over some two-bit porn artist who doesn’t tag their shit so enjoy your block

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imagine Kankri becoming frienldy with all the humans threw dirk, one of them is on there period and hes jsut confused, when its explained he starts freaking out that shes bleeding, porrim just slowly slides in from off screen "wait theres blood from were now?"

Oh gosh but

Kankri being close to the kids

Rose and Kankri getting into long winded discussions and teaching on another about social constructs and literature from their respective societies

Dave getting Kankri out of his shell a little bit by tricking him into doing things he said were normal in a human society and then in return, Dave gets somebody to talk to aside from Dirk about the things he went through as a kid and gets advice and has somebody to just vent to 

Jade exploring the bubbles and running into Kankri and they end up conversating by chance and then growing on one another and begin to tell stories and the such

Kankri seeing the way people treat Jake and sticking up for him and giving Jake somebody safe to be around and speak with whenever he’s in the area 


Kankri getting close to the kids and starting healthy relationships


“You sholl is dumb
That’s all it takes for a six, seven, eight, nine, ten year old kid to hear
Somebody he likes, loves, cares about hits him with that…
It’d have been better if you hit him with a baseball bat
That’ll last a lifetime
And this posture of inferiority takes over
And they start believing down instead of believing up about themselves
But they’ve found that which clears away the illusions
Talent is the great antidote to the illusions of inferiority
To the problem of failure
It is talent, not skills
When you find your talent, you know it’s you doing it
Not the textbook, not the diploma, not your job status
The problem of the student is very much haunted by that psychological fear”

- C. Freeman El

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(Animal abuse and abuse mentions) Izaya deleted bc he was getting called out for doxxing 13-yr-olds over kin drama (tho he claimed he was manipulated into thinking the kid he doxxed tortured animals), and for allegedly abusing somebody, but as far as I know there's been very little info about that, not even a name for the victim.

kin drama like kinning(?) outside ur race?
thnx for answering

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«Kimimaro’s EXISTENCE is a waste of life!! All he does is piss an’ moan on an’ on an’ on!! Orchimaru-Sama this, Orochimaru-Sama that. He thinks that he’s so, so important and special and worthy because, what? He’s been spoon fed all of Orochimaru’s personal opinions and goals? That boy can’t think for himself. He expects everybody to pity him an’ give him loads of affection and sympathy for bein’ locked up as kid, yet here he is devoting himself to somebody who does the exact same thing only worse!! I hate him so fucking much.» 

Okay so one time....

when i was in preschool i heard one of the caretaker was yelling at a kid because apparently he licked somebody but he claimed it was an accident so they asked how he accidentally licked somebody and he just said,” i was sticking my tongue out and he ran by” and i swear that teacher face palmed so hard it broke the sound barrier