he was somebody's kid

broadway song summarys Newsies

overture- hold onto your newsie caps, this is gonna be one wild ride.

santa fe (prologue)- might as well get the tissues now.

carrying the banner- *THE JUMP*

the bottom line- here comes the big, bad wolf.

that’s rich- saasssssss.

i never planned on you- katherine just being salty and sarcastic.

the world will know- unioned we stand.

watch what happens- write it good…

seize the day- papes, papes everywhere. danced on, thrown at the audience, thrown at each other, everywhere.

santa fe- somebody help this kid, he’s literally obsessed with santa fe.

king of new york- race says some things nobody can understand, then starts a party despite the fact that jack and crutchie are nowhere to be found.

letter from the refuge- oh, your heart? let me crush it for you.

watch what happens (reprise)- poOR GUUYYS HEAAD IS SPINning.

the bottom line (reprise)- “it’s a compromise we can all live with.”

brooklyn’s here- never fear, brooklyn is here… and we forgot our sleeves.

something to believe in- cue the super sappy, we love each other kiss scene.

once and for all- *THE MOMENT*

finale- no no no it can’t be over already. again again again.

Boys playing Splatoon with S/O?

The Discord can confirm the rage I had to go through whilst playing Splatoon for inspiration.

Korekiyo Shinguuji

  • he’s completely stoic as he plays, and you can’t help but watch because this is just fascinating.
  • his fists are clenched on the remote, you can tell he’s absolutely infuriated every time he’s splatted but he just refuses to let you see how angry he is.
  • his team loses the match.
  • you watch the subtle square in his shoulders, he takes a deep breath, and then-
  • and then he slamdunks the wii u remote straight through your glass coffee table.
  • he locks himself in his room and you do not see him for the rest of the day.

Amami Rantarou

  • he’d actually like to try, it looks like a pretty fun game!
  • you let him play on your account, and he’s actually a little surprised and a little proud by how high of a level you have.
  • you let him try all sorts of weapons out, and finally he settles on liking the brush best.
  • he’s not bad! it’s a simple game and he seems to be getting the concept pretty easily.
  • he’s actually won every match so far, but usually at the bottom of his team.
  • and then, one round, he actually loses.
  • you can see the look of absolute disbelief on his face when the loser music starts playing.
  • but he had been doing so well! what had gone wrong?!
  • the other team had seriously inked almost everything in the playing field compared to amami’s two or three blotches-
  • you can tell he’s disappointed, but now he’s determined.
  • this won’t happen again.
  • you can’t get him off the wii u after that-

Ouma Kokichi

  • he seems pretty nonchalant when you propose the idea, simply shrugging and taking his seat in front of the television.
  • he lets you talk him through everything, telling him which clothes are better, which weapons are best, what he might like-
  • and though he nods and follows along, you can see he’s picking an entirely different set of items than the ones you recommended.
  • which is?? weird???
  • and then you actually get onto the playing field.
  • the second he’s in he’s moving with such skill that you’re amazed a beginner could EVER pull this off.
  • he doesn’t get splatted a single time, covering an insane amount of land as his score just skyrockets.
  • needless to say, he wins the match at the top of his team.
  • how did he do that?!
  • “Oh, sorry, I forgot to tell you, I play this game literally all the time. Anyway, bye!”
  • and then he just
  • leaves
  • heck

Shuuichi Saihara

  • he’s willing to play, but…he’s not exactly the best.
  • it takes him a while to get the hang of angling the controller, and eventually decides that using the joysticks is probably the best choice.
  • he likes the roller, it makes the game a little calmer for him.
  • every time he dies you can see his entire body tense up like it’s an absolute disaster-
  • he actually spends more time running around the lobby than he does playing…
  • he’s not very good.
  • he always finishes at the bottom of his team with 100-300 points and never splats anybody.
  • maybe this just isn’t his kind of game…
  • you’ll put on something a little less abrasive next time, maybe.

Kaito Momota

  • he gets WAY too into it.
  • he’s totally on board when you say he should give the game a try.
  • he’s using the splattershot at first, but when he finds out the luna blaster exists, he won’t use anything else. it just looks so cool!
  • he gets pretty mad when he gets splatted, but the look on his face when he actually manages to splat somebody is priceless.
  • like a kid in a candy store!
  • every match he loses in followed by a series of swears and kicking the table, he gets pretty passionate about the game.
  • but every match he wins is celebrated like hell! fists in the air, the whole deal. he even picks you up and spins you! look S/O! look what he did!
  • but you can’t help but note that he’s always at the bottom of his team and his score is never very high, win or lose.
  • oh well. at least he’s having fun.


  • he doesn’t really get the concept.
  • so you’re a kid-
  • but then you’re a squid?
  • you’re an unholy human squid hybrid?
  • and when you become a squid you defy the laws of mass and descend into your own inky remnants?
  • ….basically yeah
  • he can’t ever focus on the game because he’s too busy asking questions about how your character functions as a creature
  • he runs into a lot of walls and doesn’t manage to accomplish a whole lot, and doesn’t even seem to be enjoying it.
  • you thought a robot would be better at video games honestly.
  • you decide maybe he should just explore the lobby instead.
  • he thinks the squid sisters are very charming honestly! look at them go! lovely! wonderful! he is a fan of them.
  • everything else? terrible. not a fan.
  • that’s not how squids work.
  • silly S/O.

Gonta Gokuhara

  • he’s so enthusiastic! this game is so colourful and pretty!
  • he runs off of platforms into the abyss or the water constantly, but he’s having so much fun that you can’t bear to correct him-
  • he’s switching between kid and squid constantly, not even TRYING to win the matches.
  • he honestly doesn’t shoot a single thing the entire time he’s playing. he’s having too much fun exploring.
  • you know his teammates probably hate him, because not only is he doing nothing, but he’s hitting the “Booyah!” and “Come on!” buttons every two seconds.
  • “It’s encouragement!”
  • this is honestly painful to watch but he’s so adorable when he’s having fun like this-
  • maybe you’ll make him his own account, but you probably won’t be letting him soil your username again any time soon.

Ryouma Hoshi

  • he’s honestly scarily good at this game.
  • he’s a sniper, and once he finds the best spot on the map, he doesn’t leave it.
  • he’s completely straight-faced the entire time, and he doesn’t miss a single shot.
  • you’re seriously worried for anybody who has to play against him right now.
  • not a single member of his team gets splatted, not while he’s on guard duty.
  • so while he doesn’t win a whole lot of points himself, his team ALWAYS wins and they have him to thank for it.
  • despite the fact that he says winning doesn’t really matter and it’s just a dumb video game, you can see that smug smirk every time he makes another shot.
  • he probably won’t play again though.
  • you honestly don’t want him to.

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Philbis de-aged and has a huge crush on Clint. Clint is confused.

“Mother fucker.”

Fury glared at the holo-screen while the R&D tech continued stammering out excuses.  “Put Romanoff on.  Now.”  He listened as she gave him the sit-rep.  Essentially their newest R&D genius had been tinkering with their newest piece of Asgardian tech and had accidentally activated the device.  Having only Coulson being zapped by it was the perfect way to start the week.

 “So what you are telling me is that Coulson is now seventeen years old and no one there knows how to change him back.”  He felt the vein in his temple throbbing.

 “I’ve been talking with Banner.  He and Stark should be able to figure out what happened using the data and security footage that’s been collected.  Thor is scheduled to be back by the end of the week, so he can assist if they haven’t made any progress.”  Romanoff looked away from the screen, “I told you to sit in that chair and not move.” She waited, staring down whoever was off screen.  “Thank you. As I was saying sir, I can take him back to the tower.  He’ll be secure there with Jarvis monitoring him.  It will be easier to keep him out of trouble there also.”

“Do it.  Let me know if anything changes.”  Fury turned off the screen without waiting for a reply. Romanoff would handle it.

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Imagine Person A being surprised when people say that they didn’t know that they and Person B were dating.

Got7 reaction to little kid saying he’s gonna steal you from them.

Anonymous said: Will you do a got7 reaction to a little kid say he was gonna steal you from them. Thanks✌

JB: The little kid voice sounded really deep, almost like a grown ass man, he thought he had to shut somebody down real quick.

Originally posted by jitonic

Mark: He finds it so adorable, that the kid picked you, your beauty attracts all ages.

Originally posted by muaktuan

Jinyoung: He finds it hilarious that a fan wrote “I’m Mr.Steal yo girl” on a piece of paper for him. It was so unexpected for someone to write.

Originally posted by defsoulfeels

Jackson: He plays around with the kid, acting as if he as competition with the kid to keep you.

Originally posted by lim-jaebeom

Youngjae: With a mixture of Mark and Jinyoung, he finds it so cute and funny that you wanna steal his girl.

Originally posted by got7ish

BamBam: He knows the kid is just joking around, but he gives a deep talk about when the kid finds love, but that love won’t be you for sure.

Originally posted by jitonic

Yugyeom: Unlike others reactions, he’s very impressed by the kid choice and the kid selection of words to use. Kid: “Aye can I have your girlfriend when I’m 18″

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Hi!!! Can I get a rfa+saeran and V of them being a single parent? This can be either Mc died or the mother left them, thanks!!

Thank you for the request! MC is dead in this one ;(


Please feel free to send me a feedback, if this is NOT what you wanted, I’ll do it again in no time!
Any mistakes, report to me


  • It was a little hard taking care of a baby alone…
  • So his mother helped him.
  • Showing him all he need to know.
  • Well…He has been away from games in that time.
  • He was too busy for that.
  • He would cry with the baby when he doesn’t understand what he wants.
  • He’s a very concerned dad.
  • But he always let his kid play how much they want.
  • He misses MC, she would make him do the homework first instead of playing and sleeping so late…
  • But when he sees the grades of his child everything changed
  • Now he’s strict.
  • He’ll only play when he finishes his homework, he’ll only play until a certain time, he’ll eat properly and study when he has to.
  • He’s putting his son in the right place, just like you did to him.
  • He’s working hard right now, he’ll make you proud.
  • And he knows you would be proud of your child too.
  • He loves to talk about you to your kid, he always say how kind you were
  • “If you grow up and be like your mom, you are blessed”
  • He cleans the house, cook, of course, your child help sometimes.
  • He’s a kind and good dad.
  • He hopes you’re proud of him...


  • He takes care of the baby, he sings to her…Making her sleep…
  • He searches for some help on the internet sometimes…
  • But he always played with the baby with some toys his fans sent.
  • He hires a babysitter sometimes because he needs to pay those bills!
  • He’s so dramatic and concerned
  • If the little girl cut her finger just a little bit, he’s screaming.
  • He always asks her how was her day...You know…Boys.
  • He misses you, but he remembers you every time she smiles, so he always makes her smile!
  • It would be easy for him if you were here…You know, girl problems.
  • But he’s always on the reunions of the school, he gets a lot of attention in there.
  • He loves his daughter, our daughter.
  • She’s so independent, just like MC…
  • He cries sometimes when he sees his daughter smile…
  • Look MC…Our little girl is growing up so fast…


  • She’s strict.
  • A little too much sometimes, you’re not there to say to her calm down.
  • But sometimes when she’s like that she looks at a photo of you, and say that she’s sorry.
  • She always sees her homework, she always helps her and she’s always with an eye out.
  • Sometimes she lacks affection…
  • But when she realizes that she gives to your child all the affection she needs.
  • She loves that kid.
  • When she was a baby it was easy, she’s accustomed to sleeping depravity.
  • Of course, it would be easier for you here…
  • But she has to accept the truth.
  • You’re not coming back, but she knows that you’re watching her.
  • And she’ll not let you down.


  • He missed you…Every Time he thinks about you.
  • In the beginning, it was hard…He doesn’t know what to do.
  • He has all he needs, well…He needs you, but you would not come back…
  • So he needs to be a good father to tell this kid how much he loved you, how much you were fantastic.
  • He never talks to his mother, but he opened one exception…To ask her about all those things.
  • When he learned, this is easy to him.
  • Of course, he has a babysitter when he needs to work, but when he got home, he doesn’t understand how people think this is difficult.
  • He’s a very good dad.
  • He always listens to your child problems, always helps them and support them.
  • In the night when he cries, your child already knows why, so sit with him and listen to him on how much he loved you…
  • Your kid really wanted to meet you…Because of how fantastic Jumin make you look like.
  • “Your mother was an angel to me…And now she really is one…She’s always looking for you…Always remember that.”


  • It was tough…Without you, it feels like a hole…A hole in his life.
  • He’s a very good father, he would laugh when he’s taking care of the baby…You would be surprised.
  • That would be funny to say to you…
  • Don’t cry on the baby again…Ok...
  • He sings to the baby sleeps, always kisses his forehead and go to his bedroom…To cry.
  • When your child is a little older, he doesn’t need to help with his homework, the kid is too smart.
  • He’s proud.
  • You must be too!
  • He always says to him that puns, jokes, and the kid always laugh…
  • Funny…Reminds him of you…
  • Sometimes that smile fades away and he cries, your child hugs him, they love each other…
  • But it’s everything going to be alright.


  • He lost you…He would be lost in the world for that too…
  • But you gave him a kid, a beautiful kid.
  • He has to see this kid clearly…He made the surgery.
  • He smiled and cried so much when saw the face of the baby…It reminds him of you.
  • He looks up and says “Thank you…”
  • He doesn’t have a problem with taking care of the baby at all…He is very good at what he does actually.
  • He always plays with the kid, he always listens, he’s the perfect dad.
  • He always shows an album with photos of you.
  • He made the kid take a photo on the same places, just to show him, how similar you two were.
  • Sometimes he cries, but of course, without your kid sees.
  • He misses you, he wanted to share this moment with you.
  • But he knows you are by his side…


  • He can’t look at that kid’s face without thinking about you…
  • Saeyoung has to help him.
  • He knows how much he was suffering.
  • Saeran learned it was a slow process…But right now he’s responsible.
  • Saeyoung trusts him, he can take care of that baby alone.
  • And Saeran did that, he would play with the baby when nobody’s looking.
  • Sometimes he looks up and says “You must be laughing at me right now…Humph…”
  • He asks Saeyoung for help even when the kid got bigger.
  • He’s clever, but that homework can be a pain in the ass sometimes.
  • He’s happy when your child mentions you, he always smiles.
  • But in the night he cries.
  • He’s so sweet and warm to that kid…But not when somebody is around.
  • He has to be a badass…
  • “Hey…Son…Want to be badass with me?I have some black clothes…Maybe it’ll fit you?”
  • You are not there to stop him.

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Thanks for answering! "Buoyant" seems like such an apt word.

since he’s a dude, most people just assumed he was kinda chubbo and a little reactive; and of the people who did know, none of them had procreated; so he got to evade the thing lots of pregnant people get where they get unrequested advice and commentary from everyone everywhere they go. and finally, he had such a deep connection with what he was going through: he suspected something was up almost immediately, like probably a week after conception, and he was pretty sure he was sharing emotions and concepts with what was basically just a clump of yet unformed potential. and he ultimately fell bonkers in love with his kid the second they met. like, he would hack somebody to death with a hatchet to protect this person. he would walk a desert for him. maybe two deserts. at least one.

so he did have plenty of negative effects, but all in all it was a comparatively positive experience.

at least compared to some other pregnancies: jenna had a horrible pregnancy with katie - horrid mood swings and gestational diabetes and eternal headaches - and declared two was plenty. monica couldn’t eat anything but arroz con pollo for the duration. stiles’ own mother was in labor for twelve hours.

stiles, to contrast, was what many have described as “glowing.” jenna figured it was all those chemical hormones and filler they pump into the alleged meat at taco bell. she bought him some fancy granola and he ate it. there wasn’t much he wouldn’t eat. maybe asparagus. definitely oranges.

he loves to eat, and he also loved having this excuse (occasionally compulsion) to eat more or less constantly for the better part of a year.

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Why do you think Batman and Cassandra Cain have such a... different relationship compared to the other kids?

because she was the only character capable of communicating with him amongst a sea of batman writing that had bruce be emotionally closed off as a golden rule. and i’m using past tense not because batman is suddenly the most open person the dcu has had, but because in the last five years he’s had enough character development that having a more than three-word conversation with the people he loves is more and more frequent

bruce’s thing ever since his parents died was that the pain he felt was so unique to him, so much and so different than what he knew up until then, that there were no words for him to express his grief. it’s why we never see him have heart-to-heart’s with alfred years following the waynes’ funeral, take for comfort words from alfred’s part. it’s not necessarily because that’s how he was always built. it wasn’t his default character. we know young bruce had friends and a running mouth like no other, so it’s highly likely he tried to verbalize the shattering pain of losing his parents when it happened but couldn’t. so he chose not to try again. throughout the comics, even in the eras where batman is at his darkest, there are plenty of scenes that expressing his feelings is seen through acts lacking speech bubbles. it’s only logical that when the girl that doesn’t speak but can read body language comes along, she gets under his skin quicker than any other member of the family

cass has had a far more difficult origin than bruce. she was emotionally and physically abused for many years, treated as an experiment by the person who was supposed to love and protect her unconditionally. and even though plenty of characters in the dcu have had a lot more going on with them than just losing their parents, bruce actually acknowledges her higher-tier pain. even in the likelihood he was planning on keeping her at arm’s length (which he attempted at first), it’d be a losing battle before it started. he could stand still with his best neutral face and cass would still be able to sense any agitation because to her no words equaled communication

and maybe he was comfortable with that? maybe part of him wished he had this kind of exchange as a kid when he needed it the most, somebody who just by walking in the room knew he was in pain, and the kind of pain at that too? their relationship was healing for both parties because one was finally understood for the first time in his life and the other was thrust into a family that’d die for her in an instant. every member was there for her, from barbara teaching her how to read and speak, to stephanie being her friend and giving her some sense of normality her life lacked, to tim being square with her and trusting her to take the lead when necessary, to dick being the designated big brother and finally finding someone not likely to get tired by his constant rambling. to bruce, who was the safe father figure she never had, which not only did he sense, he also actively chased at first by sidelineing her so she wouldn’t get hurt in the line of duty

i’ve seen so many people trying to interpret why bruce has so willingly and openly time and time again said cassandra is better than him, but it’s not really that complicating when you think about how if he didn’t say it, she’d still know anyway. that “anyway” was everything to him and the game changer in this

PTA Sans : The one where Frisk is confused, Sans is HELL NO and Linda is ignorant, but what is new?

So…  I found the PTA Sans Au (?) and saw this headcanon about Lindas son having a crush on Frisk and well, this happened. Have fun.

Warnings: Uh, swearing, Linda talking shit about people, and you know what? Linda is a warning now. I’m warning you, there is pta Linda in here.

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