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I’ve Made a Mistake (Ch.2)

still here everyone! The second chapter. We did not forget about y’all or this life-giving college AU. Hope you like it! @tokugawalady and I are, as always, so happy that anyone indulges us and reads this. <3 

Chapter One

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“I expect you to water the plants and to feed Ichigo daily.” Ieyasu’s deceptively sweet voice had more than faded away, leaving a sharp tone that kept MC on edge. “Don’t go poking your noise around in places you don’t belong.” MC nodded, biting her lip thoughtfully. Right, she could do that.

“If you do that, you should stay alive just fine, at least in theory.” He was sneering at her and suddenly she remembered the look of terror that had been on Toramatsu’s face when he had been talking to her.

Yeah she was screwed.

But hell, it was a nice apartment. Spacious, two bedrooms, two bathrooms. A decent kitchen and living room space. Her room even had a walk in closet! It was a dream for her rent price. The only drawback was her new roommate.

She shivered thinking about the cramped studio apartment she had been kicked out of not twenty-four hours ago.

If living here meant participating in some illegal activities and keeping plants and pets alive, she figured she could do it.

“Of course I expect you to be clean and to be quiet. I’m sure that even someone of your mental capacity could realize that we can’t have people poking their noses around here.” MC nodded, idly jotting his rules down onto a notepad. She’d heard tales of his capacity for cruelty and was doing her best to avoid confrontation.

Not to mention she felt like if she drew too much attention to herself the cops would be here at the drop of a hat.

MC would not do well in jail.

“Anything else?” She asked, trailing her eyes up his form, resting them on his angelic face. How could someone so physically perfect have such a shit attitude?

“You may not invite people over. The nature of my work demands some degree of secrecy. Which to dumb down for you, means you can’t just have all of your friends over.” You had to resist the urge to roll your eyes.

“Yes sir.”

“That is all I have for now, don’t expect it to be the end. Someone like you is bound to break some rule.”  He turned on his heels, leaving you to admire his form.

You took a deep breath.

Time to unpack.

“MC, I really think you should at least let me check out the place I mean, you are a young single woman and he-“

“Inuchiyo, I appreciate your concern but you are not coming over. I have already moved all of my stuff in. I have already met Ieyasu. Its fine. I am fine.” MC kept her voice calm. She had been preparing for this.

“This witless manju is going to get herself killed. “a voice from across the room piped up. MC inwardly groaned. Mitsunari was never lacking in opinions. “I’ve never met a more aggravating base-born whore’s son than Tokugawa.” He was glaring daggers at both you and Inuchiyo. “Also, this is a damn library, show some respect and shut up.” His quiet hiss had you turning away. She couldn’t catch a break today.

“Look MC, all I’m saying is that you have options”

“Tokugawa isn’t a demon” MC huffed, crossing her arms. “I’m an adult, I can handle this. If I can’t handle it, I will leave. As adults are wont to do.” She grabbed her books, shoving them in her bag. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I actually have to study. “ She turned, stomping off.

Between Ieyasu and Inuchiyo she was going to end up living on the streets.

No, not today. She was more than willing to sacrifice her pride for that plush bed and lack of creepy manager.

The apartment complex was pretty empty when she got back. It was easier to study in the quiet of her new room than to try to justify herself to her friends. When she went to put her key in the door a voice stopped her.

“Hey are you sure you have the right place?” MC froze, stealing a glance over your shoulder. A tall, friendly looking man stood behind her with teal eyes as bright as a sunshine-filled day.

“Oh…U-Uh yeah. I am.” She turned to face him, offering out her hand. “I’m MC, a new tenant here.”

“Sanada Yukimura, I’m your upstairs neighbor.” He blushed as soon as her hand touched his. Endearing.

“Nice to meet you Yukimura!” She smiled, a bit forced. MC did not need any extra or outside attention at this point…she just needed to get inside.

“You’re staying here, at this place? I thought they already had two tenants?” He was still looking at you with that concerned face. Why?

MC had a feeling she knew why. She had a feeling that the reason behind his concerned face was a certain blonde haired man that she was now living with.

“Yeah, one of them moved out, so um, now I am here.” She gestured at the door.

“Oh, so you and Toramatsu?” The boy was blushing again, clearing getting the wrong idea.

“Er…no. Toramatsu’s moved out. I’m staying with Ieyasu.” The blush faded quickly on Yukimura’s face, replaced with a determined look.

“Are you sure about that?

“Positive.”  MC’s tone was growing more irritable by the moment.  She did not have the time…

“Just be careful, if you need me I’m upstairs.” Yukimura grabbed her arm, holding MC’s eyes with his own. “Seriously. Any time, I’ll come help.”

“T-Thanks?” She gently tugged her arm away and turned back to the door. “Really I appreciate it. I’ll see you around, okay?” MC fiddled with the keys as she heard him walk away. Once she was sure he had left, she opened the door, sliding inside.

“This is all too much.” She mumbled to herself before looking around. “Better do my chores so I don’t get kicked out.”

The plants came with strict instructions on water amounts, MC couldn’t help but laugh at the details.

Ieyasu was definitely a pharmacy major. His attention to detail and numerics was evident.  

Once that was done she turned her attentions to the rabbit.

Ichigo was a pretty bunny. Soft and brown. She chirruped when MC went to feed her the fresh veggies Ieyasu had designated.

“He really does spoil you huh?” MC trailed a finger across her soft fur, rewarded with a very pleased bunny.

Ichigo wasn’t scary at all.

“I wonder why everyone is so afraid of you, hmm? You’re a sweet little thing.”

Elsewhere in the town, Toramatsu woke up from a nap in a cold sweat, a nightmare of that damned rabbit playing in his head over and over again.

He turned over, covering his face with a pillow. Maybe one day he could rest.

That day just wasn’t today.

After doing her chores, MC set about to making dinner. Tempura and noodles. Something easy. She made sure to make extra for Ieyasu. Maybe he’d want food?

By the time he got back to the apartment she had cleaned and done most everything he had asked her to do.

And she was tired.

But she’d done it.

He stepped into the kitchen, barely sending a glance her way, grabbing a container of lettuce from the fridge.

“U-um.” MC stuttered only briefly. “I made dinner, if you want some.” He paused, a frown on his face.

“This filth is what you call dinner?” He pointed at the plate she had made for him. “I wouldn’t eat that slop if they were paying me to. What do I look like, some unhealthy stereotype like your friends?” Whatever she had done had really set him off because he wasn’t close to done. “I’m trying to actually live past 30,  in order to do that I decided not to indulge in that unhealthy nonsense are trying to pass off as food.”

Oh jeez.

MC shook her head, trying to hide the dejected look on her face as he continued to fuss. He went so far as to throw her leftovers away. No no. MC chanted in her mind, she was strong. She was not affected by this childish behavior.

He must just be hungry. That was why he was angry all the time, he didn’t have the right vitamins.

She looked away from him, standing and stepping out of the room, failing to notice the surprise on his face as she walked out.

She just needed to sleep.

“Toramatsu,” MC’s singsong voice was unnerving on the other end of the phone. Toramatsu sighed. He had been waiting for this call. In the background the sound of Yasamusa’s yelling drowned out most of the fear that he had of MC. It wasn’t like he had upgraded by moving out of his apartment.


“I just want you to know, that I understand why you did what you did.” Still sickly sweet. He wondered if she had taken lessons from Ieyasu in the last three days.


“But I’ll remember.”

And then she hung up.

eugene declaring for all the world to hear that rapunzel is his best friend and the love of his life is enough to literally kill me bye

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Shut Up  (Julian x Reader) Imagines - Fluff/Jealousy


You and Barry were just geeking out in the forensics lab, and Julian can’t help but get a little jealous…


“That’s so cool!”

“I know, right?!”

“And then, the part where he spelled out Francis –”

“That was gory, but so funny…!

Julian heaved a heavy sigh. For the past hour, the meta-human expert has been listening to you and his helpless half-wit of a partner Allen gushing over the latest Marvel movie, Deadpool, and it was honestly driving him insane.

I mean, really… Julian scowled as he watched you fawn over his lab mate. Is it too much to ask for a little peace and quiet?

Not that he minded hearing your voice.

God, no.

He loved listening to you. You were always so sweet, angelic - an infectiously happy person that somehow made him smile.

It was Allen’s yammering that he couldn’t stand. He just found his partner’s voice so…


Though, truth be told, he didn’t like how you went to the movies with Allen over the weekend either.

Just the thought of it made his blood boil.

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Rakuzan reactng to Akashi's kind s/o

Mibuchi: Akashi may be a gentleman usually, but he was still a boy. Mibuchi made sure to remind you of that and to tell you he’d always be around if you ever needed someone to vent to about your relationship. Though, it may have just been an excuse to hear about how romantic Akashi could be at times.

Nebuya: He never paid you any attention at first; a lot of people came in to see Akashi all the time. It wasn’t until the fourth consecutive day you had arrived with him that he realized something was up. Then you kissed Akashi and Nebuya nearly yelled, he thought it was some sort of scandal!

Hayama: The first time he saw you, he didn’t believe that someone so sweet could be dating Akashi. It all just didn’t seem to match up in his mind. Of course, it didn’t really click until Hayama noticed a correlation between his failed attempts at asking you out and his heavily intensified practice schedule.

Mayuzumi: He didn’t like knowing other people’s business, so Mayuzumi took the longest to actually get to know you. Unlike others, he wasn’t terribly surprised that you were dating Akashi; the captain seemed like the type to land anyone, really. Neither you or Akashi seemed to appreciate that comment.

I am both tired and bored soooo…here comes a new headcanon because I’m too tired to focus on art till tomorrow XD

Shouji used to be the chubby kid until he got super serious about sports and training. He still sports a little baby fat he can’t get rid of no matter how much he exercises, and he’s really self conscious about it. He loves sweets, thou. But he tries very hard to regulate how much he eats. There is always cake or sweet baked goods in the house because Kiyomi bakes. It’s a real test of his self-control, and sometimes he fails that test miserably.

  • taehyung: i can't believe you two are actually dating...
  • jimin: yeah! jungkook's really nice and sweet and he makes me feel so many things all at once!! i love him and he cares so much and he's so warm and i've known from the beginning we were meant to be. he's just such an amazing person!
  • jungkook: ...
  • jungkook: oh wait am i supposed to say something
  • jungkook: uh, jimin can cook pretty darn well
  • taehyung:
  • jimin:
  • jungkook: :)

college student im jaebum
playlist: remember you by g-eazy

• studying music
• in his third year
• looks super intimidating but is actually so sweet
• like he has such a caring soul
• but he doesn’t get to express it often because most girls take one look at him at run in the other direction
• his friends try setting him up with girls all the time but jb either gets disinterested or the girls just get bored
• he’s a tough person to crack but once he breaks down his walls he’s such a nice person and really goofy
• he doesn’t do parties or things like that
• instead he’s more focused on music
• he’s actually the on campus radio dj
• everyone who is everyone tunes in
• he also does podcasts that people listen to as well
• he’s the dad in his group of friends
• him and jinyoung are always having to keep tabs on the others
• he doesn’t mind too much
• he’s among the oldest so it makes sense
• he can actually be such a child sometimes though
• blind dates have become a new trend in his life
• he doesn’t want to do them but his friends insist that he go on them
• so he tries whatever he can to leave during the date and go make some music
• but you were different
• he was actually twenty minutes late but to him it was just a plus to get to leave sooner
• you were annoyed beyond belief but even then he thought you were beautiful
• you cussed him out the minute he sat down and he actually felt guilty
• he didn’t think the boys would be able to pick someone he was interested in
• he quickly apologized and you ever so slightly let it go
• you were still annoyed but he was being sweet
• you didn’t understand how people could think he was an asshole
• the date went so smoothly and you two got to a point where teasing was something you just did in your relationship
• he loved making music for you and his singing was your absolute favorite thing ever
• you two had everyone envious because how could two people be so in love but also insult each other at the same time
• “hurry up and get your fatass out here.”
• “don’t call me that dickhead.”
• “i’ll call you what I want…..ow why’d you hit me?”
• “cause i can.”

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i knew i was falling in love with him when he could make me laugh like no other and how i could feel so safe with him. i thought i loved other guys but this is like an all consuming type of love. im so in love with him it's disgusting lol. he told me he loved me after i met his mom and he was walking me home :-)

That is so so so sweet ❤️

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Okay so I know this is a rare pare, but if you don't mind could you do the older nordics reactions to Iceland and America dating.

Haha you don’t know anon but I low key love his pairing and need to see more

Norway: He’s going to watch them like a hawk. They better not even think about holding hands while Norway is around. Norway is really happy for Ice and he does like America, he’s just overprotective

Denmark: Thinks its great! He loves America and he’s so happy that Ice has his first relationship with someone so sweet

Finland: Ships it hard. He gives Ice a big hug and tells him to come to him if he needs any advice.

Sweden: Tells Ice to have fun and behave himself. He also slips him some money for a date and condoms when no one else is looking

-Mod Amanda