he was so sweet * *

I just really love the little detail that at the Cup of China, Yuuri seems to have a hotel room all to his own?

which makes the fact that he shares a hotel room with Viktor before the Grand Prix Final, beds pushed together and everything, even cuter and more impactful

The fact that Yuuri went from sitting alone and anxious to sleeping next to his fiancé makes me so happy??? This show is so pure and wholesome

Probably my favorite family...

Okay, I keep seeing pictures of lil Tom Stoughton all over my dash- of people setting him as their backgrounds and fangirling over him, and every single time I see one of those posts, I always also see an accompanying post of his father replying to said post. Always. The things he says in reply are always incredibly sweet and open-hearted, and it just makes me so incredibly happy that he and his son are being so well-accepted by the Sherlockian fandom. Tom’s acting definitely deserves every single fangirl moment, and Rich’s humbleness and big-heartedness definitely deserves every single proud moment he has of his son.
Thank you, Tom and Rich Stoughton, for having such big hearts in an industry where so many can be so closed off. Keep spreading joy and positivity; I can’t wait to see where both of you will go!

i can already feel tfp becoming like that one annoying neighborhood kid who insists on hanging out with your children, and he’s generally terrible and his parents don’t bother to even try to discipline him and he has all these quirks that drive you up a damn wall and he constantly tells stories you know can’t possibly be true, but every now and then he’s unexpectedly funny or, on even rarer occasions, a little bit sweet, but mostly you wish he’d just leave your children the hell alone. but then he does and you don’t see him for a while, and you kinda start to wonder what timmy’s up to these days, if he’s still an annoying little hellspawn or if maybe you’d like him more now, maybe he’s changed after all, so you invite him over to play with your kids again, just to see, and he makes a mess of your house and rubs his unwashed hands all over the snacks and sucker punches your favorite child in the mouth, and you remember all over again why you didn’t like him in the first place…

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My Taurus grandpa once took my Libra mum to the bookshop to pick her birthday gift. They came home with a beautifully made book called Sensuality about the art of love and good food. Sharing this with you because it couldn't have been more Venusian.

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isnt this the taurus/libra feels… i love this message so much. gave me such a pink icing taste on my lips. hey my little brother has venus in the 1st house. he eats icing by the spoonful, without the cake. they are sweet cheeks. thanks so much for this message 💓

Lance REALLY in love is like everything you would imagine. Laughs a little louder, stares a little longer, finds every excuse to be closer, picking up things that remind him of that person, if they ever mentioned something they liked Lance would immediately go and buy it for them, manages to make everything sappy as fuck, will literally get distracted in the middle of kissing them because wow has he mentioned how pretty they are??? 

Lance would be the biggest, sappiest, idiot in love. 

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So.... I haven't even seen voltron but I'm already shipping klance

EXCELLENT, here are some fics to fully secure ur place in klance hell 

i bet you look good on the dancefloor - Lance McClain’s dancing career begins and ends with Keith. Keith just wants to find out what Lance’s deal is.

Dirty Laundry- "Two whole months of free laundry in exchange for two weeks of being my fake boyfriend. Deal?”
Keith hesitated for a moment. Was this really worth it? Hardly. Lance was an asshole, and he wasn’t sure what fake dating would entail. But, free laundry was free laundry, right?
“Alright, it’s a deal.”

you’re so sweet; will you be mine?- A new bakery pops up right across the street from Lance’s bakery.
In which Lance is an idiot, Keith is an asshole, and Pidge is the next Dr. Phil.

guys, bambam is so much more beautiful in person, he is literally that beautiful, I was about to cry. I think he noticed that I was really nervous so he kept telling me to just have fun during the game and that we’d do well. he was so so soooooo sweet, y'all. like he asked how old I was and I’m like 23 and he was like “oh you’re older, I’m 19 but I’m going to be 20” and I quietly said that he’s so young and he smiled and if you don’t know by now, he did indeed ask if I had a boyfriend and I said no. what I didn’t even realize is that he said “I’m your boyfriend now” and I juST XJFJHDSUUSJFKGKKKG AND OMG HE HUGGED ME LIKE THREE TIMES AND HELD MY HAND LIKE A BUNCH OF TIMES AND PUT HIS ARMS AROUND ME AND I’M JUST SO DEAD, GUYS, MY SOUL HAS HONESTLY ASCENDED AND I CAN DIE IN PEACE BECAUSE THIS WAS THE GREATEST EXPERIENCE OF MY ENTIRE LIFE AND THIS WAS MY FIRST FANMEET EVER AND I AM BLESSED ❤️

To Take (Pt.1)

Summary: With all your memories gone, and the sudden information that you are now a vampire–who do you trust? Do you trust your mind that says to hate Yoongi? Or your heart that says you could never? 


Anonymous said:

 Could I request a Yoongi vampire AU scenario where he’s the vampire prince and you’re a human he’s chosen to be his so he turns you to be with him and you have to move into the castle and all that, and you start out hating him despite him trying to make you like him through kind/sweet actions and gifts because you didn’t want to be turn and you keep rejecting him, until you eventually fall in love with him too? 


“Y/N, what would you do if I said that I wasn’t human?”

You grinned at him, reaching for his hand. “What would you do if I said that I already knew that?”

He let out a breath through his teeth, and, with pain in his eyes, his hand tightened around yours. “Why did it have to be you?”

You woke up to morning light leaking through curtains that looked expensive–but maybe weren’t. The comforter on the bed, though soft, seemed to swallow you whole. You thought that maybe the bed could have been yours, but you weren’t sure; there was a sneaking suspicion in your otherwise confused state that had you believing that you didn’t belong there.  The elegant yet ancient brick of the walls of your room appeared semi-foreign to you–this was not the home that you had lived your entire life in, but you’d been there before.

Well, it wasn’t like you were sure that you didn’t live there; you couldn’t remember your past, how old you were, what your house might have looked like, the country you were in, or even your name. The only memories that survived in your blanked out brain included a young boy with dark hair, expensive children’s clothing, fangs, and a bright red ball.

“Y/N–you’re awake.” You shot up into a sitting position, turning to face the owner of the voice. His hair was slicked back and dyed a light pink, and, like the young boy from your memories, he wore expensive looking clothing: a suit collared up to his neck; it appeared to be made out of fabric that would be more suitable for palace curtains. For some reason, when he opened his mouth, you expected there to be fangs.

There weren’t.

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“ The kiss is soft and sweet, hesitant in nature, and ends far too quickly for Anders’ liking. He wants to melt into it, take in the warmth of the man’s embrace and forget about the cold air of winter for just a little while. His brain reminds him that this doesn’t have to end here, not if they both wished it so. “

I’m In Love With A Stripper

Commission for @storybookhawke who wanted me to illustrate the kiss from their wonderful fic! 

Points at Ritsu Kageyama: this is my son, he’s insecure and stressed and deserves several “i fucked up” awards, and he’s young and has about a thousand things to learn. I will protect him with my life.

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Apparently you're good at giving advice about love or whatever so... What do you do if you like a guy, who's TWO YEARS YOUNGER THAN YOU BY THE WAY?? I'm only 13, I don't know how my life ended up like this. But like I get so happy when I see him, he's just so sweet and nice, I don't know what to do. I just get sooo happy and I really wanna be his friend, but HE'S TWO YEARS YOUNGER THAN ME AND I ONLY HAVE A FEW MONTHS LEFT BEFORE I HAVE TO GO TO HIGH SCHOOL DXAJDOAJOAJ

ok so it’s super weird u feel super awk and u are really confused. 2 years is a long time especially when you’re so young and dating at that age and with that gap can be super weird but if you genuinely like his personality and being around him you should just be friends like just get to know him and hang out if you’re just friends it’s not weird


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If you're still doing prompts and are comfortable writing it, how about either cam girl ladybug or cam boy chat noir? Personally I'd love to see how you'd write cam boy chat noir but it's your choice :) only if you're comfortable writing it xx


Ah, you are really sweet anon, asking me if I’m comfortable with it. That’d be a yes, lol. I’m not the best writer for sin, but I’m trying. Also, I kind of thought of a cam au before and you just gave me a reason to write it lol. And I’m glad you are more interested in cam boy Chat, cause that would have been my pick. So here we go.


Adrien honestly didn’t remember how this started. No, literally he didn’t remember. He was pretty convinced he make an account on that site while drunk and sad. Seriously, his brain, in drowned in sadness and expensive wine said ‘hey, why don’t you become a cam boy, you are handsome enough for people to pay to see you get naked’. And he actually did it. What possessed him to actually keep the whole thing on? A feeling of extreme confidence and sexiness that he had the nerve to display only while wearing a mask. The mask was part of the appeal sure, though Adrien wore it at first because the last thing he needed was pictures or videos of Adrien Agreste doing cam work. That would have been a scandal he would never get out of.

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Dude what if like,,,Paul worked at some pizza place and pat called in one day to order something and he was just like "fuck, he sounds hot." Pat comes to pick up the pizza and Paul somehow gets his number so they just hit it off right away

I’m wheezing because thats really sweet and all but it just sound like a beginning of a porn video and I’m 😂😂😂😂😂