he was so quick to say this too sighs

House Guest (part 2)

(Captain Boomerang x Reader)

You drop a bag full of stuff into his lap and sit down next to him on the couch. You figured it’d be best to buy a bit more cause you sure as hell weren’t going out again for him. The thought of going to the police had crossed your mind but for some reason you hadn’t done it in the end.

„Just out of curiosity, how long are you planning to stay?“ You ask him, hoping he’d be gone rather quick.

„Few days.“ He says while going through the bag you gave him with a bright smile, „Thanks, luv.“

„Yeah sure.“ You take in your breath and sigh deeply. Watching TV with a wanted criminal wasn’t what you had planned for the weekend, „Just so you know, you’re sleeping on the couch.“

„I already slept in your bed once so it’s basically mine, too. Why do I have to take the couch?“ He replies without any hesitation.

„Sleeping in it once doesn’t make it yours and you seriously should stop sleeping in other peoples beds!“

„Not big on sharing, eh?“

„maybe I would be if you asked nicely instead of just taking what you want.“ You say, rolling your eyes at him.

„Ya do realize that I’m a thief?“

„God you’re getting on my nerves…can’t I trade you for one of the other bad guys? Preferably someone quiet and less annoying.“

„Sure if I get to trade ya for a naked and less grumpy version of yourself.“


He laughs at your response before turning his attention back to the TV, watching the news that are just starting. You lean back into the cushions and, focusing your attention on the TV as well while trying to ignore the rude stranger invading your living room at the moment. Sometimes you just had to accept things as they were and you figured this was one of these situations.

As always, the static noise had made you sleepy and your eyes were feeling heavy. You just wanted to close them for a minute but actually fell asleep the second you closed them. Your head was slowly sliding down until it came to a rest when it hit his shoulder.

Digger looks over in confusion when you suddenly bump into him. He furrows his brows, seeing you sleeping next to him. He did say he wouldn’t hurt you but then again he was a criminal and not the honest type. You were a bit too trustworthy of him and slept, seemingly without a care in the world.

He shook his head and smiled while watching you. Normally people were on their guard around him, yet here you were at his complete mercy of your own free will.

„Strange girl…“ He mumbles before picking you up and carrying you over to the bedroom. He laid you down and threw the blanket over your body.

When you opened your eyes in the morning you weren’t quite sure how you had gotten here, the last thing you remembered was a shitty gaming show. You turn around and see Digger lying across your bed, almost taking the whole bed for himself. No wonder your back hurt with the little space you had to sleep in.

You lean over and watch him for a moment with curiosity. It was almost a miracle, you had half expected to wake up to an empty apartment. When you see him move you quickly jump off the bed and get up before he catches you staring at him.


Youtuber AU | Eggsy Reacts: Harry’s Acting Career 

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“I can’t believe you’re watching these,” Harry groans as Eggsy orders another DVD from Amazon, the last of the movies from Harry’s iMDB page.

“I think you’re adorable in these,” Eggsy teases, looking at the movie trailers online to see which scenes he wants in his video. “And I think our fans will like them too.”

“If you say so,” Harry sighs, leaning over Eggsy’s shoulder. “I trust you to know our audience.”

“I love you too,” Eggsy says with a quick kiss to Harry’s cheek.