he was so quick to say this too sighs

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There’s a figure skating exhibition in Montréal which Bob is guest announcing at, so the whole Zimmermann fam goes to watch.

Jack is still in his in between phase of adolescence, not quite grown into his limbs, face still rounded with the last bits of stubborn childhood fat. His whole body still a little too large, and his confidence bowed under the extra weight and his blooming anxiety about his future, his sexuality, and life as the child of two incredibly successful, beautiful people.

But underneath that, is a clever, witty, ridiculous flirty man waiting for an opportunity to present itself.

Enter one Eric R. Bittle. Just over five and a half feet of lean muscle and able to move it all with a speed and grace that leaves Jack breathless. Watching Eric skate, watching him bring the story of his music to life in sweeping arcs and gravity defying jumps and spins, is a revelation. Jack loses himself in the sparkling whirlwind of movement and glowing blond hair that is Eric Bittle.

When his routine ends, in a glorious final spin that leaves Eric with outstretched arms and his head thrown back, a triumphant smile on his face, Jack is mesmerized by the line of Eric’s neck and the way he can see the heavy breaths Eric is taking. Jack can feel his heart beating in time with the rise and fall of Eric’s chest. When Eric looks up, he looks radiant, and he looks right at Jack. The full impact of his smile hits Jack right in the gut.

He must make a sound, because Alicia looks at him with a knowing gleam in her eyes and asks “Ça'va, cher?” Jack can only nod, eyes glued to Eric’s figure as he makes his way off the ice. He misses Alicia’s grin, but takes comfort in the arm she wraps around his shoulder, difficult with the way he’s almost taller than her now, even at 16, but still nice.

He’s not entirely sure how, but he ends up in the hallway outside the locker room with his parents. Bob is talking with the skaters as they come out, Jack mostly a silent presence, making awkward attempts at conversation when addressed and getting slightly irritated at the way everyone looks at him like he’s adorable despite them mostly being not much older than him. (He’d checked Eric’s age at least, and was incredibly pleased that he was the same age.)

Then, Eric is just. There. In front of him. Smiling that same sunshiny smile that is even more spectacular up close. From this close, Jack can see the warm honey and bourbon flecks in Eric’s big brown eyes, and how they radiate kindness. He feels like he’s taking up too much space, feels all the clumsiness in his limbs that only seems to disappear when he’s playing hockey.

When Eric speaks, his accent catches Jack off guard, but in a good way. It makes him feel warm and soft, and he hopes he isn’t blushing.

“Hello Mr and Mrs Zimmermann, it is such an honor to meet you! I’ve followed both of your careers, and y'all are such an inspiration!” Eric’s exuberance makes Jack smile, he feels it stretch across his face and can’t even be embarrassed about it because when Eric looks at him Jack sees it reflected back at him.

“Oh. Hello! You’re Jack, right? The next Zimmermann to watch out for?” He says it with sincerity, and a hint of a chirp, and Jack doesn’t feel any of the pressure he usually does when people talk about his legacy.

He takes just a second too long to reply, and his dad nudges his arm a little to get his attention. He catches a smirk on Bob’s face in his peripheral vision, and a quick wordless exchange between his parents, and has a sudden flash of his dad telling him about how he wooed his mom by speaking to her in French at any given opportunity.

So when Jack responds, a second or two past what’s strictly socially acceptable but not so long it’s awkward, he can only say “Bonjour, Eric,” as he presents his hand, almost sighing when Eric slips his own surprisingly soft hand into Jack’s, shaking it with a firm grip and a smile still on his face. “Vous étiez incroyable.”

He’s vaguely aware that he should be mortified, but Eric’s cheeks turn a delightful pink and it makes something in Jack want to rise to the challenge of keeping the color there.

“Oh my,” Eric laughs, “You can call me Bitty, Jack. Though I must admit my French is terrible, merci beaucoup.” His accent is quite awful, really, but when Jack notices their hands are still together, that they’re just holding hands now, he can only grin wider.

“De rien, Bitty.” Bitty looks down slightly, notices their hands and his eyes widen. He looks up at Jack from under his impressively thick lashes with a look of wonder on his face.

Bitty mutters what sounds like “Oh, lord,” and Jack chuckles under his breath.

Jack couldn’t agree more. So he squeezes Bitty’s hand and says just quietly enough that Bitty has to lean in a little “D’accord.”


When Isak pushed Mahdi in the end of s3 the whole school thought it was about Isak being gay and Mahdi not liking it cos he was ‘muslim’ which he isn’t. 

This is a parallel to tonights clip that shows how ignorant and quick people are to judge others based on their ethnicity, sexuality and religion. 

So no the fight wasn’t anything like how the bathroom girls say. This is always the go to explanation in gossip world. 

Now we have to wait 10 days before we get a chance of a real one. *sigh*

coffee in the morning ;

“I could do that,” he states a minute later, and he nods his heads a few times as if it’s some sort of confirmation as he mulls it over, and you look at him like you’re confused.

“Do what?” You question, and he blinks at you.

“Be your boyfriend,” he says it like it’s the most obvious thing in the world, and it makes your heart beat a bit faster.

“You mean fake boyfriend.”


Harry and Y/N work at a coffee shop and he’s never been a good actor

12k+, fluff, smut, ripping of panties mid-fuck, and just a dash of angst

OKAAAY SO, i’ve been dead around here because i’ve been working on this for a few days now! special shoutout to @mermaidsonships for letting me yell about apple (that’s what we named the girlie in this amongst our texts) and harry as well as bounce ideas off of u! i love u sister! i’ve got a fixation of fake bf harry + harry being rly teasing so if u combine those 2 things u get this big mess of a thing! i hope u enjoy!

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can you please do another soulmate au in this one when you reach the age of 16 a tattoo of your soulmates initials appear on your body. jughead never told anyone his real name and betty has no idea who the F.J. tattooed on her skin could be.. please :)))

Aw man, this is cool!

Jughead took a deep breath, pulling the beanie he always wore, lower on his head. He took a peek in the mirror to make sure his ears were covered, that was the purpose of his beanie after all.

Running his fingers over the spot just behind his ear, partly covered by wavy dark hair, he traced the delicate letters “B.C”

Of course he knew what they stood for, they had shown up so suddenly the day he turned sixteen. He remembered the shock and disbelief he felt at seeing those very familiar initials, scrawled in pretty feminine letters over his tan skin.

Betty Cooper. His soulmate was Betty Cooper, there was no one else, it had to be Betty. He couldn’t tell her, couldn’t show anyone. On his birthday Archie had begged to see his initials

“It’s a right of passage dude! Come on, you were the first one I showed when I got Veronica’s initials!” Archie practically pleaded with the boy.

Jughead had simply shook his head and shrugged his shoulders
“I didn’t get any initials, looks like I don’t have a soulmate.” He played it off as a joke but the sympathetic look veronica and Kevin had thrown him nearly made him spill the truth. He hated having people pity him.
There had to be a mistake, there was no way Betty was for him, she was perfect and soft and sweet, but equally as powerful and strong. He was just the boy from the wrong side of the tracks, he didn’t deserve her. Today was her birthday and he was sick to his stomach about who her actual soulmate would be.

Trevor Brown, it had to be him. The way he stared at her in the hallway made him sick, and when Trevor offered to carry her books to class Jughead felt postively violent.

Speaking of the beautiful blonde, she was headed his way, an angry looking Kevin and a confused Veronica in tow.

He heard Kevin huffing
“I don’t see why you can’t tell us, it has to be someone we know. We’re not gonna judge you Betty. Just tell us.”

Veronica was nodding along
“I promise B, whoever it is, we’ll make it work, whatever it takes.” She placed a soothing hand to her shoulder.

Betty finally reached Jughead ,Archie joining the group, practically sprinting out of the bathroom at the mention of Betty’s soulmate. Everyone in riverdale had been waiting to see who americas sweetheart would be paired with.

“I don’t know! I’m not lying, I genuinely have no idea. It’s no one we know, I’m not telling anyone until I figure it out!” She pouted, gripping Jugheads arm and leading him ahead of the group.

As curious as he was, he allowed her to pull him without questioning it.
“Happy birthday Juliet.” He spoke low, for only her to hear.

She turned to him with a sad smile
“Not so happy Juggie.”

He opened the door to the blue and gold office for her as she curtsied and giggled
“Thanks Romeo.” She threw him a wink before plopping down on the ugly plaid couch, her friends storming in after her.

Jughead quickly took the open spot next to her, at least he could save her from Kevin sitting there.

She sighed as everyone stared at her
“I don’t know. I don’t want to talk about it. And I promise I’ll tell you once I figure it out.” She spoke it all so quick it knocked her breath away, slumping to lean against Jughead.
He wrapped a comforting hand around her shoulder, gently squeezing.
She looked up at him and sighed
“Wanna know a secret?” She whispered a sad smile furrowing her brows.

Jughead nodded turning to look at her
“You know I love a secret.”

She smiled
“Me too. Well. I don’t really know how to say this, so I guess I’ll just spit it out. I wanted it to be you. I wanted you to be my soulmate, I know you don’t have one and all but, I thought maybe you were mine. I know it’s stupid, but now I’m stuck with this stupid F.J on my palms and I have no clue who it is. It’s totally weird, but..”
Jughead cut her off quickly, gripping her wrist and bringing her hand dangerously close to his face.

“Juggie!” She pouted indignantly “staring at it isn’t going to make him appear, the least you could say is Thankyou, I mean I pretty much..”

He cut her off again, this time ripping off his beanie and throwing it behind the couch, his eyes still drawn to the heavy handed F.J written across her palm, it was surrounded by nail indents and crescent shaped scars from when she dug her fingernails into her palms, to calm her nerves.

“Jughead” she said again softly this time, her warm eyes ducking to catch his, tearing him away from her palm “are you okay?”

He broke into the biggest grin, raising a hand to tuck the hair away from his ear revealing the gorgeous B.C.

Betty gasped, her hand moving to her mouth.

“Is that…?”

He nodded slowly, gently holding her palms face up in his hands

“It’s nice to meet you Betty Cooper, my names Forsythe Jones.” He was smirking now as she opened and closed her mouth

“You mean?” She choked out

“You don’t think my parents actually named me Jughead do you?” He wrapped his large hands around her face, her palms resting on his chest, the F.J placed over his heart.

She traced her initials with watery eyes.
“I knew it.” She whispered

He smiled

“Damn am I glad.” He sighed out, capturing her lips in slow kiss.

First-Date BAIT!

Words: 11.3k
Genre: Fluff
Read the sequel drabble: here
Read more at Service Series


First dates are embarrassing. First dates are awkward. I’ve been through countless ones, sitting across from people who bored the living daylights out of me. It was less exciting than watching paint dry. Some dates were so utterly rude - I think you and I both know what it’s like to be on the receiving end on that. But now we both don’t have to waste our time anymore!

With First Date Bait they went out for me! Afterwards, they informed me if it was recommended to go out on a second date. It’s amazing with a 99.99% accuracy rate! That’s how I ended up meeting my husband!

First Date Bait.
Why waste your time with awkward first dates?

He’s late.

That’s not a good sign.

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You’re Mine, Got It?

Pairing: Mitch x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 4723

Author’s Note: I found a prompt and this is what came out of it! Thanks to @mf-despair-queen for proofreading this for me :) Enjoy babes!

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My boyfriend, Dylan, and I were heading to our one year anniversary when it all went down. Someone had run into us, making Dylan and I smash against the dashboard, his head smacking against the steering wheel. I groan in pain, hearing Dylan’s voice, but it’s like I was in a fishbowl, the accident making my ears ring.

“Baby? You okay?” He asks, pushing my hair away from the wound, touching it lightly, making me wince in the process. I nod my head, looking over at him, seeing a gash on his forehead. I see a silhouette behind him and I stiffen.

“D-Dylan, b-behind you.” I stutter, getting lightheaded. Dylan looked out the smashed window, squinting slightly to see the man in the smoke. My eyes drooped, my head laying against the dashboard, going in and out of consciousness. When my eyes were shut, a heard a gunshot go off, making me jump slightly, but stay still. I heard tires squeal, indicating the person drove off and I opened my eyes, seeing Dylan laying against the steering wheel, not moving. I tear up, reaching my hand towards him, shaking him slightly.

“Dy-Dylan? Baby?” I ask, slowly moving towards the drivers side door, gasping when I find a bullet hole burned between his eyes. I begin screaming and crying, trying my best to open the passenger’s side door, but not succeeding. I reach into my pocket, finding my phone and start to dial 911. I hold the phone up to my ear as it rings, taking huge breaths to keep myself conscious.

“911 what’s your emergency?” Dispatch asks me.

“Uh, m-me and my boyfriend were in an accident a-and a-a guy, h-he came out of the smoke and shot my boyfriend. I need help, I’m trapped in the car and I can smell gas, please…” I mumble, pressing my hand against my forehead.

“Alright, ma’am. Where’s your location?”

“Um, Fourth and Broad.” I recite, looking at the street sign that’s positioned to my right.

“Alright an ambulance will be there shortly. Try to keep your eyes open, alright ma’am?” I nod my head then remember that the woman on dispatch couldn’t see me.


*Flashback over*

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“Ready to Run” (dos)

Summary: (Modern-Day AU) In which a five youngsters come to know how important it is to live your life to the fullest, leave an imprint of every single moment you’ve lived on your heart, because you’re given the chance to live only once. [Movie AU]

Word Count: 2655

Pairing: Bucky x Reader (female)

Genre: RomCom (a wee bit of drama)

Warnings: drama, you know - the usual 

Author’s Note: imagine Nat as a mouthy, corporate stoke broker… yeah that’s what she is, y’all. also, there’s more of Nat and little bit of Reader and Bucky in this part. but bare with me, it will all happen soon.  

also, this gif of Nat is so breathtaking asdfghjkl


(@minervaem you actual sunshine thank you for being my beta reader) 

“Ready to Run” Masterlist | Main Masterlist

Part 1 | Part 2

Some Convincing & Some Obstacles 

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Fate, Destiny, Whatever. (Lin x Reader)

Word Count: 24,698

Warnings: Smut ‘n swears

Authors Note: Yo, I’m really proud of this fic y’all. I know it’s long but it would mean the world to me if you could just take some time out of your day to read it it. I would honestly mean so much. Feedback would also be greatly appreciated, let me know what you thought!! also shout out to @adolescenthowell FOR LITERALLY HAVING TO DEAL WITH ME COMPLAIN ABOUT CLOSURE FOR THE PAST LIKE 3 WEEKS TO NO AVAIL. WE QUOTED ALOT OF THOSE LATE NIGHT CONVOS. LOVE U.

Summary: Lin’s convinced you and him are soulmates, but you believe you’ve only found your way to him by a coincidence. Would you have found your way to him if you had met him in a different time all together? Was it fate? Was it destiny? Or was it whatever?

Requests: nothin but my own noggin

Tags: @hamilton-noodles


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“Honey!” Lin called from down the hall.

“What?” you yelled back, eyes not moving from your laptop.

“Come and look at these.” You heard your husband’s voice strain, and you cracked a smile before closing your laptop.

You walked down the hall to his office. You were fully expecting him to show you a new melody, or a rap; instead you were greeted with him sitting on his floor, an array of photo albums spread around him and loose polaroids and pictures scattered all around the floor.

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Face riding (Hoshi)

Smut (a hint of angst in the beginning). One-shot

“Can you shut up for like 5 seconds? You’ve been getting on my nerves all morning and I really need to focus,” Soonyoung spat out, slamming his hand on the table and dropping his pen. He had come home after a long while last night and you wanted to spend time with him, eager to tell him about all the things he had missed out on and so forth. But instead of spending quality time with him, he had his eyes glued to his notebook and his phone, copying some sort of notes from the classes at university he had missed.

You were stood in the middle of the living room, mouth left gaping open and eyes wide as you watched Soonyoung turn his back against you and get back to his notes. He had never lost his temper with you even if you talked much, instead he would’ve calmly told you that he needed to work and you could talk later. And you understood that, but before coming over, he had been excited to spend time with you, but to you, him studying didn’t seem like a great way of showing that he truly did.

You didn’t even bother answering him, hurt from his comment. You walked into the bedroom to leave him alone, if that was what he wanted. You grabbed a pillow from the unmade bed and pulled out your phone, ready to just ‘shut up’ and watch something random on your phone.

In around ten minutes, you heard a soft knock on the door and saw Soonyoung shuffle into the bedroom from the corner of your eye with his head low and a slight pout on his face, his brows furrowed. He must’ve been really upset.


You pretended not to hear him, eyes locked on the bright screen of your phone although you weren’t focusing on it one bit anymore, curious to hear what Soonyoung had to say. The floor slightly creaked as he crept his way over to you, kneeling on the floor in front of you as you were sitting on the bed with your legs crossed.

“Y/N, babe please look at me.”

You bit your tongue, trying not to say a word to him or look at him but you did end up taking a quick glance towards him and you saw him sat on his knees, a almost defeated look on his face. “I’m sorry I was being so mean,” he apologised, placing his hand on your knee. “I didn’t mean any of it, the stress just got a little too much, I’m sorry to take it on you.”

”I know” you sighed softly after a moment of silence and put your phone away on the nearest bedside table. You placed your hand on top of his on your knee and played with his fingers, not looking him in the eyes. “I’m sorry too.”

“I should make it up to you. How can I show how sorry I am?” He asked, rather shy of how his words turned out but his gaze not leaving you.

“Well,” you said and looked at him and before even continuing, he pressed his lips onto yours. His touch was gentle as he deepened the kiss, his hand letting go of yours and reaching up to cup your face.

You wrapped your arms around his neck as he got up and laid you onto the bed, slipping his tongue into your mouth which you gladly accepted, not ready to put your ideas into action just yet. His words before had given you quite a dirty idea but you knew he was going to enjoy it just as much as you were.

When he stripped you out of your shirt, you took it as your opportunity and grabbed the shirt before he could throw it away on the floor. Soonyoung looked confused for a second but didn’t catch on yet.

You asked him to take off his clothes as well and he did so gladly, leaving him just in his boxers. You stood up on your knees on the bed and when he accompanied you and his hands sneaked their way behind your back, you were quick to pull them away and tie his wrists together with your top that you were still holding.

“I guess this is how you could show me how sorry you are,” you said with a smirk. Soonyoung laughed nervously, but complied to everything you did. You pushed him down to lie on his back, giving him a few kisses that left him mewling. He wasn’t used to not being able to touch you while kissing or more like when doing anything, he always had his arm around you or his hand behind your neck.

You caught him visibly gulp when you took off your panties, revealing your already soaked core. “You need help with that?” He asked as he took in the sight in front of him, the astounding sight that had his cock twitching.

You straddled his lap, making sure that he got a full view of you. He checked you out unashamedly, licking his lips as you got rid of your last piece of clothing, which was your bra. And there you were, completely naked in front of him, only inches away from his face. “Yes I do,” you finally answered his question, but not yet initiating any action.

“Baby please, let me touch you.”

You shook your head, sneaking your hand down your body and between your legs, slightly rubbing circles over your clit, sighing at the feeling. “I want you to beg for it,” you told him, circling your clit with more pressure this time and let out a strangled moan as a result. Soonyoung whimpered underneath you, eyes flickering at the sight your drenched core as he watched you experimentally dip in a finger. He licked his lips absentmindedly, mind filled with the thoughts of tasting you on the tip of his tongue.

It took one more moan from your mouth for him to cry out a please, forcefully tugging on the restraints. “Please let me touch you. I wanna pleasure you. Ride my tongue. Please baby,” his hips were bucking up as his jaw was clenched tight and his gaze not leaving your fingers. You pulled your fingers out and let out a little gasp, taken aback how soaked you were already.

But you gave into his plea, placing your knees on either side of his body first. “I’ll give you a little taste first,” you said quietly and placed your fingers close to his lips and he didn’t wait long to open his mouth and lick them clean, savouring every last drop of your juices left on your fingers.

You considered letting his hands free from the restraint you had tied around his wrists to keep them together but you couldn’t just leave out all the fun of your punishment like that. After Soonyoung finished licking your fingers, you shifted your heat closer to his head and lowered yourself down on his face after getting his nod of approval. He immediately started sucking on your clit, a loud “fuck” leaving his mouth when the taste of you filled his mouth.

You threw your head back and whimpered, his tongue pressing on your clit so nicely and occasionally swirling it with his tongue and then dipping the tip of his tongue in you.

You were a moaning mess, forcing yourself not to come from the intense pleasure yet, although the sounds he was making while eating you out were driving you closer and closer to the edge. But you had to prop yourself up, almost as an instinct of getting too close to your orgasm. You could hear the frustration in Soonyoung’s voice when he groaned at the loss of your heat on his face. “Baby come back down, I wasn’t finished.”

There goes the submission, you thought. He had been so under your spell for a while but now it seemed like he didn’t care about submitting to you anymore, he had a goal and he wanted it. “Ask me nicely,” you purred, trying to gain back your power over him but as you said that you felt his hands suddenly latch onto your waist and pull you back down on his face. He got his hands out of the restraint.

He attached his lips back onto your clit, sucking harshly in attempt to make you orgasm as fast and as powerfully as possible. “So good,” you moaned and tangled your hands in his hair as you rode his mouth. He was moving his tongue erratically, groans and moans leaving his mouth as well, vibrating so wonderfully against your skin. His hands were tightly holding your hips, helping you ride his mouth at the best possible angle and speed.

You felt your orgasm hit you soon, his name escaping your lips multiple times as you came undone. Soonyoung was happy to lick your juices up, his mouth and chin glistening as you climbed off his face. “Thank you for that,” he said, licking his lips with a grin as you settled to sit next to him. You buried your face between your legs for a while, breathing heavily - that was a ride.

“Don’t thank me yet,” you cooed, looking at him, now sitting next to you as well. You took his chin into your hands and stroked his cheek with your thumb.

“I think you deserve a little something too for making me come, don’t you think?”

Soonyoung nodded furiously, lip caught between his teeth as he watched you crawl a little lower on the bed.

You had your eyes on the highly visible bulge in his boxers and slowly pulled his boxers down when he lifted his hips up. His cock sprung free, touching his lower stomach. You slowly dragged your finger from the base to the tip, making him shiver and clench his muscles. “What do you want me to do?” you asked, straddling his hips with his cock in your hand.

”Ride me,” he begged, hands finding your hips again. Instead of giving him what he wanted right away, you swung your hips slowly, grinding yourself against his length as lightly as you could. “Y/N, you’re killing me…” he said in a low groan, hands digging into your hips, definitely leaving marks.

You were holding his length in your hand so that you could grind it but not slip it inside of you, driving him insane but to be honest, you were also moaning from the friction and the feeling of the tip of his cock sliding on your entrance. “You’re so hard,” you sighed, holding his cock still right on your entrance, the feeling so overwhelmingly good.

“I really need you,” Soonyoung said through gritted teeth as he tried to not buck his hips up. Beads of sweat were running down his temples, his expression almost painful. So, you lifted your hips up, pushing down onto him, his cock filling you up perfectly.

He was quick to match up with the rhythm you were bouncing on him, thrusting up into you when he felt like you needed a little break. You leant down to place your hands on his chest for support as the bouncing got tiring.  You were mewling every time he thrusted a little harder into you or when you met perfectly with his thrusts, eliciting a loud groan from him as well.

Your breathing got faster and shallower as you continued, his noises becoming louder as well. His hands roamed your body, other one still supporting you from your hips but the other wandering to your breasts.

”Are you close?” you asked, throwing your hair out of your face and getting back up to ride him in more of a sitting position. “So close,” he whined quietly, his breath getting as shallow as yours.

You smiled contently and decided to press a kiss on his lips, still tasting yourself on his tongue. “Come baby,” you whispered into the kiss. His whole body stiffened, his eyes screwed shut and lewd sounds leaving his mouth as he came hard, gasping for air as he came back down from his high, thrusts slowing down as he rode his orgasm out.

You didn’t come a second time but you were still very sensitive from the your first wave, pleased with the results either way. ”Wow,” Soonyoung chuckled, helping you to get off him. His juices ran down your thigh and you grabbed a few tissues quickly to clean the mess up before it would ruin your sheets.

He pulled the blankets up around us after you settled into his arms. “How did you get out of the shirt I tied around your wrists?” You asked in confusion, you were so sure it would’ve worked until the end until you had opened the tightest knot you knew how to make.

“It isn’t too difficult to shuffle your hands out of a piece of fabric babe,” Soonyoung explained with a smug smile on his face. You shook your head and hit him playfully, he was so sly. He could’ve gotten out of the restraint immediately but he just wanted to make you feel like you were the one in control, let you have your way. Which you should be the one thanking him for.

“I love you,” you mumbled under your breath and leaned in to cuddle him. He repeated the same three words and happily held you in his arms for the time you rested.

Admin Memesol

“Wh…what do you want me to say?” Patton’s voice trembled as he hugs himself.

“I want answers.” Logan responds trying to keep his voice calm as possible. “I just want answers, Patton.” 

The father breathes a tired sigh, “I don’t always have the answers Logan.”

That was supposed to be the end of that but when Patton tried to walk away Logan was quick to grab him.

“Don’t you dare walk away from me!”

Patton shrugs his hand away “don’t raise your voice at me, Logic” he says his own voice still even in spite of the emotions that was bubbling inside him.

“I just…” Logan chokes out as he slowly lets go of Patton “I just want you to tell me.”

“I wish I could. I wish I could give you what you need.” Patton was close to tears, “but I’m still trying to figure things out too.” 

Logan sighs, “so you really don’t know how Pink Diamond was shattered”

“No! We’ll just have to keep watching to get the answers we want, bud!” 

Captive Nine (Part 2)

SUMMARY: You were held captive by Hydra for years and had only just escaped when the Avengers find you. You’re beyond terrified of everyone and everything around you, but the thing the terrifies you the most is yourself. The things you can do with your “abilities” are beyond what anyone could possibly imagine.

Chapters: 1 ~ 2 ~ 3 ~ 4 ~ 5 ~ 6 ~ 7 ~ 8 ~ 9a

Word Count: 1,408
Warnings: Cuddling and arguments?? I hate these 

Originally posted by strictly-bucky

The days grew shorter as winter came upon you, bringing grey skies with them, but it didn’t seem to make you feel anything but happiness while you were with the team. Christmas was heading your way at full speed! Only three more days until you would experience a Christmas without fear.

The team had decided to watch a classic Christmas movie called White Christmas with Bing Crosby… who you thought was very attractive, despite how short he looked. And somehow, you had fallen asleep with your head in Wanda’s lap, her fingers tangled in your hair, and Steve massaging your feet, while Bucky sat immobile under your torso. Crosby’s voice floated through your dreams, soothing you into a deep sleep.

But you were abruptly being pulled from your slumber, when someone shook your shoulder.

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My Champion - William Nylander

A/N: Just thought I’d write a tiny imagine to celebrate William Nylander, along with Team Sweden’s gold medal victory at the IIHF World Champtionships.

Requested: Yes/No

Characters: William Nylander (Brief Alex Nylander, Mention of Mitch Marner)

Words: 1,893

Warnings: None 

Originally posted by suicidepokecheck

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Can You Feel It? (pt 1/2) [M]

Summary: Yeo One is your true enemy. He tries to take over your student council duties daily. He’s always flaunting his popularity. He always has something smart ass to say to you or about you. So what happens when you find him tied up in the classroom after hours? You can do anything to him that you want. Revenge might feel great, but who would have the last word?

Warnings: Bondage, orgasm denial, various kinks, exhibitionism, all sorts of lechery. It’s all in good fun, though.

Note: Extremely dirty. I would like to apologize for writing this in advance. OTL Read at your own risk. I know Changgu would never be a jerk like this but wouldn’t it be fun if he was? Also, I know nothing about Student Council so I just made everything up! Hooray!

As I walked into the classroom on Friday morning I saw the usual sight. Changgu hadn’t picked up the materials for today’s class and instead he was sitting at his desk with his friends surrounding him, talking animatedly and laughing. No doubt he was telling fantastic stories about his latest date.

I shoved my way through the throng of overly tall boys who were his friends. “Changgu, did you get the homeroom materials for today?”

Changgu sighed at having his story interrupted. He looked at me dismissively, straightening his tie. “Can’t you do it?”

“Why would I do it? It’s your job, not mine.”

“But I’m busy right now,” he said, having the nerve to give me his stupid aegyo face – the one with the big innocent eyes and puffy baby cheeks. “Can’t you do it?”

He always does this. He expects to get away with everything. He’s always shirking his duties as Vice President simply because he is hot and popular and everyone likes him. If he thinks the same childish act he uses on other girls will work on me, he can think again.

“I have to prepare for the student council meeting. I have things to do right now. So you go do it. Also, I need the agenda for today’s Student Council meeting,” I said, sticking my hand out.

He’d better have done it or I swear to God. The school festival starts next week and I have too many things to do. Not to mention my own VP will be no help at all.

“Uh….” He said, scratching his ear and looking around guiltily.

All his friends began to snicker, knowing that he hadn’t done it and that I would get angry, as I always did.

“Did you not do it? Again?!” I cried. “How hard is it, Changgu?”

“I just got busy last night. I had a date with a very hot girl. I mean you should have seen her. I was just in the middle of telling everyone about it, but then you ruined it,” he told me, frowning dramatically.

“How can you say something like that with a straight face?” I questioned.

“Come on, you’re a straight A student, it’s nothing for you to write up the agenda right quick,” said E Dawn. “Right?”

I stared at him so coldly it made him visibly wither. I pointed a finger to Changgu. “This jerk right here is a straight A student too! And even if he wasn’t, he should do the things he’s responsible for, right?”

Everyone began to sigh and go back to their seats, complaining that I killed the fun and ruined their joy, calling me a killjoy and a warden. Changgu fake coughed into his hand while saying the word “Buzzkill!”

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Make A Wish (3/4)

Stuck in the Enchanted Forest after her wish was granted, Emma seeks out Killian. She doesn’t expect what she finds.

Endless thanks to @caprelloidea for reading over this for me.

Rating: M

Word count: 5002

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 4

AO3 | FF.net

Killian’s fingers never leave Emma’s skin. It’s as though he can’t decide where he wants to touch her, first brushing her hair from her forehead before his knuckles caress her cheek, drifting down over her collarbone before sliding under the covers to lightly trace nonsense patterns across her bare back.

It’s one of Emma’s favorite things about him, how he becomes so soft in intimate moments like these. Even before he remembered her it was the same, the way he let her hold his hand, the way he kissed her back when she took a chance and pulled him to her. She closes her eyes and rests her cheek to his chest, falling into the feeling, the only sounds his steady heartbeat under her ear and the faint crackling of the fire.

She touches him too, her thumb painting circles over his chest before sliding her hand over his shoulder and down his arm. He sighs when she wraps her fingers around his blunted wrist and she loves that about him too, that he’s vulnerable enough to let her do this. Someday she’ll work up the courage to ask if anyone had touched his bare wrist before her. She suspects not, but it’s such a delicate thing, the way he feels about it. Sometimes it’s all bravado but in others she can see the insecurity there, all the subtle little looks and playful self-deprecating comments he thinks she doesn’t notice. In the meantime she settles for grabbing his hook whenever she can, for holding his wrist like it’s nothing because it truly is for her, for making him forget and telling him she loves him.

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Dealing With The Fall Out

Pairing: Josh/Reader Rating: Mature Warnings: Smut, Rough Sex, Spanking, Angry Josh, Bondage A/N: Comeback Queen.

Originally posted by odetotop

Today was finally here. You and your boyfriend, Josh, were on your way to a Fall Out Boy concert. Since Josh was, well, Josh, he was granted backstage passes and the two of you were going to watch the show from there as well. Josh knew how much you liked them which is why he bought the tickets in the first place. He also knew about your little crushes on Pete and Patrick, but you knew you would choose Josh over them any day. But that didn’t stop the jealousy that flickered in him every now and then. Your cat pulled into the back, away from all the commotion up front. The two of you were rushed inside and started walking to the area the band was practicing at. “Josh! Hey!” Pete says, walking over and hugging him. “And you must be the lovely girlfriend we’ve heard a lot about” He says, smiling at you. You were completely starstruck. You just smiled and nodded, suddenly not able to form any of your words. “Is she okay?” Patrick asks, seeming genuinely concerned. You felt your face flush, suddenly realized you were just staring at them and not moving or speaking. “Oh, yeah, no. I’m fine” you say, reassuringly. “She’s a big fan of you guys” Josh says, a bit of salt behind his words. “Josh!” You say, feeling even more embarrassed. “It’s okay, I’d rather you be like this then screaming in my face” Pete jokes, obviously trying to lighten the mood. You all talk for a bit longer, until the time comes for them to go on stage. “Hope you guys enjoy the show!” They tell the both of you, before heading out. You and Josh go and stand on the side stave, and jam out to the music. Mostly you, Josh was seemingly mad. You both don’t say anything for a while, but Josh finally speaks. “So are you trying to make me jealous?” He asks, leaning down to your ear so you could hear him. “No, what? I barely said anything to them anyway” You reply. “But your actions spoke for you” he said. And that was the end of the conversation. The set continues on, and Josh seems to lighten up and start having a better time. As the set nears to a close, you and Josh go back to the area you had started in and sit down to cool off. You sit in an uncomfortable silence until Josh grabs your hand. “Listen, I’m sorry for going off on you, I just know you like them so much” he says, rubbing circles on your hand with his thumb. “Josh, it’s fine.” You reply reassuringly. You had thought it was incredibly hot when he got mad, the dark look in his eyes, his building brings, his clenched jaw, everything. But of course, you’d never admit that. The two of you stood up when they came back to the backstage area and congratulated the boys for their performance. “It was so good. It was great being here and watching you guys. Thanks for having me.” You say, hugging each of them. “Don’t worry about it. We loved having you here. Josh as well, always” Pete says. Josh nods and wraps an arm around your waist. “What are you two doing now?” Patrick asks. Josh opens his mouth, but you’re quick to cut him off. “Nothing. What are you guys doing?” You say, probably a bit too excitedly. “We usually just hang out around here for a bit, you guys are welcome to stay” Patrick says, sitting down on a couch. You nod and look at Josh pleadingly, before he sighs and sits down with all of you. You remember how riled Josh had been, so you decide to take it a step further. You were very openly flirting with them, but not too much to the point they would notice or where it would be crossing a line. But just enough so Josh would know. “Yeah, you guys are probably my favorite band. I’ve loved listening to you ever since you started, honestly” you say, leaning towards the other boys, sure to be showing off cleavage. Pete looked down, and smiled to himself. “That means a lot” he says, cheeks turning a bit red. “Of course” you say, placing a hand on his knee. Almost immediately, Josh stands up and pulls you with him. “Okay, hate to cut this short, but we should probably get back to our hotel” he says. You rush your goodbyes to the men, before fallowing closely behind Josh, with his tight grip on you. Once you’re outside the area and there’s no one around, Josh pushes you against the wall and blocks you in with his arms. He pushes his hips into yours and looks deep into your eyes. “I bet you thought you were being so fucking cute in there.” He says, searching for a reaction. “Josh. It’s not a big deal. It was just friendly” You say. Josh chuckles darkly. “Just friendly, huh?” He says. He moves his hips away from yours slightly, but is quick to slide his hand down the front of your pants, fingers finding their way to your wetness almost immediately. You gasp at the sudden movements and grab Josh’s shoulders. “Josh, someone could come out any minute, just-” you start, but he cuts you off. “Then who got you this wet?” He asks, fingers sliding between your folds. You hit the wall with your head before sucking in a shaky breath. “It’s you..” you say. He looks deep in your eyes once more, before pulling his hands out, sliding them in his mouth. Without saying a word, he walks off, heading to the car. You stand there for a moment, not sure what just happened, but quickly run after him, getting in the car after he does. You two weren’t alone in the car, so it was silent the entire way back. Once they drop you off, the two of you get out, heading to your room without a word shared. Josh opens the door and shuts it, quick to pick you up, wrapping your legs around him, and attaching his lips to yours. He carries you over to the bed, the kiss passionate as ever. He lays lays you down gently on the bed, but stands back up straight. He stares at you for a moment, before speaking. “Strip” he says. You stare at him for a moment, before beginning to take off everything. Once you’re completely naked, he takes off his belt, tying it to your hands then the bed. He takes off his own shirt and pants, before crawling onto the bed, stoping at your hips, and places one if your legs over his shoulder. He latches his mouth onto your clit sucking and licking fast. You let out a string of moans, followed by your hips bucking to him. “Add your fingers.” You say softly. After a moment of him continuing on without doing as you asked. “Josh, I said-” “I fucking heard you. But you’re not in control” he said, continuing what he was doing once again. He eventually stops what he was doing all together, moving up to where your head was, and kissing you, letting you taste yourself. Josh sits up on his knees, taking off his underwear and positioning himself between your legs, resting them on his thighs. He rubs himself along your folds, before immediately diving into the hilt, causing you to groan and arch your back. “Say my name” He says, picking up his pace. “Josh, fuck” you say between groans. “That’s right. Who’s making you feel this good?” He says, grabbing onto your hips to push you further down onto him. “You are Josh. Only you.” You say. Josh reaches up and undoes the belt, letting your hands free. You go to touch him, but he’s quick in flipping you onto your hands and knees. He brings a hand down hard on your butt, earning a gasp from you. “For flirting with Patrick” Smack. “Pete” Smack. “And especially doing it in front of me” he says, giving you one final hit, before slipping himself back inside you. Your hands gripped at the sheets, as he was going harder and faster, as if he had something to prove. He grabs your thighs and pulls you with each thrust to match his, hitting you in a new area. You moan loudly with each thrust, the soft groans coming from Josh turning you on more. Josh reaches a hand around to your clit, rubbing hard and fast to help get you off. “Josh!” You scream out as your orgasm is in full throttle, shaking your whole body. He finishes soon after you, helping to ride both out. He slides himself out, before resting on his back and breathing heavily. You lay next to him, and he wraps an arm around you, as you listen to the silence. “That was amazing” you say. “Really? I didn’t go too hard?” He asks. “No, I love when you go hard like that. ” You say. You know both of you were smiling intensely.
Yoongi Scenario: Heartstrings - Part 2.

Request: Hello! I want to request a Yoongi angst scenario in which you are a couple, but you feel neglected because he’s always working so you have a really big fight? You want to be together but Yoongi thinks he’s not enough. Thank you <3

Genre: Romance / Drama.

Part 1

It had a been two months since that time at the dorm, and even if Yoongi refused to talk about it all the boys knew, all of them were worried and all of them were well aware that their friend was having a hard time.

Yours had been a relationship that had done good things for Yoongi, he had become healthier and in more ways that could be explained, happier. The people around him, specially his six friends who lived with him could tell how not having you in his life was making him change into something else entirely.  

The usual skinny Yoongi was now close to the bone, he was working his hardest, so much it was sometimes painful to see, they went touring for a month in which everyone was so stressed the boys didn’t actually have the time to inquire about how he was coping with the breakup, and yes, everyone had the initial thought that said breakup wouldn’t last, that it was just another fight and you were going to get back together and things will be normal again. But as another month went by they realized they were wrong.

Yoongi scowled and glared when the subject what brought upon even if it was just superficially, but as they continued to witness how their friend continued to consume himself in body and mind more and more they knew they had to do something.

At first they all agreed it was Jimin who had to go and try to make Yoongi if not talk, be a bit more open about what was happening to him, at least so he could know he wasn’t alone. So Jimin went to Yoongi’s room when Jin wasn’t around, the younger boy sat beside him and tried in his own way to tell Yoongi he counted with them and they were worried, but Jimin’s soft words received a death glare and silence, when he tried to insist Yoongi bit his head off saying he was perfectly fine and didn’t need anything, that if they had so much free time to worry about him they might as well put themselves to work and then threw him out of his room. 

It had been something harsh and rude even for Yoongi, the six of them tried not to get angry at him and just understand but it was hard when Yoongi was behaving like an asshole all the time. It was like he didn’t care anything aside from work anymore, not even about them.

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Preference: Him telling you he loves you for the first time  ((Marauders))

Preference: Him telling you he loved you for the first time  ((Marauders))
If you want any other characters or even a different era let me know!! I’m sorry this is so bad I’m still trying to get back to writing for the hp fandom x

Young James:
“James! You had me so worried, I came as quick as I could!” You exclaim rushing over to your boyfriend’s side. James had fallen off his broom during practice. “Baby I’m fine don’t worry” he chuckles trying to sit up a little bit, only to wince in pain. “You are not okay” You shake your head. “I am now you’re here” he winks, trying you cheer you up. “I was so worried” you sigh kissing his cheek quickly. “I love you” It was quick that you could barely register what he’s said. “Wait, what?” Your life a single eyebrow, a smirk playing on your lips. “I love you,” he says again, this time slowly. “I love you too” you smile leaning down and kissing his lips softly.

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Young Sirius:

“No, it’s not a good idea” Sirius shakes his head. “But they’re your family.I should meet them babe” You sigh knowing that his family weren’t exactly the nicest people on earth but you knew that it would be weird if you never met them. “I just- I don’t want you to” He replies, you look at him with sad eyes. “Why?” You say quietly, wondering if it was you. “Because I love you” he breaths out taking you by surprise. “And I don’t want them getting inside your head because I can’t lose you” He sighs rubbing the back of his neck. “Then don’t let me go,” you say, Sirius, looking up at you. “I don’t have to meet them now but I will have to someday Sirius. They or anything could ever change my opinion on you, I love you too”

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Young Remus:

The rain that tapped on the window was soothing as you read to Remus. Your head was on his chest as you both lay in his warm bed. He was still recovering from the last full moon and the only three things he wanted when trying to get better were you, chocolate and you reading to him. He ran his fingers through your head have you started a new chapter, thinking to himself how lucky he is to have such a wonderful person by his side. “I love you” He breaths out without thinking. You turn around kissing him on the lips before whispering “I love you too” into his neck.

Originally posted by potter-imagines-here


Pairing: Jared x Reader

warnings: nope just fluff.

word count: 1.9k

requested: yeAH

hello. have a small little Jared taking care of sick!reader for your day. Idrk what this became but I think it’s cute so whatever. I tried to make it as in character as I could so sorry if it seems OOC

xoxo cass

Between the sharp droplets of water and the frequent yet gentle gusts of wind, to say you were cold would be an understatement. In fact, the only place that was remotely warm right now was your left hand, because Jared being the human space heater he is was holding it.

You two were walking home after you had gone to a movie. He was discussing the plot and how they totally set it up for a sequel while you gently swung your combined hands.

“I mean, they finished the plot of the movie and then they made it seem like the resolution was a lie! I mean how do they get away with that? Bullshit! I’m going to email the director’s office and-“

You cut him off by a fit of stifled giggles. You tried to cover it up and let him finish his little rant but you couldn’t help it, he got so flustered and it was one of your favorite things. He would rant or just spew out ideas whenever he was mad or confused like it would help him understand what he was mad or confused about.

“What are you,“ He paused and tapped your nose with a warm (and slightly wet) finger, “laughing about? Do you enjoy my angry rambling about movies and plots?” He gave you a lopsided grin while he pushed his wet, disgruntled hair out of his face and wiped his glasses free of water droplets.

“It’s only one of my favorite pastimes, my love.” You said as you looked back up at him.

He wasn’t sharp or chiseled like many of the other boys at school, but it certainly wasn’t a bad thing. You admired the soft angle of his jaw line and the faint swoop of his nose. His face was round and his features were gentle, he may not be chiseled but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t sculpted by an artist.

“You’re a nerd.” He scoffed as he gently shook his head toward you.

“And you forgot to bring an umbrella so…” You retorted as you wrapped your arms around yourself and rubbed up and down slowly, almost as if you didn’t already look cold.

You were so focused on the cold you didn’t notice Jared place his jacket over your shoulders until he rubbed the shoulders of his jacket on top of your own in an attempt to warm you up. It didn’t quite work but appreciated the gentlemanly effort, considering Jared was pretty oblivious to stuff like you being cold. You smiled a big toothy grin at him as you looked at him behind you, still focused on trying to warm you. When he noticed you smiling he blushed and returned it with his own cheeky one.

“Thank you, but isn’t this your neighborhood, though?” you questioned.
You shook your head with a small smile, laughing about his perfect timing. 

“It’s possible… whoops.” He shrugged as he grabbed your hand again, still warm from being in his pocket.

The rest of the walk was in a comfortable silence until you reached his house and were walking up the steps to his neat porch. You shrugged off his jacket and reluctantly held it out towards him. He took it and draped it back over his forearm.

”I’ll see you tomorrow?”

He placed a small kiss on your forehead and waited for your response.

“Yeah, I’ll see you then. I just want to get home and get warm.” You sighed out and pushed a damp strand of hair behind your chilled ear.

“Okay cool, bye.” He curtly opened his door and waved a small goodbye.

You turned around from his doorstep and you heard the door close. You only lived a block away, so hopefully, you would get back home before it got too dark and, god forbid, even windier.

You got home around 5 minutes later and texted him you were home safe, like you both always did. He sent back his signature nosed smiley face and you set your phone on your bed and began to change out of your damp clothes.

Once you were out of the shower and into your normal sleepwear (spandex and his old flannel over his Pacman T-shirt) and you tied up your hair you headed back to lay on your bed. That’s when the banging in your head began, but you thought nothing of it since you were going to bed anyways. It would’ve normally kept you up but you were so exhausted from school you fell asleep with little struggle.

Next morning you woke up to a consistent pounding in your head along with a stuffed nose and overall grogginess.

You let out an audible groan and rubbed your temples gently to ease the pain. ‘How did you get sick?’ One might ask… Well, probably because you walked home from your boyfriend’s porch in the freezing rain without a warm boyfriend to protect you. Checking the time on your phone you groaned again.

10:45 am 

You downed some Tylenol and yogurt, slipped on the comfiest pair of sweatpants you had, and finally texted Jared. To your surprise, he had already texted you 2 minutes ago that he was bored and coming over. He probably already left so there was really no use in texting him to not come now. you sent him a quick message saying to come to your place at his own risk because you weren’t feeling too great.

2 minutes later, you heard a knock at your door. He never really was one for following your discretion.

“Hey so I’m hella sick J, I don’t want to get you sick.” you pouted as you opened the door and let him inside.

He frowned slightly before putting his lips to your forehead like his mother used to do to him if he was running a fever. You were a bit warm. He pulled away from you and sighed as he gently rubbed up and down your upper arms in an attempt to warm you up.

“did you feel sick yesterday?” he questioned as began to bite his pointer finger nail in thought, Why would you go put on a date if you weren’t feeling well? You guys could’ve just stayed home.

“No I just woke up with a headache and stuff.” you shrugged.

“what could’ve gotten you sick? I mean- Oh,” He said as he began to look down guiltily.

“What? How did I get sick?” you raised your eyebrow and tried to catch his gaze from his face which was, by the way, rapidly becoming red.

“How long did it take you to get home last night? It was raining and it was windy and cold and I’m such an idiot I should’ve walked you home and kept you warm and now your sick and-”

“Jared, calm down! It’s just a cold you didn’t give it to me you nerd.”

“Listen here you dork, I feel responsible so you better get your sick ass back to bed so I can take care of you.” He crossed his arms and stiffened his stance as is to say ‘listen to me or I won’t move because of I’m stubborn.’

You raised your hands in defense and let out a laugh at his sudden change in mood, most likely from your quip of calling him a nerd. You did as he said and began to walk back towards your room.

He may or may not have smacked your ass as you were walking, causing you to jump and choke out a stifled yelp.

Once in your room, he made sure you were cuddled in all the blankets in eyesight. He felt so bad he didn’t really know how to take care of sick people,  and especially not when he felt responsible for getting them sick.

“I’m going to make you some fo your weird ass hippie tea,” he stated.

befoe you could stop him and tell him he really didn’t have too, he was already out the door. He definitely didn’t know how to make your loose leaf tea but you appreciated his efforts.

When he walked back into your room and sat next to your cocooned body he had a mug full of steaming tea and a ridiculously proud grin on his face.

“I didn’t even have to ask you how to make it. I’m fucking amazing,” He said smugly while re-adjusting your blankets.


“google. but fuck you I tried before I looked it up,” he said defensively, making you giggle.

His heart could’ve exploded right then.
You looked like you were straight from a fairytale with your slightly messy hair and the soft little bags under your eyes. When you giggled the crinkles near your eyes made the darker bags disappear and the way your (slightly red from your cold) nose scrunched up could’ve made him swoon.

He was smiling at you like an idiot but he couldn’t do anything but stare at you.

“Thank you for the tea, babe.” you smiled lightly before taking a small sip.

It was still scolding but the warmth was comforting down your throat.

“Yeah,” He sighed as he continued to stare, entranced by how you could be sick and still move with such a gracefulness.

“They say it’s rude to stare, Kleinman. Lucky for you I know a way you can make it up to me.” You said warily, beginning to grow more sleepy as time went on.

“What’s that?” He said as he rolled hi eyes and raised an eyebrow.

“Cuddle me.”

“No way! I’ll get sick.” He pouted.

“Ugh fine. At least put in a movie or something,” You said as you motioned towards your laptop sitting on your desk across from you two.

He did as he was told and before you knew it, you were sleeping soundly on his shoulder to the sound of Moana, lulling you into peacefulness.
He glanced down at you when he heard you snore softly and smiled. He adjusted the blankets around you again and took your empty mug to place on our bedside table.

He gently wrapped his arms around you and pulled you closer towards him. You gladly accepted the new warmth and melted into him.

“You’re lucky you’re so damn cute. I wouldn’t risk getting the insanely cool Jared Kleinman sick for just anyone.” He whispered as he placed a kiss to your warm temple.

In your last moments of faint consciousness, you muttered out two words before falling asleep completely:

“Fuckin’ nerd.”

He laughed so hard he almost woke you up again from the harsh movements.

“Touche, but I’m your fucking nerd.” He said softly through snorts and fits of giggles.

He fell asleep too after he eventually calmed down from your previous words.
You woke up to a snoring Jared with an arm wrapped lazily around you and his glasses smushed on his face. You couldn’t think of a better way to be taken care of while you were sick.

Good Lord.. Can we EVER get a break??

Alright so regarding the Jackson thing, I’d like to say my piece. Personally, I’ve stanned Jackson for a while now and I know this not the first time he’s made a problematic ass mistake.

He pulled this bullshit a while back..

Apparently this was some sort of edited pic of him done by a fan. But, for some reason he posted it to his Instagram… He apologized for it later though.

I accepted this apology because he seemed sincere. But then, he did it again...

I just found out about this one and man… No words.

So, the reason why I included these two incidents is to tie them into this dread lock thing he did recently.

I truly do wonder what changed with him. Like the whole reason he apologized for the first blackface pic was because he saw how much it offended others. People educated him in the comments and he realized what he did was wrong (or so we thought, because he ended up doing blackface again).

So now, the current shit I woke up to this morning…

Pepsi, of all company’s, of course it was Pepsi… *eye roll*

So, people of course criticized him when he posted this on his Instagram. And people also came to his defense. As expected, some pulled excuses from their ass saying how “other kpop idols do this all the time!”. And, “He probably didn’t have any control over the hairstyle, it was most likely picked out by the company.”

I was inclined to believe this too, but then…

*Deep sigh*

 As you can see above (and probably have already seen all around the internet) he said that this hair style was his decision. So, claiming that it “wasn’t his fault” is out the window.

Real quick, I’m gonna tell you guys my opinion on non-black people wearing black hairstyle’s. I don’t have any real problem with it, unless they act like they created it. If you’re trying to claim something cultural that is obviously not yours and/or you’re purposeless mocking it, then yea.. it counts as cultural appropriation. Personally, I think dreads and braids look tacky af on these idols lol. But, others have a different opinion on the matter and believe that just wearing these hairstyles is cultural appropriation. And I respect your opinion, even if I don’t agree with it entirely, I’m not gonna be an asshole and bash you just because I may not agree/understand your pov.

My real issue is with his statements. He is very unapologetic about it and totally dismisses his own fans opinions as “hate”. People are out here trying to educate and let him know that what he did offended them/others. And he doesn’t seem to care as he says, “you are on the wrong page.” His “sorry, not sorry” attitude is very shocking to me. And it’s sad to see him using this beloved excuse of “others do it all the time, so why can’t I?.”. As if people don’t dislike when other kpop idols cultural appropriate. I really don’t know what rock him and some of ya’ll are living under cause..  And wasn’t it just last month his fellow member, Jaebum wore the same hairstyle? I sure saw people bashing him. But the difference between him and Jaebum’s situation is that, JB doesn’t have a huge internet presence like Jackson does. I mean the man is barely on Instagram. Also, Jaebum didn’t comment on the hairstyle, making it seem like he probably didn’t get any real direct criticism. And this is the main reason why I’m having a issue with Jackson now. His comments on it are very insensitive.

He’s not looking at the whole picture here and brushing this off as if it’s nothing. And he tries to sugar coat it by saying that, “I have love and respect for all RACE”. That must include all races, except for black people. Because, right now he’s not showing that “love and respect” for his black fans who are letting him know that what he did/said was offensive and inconsiderate. He’s just looking at it as “hate”, just like these “stans” who like to jump on the bandwagon of defending their fav to the death.

The second tweet rubs me the wrong way especially because, again he’s sugar coating and saying all these seemingly nice things. But, at the same time he’s ignoring what people are trying to tell him. And saying, “this is a complete misunderstanding” is just his way of debunking what people are trying to explain to him.

That’s how ignorance works, some people are just too stubborn and believe that their opinion is the only one that matters. Blinded by their own ideologies, refusing to see it in another light, in another persons shoes. I bet my ass he wouldn’t appreciate non-asian (or non-Chinese people in general) wearing a Cheongsam.

I shouldn’t be surprised though. After all he hangs out with this dude…

For those of you who don’t know him, he’s kind of a male version of a groupie. You can find him hanging around the rapper Tyler, The Creator. Also, this dude Ben allegedly once said that, “Kpop isn’t for black people.”

But then again, he stays flip flopping so it’s best to chalk him him up as an ignorant mess.

LIke wtf ??

Anyways, this post is getting too damn long.

In conclusion, Jackson is currently cancelled in my book. Unless he issues an apology (which I’ll be surprised if he does), I’ll judge on my own behalf if I feel it’s sincere or not. But, in the mean time ya’ll can have fun coming at each other and fighting opinions with more opinions. As if getting mad at others for being mad about something that doesn’t concern you is gonna do anything except make you feel “entitled” in some way…