he was so perfect in all ways

Someone sent me a link to an anti Jack Kline blog and it’s hilarious. I mean, I love Jack but I now completely understand why a certain part of the fandom would hate him. Basically, Dabb took all the parts of Castiel that the fandom at large enjoyed, stuff that’s been removed from Cass by bad writing, and handed it all to Jack.  His naivete, his fascination with humans even though he doesn’t quite understand them, his devotion to the Winchesters. All of that has gone to Jack. I mean, Cass tried to get Dean to abandon Sam twice in the course of 3 episodes at the end of season 13. He dragged Dean off in the cave and he tried to stop Dean from becoming Michael. He’s been playing a weird, almost villainous role while Jack was ready to sacrifice himself for the boys so he comes off as a hero.

Then there’s the fact that Jack almost instantly became family to Sam and Dean. He lived in the bunker, he went on hunts, they protected him and took care of him. All the things Cass stans clamored for Castiel to have were freely given to Jack right away. He even echoed Castiel’s “I love you. I love you all.” when he thought he was dying which pretty much strips away the power of the line for destiel shippers. 

Considering Dabb is a huge troll, I think he did it on purpose. Think about it: Jack is like an attractive, young Cass with all the shitty parts removed. And because he’s like a year old, no one is really going to ship him with anyone so there won’t be that baggage hanging on his character. Honestly? I don’t blame Cass fans for being worried. Jack’s the perfect replacement for Castiel and he’s already taken his place in a lot of ways. Not that they’ll get rid of Cass but I wouldn’t be surprised if his storyline next season is all about saving heaven and being far away from Sam and Dean. 

“Our little secret” - Sweet Pea x Andrews!reader part two

Part One, Part Three

The next time I met Sweet Pea was about a week later. Surprisingly enough, I hadn’t run into him at school, but when I took a bus to the Southside. The bus stopped right outside the automobile shop where my dad had sent me. I stepped inside and was surprised with the sight of Sweet Pea behind the desk.

“Well, well, what a surprise,” he smirked and walked around the desk to approach me. “Y/N Andrews.”

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i miss my hunnyboy, my one&only.... i know hes grown & all & hes become the perfect embodiment of the "head & heart" blahblah; & im hella prouda this man for it!! but- hes just so.... he kinda just, i guess, reacts? and is honest, but in such a calculated (?) way, ya know? but bob did say that the ground brings back some parts of bell that hed learned to leggo in space, i think. just come back from war, my son, plz. show some emotion!! CLARKES F*CKIN ALIVE, MAN. /CLARKE/.... ik its comin, tho :/


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Agent Washington name thing as well please

Favorite thing about them
- WOW UH, Wash is easily my favorite character. I love the way the dorky and the badass mesh together? Like yeah he’s the first competent character that we see (besides Tex) and he does all these crazy freelancer stunts, but at the end of the day, he’s just super awkward and dorky. Occasionally, you can see the person he used to be peeking out from behind “Agent Washington” and I think that’s excellent writing. He’s also nicely flawed, so we get that “tired badass seasoned veteran takes care of Rowdy Boys™️” trope but you realize slowly that he’s not even close to perfect. He’s selfish, childish, he doesn’t know what he’s doing, and he’s trying his best to make decisions alone because he thinks he has to.

Least favorite thing about them
- My fave thing is his writing, my least favorite thing is also his writing hhhh…I love Wash, but I feel like his character fluctuates too much as the show changes writers. Chorus trilogy nailed him, recollection was good, but I feel like the Freelancer saga’s Wash was a little bit?? Also, can we just acknowledge that there are so many loose ends we never tied up with Wash, and all the freelancer redemption has gone down with Carolina? If you think about it, Wash doesn’t even have a redemption arc. I hate that we don’t know what the Councillor and the Director did to him in Recovery, I hate that we never got Wash to atone to all the things he did in the name of self preservation, I hate that he never apologizes for shooting Donut or for killing Church, or addresses the problems Wash has with himself, or the reunion of Wash and Carolina and how he must have felt when she appeared out of nowhere and asked him to do something for her (she KNEW where he was and she didn’t come back for him. All that time as Recovery and dragging his friends’ corpses and armor back to command while running from another friend’s animated corpse, she could have come back for him but she didn’t and now she shows up and asks him to follow her…but he also owes his life to her a hundred times over, so what does he do?) Theres so many facets of Wash that we never explore, and I wish we could have seen more of that missing scene between S8 and S9

Favorite Line
- “Don’t do that.” “Wash…what are you doing?” “Protecting my friends…I’ve already been responsible for enough of their problems. I’ll be damned before I let you cause any more.”

- Tuckington (one of my fave facets of this ship is that it doesn’t even need to be romantic to be fucking great ok,) Caboose & Wash, CARWASH, also I love the idea of Donut & Wash?

- hi you’ll have to pry Tuckington from my cold dead hands

- I can’t do York/Wash or Carwash;;; I’m too invested in Yorklina and also Carolina gives sibling vibes. I also can’t really do Locington or Washlix mostly because I wouldn’t wish the horror that is Felix on any of my good boys and also Locington has potential as a friendship but I can’t see it as a relationship.

random headcanon
- Pretty sure “wash has freckles and they make him look like he’s 12” is canon by now but here’s some more Thing Wash Does that Ruin the Badass Freelancer Vibe HCs: “wash dumps like the entire sugar bowl in his coffee” “wash will crawl out of his skin to avoid getting touched but if you catch him when he’s tired enough he is;; TOUCH STARVED and is a cuddler” “easily flustered and his whole face just poofs red he is the ugliest blusher”

Unpopular opinion
- Wash has sleep problems, oh sure, but the minute he gets somewhere safe he crashes for 30 fucking years

Song I associate with them
- Home by Phillip Phillips ( ;) )

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this chapter was perfect! i was cautious, but in the end, all i feel is this warm, bittersweet feelning in my chest. i'm so happy dan gave himself a chance to do this, to have this conversation, to close that door, to understand her reasons, and finally let himself start new things from a fresh page. it was so necessary, and by the end of this chapter i'v got a feeling, that he succeeded. also loved, how u included thoughts about phil here and there, it worked nice. hope dan's on the right way

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There is literally no way you can come out of that theatre with a reason to hate Tony Stark. Literally no way. He was perfect and he was sad and he was so fucking strong, all the fucking time, he went toe to toe with Thanos without hesitation and paid the price for it, but he went and did it anyway. This was Peak Tony Stark. Again.


My boy was accepted in the top 3 universities in China, has the highest grades in all his classes, was cast for his dancing skills when he isn’t even majoring dance! He’s majoring acting (but do you think we gonna get actor!sicheng any time soon because I don’t).

He has a perfect attendance and told students to pay attention and don’t skip classes. He reads about psychology, philosophy and mysteries. He has a preference for chinese poetry and even once told a fan about this old chinese poet he likes a lot and the fan was like wtf winwin.

I’m honestly so damn frustrated at the way most of the fans just like him for his face when he has so much more in him, if you gonna bias sicheng please do it for the amazing and talented boy he is! 

And I’m even more done at sm for limited his talent in a 2sec line at every song when he could easily have a career as an actor, idol or dancer in China.

In conclusion please love, support and appreciate Dong Sicheng as the talented boy he is, as the great role model he is for the younger chinese members and for how much he cares about the rest of the boys.

Don’t look just at his face, thanks.


vernon and his reptile friends.

Context: Our group of eight people were on a quest to deliver this half elf to his faction after his friends had been killed and his stuff destroyed.

Dm(myself): The ground shakes and two geysers of earth and rock shoot up shower upon each of you. Two worm made up of rocks emerge
Rogue: I grab (the npc)’s hand and run behind a rock with him
Dm: I mean… I guess? He goes along with it? He’s too anxious to object
-after the fight-
Rogue: I come back from out of the rock with (the npc), still holding onto his hand.
Rogue OOC: she’s too anxious to know social ques
Dm: (npc) is very very uncomfortable but doesn’t know how to ask that you let go.
-later on-
Paladin: You know (Rogue), you can let go of (npc)’s hand now
Rogue: She lets go of his hand
Dm: Honestly (npc) is a little upset but shrugs it off
Cleric OOC: Aw he’s touch starved
Rogue: I immediately grab his other hand
Dm: I what ok. (Npc) doesn’t know how to react so have you stop and has just now accepted this
-they reached an inn and everyone got to do one thing before the next day started-
Dm: You (rogue) are the only one who hasn’t done something, what would you like to do
Rogue: what is (npc) doing?
Dm: Waiting for you to do something
Rogue: well I’m waiting for him to do something
Dm: Fine! He shuffles a little
Rogue: I shuffle with him
Dm: He noticed that you’re following him and walks into the inn and gets himself a room and goes to sleep
Rogue: I still holding his hand, watch him sleep and lay next to him
Dm OOC: what
-the next day, everyone’s setting out-
Dm: so it’s a bright and sunny day. You’re all ready to set out. (Npc) Knows the perfect way through to his faction. You’ve decided the forest route and will need to back track. Are you ready?
Rogue: I pick up (npc) with my tail (she’s a teifling)
Dm: … please roll
Rogue: *rolls a 19*
Dm: You fucking pick him up with your tail. He wants to protest but is afraid you will slit his throat. You have him constricted with your tail and are now carrying him around all casual
Rogue OOC: what is he saying?
Dm: “What the fuck I didn’t sign up for this shit. Why is this happening to me, what the shit how what”
Rogue OOC: It’s happening now buddy

You have to want them

Something that really bugs me about this fandom: as soon as you mention who your favourite route is, immediately there is someone who says “but he did this” or “she did that, though” or even “ugh, WHY.”

As soon as you say Zen is your fave: “But he’s so self-absorbed! He’s such a flirt!”

For Yoosung: “Ew, he’s like 12. So immature. And he’s clearly into his cousin.”

For Jaehee: “But she’s such a bitch! She’s so cold.”

For Jumin: “He’s evil! He worked Jaehee to death! He always makes fun of Zen! He’s abusive!”

For V: “This is all his fault!”

For Saeran: “He’s abusive!”

Here’s the thing: for every route, you have to really want them. In order to get onto someone’s route, you have to choose them over the others. And once you’re there, the route is written in such a way that you cannot possibly care about anyone else.


Zen is easy: he is the “perfect man.” Except for some darkness in his epilogue (regarding V), he is an great example of a typical “celebrity falls for the girl-next-door” plot. You have to look past his over-the-top drama, and flirtiness, and see what it is he’s masking on the inside. (Zen is my favourite, and when first introduced, I did not want him. His route changes that.) And while you’re there, Jaehee is the unwanted voice of reason, Jumin is insensitive, and the rest are side characters.

Yoosung: not everyone wants a boy. I understand that. So obviously, the youngest member of the RFA does not jive with everyone. But then you (and here’s a crazy idea!) actually play his route! And he grows up to be the manliest of men. Yes, you have to push past how he keeps Rika on a pedestal. Yes, if you read spoilers, you know that that love is not completely deserved. But listen: Rika opened up Yoosung’s world for the first time, was the main conduit to him growing up and becoming less self-absorbed and more of an adult…and then she disappeared. That’s traumatizing. And Yoosung explains all that to you. So, if you have a grain of compassion or empathy in you, you can’t help but feel for him. And, while you are there, Seven is a little bit of a bully to Yoosung, Zen is ridiculously fabulous, and everyone is side characters.

Jaehee: Have any of you haters actually played her route? Seriously. Play her route and give her a chance, not even in a gay way: just be her friend! During her route, she is overworked and disillusioned and so very, very lonely…until MC comes into her life. You give Seven and V a chance, but not another woman? Really? She is another gentle soul that has been trampled by life; how do you find fault in that? This route has so much to offer, and her character is more than just an ice queen. …and of course, during her route, Jumin is the villain.

Jumin: I must confess: I did not want to romance this man. (I played in the canon order, and I had to aim for Jumin right after playing Jaehee’s route.) But listen: Jumin was emotionally repressed his entire life. He was groomed to being a corporate heir from day one. He had one parent to raise him: his flawed father. His mother was not there for him. He had one friend, V, who treated him like a human being, not a robot or child of privilege. And then he had Rika, the one woman that he emotionally connected to…and then he lost her. Do you want trauma? Here, this man is extra-traumatized. But, he doesn’t have the luxury to openly express himself, or to hide in the shadows, or even to pull his sole friend aside and have a good talk about his feelings. He has to bottle it. His mind has to tangle even tighter. …and then MC happens to him. And she is the only one who can see how terrified he is. Don’t choose the options where MC is okay with being locked up; choose the ones where she stays because she’s genuinely worried about Jumin. Those are his true options.

V: …you have to want him. You have to really, really want him. I’ll admit: I don’t love him enough. If I were a bigger V fan, I would find forgiving him easier. Because I need to forgive him. Everything was not his fault.

Largely due to certain sorrows in his childhood, V has the kind of personality that wants to shoulder all the blame and take care of things himself. He did not do enough before, and now he wants to make up for it. Sometimes, that is admirable. Other times, it is foolhardy.

Regrettably, trying to handle Rika’s brokenness on his own falls into the latter category. Because, that’s what V did: he felt he could heal Rika all by himself. With or without the RFA. With or without therapy. With or without Rika’s cooperation.

He messed up. So badly. It was a mistake. A big one, and he still has consequences to face, but it was a mistake.

V fans are willing to forgive him. I, personally, am still working on it. But they know: everything was not his fault. And after his route, V is willing to become happier and healthier. Not a lot of people are willing to even try that.

Saeran: …I did not like Saeran until I thought things through and wrote “A Mad Hatter Expecting.” Because here’s the thing: Saeran is arguably the most broken out of all of the characters.

Jaehee’s mother died by accident. Zen had the power to take his life into his own hands and run away from home. Yoosung happened to have Rika taken away from him during a turning point in his life (a very vulnerable time). Jumin and V’s trauma were passive, but long-lived (they could have been nurtured so much better). But Saeran?

Saeran was abandoned with an actively abusive mother. She attacked his body and his mind. Then he was taken in by Rika, who did more of the same. He was brainwashed and poisoned.

He was not in his right mind when he starved MC.

Does that excuse his behaviour? No. No, you do not hurt people, even if you’re going through a manic or depressive episode. No, he still did a bad thing.

So what did he do? Saeran apologized. He didn’t expect MC’s forgiveness; all he wanted was for her to know he regretted his actions.

And he stopped hurting her. He overcame the elixir’s effects, he snapped out of his manic state, and he stopped. He let her eat, again. He helped her escape.

…so this is me ranting about how everyone has a right to have a favourite character that isn’t yours. Everyone’s personality is different, so it makes sense that everybody may not love every route.

Which is why I don’t understand why we all have to keep defending our choices, within the fandom.



…I left out Seven for a reason.

He is the fandom’s #1 choice. He is “canon”. He is cute. He is depressed and meme-y, and the internet can relate to that. I, for one, can relate to that.

But I’m scared to say anything bad about him.

Because that’s how this fandom can be.

If I say, “People don’t like Seven because he is tsundere” or “Seven can be too meme-Lordy,” I am going to get at least 2 anonymous messages with people taking those quotes out of context.

Seven fans always stand up for Seven, even when he’s not actually being attacked.

Saeyoung Choi is the one favourite in this fandom that does not need to be defended.

Not because he isn’t flawed, but because it’s the majority of the fandom’s attitude that he should be everyone’s favourite.

And that isn’t fair to the other routes.

I reserve the right to want someone other than Saeyoung Choi.

like, here’s the thing with justin and his recent weight loss. it’s fine to congratulate him on his life changes, it’s fine to be happy for him and to support him for being healthy. those are really good things.

but that’s not what i’ve been seeing from fans. what i have been seeing are comments about how good he looks now, about how much weight he’s lost, how much better off he is for it, how good the beans have been to him. not a single comment about the simple fact that he’s eating healthier in general. nothing about how he’s doing tae kwon do and clearly enjoying it. eating healthy and sticking to an exercise routine aren’t easy things when you’re not used to them, and the fact that he’s been enjoying himself and becoming healthier in the process is great.

but that’s not what anyone cares about. what people care about are the numbers on the scale, the fact that he looks slimmer now. not his overall health and well being, which are the really important factors here. would people even be commenting on his lifestyle changes if he weren’t losing weight? would people still be as vocally supportive if he gained some of his weight back but stuck to eating healthy and exercising? my guess is, from lots of experience, probably not.

and that really drives in the message that we see so often and in so many places that for a fat person, the ultimate goal is always to lose weight. that no health related victory is really a victory unless we have the numbers to back it up. that really, the most valuable thing we can do is lose weight. that, undeniably, fat people are always more attractive when they’re skinnier. and i’m so, so tired of it.

people are always like “I’d sit next to that bullied kid at lunch, I’d be that person”.

replace ‘bullied kid’ with ‘person who is not a perfect victim who handles their mental illness/addiction well’ and we have many people who read the AFTG series.

they’re all like “how can people not understand Andrew’s confusing and sometimes very upsetting behaviour? I would, [insert character] is so awful not to!”

no ya wouldn’t

i know exactly how you react to abrasive, assholish characters who are still in the middle of dealing with their shit and lash out in destructive ways

Seth Gordon

somehow everyone decided that because he said some douchebag jerkshit his death is unimportant

he was like 22 or 23 and he was murdered after struggling with recovery and sobriety for so long, because even his bloody murderer thought he was extraneous. and he didn’t deserve that at all. his death was a tragedy.

the way some people spin it, he’s disposable and irredeemable for being homophobic, but Andrew threatening people with knives is an unimpeachable coping mechanism???

if you met Andrew in real life you’d probably treat him how you treat Seth  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

it’s just ironic, considering the premise of the entire book series is ‘giving second chances to people who are constantly overlooked and marginalised, regardless of how ‘neat’ and ‘pretty’ their suffering is’ 

(this goes for Aaron too. I love Andrew, but I side-eye the fuck outta people who can sympathise with him and not with Aaron. did we read the same books?)

apparently there are people who weren’t satisfied with the bellarke hugs and here’s why you’re wrong:

  1. did i want a bone-crushing, can’t-stop-sobbing, holy-fucking-shit reunion hug too? kind of! but i knew we weren’t gonna get it the second bellamy hopped off the rover and the first time he saw clarke in six years, she was curled up on the ground after being tortured. which is why i knew their reunion hugs were gonna be soft and gentle as FUCK.
  2. not only did bellamy see clarke as physically fragile, but also i got the sense that he still couldn’t quite believe she was real.
  3. and she literally didn’t believe he was real at first.
  5. the way he softly reassures her that yes, he’s here, yes, they’re all alive, and yes, he’s home now.
  6. THE TEARS IN CLARKE’S EYES. they both see each other as incredibly precious things.
  7. that shot of HIS HANDS on her BACK? i didn’t know they were allowed to show something so sensual on the cw i almost called the police.
  8. they were so Soft™ and Perfect™ and i was thoroughly satisfied with the reunion hugs we got.
No we’re not related (So please stop asking)

Hello, wonderful people of the internet! This fic was inspired by this wonderful post by @secret-sides-blog . This is kinda the first fanfic I’ve done in a while, and also my first fanfic for this fandom. So please don’t get mad if this isn’t that good! I’m already really nervous about posting this and my writing skills are kind of rusty, but experience is the best teacher! (I still feel like this is horrible and I probably didn’t do this justice, and it might be too rushed but I’m going to try!) I don’t know what else to put here so I hope you enjoy my first fic!

Warnings: None (But I don’t know. Kinda the first fic I’ve written in a while)

Words: 1,240

Unfavorable, disagreeable, dreadful, foul, and godawful.

All of these were perfect ways for Logan to describe his first day at this new high school. Of course, Logan knew that this high school would still be terrible. He had envisioned that it would involve an increase in the bullying he had already faced due to him being a “nerd”. He had already faced that in middle school and his past school. Not only that but he was now the new kid.

He never quite liked that term. Actually, he had grown accustomed to correcting people when they called him that. “Actually I prefer the term intellectual badass.”

That was all besides the point. He had moved from Illinois, Florida would be a new start. He was well aware that no matter where he moved to there would still be bullies at schools. But this. This. It felt like the whole universe decided to play a huge trick on him. Impossible, but still.

He was almost through with his first day but he already felt the need to rush to the library in his free period in order to relax.

His morning had off started out normal. It was all just him trying to get accustomed to his new surroundings. It was later on in the day when he started to notice strange things happening around him. Someone tried to hug him earlier on squealing an excited “Patton!” as they ran and tackle-hugged him. After recovering from the shock of the tackle hug he was able to spot the person who was now wrapping their arms around his waist.

“It’s so good to see you here! I’ve been looking all over!” the ecstatic person told him. “I’m glad I caught you! I promised that I’d show you around for as thanks for helping me with the whole fence incident. I ca- Hey wait. I didn’t know you wore glasses!” they said as they quickly examined Logan.

“Oh… um… I… ” Logan stuttered, still trying to process what had just happened. He shook his head quickly gathering his bearings. “I have always worn glasses. It seems as if you have confused me with someone else. My name is not Patton, as a matter of fact, it’s Logan. I’m very sorry if this caused any inconvenience, but I must get going. I hope you find your friend.” he said as quickly as he could in order to get out of the situation.

That was just the first situation. On his way to third period, he had spotted a group of jocks trying to bully a student. He knew that they would notice him eventually, and it was only a matter of time before he started to get bullied for being the nerd. Instead, he kept his head high, only looking straight ahead, hoping they would ignore him.

Sadly he was wrong before he finally escaped out of their line of peripheral vision he spotted one of them nudged the other. He quickly turned and with wide eyes froze as he spotted him. “Roman! Buddy! Pal! I swear this isn’t what it looks like!” he laughed nervously. “We were just helping out our good old friend Jimmy. Isn’t that right Jim? Jimmy? Jimmy Jam?” he questioned with a laugh “Hey did you change your outfit? New glasses? You look great! 10 out of 10, right guys?” they all nodded with fake smiles plastered across their faces. “Anywaywehavetogosorrytobotheryoubye!” he squeaked in a rush as he and his goons ran away, leaving the boy behind.

“Thanks, Roman. Ha, now I’m even more in debt to you, seeing as this is the second time that you’ve saved me.” was the boys’ response before he ran off, turning behind him to yell, “Nice glasses by the way!”

These two events and a multitude of many other small things that had happened today had caused Logan to come to the library where he could relax and be alone with his thoughts. His stomach grumbled as he sat down, receiving a glare from one of the librarians. For some preposterous reason, he was not able to get a lunch. Another thing that confused him about today. The lunch lady’s had stopped him abruptly. “You can’t have more than one lunch, Virgil. It’s was your choice to only get a little food.” she had stated. Even though he tried to argue that he had no idea who this Virgil was her glare was enough to get him to sit down without a meal.

He let out a deep sigh as closed his eyes in order to think about his day so far. He was barely able to process one of his thought before he heard one of the other librarians whisper-yell his name. “MR. SANDERS!”

Logan stood up abruptly. “Yes Mrs?” he replied as he turned to look at the librarian. To his surprise, he was met with three other replies from various corners of the room.

“Yes, Mrs. Scarlet? Are you in need of any assistance?”


“Um… yea- yes?”

Logan froze. The scene before him was unimaginable, impractical, absurd, it defied all logic Logan knew. He gawked as he came across three identical versions of himself. Thoughts started to swirl through his head as he looking at tried to analyze and process the scene before him. His eyes turned towards the version of himself closest to him. He was dressed in an array of black and purple and wore a sweater one too many sizes bigger than what he needed. He seemed to look paler and thinner than Logan and wore heavy makeup on his face, including smudged mascara under his eyes. He seemed to radiate an emo-ish look and attitude.

To his left was a much more muscular version of himself. He was adorned with a splash of red and gold. He wore a single ring on his middle finger, and by the way, he stood Logan could tell that he was used to being in charge. His posture seemed to make him look regal in a weird way.

The librarian, however, ignored both Princey and Emo, as Logan subconsciously started to call them, and turned her attention towards the identical version before him. “Roman! Didn’t I already give you a warning about not making a scene once you enter the library?” she questioned. He seemed about to respond before she started again. “This is your last warning mister! This is a library, can you please refrain from causing a distraction for other students. Is that understood?” He nodded and the librarian smiled, thanking him and walking back to the counter.

Once she moved away, miraculously not noticing the other three, he was finally able to get a good look at his final quadruplet. This final one seemed to just be glowing with positivity, even though he was just scolded by the librarian. He wore a light blue shirt and his face was adorned with a constellation of freckles. He seemed to be trying to comprehend what had just happened. That’s when he spotted Logan and in addition to that Princey and Emo.

He froze for a split second before he gave them a smile. “Ah yes, my long lost brothers. Ha, now you must be wondering why I have called you all here today…” he trailed off and laughed looking at the three’s shocked faces. “Oh, I’m just kidding! Hey, name’s Patton! It seems you’ve all got my face!” @secret-sides-blog @voices-and-stardust @sealover89 @icecoldparadise @thatgaydemigodnerd @lennyfacehere @mutechild @rosetherandomreposter @serious-ppl-wear-neckties @punch-you-with-friendship @allierox15 @superblyweird @redundant-statements-for-400 @nokeki @mirror2thespirit @gen-z-everyday @dinorawrs1 @thesilentbluesparrow @oceanicfangirl

@trans-bastian @whatwashernameagain @royallyanxious @thesanderspals

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imagine a warlock, but not a great warlock. not a high warlock, not even a medium warlock, but just the most generic of warlocks. she can’t really summon demons, her potions are like 60% successful, and the only two things she can do well are glamour her warlock mark and make this pretty kickass salve that’s great for congestion. she’s been city-hopping since she were born in the 1920s, but now she’s in a podunk town that she actually really likes because everybody’s really nice and nobody judges her for being a pretty lame warlock since nobody knows.

anyway, she gets an invitation in the mail one day for a party. the party. the party that all warlocks are invited to, regardless of how lame they are, because the warlock population isn’t that big and the higher-ups always want to keep tabs on all the littler warlocks roaming around. she’s excited, partially because the prospect of seeing her warlock friends is always great, but mostly because she knows that the warlock she most looks up to will be there. it’s not like she’s obsessed with magnus bane or anything – it’s just that in the warlock world, he’s something of an idol to her. she knows he’s amazingly powerful, that there are rumors about him being the son of a greater demon, and that he has the best clothes, but the reason she really admires him is because she met magnus bane once when her mom took her all the way to brooklyn when she was 11 for a consultation, and he spent an entire afternoon and evening teaching her how to perfect her glamour. after she finaly figured it out, he refused to take any money from her mom, and also made sure to tell her before she left that magical aptitude is nice, but that it really didn’t matter so long as she was happy.

so on the night of the party, all she’s hoping is that she can at least see magnus bane from afar and thank him from a distance. her friends are late, so she’s standing in the back corner on her own, nursing a rum and coke, when she sees him.

magnus bane.

he’s standing in the center of the room, surrounded by a lot of faces she doesn’t recognize – except, is that catarina loss? – laughing and gesturing and looking absolutely gorgeous. his hair’s different and he’s got a goatee now, but he’s otherwise exactly the same, and it’s just so exciting to see him again that she starts babbling to the person right next to her, who happens to be a – shadowhunter?

she’s a little wary, to be sure, but the guy doesn’t stop her. she tells the shadowhunter about how she met magnus bane once, how it’s really inspiring that he’s always protected their people, how if there were collectable famous warlock cards she’d definitely have twelve of magnus. she knows she’s being kind of embarrassing but it’s been nearly a century since she’s seen him and this whole night is just a huge adrenaline rush for a warlock like her.

the shadowhunter listens really nicely. he nods at all the right spots, laughs pretty loudly when she talks about how much she loves magnus’ outfit, especially the way he lets his suspenders hang around his waist because wow what a look, and helps her get a refill of rum and coke when she’s done with her first. she doesn’t really get a lot of information out of him, but she’s pretty sure he’s important if he made it here. downworlder/shadowhunter relations have been improving recently, but only just barely; she makes sure to tell him this, and he nods, listening carefully when she talks about how the nephilim she encounters never respect her because they know she isn’t powerful.

she keeps talking – she’s a few drinks in now and her motor mouth is running free – when the shadowhunter stops her. “do you want to meet him?” he asks. “who?” she answers dumbly. “magnus,” the shadowhunter answers promptly, using his first name like they’re friends or something, and before she can get an in my dreams out, the shadowhunter is gesturing for her to follow him. they weave through the crowd, between high warlocks and – oh, is that susan? – before they stop at the perimeter of the circle magnus is currently standing in.

“oh, alexander!” she hears, in a tone so warm and sweet that it takes her four seconds to realize that those words came from magnus bane’s mouth. “what’s this?”

“just wanted to introduce you to someone,” her shadowhunter – alexander? – says, nudging her forward a bit. she nearly trips, but manages to keep her feet under her as she looks up into the kind, brown eyes of magnus bane, who’s smiling at her while simultaneously reaching toward the shadowhunter, who moves to magnus’ side, wrapping an arm around his waist as he presses a kiss to magnus’ temple and ohhhhhh jesus.

she can’t believe it. she’s been blathering on about magnus bane for the past forty-five minutes to magnus bane’s partner? his boyfriend? his husband? his person.

“uh,” she says eloquently before trying to spin around and make for the door (she wishes she could portal out but she’s kinda bad at portals), except the shadowhunter stops her with a raised eyebrow and pointed look. she shuffles back in front of magnus bane, raises her chin, reaches a hand out, and says, “thank you.”

he shakes her hand as he asks what she’s thanking him for, so she proceeds to tell her story again, the words he’d spoken back then, explaining sheepishly that she’d already told the shadowhunter – who turns out to be alec lightwood, head of the new york institute, because of course he is. magnus laughs warmly at that, his necklaces clinking as he throws his head back, and she notices the way the shadowhunter’s eyes smile as he watches magnus.

they keep talking. she tells him about her little town and compliments his suspenders, while magnus grins and tells her how happy he is to hear from her and that she’s got a fabulous winged eyeliner. the whole situation is surreal, because this is magnus bane, and she’s just an average warlock, and they’re having a normal conversation.

somehow at the end of the night, she’s calling magnus bane magnus and calling the head of the institute alec (apparently magnus is the only one who calls him alexander? it’s kinda bizarre) and now she has magnus bane’s phone number saved and explicit permission to call when she wants to. she’s pretty sure it’s a fever dream, except magnus hugs her and she can definitely feel that he’s real between the huge muscles of his arms. and when she finally starts to head for the door, feet trudging a little slowly, she turns to wave and watches as magnus band and alec lightwood wave back at her.

and she just… she shrieks a little before running out the door and nearly breaking her kitten heels. because holy cow, oh my god, what a night.

Grey Hair

“Love, please come out.”

“No! Bugger off, Potter!”

Harry sighed and leaned against the bathroom door, fingers pinching the bridge of his nose as he felt a new headache come along.

Really, it’s not that big of a deal,” Harry tried to explain. “It’s just a grey hair.”

Suddenly, the door swung open almost causing Harry to fall over. A bewildered Draco stood there, face gone slightly pink in frustration and a scowl written across his face. Harry immediately took a step back and put his hands up.

Not a big deal?” Draco asked pointedly, then raised his voice. “NOT A BIG DEAL? It’s a huge bloody deal, you giant oaf! I have grey bloody hairs!”

“It’s only one hair. Please love-”

“Oh don’t you ‘please love’ me, Potter!” Draco seethed, pointing a finger at Harry. “You can get away with grey hairs- you’re Harry bloody Potter! People think it’s hot if you have them! But me? No! I’m a Malfoy! And Malfoy’s don’t have grey hair at 37! They just don’t!”

Before Harry could reply Draco slammed the door, locking himself in the bathroom again. He scratched the side of his slightly grey-peppered beard for a moment before sighing in defeat and resting his forehead against the door. After a few moments of silence he could finally make out the quiet sniffling that turned into little sobs. It made Harry’s heart break as he listened to his husband cry, and for a moment he was lost for words.

When he first noticed grey beginning to line his hair and jaw, he wasn’t happy either. But after a while they soon became a part of him that he accepted. He knew it must be worse for Draco, though. Draco was so obsessed with looking perfect- using all the right moisturizers to keep his skin soft and wrinkle free, brushing his long, silky blond hair every thirty minutes or so, always wearing cologne and dressing nicely as if he was trying to impress people.

Harry knew it went way deeper than just superficial looks though. Draco himself had told him so after they first got married when he had one too many shots of firewhiskey. He had cried and hiccuped that he was terrified Harry would leave him for someone more attractive, that one day Harry would just look at him and feel disgusted and pack his bags. But no matter how often he tried to assure him that that would never happen, Draco continued on with his beauty regiment.

“My love,” Harry began tentatively, “please hear me out.”

When he didn’t receive a reply, he continued on.

“I know you’re scared. I know you’‘re afraid that one day I’ll stop loving you and leave you for somebody else. But that day will never come. You’re the only one for me, Draco. I’ve never loved anyone else as much as I love you.”

He paused for a moment, but still heard nothing.

“You think that grey hair means you’re only getting old, and you think that it makes you less desirable. But it doesn’t. If anything, I want you now more than ever. You don’t see what I see when I look at you. That grey hair- it’s a symbol.”

A few moments passed before Harry heard a sniffle, followed by a weak, teary-sounding voice. “A symbol for what?”

“It’s a symbol of all the years we’ve been together. Of everything we’ve been through. During our time at Hogwarts, the war we both had to suffer through, when we finally became friends afterwards, when I started slowly falling in love with you, during the last 10 years of our marriage. Every grey hair, wrinkle, and crows foot is just another reminder to me. A reminder of how much I love you.”

Harry went quiet and listened, waiting for Draco to say something- anything. He stood there for a full minute but it felt more like hours. Finally, the door opened slowly to reveal a now calm, puffy-eyed Draco, his long hair pulled back into a high ponytail- which was one of Harry’s favourites. He couldn’t help but smile softly at the sight.

“I love you too,” Draco said in a soft voice as he moved forward to hug Harry. Harry happily hugged him back, wrapping his arms around Draco’s waist.

The two stood there, holding each other tightly as if their lives depended on it. After a little while, they finally pulled apart slightly and rested their foreheads together. Draco sniffed wetly and cracked a lopsided grin.

“We’re getting old,” he chuckled.

Harry nodded, smile growing bright. “Yeah. But there’s nobody I would rather grow old with than you.”

“Me too,” Draco agreed, grey eyes meeting Harry’s green.

They both moved forward at the same, lips pressing against one another in a deep kiss. Draco’s hands moved up to cup Harry’s face lovingly, fingers raking through his beard while Harry’s hands held the small of Draco’s back. They didn’t pull apart until they finally needed to breathe, and when they did both were smiling goofily, making them look like a couple of teenagers again.

“Now,” Harry said. “Why don’t us elderly folk go downstairs and have a cup of tea? And afterwards we can sit by the fire and crochet hideous jumpers together before we go out for bingo night.”

Draco laughed one of Harry’s favourite laughs, head thrown slightly back as he practically giggled, and Harry basked in the way Draco glowed in that moment. Once he recovered from his fit of laughter, he pecked Harry’s lips sweetly.

“That sounds wonderful.”

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BTS Reaction | You nuzzling their neck

anonymous asked: Hi I just want to say I love your blog and your writing!!! 🧡🧡🧡 can I please request bts reaction to you loving to nuzzle your face into their neck while cuddling? 😊

ミ note: A small pack of reactions before I go to sleep. Fluff ahead! 🧡 Also, thank you so much!! This really means a lot to me 💕


Seokjin was cleaning up the kitchen after finishing having dinner with you. You gingerly made your way into the room and went to fill up a glass of water from the tap. Turning around and leaning on the counter, you studied your boyfriend’s features, how his arms flexed to clean the whole area of the kitchen counter and how he mindlessly bit his lower lip. After gulping down half of the water, you walked over to him and moved his arm above you, just enough to give you space to cuddle up under his chin. Turning his whole attention to you now, he smiled sweetly at your actions and snaked his arm tighter around you, feeling how you softly nuzzled your face into his neck, sending a blush directly to his cheeks.

“You’re so needy sometimes, babygirl”, he laughed softly and you jumped into his arms, ready to go to bed.


You and your boyfriend were at the airport, waiting in line to make your check-in. The airport was so busy these days, there were a lot of people, old and young, waiting for their flight or relatives to arrive. And then there were you and Yoongi, both together, waiting in a long line, hoping the time could pass by faster. You could sense Yoongi slowly beginning to lose his patience, as he looked over to see how much there was to wait and you searched for an option to calm him, a tiny bit, at least. You didn’t like seeing him like this, so an idea popped in your head. With a little smile, you approached him slowly and let your head rest on his shoulder. He immediately looked at you and his hand went to caress your head. You took this as a small signal to come closer to him and then you cuddled up on his chest, your face on his neck, leaving tiny kisses every now and then. After a short while, you looked up at him and saw that his expression wasn’t that stoic anymore.

“Ahh, what would I do without you”, Yoongi said with an exhausted voice as he took your hand and pulled you close to him.


He and the boys were just getting ready for the concert, which was about to start in 10 minutes. Lucky you had the chance to witness all the arrangements that took place right before the big night. Well, if you could call yourself lucky? Quite, maybe. There was a lot of agitation and excitement as the staff ran all over the place to get the boys all fresh and ready for the stage. But, indeed, you were lucky, because you didn’t feel out of place, thanks to your caring boyfriend. He probably knew all of this is going to happen, so the whole evening he stayed, as much as he could, by your side. You were stood before him now and studied him from head to toe, watching him being perfect with every move that he made. Hoseok made his way to you and took your hands in his, pulling you in for a kiss. You instantly smelled his freshly applied cologne which made you breathe him in entirely. Going in for a hug, you wished him good luck and nuzzled your face deeply into his neck, leaving butterfly kisses up his jaw. Hoseok grinned, feeling the goosebumps up his skin.

“I’ll do my best, just for you, babe”, he winked and finally parted from you, making his way along his band mates.


After a well deserved bath, with you of course, Namjoon finally plopped himself down onto the bed, wearing his fluffy bathrobe and his hair damp. As he waited for you to come with some sliced fruit from the kitchen, he plugged his phone to the charger and checked his social media. After some minutes, you finally came and found him leaning on the bedside, with the phone in hands. After acknowledging your presence he gave you a sweet smile and moved a little, inviting you to lay next to him. You gladly took his invitation and cuddled up next to him, placing the bowl of strawberries on your lap, occasionally feeding him some. Slowly, as you began feeling a tiny bit sleepy, you didn’t hesitate to come up closer to Namjoon and nuzzle your face in his chest, bit by bit moving upwards, placing soft kisses up his collarbone. Namjoon felt the blush on his face grow and decided to place his hand on your waist, smiling at your sudden burst of affection.

“Are you tired, babe? We can go to sleep if you want to..”, he whispered and brushed some strands of hair out of your face.


Today, a small festival took place near your local area, and you excitedly managed to arrive there with your boyfriend Jimin, along with the other boys. The place and atmosphere were truthfully beautiful, a warm summer’s dawn, when the sky was a mixture of pastel violet and pink, while the music and the tiny lights from the game or photo booths filled up the background. Right now, Jimin was trying to win a small plushie cat for you, from one of the game booths, while you were cheering and encouraging him. It’s not that you were already holding many more plushies than you could, after the members gave some to you. You could never have enough! After more attempts to get that stubborn cat out of the machine, Jimin finally got it, jumping directly to you and offering you the stuffed animal. It was really cute, seeing him with big, proud eyes. You hugged him tight, still holding all the plushies in your embrace, feeling Jimin placing soft kisses on your cheek. You came to nuzzle his neck, which you knew he loved. You couldn’t help but giggle at his cute reaction, watching him becoming a blushing mess, as he still held you close to him.

“Ahh— Y/N, don’t do that here”, he mumbled with a shy smile on his face, the blush on his face growing.


When Jeongguk came to visit, you always knew Tae would spend the most of the time with him. But you couldn’t mind it, at all. He was his band mate and his best friend after all, so you understood. They would usually practice together and mostly just play Overwatch. Sometimes it was actually amusing to watch them playfully bicker over minorities, but it was also kind of cute. After finishing some tasks around the house, you found yourself plopped onto the couch, behind Tae, while he and Jeongguk continued playing. It was interesting to watch them play, a tiny bit, maybe. However, your devilish mind came to the idea to tease your boyfriend a little. While Taehyung sat on the floor, his back leaning against the couch, you approached his form and let your cheek rest upon his shoulder to which he responded with a short nudge. You smiled softly and nuzzled your face deeper into the space between his neck and his shoulder. You knew this always gets him weak and nervous, so you smirked to yourself. Tae felt a soft shudder creep up his spine as you began trailing soft butterfly kisses at the nape of his neck.

“Babygirl..”, he whispered quietly, only for you to hear, while a boxy grin made its way up to his lips.


You were having a sleepover at your boyfriend’s house. It was late in the night, and you were sleepless. So you decided to watch some horror movies, because, well, there isn’t really much to do, right? At the time, Jeongguk was holding you close to him, his hand petting your head every now and then when you got scared or flinched because of the flashing images that were shown. Honestly, you weren’t the biggest fan of horror movies, but you didn’t mind watching them from time to time, along with your boyfriend, of course. However, when it became a little too scary for you, you couldn’t help but turn your face into Jeongguk’s chest, to avoid seeing those creepy images. After a while, you began nuzzling your face entirely into your boyfriend’s neck, not wanting to watch the scary film anymore. You wanted to find something to distract yourself with, so you placed small kisses on Jeongguk’s jawline, nuzzling his neck along the way. He turned his face to you and kissed your forehead, already getting the idea.

“Are you feeling needy, princess? Hm?”, he mumbled as he pulled you on top of him, into his warm embrace.

Thank you so much for your support, I love you all, guys!! 💕💕 ~ Min-Seo