he was so marvelous in this scene

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He's not gonna have more than a minor role in BP, I don't think Marvel would do it after taking such care to create a big all black cast. They would get backlash if out of all of those characters, Bucky is the biggest hero next to T'Challa. And I agree. But 95% he's getting out of cryo in BP. Also, maybe they already filmed that when they filmed CW post credits scene? Just so he is looking the same. And now he would film a couple of scenes for the actual movie looking like he does now.

Totally 100% agree. Small role, for sure…and mostly just to push the narrative forward. 

And you know what? That makes perfect sense, them having already filmed him coming out of cryo back when they filmed him going in - no need to try and find the same wardrobe and all that. In fact, since there’s no way we’ll know for the next year, I’m going with that idea all the way. And whatever extra bit he’s got in the movie will be a possible short or shortER haired Bucky. Again, can’t imagine he’ll be in BP for more than a scene or two, as you suggested…just really. small. role.

Side note: How much of IW do y’all think he’s going to be in? I know the Russos love him and all…but they are throwing everything but the kitchen sink into this film - idk maybe they’re throwing the kitchen sink in there, too…there’s been no confirmation. Bucky had 8 minutes of screentime in TFA and 8 minutes-ish in TWS. He had 21 minutes in CW. None of those movies had as many cast members as IW is going to have - all of GotG, Dr. Strange, Avengers…one time there was rumor of 67 heroes. ffs Would it be wrong to guess that Bucky’s going to be back to his 8 minutes?


Just a thought, that could probably be the reason why Steve jumps to the conclusion “Pregnant?!” like he’s been expecting it. And boy he looks really upset for Tony..


“Sergeant James Barnes 32557038.”

i love how marvel had two het couples say similar things to steve and bucky and they were automatically taken romantic but when steve and bucky did it it was strictly platonic….like sousa told peggy he was with her until the end and people were like “that’s so romantic and sweet, awh!!!” but when steve and bucky say it it’s “that’s what brothers do!!! it’s platonic!!” and then in that deleted scene in civil war with steve and sharon and sharon talks about steve keeping the outfit and looking good in it and shippers thought it was so cute but when bucky said almost the exact line to steve it was all about being platonic and people who read it as romantic were reading too much into it. i see y'all.

pure moments to never forget about:

  • john verbally praising sherlock’s deductions on the day they meet
  • laughing in the entrance of 221b after chasing the cabbie
  • dinner at angelo’s
  • “we can’t giggle it’s a crime scene!”
  • “it’s where two people who like each other go out and have fun” “that’s what i was suggesting”
  • sherlock giving his debit card to john so he can buy groceries
  • john calling sherlock’s violin playing “marvellous!”
  • they played cluedo
  • laughing in buckingham palace because sherlock’s not wearing any pants
  • that bit where sherlock leans over john’s shoulder to watch him type his blog
  • sherlock helping john make deductions about carl powers’ shoes
  • “i don’t have friends. i’ve just got one.”
  • “it’s an ear hat, john!”
  • sherlock trying to find out john’s middle name
  • sherlock wanting john’s stag night to be perfect
  • sherlock’s best man speech
  • the tarmac scene
  • the Hug

ok but like on a purely meta level, its kinda amazing how so many people irl take tony stark, a fictional characters words, as literally as possible in terms of his characterization, like tony repeatedly states he’s Not A Good Person, he the character, calls himself an asshole, arrogant, selfish, playboy and the people in the marvel universe take his word for it they believe him, they believe his glitz and masks, that he cares only for himself, while we the audience, see how his actions ring dissonant to his claims behind the scenes, how yes, he can be all those flaws but he is also so much more, and yet most of the “i hate this character” are literally regurgitations of all the flaws tony himself have professed while his actions literally speak opposite to his lip service, like i cant think of any other iconic fictional characters who’s literally convinced ppl irl thru fiction to take a watsonian interpretation of said character instead of the doylist approach to such a pervasive level 


Look at how Steve holds Bucky’s face in the first gif; making sure he’s real, he’s alive. We always talk about Bucky in this scene, but there’s so much emotion in Steve’s face. He barely dared to hope Bucky was alive; and yet here he is, broken and bruised but still Steve’s Bucky, and Steve just reaches out and touches him as if he’s scared he’ll disappear.

y’all remember that one fight scene in cap 2 where steve literally grabs bucky by his face mask & throws him?? i honestly can’t believe??? He Did That?? i’m 99% sure bucky does it to sam in cacw too like guys these super soldiers r out here.. just grabbin’ faces & tossin’ ppl like salads what even kind of fighting style is that??? what r they Doing???


Although Steve cannot fight the magical evil by himself, he can at least give a hug to his brave (boy)friend :D

Stage 1 of the Dr Strange special event has ended and I still have not get Dr Strange ; w ; But at least I have the Iron Man Tech Wizard costume!

This art is inspired by the scene of Tony being defeated by the Zealot Boss. (Sorry that is totally my bad) Poor Tony, it must hurt a lot when he fell on the ground ; w ; So I decide to have Steve to give him a hug :D

And I want to have a hug from Tony too, my right shoulder have been in pain for days… QAQ

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Can we just appreciate Martin Freeman for a moment and what he gave the fandom in that scene where he cried? He showed us John's broken shell of a body. You could hear his throat trembling. Even with his hand covering his face, you saw the tears falling! You heard the whimper he let loose right before Sherlock embraced him. Martin is a marvel to expose such vulnerability in such a repressed character. Broke my heart and amazed me all in one.

Omg yes dear nonnie.

Martin’s performance in this episode was spectacular. John goes through so many different emotions, and it would be really hard to play considering John is normally so reluctant to show emotion.

Like… I’m been almost twice days and I’m not over it.

His breakdown breaks my heart every time, and the quiet, nervous way Sherlock approaches him omggg.

Give the man all the awards!

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I just realized.... wtf happened to his spider senses???? There were so many moments during the film (like ant man taking back the shield) that nothing happened no spidey senses w t f

They actually mentioned Peter’s senses when he was talking to Tony in his room.

“When whatever happened, happened… It’s like my senses have been dialled to 11. There’s way too much input so, they (the goggles) just kind of help me focus.”

You can even see in a scene when his spidey sense works. His eyes narrow and you can hear the shutters in his eyes focus and he senses that thing Bucky threw at him even though it didn’t make a noise.

I actually made 2 GIFsets on my personal account, one of all the amazing stuff spidey did throughout the movie, and one with all the times he messed up.

As for the specific scene you’re talking about, Scott owning him, Peter says “Guys… Something–” until he gets hit. So he knew Scott was there before anyone else but he didn’t act fast enough on it.

And I absolutely LOVE how much he messed up.

He mentions how he only got his powers 6 months ago. Plus he’s 15. PLUS this was probably his first intense battle.

I love that he’s still very much a rookie and still trying to understand the powers he was given. While I love the Toby and Andrew’s spidey movies, they were so perfect as spidey as soon as they were bitten.

I love seeing this clumsy, swearing boy who is just trying to do his best. We’ll see him get better and better like we are on this journey with him. We get to see him grow and become possibly one of the strongest Avengers. But right now he is a kid who has only had these gifts for half a year and has no idea what he’s doing, and I love it.

You probably didn’t want an essay but I gave ya one anyways, haha.

Things that Marvel needs to do in my opinion,

even if it’s not possible:

  • Black Widow movie. Either with Hawkeye (Budapest) or about hunting the Winter Soldier in the past. It can be a short movie, like half an hour to at least TELL US WHAT HAPPENED IN BUDAPEST. It’s been 4 years!
  • More movies with badass female leads. (I’m so thrilled for Captain Marvel).
  • No more whitewashing. I love Marvel but they honestly need to cast the right actors/actresses. Well at least as good as they can.  
  • Make their villains ‘better’. Loki and Wilson Fisk are the only villains who had enough backstory. They need to focuse more on the villains, not only on the hero’s.
  • Peter Quill meeting his grandpa if he’s still alive. 
  • Peter Quill visiting earth before Infinity War.
  • Peter Quills’s dad showed.
  • One last season of Agent Carter. There are questions left unanswered!
  • Loki, Wanda Maximoff and Doctor Strange meeting and having an awesome fighting scene. Either them fighting together and against each other. 
  • Doctor Strange, Tony Stark, Hank Pym and Bruce Banner having a conversation about clever-stuff. And maybe including Fitz-Simmons.
  • Coulson catching up with the avengers and Steve Rogers beeing happy that his greatest fan is alive. 
  • Happy comes back as Tony’s friend. 
  • Scott Lang and Steve Rogers having more conversations. 
  • May and Natasha and Gamora (and Jessica Jones) fighting together.
  • Peter Parker being friends with Wanda Maximoff because they are ‘the younglings’ and still kids. 
  • Daredevil and Captain America fighting together (I don’t know. I kinda want them together on screen).
  • Loki facing Thanos.
  • Loki staying alive. 
  • Loki showing off his tricks and fighting skills. 
  • Tony and Pepper getting back together.  
  • Steve/Bucky flashbacks.
  • Domestic!Steve Rogers and him being angry at the prices. 
  • Female Frost Giants (How do they even look like?).
  • Loki meeting his real mom.
  • Thor telling Odin that Odin was a bad parent and Loki being surprised about what his brother said. 
  • Loki accepting that Thor is his ‘brother’, but still being salty about everything. Him still doing mischief and staying true to himself but with less selfhate. 
  • Flashback of Thor and Loki’s childhood. With Frigga in it. And the Warriors three and Lady Sif.
  • The warriors three and Lady Sif helping Thor in Infinity War.
  • Steve wanting to use the time stone to travel back into the past to live with Peggy. 
  • Instead of dying in infinity war, Steve leaves the 21th century after infinity war and lives with Peggy. He’s never Captain America again and no one knows he’s alive. Bucky taking his place or Bucky coming with him.
  • The other Nine Realms being showed.
  • Peter Maximoff coming back to life just because. 
  • Luke Cage meeting Rhodey and Sam Wilson. 
  • Luke Cage and Jessica Jones getting back together.
  • Wanda keeping the Aether safe while Vision has the mind stone and Doctor Strange has the time stone.  
  • Stan Lee having many cameos because I love this man so much. 
  • Darcy and Doctor Selvig just being there.
  • Bruce Banner and Natasha Romanoff having a thing or breaking up for good. 
  • Clint Barton surviving everything because he’s a family man and his death would kill me. 
  • The inhumans fighting in Infinity War.
  • Baby Groot kicking ass.
  • Tony getting drunk with Rocket. 
  • The avengers visiting Asgard. 
  • Doctor Strange showing us different dimensions.
  • Original Wasp being found in a different dimension. 
  • Bucky Barnes leading with Steve (as best friends or lovers, you decide) a normal life after all the Thanos stress.
  • Avengers and X-men universe melt together or they meet. That’d be awesome.
  • Deadpool, Spiderman and Daredevil in one room.
  • Much more information about the Infinity Stones. 

Did I forget something? 

alright FUCKOS, sit your asses down, cause’ i’m about to tell you all about the two most IMPORTANT scenes in CA:CW and why they were so good and great and significant.

the first one is when tony is talking to peter in his bedroom, and peter begins to tell tony about his powers and why he does what he does. he says to tony, “when you can do what i can, but don’t, when the bad things happen - they happen cause’ of you.

peter is saying that if he were to do nothing with his powers, he’d be responsible for the things he didn’t stop, but could’ve. this is SO FUCKING IMPORTANT because that ideology is a huge part of cap’s stance on the accords. steve stands firmly by the idea that if he’s able to help someone, he has to - or else he has failed in doing what he’s meant to do. tony knows that peter has a point, and at the same time, thinks that peter would agree with cap much more than himself. 

you can SEE IT on his face.

the second scene is when steve and bucky are flying out to siberia, and they begin to talk about bucky’s actions as the winter soldier. bucky is adamant that he’s a murderer, even though he knows it was out of his power to do anything when he was being controlled by hydra. steve tries to tell bucky that he’s not a murderer, because he had no control over any of the things he did. bucky agrees - but in the end, he realizes that he still killed people. even if it wasn’t intentional, even if he wasn’t able to stop himself, he was ultimately the one who murdered innocents. 

‘ you didn’t have a choice. ‘
i know, but i still did it.”


he’s quiet after bucky tells him as much because what bucky said is familiar - earlier, tony had tried to make it clear that, even though the avengers want nothing more than to protect people, their battles still cause casualties, and they still are responsible for the damage they caused in the process. steve tried to tell tony that they saved so many people, and THAT’S what’s important, and that the avengers in no way meant to kill those people. but tony’s point remains: regardless of how or why, they were responsible for innocent civilians being killed. and there was no way back from that.


 even if they seem arbitrary and small compared to the rest of the film, they do so much for both tony and steve. they allow a moment for each character to come face-to-face with what they’re battling, and force them to understand what each side is fighting for. even though it doesn’t change their minds, they both gain insight on the others stance, and it makes the process of fighting one another all the more difficult.



Sebastian Stan and his stunt doubles singing the Minion song or as Seb calls it:

Ha! Take that, Steve and your barber shop quartet! (Although, I’m sure Bucky was one of them 😁)

P.S. Seb…….. What are you doing???!!!! Somehow, he always ends up as the one lurking behind his friends when they sing 😂😂😂

Cue this video I posted in May:

Too Close To Death - Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 1075
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Featuring: Steve Rogers, Wanda Maximoff, Natasha Romanoff, Sam Wilson
Warnings: swearing, guns, talk of death, fighting
Requested by anon
An imagine where Y/N is Bucky Barnes’ girlfriend and it takes place during CACW, Brock Rumlow is after her so Bucky protects Y/N from him since Brock is like obsessed with eliminating her and he tells the Avengers that she can’t hide from him.
Authors Note: this takes place duing the Lagos scene in CACW so yeee. Also, it is completely different from the actal story line but holy shit this would be so cool as the movie like im dead. ALSO: bucky isnt in this a lot but its bucky x reader so yay and i also used a hamilton line so theres that

Masterlist. Request List.

“I’m going on a really dangerous mission soon,” You talked over the phone, “So, if I don’t make it back-”

“Don’t talk like that,” Bucky cut you off, “You’ll be fine, I’m sure of it.”

“Babe,” You said, making sure not to use Bucky’s name to keep him and your relationship a secret, “It’s Crossbones, you know how much he wants to eliminate me, I’m not sure if I’ll make this out alive.”

“(YN), you are going to live through this. You’re strong inside and outside, Brock Rumlow has nothing against you, you can take him out easily,” Bucky encouraged.

“I love you,” You said, tears welling up in your eyes.

“(Y/N), there’s something you have to see,” Steve passed through the hallway you were hiding in, catching your attention.

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Pairing: Steve x reader

Summary: Steve Rogers was an innocent bunny. His innocence was what made him your best target to embarrass or tease. it was your favourite game until he decided to no longer play the victim.

Author’s Note: it was so fun to write. I always love Steve being an innocent angel while all the others try to ‘corrupt’ him, I just love it. The only hard part was righting the heated up scene(I am still red). I was giggling all the time while writing this. The reader’s power is fire manipulation. Hope you like it!

Warnings: inappropriate jokes, flirting(?)

Word Count: 1480

Originally posted by luvinchris

Steve rogers; the innocent golden retriever puppy and the butt of all the avengers’ dirty jokes.

It all began when you were all relaxing and drinking and tony decided to play a game of never have I ever. The game heated up quickly and became the filthiest game of never have I ever.

‘never have I ever done it with handcuffs.’ Clint said in a slurred voice.

Natasha, Bucky and Tony were the ones to sip their drinks. You were just grinning when you noticed Steve’s bright crimson face.

‘what’s wrong with you Stevie? You grinned and folded your arms. He looked up from the drink he was holding as he muttered something.

‘first time’s always a shocker.’ Tony said and the room was filled with drunk giggles.

‘that’s it.’ Steve got up and left the room.

From then on, it became your favourite time pass; making Captain America blush.

You were walking in the kitchen, it was around 4p.m so you thought of getting a fruit as a snack. You saw Steve and Bucky chatting by the counter. A plate of fruits with a knife kept neatly was what grabbed your attention. It had two bananas and you had an idea to embarrass Steve. You got a big banana and walked towards them.

‘hey,Steve,’ you said and they both turned to look at you. ‘mine’s bigger.’ You waved the banana in his face. He looked confused for a few seconds until he got your reference. A pink smudge appeared on his face. Bucky smiled a little before grabbing one himself.

‘mine’s the biggest!’ he held it up in the air with a dramatic proud look on his face. Steve felt a heat rise to his face.

‘why do you have to do that!’ he walked out stomping his feet. You both busted in laughter seeing his childish reaction.

The other time something like this happened was when he was sitting peacefully with newspaper and a good cup of coffee. Bucky and Sam were having a whisper fight in the background but he couldn’t care any less. He was finally serene.

‘great day, great coffee, no worries.’ he sighed out of relief as he looked around. ‘I wonder where’s-’ his thoughts were interrupted when he saw you walk in. Normally, he would just smile and glance at you while you returned it but today was different.

You were wearing shorts and a top with a very deep neck which wasn’t something you would usually wear. All three of them looked at you with varying expressions of shock. Sam and Bucky stopped arguing, Bucky’s jaw hung down while Sam’s eyes grew wide. Sam recovered from the shock and whistled as you walked were all of them were sitting. You smiled brightly and took a seat opposite Steve.

‘what’s with the sudden change (y/n)?’ Sam folded his arms.

‘why? Do I look bad?’ you pouted.

‘no, you look hot.’ Buck closed his mouth. ‘It’s just that it’s a very sudden change.’ he ran a hand through his hair.

You noticed Steve’s expression. His grip of the newspaper had become tighter; his eyes were wide and never left the sight of you. you smirked and decided to do something.

‘what’s with you Steve? have I made you uncomfortable?’ you looked at him innocently while you leaned towards him.

‘what?’ he looked dazed. ‘no! no, I, um, you-you look great!’ he tried to cover up as he tore his eyes away from you. Bucky and Sam tried to stifle their laughter. You leaned a little more forward giving him a full view of your cleavage.

‘really? You seem to look a little too red. Do you have a fever?’ you touched his forehead and his breath hitched. your plan was working. ‘you know what?’ you moved back in your seat. ‘they don’t talk.’ You kept a hand on your chest.

  ‘I-I wasn’t looking at your-, you know.’ He moved his hands violently trying to explain himself. Sam and bucky were almost rolling on the floor seeing his state. He glared at them but it only made them laugh more.

 ‘I hate you.’ he covered his face and groaned. You moved near him and bent down to his face.

‘you love me.’ You whispered in his ear and walked out of the room.

 Only if you knew what sensations had you ignited in him by just that very comment. he saw how you left the room bouncing a little at every step.

‘she’s going to be the death of me.’ He breathed.

‘hell yeah.’ Bucky straightened up in his chair while Sam was still giggling.

‘she surely knows her ways,’ Sam wiped the tears from his eyes. ‘I mean damn, she seduced Captain fucking America.’

‘that’s not my name.’ Steve folded his arms and glared.

He was finally getting tired of this game you were playing with him. he may be ‘innocent’ but he wasn’t clueless. he couldn’t take your teasing anymore so, he simply took a step on the right time.

All others were on a mission or busy somewhere else. It was just you and Steve in the tower that night. You were lying on your bed listening to your favourite song, occasionally making fireballs in the air. The song didn’t seem all that interesting anymore, you took your headphones off and sat up. You were thinking of what to do until the thought of Steve popped in your mind.

‘just what I need.’ You thought and headed out to find him.

He knew you would come to him sooner or later. He just waited patiently. He was completing a charcoal drawing until the little sheet of paper he was using to protect the drawing from smudging flew out of the gate. He had just gotten up to pick it until he saw you already standing there.

‘miss me sugar?’ you smiled and winked. he felt the heat rise to his cheeks again that only you could make him feel. He realized what he was doing and straightened up.

‘actually, yes.’ he leaned on the door by one shoulder. You were taken aback. Was he flirting back? You shook your head and decided to continue for this new side of him intrigued you.

‘looking for something?’ you quirked your brows and he nodded. ‘this?’ you pointed at the little piece of paper tucked in your tank top’s strap.

‘mhm, can I have it back?’ he moved his hand towards it but you took a step back.

‘no hands, Mr. Rogers.’ You gave him a cheeky grin.

‘alright, then.’ He leant down to your level. He stayed near your neck for a few second making your breathing uneven. he gently pulled the paper out, brushing his lips against the skin of your shoulder. He took it and waved it at you in a teasing manner.

‘won’t ask me in?’ you pulled yourself together.

‘of course, come in.’ he opened the gate wider and followed you in. you stood in his room admiring the drawings scattered around.

‘these are great.’ You examined them.

‘thanks.’ He smiled.

‘you wanna know the main reason why I came here?’ you turned to him and he replied in affirmative.

‘I was seeing this movie the other day and I don’t know why, but it’s very intimidating when someone does this.’ You pushed him lightly to a wall and kept both your hands on the wall near either sides of his head. You both locked eyes with each other before he broke the silence.

‘doll, I think you missed something.’ He spun you around and got you in the same position. ‘it’s the guy who does it.’ He smirked.

‘what’s gotten into you?’ you breathed.

‘well, let’s just say I got, very tired of all this.’ He mumbled as he closed the distance between you. ‘do you know how I feel when you do all these things to me?’ you could feel his breath on your face. ‘I am just left craving for more. I just want to touch you.’ his voice barely above a whisper. His eyes flicked to your lips. ’would you slap me if I kiss you?’ he tilted his head slightly.

You rolled your eyes and captured his lips as you pulled him by his collar. He wasn’t lying, you could feel how much he craved you by the way he kissed you. you pulled back while he looked like he wanted more.

‘aww, was I that bad?’ you teased him as you folded your arms.

‘no, I just wanted it to last longer. It was… fun’ he wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you closer. You moved back and he gave you a confused look.

‘take me on a date first, then, we can do much more fun stuff.’ You ran thumb on his cheekbone. ‘deal?’ you quirked your brows.

‘deal.’ He smirked and tightened his grip around you.