he was so hyperactive in this little interview!

Seventeen Reaction to You Being Their Interviewer

Request: hi!! seventeen gif reaction that their gf being their interviewer!!

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He would try to remain professional, yet can’t stop lowkey flirting with you.

“The way you gesture with your hands when you talk like this, it’s cute.”

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Honestly, this would just make him more comfortable doing the interview. He’d know you wouldn’t ask questions that made him uncomfortable.

“I’m glad I got to do my interview with you, Y/n.”

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Total gentleman. He’d answer all of your questions happily and compliment you the whole time. Also constantly reassuring you that you’re doing well.

“That’s a really good question!”

“You look really nice today~”

“Oh wow, interesting question, Y/n.”

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Pretty much a greaseball mixed with a fluffball. He’d be all proud of you for becoming an interviewer, yet couldn’t help making a few suggestive comments.

“You know, it might have been better for you to not wear such a form-fitting shirt…”

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Literally a hyperactive puppy, okay? He would answer all of your questions with crazy enthusiasm and be smiling like an idiot the whole time.

“Ahh, yes! That’s such a good question! You see…”

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He would be a bit shy at first, not knowing exactly why his company had paired him to be interviewed with you, but soon he’d get comfortable and start cracking a few jokes here and there.

“I just can’t believe I ended up getting interviewed by you, it reminds me of our first date.”

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This little marshmallow would be so shy at first oml. But as the interview went on, he would take your questions incredibly serious and answer in crazy detail.

“Yes, well, when we first were set to debut, these thoughts were roaming in my head. Not to mention that…” so on and so forth.

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Being real, Seokmin would totally be the guy who cracks inside jokes between the two of you most of the time. Especially if it tied in with the question.

“Ohh, this reminds me of that one time when you…” *insert embarrassing story*

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Literal. Grease. Ball. He’d be straight up flirting with you the entire time.

“I’m so lucky I got to be interviewed by the most attractive person on this planet~”

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He’d definitely be pretty shy the whole time, but that wouldn’t stop him from pulling out a bit of aegyo here and there.

“I mean, if the fans think I’m cute, I wouldn’t correct them.” *gif*

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Quite a bit of a diva. He usually remains really professional during interviews if he doesn’t know the interviewer, but since you were his interviewer, he wouldn’t hold back his sass.

“Isn’t it pronounced, “food,” not, “fud?” Silly…”

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Lowkey meme child comes out. He’d probably do the running man challenge if you asked him to show his favorite choreography to the audience.

“What? At least I’m comfortable around you~”

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Okay, so he’d be one of two ways.

Either a) fluffy little shy baby who stutters when he answers every question and can’t stop staring at you.

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Or b) freaking playboy of the year award goes to Lee Chan because he keeps making jokes and flirting with you the whole time.

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someone stop this child

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“Moments” (GOT7 x Reader)

It’s finally done! This a selection of moments (similar to the BB one I did) between the reader and our fine members of GOT7. This is to commemorate reaching 100 followers! This is a longer post than normal so please stick around, I would greatly appreciate it! Also, I kept offering for you guys to send in asks but the ask box wasn’t open GOODJOBOLIVIA. Anyway, let’s get to it!

“(Y/N)?” A deep voice had awoken you. Your eyelids forced themselves a part.
“Yes?” you whispered. Your eyes were barely open and all you could see was black. It was still night. “Is everything okay?” you asked. You became more alert with worry as your boyfriend rarely ever woke you in the middle of the night. His dark eyes glimmered in the ray of moonlight that simultaneously illuminated his soft features. You propped yourself up in your shared bed so you could see him clearer. You loved this version of him: no make up with a shadowy stubble that crept in. He picked up on your worry and his eyes widened. “No, it’s okay (Y/N)! I am fine,” he quickly stepped in. You felt your posture relax, your body welding into his side. You idly drew circles on his chest and gazed up at him. “So what’s up?” His chest rose up as he sighed.
“I just can’t sleep.” His speech was slower than normal but still possessed that gruff edge that you had come to recognize all too well. At this moment, he shifted onto his side and rested his head on his hand. A slight smile edged onto his lips. He adored you like this. To him, the sleepy and cute mannerisms you had  were sometimes too much to handle. Your cheeks turned crimson. “Why are you smiling?” you asked. He reached his hand out to your cheek. A pulse of warmth hitting you as his thumb traced over the skin of your cheek. “You just look so beautiful like this, you know?” His voice became a little smoother and your eyes darted away, suddenly shy. He planted a short, sweet kiss onto your nose and laid back. “Come on, just lie back here,” he patted to the middle of his chest with an underlying chuckle in his words. Once again, you nuzzled into your original spot. You took in his warmth, his scent and the feeling of his chest steadily rising up and down. Just before you both were embraced by sleep, he stroked your hair and you exchanged the usual “I love you”s. Late night chats with him were your favourite.

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ksa-2514  asked:

Your tags!!! I already think Zayn is a menace but Liam very well could be too! Plus they are hella tight with Louis. Makes sense.

Both of them are complete menaces!  And together they are enthusiastic partners in crime:

Remember the story behind Liam hating spoons– it’s because when he was naughty in school his punishment was to do the washing up. Can you imagine little Liam getting into trouble as a kid?

And he gets so hyper during interviews and on stage. Especially that Italian interview where they’re sitting on those stumps and Liam just goes nuts…and being hilariously drunk at the Brit Awards

Somewhere Zayn said he was a ‘hyperactive child’… cue the “energy juice” gifs…

Plus they both love video games and comics– their house just must be a 10 year old boy’s dream come true. Na na na na na na Batman cufflinks and all:

Even when they got to pick their activities for 1D day we saw their love for superheroes and such:

Together… unsupervised… it’s a charming recipe for disaster!