he was so hard to draw urgh

Kris has some trouble asking his (ex)wife Suho out on a date...
  • kris calling suho: hi my dear galaxy of mine
  • suho: ...
  • suho: what is it
  • kris: ooh don't tell me you're still mad at me?
  • suho slightly irritated: why did you call me
  • kris: well, next week i'm invited to the première of Ant Man in China, i can bring a guest as per usual. Does my dear Junmyeon want to join me to one a lovely trip to china and a great film afterwards?
  • suho: yea no
  • kris: what oh c'mone Suh-
  • suho getting really irritated: last time I was in china when u invited me and our son Tao over for a trip to Disneyland u chickened out. Do you know for how long I had to console Tao? DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I HAD TO SPENT ON ICE CREAM AND SOUVENIRS??
  • kris: my dear galaxy of mine, I'm really sorry I had to film so long that day. But I swear my schedule is empty for next week.
  • suho: still no, y don't u go with you gf Fan Bing Bing eh?
  • kris: oh no she cant next week I asked she is in Ame-
  • kris hesitating: nonnonono dear galaxy of mine i didn't mean it like that i -
  • suho very irritated: don't u dare dear galaxy me. I need to go; Chanyeol is strangling Baekhyun again, I think he ate his food. I have so much work with these children, i still can't believe u left me alone with them. *hangs up*
  • kris: ... shit
  • ...
  • kris calling flower shop in Korea: hi yes, could u please sent 12 roses to the exo dorm pls, yeh for Suho. pls draw a lot of hearts on the card. yes, yes thank u v much.
  • ...
  • a few days later at the exo dorm suho receives 12 roses and calls kris:
  • kris very exited picks up the phone: hi dear galaxy of mine i guess this means u got the flowe-
  • suho: TWELVEE ??? U COULDN'T PICK A BETTER NUMBER COULD U *slams the phone down*
  • kris: ... fck
But guys

Think about the secret trio as BENDERS.( yeah I know benders like ages ago) Benders AU go!

Danny is a water bender. You know ice power, weather telepathy( rarely) and BLOOD BENDER ( like when he takes over someone’s body)

Jake is a fire bender, cant deny it.

Randy is an earth bender. This s seem weird but think about it: he pulls weapons from his ninja suit. Weapon is mental. Mental bending => Earth bending. Ones of his powers is Earth’s attack, too ( yeah I just want see Randy has a different power)

Any ideas???

paprikabutt  asked:

Your comics made me laugh so hard I showed my mate who doesn't even know what anime or haikyuu is and even he found them hilarious and omg the way you draw Shozzo and Kags and Oiks URGH👌

AWW Thank you so much for liking my comics so much that you would even show them to a friend!
Glad that you had a good laugh :))
(Also, I adore your daisuga comics!Thank you so so much for drawing them!)
Have a wonderful day friendo!!! 👌 👌 👌


Just because I haven’t stopped laughing since I heard that word and I’ve had a hard day (So sorry it’s a bit crap).

Yeah, M for language. Guess it’s a bit late for that…

Hip buttressed against the bar, one elbow resting on its surface with his good hand wrapped around a mug of frothy beer. The clasps on his leather vest strained over his chest. His shirt open even lower than usual. More skin. More hair. 

She couldn’t stop staring.

Those damn leather pants. Black and tight and .. Urgh. Legs crossed nonchalantly at the ankle, hips facing the room as he chatted to the man to his left. Belt slung low, emphasising his waist, drawing her eyes in - keeping them magnetised to that spot just above his groin for an embarrassingly long time until she had to shake her head and pull away.


She felt a stirring in the pit of her belly. Dangerously low. The deep sigh she let out rolled straight to her core. Her eyes flashed closed. Her tongue darted over her lips.


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