he was so fine with this

hey guys i gotta tell you about this pen

its this boy here

it’s a 1$ gel pen and its the best thing to happen to me ever

ive been using white india ink to highlight for the last few months and its expensive and doesnt even stand up to this shitty gel pen i bought at a thrift store

for one the tip is small and fine so it allows you to do very tiny details (nice)

and this guy

he goes over everything in one coat (unlike the india ink i was layering away with still poor results)

heres him compared to faber-castell’s white 101 opaque pen (one layer of both) hes the top one and the expensive india ink is on the bottom

just like the expensive ink you can also draw over this gel pen with more black ink and it vanishes flawlessly too

anyway i love this pen and its extremely cheap and easy to obtain so i thought id throw this information out there

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Hi! Can I get a HC with the RFA+Saeran's reaction to MC's ex who broke her heart so badly when they broke up and after MC seeing the ex, she sort of feels scared about RFA+Saeran leaving her like the way her ex did? Thank you!

Sorry this took so long! Hope you like it though~


  • He took you to a restaurant for a date
  • Everything was great until your waiter came around
  • Zen saw you got really tense as soon as the waiter introduced himself
  • He asked you once you were alone, and you explained that he was your ex
  • What hit you worse is that he didn’t even recognize you
  • Zen could see that you were really shaken
  • He asked if you wanted a new waiter, but you told him it was fine
  • You told him how your ex dumped you over text after a year of dating
  • It was really abrupt and it crushed your heart because he said you were too clingy
  • There’s a short pause before you ask if he thinks that’s true
  • Of course he shuts the idea down immediately
  • But now Zen is fuming, because how could someone make you feel that way about yourself
  • When the waiter comes back around, he looks at Zen and says, “Hey! Aren’t you that popular singer online? Can I have your autograph?”
  • Zen smirks at you before agreeing
  • He writes on the napkin, “An autograph for the biggest ^*)&$ on this %^$&*%^ planet ^&#% you *dolphin noise*
  • You watch in horror as your ex reads it
  • When it’s a time to order, a new waiter comes


  • You were out for a walk in the park when someone lost their dog
  • Why does that always happen with Yoosung???
  • A beautiful woman jogs up to you to claim the dog and thank you both
  • She goes back to a man who you recognize and gasp
  • “That’s my ex,” you inform Yoosung
  • You tell him that your ex cheated on you and when you caught him, he just said you weren’t beautiful enough for him
  • “I guess he found the right girl,” you mutter
  • You grow quieter as the walk goes on, and Yoosung can tell what you’re thinking
  • “If you think you’re not good enough, or I’m going to leave you, just stop. I saved my shoulder for 21 years!”
  • You just tackle him in a hug and say how he’s the best
  • You also notice his compliments increase tenfold today


  • You were helping Jaehee with some grocery shopping
  • You two were just standing in line when a guy with flowers stands in the line behind you
  • “MC? Is that you?” he asks. He glances at Jaehee “Guess you’re not so lonely anymore.”
  • Normally, Jaehee would’ve brushed it off, but the way he rolled his eyes ticked her off
  • Seeing how uncomfortable you were, she said she forgot something and dragged you to another aisle
  • She asks who it was and why you seemed so shaken up
  • You explain it was your ex from a few years back who had dumped you because you confronted him about spending more time with his friends than with you
  • You had felt lonely, and it made it worse when you found he had cheated several times
  • Jaehee just narrows her eyes, “Do you need me to judo flip him?”
  • “Jaehee, no!”
  • “Because I can flip him.”
  • “Please don’t…”
  • “Warn someone that there’s going to be a clean up on aisle three.”


  • It was one of those annual office parties in Jumin’s department
  • But, he had forgotten something at the penthouse, so you decide to run it over
  • While you’re there, he introduces you to his small department
  • Before you’re about to leave, a man saunters up to you
  • “So, dating the CEO now, huh? Guess you’re climbing up the ladder, gold digger.”
  • You would’ve slapped him if Jumin hadn’t intervened and called you to the side
  • He saw the situation, but wanted to ask you what happened first
  • That employee happened to be your ex who you broke up with due to his lack of care for you
  • You worked constantly in order to help him financially, but he only slacked off at home and spent most of his time drinking instead of with you
  • To make it worse, he accused you of being too ambitious
  • Jumin somehow managed to calm you down, but he was wearing a small smile on his face
  • “Coincidentally, we’re making cuts in the department and your ex happens to be the one to be let go due to his lack of work ethic.”
  • Still, your ex’s comments are starting to get to you and you ask Jumin if he thinks they could have some truth
  • He just sighs and pulls you into a hug, reassuring you that he knows you were never in it for the money, and your hard-working nature is one of the things he loves about you


  • You both had taken a rare trip to the mall, and after hours of shopping around, you take a break on one of the benches and just people watch for a little
  • Seven just taps your shoulder and points to this couple making out on the other side of the area
  • “Is he a vampire or something? Yikes.”
  • He says it at a joke, but you abruptly stand up and start walking in the other direction
  • He’s worried so he goes after you
  • You tell him that the “vampire” was your ex who had randomly said he wasn’t into you after three years of dating
  • Later you found out he was cheating…with the very same girl he was with now
  • You start rambling on about how it was probably because of you
  • You start naming your own insecurities
  • Seven is patiently listening, assuming your venting
  • But when you say, “You probably want to leave me too because of how I am.” 
  • He snaps
  • He scolds you for a really long time for thinking of yourself like that and how he would never ever leave you
  • …he doesn’t stop until you hug him and thank him


  • You guys are eating peacefully at a froyo place when a loud, obnoxious couple walked in
  • Saeran gets worried when you say you suddenly want to leave
  • But he doesn’t argue and walks out onto the patio with you
  • You apologize and explain that the couple was your ex and your old best friend
  • Your ex had dumped you years ago only to start dating your closest friend a few weeks later
  • You think he would be fuming, but he just starts talking about how the past is the past and that you needed to look ahead to a bright future together
  • Just as you’re starting to say you’re worried that he might find someone better, he just shuts you down and claims you’re stuck with him
  • “Wow…you’re a lot calmer than I expected,” you admit.
  • He just smiles before announcing that he wants to get more toppings
  • You watch from the window
  • You notice he mutters something to your ex
  • You don’t know what it was, but your ex collects his girlfriend and leaves the place
  • Saeran still wouldn’t tell you what he said, but you couldn’t help laughing 

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Remember when everyone here was cruing that harry wasn't promoting like they wanted ?? like o they know harry at all he is gonna be huge

People can have opinions about what they would like to see. It doesn’t mean they’re crying, and it certainly doesn’t mean anyone thought he wouldn’t be great or that his album wouldn’t be a huge success. His instagram photo of a white square got almost a million likes. He’ll be just fine no matter what he does or doesn’t do promo wise. People just wanted to express their thoughts and feel like they were part of the process. I don’t see why that’s a problem for other people. Nothing anyone says on tumblr is going to radically change Sony’s plans, so I don’t see what mocking others on here really accomplishes. 

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Yeah, the bittersweetness is the worst part tbh. Dont get me wrong, I couldnt be more proud of Harry and I'm so so excited for him!! And I'm so glad he actually has a team who is actively promoting him. And I'm sure Louis is the most excited and proudest person of Harry rn. I have no doubts of that! It's not a competition between them and one's happiness is the other's happiness! But as a fan, it's sad to see :(( Louis is still deep in stunts and has a team actively working against him :(

yeah i’m not good at compartmentalizing this stuff. harry will do well i have no doubts about that (tbh i’ve never really had doubts about that even when people were complaining about full stop i was like ‘as soon as he does launch he’ll be fine’) but louis is my fave and it hurts to see how shitty his situation is.

he could be doing so well too if he actually had a team behind him who cared about him and who wanted him to succeed but instead we have the garbage twins simon jones and flopsy actively working against him (not to mention louis’ entire ‘private’ public life is still a lie and he’s still trapped in his stunts).

it’s so unfair i hate it.

ok, i’m kinda desperate so i’m posting this here in hopes of someone responding who had a similar experience.
our cat is 6-7 months old and broke his left leg 2 weeks ago. he got surgery done and all was well and fine, he was recovering nicely, already jumping and playing like the little active ball of energy he is. 3 days ago my husband and i were sleeping when suddenly he was hissing angrily and growling when he shifted in his bed but it was so loud that i literally jumped out of bed because i thought i was gonna have a heart attack. we noticed how he suddenly had a lump there that was clearly hurting him. the next day we brought him to the vet, where he fought against the vet and his helper so badly that not only he pissed himself but also lost 2 teeth. the vet examined him and told us that there was an accumulation of water, probably because he injured himself and gave him an injection for the pain and gave us some pills to give him for the next 6 days.
when we get home we found out that he doesn’t even want to enter our bedroom anymore bc he associates it with it inflicting pain, while he was the one inflicting it upon himself, but that’s just a minor sidenote. we put blankets in the hallway, the living room, everywhere so he can sleep wherever he wants but he doesn’t because it hurts him to lie down or shift while lying down. he just sits in front of the front door, behind the curtains in a corner or behind the garbage cans in the kitchen literally all day and all night, staring at absolutely nothing. today i succeeded in coaxing him out of hiding and lying with me on the blankets we put out for him to sleep on. we can’t bring him to the vet every day since it isn’t only stressful and agonizing for him but also bad for my mental health, although i’d literally fly out of my comfort zone if it meant him getting better. plus we are kinda in a pinch money-wise at the moment because we paid the vet 700€ already and only have a bit left to survive this month. if any of you have any tips at all on how he can recover faster, pls let me know! also i’m a bit suspicious of the vet so if any of you know anyone at all who has a vet as a friend or some knowledge, please let me know if our cat’s injury does look like it’s “just” an accumulation of water.

y'all listen up, i am just stunned by how beautiful ignis scientia is like. he’s gorgeous. absolutely perfect. i can’t look at his face directly or i burst into flames. and older ignis? boy howdy did he age well. like a fine wine that i would not hesitate to savor in every way possible. and i can’t be the only one who thinks his scars make him hotter like. he’s so attractive. he could breathe in my direction and i would nut. he could snap my neck and you would catch me in the afterlife tryna suck his dick as a ghost.

low key the most underrated moment in trk is when neil comes back from the nest and calls wymack to ask him to pick him up and tells him that he’s not fine. evermore was so painful and traumatic that he can’t keep his defences and lies up anymore and he just crumbles in front of wymack, going as far as to need wymack restraining him so he doesn’t hurt himself. it’s also one of the first times neil willingly gives wymack (and trusts him with) a piece of his past and is completely honest w/ him we need to talk about it more

Evak’s First Vacation

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Can’t stop thinking about what their first trip somewhere would look like (inspired by Henrik’s trip w/ his friends and Lea)

  • Arguing about what to pack and what stays (“Isak, you’re not allowed to take textbooks with you. Like, I’m actually offended that you thought this was an option.” “Fine, but you need to put at least four hoodies back. It’s going to be so hot there.” “But my aesthetic”)

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Hollywood. I see you've seen the possible WGA strike info. Meant to give you a heads up on that. Yes, that would probably mean a delay to a S4 production start. I think S3 should be fine to finish since those scripts will have gone through rewrites and be close to what needs to shoot. But while Matt could produce the episodes since he is an Executive Producer, he (or any other writer) can not write/rewrite them. Next month should be interesting to see how this plays out with the negotiations.

Thanks. Yes. Ones that don’t need any work will be fine, but I wondered even about how the writers are executive producers as well. They are usually on set for filming (even though it may not be the episode they wrote). So, does a potential strike even impact that? And if there is a strike and the start of production for Season 4 gets delayed (or they start early anticipating a potential strike or stall in talks) that then affects the actors and the rest of the crew that may have other projects slated.
It is interesting and I’m curious to see if there will be some heavy handed tactics used. I hope that the writers get what they ask for.

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: in Tangled Before Ever After when Rapunzel and Eugene sing the duet in Life After Happily Ever After their voices and lyrics are in harmony but their intentions are totally opposite Rapunzel is so hesitant to settle down and be a princess and Eugene is SO READY to settle down and be a prince and a respectable member of society and not be a floater or a thief anymore he wants to enjoy it and Rapunzel wants to run and be free and he's willing to do it all with her and the love he has for her is more than any stability in the world
How the turtles would react to accidentally hitting you: Michelangelo

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“Shit - babe - oh my god - I didn’t - are you - I’m so sorry babycakes. - I-” Michelangelo threw his nunchucks on the ground; his eyes had grown to twice the size and all he seemed to be able to do was scramble towards you in desperation. “Are you hurt - oh my god - did I hurt you - oh god what have I done?” 

“Mikey!” You finally shouted - yeah, it had hurt, and your head was beginning to ache now, but it wasn’t that big of a deal. “I’m fine!” 

Surrounding you were his brothers, whom were all now laughing at Mikey’s reaction, but Michelangelo wasn’t paying them any attention. He was too busy wrapping you in his arms and holding you close to his chest; he was mumbling something, probably more rambling about how sorry he was and how he couldn’t believe what he’d done. He was so cute when he was apologetic, and all you could do was giggle and burrow into his embrace. 

“I’ll never do anything like that again, angel, I promise.” He shouted, tightening his grip around your small frame. 

“Honestly Mikey, it’s ok, I’m-” The boys were still laughing, and before you could say anymore Mikey picked you up off of the ground, and started walking towards the couch. “MIKEY!” You screamed, laughing despite the dull thumping in your head, “PUT ME DOWN!” But he didn’t. He simply smiled sweetly at you in his arms and carried on walking around the lair. “MICHELANGELO!” 

When he finally dropped you onto the sofa, he didn’t hesitated to cradle you in his embrace as soon as possible. You knew he wouldn’t stop hugging you for hours. 

“I’m sorry baby girl. You know I would never hurt you.” He started placing kisses along your forehead and all over your face, which again made you laugh. “D’you still love me?” 

“Of course, Mikey!” You giggle, whilst wiggling about in his arms to try and get free of the smothering. “Seriously it wasn’t even that hard - Mikey! Stop!” 

“I GOT YOU, BABE!” Michelangelo began singing, poorly, and with incredible volume; to which all of his brothers, and Master Splinter (who had wondered through from his bedroom) laughed at with uncontrollable, broad grins. “I GOT YOU, BABE!” 

“Michel-” You tried to yell, patting his arms to try and cut off his singing, but he wasn’t paying enough attention to hear your pleas for him to stop. 


“Mikey, you are being ridiculo-” 

“BABE!” Mikey was up on his feet now, pointing at you as he sang, “I GOT YOU BABE!” 

“Oh brother,” 

“Dear god,” 

“Make it stop!” 

The boys laughed from the door of the dojo, where they were all pretending to hold their hands over their ears to block out the horrific singing. 


“Alright, alright Mikey! I still love you!” You laugh, allowing that lovable turtle to pick you up and pin you around again and again. 

Fine pt-2

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based on fine by Taeyeon

words: 2.2k

summary: Your in love with Jimin, your best friend, who’s also a player and you don’t know how to tell him about how you feel.

before your read: yes i had posted a part two to this but i didn’t like it so instead i completely RE DID IT. I am sososo much happier with this part! Anyways I hope you like it!

part 1

You almost feel lightheaded at Taehyung answer, you didn’t believe he would actually do this to you. You trusted him, despite him only being Jimin’s friend and not really yours, you truly had put your trust into him.

“What?” Jimin asks dumbfounded as if it was hard to believe it.

“What the fuck Taehyung?” you whisper almost slightly pushing him and he averts his eyes towards you.

“I’m doing this for your best” he reassures and you laugh at him, how dare he be the one to tell him when you were waiting for the right moment?

“No Taehyung, you’re not. You did this to mess with me! I told you I didn’t want him to know and you went right ahead and told him! What rights did you have to do this?” you feel the tears wanting to escape your eyes but instead, you look down at the floor, hoping they would disappear somehow.

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