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All the small things happening when dating Credence Barebone! ❥


·butterfly kisses:
credence is very sensible to touch and gets overwhelmed so easily, so butterfly kisses are the best way to go. he loves it when you give him cute, little pecks on his forehead, cheeks and literally everywhere on his body.

·playing with your hands:
credence is so fascinated by your hands, probably because he doesn’t like his own because they bring back bad memories. he is always fiddling with your fingers and presses your fingertips to his lips whenever he can.

·cold lips:
credence is always cold and so are his lips but you love the cool, tingling sensation you get when kissing him. equally, he loves feeling the radiation from your warm lips.

credence has a lot of scars, his mother didn’t spare his back either. he is very unconfident because of them and you don’t let any chance fly by to straddle the ‘on the stomach-sleeper’ credence and caressing all of the scars on his back.

moments n feelings:

·with credence there is no evening or morning, there’s just floating through time with him. there isn’t a favourite daytime or getting excited for bedtime. there’s just being calm and happy all the time. even when he has panic attacks or nightmares and you have to stay awake the whole night calming him down, you wouldn’t want to change a thing.

·credence is OBVIOUSLY an introvert, so he loves doing ‘introvert-thingies’ like reading and drawing. credence loves it when you read for him but when you get too tired, you change parts and he will read for you!! credence isn’t too fond of words so it’s always a special moment when he reads page after page for you.

·when credence smiles he tends to look down or hide it. you can’t stand that, so you always grab his face and force him to look at you when he is smiling and that makes his grin only wider.

·bubble baths! credence and you love spending time in the tub together! of course things tend to heathen up often but there are equally as many times where you would just look at each other, nap or have foam fights. bonus: credence is addicted to bath bombs and he is the bath bomb commander because you don’t put them in the water carefully enough. he always explains to you, if you do it careless it dissolves way to fast and he loves to watch it melt.
bonus-bonus: your favourite bath bombs are the ones with glitter in them because when credence gets out of the tub he looks like an actual angel that just came from heaven through your bathroom window, with all the glitter on his bare body.

·you two spend hours drawing together. even though, you are kind of jealous because he is way better at it. well, at least his handwriting is horrible. you also use his horrendous handwriting as an excuse to getting all the love notes he writes for you, read to you.

·when you are cleaning, you love to dance to some jazz music and credence always secretly watches you through the door gap. but most of the time you catch him and it pretty much always ends in a private lap dance for the boy.

·you rarely go out in public, you prefer taking walks in forests etc., but when you do nobody would ever be able to guess what you two (especially credence) have gone through, since you two become the giggliest people and do things like starting to slow dance in the line waiting for your movie tickets.

Don’t ask me why Fives is in a snowstorm. He just is.

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tell me more about jay halstead’s past [28/∞]

hey, @twindoodle, i’m your backup secret santa for the @mlsecretsanta this year!

i was stalling kind of hard over what you might like, but then found that ‘adrien actin like chat’ was a Thing that you might enjoy, so here. i hope adrien figuring things out is up your alley :D

your art is heckin adorable and it was an honor to do this for you ♥ happy (very belated) holidays!

I WANT @mirthaculous‘S POWERS HOLY SHIT and also thank her so much she f i n i s h e d this at 6am, that’s how much cleaning up this required hj hfjhg dgdjhfkjh j gljg bvmgkljh //laysonface ;; ♥♥♥♥

summary: In which Adrien learns how to flirt and Marinette screams internally, externally, and eternally.

Being friends with Adrien Agreste throughout all of lycée was… kind of fascinating, honestly.

He changed so much.

One upon a time Marinette had fallen in love with him because he was kind, and he was good, and he stood up against inequality when he saw it — which was a rare thing, at least in Marinette’s experience. Those qualities had never gone away, but the longer she knew him, the more different they began to look.

In good ways.

Very good ways.

(The longer she knew him, the less she knew how to tell him that, so her crush remained embarrassingly large and embarrassingly impotent.

She… she was working on it.)

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dance crazy

so in one of thane’s vid messages that he sends you in the citadel dlc he mentions that he saw a scorpion eating a cricket when he was in new mexico

i think it was supposed to be a little dark and edgey™ but the way he said it was really adorable to me so i headcannon that he kinda has a quirky fascination with insects

she doesn’t get it but she’s happy that he’s happy

Credence Barebone Headcanons

• Credence is obviously very much emotionally and mentally unstable. He’s been abused, both physically and mentally, for years now with Mary Lou.

• Which means it would take time for him to heal, to become a happy, powerful wizard he is. (DONT EVEN ARGUE WITH ME HERE HES ALIVE)

• But he goes to live with Newt, and Newt finally finds a little two room flat to live in as he cares for Credence. (If he’s being honest, they end up spending more time in the suitcase than in the actual flat because credence is so fascinated by the creatures and he loves their uncomplex nature.)

• And Credence has this little habit of shutting himself in a room/corner/isolated space when he gets post traumatic flashbacks and such.

• It’s always been very terrible for both Newt and Credence, Credence because he’s having to relive those awful, horrid moments and Newt because he hates seeing this abused boy suffer so much.

• But one day, while newt is out, Credence begins to start recalling Mary Lou and how Grindelwald manipulated him and everything - but then, he remembers about the creatures. (He was always too afraid of hurting something if he went down there).

• But a couple hours later, when Newt comes back, scarf bundled around his neck and coat drawn around him tightly (“It’s absolutely freezing out there! I told you you should’ve stayed home, Pickett.”)

• And the realisation that Credence isn’t there to welcome him with his shy little smile and maybe, on good days, a hug, just hits Newt.

• So he rushes everywhere and begins looking for him and starts to assume the worst.

• When suddenly, he has the thought to go down into the suitcase and finds Credence, surrounded by all sorts of creatures who absolutely adore him.

• And credence just turns around and gives Newt the biggest smile he’s ever seen.

• And yeah I feel very strongly about Credence Barebone


Did you sleep well?

@second-salemite suggested a collab of art and fic with Christmas themes in the lead up to Christmas with different pairings and themes

The first is Mistletoe

Credence Barebone possesses a very well-honed set of silences.

They’re curious things, and difficult to tell apart. Newt, only through careful (read: intimate) observation, has become decent enough at articulating a few of them by name; currently, beneath the heavy oaken beams of the Goldsein sister’s living room, stands inquisitive silence.

Long since retired from the rowdy kitchen, Credence looks—interested. Newt hasn’t the foggiest as to what in but his heart does something funny at the sight: poised, pale hands tucked politely at his waist, head cocked just-so to the side so he can regard the object of his fascination covertly, from under his lashes, from the corner of his eye.

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Batfamily Favorite Halloween Candies

Dick: Those wax bottles with the colorful sugary drink inside because he finds them so weird and yet oddly fascinating. Though he does wish that the wax outside part was edible because he tries and fails to eat it every time hoping it’s candy.

Barbara: Anything with dark chocolate in it. One time she just ate straight up baker’s chocolate with 100% cocoa In it and Dick screamed.

Jason: Jawbreakers because he likes a challenge. Once he actually chipped a tooth and it was awesome.

Cass: Hershey’s kisses because she loves giving them out to family members. But based on taste, she would go with sugar daddies because it’s literally just a lump of caramel on a stick and completely amazing. She always gets it stuck in her teeth and has to call for help when she can no longer open her jaw.

Tim: Candy Canes because he is not normal and he appreciates the irony of getting Christmas candy on Halloween. One time he tried giving Jason a candy cane on Halloween and he punched him in the face.

Stephanie: Peanut Butter cups because you’re really getting two candies in one. First you’ve got the chocolatey outside, which is already amazing on its own, but then you bite into it to discover peanut butter! It’s a masterpiece!

Damian: Sour stuff because he’s a bitter little sh*t.

Bruce: Something lame like tootsie rolls or something because he’s an old man with seven kids who always ends up with their leftover candy after they’ve gone through the ones they like.

Alfred: Alfie claims he doesn’t like candy, but really he is the one who sneaks into everyone’s rooms at night to steal some of theirs. They all assume it’s Bruce, but Alfred is the real reason hiding one’s candy has become a thing in the manor.