he was so excited to get to the match that he forgot to button his pants

Styles & Co - Part 5

Authors Note: Smut warning

I take in a deep breath as I step out of the blacked out car, my hand delicately being taken by the chauffeur. 

“Ma'am.” He nods, letting go of my hand as he closes the door and I gain balance. 

“Elise,” I politely inform him, not quite being fond of the fact I am addressed so formally. Especially while standing outside Addilyns engagement party. 

A party that is currently held at an excessively large house from what I gather. Needless to say whoever House this is— is very well off. 

“Ms. Elise.” He nods, a short smile forming on his lips, 

“Thank you, I’ll need you at around, eleven.” I give him notice, not particularly wanting to stay at the party for too long, especially since my own boyfriend stood me up for our dinner and for this party. 

“As you wish.” The man confirms with a nod and I carefully walk up the seven, stone steps to the beauteous house, my hand gliding along the white-coloured wooden railing. I smile at the two women at the entrance with bright smiles, holding crystal flutes of champagne, 

welcome, champagne?” They offer courteously, handing me a glass before I can even decline, 

“Thank you.” I wear a smile, taking the glass in my hand and stepping into the house.

“Elise!” I overhear a familiar and overly excited squeal before I can even grasp my bearings of the house; I turn to my left and see Addilyn dressed in a navy-blue cocktail dress, a diamond necklace complementing her attire.

 “Addi! Hi, congratulations.” I give her a hug before handing her the small gift bag that is chaperoning her engagement gift. 

“Thank you. Where is Harry?” She cracks a smile, taking the bag and pulling me towards the common area squired by many people, 

“He’s working.” I quietly announce, “but if anyone asks, he’s feeling ill.” I sigh, Addilyn giving me a sympathetic look. 

My eyes scan the capital room, a grandpiano sits in the corner, being played by a young woman dressed in black, the melody echoing dimly in the background of the chatter. The room is flattered by a tall ceiling, a beauteous chandelier glistening radiant warmth as it hangs delicately from the ceiling; filling the room with charm and class. Lengthy red—silken curtains hang from the grand bay windows, standing modestly against the cream walls. 

Men are dressed in tux’s and women parade in graceful cocktail dresses of assortments of several colours.

Addi abandons me to mingle and associate with whom I assume are close family and friends’ of both her and her groom. 

“Your dress is stunning.” My attention gazes away from the bar and narrows down on the lady in front of me. I smile attentively attempting to recall her name. 

“Thank you.” I clear my throat, deciding to be somewhat impolite and not address her formally. 

Harry would be dissatisfied if he was here to witness this. She’s dressed gracefully in a drawn-out coal-black dress, a silver-white clutch resting in her hand, matching both her earrings and necklace. 

“Where is that handsome man of yours?” She bats her eyes with a small stifled laugh, “surely he didn’t make you come alone.” She beams.

If only she knew. Unfortunately, he did in fact make me come alone, handsome he may be, but tonight he’s not punctual. 

“He wasn’t feeling too great, so I didn’t drag him.” I fake a giggle, hoping she doesn’t see past my malicious story. 

My charming boyfriend is presumably sitting in his office, clicking his excessively ornate pen while he comes up with more business plans to augment the size of his empire— completely unacquainted of how displeased I am that he missed dinner and this event.

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Twin Flames (Negan x Samantha x Sabrina) Chapter 2: Country Girl

Word Count: 2,412
Genre: Smut
Fandoms: Negan, The Walking Dead, Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Pairings: Negan x Samantha x Sabrina
Rating: Explicit
AO3 Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/9527135/chapters/22224047
Warnings: Language. Zombies. Oral sex. Vaginal sex. Object insertion.

Summary: With Sabrina off somewhere with Dwight, Negan and Samantha head out to the countryside for a romantic picnic and sexual rendezvous.


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Stockholm Syndrome - Ch 6

(A/N- wow, 6 years later and this is posted… sorry. here’s chapter 6 finally. Also, ***CONTAINS SMUT AND DADDY KINK SO READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!!!!!!!!!!***)

Ashton and I sit in a comfortable silence while watching TV for about an hour. I almost fall asleep but Ashton’s hand rising up my leg wakes me up fully, knowing his intentions.

“Are you ready to play, baby girl?”

I can barely speak and my throat feels dry now, “Mm-hmm.”

“Use your words, kitten. Let me know that you want to play and we’ll go play.”

“I want to play.” I speak up confidently, surprised with my own voice. He smiles almost victoriously and takes me in his arms, effortlessly standing up with me draped in his arms.

“Okay, let’s go to Daddy’s special room then.”

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Over Again: Party Blurb

This was a collab with the amazingly talented goddess @irish-nlessing. I am incredibly fortunate to be able to call her my friend. 

Chapter 9 will be coming very soon! Thank you so much for your patience!

To read the rest of Over Again, please check out my masterlist here!

Sophomore Year

The “Screw Your Sister” was a Chi Gamma Pi tradition. Every year, participating girls agreed to be set up by one of their sisters. It was a bit of a gamble though.  If you crossed a sister the wrong way, she could pair you with a completely undesirable match.  It wouldn’t be such a problem, were it not for the one tiny catch of the “Screw Your Sister” event.  Each sister was to remain handcuffed to her date for the entire night.

Leslie and Parker linked arms as they made their way to the bar that had been rented out for the party. Parker knew who her date was going to be. Jenny, as Social Chair, may have rigged the voting in her favor. She drew Parker and Parker drew Leslie. It was an easy decision for Jenny. She sent Niall an email immediately letting him know where to show up and what to do.

“I can’t believe you talked me into this.” Leslie groaned, stalling outside of the door. “Please tell me I’m going to like my date. I know you drew my name.”

“You know him,” Parker answered hesitantly. She gave her friend a nervous smile. “I think you two would be an amazing couple if you gave it a chance.”

Leslie’s big brown eyes widened. She pulled away, turning back towards the car. “Nope, no way.”

“Come on, you know you have a crush on Louis.”

“He drives me crazy. You’ve seen us together, Parks. He always picks on me.”

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“Ugh, I can’t see another equation..” You groaned, falling back on your best friend Jungkook’s bed.

“You’re telling me,” He sighed, closing his heavy math text book with a loud slam. “I think I can still see the numbers and terms when I close my eyes—go away!” He covered his face with a pillow.

“Hey,” You lifted your head, “At least we aren’t those people who’ll be spending the last hours of their holiday cramming it in.” You smiled proudly.

“Yeah,” He lifted his head as well—pillow still in hand. “What time is it?”

“It’s 7:00,” You answered, looking at the radio clock on his nightstand.

“Aw, that means you have to go.” He pouted, burying his face in the pillow again. “(Y/N)?” He said suddenly, slightly startling you.


“I know your mom will probably say no, but can you ask if you can sleep over?” He examined your facial expressions, “Please? It won’t hurt to try, would it?”

“I guess I could..” You said quietly, pulling your phone out of your school bag beside the bed.

“Yes!” He cheered, “I mean, my mom already said we could get pizza when we’re ready, we have ice cream, tons of movies, and video games!”

You dialed your mother’s number, pressing the phone to your ear gently. “Hello?”

“Eomma?” You did your best innocent voice.

“What are you asking for, (Y/N)?” She sighed heavily.

“Can I please sleep over Junkook’s house?” You begged, “Please, eomma, please?”

Again with the sighing, “Are his parents home?”

“Yes, and they will be. You can even call them,” You were confident, only because they really were going to be home.

“I will, believe me.” She said before taking a brief moment of silence to think, “Did you do those pages of math for your homework?”

“Yes, ma'am.” You nodded, picking at the little lint pieces on Jungkook’s comforter.

“Hm,” She elongated, making you wait. “You can-” you jumped in excitement, and almost thanked her. “But you have to do chores when you come home. I expect you to behave for Mr. and Mrs. Jeon?”

“Of course,”

“Good, good. I’m going to call his mother, and I’ll drop some clothes by if you’d like?”

“That’d be great, eomma. I love you,” You did kissy noises.

“Ah,” She stopped you, “What do you need? You’ll need an extra set of clothes, correct? Do you want anything specific or would you want me to choose something?” You heard her footsteps creaking on your old wooden steps.

“Whatever will be fine,”

“Alright, and I’ll make sure to bring extra panties and pajamas.”

You felt your face grow hot, “T-Thank you..”

“Oh, is he right there?” She cupped her hand over her mouth, “I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay, I don’t think he heard.” You tried to avoid eye contact.

“Hm?” His voice rose.

“Ah, there he is.” Your mother laughed in her throat, opening up your drawers. “Well, I’ll be there in a bit. Be careful, behave, and don’t do anything inappropriate. I want you to sleep far away from him,” She instructed.

“Mhm.” You rolled your eyes, barely listening.

“You hear me, (Y/N)?” She snapped, “You better not be just saying that, or instead of dropping clothes over I’ll just go pick you up.”

“No, no!” You got back in focus, “I was listening, and I can’t wait to see you!” You nervously laughed, playing with the ends of your hair.

“Good. I’ll see you soon; love you.”

“I love you, too.” You said before hanging up.

“She said yes?!” Jungkook stood on his bed, clutching his pillow. You nodded happily, and he began jumping and whooping. “We’re gonna have so much fun!”

“Jungkook!” His mother yelled.

He stopped jumping, “Yeah?”

“Is that you jumping on your bed?”

“Yes..” He said slowly.

“What did I tell you about that?”

“Oh, I’m sorry eomma!” He apologized, sitting back on the bed. “Ew, I forgot I’m still in my uniform.” He picked at his tie. “Mind if I change?”

“Not at all,” You shrugged, laying properly on his bed.

“I don’t like changing when you come over, and don’t have a change in clothes—it feels weird, and I feel like you’re still trapped in it.” He said, tugging on his tie. “But now that you’re sleeping over, I don’t have to worry about it. I heard your mom say she’s bringing clothes,” He brought it over his head, and threw it carelessly to the corner of the room. “And panties,” He covered his mouth girlishly.

“Jungkook!” You wailed, covering your face.

“Relax, (Y/N)!” He laughed, unbuttoning his white dress shirt. “We all wear underwear, there’s no need to be ashamed.”

You couldn’t help but to stare at your friends fingers—the way they nimbly undid the tiny buttons. “I wanna get out of this already,” You forcefully made yourself look the other way.

“If you want, I’ll lend you some clothes?” He offered, “I don’t really think anything will fit you very well, but if you’re that desperate to get out of your skirt we can find a way to make it fit.”

‘If you’re that desperate to get out of your skirt.’ Ringed in your brain, why did it sound so different? The way his voice sounded..it was almost teasing. Certainly, if was just Jungkook being himself. “What do you have?” You forgot about him changing with all that of you getting out of your clothes.

He was in his closet, putting his uniform away so it wouldn’t be wrinkled. “Some shorts, some shirts—the shirts are big so they’ll cover you decently.” He was shirtless, and in the middle of pulling his pants down. “What do you say?” He looked to you, but your quick reflexes turned back.

“Um, sure.” You gulped.

“Let me find something for you..” He mumbled, rummaging through his hangers. “Maybe in my drawers, duh.” He hit himself on the forehead, moving on to his drawers. “Here, try these.” He tossed a shirt, and two shorts on you. “Also, would you like me to leave while you change?”

“No, as long as you don’t peek.” You smiled to yourself.

“I promise I won’t,” There was the sound of a little shuffling, “You can turn around now.”

You flipped your entire body over on you right side, propping your head up on your hand. He had a jersey on, and matching black shorts. You played with the clothes he lent you. You began rolling you knee socks off, then taking your jacket off. Jungkook was pretending to look at something, but was stealing occasional glances at you. Something about the attention you were receiving felt so flattering; you decided to begin unbuttoning your shirt slowly but surly. You over exaggeratedly sighed as you flipped your hair back, and pulled the ribbons out. Your shirt is only undone at the end of your bra, leaving cleavage exposed. Realizing what you’re doing, you shake the thought of leading your friend on out of your mind, and normally remove you clothes away from his sight. As your skirt drops to the ground, you shiver. “Do you have a sweater?”

“Yes.” He answered, looking for one. Once his search had come to an end, he handed it over.

“Thank you.” You turned to him, covering your chest as best as you could.

“N-No problem-Ow!” He grabbed his foot, “Ow, ow, ow!”

“Watch where you step,” You warn him.

“Watch yourself, you tease..” He murmured.

You pretended as if you didn’t hear, and continue to change into his clothes. “Your shorts don’t really fit me..” You walked over to him, holding them securely on your hips. You let them go, and they fall to the ground.

“(Y/N)-ah, please!” Jungkook blushed, covering his eyes.

“The sweater covers everything,” You groaned, pulling the shorts back up.

“But I can see your legs—a lot of them.”

“It’s just my legs,” You brushed it off.

“(Y/N), your mother is here!” Jungkook’s mom informed you.

“I’ll race you there,” You challenged him, locking eyes.

“I’ll beat you there,” He retorted, quickly getting up and pushing you to the side.

“That’s cheating!” You shouted, running right after him down the stairs. Your bare feet slapped against the wooden floor harshly, and it stung just a tad—but the taste of victory was far too important.

“Whoa!” Both of your mother’s said as you pushed each other, battling to the front door.

“Yah, (Y/N)-ah!” Jungkook grunted as your hand held his face away.

“Hi, eomma!” You kindly greeted your mother.

“Hi..” She handed you your bag reluctantly, staring at Jungkook squirming and swinging his arms. “Take good care.” She waved at Mrs. Jeon. “You behave,” she pointing at you. “Have a nice time, good night, and I love you.” She kissed your head.

“Bye!” You waved, still holding Jungkook. “I love you!”

His mother closed the door, as he was still trying to get to you. “Eomma!” He whined, “Help!”

“You’re on your own,” She snorted, walking away to the kitchen to finish washing dishes.

“But you’re-”

“La, la, la!” She sang loudly, “I sound like you now.”

“Eomma!” He blushed, “Shush!”

“Oh, it’s not like she doesn’t know. You’re good,” She threw her hand out.

“Yeah, you are.” You nodded, letting him go.

“I just don’t like talking about it..” He rubbed his shoulder embarrassed.

“Okay,” You nodded again, “You’re dancing too, right?”

“Yes..” He said in a low voice.

“So that makes two things—pretty talented.” You beamed at him, hoping he’ll ease up.

“Actually,” His mother butted in, “He’s rapping too.”

“Eomma!” He shouted, grabbing his hair and covering his ears.

“You have to take it easy,” You poked his shoulder, “It’s a blessing. You may not see it now, but you’ll get comfortable taking about it. Just think of all the things you could do..” You looked at the ceiling, “You could be in one of those boy groups!” You excitedly jumped, holding his shoulders. “Imagine how much fun you’d have,”

“Maybe I could go to America,” He said with hopeful eyes.

“That’s the spirit,” You grinned at him.

“Hm, you may be right.” He scratched his head, “Are you hungry?”

“Starving.” You placed your hand on your stomach.

“Eomma, can we get pizza now?”

“I’ll call.” She grabbed the house phone, already dialing the number.

“Why don’t we head back upstairs?” Jungkook grabbed your arm.

“O-Okay?” You confusedly followed his lead.

“I wanna show you something..” He told you, closing the door to his room behind you. “It’s kind of embarrassing, though.”

“What is it?” You asked as he sat you on the edge of the bed.

“Since I’m learning all this stuff, I thought I’d show you?” He squinted with his fists balled up.

“Hm? Go ahead,”

He took a deep breath, and started singing a slow love song. His voice was soft, and angelic. His eyes were shut so tight, there were creases. He finished up the little bit he had decided to sing for you, “H-How was it?”

“It was..” He flinched, “Really good.”

“Whoa, are you serious?” He opened his eyes.

“Yeah,” You scoffed, “Hasn’t your teacher ever told you that?”

“Well, yeah..but his opinion doesn’t matter nearly as much as yours does to me.”

“What, why?”

“You’re my friend—best friend.” He walked to retrieve a ball he had on his desk. “My only friend..”

You sighed sadly, “Jungkook,” You frowned, getting up and making your way over to him. “You know friends aren’t everything, right?”

“It still would be nice to have some,” He turned his back to you.

“I know.” You say quietly, looking down. “But you have me, okay? I’m not gonna leave you, and you’re my only true friend.” You wrapped your arms around him, resting your head on his back. “I promise we’ll be as close as we are now, no matter what.”

“Thank you, (Y/N).” He turned around, and hugged you tightly. His head was on top of yours because of the height difference, and your head by his chest.

You broke away from the hug, “How about we play Truth or Dare?”

“It could be fun, and what else would we do while waiting for the pizza?” He sat on his bed.

“Let me put my own clothes on, I’ll be right back.” You grabbed your bag, and headed to the bathroom. When you got in, you locked the door. Looking through your clothes, you saw a pair of pajama shorts your mother had brought you and a shirt. Decided it was still too cold, you just changed your bottoms since you didn’t have your own sweater and Jungkook’s was warm. Before you left, you fixed your hair—putting your hand down after, and accidentally smelling his sleeve. You stopped to smell it again; just like him. Wearing his clothing, and having it smell like him felt as if he were embracing you. You exited the bathroom, still sniffing the end of his sleeve.

“(Y/N)!” Jungkook yelled, opening the door but bumped into you. “There you are, I thought you might’ve downed in the sink.” He joked, bringing you back inside. “I’ll go first!” He raised his hand, jumping in bed. “Truth.”

“Okay, let me just think of something.” You said, shoving his shorts in his drawer. “Do you have a crush in school?” You breathed, climbing into bed with him.

“Uh,” He rubbed his shoulder, “Y-Yes.”

“Who is it?”

“That wasn’t the question, now it’s your turn.” He sat up.


“Do you have a crush?” He added emphasis on 'you’.


“Okay, my turn. I pick truth,”

“Who do you like?” You quickly asked.

“You know her,” He started, “She’s kind, short, loving, weird, cute, and knows me well.”

You thought, “I give up.”

He cleared his throat, “It’s you, (Y/N).”

“What?” Your eyes bulged.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry-”

“N-No.” You shook your head, sitting on your legs, “Why? How?”

“I just said it, didn’t I? But, I’m sorry..”

“No!” You grabbed his face, “I-I like you too..”

“Are you being serious? (Y/N), right now isn’t the time to mess around.” He said sternly.

“No, I’m not kidding!” You shook him, “I do—I just didn’t think you’d like me back.” You admitted, sitting back in your spot.

“Well, I do.” He breathed a laugh, looking down. His hand inched closer to yours, then slowly held it. “Listen, I know a lot about you—we’ve been friends for a long time now. Is it a bad time to ask?”

“Ask what?” You held his hand back confidently.

“You know..” He did a weird hand gesture, “Ask you out? That’s what kids our age do right? Or did I not phrase it correctly?” He looked at you in the eyes, cupping your cheek gently. “Will you be my girlfriend, (Y/N)?”

“I think sixteen year olds ask people on dates all the time, so you’re good.” You nodded smiling, “And only if you promise to be my boyfriend.”

“Of course,” You leaned in, and held his chest. You closed the gap between you two—his lips feel so nice against yours, and you thought you’d never feel them. As your kids ended, you gently flutter your lashes open. “That’s better than I had imagined, or hoped for.” He smiled, pressing his forehead against yours. “Want to continue that game?”

“Mhm.” You laid down now, “Come over here.”

He did as he was told but laid behind you, spooning you and played with your hands. “Okay, what shall it be?”


“First dare of the game,” He cheered, “I dare you to kiss the biggest looser in here.”

“Where do you have a mirror?”

“Oh, ha.” He sarcastically laughed, “Fine. Kiss the only boy in here,”

“I think I need some proof that you are actually a boy, with all that whining you do.” You turned around only to show him your stuck out tongue.

“I don’t think you’d like the only way to validate it,” He pointed to his shorts.

“You’re gross.” You pushed him off the bed.

“So are you!” He got up, “You were teasing me earlier, and don’t deny it because you know it’s true.”

“Okay, maybe I was.”

“Maybe? No, you were.” He laid back down, “Why are you still wearing my sweater?”

“Do you want it back?”

“No, I’m just asking.” He kept your hand from taking it off.

“I’m cold,” You answered truthfully.

“Are you still cold?”

“Just a little bit,” That was all he needed to pull his blanket over you two, and hold you close to him. His skin was warm, and under the blanket was as well. He gently placed a kiss atop your head, and snuggled into you. You stood there for about twenty minutes to half an hour, carrying on tiny conversations that would diminish in the shared feeling you were having.

“Jungkook, (Y/N)!” His mother called you.

“Ugh, eomma..” He groggily complained. You attempted to get up, but be pulled you back down by the hood. “You don’t get to leave without giving me a kiss, jagi.” You pecked his lips, and he stood up happily. “We can’t tell my mom just yet, she’ll either overreact, or say we can’t be remotely close to each other while we sleep.”

“Okay.” You understood, waiting for him to make it to the door.

He stretched, and yawned making his way over. He opened the door and held your hand while walking down the steps, “The pizza just got here.” He placed it on the table.

“Thank you.” You let his hand go.

“Are you ready?” Jungkook’s father walked into the kitchen.

“For what?” His mother asked, wiping her hands on a cloth.

“The engagement party; you didn’t forget, did you?” He straightened his shirt out.

“That’s today?” Her mouth hung open, “I can’t miss it, but I have to clean or I’ll go insane!” She panicked, walking from the sink to the doorway. “What do I do?” She ran her hands up her face, “If I don’t clean now, I won’t be able to until my next day off—and it won’t be clean until then since no one cleans except me.”

“Calm down, honey.” His father rubbed her back, “We’ll just not go.”

“But I have to,” She sighed.

“I can clean.” Jungkook piped up, noticing his mother’s distress.

“Yeah, I’ll help too.” You pitched in.

“Will you?”

“Yes.” You two said in unison.

“Thank you,” She engulfed you two in a hug. “Is my hair okay? Do I need more makeup?” She quested her husband, fixing her hair.

“You look wonderful, so just go get dressed.”

“Thank you, I promise I’ll be back in a second.” Her voice trailed off as she went up the steps to their room.

“I can’t believe she forgot,” Jungkook’s dad chuckled, “Between her work schedule, maintaining the house, and keeping us fed—I’ll never know how she keeps herself together. I guess it’s just something that makes me love her even more,”

Jungkook looked at you and smiled sweetly, “So you’ll be out?” He turned to his dad.

“Yeah, I’m not sure when we’ll come back. Behave yourself, and do not make a mess you aren’t going to clean up. You’re already cleaning up for your mom, so don’t add anything else for yourselves.”

“Yes, dad.” Jungkook obliged, getting plates.

“I expect a clean house when we get back,” He walked towards the front door, “It’s not for me, it’s for your mother.” He said before walking out.

“Okay, I don’t know how I look-Where’s your dad?” Jungkook’s mom came down the stairs while she put her earrings on.

“He’s starting up the car,” Jungkook opened the pizza box, “Have fun. We’ll clean after we eat; love you.”

“Ah, thank you.” She put her other earring on, “I love you, too. Bye!” She waved before rushing to the car.

You grabbed your slices of pizza, and looked at Jungkook as the door slammed. “What?” He asked, mouth full of fries.

“Wanna play video games?”


About an hour an a half went by: you two ate, played video games, and cleaned. It’s about 9:00 now, and you headed back to Jungkook’s room. “Hey can I ask you something?”

“What is it?”

“Have you ever..” You did a rolling motion with your hand, “You know..” You looked at his puzzled face, “Have you ever had sex?”

“Sex?” He choked on his drink, “No, why?”

“Just wondering..” You traced circles on his thigh, “A lot of people in our class have, and are not afraid to brag or speak about it.”

“Have you?” He set his glass down.

“No.” You admitted, “I’m kind of scared.”

“Are you?” He wrapped his arm around you, “I never really thought of you as someone to be afraid of something thrown around so lightly.”

“Even if it is thrown around lightly, it could be a big thing. Isn’t it supposed to be something nice? Well, at least your first time. I always imagined that people’s first times were always with someone who they loved, or cared for a lot.” You twiddled your thumbs, “Nothing has ever made me feel so wrong than high school. Everyone has sex with everyone, no one even loves the person they’re with, and no one stays together for long.”

“No one goes on dates anymore, there’s no such thing as loyalty, everything is rushed, and all guys want is sex—and some girls.” He continued your thought, “You just have to find the right person..”

Without a word, you put your hand higher up on his thigh. You felt his flaccid member against your hand, and kissed his cheek. “What if you’re the right person?” You breathed in his ear, kissing his neck.

“(Y/N)..” He touched your hand, “I-I don’t think we can..”

“You don’t want to?”

“No, I do..I’m just afraid, like you said.”

You continued gently kissing his neck, you bit lightly. He sucked in air sharply, clutching at your hand. “Of what?”

“I won’t be any good..” He gulped looking up, as you rubbed gently.

“It’s our first time: I won’t know what’s good, and you don’t have to worry about it.” You increased to sucking lightly, and licking.

“That’s right..” He realized. You put your leg over his, and just continued what you were doing until he intertwined your fingers and used your hand to rub his bulge through the short’s fabric. “Ah, jagi..” He groaned, focusing on the tip.

“Can I put my hand in there?” You whispered.

“It’ll feel even better,” He lifted the elastic lining from his hip bones up. Both of you watched as you slid your hand in, grabbing hold of his erection. “Oh my god..” He said in a breathy voice as you ran your thumb across the drizzling precum on his slit.

“What should I do?” You asked.

“Whatever you want, I like it.”

“Can I..” You coughed, “Suck it?”

“(Y/N), you really want to?” He sat up straight. You nodded, and he pulled his shorts down.

You watched as he sprung right up after his removal of his boxers. You felt your heart beat faster, and between your thighs heat up. “I’m not sure how, so I’ll just do my best..” You shyly said, bending over on your knees beside him.

You looked at it, as it was very close to your face now—since it was your first time looking at one, it was sort of frightening. You knew that you needed some sort of lubrication, so you spit on your hand and began pumping him. “Oh, jagi..” He held back a moan. You looked at him—his head was thrown back in pleasure and his bottom lip caught in between his teeth. You slowly put him in your mouth, reluctant at the fact you might choke. Almost instinctively, Jungkook tangled his fingers in your hair out of pleasure. He tugged on it lightly, meanwhile your head bobbed on his shaft attempting to fit all of him in. “Ah,” He groaned, pushing you down. You disconnected with a string of saliva connecting your lip to the head of his penis, “I think I might cum if you continue doing it like that,” He strung out, watching you kiss, lick, and pump him.

“No, you can’t yet.” You let him go, moving up to kiss him.

“Can I try something on you?”

“Like what?” You mumbled against his lips, still kissing them

“The same thing you did to me,” He held your waist now, trying to get confident and comfortable. “I wanna taste you..”

“I-I’m scared..” You pulled away.

“You don’t have to,” He shook his head, “We can go back to playing video games, or cuddling-”

“No!” You shook your hands, “I wanna.”

“I’m gonna sound like a broken record, but are you sure?” You nodded, biting your thumb nervously. “Please forgive me if I’m not any good,” He pecked your lips, going down to your neck. To get you in the mood, he licked your collar bone to your jawline. His kisses followed the moist trail his tongue had left, sending a current of electricity through your body. He nipped the sensitive skin, waiting for a reaction. Hovering above you, he did it again—but sucked before letting go. You quietly moaned, not being able to control your bottom half. Jungkook took more of your skin in his mouth, and did the same routine. “Can I?”

He lifted the ends of his sweater you were still wearing, “Yeah, I’ll do it.” You sat at the edge of the bed, taking it off. You unclasped your bra, and slipped it off gently. “Do you want me to take my panties off?”

“I’ll do that,” He smiled.

“Okay.” You looked over your shoulder to him, “Your shorts are still off,” You giggled, looking at him.

He covered himself while blushing a bright red, “Should I put my shorts back on?”

“Why would you?” You crawled on top of him, “They’ll just come back off.”

“(Y/N), get on the edge of the bed again.”

“Bossy?” You retorted, doing as he said.

“Please.” He finally said. It wasn’t like him to be like that, so there was no doubt he’d add something like that in. He got off, and knelt before you. “You know, I always thought about what your boobs looked like.” He licked his lips looking at them, “Now that I can see them—especially from this angle—I think you’re even more sexy.” Rising up in between your legs, he planted kisses all around your nipples. He looked up at you as he took your breast in his mouth, smiling but looking like a small child at the same time. His hand groped your other breast, kneading it roughly. It wasn’t hard to tell that he wasn’t sure of how light or rough he should be with you; maybe he doesn’t know his own strength? He suckled, while laying you down and bit lightly—rolling your nipple in between his teeth lightly. His fingers pinched your right nipple, and you watched as he has his eyes closed; it looked as if his life depended on it. “Are you ready?” He asked, lifted his head from your chest.

“Yeah, do you need help?” Your hands went to your shorts.

“Ah, no.” He slapped your hands away, “Why do you wear such short bottoms?” He questioned, lifting your hips up as he pulled on your shorts. “Don’t you know what it does to me?”

“No..” You breathed. His eyes seemed to become darker in some way, and his actions were far different than you’re original Jungkookie that you’ve came to love. “What does it do?” You carried it on, not wanting to let this die.

“It makes me want you more,” He threw your shorts straight down on his carpeted floor. “Now that I’m having you, I have this sick fantasy of wanting to just pound into you mercilessly.” He kissed you, “I know it’s not like me, but you make me like this. Years of wanting you, and getting to know you had all led to this moment..I know you’re lying if you said you weren’t expecting something like this too.”

“I was..” You proved his theory right, “I just hoped you’d like me too.”

“Of course I do, who wouldn’t?” His voice went back to normal.

“Never mind that, we’ll talk about it after.” You pushed it away, “Just hurry.” You pleaded.

“I’ll restrain myself,” He smiled to himself, looking down. He hooked his fingers in your panties, pulling them down as he knelt down again. He ripped them away from your ankles, and flung them across the rooming trying to make you comfortable. “I could use that as a slingshot,” He joked, kissing your inner thighs. “You sure you’re ready?” He looked up at you.

“Yes, now hurry because your parents can come home at any minute.”

“Right, right.” He sighed, sending hot hair against you. He slowly opened up your legs, looking at your core. You felt self conscious, but before you could close your legs or cover yourself, his hands were holding you open and his head was in between your thighs. He traced his tongue along from the bottom to top of your womanhood, then kissed. His tongue ran all along you, and not one inch was left untouched. You felt tingling, but vulnerable. Shaking the feeling away, you grab his hair. His hands trailed up to your bum, pulling you closer to his mouth. Looking at him was almost painful, he was slowly savoring your fluids and enjoying every second of it. The feeling was great, but his effort was heavenly. Running his tongue over your clit, you gasp and arch your back—pulling his hair. You felt a smirk against your wetness, and his focused on your extra sensitive nub. Holding the urge to make any noise and shove him even more into you, you pull him up by his chin. “What is it?” His breathing was uneven, and his lips and mouth area glistened in the light. “Oh, you wanna start?” You eagerly nodded, taking off his shirt for him to reveal his nicely toned chest and stomach. “You’re pretty tasty, you know that?” He chuckled against your stomach before kissing it.

“I wouldn’t know,” You rolled your eyes, grabbing his hardened member in your hand. You guided him to where your entrance is, and lined the tip with it. “Push.”

“I don’t want to hurt you..” He frowned, pushing into you painfully slow.

You held his shoulders tightly, “Ow.” You shut your eyes, digging your nails into him.

“It’s just the tip right now, we have a lot more to go jagi..” He kissed your cheek.

“Stop, stop.” You held his chest, “Don’t pull out, just stay there.”

Seeing the pained expression on your face, he kissed you lovingly. “I don’t want to do anything to hurt you—especially physically. Are you sure you want to go through with this?”

“Yeah..” Your voice quivered, as you felt yourself stretching.

“We don’t have to do it again if you want after this,” He looked in your eyes, “I won’t pressure you into it, no matter how much I like it.” He buried his face in your neck, “I want you to be comfortable, and I want you to know I don’t want you just for sex-”


“Again?” He flipped his hair, “Okay, I’m gonna start going again.” He warned, pushing into you again slower than before. He watched his thick penis penetrate you even more, and bit his lip once more like earlier. “Ah..” He moaned lowly, “God, seeing me in you is so hot..”

“Okay!” You touched his chest scrunching your face up again, “It hurts.” You felt your eyes grow tears.

“No, (Y/N) please don’t cry..” He kissed your face repeatedly, “Please don’t..” He begged, “Please, jagi.. I can’t take it if you cry..” He pulled away to look at your face, “I’m gonna stop.” He said, beginning to stand up.

“No!” You pulled him back down.

“(Y/N), you’re crying..I-I don’t want to make your cry.”

“Don’t you care what I want?” You kissed his cheek, “I want this—even though it hurts. It’ll only hurt for a while, then it’ll feel much better.”

He hung his head low, “Okay.” He caved in, kissing your lips. “I’m going very, very slow.” He pushed in again.

You clutched at his skin again, “Ow..”


“No, keep pushing.” You pulled him in by his hips.

He continued watching himself disappear into you, with occasional grunts. “I-I’m all in..”

“I can feel it..” You cringed.

“Can I start? I don’t think I’ll last long,” He breathed, leaning over your body.

“Go ahead."Jungkook’s chest pressed against yours, and he supported himself with his elbows. His hips rocked backward gently, "Jungkook..” You moaned, holding his back.

“You’re so tight,” He groaned, slowly moving. “I-I need to know what you want.”

“Just keep going, maybe faster.” You hugged him, as he obeyed. He thrusted faster into you, holding your thighs now. He held so tightly you felt his nails, and he made a sound each time he entered you. It felt so good to have something fill you up, and have it be the person you wanted it to be the most since a year ago. He picked up the speed gradually, panting as his strength made the bed squeak and move rapidly. You moaned loudly, your stomach tying in knots.

“Oh my god..” He moaned, biting your neck as he slammed into you.

You tried holding onto his back, but since he was moving so much it resulted into scratching—which he didn’t complain about. “More, more!” You shouted, feeling yourself getting tighter.

“I’m almost gonna-”

“Me too.” You wrapped your legs around him, forcing him into you. Pulling him in, he got sloppier with his rhythm and his breathing got heavier. Your climax was building with every movement he made, and you looked at his face for a brief second before cumming on him. Your moans filled the room as he continued to work on his own reward for all the rubbing. His eyebrows were knitted together and his lips separated as he stopped completely, and you felt his hot seed fill you to the brim.

You bit his lip as his eyes were still closed, and he rode out his orgasm. While your legs shake at the quickness it had endured and Jungkook’s arms gave out on him, he collapsed on top of you. “I’m glad we did it..” He breathed, kissing you. “But now I’m tired. Wanna sleep?”

“Get dressed just in case your parents will see when they come home,”

He went around the room, pulling his clothing on and throwing you yours. You dressed as well, and he turned the light off and got under the covers. Pulling you under his arm, he sighed. “If you keep being you, I think I’ll love you—I mean, I’m already starting to even before that.”

“Pretty soon we’ll be those annoying couples, won’t we?” You rested your head in his chest.

“Probably, but at least we’ll love each other.” He kissed the top of your head, “Now go to sleep, jagi.”

You yawned, sinking into him and under the blankets feeling closer to him than you ever have.

Wolves and Witches (Part 4)

A/N: Here is Part 4 of Wolves and Witches. It’s a really slow story but it’ll get to the good stuff eventually. I hope you enjoy this part even though it is still a build up :)

Description : It was pack tradition that if you were destined to be with someone you would be taken to them four weeks after birth. True Mates were taken very seriously in the pack and if you had one the oracle would tell the Mother who and where to find them. That is how I found myself outside an Omega Woman’s house while it was pouring down.

I hoped she liked me.

Pairing : Castiel x Reader

Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics

Warnings: nothing really, I mean there’s some mild scary Cas and someone pees their pants but that’s about it.

Word Count : 2822

Other Parts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3Part 5Part 6Part 7Part 8Part 9 Part 10Part 11, Part 12, Part 13Part 14Part 15

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So it turns out moody teenager Castiel was the worst of them all. He was always grumpy, had an attitude to match Dean’s (and that’s saying something because he was a dick at times), nothing was good enough for him anymore, he tried to push my buttons by ordering me around (Yeah I know, the punk kid tried to order me around! Stupid Alpha dominance!) and to top it all he had a sex drive now so he popped a boner at literally anything and he had no idea how to get rid of it so he just sat there with it uncomfortably. He did get better with the personal space but only a little. He’d still hug me anytime he could and when he had a boner it made things very uncomfortable because hey! I’m an Omega and any Alpha with a boner pressed against you is gunna give you some kind of arousal. Also wet dreams. He still refused to have his own room so I had to deal with when he had a wet dream. Not nice to wake up in sticky cum especially when he hugs you all night so it’s only on you! Cum was used as a scent marker too so for the rest of that day I’d smell like him and it was very distracting. He seemed pleased though and that just frustrated me further. 

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anonymous asked:

Could you do a scenario with Jackson. Where he shouts at you and slaps you. Please make it really dramatic! Btw; I love your style of writing!❤️

I Need You – Jackson Scenario

Originally posted by wanqkong

pairing: Jackson x Reader

genre: Angst

word Count: 1,552

warnings: strong language, physical abuse


Guryong village – A poorer area/town in Seoul.

‘The crimson bricks with plenty of stories to tell.’ – An old
expression that goes ‘if these bricks could talk, oh the stories they would tell.’ Basically meaning that they’ve seen a lot or the area has a lot of interesting history. (Wasn’t sure if anyone would understand so I figured I’d put this :3)

You breathed in, the sharp winter air filling your lungs once again as you let out the breath you didn’t know you were holding. Glancing up, the bright city lights seemed to blur together with the nearly deafening sounds of the nearby traffic. The quiet sounds of your quickening heart beat seemed
to echo against the brick walls of the alley way you entered reluctantly,
hugging the black coat trenched around your body tighter to keep the painfully cold night breeze out.

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Anonymous asked: soulmate/college/roommate-AU where instead of a tattoo/name everyone’s born with a pendant/charm necklace that matches their soulmate’s. Dean walks to their bathroom thinking it’s empty but there’s Cas taking off his shirt to shower and Dean sees his necklace (that matches his, obviously) and freaks out (because Dean is totally 100% NOT gay at all). Bonus if Cas already knows.

Author’s note: Several people requested a Soulmate AU, so here it is. I did alter the rules for the necklaces a little bit, because I couldn’t imagine someone wearing a necklace when coming out of the womb. Omg, that sounded so weird, lol. Anyway, enjoy!

As much as Dean was trying to not let his sulky mood get to him, he was failing miserably. He sighed as he got into the elevator, pressing the ‘twelve’ button before heavily leaning against one of the walls. It wasn’t even the long day of exhausting lectures that had him this grumpy, not really…

As the elevator doors slid closed, his mind wandered to the text that his younger brother Sam had sent him that morning.

‘Hey Dean! Guess what, I already found my soulmate! Her name is Jess and she’s perfect!’

Of freaking course. The kid had turned sixteen less than a month ago, and he’d already found his match.

Dean wistfully thought back to his own sixteenth birthday; he’d been so excited when waking up that morning, for the first time admiring the silver necklace that had appeared around his neck while he’d been sleeping. The piece of jewelry that would lead him to the person he’d possibly spend the rest of his life with.

But now, four years later, Dean was beginning to lose all hope. Sure, not everyone was as lucky as Sammy, to find the one with the matching necklace within weeks after receiving it. There were plenty of stories out there about people who didn’t find their soulmate until they were in their thirties, or even forties. Regardless, sometimes Dean was tired of waiting, and today was one of those days. He was happy for his little brother, he honest to God was, yet he couldn’t help but feel slightly envious.


The elevator paused when it reached floor seven, and a little old lady offered Dean a friendly smile as she got on. Dean nodded at her, faking a smile of his own.

When the elevator started moving again, Dean absently reached for the necklace that was hidden behind two layers of clothing. To Dean, it was something private. He’d only pull it out whenever he found a girl with whom he thought he felt a possible connection, to see if it matched. It never had.

It was a personal matter, really. Some proudly wore their necklace for the world to see, like most of the still single girls that Dean encountered. Others, like Dean’s best friend Castiel, and their other friend Charlie, didn’t deem it necessary to wear their heart on their sleeve.


The ninth floor. The old lady shuffled to the exit, but not without wishing Dean a good day. As if. He smiled at her anyway.

Alone again, Dean pulled out the necklace, staring at the pendant almost resentfully; A flame made of emerald, cradled by wings made of sapphire. It was beautiful, it truly was, but it also made Dean bitter because every day, it reminded him of something still missing in his life.

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The Storm

The Storm

Sam x Reader (Oneshot)

Warning: Smut (This is near educational levels of smut) and some Fluff

Prompt: 59. “Hello? Yeah it’s me… again.”

Host: @roxy-davenport & #AdultSPNJuneWritingChallenge

The hotel door slammed. The pictures hanging in cheap plastic frames jumped and wiggled precariously on their hooks rocking from the forceful exit. Sam turned from the door immediately raking his hands through his hair in frustration. The entire fight had been word after word spilling from both your mouths without calm thought to back it up. It was an age old fight of each other’s safety, only this time his careless words had caused you to walk out in worst storm Texas had seen in 50 years. Sam threw out a half hearted punch into the air, self-loathing twisting up and smothering his original frustration.  The wind changed and rain pelted the hotel window. He reached for your jacket about to follow you. His fingers had just touched the leather when a soft knock filled the room. He glance at the window where a tree branch scratched at the glass. He paused straining to hear over rain. The knock came again, louder. He walked to the door ready to swing it open.

“Hello? Yeah it’s me… again.” Your voice was strained in perfect reflection of the regret he felt squirming in his stomach. He waited. Initiating forgiveness after a fight was hard for you. You needed the door to hide your face to get through it, even if all he wanted to do was throw it open and hold you close. “Sam?”

He sighed trying to give the patience you needed. He put his hand on the door with a thump, so you knew he was listening. The pulse in his palm beat against the wood.

“D-don’t open the door yet, okay?”

His heart skipped. Was that hesitation in your voice from the cold or embarrassment. He gripped the handle.

“I get it. Okay? You want me to be safe. That feeling you have, that’s what I feel. I want you to be safe too.” He held his breath waiting for you to continue. He knew you were chewing your lips trying to figure out the right words to say. “I’m sorry-”

He swung the door opened unable to wait. Maybe the perfect boyfriend would’ve waited, but the perfect boyfriend wouldn’t have made you feel this way in the first place. Heaven and hell knew he wasn’t perfect. You startled when the door opened. The heat from inside brushed over your wet skin easing some of the chill. Your hair clung to your face and your dripping clothes were adding to the small current rushing on the sidewalk from a broken pipe. He sucked in a sharp breath at your half-drowned appearance.

“Hey! I wasn’t done-”

He cut you off by stepping out. Rain instantly slammed against his side. The cold cut against his skin. His jaw tightened, knowing you had stood here suffering.

“I don’t care.”

You flinched at the hardness in his voice. It was unusual for him to be this upset. He stepped forward when you took a step back. A dark discoloration grew across his shirt where the water clung.

“Stop! You’re going to get wet!”

He grabbed your shoulder with a small shake. His hands were still warm and the heat was instantly soothing. The tears brimming in your eyes spilled down your cheeks mingling with the rain. He shouted over the howling of the wind.

“I don’t care!” His eyes focused on yours so intensely you breath caught in your throat and you forgot how to move. “ All I care about is you!”

He crashed his lips against yours, melding passionately, never giving you a chance to catch your breath. Your knees buckled and he embraced your body against him tightly leaving no space. He tangled his fingers in your hair kissing deeply at every angle he could find, desperately delving his hot tongue against yours, circling and messaging until your body tensed and warmed, your thighs squeezed and a pool of hot liquid formed. You weakly gripped his arms moaning uncontrollably as his tongue slid across yours. He pulled away, teeth dragging over your bottom lip. You panted for air, thighs rubbing together as his eyes focused on you with raw passion. His nails dug softly against your back. His pupils dilated, eliciting a shiver from your core as you remembered the last time he gave you such a look. Your head tilted back in his hand and made a soft needy moan. He planted a warm kiss on your throat.

You tilted your head forward again before he could continue and kissed him fiercely, matching every ounce of passion he gave in return. His back connected against the door frame knocking you back slightly. You dove in again, your bodies making a wet slap as you threw your arms around his neck. You bit his lip earning a husky groan in response. His arms encircled your waist picking you off the ground. He brought you further into the room and kicked the door shut. You pressed against him, his back hitting the door. His grip loosened, your nails raked over his shirt wanting it gone. You pulled at the fabric and he grabbed the back peeling it away. His chest gleamed in the warm light, slick with rain. A crack of thunder shook the room sending your thumping heart into erratic excitement. The lights flickered and you pushed against him again sucking the water off his collarbone. He shuddered when your tongue flicked over his skin. The thrill of his pleasure sent a surge between your legs. You followed the trail of water up his neck, licking and sucking as you went. His head bowed his breath hitting your shoulder in shallow pants, his hands squeezed your hips to pull them as he thrust. A wicked smile tugged at your lips as you reached his ear. You nibbled the lobe letting him listen your breathless gasps when his thumbs dipped under your jeans. Your hand tugged at his jeans, unfastening the button and sliding the zipper down. His erection slid across the back of your hands as the fabric gave way. You pulled away his boxers and wrapped your hand firmly around his shaft, then let out a long low moan of appreciation. He froze listening to every drawn out syllable of your voice. His body shook violently as you accentuated the moan with a long stroke. He pulsated against your palm.

Your back hit the door. Undeterred by the sudden shift, you pumped your hand against him watching with erotic fascination as his fists clenched by your head and his body tensed like a bow drawn. He groaned helpless grabbing your wrists. He threw away ripping your shirt upward over your head. The fabric caught on your nose, but you didn’t care when you saw his animalistic stare on your heaving breasts. Catching your wrists, he pinned them above your head. His hands dragged down your arms, calluses rough as they slid from hand to elbow, down forearm slowly to shoulder. He knelt before you as he moved them over your sides, thumbs brushing over ribs, then under your breasts, The rough skin brushed under your bra just short of the nipples. Your back arched in response, silently begging for the touch to continue. He rubbed his lips against your stomach, nose pressing as he if he couldn’t get enough of you. His lips pressed against your hip and he trailed kisses across your pants’ line. Each gasp and cry spurring the fire building in his abdomen. His hands left trails of heat as the slid around your body and up your back. He fumbled with the clasps when you muttered his name blissfully. Your hands threaded in his hair, hips bucking toward his mouth. He nipped your hip and you gasped, his fingers plucked blindly at the strap again. He looked up your eyes dark with lust. He ripped you away from the door, yanking the strap out. The band tore like paper and he stripped it off your arms and tossed it aside pushing you onto the bed.

His mouth was on yours again, demanding, pleading for everything you could offer. He grabbed your jeans and peeled them off with both hands. There was no patience, just urgency and need. He needed your body, needed to feel your skin against his, your eyes unfocused in passion, and your body moving with his. He shed his jeans and boxers in a swift almost painful motion and climbed on top of you. He tucked his arms under your legs and pulled you to where he knelt, then bent over you to trail kisses down your throat. He sucked hard on  your neck leaving a mark. His erection pressed against your clit. Electricity zipped through your arms and rolled down your spine. Your hips jerked against him sending pleasure melting into your core. You bucked again wet panties sliding against his length. He moved with you, sharp pleasure screamed through you with every movement until your clit throbbed and became soaked with anticipation. His fingers teased your pantyline, you cried his name, eyes misting with pleasure. He laid beside you ripping the final cloth away. His rough fingers touched your thigh, your body writhed screaming out for his touch. He moved slowly, watching as the every slight movement build the anticipation and torture every nerve.

A single finger reached the apex of your thighs. The initial contact was so glorious you nearly came. He pressed against the opening, not yet entering, and let out a strained groan at how wet you were. He caressed the slit causing your body to shudder spasmodically. His thumb touched your clit, a cry leapt from your throat, but he cut it off pressing firmly and moving the sensitive nerves in circles. Your cry turned into his name strangled by moans. His thumb moved around your slit in an agonizingly slow gestured. Your heart pounded between your legs. You clutched his arms ready to beg for him to continue. His thumb drew circles into your clit cutting off your ability to say anything, but his name and his finger slid slowly into you. You froze, unable to do anything, but experience the raw electric pleasure ripping through every node of your body as his finger moved in and out rhythmically. He added a finger, your hips bucked up and his thumb pressed harder. A scream ripped from your throat and it took two thrusts of his fingers, before your body shattered into shuddering orgasms. He picked up speed fingers slamming against you, thumb forgotten. You clawed at his shoulder, cries flowing from your mouth, thought abandoned. White passed over your vision and all you could feel was the methodical, devastating pleasure  controlling your body. You finally heard yourself screaming, pleading Sam for more.

Weight lifted off the bed. You looked around the room frantically. Sam retrieved a condom from his wallet out of his jeans. He turned towards you, fully erect. He stalked towards the bed where you lay splayed and helpless. His eyes stayed trained on you causing your core to shudder under his gaze. He tore the packaging and moved the condom down. He rolled it over his pulsating erection without breaking eye contact. The tip pulsated when your eyes drifted down. The sight caused the apex of your thighs to throb, legs widening automatically. His gaze finally dropped to where you waited. He grabbed your legs throwing them over his shoulders, pulling you to the edge of the bed. His tip brushed against your slit. You squirmed, desperately trying to close the distance. His hands ran down your legs and gripped your hips. He pushed slowly into you pausing with every inch to let you squirm with each new level of torturous pleasure. He paused half way and you grabbed his forearms, then in one hard sudden movement he slammed against you. Stars shot across your vision. You were no longer aware if they were opened or not. He pulled back and slammed again. Your scream was lost as thunder cracked above the room. He picked up speed shifting your hips for a new angle that hit just right. Thunder cracked again rattling the window. The lights flicked and the room was plunged into darkness. Your nails bit into his arm trying to anchor yourself to him even as your head was spinning somewhere in the heavens. Ecstasy ravished your body. Your thighs squeezed against his hips, muscles tensed, riding the waves until an orgasm ripped through you. He slammed into again and again another shudder after shudder shaking your body. Before the first orgasm could end another built and wrenched through you. You screamed his name clenching against him, holding the feeling until you heard him cry out and shudder between your legs. He stumbled forward bracing himself on the bed over you. Your heavy panting intermingled barely heard as the wind howled.

After a few minutes, he stood up. He slowly slid out of you drawing residual moans from you. He leaned forward again, framing your head with his forearms. He planted a soft kiss against your forehead, then nose, then lips. You smiled under his kiss. He pulled back brushing hair from your face. His nose bumped into yours. You wanted to brush the hair from his face, but your limbs were no longer responsive.

“Hey,” he whispered.

“Hey.” You smiled, his soft affection bringing a prick of tears into your eyes.

“I love you.”

Tears welled up and you found the strength to wrap your arms around his neck. “I love you, Sam.”

2.4k words. based on this prompt. chubby!dean because wow does this prompt call for it or what. happy late birthday, @deanlovestaylorswift!

“Dean, please put some pants on before our guests come over. Please. I’m begging you.”

Dean rubs sleep from his eyes and sits up on the couch. A half-eaten bowl of popcorn falls out of his lap. Aw man, I wanted to finish that, he thinks as he stares dejectedly down at the mess.

“Dean! Are you listening to me?” his mom asks.

“Yeah, mm-hmm. Pants. Sure. Can you make me another bag of popcorn?” Dean reaches down and starts tossing popcorn back into the bowl. 

With a sigh, his mom grabs the vacuum from the closet and cleans up the mess herself. Dean lies back down on the couch and picks up the remote.

“You know that SNL skit where those girls sing a song about coming home for college and making their parents do everything?” Mary says.

“Uh, yeah?”

“That’s you.”

Dean furrows his brow and pouts, but his mom just rolls her eyes at him.

“I’ll only make you popcorn if you promise to put on pants today. Promise, Dean.”

“OK, OK, I’ll put on pants. I promise.”

Mary pats his face condescendingly and says, “Good boy,” before putting the vacuum back and leaving the room.

Dean mindlessly flips through channels and tries to ignore his growling stomach. He wonders how long he’s been asleep, but his phone is all the way on the coffee table and he’d have to move a few feet to grab it so he’ll just live with not knowing what time it is. 

He just finished his first semester of college, and along with the freshman 15 (OK, maybe more like 25) he also gained extreme laziness, apathy and a general sense of hopelessness about the world. 

He’s been home for two weeks, and he’s still got another two weeks left to go. He’s going to milk it for all it’s worth.

When 10 minutes pass and his mom still hasn’t returned with more popcorn, Dean shouts, “Mooooom!” 

“I’m coming, I’m coming!” she shouts back.

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2junbros  asked:

Yeaaah open boxes always make me happy ! Could you do Haizaki and his gf meeting a few days after she caught him cheating on her. But that’s only bc she decided have a last good fuck and break with him after that ? I need some angry sex right now ^w^

A few days felt like centuries, to you at least. The memory stained the back of your eyelids whenever you closed your eyes. Each time you looked back on it something new appeared.

His sculpted body flushed in heat from sex. It always made you heart race, but this time for a whole other reason. Another woman’s legs were wrapped around his powerful hips. Her nails raked up is back, leaving trails of raw flesh in their wake. Her screams of pleasure echoed into your very soul. So that’s what it sounds like to have sex with him?

His face held a ghost of a smirk while contorted in frustration. You swore it was frustration, but now you could only see his smirk. Each time he groaned, a part of you died inside. They were so caught up in the act that they didn’t notice you in the doorway. It wasn’t until he came, inside her of course. Haizaki’s satisfied smirk slipped into a frown when his eyes met yours. “Shit…” that was all he had to say?

It didn’t take a genius to realize your retreating form meant it was over.

However, you still had to sever ties with the douchecanoe. A simple text telling him you were coming to talk to him was all he got. No need to grace him with your voice when he had plenty others. It took your all to remain cool and  collected, you wanted to make him irritated. You weren’t going to cry, scream, or even let him think he got to you.

“____, baby what’s up?” your hand meet his eager lips. You almost laughed, did he honestly think you were going to let him kiss you?

“Don’t call me baby, in fact, don’t call me at all” your voice was crisp and clear as you shed your jacket. You were wearing the outfit he liked most on you. “Listen here Haizaki, were over and I don’t want anything to do with you,” you told him while maintaining a killing glare. “Okay I get it, you’re mad at me” he sighed stepping closer to you. “What if I told you she didn’t mean anything to me?” he slid his hands up your arms and pulled you closer.

“How stupid do you think I am?” you spat pushing him away when he tried to kiss you. “Can’t blame me for trying, I just have to admit, though….you were the best I ever had…in bed” he snickered finishing his statement. Bile rose in your throat as you processed his sick words. “I wish  I could admit the same about you” you shot back, making him glare back at you.

“Admit you want to have one more good night with my dick, that’s why you’re here” Haizaki’s lips kissed up your neck furiously. His larger frame made it hard to push him away. Although…..

You didn’t really want to.

He had a point, a good bargain to be exact. One night, no strings attached, wild animal sex and you could resume your life without him. “I hear your proposition, but I raise I get to top” you groaned catching him by his braids. You yanked his head back and away from your body. Your aggrieving frown didn’t match the lust in your eyes.

“Sure babe, whatever you want” Haizaki smirked pulling you into a deep kiss. His tongue immediately shot down your throat. It was rough enough to make you step back into the wall. The loud thump resounded in both your ears, but neither one of you cared. The lovely friction between your bodies was all that mattered.

Haizaki lifted you up against the wall. Your legs wrapped around his waist as he pulled you close. None of which held endearment, just the path to getting to the bed. He carried you all the way there, never breaking the kiss. Much like all the other times he tried to have sloppy make outs. Your back hit the bed as he dropped you. The split-second your eyes blinked, Haizaki had his hands already on your clothes.

The buttons came undone, anything else forced itself apart in the heat of the moment. Your own hands pulled his clothes off in a rush. His naked torso gave you a bad feeling, but your need was stronger. His pants came undone as your hands dived past the hem. “Damn girl, you’ve never been this excited” Haizaki growled. “Shut up and fuck me already” you growled back pushing him down instead.

Straddling him, your lower hips ground against him. His erection grew stiffer by the second. Your body practically screamed for him to pound you into the sheets. You raised your hips over him and placed his tip at your pussy. “You’re being incredibly sexy tonight” Haizaki laughed, making the bile taste return to your mouth. You slammed down on his dick and swiftly shut him up. Although, you took a minute before shooting back. “If this is what it took to be sexy, you’re sad” you shuddered at the full feeling inside you. You forgot how good he felt inside you.

“You still like my dick though” Haizaki groaned rolling his hips upward. Your body rocked in time with his. You started to forget who was in control here. “Someone has to” you smirked raising off him and slamming back down. Haizaki’s hands grabbed your waist roughly as you rode him. The bed shook and creaked loudly as he moved against you. His groans meant nothing to you anymore, the only thing that drove you was a hot climax.

Your hands ran down his chest, nails grazing his hard muscles. You clawed at his chest for some type of stronghold. “____…” Haizaki groaned as one of his hands left your waist. It met one of your hands and intertwined fingers. However, you were long gone into the sex to register this action. Your climax built up inside you as moans, pleas, and cries escaped your throat.

Finally, you came, resting against him as Haizaki continued to thrust up into you. He came inside you as you tried to catch your breath. You wretched your hand away from his once your senses returned.

With wobbly legs, you climbed off him to gather your clothes. “Goodbye, you won’t be seeing me anytime soon,” you said without looking back. You didn’t need to nor did you want to. Whatever expression he made now didn’t matter. It was over and you owed him nothing.

Render Me Speechless

Pairing: Hollstein, LaFerry, Zeta Society

Rating: M

Word Count: 5581

Summary: After defeating the evil devouring light, Perry and LaFontaine decide to celebrate by hosting a dinner party at the infamous restaurant; The Alnwick. Danny and Kirsch are finally realizing their feelings for one another. While Laura and Carmilla, well…let’s just say they have a hard time being apart since Carmilla got back.

Tags: Fluff, Sexual Content, Smut

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