he was so excited to eat it


So, Yoshi has become a very picky eater over the last two years. He stopped wanting to eat his dry food, Royal Canin, so I had to mix some bananas or something for him to eat. Which at the time he would maybe skip a meal every three days or so. Then we moved to the US and changed his food to Orijen, and he liked it and ate fairly well for a week or two. Then he got picky again and wouldn’t eat. So now we’re mixing dry food and wet food, and we was super excited about that but after a month he got bored again and he’s now barely eating. He gets maybe one treat + a dental chew per day. So I’m thinking, cut on the treats and only give him his food until he settles? But idk he just doesn’t seem to like the dry food at all. I tried a bag of Acana with a different flavor and he seemed just as disgusted. 

Any advice to get him to eat???

Become Mrs. Mikey Pearce - Mikey Pearce

Request: Could you write something fluffy and sweet about Mikey proposing? Thanks!

As you returned home from work, you were more than excited to enjoy your Friday night with Mikey. Since it was the busiest time of year at work, you had been staying late almost every day in order to make sure everything was organized properly. This caused your nights with Mikey to be pushed until at least 8pm. Ever since you two moved in together, Friday nights were reserved. He always ordered food so you could eat as soon as you got home, he always put a couple blankets in between the couch and TV so you could enjoy a nice, quiet movie night.

“Hey babe.” You said, as you entered the living room. You sat down next to Mikey on the floor and wrapped your arms around him.

“How was work?” He asked, sorting out the take-out.

You two talked about how both of your days went before snuggling up next to each other and pressing play on the remote. You guys sat in silence since you always got mad at Mikey whenever he asked too many questions during a movie but as the movie went on, you started to get a little bored. You turned around and switched positions so you were now straddling him.

“Well, hello.” He said, placing his hands on either side of your waist. 

“I love you.” You said to him, before placing a trail of kissing on his neck.

“I love you too.” You began to unbutton his shirt as you kissed his neck more. 

“Marry me.” 

You stopped kissing his neck but stayed still. You had to make sure you heard that right. 

“(y/n)…” Mikey placed his left hand on your cheek and brought your face up to his. “Did you hear me?”

You were sure you looked like you had just seen a ghost but the statement had caught you so off guard that you didn’t know how to feel.

“Say it again.”

Mikey let out a little laugh before saying “Marry me.” He quickly repositioned himself so he was sitting up straight. “Marry me and spend the rest of your life with me. Marry me and spend every Friday night watching boring movies and eating crappy take-out with me. Marry me and have two little boys with me. Marry me and watch those two little boys grow up into men and start a family of their own. Marry me and spoil our grandkids together. Marry me and be my best friend for the rest of my life. Marry me and become Mrs. Mikey Pearce.”

You looked into his eyes and pictured all those things happening. You pictured future Friday nights with two little boys and imagined how happy you would be. You pictured being so happy that you felt like nothing would ever bring you down. You pictured growing old with your best friend and the love of your life. You pictured the life you have always dreamed of and Mikey was in ever single image that appeared in your head.

“Yes.” You said, a smile appearing on your face. “Yes.” You repeated. You watched as Mikey’s face lit up before pressing your lips against his.

A/N: I hope you liked it! Requests are open!


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I love Finland x nyo!Sve! Imagine her being pregnant, though. Finland would be one of THOSE boyfriend/husbands who worry way too much about his girlfriend/wife hurting herself and the baby and always fussing over her, making sure she's eating enough, resting, etc.

Finland would be so excited tbh!

He would probably behind her all the time just to be sure that everything is all right.

From day one, he would be there for her.

He wouldn’t care to get up at 2am to buy her whatever she wants to eat.

Sometimes she has to be the one to calm him instead all the way around.

I can see NyoSweden being really calm during almost all the pregnancy.

Finland would try to confort her during the last weeks of the pregnancy.

For me, they are so adorable!

Another “Yurio does a cute” post from me since I noticed a little thing this ep!

So, while Victor is introducing Yurio, we see this little shot of what appears to be he and his other makeshift family eating at a small dining table.

But if you really look at it, you’ll notice:

The filling isn’t the dark brown like you should normally see in a pirozhki. In fact, while not very detailed, it appears to have bits of yellow, white, and a light brownish color.

Why, it looks an awful lot like katsudon pirozhki.

Plus, Yurio is wearing something red over his shirt that looks suspiciously like an apron, and there are patches of white on his face and apron that look suspiciously like flour. Moreover, he looks so excited and proud of himself.

Which brings us to:

Excited baby Yurio loved the katsudon pirozhki his grandfather made so much that he went and learned how to make it himself because he just needed to share it with his other set of “parents”.

i’ve never shared this fact with you but now that something is happening i will:

this is oswald

he is a little shit who ate up ALONE a whole plant of mine and he grew BIG because of it. as you can see, he still is

we usually kill these caterpillars because they eat and ruin plants so yeah. 


i kept this little big fella with me. i gave him leaves to eat and made him a little home far away from the plants and flowers



Energy Book is so far my fave Lazy Town episode

It’s a fucking goldmine

  • Robbie’s french fry art
  • Robbie’s description of himself while those funky piano tunes play
  • All the eating clips of him during the song (also why is he sitting like that eating french fries is he just bored)
  • Sportanoodle
  • Robbie rides his bike across his lair because he’s too lazy to walk three metres
  • You’re hot” then snickers
  • The flipping adorable salesman outfit and the way he nearly loses his voice with excitement upon discovering it
  • Liquor stickers?!?!?!
  • he just gives away the stickers and later he is so invested in keeping the children from eating sportscandy and be lazy (someting he considers to be good) that he willingly puts himself in incredible discomfort
  • Stingy singing the “Mine song” to his exercise music
  • He kept a pillow in the trash can for the contingency of nap time
  • Robbie eating carrots
  • Chugging that whole water thing + he drinks from the same glass as Stephanie (NOT meaning it’s cute in a shipping way, it’s just cute that he either thinks it’s so important that she doesn’t drink it or that he doesn’t consider her gross or w/e)
  • he’s being blocked by Stingy and the tralley full of toys so he jumps over the fence to get to the pogo stick first
  • Ziggy is still standing in awe by the carrots when he sees him coming on the pogo stick, his following reaction
  • Spotacus’ crystal beeping (yes it does in most episodes but it didn’t for some reason in one episode and I couldn’t function for the next days)
  • well aloha” (is that what he says??)
  • struggling with the life ring after Sport lets go of the rope
  • the way Sport looks at Robbie while Stephanie talks
  • he’s so happy but still confused that Robbie was healthy
  • Robbie flinched and thought Sport was gonna throw the book at him
  • Struggling to stay awake past 8:08
  • smiles and says “Hello Sportacus” while he’s dreaming!!!!!????
One day in the Alolan Academy
  • Ash Ketchum: *eating his lunch with Pikachu outside in the schoolyard*
  • Alola Crew: *spies on him from a classroom inside*
  • Lana: So...he's the new kid from Kanto, huh?
  • Sophocles: He acts too much of a kid... A very excitable kid.
  • Mallow: I think he's kind of cute~
  • Kiawe: I wonder why Professor Kukui would invite a kid like him into our class?
  • Lillie: Hmm... Maybe if we search up his name...
  • Lillie: *googles 'ash ketchum' on her expensive fancy-aesthetic covered tablet*
  • ***Results - 'ash ketchum'***
  • ***has competed in 7 Leagues including Kanto, the Orange Islands, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova and most recently Kalos***
  • ***collected 52 badges***
  • ***Kanto - Top 16, Johto - Top 8, Hoenn - Top 8, Sinnoh - Top 4, Unova - Top 8 and THE RUNNER-UP OF THE KALOS LEAGUES. Champion of the Orange League***
  • ***completed the Battle Frontier and collected all 8 symbols***
  • ***competed in Contests and all sorts of other competitions***
  • ***documented photos of Ash in all sorts of shenanigans including battle videos screenshots, meeting Champions, Legendary Pokemons and saving an entire region from being destroyed***
  • Alola Crew: ...
  • Alola Crew: *looks back outside*
  • Ash Ketchum: *shares a piece of his lunch with a Yungoos before it bites his entire arm, runs around panicking in pain as he tried to get Yungoos off from him. Then bumps into a Bewear before being chased by it with Yungoos still attached on his arm and Pikachu panicking as well*
  • Alola Crew: ... ... ... ... ...
  • Sophocles: Is this even the same person?

supercorp headcannon: 

Lena never mentions when her birthday is (The only person who would ever celebrate it with her was Lex, but since he got locked up she kind of forgot about it), so when Kara finds out she makes a huge deal out of it with birthday pancakes and a very romantic date. However, Kara is so excited about Lena’s birthday that Lena doesn’t have the heart to tell her that her birthday was actually 3 months ago, so she goes along with it. Fast forward a couple of weeks and this secret is eating Lena alive. She feels so guilty for lying to her girlfriend that she leaves work at 3pm to go to Kara’s apartment. By the time she gets there she is a nervous wreck, so naturally Kara thinks something is seriously wrong since Lena never gets nervous, only for Lena to blurt out that she got her birthday wrong. Kara just laughs and comforts her bumbling girlfriend 

Eight years

A/N- Hey! So I’m finally finished all my exams, thank baby Jesus!! Anyway, I’ve been playing around with this for a while. And I’m excited to show this to you all. There will definitely be a part two for this. 

Hope y’all enjoy! 

Part 2 ~ Part 3 ~

Originally posted by cuteguk

You got up and did your daily routine, have a shower, eat breakfast and go to work. You loved your job. You worked really heard and it payed off, you were now the CEO’S right hand man in Kim’s industries. Seokjin your boss and close friend, was taking a step back. He was doing so in order to spend more time with his growing family. You were said cause he was a really good friend of yours, and the thought of working with someone who wasn’t him scared you. What if the new CEO didn’t like you? What if you didn’t like him? So many questions and it wasn’t even nine o’clock in the morning. 

You got in to the lift and pressed the number of the floor you worked on. There was a soft melody playing in the back ground, the doors began to close. Suddenly someone stuck there arm in between the closing doors, stopping them from closing and re-opening them. It was a man. He was a masterpiece, he looked like he just walked out of a Calvin Klein ad. He was wearing a black tailored suit, which was obvious because it fit him like a glove.His hair was jet black, swept to the side to show off his fore head. He reminded you of someone, you just couldn’t pin point it. He stopped and stared at you for a moment. You moved a side to let him in. He walked past you and leaned up against the railing. You could fell him staring at you. You felt hot under his gaze. You felt arms snake around your waist. His arms. The beautiful man holding close against his hard chest. You could stay like that forever, but who was he and why did he want to cuddle in the lift?

“E-excuse me, Sir. But I think this is really inappropriate, could you please let me go.” You were a little shaky, you didn’t know who he was. But you could stay in his arms like that forever. Was he going to offer you sex? Like you’d consider it, he was really good looking and you’d say he’d be like a god between the sheets. Y’know what sayin. He chuckled, it was like music in your ears. 

“Really, Y/N/N (Your nick name)? You don’t remember me? He rested his chin on your shoulder, he was pouting. You’d know that pout anywhere. 

“Jeon Jungkook, you’ve turned into such a man.” You turn around his arms, wrapping yours around his neck and giving him a tight squeeze. 

“Handsome, I know right?” He smirked down at you. 

“I think fucking hot. OH MY GOD! Did I just say that out loud.” You try to pull back from him, to embarrassed. But he just pulled you tighter against him, his hands trailing lower down your back. He lowered his face down to your ear, his breath tickling your neck. 

“I think your fucking hot, too.” He whispered in your ear. 

*Flash back* - 

You met Jungkook when you were eight. You became friends pretty fast, never staying a part for too long. It was when Jungkook got his girlfriend that you realised you had feelings for him. As the years went by you understood that Jungkook would never look at you in that way. But why did he have to be so big on skin ship. He may look all innocent and shy, but no, not at all. He was a clingy motherfucker. He was big into cuddling, holding hands, a lot of times his hands would slip onto your ass and he would feel it up. Not that you minded, but you never really thought anything of it, because he was also always touching Jimins ass too. But it’s glories so who wouldn’t. 

The last time you saw Jungkook was at the end of year party, at graduation. He told you he was going to get both of you drinks and to stay right there. When it was hour later and he still wasn’t back, you went to look for him. He was basically fucking the girl that you hated most in the world, she called you nasty names and told you that you would never be good enough for the likes of jungkook. What a bitch. She was the definition of bitch. But your 17 year old little heart broke at the sight, and you ran away. The next day Jungkook texted you, but you didn’t reply. He called, you didn’t answer. He saw you walking down the street home, but you walked faster and pretended not to hear him. Jungkook was a great friend, but you could no longer hold it in. You had to let him go, even if that meant your friendship was ruined. It had to stop. 

*End of flash back*-  

“So how have you been?” He asked. You were relived he wasn’t bringing up the past. 

“I’m good, you?” He smirked, leaning down to your ear again. Does he know what hes doing to you right now? 

“I’m great, now that I’ve seen you.” He whispers. Your breathing hitched in your throat. He smirked…. little cunt. The lift opens, you pull apart from him. 

“It was good seeing you, Kook!” The old nickname rolling off your tongue with ease. He smiled bright, you missed it. 

“Oh, I think you’ll be seeing a lot more of me.” He leans back against the railing, smirking. The doors slowly close. 

You get to your office and sit back in your chair with a sigh of relief. Why did he have to be so good looking. Your heart was pounding and that was eight years ago that you were in love with him. You can’t still have those feelings, right? Right. 

A knock came to your door, and in pops Seokjins old assistant. 

“Miss Y/N, the new CEO is here. There will be a meeting in five minutes up stairs, in the conference room.” She informs you. 

“Okay, thank you.” You sigh taking off your coat and making your way to the board room. You take your seat next to your friend Namjoon. You chat to him till the meeting starts. You were anxious to see whom the new CEO will be. The man you’ll be spending a lot of time with. 

“All right everyone, settle down.” The room comes to silence, the door opens. Your looking at your schedule for today. Someone clears there throat. You look up. 

“Good morning, I’m Jeon Jungkook, the new CEO of Kim industries.” Your gobsmacked. No fucking way. This can’t be happening! He can’t be the new CEO. The meeting starts and everyone is in awe with Jungkook. Where as you are counting down the seconds till you can leave. And you thought work was a great place to be…. 

When the meeting finally ends, you  practically run back to your office. You want to try. You lay your head on your desk. You heard a faint knock at your door. “Come in.” You shout, not lifting your head from the table.

“Wow, your office has a great view!” You shut your eyes tight hearing his voice. He was no where for eight years, when you longed for him. And now he’s everywhere. You straighten yourself up. 

“Is there something I can help you with, Mr Jeon?” His smile fades at your words. 

“Y/N, you don’t have be so formal with me. We used to be so close.” He smiles taking a seat in front of you. 

“That’s true, but I’d rather if we kept this a professional relationship.” You give him a light smile. 

“And we will. But before that, I want you to answer a few questions for me.” Your heart starts to pound. Why is this happening to you? Why did the world hate you? 

“Okay.. go ahead.” You play with your fingers, a nervous habit. Jungkook smirks at it. 

“Why did you stop talking to me eight years ago?” You sigh. 

“Do you want the truth or the easy white lie?” 

“The truth would be preferred.” You take a deep breath. 

“Okay, well.. I was in love with you.” You laugh. “I am, I saw you making out with that fucking cunt that I hated, and it broke my heart. I didn’t want to put myself through pretending that I was okay with it, when I obviously wasn’t. So when you called and text I ignored them, and eventually you stopped. I never wanted you to know, so I stopped talking to you.” You sigh, it was nice getting that out after all those years. 

“Did the boys know?” You finally meet his gaze. 

“Just Yoongi and Jimin.” 

“Why didn’t you tell me? Things could of been different.” He states. 

“I told you I didn’t want you to know. I was afraid it would ruin our friendship, with my one sided love.” You giggle. “It did anyway.” You laugh again, not really knowing why. 

“Y/N, things would have been, could be different, because I-” Jungkook sentence gets cut short as your assistant comes in. 

“Miss Y/N, Mr Lee is here.” You sigh. 

“Already?” You get up smoothing out your skirt. “I’m sorry, Mr Jeon. But I have work to do.” You grab Mr Lee’s file and leave Jungkook in your office. 

“I love you, too.” Jungkook sighs. 

A/N- So message me if you want a part two. I’m quite happy with this. Hope you all enjoyed. Thank you from reading and for reaching 200 followers!! I love you all, thank you xx 

-Admin Abe x 

Haikyuu Characters Falling

Hinata/Kageyama - The two are racing to practice and Hinata trips over a crack in the cement and and rolls into a tree, knocking an apple loose from its branch, and it falls onto the tiny crow’s head. Kageyama stops and looks back before bursting out laughing and then promptly gets a shoe thrown at his face.
Daichi/Suga - Suga trips over the last step of the staircase and gracefully descends towards the ground, only to be caught princess-style by Daichi at the bottom. The scene is so sweet that everyone within 15 feet of them now have cavities.
Asahi/Noya - Noya is excited and running way to fast for Asahi to keep up with him. He trips over his own foot and completely eats shit, scraping up his knees, elbows, and cheeks. Asahi frantically runs to his aid asking if he’s alright, to which Noya gives him a thumbs up with his face still in the ground. Asahi begins putting hello kitty band aids all over Noya’s booboos.
Tanaka/Ennoshita - Ennoshita falls and Tanaka asks if he needs help up or plans to stay there for the rest of the season instead of playing volleyball.
Tsukki/Yams - Yams trips while trying to step over a ladybug on the sidewalk and stumbles into Tsukki who grabs onto him before he can fall. Once Yams is stable, he apologizes to Tsukki who is bent down, and Yams sees that he’s moving the ladybug onto a flower safe from harm.
Iwa/Oikawa - Oikawa trips over a curb and cries out for Iwa’s help, but is met instead with a shit-eating smirk from his best friend, who side steps him so Oikawa can’t grab onto his arm. Oikawa hits the ground and hangs his head in shame while cackles from Iwa-chan can be heard all the way around the block. Still looking down out of embarrassment, Oikawa sees a hand held out for him and he takes it. But when he looks up, he sees that the hand does not belong to Iwa, but Ushijima who’s now telling him he should have come to Shiratorizawa.
Makki/Mattsun - “I’VE MCFALLEN!!”
Kyoutani/Yahaba - While cleaning up after practice Yahaba trips over a mop and falls to the ground. Kyoutani from across the court runs to his side, but instead of helping him up, grabs the mop out of Watari’s hands and breaks it in half with his teeth.
Yaku/Lev - Lev is climbing a tree and Yaku orders him to get down before he hurts himself. Lev reassures him that he’s done this countless times and he’s basically a pro before loosing his balance and tumbling down through the tree limbs and landing on his butt by Yaku’s side. Yaku immediately asks if he’s okay, to which Lev replies, “Yaku, now I know what is like down at your height!"      He’s dead now.
Kuroo/Kenma - Distracted by his game, Kenma trips and he loses his grip on the gaming system. The batteries fly out and Kenma scrambles to collect them, praying that his game auto saved, all the while not realizing his knees are bleeding. Kuroo scoops him up into a princess hold and comforts the crying child who just remembered that he didn’t make it to the last checkpoint.
Akaashi/Bokuto - Bokuto’s Akaashi-senses are tingling when he looks over just in time to see his beautiful setter loose his balance over a stray volleyball on the court. Knowing he wont be fast enough to save him, he has the brilliant idea of pushing the volleyball cart behind him so he can catch himself from falling. But he’s too slow and Akaashi falls onto his back and the volleyball cart runs him over then falls on top of him, knocking him out. Bokuto looks around to see if anyone saw him, turns and whistles inconspicuously as he flees the scene.

Viktor things I personally appreciate
  • His winking
  • His Makkachin merch. Fucken goals.
  • When he gets more professional because he’s so focused on the performance and then he starts talking really fast
  • So enthusiastic he lets 6 year old triplets organize an event without even really thinking about it
  • Wanted to pose nude in the hot springs to take pictures for IG
  • “Wow!”
  • Realizing he isn’t Yakov and sometimes it’s okay to praise a performance he finds less than stellar because Yuuri deserves it
  • Actually caring about Yuuri and letting him come out of his shell on his own time, as well as letting him know when he’s done something wrong while giving him the choice to fix it (and being proud when he does)
  • He’s clearly a foodie and he’s so excited about eating everything
  • “woof woof!”
  • He’s so worried about looking older yet his hair is silver
  • Fucking with Yuuri in a playful way
  • “Hii!!”
  • Silly forgetful tourism ambassador fashionista diva star figure skater of my heart

reasons to go for jumin’s route! (deep route!)

  • his calls are mostly about how he misses you!!
  • he just wants you to stay by his side
  • he thinks you’re cute when you’re on your phone!!
  • wants to shower you with so much love and affection!
  • things get a little r18 sometimes bUT YES PLS *screams*
  • he calls you “my love”, “my princess”, and “my angel.”
  • is jealous when you talk to someone else in the chatroom *idk man that is cute*
  • according to him, if you were a cat, he would have brought you home immediately
  • is worried that you won’t eat proper meals just because he isn’t there with you
  • he loves Elizabeth 3rd as much as he loves you!!
  • he can’t imagine a life without you *CRIES*
  • was actually dying to kiss you the first time he saw you (AAAAAaaaAAaahH)


Thanks to breathe-in-spiration for the constant heads up on the goodies! Once again head over to the talented emiken18 and give her your thanks! (It’s so friggin cute)

Translations under cut!

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RFA reacts to MC planning a surprise picnic for Valentine's day with food she made

Thank you for your request and i hope you like it!


  • It’s Valentine’s Day and you said you had a surprise for him in the park…
  • He’s already excited!
  • It’s his first Valentine’s Day with someone…He is nervous, but he also has sure that this will be awesome!
  • When you reveal to him what is the surprise, his jaw dropped!
  • You made that??! WOW!
  • Looks so good!
  • He’ll eat this food so quickly because for him this is too delicious!
  • But he’ll feel bad that he ate too fast so this date will have to end sooner 
  • But when you reassure him that this is ok, he smiles, so relieved…
  • Your attitude in doing all these things…This beautiful picnic makes him be so emotional…
  • He’ll not sleep this night because he’ll keep playing the memories of this date in his head!
  • He’ll definitely some good breakfast for you tomorrow, with a lot of love!


  • Really MC?
  • A surprise picnic? Romantic.
  • Did you make the food? Romantic!
  • Wow, this is so perfect, why he didn’t have this idea!
  • Well, he actually knows how to cook, but your food tastes delightful!
  • And he’ll try to feed you, every time…this is getting annoying, but you know, romance!
  • He just finds this like a fairy tale, you and him, in nature, eating a good meal, with the wind blowing in your hair!
  • We need to take a selfie!
  • He takes so many selfies that the food is already cold when he’s going to eat it.
  • -_-
  • After all, he loved this surprise, it was what he wanted, a romantic Valentine’s Day.
  • Well, now is your turn to see what he has prepared for you!


  • When she saw what you planned, she gives you a genuine smile.
  • This is such a good idea MC!
  • And she really keeps complimenting your food with so many cute compliments, you just can’t stop smiling!
  • That was so simple, but it was so good.
  • You two spend the evening just eating some casual food, looking around and talking.
  • Looks boring, but it was pretty good.
  • You never saw Jaehee smiling and laughing that much, this really made you feel so happy about all that.
  • She knows this was a surprise for Valentine’s Day and everything…But she really wants to do this again, you know?
  • You make something, she makes something…Everything will be perfect!
  • It will be a pleasant time, like always.


  • He didn’t want to come here, but is Valentine’s Day and you said you had a surprise for him
  • What is surprising? He doesn’t know, but he sure want to
  • When you said it was a picnic, he thought this was too simple for this date
  • But before he could even say something you said that you prepared that food, he made sure to shut the hell up about it
  • When he starts to eat it…He almost doesn’t believe that you prepared that, something !it was too good!
  • When he asked what was your secret you just replied with “love”
  • That made him think…And then he realizes he has been a jerk all this time.
  • It doesn’t matter if is big or small, simple or not, the feelings…The meaning matters.
  • And you made this with so much love that not even the best chefs could so something so delightful 
  • He smiles so much that evening, he didn’t even look like that important and serious man called Jumin Han.
  • He sure wants to do this again, he can even something!
  • Oh, and can Elizabeth come or this is a bad idea?


  • You finally manage to make him leave that bunker for this one fucking day.
  • He’s just a dork running through the park, you would be embarrassed if you weren’t already familiar with his way.
  • When you reveal to him the surprise, he just gave you a big smile!
  • He already knew it, he watched over you, but he’ll lie and make sure you think he’s really surprised!
  • But happy? Happy he definitely is!
  • “Woow, you made real food for me? That was a miss steak”
  • Yes, he keeps making you laugh only when you have your mouth full of food.
  • After that, he’ll talk to you, finally being romantic, talking about the sky, until he gets even close to you, putting one hand on your cheek
  • “You know MC…” He got even closer, looking deep into your eyes, “I think we make a nice pear…”
  • You get out a little mad and he is just laughing his ass off
  • “IT’S NACHO YOUR PROBLEM” You yelled while walking
  • He just opens his mouth “…I love this woman…WAIT FOR ME!”
on parenthood and stories

This month, my kid turned four. Today, he went to his first full day of childcare/preschool, and had a wonderful time - he’s still working on learning to share, but he was excited when we dropped him off and excited when we picked him up, and apparently made such good friends with another boy that the teacher assumed they already knew each other, so I’m calling it a win. Tonight at dinner, while I talked him through eating his fish, he gave me a thumbs up to show he understood, and when I returned it, he grinned and held up his hand for a high five. I gave him one, and he exclaimed, “Yay teamwork!”

“That’s a new one,” my husband said. “I wonder where he got that from?”

“No idea,” I said. “But it’s pretty cute.” 

Years ago now, I was at a fairly dreadful academic dinner where I ended up being seated across from a woman I’d never met before, whose son had just started primary school. In the course of our conversation, I made what felt to me a fairly benign - not to say obvious - remark about how starting school means getting a life outside your parents; how, for the first time, they’re put in the position of having to ask you how your day was, instead of having been there for all of it or able to ask another adult for a summary, and how it’s the point where you really start to develop your own independence and private inner life. The woman went ramrod-straight and said, affronted and defensive, “My son tells me everything. I know everything about him.” 

At the time, it was one small uncomfortable moment in what went on to be a grossly uncomfortable evening for a variety of reasons (but that’s a different story). But it came back to me today when I realised that, even though my kid has technically just reached that point, in a way, he’s already been making progress towards it - not physically, in terms of being out of my sight for hours at a time, but narratively, in terms of the stories he consumes. For a while now, he’s had a hand-me-down iPad with Netflix on it (set to the kids section, obviously), which means he’s been able to choose the shows he watches without reference to our immediate judgement. And he has always, since he first figured out how to operate a touchscreen, demonstrated the ability to learn from what he watches without our direct guidance.

When he first started identifying numbers and shapes, my husband and I were startled, because we’d started by teaching him letters - then we saw he’d fallen in love with an educational kids’ show called Team Umizoomi, which focused exclusively on shapes and numbers. I watched a few episodes with him so I could talk to him about the characters, and quickly realised he was incorporating their names into his play and trying to narrate their adventures to me when he told me about his day. Since then, I’ve always tried to pay attention to what he watches and to discuss it with him: it helps that I have a good memory for character names and theme songs, so that even if I only catch a few minutes here or there, I can usually tell what he’s talking about or figure out how to ask for clarification.

One of his favourite shows is Daniel Tiger’s Neighbourhood, a cartoon continuation of the legacy of Mr Rogers. The first time I saw it, my adult cynicism had me rolling my eyes, but I cut that right the fuck out the first time my kid started singing the songs he’d learned from it and applying them in (roughly) the right emotional context. There’s a song on the show which has a verse that says “I like you / I like you / just the way you are,” but in my son’s rendition, it becomes, “Love you / for everything you do.” He sings it now as a call and answer: he sings it to me or his dad when he’s happy, and we sing it back to him. Recently he learned a new one about “when something goes bad / turn it around / and find something good,” and sings it whenever he thinks one of us is getting sad or upset - and it works, not least because it’s really goddamn adorable. 

So when he did the “Yay teamwork!” high five at dinner tonight, I realised I didn’t know if it was something he’d picked up from school or from a new TV show, and realised also that it didn’t really matter. It’s strange to think of him spending multiple full days a week with other people, but it’s also really exciting: not just to see how his independence develops (and to hope he gets better at sharing - the consequence of being an only child with few small friends is that he’s never really had to play cooperatively if he doesn’t want to), but because it means now that we get to hear about what he’s been doing in his own words. It means we can ask him questions about his day to which we don’t already know the answer, and invariably there’s going to come a point where he keeps more back than he tells us, because part of growing up is developing your own sense of emotional privacy, but as a writer, the significance of the fact that his first steps into independence were facilitated through narrative isn’t lost on me. Which is why stories matter; why they’ve always mattered. And why being parent - for all that it’s hella confusing and stressful a lot of the time - can also be really weirdly satisfying. 

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part: 1/2

warning: angst and smut 

word count:3415

author: admin Jazzi 

Hoseok was easy to date. He made every day life exciting and romantic. He would invite you to the practice room or the studio, if he was working long hours and didn’t see you all day. He always called you to let to make sure you were eating well, even when he was away.

So when things suddenly changed it was really out of nowhere. Hobi suddenly didn’t call you at all, nor did he look excited to see you. If you tried to surprise him at work, he’d tell you to leave.

It was like he was forcing himself to stay with you. But you just couldn’t understand why he started being this way in the first place. It went on for a month before you decided confronting him would be best. He was being cold towards you, and you needed to know why. You couldn’t even remember the last time he said he’d loved you. You couldn’t take it anymore.

You asked him to meet you for dinner. You hadn’t been out together in, and you thought he was going to turn you down, again. It was like he didn’t want to spend any time with you at all.

As you sat across from him, your heart was broken into a million pieces. He wouldn’t even look up at you. He didn’t even try to talk to you. When you tried to speak he wouldn’t respond.

“Hoseok what’s wrong?” You asked him. Again there was silence. He didn’t even look up at you. He was ignoring you, with a cold expressed.

“Let’s break up then.” You said softly, putting down your fork and standing up.

You walked out that day and he didn’t even try to stop you.

You were so angry and you wanted to cry. You and Hoseok had been together for a year and the last month of it was hell for you. You didn’t know what prompted him to act this way.

Three weeks later you found out that you were pregnant and You nearly lost your mind. Everything came at out so quickly, it was hard for you to think properly. You wanted to tell Hoseok but he wouldn’t answer your calls or texts. You told him it was important and he still left you on read.

You were forced to do it on your own. You made the decision to keep your baby. You couldn’t stand Hoseok now, you had no love from him in your heart, because he obviously had none for you. He stopped caring before the night you broke up. He didn’t want anything to do with you and you came to accept that.  It hurt at a lot in the beginning but you came to accept it. You didn’t want to be sad all the time. It wasn’t good for your health or your baby’s  health.

You accepted that your life wasn’t about you and it was about being a mom.

When you saw your little girl, your heart was filled with sunshine. You named her Avery.

She was beautiful with curly black hair, light brown skin and cute little dimples just like Hoseok’s. She also had his eyes. She may have had your skin color but she looked just like Hobi and it was honestly precious.

She was a handful though, she wouldn’t sleep at night unless you played rap music, mostly J.Cole. She was the funniest new born on earth. The little queen of facial expressions. She was the love of your life.

Since it was just the two of you, even though things were difficult, you worked hard to provide for her. You didn’t have time to think about Hoseok’s absence in your lives. You worked all day at came home just in time to give her a bath and put her to bed. By her fifth birthday you decided to take her back to Korea. You wanted her to experience school life there.

You could afford to send her to a good school. It brought you joy to you to see her smiling and in awe when she got on the plane. You loved hearing her questions about the new place she’d be living in. She was bright, smart and very talkative. Listening to her describe things were vivid and adorable.

You wanted to take her all around Korea, just like you’d done your country.

Honestly, Avery was your best friend. She made every day joyful with her smiles, and you were even grateful for her tantrums.  Because she was being a kid. Watching her grow was your greatest joy. Avery made you incredibly happy.

Avery loves parks so the first place you took her when you landed and settled in, was the park. A nice walk made her happy. You held her in your arms, watching her beautiful smiling face.

“A birdie, mommy!!” She giggled at a pigeon. You nodded, “Yep ave that’s a bird.” You giggled kissing her cheeks.

“mommy?” You heard from behind you.

You turned to see SeokJin, Taehyung, and Hoseok.

You turned Avery so she couldn’t look at them and nodded in response.

“Hi guys!” You forced a smile. You didn’t look in Hoseok’s direction. You hadn’t seen him since your break up. Even though years had passed and you got used to seeing him on tv, you didn’t want to face him in person. It especially hurt knowing that Avery was so close to her father and didn’t know it.

“How old is she, Y/N?” Tae and Jin asked as they crowded around you trying to get a peek at her face. Just like the sunshine she was, she feed on the attention. She reached for Tae with a smile.

“She turned five today” you said softly as you let Tae hold her.

She immediately took to him. He was so good with kids it was crazy. They always loved him as soon as they met him. He was great around them.

“What’s her name?” Tae asked excitedly as he walked holding her in his arms. You found yourself walking with them. Tae and Jin kept the distance between you and Hoseok. Hoseok didn’t speak and it was obviously awkward between you.

“How long have you been back in Korea?” Jin asked you, he was always really sweet and comforting. You made friends with him easily when you and Hoseok began dating.

You regretted not telling him that you were leaving; but when you decided to leave, you also decided not to rely on Hoseok. You didn’t need him to raise Avery, so he didn’t need to know about her being his.

“I got here a few weeks ago. I thought it would be good for Avery to go to a Korean school, since she’s already experienced American kindergarten.” You found yourself explaining to Jin ( Taehyung and  Hoseok ) your plan to expose Avery to her other culture.

“So her father is Korean?” Jin spat out.

You softly nodded, wondering if you had said too much.

Your eyes trailed over to Hoseok. He wasn’t looking your way; but Jin and Taehyung were staring right at you.

It looked like Jin was about to ask you something, something you probably couldn’t answer.

You quickly grabbed Avery from Tae. Even though she begged to go back to him you made up an excuse to leave. Of course it wasn’t very believable, but it got you out; But not without a curious Jin following you.

He called your name and it was hard to pretend you didn’t hear him, with Avery reaching for him.

“Y/N? Hey I’m calling you. “Jin said as he grabbed your arm.

“Oppa, please don’t ask questions about Avery, okay?” You looked at him desperately.

Jin knew you well, he was able to figure out when you had a secret, and he had probably done the math.

You never got things past him and this certainly wasn’t one you’d pull over his eyes.

He looked at you, as if he didn’t know what to do.

You didn’t know what to do either. Everything felt so rushed. You knew that you wouldn’t be avoid Hoseok’s existence; but you didn’t expect to meet him, or meet him with Avery right in your arms.

It angered you that he didn’t figure things out as fast as SeokJin did. You spent a year with him, he was your first everything.  

You were trying your best to get over him completely and it was hard enough living with Avery, his spitting image.

Jin let you go, without any other questions, only making you promise to meet him for dinner.

Later that night you find yourself remembering your first time with Hoseok.

You and Hoseok always met up at his dorm (since he wasn’t allowed to date). For the month since you’d started dating you spent the night with him nearly every weekend. He’d trick you into watching movies all night and he wouldn’t let you go home, because he wouldn’t let you walk home.

One night, after a Disney movie binge, he cuddled you in his bed. The rest of the boys were away or sleeping.

You actually made the first move. You’d told him you’d surprise him when you felt you were ready. You rolled around onto his lap, looking down at his bright smile. He seemed to find it cute that you were being forward and spontaneous.

He lightly caressed your sides, “Are you sure, baby girl?” He asked you, the excited look never left his face though. He sat up carefully, wrapping his arms around your waist, squeezing you lightly.

He carefully laid you down onto your back. His eyes carefully studying your body, as his hands explored it.

He leaned in, gently kissing your neck. He left soft kisses up and down your neck, a soft moan escaped your lips. He pressed himself against you, and you could feel his erection through his shorts.

“Tell me if I hurt you, baby.” He whispered into your ear. His voice was low, but soft. He slipped of your shorts and panties in one quick movement. You looked over and watched them hit the ground. Your lower half was completely exposed to him. His eyes were lustful and he was biting down on his lip, as he ground himself against you. A louder moan fell from your lips. You felt the warmth pooling at your core. Suddenly, Hoseok began rubbing circles against your clit. With his other hand he grabbed a condom, from the nightstand.

You pulled up his shirt, leaning up and gently kissing his chest. He let out a low groan, as your ran your hands down his body and over the bulge in his shorts.

You took the condom from between his lips, as you pulled down his shorts.

You really didn’t want to wait any longer. You carefully helped him slip it on. You could feel the soft pulse of his member in your hand.

Hoseok buried his face in your neck as aligned himself with your entrance. You quickly gripped the sheets, bracing yourself for what was to come. He rubbed himself between your folds, his free hand gripping your ass. You let out a soft gasp as he pressed the tip inside you. He slowly guided his length inside you, being careful to give you time to adjust.

He slowly started moving his hips, with long thrusts deep inside you. You gripped the sheets tightly, the slight pain was quickly flooded by pleasure, as he rubbed your clit. His thumb rubbing a circular motion on your sensitive area.

You moaned out his name, your eyes shutting tightly. He gradually picked up speed. You wanted to scream his name as he started thrusting harder inside you; but you remembered the sleeping boys.

You felt yourself clenching around him, as you neared your climax. Hoseok moaned out a string of profanities, he thrusts became harder. He was gripping your hips tightly as he pounded into you. Your back arched off the bed and your nails into his arm. Hoseok moaned your name into your skin.

Hoseok, hungrily, kissed up and down your neck. You felt your climax suddenly, your eyes rolled back and your toes curled. Your body shook from the pleasure, your legs suddenly feeling weak.

Hoseok soon followed your climax, filling up the condom.

He carefully slipped himself from inside of you. He threw the condom away and he pulled on his shorts. He re-dressed. For the rest of the night he showered you with kisses and praises. Neither of you could sleep. Just being next to each other after that made you excited. You spent the night in a mixture of giggle fits and more rounds of sex.

Tears formed in your eyes thinking about that night.  Hoseok told you he loved you so many times that night.

You still loved him,even after the time that passed; But something happened and he didn’t feel the same, if he ever did.

You were snatched from your day dreaming by the sound of Avery calling for you. She often had bad dreams. She wouldn’t be able to sleep for the rest of the night.

You usually say up and watched a Disney movie. Her favorite was ‘The Princess and The frog’

The next night you left Avery with Taehyung while you went to dinner with Jin. You honestly worried about what Jin would say to you. You wondered what he would tell you.

He was quiet for a bit, mostly stuffing food into his mouth. Then he suddenly blurted out.

“Is Hoseok your baby’s father?”

You stuffed your face, obviously ignoring his question.

He didn’t let it go, not even a little. He asked you again at least six time sighing 10 minutes.

“Yes! He is, now can you stop asking me questions it’s ruining my appetite.” You stuffed your face with more food.

“Y/N? You should tell Hoseok.” He said.

You looked down at your food. “I’m not telling him anything. Avery is none of his business.” You told him.

“How is she none of my business?” You heard from behind you. You didn’t bother looking back; because you knew Hoseok’s voice.

He walked into your view, staring down at you. “How is she none of my business if you say she’s mine?” He asked you.

You glared up at him. The first time he’s spoken to you in years and he’s scolding you instead of apologizing for the way things ended.

You stood up, “I’m raising her. If you answered my phone calls instead of just leaving me with no explanation maybe things would be different. But instead you chose to treat me like crap and ignore me. “

You tried to keep your voice calm since you were in public.

“It wasn’t like that Y/N the company told me to break up with you.” He finally admitted.

You stared at him, it finally came out.

“So you dropped me for your career without even letting me know, fuck you Hoseok.” You said as you gathered your purse.

You knew he wouldn’t come after you. There were too many people around and he wouldn’t cause a scene.

The cab ride home was difficult. You tried to hold back your tears but they fell anyways.

You would never want him to choose you over his career. It wasn’t important to you that he lived his dream; but he chose to break your heart, like you wouldn’t understand him.

A year of dating and he didn’t know you any better, and he decided to tell you as if that would make your current situation any better.

You got yourself together when you got to your door. Walking into your house, everything seemed peaceful. It was unusual, since this was the time of night Avery would be up crying because of her nightmares.

The light of the tv glowed from the living room. You made your way inside to see Taehyung and Avery , peacefully, sleeping on the couch.

You smiled softly, she seemed to be having a peaceful and happy dream. You carefully picked her up and took her to bed, tucking her in warmly.

Since he was still sleeping you carefully placed a blanket over Taehyung.

You looked over his face. He hadn’t changed much in five years. He still slept with his mouth open and his personality was still bright.

“Y/N? How’d dinner go?” You heard Tae ask. He held onto your hand.

“Hoseok showed up,he found out that Avery was his.” You placed your chin on your hands, forcing a smile.

“How did he respond?” He asked. You sighed deeply sitting down completely on the floor.

“It doesn’t really matter. He may have helped me create her but Avery is my daughter.” You told him.

Taehyung stared at you for a while. He seemed to be thinking about something deeply.

“Avery needs a dad.” He said

You chuckled softly. “Hoseok won’t do anything that might hurt his career. He wouldn’t suddenly say he has a five year old child. She needs a dad that wants to be with her in public

He hesitated for just a moment, probably unsure as of how you’d respond.

Your eyes widened as he said  “I’ll do it.”

You were too shocked to say anything. “Tae…”

“I’m not asking your for a relationship, or to marry me Y/N. Just let me share Avery. Let me be her dad. I’m willing to risk it if she can grow up happy.” A pure smile across his face as he continued explaining how he thought about it well, and he thought it would be a great idea.

“You won’t need to worry about her growing up without her dad. You said it yourself Hoseok won’t say she is his.” He sat up, staring into your eyes as you thought it over.

You didn’t think Hoseok would be public with her, and if you told her he was her dad, would that help anything, if he’d hide her?  

“Deal.” You looked up at him.

“Let’s give Avery an amazing childhood.” He smiled brightly.

After a long talk, mostly about what to expect from fans, and how you’d raise her, you settled into bed.

Your thoughts couldn’t leave Hoseok though. As if you weren’t heart broken still, he came back in and crushed it into a thousand pieces.

Your face became wet with tears once more.

You didn’t hold back, forgetting Tae was even around, you let out your cry.

Your head under the blankets you cursed yourself for letting him hear you say that, You cursed Jin for not telling you he was behind you cursed Hoseok for breaking your heart.

“Aigoo, you’re going to wake Avery.” You felt Taehyung slip into the bed and under the blankets.

“I’m…okay.” You said between sniffs.

“it’s okay to cry, just don’t do it alone.” He said wrapping his arms around you. You relaxed into his arms.

“Alright let it out so we can go to sleep. We have a big day in the morning. I wanna take Avery to the amusement park.” He said.

You laughed through your tears, “Tae she’s too young for that.”

He chuckled, “ I guess I’m getting too excited huh?”

You both laughed at him.

He told you tons of things he wanted to do with Avery, and then you took out the things she was too young to do. He agreed to just take her to the playground whenever he could, as a start.

You felt better after laughing at Taehyung, so you soon fell asleep. Only to be awakened by the sound of knocking and the doorbell.

You carefully slipped away from Tae, stopping to check on Avery, then opening the door.

Hoseok stood in front of you, stared at for him for a moment. He was silent for a while before handing you an envelope.

“What’s this?” You asked as you opened it. The envelope was filled with money.

“A baby isn’t a secret I can reveal. Can’t you go back?” He said, “you told me it was none of my business, then-”

The envelope was snatched out of your hand. You looked to see Taehyung glaring at Hoseok.

A tension filled silence, came over the three of you, before Taehyung said “You’re right, hyung, she did say it’s none of your business. So don’t worry about either of them anymore. They’re my business now.”

a/n hi everyone! thank you for the support and for the requests. I hope you enjoy reading this! This one was longer than what I usually write so I made it into a series. I hope you all can enjoy it 💓 Admin Jazzi 🥔