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Steven Universe Podcast Episode 10

I haven’t done outline posts for other SU podcasts, but I’ve listened to them all and loved them. I just figured I’d go ahead and give my summary and favorite bits list because I just listened to the podcast and it’s fresh in my mind.

Thanks to McKenzie for doing such a cute and fun job with these. :) I love you @pearl-likes-pi !

The episode:

The Sugar siblings discuss their childhood stories that ended up in the show as well as answering fan questions, and Rebecca Sugar plays the song “Escapism” on ukulele–an unreleased song from an upcoming episode.

Highlights from the childhood stories:

  • Steven Sugar’s comic “Nightmare in Birdland” was written in a day–Rebecca was so surprised that Steven could do comics so fast when she agonizes over comics. He chose birds as his subject specifically because he didn’t know how to draw birds, which taught Rebecca that she could build a project around doing something she didn’t know how to do.

  • Steven’s TV is on the floor on the show because the Sugar siblings had their TV on the floor so they could play video games while hanging out and drawing.

  • The video games in Steven’s room are confirmed to be Wind Waker and Animal Crossing. (They were playing New Leaf at the time and Steven’s town was named Donut. Rebecca’s was called Slowdown.)

  • “Rose’s Scabbard’s” ending, with Steven doing nice things like magic tricks to cheer Pearl up, was based on Steven Sugar doing things Rebecca would like to cheer her up when they were younger.

Highlights from the Q&A:

  • When asked what Diamond she would follow if she were a Gem, Rebecca said she’d probably follow Blue because blue Gems are diplomats and intellectuals, but she’d probably actually be in Pink’s court. (She can’t say more without spoilers.)

  • Rebecca’s crappy Toyota Corolla morphed into the Dondai from “Last One Out of Beach City.”

  • The protagonists’ Gem placements are very calculated. Pearl being in her head all the time inspired a head Gem, Amethyst speaking from the heart suggested a chest Gem, and Garnet being hands-on and balanced meant she should have her Gems in her hands.

  • Amethyst’s favorite soda is the apple soda Apple Sidra. (She would hate Guacola though.)

  • Fluorite is inspired by the caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland and Grandmother Willow in Pocahontas.

  • Pearl’s favorite color is pink. Of course.

  • Rebecca used to be a vegetarian and loved eating pineapple and jalapeño pizza.

  • Rebecca confirms that some of the Crew did not go to art school, and she recommends doing LOTS of your own work.

  • Rebecca says they actually LOVE square pizza (from Ledo’s!) and doesn’t know why Steven has a problem with that shape. She thinks Paul Villeco came up with that.

  • Rebecca’s favorite One Piece character is Usopp because he’s insecure.

  • Pumpkin does not need to eat, but does sleep.

  • Sardonyx is a little like Psycho Mantis from Metal Gear in that she can transcend reality (like Garnet seeing possible futures), which is why she can break the fourth wall.

  • The idea that Garnet’s visor changes to be balanced more between pink or blue based on whether Ruby or Sapphire is influencing Garnet more? It’s not true at all. She’s not being piloted by two people–she’s her own person, though she does have internal conversations of course.

  • Yes, the Zircons are okay but in trouble.

  • There might not really be superheroes in Steven’s world because of the ancient Gem invasion.

  • The Zircons have monocles because of the iconic monocles associated with the lesbian nightclub called Le Monocle. The Zircons were inspired by Film Film Film, Jughead, and the jesters from What’s the Truth about Mother Goose.

  • Unfamiliar Familiar is confirmed to reference His Dark Materials. Rebecca says the series blew her mind as a kid.

  • One-eyed Gems might have depth perception issues, but their Gem placement in the eye may indicate enhanced vision actually.

  • The Fusions that currently exist as Fusions COULD actually exist as one-Gem Gems–meaning you could maybe find a single-Gem Sugilite or Opal or whatever, occurring without being a Fusion. Rebecca confirms they would look different from the Fusion version, but says there could absolutely be a one-Gem Garnet.

  • Rebecca would love to have a crossover with OK KO. She had a concept of sort of fusing the characters together.

The song: Debut of “Escapism.”

Rebecca played ukulele for this upcoming show song.

I transcribed the lyrics and I hope I got them right:

I guess I’ll have to face

That in this awful place

I shouldn’t show a trace of doubt

But pulled against the grain

I feel a little pain

that I would rather do without.

I’d rather be free, free, free.

I’d rather be free, free, free.

Free, free, free from here.

(She of course does not disclose which character sings it or in what episode. Musically, it reminds me a little of “Everything Stays” from Adventure Time.)

The day Kun is officially announced in a NCT unit is the day I’m dropping to the ground and crying for hours :’)

[BTS REACTIONS] : You're being submissive in front of the other members.

📌 BTS reacting to you acting submissive/overly affectionate in front of the other members.

Kim Namjoon
*Namjoon wouldn’t know how to react in all honesty. Half of him is embarrassed and wants you to stop because the members are around but the other half sees how cute and needy you are when you’re being submissive and the dominant side of him can’t help but to show.*

“Daddy, I’m sleepy..” You chin was resting on his knee as you were kneeled in front of him on the couch.

Despite the stares at what you had just called Namjoon, he melted at the sight of your eyes as they looked at him: so sleepy and needy. He reached over and started to massage your scalp soon finding you fast asleep at the end of the movie.

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Kim Seokjin
He’d be annoyed more than anything else because he likes to keep those kinds of things in private. He’d pull you to the side and scold you like the mom he is.

Why would you do that in front of all the members?! You should be embarrassed-!

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Min Yoongi
He would be slightly surprised that of all times you could be submissive, you chose in front of the other members. Ultimately, he wouldn’t care but you definitely got in trouble later though.

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Jung Hoseok
He wouldn’t be embarrassed but definitely surprised at your behavior. The other members would harmlessly tease you both but Hoseok wouldn’t care, he thinks you’re adorable.

My baby is so cute!

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Park Jimin
Embrassed but he can’t help but to think you’re adorable like this*
Babe, the boys are going to tease us now.

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Kim Taehyung
Taehyung turned his attention towards you when he felt you bring his large and warm hand up to your cheek and nuzzle your face into it. You soon began to leave soft and tiny kisses on each of his fingertips. He wouldn’t mind though, he would see it as more as a display of affection rather than you being submissive because you could have done something more extreme.*

You’re so cute, baby..“ Taehyung cooed at you while doing his famous box smile. The others thought it was oddly endearing but it was definitely some ammo to tease you guys about later.

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Jeon Jungkook
*Watching you with widened eyes and a heavy shade of red on his cheeks as you kneeled in front of where he was sitting, then taking his hand and placing it on your head indicating that you wanted to be pet. The others watched in shock because they didn’t think their maknae had such a kinky side to him behind closed doors.*

Are you sleepy, babe? *nervous laughter* Let’s- Let’s get you to bed.“

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Alright I’m in my lyft from tonight’s concert and my phones on ten percent but I just need to say that Harry’s concert tonight is the best show I’ve ever been to. And i go to a hell of a lot of concerts. He was so so funny and I got a bunch of videos I’m gonna post everything tomorrow. When Harry introduced the band, Sarah got such massive applause and not just from me!!!!! And when he introduced Clare she smiled so adorable and bowed and her hair looked super super cute she had a brown bob tonight she was adorable and at the end of The Chain Sarah just completely relaxed and collapsed down she was drumming her damn heart out and Clare’s vocals in From the Dining Table and Sweet Creature and Two Ghosts are some of the best things I’ve ever heard!!!!!!!! God I love them all so much my phones gonna die but I love Clare and Sarah and Harry and Mitch and Adam they were all amazing even though Harry had two mic malfunctions, one in Just a Little Bit of Your Heart and one in Kiwi like he had to start Kiwi over and he played it off as the crowd not going crazy enough so when they restarted oh man did we go crazy tonight was the absolute best and I’ve never been happier in my life!!!!!!! - joely olivia

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Hey can you show jealous jensen moments i think its so cute!


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Let me tell you something, Nonnie. Jensen is one possessive SOB. Someone glomps his boy? Jensen is having none of it! 

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Alright, that’s enough! [x]:

Oh yeah? He hugged you? I can hug you better!  [x]:

Oh, this shit is just unacceptable, better not look at it  [x]:

Are you having fun without me?

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Twice on the same weekend? [x]:

He is also not very amused when people touch that beautiful hair [x]:

Chuck forbid Jared touches someone else [x]:

Kisses someone else [x]:

Or gushes about someone else [x]:

Or, you know, gives them lap dances [x]:

Or the “business” [x]:

And also (the classic from season 1) Jensen doesn’t like pretty guest stars laughing with his soon-to-be-boyfriend [x]:

I’m sure there’s more jelly Jensen out there. Feel free to add stuff :D Jealous Jensen is my jam. 

PS. Sorry for taking some time to answer, real life got into the way, and I’m not very good at adulting, so it always takes me twice as much to get my shit in order. 

okay anyway listen. LISTEN. here is my own personal mythology of dan humphrey being gossip girl.

so one of the most major ways in which the books diverge from the show is that in the BOOKS, dan and chuck are both canonically queer. essentially dan’s entire plotline in the last two books is that he meets a cute guy while working at the strand, comes out as gay, has his first relationship with this guy, the guy leaves him for chuck (drama!), and then dan realizes he still has feelings for vanessa and he’s maybe bi? 

and in the second-to-last book dan snail-mails jenny a letter that just says, “dear jenny, i’m gay, love, dan” and jenny writes back like, “wow! this is big news! i’m proud of you and i love you. haha remember when we were little we’d dress up in mom’s clothes and jewelry all the time! you loved her heels!! the writing was on the wall lol.”

and NONE of that made it into the show which is bull SHIT of the highest order. but it’s all there, it’s canonically Part Of The Dan Humphrey Mythos that he dates a boy and that as a kid he looooooooooved dressing up as a girl. 

which brings me TO: dan humphrey, now a teenager, trying DESPERATELY to fit in at this extremely elite all-boys school where he’s already an outsider because he’s poor! he gets enough shit for being a scholarship student he can’t POSSIBLY step outside the bounds of hypermasculine gender presentation that is the bread and butter of this place! i mean the homophobia in all-boys schools for rich kids is BATSHIT my little brother spent a year as a scholarship student at such a school when we were growing up and he had to withdraw after being physically assaulted and called a f*g on a daily basis. and he’s not even gay.

so anyway. ANYWAY. you’re dan humphrey, you’re the only working class kid at this school full of zillionaires, so you have no social influence. you’re deeply in the closet and bound to perform heteromasculinity on a constant basis as a means of cultural survival. and you’re a really good writer. like, that’s the one thing you have total confidence in: you are excellent at creating stories.

so is it any wonder that dan creates the character of gossip girl? is it? he can exert some control and influence in this hyperprivileged social environment he’ll never fully belong to. he can immerse himself in this performance of femininity in order to make the stifling nature of the closet just a little more bearable. and if he’s believable as gossip girl, that’s TREMENDOUS validation of these aspects of his identity that he has to keep suppressed. 

and then he graduates and instead of going ivy league he moves to fucking OLYMPIA to go to EVERGREEN like PLEASE. please. dan humphrey was genderqueer and the government knows it. the gossip girl persona was virtual drag that he used as a coping mechanism during a time when any outward experimentation with feminine gender presentation would have gotten him exiled. wow i can’t believe i have this many feelings about this but there you go. dan humphrey. bigender icon. in the books he comes out as gay and his divorced parents team up to throw him a surprise party with rainbow cake. i need to stop writing this post i’m getting meotinoal *emotional

Here’s Rick L-433. He’s in love with his Morty, but his Morty is in a relationship with Jessica and cares little about him. So Rick decided ‘fuck it, if I can’t be happy with my Morty at least I’m gonna watch some other Ricks be happy with theirs’, and now he spends his days with his eyes glued to the interdimensional goggles watching other Ricks and Mortys being nice to each other. He has a favourite dimension, D-117, that he watches every day. The Rick and Morty of that dimension have a disgustingly cute relationship that makes him wanna hurl and swear his lungs out in envy. 

He spends most of his days lying on a couch and drinking himself silly, watching his “show”. The few times he goes on adventures with his Morty, he references his “show” so much Morty always ends up cutting him short because he can’t stand his obsessive monologues. That makes him sad, and he goes to watch his “show” to feel better. Once he feels good enough, he asks his Morty to go along with him to another adventure, and talks his ear out about the “show”. Rinse and repeat.

Crashing the LWYMMD Set

It was about 5 hours into the second day of her music video shoot for the lead single of her new album, and Taylor was beyond excited for everyone to see what she had been working on. She always knew that when her and Joseph Kahn worked together they could create something next level. Today they were filming the mountain of Taylor’s scene, and it was pretty surreal to walk on set and see a bunch of girls all dressed like her past selves. Versions of herself that she felt so distant from, yet in some ways still connected to after over ten years of her career. So much had happened to her since she had been most of those girls. While part of her wished that she could go back and experience what is was like to be that naive and innocent, she was really grateful for the place that she was in today, even if it took a really hard year of the media and everyone trying to tare her down for her to get to here. In addition to making her feel a little sentimental, it was also a lot of fun. Taylor had a great time talking with the girls and figure out which one of her self was going to fight another version of herself. She knew it was kind of a crazy concept, but also perfect for the message of the music video.

After they finished filming the first look, Joseph suggested that they all take a short break since Taylor needed to go change into her Junior Jewels tshirt and pajama pants for her next look. While she was changing, she looked down at her phone and noticed a text from her boyfriend, Joe. 

“Hey babe, I wanna come visit you on set! I’m already on my way and I’ll be there in a couple of minutes so you can’t say no now ;)”

 She couldn’t help but smile and role her eyes at Joe’s words. She had been debating letting him come to the set to see her at all. Part of her wanted to make him wait to see the video once it was completely finished in order to make it more of a big surprise. She also kind of loved torturing him a little by making him wait like everyone else to get to see the finished project. But at the same time, she really wanted to see him and it made her heart melt to think that he genuinely cared and really wanted to be there to see her and support her in something that was going to be huge for her career. Apparently Joe made the choice for her and was coming to visit her whether she approved or not, which she was secretly pretty happy about.

 “Okay fine, I guess since you’re already on your way I’ll allow it this time. See you soon babe” Taylor quickly responded.

 After she finished changing, she walked back out on set wearing plaid pajama pants, a new and improved junior jewels tshirt, and glasses with her hair pulled back into a messy ponytail. This was by far the most comfortable look of the whole video. All of the different versions of Taylor were scattered around the set chatting, drinking water, and eating some snacks from craft service, while Joseph was busy looking at the footage that they had shot earlier in the day.

 Taylor walked up to Joseph to see how the earlier shots had turned out and was pleased with what she saw for the most part. She could tell that this video was going to look amazing once it was all edited together.

 “Do you want start filming the next scene soon?” Joseph asked while still staring intently at the computer screen.

 “In a couple of minutes. Joe just texted me and told me his was stopping by to visit, and he should be here any second. So I’ll just quickly say hi to him for a minute and then we can get back to work.”

 Just as Taylor finished her sentence, she looked up and saw Joe walking in. She couldn’t help but laugh at the look on his face as he glanced around slightly confused at seeing all of the many different versions of Taylor. He finally made eye contact with the real Taylor and made his way over to his girlfriend. Taylor immediately greeted him with a big hug and a quick kiss.

 “I didn’t know I would be visiting so many of you today” Joe remarked

 “Well I guess I did get to give you a bit of a surprise then” Taylor laughed

 Taylor could feel the eyes of everyone else on the set watching her and Joe’s interaction, so she decided that she should introduce him to everyone else. They walked over closer to where the many other Taylors were all hanging out.

 “So this is my boyfriend Joe, he decided to crash the set today” Taylor explained as she shot Joe a playful look.

 “Sorry I couldn’t resist” Joe shot back as he placed his arm around her and pulled her into him kissing her temple.

 All of the other girls laughed and said hi back to Joe.

 “Well these are all of the different versions of me throughout the years as you can see. Is it weird seeing a ton of different Taylor’s from before you even knew me?” Taylor asked

 “Well I’m actually pretty familiar with this Taylor” Joe responded with a smirk while looking over at his pajama-clad girlfriend. “In fact I would say this is the Taylor I’ve spent the most time with, except normally you’re just stealing one of my tshirts and now you’ve made your own” Joe shot back.

 Taylor playfully hit his arm but couldn’t help but laugh. He wasn’t wrong, a lot of the time that they had spent together in the past several months of their relationship had consisted of chilling in the house that she was renting in London, while watching never ending Netflix marathons and cuddling. To he honest, she loved that. She loved not having to worry about dressing up and doing her hair and makeup and always having to be so perfect and put together for him. He genuinely just loved spending time with her, and it was so nice to just relax and have some normalcy in their relationship.

 “Is this your way of telling me I need to try a little harder more often and change out of my pajamas every once in awhile?” Taylor asked

“Of course not babe, I think you look cute in your pajamas, and you are welcome to steal my tshirts whenever you want” Joe replied with a wink.

 By now all of the different Taylors and Joseph had were all laughing in amusement at the couple’s conversation.

 “Okay love birds, as much as I would love to continue discussing Taylor’s wardrobe choices, I think we should probably start shooting the next look if we want to get everything that we need to done today. Don’t worry you can tell her how beautiful she is when she looks like a mess later.” Joseph spoke up.

 “Hey!,” Taylor shot back pretending to be offended before agreeing, “Okay you’re right, lets start filming then.” She then turned to Joe, telling him,  “Babe if you want to stay a little bit longer and watch you can go sit over there. My mom should be back soon anyways, so you can talk to her while we film.”

 “Of course I’m planning on staying to watch. I want to see all my Taylor’s in action” Joe joked before stealing a quick kiss and walking over to sit down on the side of the set.

 Joe couldn’t wipe the smile off of his face as he watched Taylor in her element, being goofy and cute while fighting with the other versions of herself. The fact that she even seemed incredibly excited about being kicked in the face by another Taylor was super endearing, and it showed how much she loved doing this. He could tell that she truly enjoyed her job, even though there were definitely some hard aspects of it.

 He continued watching her and caught up with Andrea once she returned and took a seat next to him. They couldn’t help but laugh as Taylor continued to act out the scenes. He was so happy just watching her that he didn’t even realize he had already been there for hours. He heard Joseph say “that’s a wrap, we’re done for the night,” distracting him from his conversation with Andrea.

 Once they decided to stop for the night, Taylor immediately ran over to where Joe and her mom were seated and gave them both a big hug, before turning to Joe and remarking,

 “I can’t believe you actually stayed for the whole shoot. You just sat and watched me act like a complete dork for hours. You really didn’t have to stay the whole time.”

 “I wanted to stay, it was fun to get to see you working. Plus you just looked so cute as your 18 year old band geek self, how was I supposed to leave?” Joe teased, causing Taylor to blush a little bit as she laughed at his remark.

 Her mom cut in, commenting, “I happen to agree, I think that she has always been super adorable at every age” she joked. “You looked great today honey! I can’t wait to see the final video when it’s finished!”

 “Speaking of that, we should probably head home because it’s already super late and I have to be back early tomorrow morning, so I should probably go get some sleep tonight” Taylor noted.

 “Well I drove here so I can just drive us back if you want to have one of the guys drop your mom at home,” Joe suggested.

 Taylor looked over at her mom before asking, “Mom is that cool with you?”

 “That sounds good honey. I’ll see you tomorrow morning. Go get some rest.” Andrea responded hugging both Taylor and Joe before turning to leave.

 The couple then proceeded to walk out to Joe’s car hand in hand laughing and joking about the day. Taylor couldn’t help but smile at how normal this felt. Walking out to the car with her boyfriend to drive home. There were no cameras or paparazzi at the moment, and she was beyond grateful to have Joe in her life.

 Once they got in the car Joe immediately reached out to hold on to her hand and she looked up at him and said “thank you for coming today. Really it meant a lot to me” with an obvious sense of sincerity. “Of course babe, I wouldn’t miss it. Now lets get you home, so you can get some rest.”

Bts comeback stage highlights

  • The boys performing No More Dream dressed like their debut days (baggy white clothes + Rm wearing shades)
  • Jimin being cute in his room
  • Jin with black hair and an oversized sweatshirt
  • Jungkook with glasses
  • Namjoon and Hoseok being all professional in their studio
  • Taehyung’s singing and dancing
  • Taehyung’s hair good lord
  • Jimin showing off his abs multiple times
  • Jimin doing that running over the others thing while being picked up by jungkook idk what it’s called
  • Jungkook with black hair damn
  • Hoseok’s dancing for DNA wow wild
  • Namjoon talked a lot I didn’t understand much but he was like shoutout to int army so thank you Rm
  • Jin singing confidently, Jin getting more shots
  • Taehyung in Mic Drop damn
  • Yoongi in DNA was adorable yay
  • And also Yoongi with a beanie in No More Dream how could I forget

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There's this rly cute boy at my school and i used to live really near him and when he was 6 he would paint his nails pink all the time and now we're really similar and I wish we were closer friends but I don't have any classes with him and just... he's so soft looking and ahhh

okay listen there was this guy who came into my class today wearing a dress that was a v neck and showed his chest hair and he was wearing high heels as well. and he had leg hair and short hair and he looked SO GOOD and i wanted to compliment him but i was too scared so i just smiled at him and he smiled back so big and i hope that he is having a good day today!!!!

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my crush showed me an outfit he said he liked and i was So Close to saying "you'd look super cute/hot in that" like u don't even understand. i had to take a breath for a moment to stop myself omg lmao but honestly??? he's super cute and i love him

OMG TELL HIM NEXT TIME I bet he would be super flattered! And you’d maybe even make him blush and get flustered and who doesn’t love seeing that ahh xx