he was so cute in this scene

ok but like imagine a movie night with peter and you get to choose the movie and end up watching the lost city of z and peter’s like ??? “why would you pick this movie we always watch a comedy” and you’re like “it looks really good idk” and then you keep watching it and then tom comes on the screen and you get excited and you’re like “tom holland is so talented. such a dynamic actor and sweetheart.” forgetting your audience and peter just looks at you and goes “i see why you wanted to watch this movie, you’re in love with this tom guy!” and you pause the movie and it pauses on tom sitting at the kitchen table you know the scene and peter stands next to the tv with his arms crossed. “i just think he’s a great actor, and it helps that he’s kinda cute.” he looks at you and then back at the tv and scoffs “you think he’s cute?!” you roll your eyes and say “yeah but i think you’re cuter.” and you walk up to him and he cant stay mad at you so he’s like “oh alright.” and he hugs you and it’s so sweet and then you look at the tv at a different angle and realize why you think tom holland is cute, he looks exactly like your boyfriend peter parker.

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so, my score would be: stydia 4/10, scalia 9/10, thiam 6/10, morey 8/10, ending 4/10, i feel cheated (i would love the episode, if it wasn't the last one ever)

moray were so cute, i loved them

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thiam fight scene was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G 

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and theo was just… words can’t express how proud i am of my man, he saved the day one more time

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also my baby scott was so precious i love him

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We need more Lysaedion Modern AU. About anything. Their first date, their first time... Whatever, just please write more

First date, modern AU.

- Aedion was terrified because Lysandra was so beautiful. 

- He took her to a fancy restaurant, where he accidentally knocked over his glass of water, causing a scene. Lysandra thought it was hilarious, and was thankful that he broke the tension, although she felt bad that his pants were soaked.

- Over dinner, he kept telling her cheesy jokes that she tried her best not to laugh at, but couldn’t help it. He was too cute not to laugh at, even if he had already reached “dad joke” status.

- They ate until they couldn’t eat anymore, and took a walk through the city, holding hands.

- Lysandra told him of her hopes and dreams, and Aedion listened in complete awe as she spoke. He thought she was perfect, in every imperfect way.

- As he took her home, and they were standing on her front porch, Lysandra invited him in.

- Aedion tried not to seem too eager as he said yes.

- They made out of the couch until ridiculous hours in the morning, sipping on moscato and removing a different article of clothing with each passing hour.

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Have you ever noticed just how small and cute and young Isak looks cuddling and kissing Evenon his bed in ep5 but then looks really grown up and tall and like he's aged a few years and now is a prince in the changing room scene? He looks so different in both those scenes lol

omg i kno!!! lil baby was so love and touch starved:( and it was like,,,evens touches and kisses gave him energy or smth tf:(


When I saw the first pic with Bill and Jackson together, I quickly thought of a moment during filming where they’re doing the opening sewer scene and they made a lot of takes and when they finally got it, Bill quickly crawls out of the sewer to ask Jackson if he’s ok and telling him he did great and all just for Bill notice him yawning, so he picks him up and heads to his trailer to lay him down for a nap.