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Rammstein - Interview USA Revolver TV, 20.4.2011
aka “hey gimme two Rammstein guys but i’ll speak to only one of them and totally ignore the other one”.

Poor Schneider. He’s like :
“Ya~y i’m intervie~wed!”
“Hum.. hey, i’m here ?”
“Are you gonna ask me a question or not ?” (1’20)
“SRSLY STUPID BRAT wut der hölle ! You fuckin ask me a fuckin question ?!” (1’36)
“I think i’ve become invisible” (1’58)
“Dude i’ve killed you hundred times in my head during these two minuts”

ok friend i have no idea how to reply to replies so here i go @wing-spiker 

some levyaku family headcanons cause i’m falling hard

  • imagine their son growing up to be taller than Yaku and Lev is so proud for that and he is like “Yes that’s my son” and they end up teasing Yaku for his height
  • Yaku reads books to his son before bed 
  • Lev loves to hear Yaku reading so he lies with his son , but Yaku ends up throwing him outside the room cause he keeps teasing the child and not leaving him sleep
  • (so Lev just sits on the floor outside the room so he can hear Yaku’s fairy tales)
  • Lev is the best playing buddy , he takes his son to playgrounds , he makes the coolest pillow-castles and he knows all the stuff about space
  • Yaku knows ALL the lyrics to disney songs and he sings everytime he cooks
  • sometimes Yaku ends up falling asleep on the couch cause he is really tired working all day and his son brings him blankets so he won’t catch a cold
  •  Yaku tries not to feed too many sweet things to the child but Lev will always buy him ice cream and candies when they are out
  • Lev tries to keep this secret from Yaku but for some reason mama Yaku knows everything so he ends up getting scold
  • Lev and Yaku argued many times in the past trying to decide who’s going to be daddy and who’s mama 
  • Yaku decided that mama suits him better
  • their son would have Lev’s green eyes and Yaku’s hair color (??idk)
  • of course the parents would push the kid to play volleyball , and it seems that he has a talent towards the sport *that made mama and daddy so proud*
  • well the son ends up being a setter , surprisingly 
  • they own two cats 
  • also please consider uncles Tora and Fukunaga 
  • no please consider uncles *the whole nekoma team*