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Jealous Boyfriend

request: you can write about shawn and S/O going to her favorite band concert and he gets a little jealous for never seeing her so excited in his concert? something very fluffy and cute? Thank you so much, I love your stories. + So I went to an ed Sheeran concert last night and now I’m totally dying to go to one with Shawn so could you maybe make an imagine of the reader and Shawn going to see him? Thank you!!

You were practically bouncing off of the walls, and it was one of the funniest thins Shawn had ever seen. You were finishing your eyeliner, softly singing along to the John Mayer song that was playing from the Bluetooth speaker.

Making eye contact with your boyfriend, you felt your smile grow. “Hey, hun.”

“Hi, sweetie.” He walked over to you, and pressed a kiss onto your head. “You almost finished?”

“Mhmm, just gonna put on some lipstick, and then we can go.” You two had been planning to get dinner before the show, and it was nearing four in the afternoon.

You debated between a nude color and a darker red, but picked up the pinky-nude instead, and tossed it in your bag.

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😊Piano Keys (Grayson x Reader)

Summary:  Okay so we all know Gray plays the piano, well all the real fans 😎 anyways I was wondering if you would mind writing something about walking in on him playing piano and it can be all cute and fluffy if you wouldn’t mind, and he would be hesitant and doubting himself like “its not very good.” Or “i don’t know babe..” and yeah ps. You are gorgeous, love your writing <3

Warnings: None

A/N: I’M BACK!!!! Finally at a comfortable place to sit down and write as I still learn how to be an RA and a student while running this blog! I’ve been so busy these past few weeks that I finally get to breathe! I hope you guys enjoy this!

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I was driving to pick my boyfriend Grayson up for our first date since he’s been home. Ethan was out so they weren’t filming so he finally had sometime for me which was quite nice. They have been back from Jersey for about two weeks now and I’ve seen Gray maybe twice? I noticed the clouds had started to turn dark and ominous which made me a little uneasy for our date, but I was determined. I arrive at his apartment and I noticed sprinkled raindrops on my windshield. I called Grayson to tell him I was out front and that it was lightly sprinkling outside.

Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring “Hey this is–”

I let out a groan as I unbuckled my seatbelt. I didn’t want to have to get out of my car since it was sort of raining outside and the last thing I wanted was for my makeup to run down my face before our nice dinner date. I open my door as I quickly rush under the awning of the apartment. I attempt to gather myself as I realized I missed only some drops, but I still felt good. I hurried up the concrete steps to 236A. I was about to knock when I heard a faint tune. I realized Grayson was playing music on his phone which is probably why he didn’t answer his phone. Which didn’t make sense, because whenever I get a phone call while I’m listening to music, the music will stop. I knocked three times to which I receive no answer. My key I had for his apartment was in my car and I was not about to run back down in heels in the rain. I knock again to which I still receive no answered.

“Grayson!” I shout but still nothing. Only the faint and gentle tune playing. I decided to dig around and look for a spare key, but then I remembered Ethan was the last one to leave. Ethan never locks the door if Gray is staying home because Ethan never takes his apartment key because he has lost his keys a countless amount of times to where it’s just easier to leave it behind. I twist the handle only to hear the faint tune is now louder as I smile. I recognized the tune as When I See You Again on piano. I push open his door ever so gently in order to not startle him, but I’m stuck with a smile on my face. I see Grayson’s fingers running over the piano keys as he also hums the tune to the song. His hair is messy and he’s wearing a gray cotton shirt with his 4OU sweats on. I lean against the doorframe as he continues to strike the keys.

“It’s been a long day. Without you my friend.” Grayson sings gently as he focused on the keys under his fingers. I decided to make my presence known.

“But I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again.” I chimed which Grayson jumps, unaware of me listening to him.

“Y/N babe what are you doing?” He asked startled as he turned around on the bench to face me now. I walked into his room towards him.

“Grayson how come you’ve never played piano or sang to me before?” I asked in awe as I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed the top of his head. My body was in between his legs as his arms wrapped around my back.

“I’m not all that good babe. It’s just something I do when I’m bored.” He was cut off by the loud thunder outside which made me chuckle.

“Well if you were so bored you could have gotten ready for our dinner date.” Grayson’s eyes open wide which meant he had forgotten about our date. I shake my head smiling.

“Babe I’m so sorry–” I cut him off with my lips on his. My hands press to his cheeks as his hands hold my hips in place. I pull away smiling. He was too. That damn smile always had me hooked.

“I don’t care about the dinner date. I’m happy you didn’t get ready. I wouldn’t have learned about you playing piano or even singing.” I could see him blush as he looked down. He looked back up to me.

“I love you.” His lips pressed back to mine again gently as we both smiled.

“I love you too. Now I’m going to change out of this dress and into some of your clothes while you order us a pizza and we just have our date night here tonight. I just want to be with you. I want to learn more about you like when did you learn to play piano?” Grayson chuckled at my idea but he nodded.

“I mean I’m not that good babe.” I playfully smacked his chest to which he chuckled again. “Okay babe. I’ll put on a movie and we can cuddle and talk while we listen to the rain okay?” I nod and give him a peck before I raid his closet for some comfy sweats.

Just… god the whole “mat doesn’t get a lot of attention because he wasn’t as interesting as the other dads” argument is so ridiculous i don’t understand it at all because we literally got EVERYTHING with mat

We got the adorable lighthearted sweetness mixed with like, a “"secret”“ (why he quit music) which the game advertised as having along with emotional vulnerability because of that and feelings and deepness that added even more dimension to his character as well as a really nice resolution to it where if you have a relationship with him he becomes inspired and confident enough to play music again?? Like, this guy is literally the full package of cute fluffiness along with an actual story and feelings and a really really fulfilling ending

Not only that but i can just feel the love put into it when i play his story. He is Vernon shaw’s self insert after all and i can tell Mat meant a lot to him, and it shows through his story

Im just..Mat’s story was my favorite and i never get bored of replaying it because its just so genuinely good and I’m so confused when people try to justify his lack of fandom attention with "well he just wasn’t interesting/fun enough” because that’s like, not true at all. Mat had a great, interesting and fun story and deserves way more attention than he gets


so i won the lottery and i got to see tbom again ?? im still so emotional so i wrote down all my thoughts, tho i probably missed some anyway (its under a read more because this is long)

(the cast for this was jay james moody, ryan bondy, rowan witt, zahra newman, a rly good swing/us covering mafala, morgan palmer covering todds track and justin lonesome covering gotswana)

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Spoiled (Father!Taehyung)

Plot: #01. “If you never put him/her down you’ll spoil him/her.” + #19. “I haven’t been able to put her/him down all morning/day/night.” with father!Taehyung

Word Count: 667

A/N: so this was just something fluffy, I made the request up bc it just sounded really cute, I have a really busy weekend/week in general so I needed to write something that would be easy and fun to write so it’s not the longest post I’ve ever made but it makes me happy so hopefully it’ll bring some fluffiness to your day, the link for this is father!Tae (all of the father related posts are here)

There was a long list of things you loved about Taehyung. His laugh, the way he would sometimes try to muffle it into his clothing, the way he sometimes wouldn’t be able to hold it in at all. His love for the people around him, the way he bickered with his friends, the closeness of their friendship with him. The way he didn’t hesitate to open his closet to you, letting you have complete access to all of his clothes to wear at your desire, the way he never forgot to give you a knowing smile when he spotted his hoodie on you. You loved his sympathetic side, his way of always helping you through stressful times and always being the first one to cheer your son up.

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Morning (James x MC)

Story: The Freshman/The Sophomore
Ship: James x MC (Harper)
Summary: James and Harper enjoy a lazy Sunday morning. Literally all fluff.

I’ve been thinking about James x Harper all day since I replayed the LA chapter this morning (which is half terrible and half really cute - that beach scene!) and I just wanted write them being cute and fluffy, so that’s all this is. Enjoy it!

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Home to you - (Harry Wells x Reader)

A/N: Hey! So this is just a cute little fluffy piece that I decided needed to be written as I always need more Harry Wells in my life. So go ahead and enjoy! (you can also find me on AO3 at PrisonerofAzkaban711).

Summary: Imagine being Harry’s girlfriend and him leaving you on Earth-2 after Jesse was taken and he went to find the Flash. When he returns with Cisco and Barry, you go down to see him and an emotional reunion ensues. 

You’d never felt comfortable in this chair. It was his chair. Always would be, no matter how long you occupied it.

But every day, you continued to come into his office and carry on his work, hoping that soon, he would come back to you.

Harry had left you in charge of the company when he’d left to find the Flash on Earth-1, convinced that that was the best chance he had at recovering Jesse. But you could never truly fill his shoes, especially when you were missing him as much as you did.

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since you're about to close shop for a bit, can we please request some cute (and also some filthy) headcanons for polyamorous deathsaurus / nickel / human ♥ thanks so much and thank you for the gift that is this blog

( Melly’s Mod Notes: Eeeyyyy there lovely! I know who you are. I’m so flattered you think so highly of my blog since I adore your writing!! 👀  👀  👀  👀  Just for you, I’m going to be sending these out early. ♥♥♥ )


✦ After leaving behind Tarn and the other DJD members when they proved they had gone off the deep end, Nickel and the human are given the chance to join Deathsaurus’ crew. He knew Nickel was a talented medic and the human an excellent assistant to Nickel. If he has anything against organics, he keeps it to himself since he knows getting Nickel’s agreement means needing the human’s as well. The pair end up agreeing as they both had nowhere else to go, joining the Warworld as part of the medical team. It isn’t before long Nickel becomes the Chief Medical Officer onboard with the human becoming her valuable assistant. The crew fear checkups now because they’ve learned the terror that is Nickel’s temper if they are not up to her standards.

✦ The trio develop a purely professional relationship at first. Deathsaurus assures the transition for the pair is smooth and no one on his crew is harassing either of them. In return, Nickel and her human do their best when working on the medbay to prove their worth. The relations they have is polite, courteous, and respectful to the point the human isn’t afraid to call for Deathsaurus’ attention should they be passing each other through the corridors or trade playful enough quips with one another when having a conversation.

✦ Then one day he enters the medbay and sees Nickel kissing her human, her servos working between their legs. Everyone freezes when the human notices him first, crying his name out in fear. Before Nickel can say anything he leaves without another word much to the pair’s worries. They think he’s furious at what he’s discovered when in reality he’s going to his habsuite to jerk himself off, the scene playing over and over in his processor. He overloads to the idea that maybe he could join them. As he basks in the afterglow of his overload, he makes the sensible decision that he needs to seduce and bed the both of them at the same time.

✦ He begins to court the two cautiously, showing affection and attention but pulling back if they express a need for space or simple disinterest in his attempts that day. He’s willing to play it slow, not wanting to scare either away or arouse their suspicions that he has more nefarious motives. He’s seen how protective Nickel is of her human given that they’re all the other has left from the DJD and wants nothing more but to provide support and care for both of them. Eventually his attempts has the human warming up to him and it isn’t long before long Nickel begins to reciprocate, noticing how happy her human is whenever he pays attention to them.

✦ If anyone on the ship thinks it’s a good idea to try and tease or scare the human since Tarn or the other more intimidating members are no longer around then they better think again. Nickel is small but she is ferocious and with Deathsaurus as their paramour now, the crew member in question will have both an angry chief medical officer and a disappointed leader at their side if caught bothering Nickel’s assistant.


✦ Deathsaurus has never been with partners this… small before. Let alone soft when it comes to the human. He’s worried of hurting one of them no matter how much coaxing and encouragement they try to give him. For the first few sessions, he’s content to merely watching them as he strokes his spike with one hand while the other runs over Nickel’s frame and the human’s body. Sometimes he’ll instruct on Nickel how to frag their human lover, how to leave marks and bruises across their throat and hips, how to make them scream her name. He’ll eventually join in and the first night he and Nickel doubleteam the human, stuffing them so full with spike that they’re a sobbing and whimpering mess, is the best experience all three have ever had.

✦ Perhaps do to the way he discovered the pair and with how long it took to join in personally, Deathsaurus has developed a kink of watching Nickel and her human having sex together. There’s something fascinating to him about watching it unfold before him. He loves watching the way Nickel drives her spike in between their human’s thighs or the way Nickel rides their human’s face like a mech possessed, her optics bright and unfocused as the human’s tongue laps up against her folds and node. The only time he participates is after the two have overloaded and are basking in the afterglow. Only then he’ll get closer, biting on his bottom lip to keep his moans quiet as he overloads all over their sticky panting frames.

✦ While it is impossible to have sparklings with their human, it doesn’t stop the ‘cons from trying their best to knock them up. Maybe they like the idea of becoming a family and having bitlets to call their own. Maybe the idea of claiming them in such a primal, possessive way and it really gets their engines revving. Maybe it’s their excuse to fill their human up with as much transfluid as possible, spilling into them again and again until it begins to trickle out of their human’s entrance. Whatever the reason is, Nickel and Deathsaurus are relentless when the urge comes to them. If they’re in the mood then the human, wherever they are, will find themselves with their face pressed to the ground and ass up in the air as they feel probing digits rub against their clothed nether regions. It doesn’t take long for the human to realise what’s going on and they’ll spread their legs wider, heart racing in excitement as they feel their lower and undergarments being taken off and they later feel the tip of a heated and slick spike rub desperately against their opening.

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Ahh, these are so cute and fluffy and uwaaa ^~^ how about 6 with Todo and his s/o just talking to each other about random and cute things all night X3

Todoroki sat back down on the couch next to you, after turning off the tv neither of you were paying attention to. Thankfully the first floor was empty of any other classmates, leaving just the two of you alone. A minimal amount of snacks spread out on the coffee table, a few empty cups and textbooks from studying before.

“We should clean this up.” He mentions, leaning forward to pick up one of the cups to check if there’s anything in it.

“Later.” You mumble, not quite feeling the energy or motivation to get up let alone clean the area around them.

“Well, what do you want to do?” He asks curiously. He knew it was getting late and he spent most of the time together talking about random topics during the movies with you, more interested in you than anything else.

“Talk s'more.” You murmur jokingly playing with a strand of your hair idly.

He smiles at your proposal and leans back, taking your free hand in his interlocking his fingers with yours gently.

“Bout what?” He responds knowing the topics from before weren’t very serious so he expected something silly.

“I’m so lucky to have you, I don’t think I ever want to leave your side.” You say suddenly, feeling the moment was right for that sort of loving statement.

He grips your hand a bit tighter, feeling his heart squeeze and his muscles tense up. That was really cute, he wasn’t expecting that at all.

“I’m also very tired.” You add making sure to let out a little yawn.

“Don’t fall asleep.” He whispers, leaning down to your shoulder to rest his head there. He felt more spontaneous now, thinking of ways to show how much that meant to him.

“I haven’t told you all the things I want to say.” He speaks out a little quickly, failing at staying his cool collected self.


BRO-THINGS #4: That one time the Paladins went to visit Earth… and Kuro got Lance a kitty.

But Kuro has no idea what terran cats look like… so he grabbed the first animal he met and thought fit Lance’s describtion (”smol, fluffy and super cute”).

And that’s how they got a baby skunk as a team mascot.

They called her Empress.