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Stay With Me

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Summary: When the reader has another nightmare, Derek already know the routine.

Author’s Note: This is just a think I wrote after it popped into my brain. I thought it was a really bittersweetly cute idea, so I got it down right away. I really hop you guys like it, enjoy c:

Warnings: Nightmares? 


My body shot bolt upright in bed, a bloodcurdling scream tearing through my lips. Derek burst into the room, eyes wide as he rushed to my side. He knew the drill by now, knew what to do and say.

“Hey, I’ve got you, Y/N. I’ve got you, I’m right here,” he said quietly, voice a bit frantic as he spoke. His large arms were around me, hauling me over into his lap as his hand cradled the back of my head to his chest. “Shhh, it’s okay, baby. It’s alright.”

I couldn’t stop sobbing, couldn’t loosen my fingers from where they clutched Derek’s shirt. It was too much, too vivid this time. The nightmare played over and over in my head like it still wasn’t done, a bad track stuck on repeat. Derek just held me and let me cry for as long as I needed, gently rocking us back and forth, his lips occasionally pressing to the top of my head as he continued to whispered comforting words.

Finally, after what felt like hours, my breathing was even and the tears had stopped. Derek was still there with me, waiting for me to peel myself away before making any moves. After a deep breath, I untangled myself from him.

“Hey,” he said gently, brushing my damp hair from my face. “You alright?” I didn’t have the ability to speak, so I just nodded my head. God, my sheets were soaked with sweat, just like my clothes. My hands were still shaking, the adrenaline trying to work it’s way out of my system. Derek’s green eyes just watched me for a few moment before he stood from the bed. “Let’s get a shower, huh?”

Despite the fact that it was about three or four in the morning, Derek scooped me up into his arms, carrying me to the bathroom. My eyes stayed fixed, not really looking at anything, just trying not to remember. He carefully got me out of my pajamas, his touch gentle and light on my skin, before starting the water and removing his own clothes. My arms instinctively wrapped around my top half in an attempt to somehow hold myself together.

Helping me in, Derek turned us so that I was under the spray, allowing my hair to get wet. I moved this way and that, tilted my head and closed my eyes when he softly told me to do so. I let him wash my hair with the shampoo, then run the conditioner through it, the whole while whispering sweet words to me. Still, I said nothing.

Goosebumps rose on my skin as Derek ran his soapy hands all over me. It felt nice to be touched, just to know that I wasn’t alone. That was one of my favorite things about Derek and I. We had an intimacy that I’d never shared with anyone else. Here we were, in the shower together, him washing my body for me, hands running around every curve and dip, but it wasn’t sexual. It was sweet and caring, full of love and pure adoration. 

Derek leaned in and placed his lips to my forehead in a lingering kiss before reaching around me to turn off the water. He grabbed our towels, helping me dry off. I stood there, waiting to hear what was next.

“I’ll be right back. Gonna grab some clothes,” he told me, exiting the bathroom. He returned a few seconds later, handing me a pair of panties and a tank top. Derek put his own clothes on, and I watched, silently memorizing him. After getting dressed myself, I looked in the mirror. It was too tight, too hot. I felt claustrophobic. I turned and gently tugged on the hem of Derek’s shirt, giving him my puppy eyes. “What? You want my shirt?” he asked, amusement in his voice. I nodded a bit and he grinned down at me, taking it off and handing it over. I quickly changed, feeling much better. 

Derek moved to stand behind me, placing his hands on my hips. My hair was still very wet and needed attention, but I didn’t have the willpower to do anything about it. Without needing to ask, Derek found my brush and began to work it through my locks. Not his first time.

I leaned into the feeling. I love when other people brushed my hair for me, especially Derek. He always placed tiny kisses on my neck after he brushed it all back, maybe sweeping it to the side if he felt so inclined. It was relaxing. 

“Come on, let’s get you back to bed,” he finally said, tone gentle as he met my eyes in the mirror. I only nodded, leaning back against his chest and letting out a sigh. Derek scooped me up again, padding out of the bathroom. When we came to the door of my room, I shook my head vehemently, burying my face in his warm, bare chest. “Okay, it’s alright.” With that, he continued walking, heading down the hall until we were in the main part of the loft where his bed was located.

I always loved the feel of Derek’s black satin sheets. They were smooth and soft against my skin. It made it much easier to snuggle in. He laid me down carefully, thumb brushing my cheek as he kissed my hairline before straightening up again. I knew what he was about to do, and I started to panic, reaching out to grab his wrist before he could turn away.

“Stay,” I croaked, watching as his brows knit together. “Stay with me.” I couldn’t be alone, not tonight. I needed him with me, needed to feel his legs tangled up with my own, his arms around my waist, body curled around me.

“Okay,” he finally agreed, nodding a bit. A sigh escaped my lips and I rolled over just in time to watch him crawl under the covers, scooting close to me. Still, I moved closer. Our noses were almost touching, eyes locked, feet already running up and down each others’ legs. Derek put a hand on my hip, pulling my torso flush to his. I gasped a bit, the close proximity always a bit of a shock every time. 

After several minutes, I allowed my eyelids to fall shut, breathing in deeply to inhale Derek’s scent. It was comforting, a welcome distraction and a promise of better things to come. I felt his hand trace up my side until it was cupping my face, thumb running over my cheekbone, back and forth, nice and slow. I knew he was still watching, could feel those green eyes boring into me. But I didn’t mind. 

Just as I was about to finally drift off, Derek shifted the slightest bit. It wasn’t enough to wake me up, but it roused me enough that I still felt it when he pressed his lips to mine, a feather light touch, an intimate gesture. 

When I fell asleep again, there were no more nightmares.

Making love.

(So this is the first smut i posted when i made this blog😅 I edited most of it so i hope it will be better now.)

You had woken up about half an hour before but you just couldn’t stop looking at Harry. He was still sleeping so you could stare at him without him noticing. He was always so cute when he was asleep and you could just stare at him forever, observing every detail of his face. Looking at his neck and his chest you noticed the hickeys you left there the night before and smiled, you loved the thought that he actually was yours. Suddently you saw those green eyes you were waiting to see opening.
"Good morning.“
He said stretching a little, his voice even raspier in the morning. You got a bit closer and kissed his nose making him smile, then you hugged him putting your head on his chest and he sleepily hugged you back. He was so warm and cuddly, just like he is every morning when he wakes up already wanting to cuddle you. You just stayed like that for a while, enjoying each other’s warmth and tuches. You were both still naked from the night before so you could feel his soft skin against yours and you loved it. He was making you feel so relaxed and you seemed to have the same effect on him until he gently pushed you down and got on top of you. He was still so sleepy so he just laid on you and started slowly kissing you all over your neck making your heart race, then your jaw and finally your lips. He kissed you slowly and sleepily but still passionately, making you get lost in the kiss and when he pulled back he just stayed silent, looking at you with a smile on his face. He put his hand on your cheek and brushed his thumb over your lower lip.
“You’re so beautiful and all mine…"
He whispered smiling even wider.
"I’m so in love with you.”
His eyes were lost in yours and you could tell he had just let out his thoughts, saying that more to himself than to you, he was completly honest. 
"I love you even more.“
You said smiling and you could see his eyes sparkling, he just couldn’t be happier. He kissed you again, caressing you all over your exposed skin, his tuch was so gentle and loving it made your heart flutter. 
"I need to feel you… I need your love.”
You could hear in his voice that he was starting to get needy now so you grabbed his face and kissed him to make him understand you wanted him too. He started kissing your neck again but this time he slowly moved down to your collarbones and then your chest, all over your soft skin. He went down to your stomach and reached your hips, not leaving a single inch of your skin untuched and it was making you go crazy. He went down to your thighs, kissing them lovingly, every kiss a bit closer to where you wanted his mouth the most now and you just couldn’t take it anymore so you put your hands in his hair gently tugging at them to make him understand you couldn’t wait for long. He looked at you chuckling, he liked seing the effect he had on you but this time he didn’t want to tease too much so he quickly put his head back down and kissed you in the most sensitive spot making you already gasp. Then he took your thighs in his big hands and slowly moving his tongue there knowing exactly what could please you the most. The only thing you could do was moan and you kept holding his long curls not wanting him to stop. He presses his tongue against you from your entrance to your clit where he stopped to put his soft wet lips around it and move his tongue against it as he sucked gently, knowing how sensitive you were after the night before. After a while he went back to your entrance, teasing it with his tongue and humming quietly loving your taste. He knew what he was doing, he knew what to do to make you scream out his name and he really did his best to make you feel as good as possible. You were a moaning mess under him and you could feel him smirking against you, he just wanted that, he wanted to please you as much as he could. When you were starting to get close he stopped and you whined at the loss of contact and looked at him desperately wanting to feel that feeling again.
"I just cant wait anymore i need to feel you around me.“
He explained going back up to kiss your lips again. He was hard, you could feel it and it was only making you want him more. He kept kissing you while slowly slipping his length inside you making you moan against his lips. It felt so good and so right and at this point he had made you so wet that it couldn’t have felt better than that. He was making sure your bodies touched as much as they could even if it was never enough for both of you. After he made sure you were comfortable he started moving at a slow pace and the room got full of quite moans and gasps, his lips just brushing against yours as you were both struggling to breathe. It doesn’t matter how many times you had made love it was still perfect, it was actually getting better every time. He kept moving, going slow but deep, his hips moving against yours and his hand reaching for yours to hold tight, the other one holding your hip. It was amazing how much love he always seemd to put in it, every move so gentle, every kiss so sweet… It was always so pleasing and intense. And it felt amazing being so close to him, so connected to the person you loved most. You looked at him, his face so close to yours you could feel his breath mixing with yours. He was smiling and that made you understand that he was feeling the same way, the slow pace was kind of relaxing and you wished you could feel this good forever but when he started kissing you all over your neck again he made you start to need more.
"Faster Harry, please.”
You tried to say being interrupted by your own moans and istinctively moving your hips up against his. 
He istantly sped up his pace making you arch your back for the pleasure, it wasnt slow but not even fast it was just perfect and you were getting close again. When he started hitting the right spot again and again you cried out and just as you thought you couldn’t have felt better than that you were proved wrong as you started clenching around him, your orgasm being so strong you instinctively put your hands on his back scratching it.
“Feels so fucking good.”
He screamed making you understand he was very close now. It was making you completly lose your mind and scream his name as the feeling kept being so strong. It lasted so long you calmed down just in time to see him coming as well. Seing him come was probably the hottest thing you had ever seen and every time it left you speachless. His eyes were shut, his lips parted and his head pushed back. He was screaming your name so loud, his screams so deep and throaty. After a while he collapsed on you breathing heavily and shaking just like you. He didnt seem to have the strength to even lift his head to look at you, it had been so intense and you were both exhausted. You could feel his heart racing against your chest and it felt like it was going to explode just like yours. His hot sweaty skin pressed against yours made you feel like if you were burning but it felt so good. When you finally calmed down he laid on his back next to you, using the little strenght he had regained to grab you and put you on top of him to cuddle. 
You were silent in the most comfortable way, you didn’t need words to show each other how you were feeling since your sleepy gently touches were doing that for you. You kiss his chest where his heart is and look up at him to see his smile as he looks back at you while gently caressing your hair.
“I love you.”
He whispers breaking the silence just for a little. You smile and kiss him.
“I love you too.”
You whisper when you pull back before putting your head back on his chest and listen to his heartbeat as he keeps gently caressing you.

A couple of weeks ago, @oakenshieldbaggins and I were talking about how cute kid!Frodo would be, sitting on Thorin’s shoulders, wearing a knit hat that looked like the top of an acorn. So, here’s the happy family…on their way to market. Thorin and Frodo are singing a song and Bilbo is wondering how he got to be so lucky!

Also for fluffy February!

((Headcanons >w<))

(( @shyren-song thought it was cute so i’ll post it!!))

((1. Madjicks are items or made of material, that are brought to life by older, much more powerful madjicks, and they retain properties of the items or material used to make them~ Like a madjick made out of wood would have a tree-themed cloak and hat, and it would have a wood colored tint to its skin, etc.

2. If this were the case, Alastair was made from a pastel yellow and purple kitten plushy, since he is fluffy and has pawpads >w< Asmodeus  would’ve been made from a dragon plushy, since he has sharp teeth, narrowed irises, and a very fiery personality! Cotton would’ve been made from a terrycloth doll stuffed with  stuffing, that became loveworn by a smol child~

3. Madjicks have limbs, but habitually/normally use a low-level invisibility spell to make them seem more mysterious, although the effect can wear off while they’re asleep >w<))

((feel free to tell me what you think c:> critique/comments are accepted))

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imagine poe taking finn out on his first picnic, because his parents used to take him for picnics all the time and he’s honestly so upset and outraged that finn never got to have that experience; imagine poe going to painstaking efforts to find out finn’s favourite sandwich, baking cupcakes, slicing fruit, making lemonade, tucking it all away carefully into a basket with a red-and-white checked blanket; imagine poe surprising finn and flying him out to the spot he’s picked, setting everything out underneath the shade of a tree; imagine the two of them spending the whole day there, being disgustingly cute and domestic, feeding each other bites of their sandwiches; imagine finn getting tired and lying down on poe’s lap to watch the sunset, with poe popping the occasional grape into his mouth; imagine poe leaning over to kiss finn for the very first time, silhouetted against the painted sky; imagine picnics become their ‘thing’, the scene for so many firsts; imagine finn and poe being happy space boyfriends giddy with love for each other who never have to face another day of suffering in their lives because that’s what they deserve, damnit

Fanfic rec

And here’s the rec of the week! Enjoy?

A Brief Affair by thequeergiraffe

Johnlock, complete, 1900 words. Short, but sweet. Somewhat. Basically, John goes on a date and it doesn’t work out. He comes home, talks to Sherlock and well… things work out. No smut, just fluffiness!

Tongues in the Kettle by orphan_account

Johnlock, complete, 35000 words. Misunderstandings lead to an insecure!Sherlock (who I love) and a lot of angst. Of course it works out in the end, but well…

The Promises of Children by EscapeArtist13

Johnlock, complete, 1600 words. This is just so cute! A proposal fic, with some kidlock fluff. It’s just really really sweet.

A Study in Bwankets by lavvyan

Johnlock, sorta? Complete, 1600 words. Kidlock. That’s it. Kidlock fluff. Completely adorable even not really romantic because they’re really really young but well… cute.

Going Once by Vash137

Mystrade, WIP although I’m guessing it’s abandoned considering the last update was in 2012. But it’s worth readying, it’s quite adorable and funny. Sort of fake/pretend relationship, but they’re both pining idiots, so…

Table for Two by ElapsedSpiral

Johnlock, complete, 1500 words. A it’s for a case! fic, but with a twist. I really enjoyed it, although it’s very short…

Out With It by herbailiwick

Johnlock, complete, 1900 words. In which Sherlock attempts to be romantic and John is completely oblivious (in his defense, they’re not really dating). Some angst, some fluff and all around adorable!

Evidence by aiwaguru, HadrienAsbury

Johnlock, complete, 11000 words. Sherlock is angry, John doesn’t know why and it’s all because of a drunken mistake (although not really) They figure it out eventually, but there’s plenty angst, jealousy and insecurity in between.

Fear Not by couchbarnacle

Johnlock, complete, 4200 words. Oh, I like this one! John meets Sherlock’s mom but she’s really really unimpresed so she’s really nasty with him. Things work out between Sherlock and Joh, but well… read it, I promise it’s worth it!

The Orchard by DancingGrimm

Johnlock, complete, 10000 words. Mind the tags, but it’s a very enjoyable read. The smut is out of this world: beautifully written and really really powerful. And along with the actual plot, it’s too good for words!

Not The Hands That Kill by You_Light_The_Sky

Johnlock, complete, 6000 words. A wingfic, that has some very powerful moments. I don’t really know how to describe it, besides really enjoyable?

The very slow seduction of Mycroft Holmes by Herk

Mystrade, WIP. Four chapters so far and they’re really, really short, but I like how it’s building up. I also like how IC they’ve both stayed, which I know it’s a bit complicated with these two.

How to Survive (When There’s a Me and a You) by MirabileLectu

Johnlock, complete, 4200 words. I’m almost sure I’ve read this before, but I’m not sure if I rec it. Anyway, an injured Sherlock leads to some revelations and fluff! Really sweet and adorable!

Sympathy for the Devil And Mycroft Holmes by scifigrl47

Johnlock, complete, 17900 words. I enjoy fics in which Mycroft is a right bastard, but I also love when he tries to be a good brother (even if he goes the wrong way about it) and this is one of those. It hurts at some points and runs from Mycroft’s POV, following canon and well… a must read.

Ignore It Until It Goes Away by Remy_Writes5

Johnlock, complete, 2600 words. Post Reichenbach. Mostly sweet, which is odd on fics dealing with Sherlock’s return, but really really lovely.

The signal by dioscureantwins

Johnlock, complete, 7200 words. This one and it’s sequel… god lord, they’re amazing! An AU in which Sherlock manages to make John believe he’s a prostitute (but he’s a virgin), ends going to Mycroft for advice (watch out for some hints of Holmescest here, or maybe that’s just my overimaginative mind) and well… it works out in the end, but it’s just so amazing! Go and read it.

Speak Now, Or Forever Hold Your Peace by flawedamythyst

Johnlock, complete, 4800. Interrupted wedding or what most definitely should have happened in canon, damit! Sorry. I mean… umm… well, John is marrying Mary, overhears a conversation between Sherlock and Lestrade and he and Sherlock elope (although how he and Mary got to the marrying point doesn’t follow canon)

And that’s it for now! Enjoy?

*Edit: you can finf my other fic recs here, I do one per week in case you’re interested!


Summary: Who would’ve known that the bronze boy who caught your eye at the club, would only mean so much to you shortly after?

Pairing: Calum/Reader

Warnings: NSFW, some fluffy, cute sex.

Note: Hi friends! This is my very first smut piece that I wrote, inspired by Zayn’s new song PILLOWTALK! If you could give me some feedback on this, I would really appreciate it and I really hope you enjoy this as much as I do!

He was art; his jaw looked like it was sculpted by the gods, as if they spent hours on end chiseling it to utter perfection. His eyes were a brown, chocolatey colour that was a beautiful mixture of chestnut and cinnamon, with just a hint of amber. His lips curved into a smooth line, his cupid’s bow dipping as he smiled at you.

You don’t know what beautiful feature had attracted you to him, that night at the club. The music was pounding in your ears, so loud that you could hardly hear yourself think, yet the only thing you could focus on was him. The lights that were constantly flashing only made his eyes glow as they locked with yours from across the dance floor.

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Lost and Found

Summary: AU! Where Kylo’s kitten is lost and you happen to find it.

Word Count: 1,304

Warnings: None.

A/N: Something cute and fluffy. My first Kylo Ren AU. Let me know what you guys think! Thank you to @matthewmurrdock for providing Vader’s name!

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You smiled serenely as you took your first sip of coffee. The day seemed promising. Your drink was delicious, your alarm hadn’t been as annoying as it typically was, and it was a Friday. Yes, today was going to be a good day.

That was, until your Golden Retriever, Bruno, decided to bark up a storm. He barked so loudly that it startled you, causing you to splatter your coffee all over yourself and almost trip on your slippers. You glared at Bruno, but that didn’t deter him from continuing his tirade. He scratched at the door and you groaned, walking towards him and opening the sliding frame for him.

He made a dash towards a tree and you squinted your eyes as he began to scratch at the dirt, whining and growling.

“What’s going on, Bruno?” you asked him, curiosity peaked.

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Higher (Derek Luh Imagine)

Requested by beautiful Anon: «Can you make an imagine of Derek coming home after the eyes low video shoot and him being high out of his mind and it’s super cute and fluffy?»
A/N: I feel like it’s kinda boring but I hope you like it as much as I do :)

This is the first time you don’t know where you boyfriend is and what he is up to. He always lets you know if he is late or if he wants to stay at his friend’s house by sending you a cute video on Snapchat or just by texting you. You are really worried now, you can’t fall asleep so you just keep refreshing your Snapchat conversations in hope that a message from Derek appears.
Suddenly, you hear noises from downstairs, the front door closes loudly. “Shit” you here a raspy, sleepy voice. Its owner keeps moving in the hall. You smile, imagining Derek trying to take his boots off. He is breathing heavily while making his way upstairs.
“Where have you been?” - you ask, getting up.
“Wh…oh my God, Y/N” - Derek stops in the middle of the room and bends forward, “babe, you scared the shit out of me” - he lifts his head up and lets out a laugh. 
“Why?” - you look at him, trying to hide your smile. He looks so fluffy and innocent, he probably just got high again. When Derek is not high his face expresses nothing but seriousness and concentration. 
“You just, just stood up and scared me” - he laughs, “I mean, I..I didn’t think you still were awake” - he lets out a laugh again and comes up to you.
“I wouldn’t be awake if you let me know where you were” - you pout and take a step back.
“Come on, babeeeeee” - Derek says, running his hand through his hair, “we were filming a music video with Skathan” - he comes closer again, trying to hug you but you keep him away.
“So what? Am I not supposed to know about that?” - you ask, looking him right in the eyes.
“Ughhh, Y/N” - Derek shakes his head in annoyance, “you don’t like it when I’m high so I didn’t want you to know” - he looks away.
“Whatever” -  you say and turn around, making it to the bed.
Derek sighs and goes to the bathroom. You actually don’t like him being high, well maybe you would but he does it very often. Whenever he is out with his friends he always smokes weed, too much weed. It wouldn’t get on your nerves if it didn’t happen every 3 days. 
Some time later Derek gets out of the shower and lies down next to you. You don’t make a move just in case he thinks you are already sleeping. He hugs you from the back and kisses your neck.
“I’m sorry, baby girl” -  he whispers, “I know you don’t like it but I, like I feel that it is the real me, ya get it?” - he asks. You don’t answer.
“I am so happy to have you by my side” - he whispers, “I never tell you these sweet things, fuck I hate them but it’s the way I feel”.
“Shit, Luh, she’s sleeping” - he says some time later, “of course she is, you fucking dickhead” - the way he is talking to himself makes you almost laugh but you stop yourself.
“She’s been here all day alone, you dumb, so dumb, she doesn’t need your apologize” -  he shifts and holds you closer. 
“It’s alright Derek, just stop and sleep already” - you whisper, turning to him.
“Did you…” - he looks at you, his eyes are red, “you are playing, little bitch” - he laughs and starts tickling your stomach.
“Wow, watch your mouth!” - you say, laughing. He stops and places his hand on your cheek. You two just keep lying in silence.
“Did you really mean what you said? Like that you are happy to have me?” - you ask him, laying your head down on his chest.
“I did mean it, Y/N” - Derek says seriously, “you make me higher than this bitch Mary J” - he smirks and kisses your forehead.