he was so cute ;;

I’m grading papers right now and I just-

The assignment was to do a complete character analysis of any character my students wanted. The only real ‘rules’ were that it had to be at least three pages and have direct examples and evidence from the source material. (Page numbers, times, quotes, that kind of thing)

I can tell some students were kissing my ass with some of their papers, focusing on characters they know I like, (Most Star Wars characters, Draco, Luna, Katara) that kind of thing. But I’m grading one right now and like I don’t know if he realises that he didn’t edit this out but he starts off the paper like “Miss Draco I know my friends are writing about why Star Wars characters are so great, but honestly they’re only saying that to get a good grade from you. I’m here to be your reality check and explain to you why Kylo Ren is human trash.”

But halfway through he just… “this dude isn’t even all that bad wtf he just wants his gf that shit ain’t cool tho bro. You gotta finesse the ladies not kidnap them” and it’s turned into a total pro-Kylo paper and I’m only on page 6/14.

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#happy Aaron is happy


he’s so cute i’m going to dieee

“do you think that maybe
I could be one of those things
that you hate at first but eventually learn to love
and then trust
and then touch
and then fuck
yeah I bet you will”

Ps: note how Brian “stoned af” Sella wants to sing in the end when it’s already over

Pps: after the show Brian told me that they played the song for me ❤️