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consider the following- Altean! Lance taking the bomb for Coran like he does in canon. Only Coran is now actively furious and wants to pummel some galra punks( cause let's face it the only reason he wasn't up in arms was because it was a Pidge episode)

ok so I hc Alteans are a lot sturdier than they look (like coran just had to take a min breath then was up and running, same with allura yo, they tough)

if imagining the scenario of Altean!Lance pushing Human!Coran out of the way of the explosion, then this comes to mind-

he’s still damn ticked off


Happy national bean day birthday, @laiteevee ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

When all your friends are posting pics with their significant other for Valentine’s Day but you’re still single

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I was on a gymnastics squad when I was younger which also included aerial routines, and I haven't seen anyone mention this but it is SO DIFFICULT to do what Harry was doing in the air. It takes so much core strength to remain vertical like that. I'm so impressed, especially in the wind, which appeared to be whipping up quite a fuss. He truly is amazing. i knew he was strong, but to be able to do that and not flop around too much and hold himself still - he must be a beast even though he's skinny

oh my god really??? thats so cool!!!

also me: having war flashbacks to that trainer saying harrys able to pull 500 pounds w just his upper body…….. help

黒子のバスケ 〜扉の向こう〜 special tip-off act

Always Has Been

Alo! Psh, so, CORAN AND LANCE BONDING MOMENT BC YES. This is like the fourth chapter of Don’t Put Out the Glow fic I have in my Ao3, but yeah! You can read it separetly. 

The main point here is that Lance is beated up as hell (that happens in chapter 1) and he’s bed resting and the team takes turn to watch over him and take care of him and this time it was Coran’s turn!! 

So, link to read from the start is here: http://archiveofourown.org/works/9630371/chapters/21758132

But like I said, *shrugs* you don’t have to, just know that Lance is emotional and beated up bc of their last mission. 

Ps. I have the hc that Alteans’s language was …well greek bc I’m not creative enough to come up with cute nicknames in alien language SO GREEK: 

kardiá liontarioú (greek) means lion heart.
mikró ílio (also greek) means little sun.

Disclaimer: Voltron doesn’t belong to me. 

“And there I was: Alone with only my flubber and my tutter with at least fifty hundred Deditions. It was hopeless for any Altean…except for me! I stared at the eye of Death smugly and attacked without mercy. Victory was so close I could taste it, quite literal because one of the Deditions fell into my mouth, I might add. Time became slow and it was as I was in a hurricane and there was no escape but do you know what I did,  my boy?”

“What did you do, Coran?” Lance asks quietly, smiling softly at the Altean as he takes a sip from his cup.

“I beat every single one of those Deditions! It was the most satisfying victory of all, my boy!”

The brunet giggles under his breath. “But, Coran, aren’t Deditions like small puppies?”

“My boy! Their piles of cuddles and big shiny eyes could kill an entire army! No one is able to resist their cuteness!”

“Except you.”

“You can survive any outside cuteness when you see this face every day, my boy.” Coran says proudly as he points at his own face and he grins when the brunet laughs gleefully.

“Can’t argue with that logic.”

Coran smiles as he watches Lance chuckle softly. The brunet still has a big bump on his right side of his head, the corner of his lower lip is covered in dried blood and his eye is not as swollen as before but still sensitive and red.

Lance still looks bad but the bright smile on his face tunes out every visible injury and Coran can’t be more grateful with the universe for allowing him to see that smile.

“You know,” He starts after a few minutes in silence, voice gentle and longing, his eyes still looking at Lance fondly, “You remind me of my son.”

Lance’s laughter stops abruptly and then turns his head towards Coran, mouth wide open in surprise and then he’s frowning concern.

“Coran –” He starts, voice small and hesitant but Coran cuts him off by standing from the chair and walking towards the brunet, taking seat on the corner of the bed besides Lance.

“He was a good lad. He had his mother’s hair and eyes but besides that he was a mini me.” Coran chuckles, crossing his right leg across his left one and dropping his elbow on it, resting his chin against his open palm, “His mother used to say that we should have named him Coran Jr; saying that it fitted him better with his wild personality and loud upbeat voice.”

Lance licks his lips nervously and then speaks in small voice, “What was his name?”

“Lyon.” Coran replies calmly, “His name was Lyon.”

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This happened. I don’t play Reinhardt often but I happened to have a good game.

When solo queuing, I’ve NEVER heard a female voice on the teamchat, and I’m not surprised. Keeping quiet means less chance of being harassed, hit on, or treated differently in general. It is kinda funny when folks playing assume everyone on their team must naturally be a dude though.

If I was braver I’d voicechat on solo queue. Someday.

O’ course if you’d rather read this as being Rein’s a transwoman and hasn’t transitioned/kept the beard, that’s ok too.

Damn this boy is so prettyyyyy…….. I need more of him next season

The shits that Jonny Frost has to put up with though

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Can u write something about abdorable fluffy sterek with derek having lots of siblings and stiles and them have good relationships and are friendly and talk and hangout in school and oit of school??

“So,” Cora said as she slid into the empty spot next to Stiles at the lunch table.

Stiles looked up to see not only Cora but Derek’s brothers Shawn and Eli, and one of their other sisters Ariana.

“Hales – can I help you?” Stiles asked slowly.

“You have a crush on our brother,” Eli said.

“Who? Devin? The kid is like 7 that’d be weird if I had a crush on him guys,” he tried to say calmly.

“Very funny Stilinski. But, we happen to know that Derek likes you too so maybe you should make a move. Believe it or not, we like you and think you’re good for our brother,” Ariana said.

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omg your last head cannons was bae! Amazing! So is it okay if I request something? Imagine being a new overwatch agent and a spy who dresses like handsome males and sexy females for missions and your lover falls in love with you? Headcanons for that with Sombra, Soldier 76 and McCree? Sorry if its too much love <3 Thank you!

Wow, thank you lovely! That really means a lot since I’m new to this. I hope I’ve understood this ask right, I think its a reader who is a master-of-disguise-sexy-spy? If not, let me know, I’d hate to disappoint! Head canons coming your way, hope this is just as good for you! :)


You meet whilst you’re in still in disguise

  • You had just got back from a mission, walking to your room to change
  • Bumped into her in the hallway as she was running to wherever she was headed, as per usual
  • You fell over, since you were, at the time, wearing heels and she felt pretty terrible
  • “Damn it!”
  • She was a bit startled by your looks at first and you took this as an opportunity to get away and change as quickly as you could

When you meet again, she, like most people, doesn’t recognise you

  • It was in a team meeting and you sat next to her, nudging her with a smile
  • She looked at you quizzically
  • “Do I know you?”
  • Once you explained she looked closer and her eyes widened
  • “That’s cool.”

Slowly, she meets you in all your disguises

  • You can’t tell if you’re the one making sure you see her or its the other way round
  • As long as you meet and have your usual flirtatious banter, you don’t really mind
  • She takes great interest in your disguises and how they work
  • Once or twice, you even let her watch as you transform and smile smugly  when her eyes light up

You’re quick; you can tell the woman is smitten

  • She starts following you around like a lost pup
  • It would be annoying if you hadn’t fallen for her too
  • One day when she ‘boops’ your nose as she does every morning, you just pull her in for a kiss
  • “We’re doing this again, right?”
  • “Yes, Sombra, we’re definitely doing this again.”

Soldier 76

Met on the battlefield

  • You were in costume, having infiltrated the base to get the team where they were now, in the heat of battle
  • This costume however, was slightly skewed, wig messy and makeup smudged
  • Jack saw you at this point, whilst shooting and momentarily stopped
  • He had never been so enamoured so quickly in his life
  • But he was a soldier, and as such, he returned to focus and filed the topic into his mind to revisit later

After the battle, you were both in the medical bay with Mercy and you, of course, spoke to him first

  • He was much too nervous, mind in total overdrive
  • When you spoke to him, he took a few moments to calm himself down
  • Then he was super-smooth Commander Jack Morrison again
  • You were pretty interested in him yourself though he seemed so cool that you played it down as much as you could
  • This caused him to get a bit disheartened (I mean, he was out of practice) and you both left disappointed

Next time you met, you were out of disguise

  • Really, someone like him, you expected him to ignore you and not really know who you were
  • But, unbeknownst to you, he had fallen for you eyes and recognised them instantly
  • You struck up conversation once again, this time, it flowed easier and neither of you held back
  • He asked you to dinner that night
  • “Why don’t we just go right now?”
  • “Sounds like a plan, honey.”


You were in your room, about to take off your disguise, when McCree burst in without knocking

  • You saw him visibly look you up and down before his eyes came to rest on your face and you rolled your eyes
  • He introduced himself and somehow managed to make it the sexiest thing you’d ever heard in your entire life
  • And he knew it
  • You knew men like this though and quickly shut down his invitation for dinner to “show you around the place, darlin’”
  • He left looking as if he’d never been rejected before

Over the next few weeks, he sought you out more and more

  • He wasn’t one to give up on anything or anyone
  • Seriously someone give this guy a medal for ‘best effort’
  • He tries all his best lines, signature gestures, subtle touches
  • You make sure to seem like none of them are affecting you which strikes up some banter each time you meet
  • Inside, however, you’re melting

During that time, he’s falling for you

  • Of course, at first, it was just physical
  • And he wouldn’t ever say that he didn’t enjoy your different costumes each day
  • But it grew to something much deeper than that, which both scared and excited him at the same time

He prepared a little speech to ask you out properly, explain his new feelings toward you

  • You saw the change in him as soon as he walked up to you
  • Less cocky and much more anxious
  • You knew it was time to put him out of his misery
  • You closed the distance and kissed him passionately, him returning it wholeheartedly
  • “I’m falling’ for y’ darlin’”
  • “It’s a good job I’m falling for you too then, ain’t it cowboy?”
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Happy Valentine’s Day! I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to post something but I couldn’t not do something for killugon on a holiday like this <3

This was written for the wonderful @honeybitz! They sent me a message about a prompt a little bit ago and at the moment I couldn’t write it, but I got to it eventually! Thank you for always being so supportive of everything I write, I hope you enjoy this even though its a bit different then what you messaged me about ^^;

Modern High School AU

Word Count: 1928


“I accidentally passed you an embarrassing note that was meant for my best friend dON’T YOU DARE READ IT.”


The sound of his name was spoken with a voice Gon knew better than his own. Heart jumping up into his throat, Gon whirled around. His gaze immediately landed on his one and only best friend slowly making his way to where Gon stood just under the shade of the bleachers.

“Killua.” Gon smiled easily. Smiling was always like that around Killua- easy, simple. As if it was the most natural thing in the world for his lips to curl upwards after seeing those glittering blue eyes and the chaotic mess of white hair.

Killua, on the other hand, was not smiling. He glowered at Gon, hands shoved deep into the pockets of his jeans, and said shortly, “Give it back.”

Gon made a face and Killua growled, “Gon. You promised.”

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