he was so cool though

Kirishima was simply amazing in chapter 143

Everyone is either sad or satisfied (or both) with what Kirishima endured in chapter 143, for a reason, but I wanted to add that, just, Kirishima was so brave and strong in that chapter I’m just…! I’m really impressed by his genuine devotion and pure will to protect FatGum. Fat is a pro hero, he’s handling the fight somehow but Kirishima has no means to know that; he’s not in Fat’s head as we are, they don’t communicate, he doesn’t know Fat has a plan and is stocking all those punches to give Rappa a taste of his own medicine. All that he can see is that Fat is in real danger, and even though he’s in pain and terribly scared, even if he’s been broken when he thought he was finally strong, he won’t allow himself to let Fat endure everything and desperately tries to find something he can do even though the situation is unbalanced and he’s clueless as to what to do because he knows he’s not strong enough. But then, he went anyway.

Even Tengai thought he was too scared to move and was helpless, and he was, but then Kirishima stepped up, put himself in first line and protected Fat, holding purely on his will and desperate need to do something to help and protect him. 

I find this panel very powerful: he is unbreakable, he doesn’t crumble and stands right on his feet. He clenched his teeth and faced all those punches, and even went and tried to give a punch back against that terribly powerful villain, almost landing a hit, if not for Tengai’s barrier.

He’s just… Kirishima is just incredibly amazing and brave. He truly was heroic. He wasn’t suddenly not scared or didn’t powered up; he took his fears and doubts, and decided, with so little that he had to present, to face adversity and Go Beyond.

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consider the following- Altean! Lance taking the bomb for Coran like he does in canon. Only Coran is now actively furious and wants to pummel some galra punks( cause let's face it the only reason he wasn't up in arms was because it was a Pidge episode)

ok so I hc Alteans are a lot sturdier than they look (like coran just had to take a min breath then was up and running, same with allura yo, they tough)

if imagining the scenario of Altean!Lance pushing Human!Coran out of the way of the explosion, then this comes to mind-

he’s still damn ticked off

So for today’s warm-up I decided to spend some quality time with Adam and things that are typical for him. This was so much fun that I can’t stop thinking about doing stuff like this for the rest of the gang as well- yay or nah?


A  G I F T   F R O M   T H E   G O D S 

O you door-keepers who guard your portals, who swallow souls and who gulp down the corpses of the dead. What a journey I have made, the things I have seen, I am but one of you.

Ardyn in Assassin’s Creed Origins

黒子のバスケ 〜扉の向こう〜 special tip-off act

When my mum was pregnant with me and people used to ask my dad what he was hoping for (as in a girl or a boy) he always answered that he’d quite like a dolphin or a penguin which is probably the best answer he could have given

When all your friends are posting pics with their significant other for Valentine’s Day but you’re still single

So now we know the next episode is the Mad Max one, and I’m so excited. I decided to colour some Stanchez Mad Max sketches I’d done the other day before I decided what season 3, episode 2 based art I want to draw next.

Also, sorry @spinetrick but after you drew that pic for me I think your influence is starting to slowly be picked up like velcro haha. :S

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🌌 - Magic AU with the pairing of your choice!

shows up to this prompt weeks late with a starbucks and ignores the magic part of a magic au. i really tried going more magical but could not make anything work. ahem. 

Zimbits Magician AU

  • Okay, Bitty and Jack are magicians, and meet on a T.V. show competition
    • Magicians from all over come and showcase their talents in front of live audiences, on stage and in the street. They’re judged by a panel of famous magicians and viewers can vote too on their favourites and the winner will get a year long contract, and opportunities for touring and whatnot
    • I’m pretty sure this is already a show tbh
  • So
  • The setting is Las Vegas.
  • Enter one Jack Zimmermann, who picks up a pack of cards after rehab and never really lets it go. Card games are a way to pass the time when he was on suicide watch and learning card tricks quickly becomes a way to keep his mind and hands busy after.
    • Instead of coaching peewee, he takes to wandering the streets of Montreal with his pack of cards, looking for people to try his tricks on
    • He gets good off showing the random people, gets great though when he finds someone willing to teach him how much further simple misdirection in his body language can take him (he’s still working on using his voice and words to do the same)
    • There’s a rush in convincing your audience of the magic, even if they just believe in it for a split second, and it’s similar to the rush of being on the ice so Jack keeps doing it.
    • Jack spends the time he would’ve on the ice finding places where he can perform. He starts at bars, works his way up to clubs, and soon a producer of the show finds him and offers him an audition. He only hesitates because it’s in Vegas, but the opportunity of working with other magicians is enough to convince him that Vegas is a big enough city and his chances of running into hockey are slim. It’s really not a hockey town, despite having a hockey team
      • (Jack never lets himself think of how it could’ve been his hockey team)
  • Bitty’s speciality is illusions
    • He gets interested in magic as a kid, watching how his grandfather liked to keep the younger cousins entertained, but doesn’t do more than beg his mom to take him to the library so he could pick up more books about magic until he comes out from school with scrapes and bruises on his knees and palms.
      • Pops is the one to pick Bitty up, and doesn’t say a word on the drive home beyond giving Bitty a handkerchief to press to his still bleeding knee. Once they’re in the house, he lifts Bitty up onto the kitchen counter and cleans the scraps. He’s gentle when he presses band-aids onto Bitty’s knees, smoothing down the edges.
      • “What happened junior?” Pops asks.
      • “Nothing,” Bitty mumbles into his knees.
      • “Them bigger boys?” Pops continues. Bitty shrugs and continues to not look at Pops, startling slightly when Pops lifts him down from the counter.
      • “Lemme show you something.” Pops leads Bitty into the living room and shows him a trick to make himself seem heavier than he is so the older boys can’t push him around as easily.
      • It’s the first magic that Bitty learns

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This happened. I don’t play Reinhardt often but I happened to have a good game.

When solo queuing, I’ve NEVER heard a female voice on the teamchat, and I’m not surprised. Keeping quiet means less chance of being harassed, hit on, or treated differently in general. It is kinda funny when folks playing assume everyone on their team must naturally be a dude though.

If I was braver I’d voicechat on solo queue. Someday.

O’ course if you’d rather read this as being Rein’s a transwoman and hasn’t transitioned/kept the beard, that’s ok too.