he was so complimented for 0.2 seconds

Seventeen in a Group Chat

S.Coups: gets mad when someone swears. Always says “good morning” and “good night”. The one who keeps the conversation going. Partakes in roasting Seungkwan.

Jeonghan: sends lots of cat videos. Makes the boys compliment his selfies. Always has juicy gossip about everybody. Always talking shit. Xoxo Gossip Girl 

Joshua: the one that always makes plans but one actually turns up. Complains about it through a fricken Word document. Lives for Jeonghan’s selfies.

Jun: accidentally sends nudes. Responds in 0.2 seconds or doesn’t respond at all. Has sO manY reCeiptS 

Hoshi: constantly says he’s hungry. Always complaining about something. Hyperactive as heck. Sends incoherent sentences nobody understands.

Wonwoo: never replies. When he does, it’s to tell Mingyu to shut up because he’s trying to read. Says “fight me” a lot for a person who doesn’t like conflict. Doesn’t give a shit most of the time.

Woozi: Secretly saves Jun’s nudes to blackmail him with later. Doesn’t bother reading the messages. No one notices him leave the group chat because Mingyu’s always sending 20 messages in a row.

DK: sends memes all the time. Nobody reads the 600 word paragraphs he sends. Spams. A lot. Has cute nicknames for everyone.

Mingyu: quadruple texts. CAPS LOCK. Spams the group chat when everyone’s asleep. 

The8: doesn’t know what the heck is going on. Whenever he opens his phone he has like 452 unread messages. Basically a ghost.

Seungkwan: is always left on read. Has a sarcastic reply for evERYTHINGGG. Threatens to leave the chat because he keeps getting roasted. Ends up getting kicked out by Jeonghan before he can actually leave. 

Vernon: takes 500 years to reply but when he does, it’s usually a “kk”. Shares really good memes. Nobody likes his jokes or puns.

Dino: only replies in emojis. Is never on the same topic as the others. Changes the chat name to “Dino is the best” and leaves.

- Hoe$hi