he was so beautiful in this interview

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I bet Diego was frustrated that he was not at the oscars. Like come on, his best friend was there as well as his two wonderful Rogue One costars. Not to mention Felicity looking like something that came out of God's personal treasures. Even Riz looked mesmerized at her, can you imagine how Diego's response would be?

He would slam her against the nearest wall and they’d furiously make out

Ngl I missed my ray of sunshine so much but to be fair with him, he did say in a recent interview that all he wanted to do now was to rest and enjoy his kids, since he’s been practically working/travelling non stop and he does need a little vacation – and he totally deserves it.

But he wrote a very proud tweet when Gael was presenting so he was totally watching his good friends being beautiful there! 

yes okay niall is a beautiful and pure sunshine puppy, but he can also be a sassy, sarcastic little shit who gets passive aggressive as fuck so greetings friends, let’s take a journey


why u so bitter niall??? who hurt you? not that couch



he likes to sass interviewers in particular




this interview was the pinnacle though lbr, the interviewer was asking them the stupidest questions (the whole thing is gr8 go watch it here) so when niall wasn’t talking about his shoes or laughing at liam and harry trolling the interviewer he was doing this

oh and remember that one time an interviewer wanted to take a selfie but wouldn’t let niall take it??? im sure niall does


niall does not take kindly to not being allowed to take the selfie

the most pure and friendly of humans but he doesn’t have the time for rude people ok

he definitely does NOT like when people throw things on stage



yep not even the fans are safe


or his band mates



or his friends

sometimes he just says it all with a face


he hates when people get his name wrong with the power of a million suns




his tweets are more often than not lovely gibberish but sometimes we get gems like this;

basically i love nialls sense of humour and it is incredibly underrated

I fucking love head canons about Jack and his magazine interviews. Here are a few of mine.

He’s been in publications like Sports Illustrated and ESPN and Rolling Stone and stuff but he was featured in Vogue too. He may not know shit about fashion but he IS Alicia Zimmermann’s son and BEAUTIFUL. So he does a beautiful shoot where he’s wearing powder blue head to toe on a minimalist set. So dreamy. They interview him specifically about how his mom has influenced him. It’s lovely.

Every time he’s interviewed for a magazine he goes out of his way to invite the journalist to his apartment. He sits in his same arm chair every time to build a routine and try and get comfortable in a situation that can be really anxiety ridden for him.

A lot of times Jack is asked questions about The Draft Incident but he purposefully makes his responses too boring or bare to print to many fans and reporters frustration.

His favorite interview he ever did was one where he just got to explain his diet and fitness plan as well as his time as a coach during his break. It’s clear that he loves kids as much as he loves the game, and when asked about one of his players who had just been drafted into the NHL he said he couldn’t have been prouder and that he always knew his kids were capable. The kid’s mom has it framed in her kitchen, and when Jack visited for dinner and saw it one night he teared up.

When he was ready, he came out on The Players’ Tribune instead of through a journalist’s words. It was important to him to express his experiences and his love for Bitty himself. The response was positive, and he even did a shoot with You Can Play to accompany the article.

He did a cover for Men’s Health unbeknownst to Bitty, and when Bitty saw a sweaty, shirtless, Jack Zimmermann looking back at the camera all he could do was text a pic with the caption “?!???!!!?!?! 😭🙌🏻🔥”. The response: “ha. Thanks. I forgot about that.”

I don’t know about you, but I love seeing Louis like in this last interview. There were so many moments of joy and laughter. He’s constantly joking, he’s not holding back. Flamboyant and giggly and swearing and beautiful. I love that he can be that way around Steve, I love Steve for making him feel this level of comfortable. It’s so great to see Louis being LOUIS in these moments. I missed him.

Everyone needs to listen to that Smallzy interview with Niall.  Smallzy makes a slightly homophobic joke about Niall not looking like someone “into interior design” (he’s at Niall’s house and commenting on how beautiful the interior is) and Niall is like, nah, man I love it.

Then Smallzy is asking Niall about what to do on Valentine’s Day, how to act with women, and Niall is all, dude, all women are different, play it by ear.

I love Niall so much!  And I’m so impressed that he isn’t just going along with that stuff and being a bro.

At the same time, she’s caught between her love for her partner, the love of her life, and who she is. She just knows in her gut and instinct and intellect that there’s always a way to fight — looking at all that we don’t have isn’t the way. Right now she can’t argue with him when he tells her they just don’t have the numbers. There’s a deep emotional and psychological argument, but she doesn’t really have anything to come back at him with, because he’s being so pragmatic.


Read the whole interview though! It’s so smart and beautiful and all the reasons we love Danai.

Dating Josh Includes

A/N: this was just a little update, if you like it there will be a Tyler one! Remember to keep messaging me with requests! My ask box sadly isn’t open right now, so just message me.

•Cuddles, a lot of cuddles.
•His Squinty-Eyed Smiles
•Calming Him Down When He Gets Nervous/Anxious
•Him Showing You How To Drum
•His Kindness
•Watching Disney Movies
•Him Arguing That Aliens Are Real
•Him Being Super Cute And Shy Around Your Family
•Him BLuShiNG Everytime You Give Him A Compliment
•Sweaty Hugs After Concerts
•Him Always Staring At You And Your Beauty
•Little Smirks During Concerts
•Him Having To Have You With Him During Interviews/Award Shows
•Late Night Trips To Fast Food Places
•Him Always Insisting On Paying For Dinner
•Tyler always teasing you two
•Him Getting All Anxious When You Give Hickeys And They’re Noticeable
•Him Softly Singing To Your Children
•Him Softly Singing
•Helping Him Dye His Hair
•Momma Dun Absolutely Loves You
•Being BFFs with Abigail/Ashley
•More Cuddles
•I’m Running Out Of Ideas

Fetus Ashton

Let’s continue with Ash (he was my first fave on 5sos and ok this is going to be really painful)

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Those sexy moves (ft. Mike)

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Ok yes this is painful

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This shirt was my fave shirt on him T-T I used to draw him wearing it all the time

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Oh people remember to put your sunglasses on, a ray of sun has jsut appeared

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Fetus Ash is just so f* adorable :c

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Also a big weirdo… I miss the keek era a lot

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So beautiful…

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Ash: I can’t sing *sings*

5sos fam: Is that an angel singing?

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This interview is just THE interview

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And fetus Ash with glasses… Well if you want to find me I’ll be just there in that corner… crying…

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Ok this one is the last one seriously this hurts a lot :c


interviewer: so, michael, how’s y/n?

michael: *looks over at you*

michael: she’s perfect, absolutely perfect


Timmy Olyphant on Conan [4.27.16]

bonus: for reasons

  • Chat becomes friend of Marinette and starts liking her, and viceversa
  • But Mari knows he is in love with Ladybug so she never really thinks he could like her
  • But then one day an interview with Chat Noir and Alya goes like:
  • Chat Noir : Oh yes i have a girl in my heart
  • Alya: Yes! I knew Ladynoir was real!
  • Chat Noir: Who said anything about Ladybug?
  • AND EVERYONE JUST FREAKS OUT TRYING TO NOW WHO IS THE ONE CHAT IS IN LOVE WITH AND MARI IS LIKE " whAt?? First Adrien and then Chat, why do i have such a luck??"
  • And then when she asks Chat he is like " Well she is brave, beautiful..." and talks about her and Mari is all dense like " oh who could it be???"