he was so beatiful


“if you’ve ever sent any replies to my letters, I’ve never had them. I shan’t write again after this. But it wouldn’t hurt to send me a line.. even a postcard… to tell me you’re not interested. Then perhaps I could stop thinking about you.”


Seriously in the last 2 years he has gone from living day to day and crashing on friends couches to winning a tony, breaking broadway records, appearing in tv shows, getting the STAR ROLE in snowpiercer, receiving his doctorate, and so much more. He’s such an amazing, loveable, inspiring man and words cannot explain how proud I am of this beautiful person I have never met.

proof that gw2 is bad game:

-you cant hug trahearne
-still no trahearne mini and yet theres like five different half naked faren minis

Just finish ep.13 and now I’m 100% on masked man team!

(Actually, I’m in his team since ep. 1 but… even… ¯\_༼ ಥ ‿ ಥ ༽_/¯  ) 

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I didn't read those before sleeping but i have read them actually. Ugh i never found jae particularly exceedingly handsome and attractive and probably overlooked all his qualities but now he's wrecking me so har and it's such a beatiful feeling and thinking about him makes my neck heat up and this sigh leave my lips which is contented and somewhat sad at the same time WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME

Uh I’ve always found him extremely handsome so I can’t relate

Long live Jeff Jung

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eVEryBODY gO ChECk oUT TJIs GuyS CHAnNeL!!!!!!
its honestly so wholesome and gOOdnESS
like he has two 😻CATS😻 in all his videos amd they are just so PRecious and GoRgEoUS and whenever he makes things he holds the ingredients up to them and they give them a boop of approval and its just so PRECiOUS also the FOOD hes making is so GOOD and it looks so deLicioUS and BEatiFuL😍✨ and if you need something nice to cheer you up or just lift your mood GO WaTCH iT i pRoMisE its GOODNeSS

sasuke feelings for sakura as a genin

OK MAYBE i’M THE ONLY ONE but I can’t  stop thinking about this scene

When sakura literally was desperate trying to convet his feeling to sasuke
this happens

He doesn’t know how deep sakura affection is. He then thinks that she won’t be alone since naruto is there for her , and sasuke also knows naruto feelings about sakura.( rather than sasuke thinking about naruto and sakura who filled his emptiness , I think this is quite an important moment for sasuke –>sakura fellings )

And once again his is trying to convince himself rather than sakura ( it’s basically the same with him putting logic in the second confession arghhhh)

And bam

this moment was crucial

not only she was his , but he had the confirm that their feelings were mutual.

And you can’t tell me otherwise

And i find the image quite accurate ( you can see the credit on the image)

Damn kishi that never shows his face when his feelings are involded

And hell he was always the one giving her hope(and us damned ss shipper hope)

 he does not properly answer Sakura’s declaration of love because he can’t-  put his feelings in words. more like he can’t allow himself to .

(you know like when you have a crush on someone but if you say it out louad you admitt also to yourself that you like it;idk id I was able to properly express it lol)

yet he won’t outright reject her because he knows he feels something for sakura

Not only he thanked her(biting his beatiful lips while doing so)

And wiped her tears away(after carrying her to the bench)

from this

to this

the tears are gone , but we can ses them again because she was still crying later on

Can we please talk about this litte girl even crying while sleeping