he was so arrogant and cute in a way lol

BTS Reaction: Their Crush Kissing Them on the Cheek

Requested: Nope

Group: BTS

Disclaimer: This is just my opinion!!! 

Seokjin: I think that he would be flustered but happy, smiling very big and blushing just a little! I think he would be surprised and probably take it as a sign that you liked him back, he might try to move your relationship forward in some way. 

Yoongi: He would act unfazed, maybe giving you a small smile. He might blush a little. Inside, I think he would have butterflies and be very happy, but as he seems to not be able to express his emotions well, I think he wouldn’t show how happy it made him on the outside. He would probably freak out when he was alone, wondering if he should text you or ask you out or something.

Hoseok: I think he would smile really big and giggle. Saying something like, “You’re so cute!!” or, “Oh, my heart!” (lol, my hearteu). He would most definitely take it as a sign you liked him and try to move things forward. He may pull you to the side and ask you on a date later or maybe text or call you.

Namjoon: Cocky. That’s how he would act. “Oh, I knew you liked me. Why not on the lips next time.” OR I can see him trying to play it cool but failing miserably, becoming awkward and maybe giggling and blushing. But either way, I’m sure he would try to move things forward as well. 

Jimin: GIGGLY. Blushing, covering his mouth with his hand and giggling. He would be SO cute and a little shy. I’m not sure he would know what to do, but I know he would be very happy! He would need advice from his hyungs on what to do next.

Taehyung: Also giggling a lot, probably calling you cute like Hobi. He might hide his face in his hands. I think he would try to get things moving forward, but directly. I can also see him having the deer-in-headlights look, lol!

Jungkook: I can see this going several ways. One, SHY KOOKIE. Gulping, running away, red as a tomato Kookie. Or, ARROGANT KOOKIE, like “yeah, I knew you couldn’t resist me for long”. He could try to move things forward, but he would probably ask his hyungs on how, like Jimin.