he was so angry with her

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I adore your blog and absolutely obssesed with your new fanfictions! If you would have some free time, please, I beg you, write a story about Nesta and her leaving the Night Court without telling this Cassian - it would be soooo goood to read! I want angst!

Nesta sets off on her journey to seek justice against the human queens and leaves behind a piece of paper for the Commander who holds her heart in his scarred hands. Hope you enjoy this fic!

Parchment fluttered in the breeze on a small table underneath a book on war tactics.

It had been two hours since Nesta left the letter – or what should be deemed as a note considering how brief it was.

Those few short sentences were all she was able to write. Thanking Cassian for being with her on the battlefield. And lastly saying goodbye to him as she decided to leave Velaris.

Vassa had contacted the Night Court – or more specifically Feyre for assistance in concern to the queens who betrayed them to Hybern. The High Lady of the Night Court declined to personally join Vassa.

Nesta volunteered to go in her stead. Perhaps this would provide some relief from the pain Nesta had been feeling. The loss of her father and the soldiers she couldn’t save weighed heavy on her shoulders to the point Nesta imagined she would break at any moment.

It didn’t help knowing that everyone else in the Inner Circle celebrated immediately after the final battle. Nesta didn’t want them to see how the war had shattered her in ways she didn’t think were possible.

Weeks passed by and their laughter would always filter up through the House of Wind. Nesta felt more alone and ostracized than ever before. She wanted to be part of their circle. To be considered their friend and a member of such a close-knit group, but every time her fingers went to her bedroom door handle panic rose from her stomach.

Would they look at her in fear of her powers? Would they remind her of how she failed so many Illyrian soldiers in the war and let them die?

Worst of all Nesta was afraid of how Cassian would see her.

And so Nesta never left the room. It was better this way. Not to taint their happiness with her presence.

They were a family and Nesta was the stranger looking in. Even Lucien had entered the fold with much more ease than Nesta could have imagined. Azriel and Cassian welcomed him as both a fellow warrior and brother.

Nesta can clearly remember his laughter breaking through her depressed state. His deep voice coaxing her to come out even though he hadn’t called out to her.

The thought of it made Nesta cringe. Before the last battle they were finally becoming close. More than close if this thread that seemingly tied her to him was any indication.

But uncertainty clouded Nesta’s mind. She had heard what mating bonds were. Nesta still had yet to ask Feyre or anyone else if that is what she was currently experiencing.

Cassian didn’t appear to notice. In fact he failed to make an appearance more often then not when Nesta made the rare occasion downstairs for food.

Frustration, guilt and sorrow made Nesta’s blood run cold. The fact that Cassian was now ignoring her after their tender moment on the battlefield did nothing to soothe her worries that plagued her mind to begin with.

That didn’t matter now though as she crossed into human territory. It had been hours since she said goodbye to Feyre and Elain. Hours since she had left that note for Cassian in the foyer at the House of Wind.

It would more than likely be weeks before he even read it considering he was at the Illyrian camps. He had been working with the generals for almost a month now in re-arranging the soldiers and helping to train new recruits.

With a weary sigh Nesta entered a large clearing in the forest. A meadow of tall grass and wildflowers swayed in the breeze. From afar Nesta could see Vassa in the distance near a large boulder.

This was where they would begin their journey.

The moment Nesta took another step forward a loud boom echoed from above. The forest immediately quieted and the wind appeared to blow stronger.

As if a force of some kind was approaching.

Nesta turned around. Eyes scouting the sky toward the fae lands in search for whatever created that deafening noise.

Then she heard it. The sound of wings.

A dark shape shot through the clouds heading straight for her. Nesta’s eyes widened in shock as the large mass landed in front of her. The earth trembled under his feet as he righted himself and stood tall in the sunlight.

Nesta blinked as she silently watched Cassian stride toward her.

Sweat shone on his forehead and his chest heaved in heavy breaths. It was clear he made an effort to fly as fast as possible.

His eyes were intensely focused on Nesta. Burning with emotions that almost made Nesta’s knees tremble.

Instead she remained still. Nervously wondering what he would do.

“Shouldn’t you be on a freezing mountain with your troops?” Nesta asked without her voice cracking. A feat in of itself as her fists tightened to restrain the overwhelming need to go to him.

“Shouldn’t you be in Velaris hiding in your room or reading a romance novel?” Cassian tossed back. “Or the better question is why you left without a word?”

Nesta looked at him in confusion. “I told Feyre and Elain my plans. And I did leave with a goodbye if you failed to notice.”

It was then that Cassian unfurled his clenched fingers to reveal the parchment Nesta had left him.

“This,” Cassian raised the paper in his hand, “does not count as goodbye.”

Nesta swallowed at the sight of her writing in his calloused fingers. Could Cassian see how her heart bled into the ink as she wrote down words meant only for him to read? Or maybe he noticed that damned tear stain on the corner that she had been unable to stop from falling.

No matter the reason he was here now. Though she never expected he would fly out to – to what exactly? Why was he here?

“If you’ve come to criticize me then you should consider yourself lucky I even addressed a letter to you in the first place,” Nesta folded her arms in an effort to keep them from shaking. “I wasted precious time preparing for this trip just to write you a farewell that you can’t even have the decency to accept.”

“You’re right,” Cassian took a step forward. Then another. Nesta had to tilt her head up to look up at as he was an arm length away. “I can’t accept this.”

He folded the paper again and stuck it in one of the pockets that no doubt held a weapon or two inside.

“So you flew all the way out here to tell me that?” Nesta let a bit of bitterness seep into her tone.

Cassian smiled. The corner of his lips rose in a way that made Nesta forget that she was angry at him.

“No, I flew all the way out here to join you in search of the queens,” Cassian’s hazel eyes flickered with something Nesta couldn’t quite catch.

“And what if I told you that an invitation wasn’t extended to oversized bats who ought to fly back to train their troops and drink the night away with their friends.”

“Then I guess you’ll be having a handsome bat following you around until you can’t resist his charms.”

“Is that so?” Nesta turned her chin up. Eyes set in a challenge. “I’m sure the others will miss you. Why don’t you go home where you belong?”

Her tone was dismissive. Hardened into steel that was meant to cut and get the point across swiftly.

But Cassian saw through it. And Nesta hated how he suddenly noticed what she vaguely implied. His expression softened and his hand reached to her shoulder.

“Velaris is my home as much as it is yours Nesta,” Cassian gently squeezed her shoulder.

Nesta said nothing. She glanced away from the perceptive eyes that watched her far too closely.

“Besides,” Cassian’s voice lowered as he leaned in close. “I’m exactly where I belong. Right here. With you.”

A small tug in her chest made Nesta’s breath hitch. She shot Cassian a look. Hoping that he felt it too.

His face revealed nothing much to her disappointment. She should tell him to go. Cassian may leave if she requested it, but she wouldn’t put it past him to indeed hold true to his promise by following them during the mission.

With weary sigh Nesta turned to fully look at the Illyrian.

“Fine. But if you do one thing out of line–”

“Then you can punish me all you want,” Cassian winked and made his way to the boulder where Vassa was watching their interaction with veiled interest.

When Nesta turned to follow Cassian she easily caught up to his pace. Their strides matched as they walked the length of the field.

And it might have been her imagination, but Nesta could have sworn Cassian’s fingers grazed hers hidden between the wildflowers as they began their journey.

Together. They would do this together.

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What do you think about chris' mother-in-law saying alla that stuff about Eddie on Twitter? I dont think he's that kind of person...

Honestly, the fact that Eddie is like the sweetest and most compassionate, most sensitive and genuinely kind person on the planet is what makes her comments so damn upsetting. Like… she’s grieving I guess and I get that she’s angry but to actively shit all over a guy who just lost his friend is just… why would you do that at all, let alone publicly? And like honestly I’ve been really riled up about this because fans of both Chris and SG are really in their feelings right now and her shit is having a bad effect on everyone and people are questioning Eddie on a number of things where we should be respecting his space and his feelings. The underlying tone of everyone’s comments has been a disregard for Eddie’s emotional well-being, for the sake of public appearance or sentiment.

Also like, I just want to say this as far him not being at the funeral: he literally has to tour tomorrow in another fucking country and he left days ago because he probably has shit to do pertaining to touring! It’s just funny because if he canceled any of his shows, fans of PJ would be livid and out of their minds! But for some reason, somehow, people want him to do it all.

My thing is, I just want Eddie to be okay, and whatever he feels he has to do, or not do, is his choice and I respect it. I wish we could all respect that.

Plus some of what she said is not anyone’s business at all and it just feels like it’s not our place to comment on if or when Eddie contacted Chris’ family because that’s his prerogative which doesn’t affect us and we don’t know what sort of mental state he’s in to make any sort of comment.

I dunno, this has been upsetting on top of an already incredibly emotional time, i just want to forget all the drama and listen to Eddie’s show tomorrow.

I’m still so floored that Rebecca thinks she knows Robert better than Aaron does. That Aaron needs HER, of all fucking people, to protect and warn him?

Honey, one of the reasons this is so fucking hard for him is because he DOES know Robert. He does know how Robert feels and what he is capable of. He doesn’t need your ‘doesn’t know shit about Robert Sugden but still wants to fuck him and have his baby’ ass warning him of shit.


I was honestly so angry at the people blaming Nina for Azazel’s plan failing last week.

But look at her now. She didn’t know anything about what was going on with Azazel’s plan. Yet he indirectly implied that she was working with the demons in his moment of desperation to save Mugaro. Nina was literally just at the wrong place at the wrong time. What was her response?

Apologize to Azazel and put the full blame on herself. She is incredibly selfless.

Starlight Chapter 4 (Update)


Rey woke up feeling hot and sweaty. The fabric of her nightgown sticking to her back and irritating her. A heavy hand was draped over her midsection, informing her of the source of the heat.


His chest was pressed against her back and his body felt like a furnace and all she wanted at that moment was to fling him off of her with her power. And that’s exactly what she did.


Kylo’s back hit the nearest wall in a second as he was tossed across the room in one angry blast. It was unnecessary and uncalled for but she couldn’t bring herself to care. Her powers have significantly grown with her.. condition.


Even though a voice in the back of her mind was screaming for being cruel to him when he was unaware and vulnerable in his sleep, she just chose to ignore it. It’s his fault she was so uncomfortably warm in the middle of the night.


Kylo snarled, scrambling up to his feet, his body instantly on alarm from the unforeseen danger. He called his saber to his hand, igniting it and taking a defensive stance. He looked around to locate the source of danger before his eyes settled on her. He could clearly sense her aura, which was darker than usual and understood she was the source.


His eyes scanned her form, settling on her belly before coming up to meet her glowing eyes. Kylo exhaled, sheathing his saber blade and dropping it on the floor.


“Stars, Rey. What is it this time?” he padded towards the bed, knees sinking into the mattress as he moved closer to her. “Did you have a nightmare? Did they have nightmares?” he said placing one of his large hands on her protruding belly.


Her eyes followed the movement of his hands then peered up to look at his face. A tender expression graced his face as he caressed her belly. Kylo’s eyes were soft and a small smile tugged at the corner of his mouth.


Her scowl relaxed as she felt the calm settling over him. His light siphoning the dark off slowly but surely and she felt herself relax basking in his light. When she first met him, he was the one dipped in dark and she was his blinding call to the light,  now their roles have reversed.

Read more on AO3

My dark!Reylo fic with pregnancy smut for #Boobgate, enjoy!

Thank you Nori @ns0241 

this is a slightly wilder prediction that probably wont happen BUT:

  • we know the new gem is zircon
  • we know that zircon is known as “fake diamonds”
  • we know that when steven revives someone from the dead they gain a pink hue

my theory is that theyre going to make zircon stevens lawyer. homeworld court functions in a way where if you fail your client in court, you are shattered. this is part of the reason why zircon is so angry and terrified with steven, she knows shes been put into a position where shes basically fucked no matter what.

steven revives her and since shes zircon but pink due to that, he tricks the diamonds into thinking that he brought back pink diamond but its really zircon

obviously this makes no sense and theres a lot of flaws and its not true or going to happen but i want to believe in anything other than steven actually reviving the real pink diamond and everything being okay uwu at the end so ill take it

I fucking love you// Joe Sugg Imagine

Warnings: N/a

Word count: 677

Requested: no || Request are open

Summary: Y/n starts to talk to one of Joe’s friends and due to a crush he has on her, he gets angry. 

A/n: This is just a short one as I get request done so if you requested one, thank you for being patient!


I banged on Joe’s door for the fifth time. “Wake up you stupid fuck,” I mumbled to myself. I was waiting for my best friend to open the door to his apartment. It was currently 11:45 in the afternoon and for Joe that means it’s still time to sleep. “Coming!” I heard him yell. His voice was scratchy and rough, like a typical hot morning voice. I waited for another minute before a sleepy Sugg opened the door. 

He was dressed in black joggers but he didn’t have a shirt on which I didn’t mind one bit.  "I brought you breakfast..well lunch I guess,“ I said holding up a bag in front of his face, making his face instantly brighten. I laughed and he opened the door wider for me to walk in. "You know you probably need your own key,” Joe yawned. “True. That way I don’t have to bang on the door 12 million times,” I said.

 I set down the McDonald’s bag on his counter before handing him his drink out of the drink carrier. “Thank youuu,” he said. “Anything for my best frienddd,” I replied. “You’re in a really good mood this morning. What happened?” Joe asked taking the food out of the bag. “Nothingggg,” I lied. “Y/n we’ve been best friends for so long. I think I know when you’re lying,” Joe said. “What? I just can’t be in a good mood?” He gave me a look.

 "Okay okay fineee. So I might have started talking to somebody but nothing is like official,“ I smiled. His face dropped but he tried to cover it up. "Oh, who?” He said emotionless. “Jackkkk,” I said as he took a bite. He choked on his food and coughed. “Jack Maynard?” “Yeah,” I said smiling wider. He laughed. “Funny joke,” he said. “I’m not joking,” I said with a serious look on my face. “How should I say this kindly? He doesn’t like you,” he said bluntly.

 "Oh that was sooo kind,“ I said rolling my eyes, "and you know this how?” I said. “I know Jack,” he said shaking his head. “So do I?” “Not like I do,” Joe said. “What do you mean?” “You want the truth?” “Yes, Joe.” “He just wants sex. He will take you out for a week, maybe two and once he gets in your pants, he’ll dump you,” he said. “You’re lying. Why can’t you just be happy for me?” I said in frustration. “Well don’t come fucking crying to me when he fucks you over like all over exes,” he said raising his voice.

“Why would I asshole! You wouldn’t help anyways!” I said getting angry. “You always do! May I remind you of the time you cried to me for 3 days straight and I did everything I could to cheer you up. Do you remember that? So don’t fucking say I don’t help you!” “Every time I’m happy with someone you never support it! You always try your hardest to ruin what I have!”

 "It’s because I fucking love you! I. Love. You.“ 

My body instantly softened. "W-what?” “I love you Y/n. I have loved you basically since we met. You are just so perfect. Your smile, your laugh, your.. your everything is just so amazing. I’m so in love with you,” he rambled. I looked at him and opened my mouth but nothing came out. “Please say something,” he pleaded. 

“I- Joe- kiss me,” I said looking him in the eye. He looked at me surprised. “You heard me, kiss me,” I said again. He looked at me and stepped closer. His hands cupped my face and he kissed me passionately. I kissed back. His lips were soft and warm; they made me feel safe. 

Our lips moved in sync like they were made for each other. Everything was perfect. He broke the kiss to catch his breath. He kissed my face over and over. He kissed down my neck. The kisses weren’t sexual, they were love kisses.  I realized in this moment, that I was in love with my best friend.

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Em we need you. Joseph talk about Klaroline today and he said that he doesn't want Klaroline so isn't he wants drama, conflict fire before that. Can you make a gif set with his words. Here are the videos: twitter(.)com/zoetribbiani/status/868458373485912065 twitter(.)com/dobsleydiary/status/868396265524011008

OMG. Y’ALL JOMO WANTS KLAROLINE TO HAPPEN BUT IF THEY DO HE WANTS CONFLICT, DRAMA, AND IF SHE DOES COME SHE NEEDS TO BE ANGRY WITH HIM OR HE NEEDS TO BE ANGRY WITH HER. IM CRYING. thank you so much for sending me this!! if and when there’s better quality of the footage i will of course do my best to gif it! i would gif one of these versions of the video right now but i don’t have time (my ass is supposed to get ready to go somewhere already LOL) but askjdskndfkjv i’m literally cannot w/ what he said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My bro asking me about the gals:
Bro: so when do the girls play again? Haven’t seen them play in months
Me: ohh next month, they’re actually going to play against Sweden and Norway.
Bro: wait!! Sweden?
Me: yup
Bro: is the roster released?
Me: (shows him the roster)
Bro: WTF is this? Where’s krieger? Ohh but Christen got called up, ok that good. I swear if that coach doesn’t play Christen for 90 minutes I’m going to be so angry. And where is Tobin?
Me: oh tobs is injured
Bro: so no nutmeg queen
Me: nope
Bro: well that sucks
Me: totally

If you don’t know lol my older bro is a Uswnt, a Christen Press and a Chicago Red Stars fan

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I'm sorry but i have to say this. I'm sick of even being able to do things and have everyone support him but have yousef do the same thing and everyone hate him or call him out for it. Like did people forget that even hurt isak by getting with sonja or that even cheated on sonja with isak? like yosuef and sana were not together so he can kiss noora (i still hate that happening though) and now when yousef tries to get sana out of her shell he gets called out for it? I'm sorry but 2+2+5?? (1/2)

i hate the double standards that muslims face in real life and in shows too. like i face them because i am a muslim and i get angry when people allow others to get away with the same thing i did but i didn’t get to do. i just hate how people allow even to get away with it but call yousef out when he was just T E A S I N G sana to make her comfortable and smile!!! which we all saw happen. like yousef is the one who can make sana better because he broke her in a way. this bs about disrespect (2/3)
can go back to where ever it came from. i just dont like seeing double standards between people. its disgusting (3/3) i cant count so it just increased as i went along. sorry

yeah i know… to be fair, ppl were hating on even last season around this time as well, saying he’s playing isak etc. but we need to learn from that and realize that nothing is black and white, so we shouldn’t cancel and hate on him so easily. 

even though he did the incredibly stupid thing he did, he KNOWS he did the stupid thing, that was obvious in saturdays clip + this clip where he’s actually trying to make up for it and make her smile.

also the teasing = abusive is ???? dont even get me started on that lmao



WHATTT???? djjdjdjfsjsjxjcjdk sjjzjsjs jjxj xjdjjsjdkcjjxjdjsjjsjsjsjsj ??!?!??!?!??!?!??!?!?
Are he fucking crazy? How can he say “ don’t … fall for me” ????? Nooooo… i’m so angry, she waiting for him … and I felt like her… betrayed … He just abandoned her in the parking lot then comes in and says that?
Noo….. i’m cry…

I found the myth of Zeus and Hera fighting then making up after a fake wedding announcement.

Pausanias, Description of Greece 9. 3. 1 :
 "Hera, they say, was for some reason or other angry with Zeus, and had retreated to Euboia. Zeus, failing to make her change her mind, visited Kithaeron, at that time despot in Plataia [or the mountain-god], who surpassed all men for his cleverness. So he ordered Zeus to make an image of wood, and to carry it, wrapped up, in a bullock wagon, and to say that he was celebrating his marriage with Plataia, the daughter of Asopos. So Zeus followed the advice of Kithairon. Hera heard the news at once, and at once appeared on the scene. But when she came near the wagon and tore away the dress from the image, she was pleased at the deceit, on finding it a wooden image and not a bride, and was reconciled to Zeus. To commemorate this reconciliation they celebrate a festival called Daidala.“

Credits to theoi.com (of course)

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(2/1) Hello! So- I just had this terrible angst idea lol. So, imagine Rocket getting angry at the reader one day and BITING her, because you know, angry animal instincts. Like on her hand, very hard. She freaks out and throws him against the wall of the Milano. He slams against the wall and all of the Guardians just FREEZE.


Lets get this straight

Just because you don’t like Touka, DOES NOT give you the right tell Ishida to kill himself. We all love Kaneki but in the end of the fucking day he’s nothing but a fictional character. I’m happy about this chapter.

Touka is my most favorite female character throughout this series. I’m elated to see Kaneki content and in love with her throughout the latest chapter. You all are so-called worried about Kaneki’s happiness and when he found it with Touka, you “fans” go bat-shit crazy. Hide was his happiness but now, we’ve been reading deep in to it, he’s dead! DEAD! I love Hide too, don’t get me wrong.

Kaneki has been through a lot of traumatizing scenarios and THIS CHAPTER MADE YOU ANGRY BECAUSE HE AND TOUKA FOUND LOVE AND COMFORT. I hate the fandom because of this.



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Yousana Saturdays are 100% a thing and I'm so happy and scared at the same time. And he's warning Yousef about Sana? What will happen??? Did Elias really come between them or is he just cranky cause he's not eating? I'm sure Elias doesn't know about the kiss cause I think that's why she's angry at him cause he let her hope about Yousef. Did Elias tell Yousef to stay away from Sana? Either way, I'm so confused and in love with Yousana.

Nah elias didn’t come between them, i think sana is just mad bc of what elias did. i think elias said that just bc he’s cranky and frustrated bc of sana being mad at him

So she didn’t actually want any more people to know that she is pregnant. 

Her sister blurts it out in the middle of the pub and Rebecca gets angry at her for that. Chrissie says she did it because she thought Rebecca or the baby might get hurt. Then Aaron walks in. 

Rebecca didn’t want any more people to know because there is no baby, she found out she wasn’t pregnant at the clinic when she told Robert she would have to wait another month. Then Robert was there and either she wants to have him back or she wants to destroy his life so she says she’s still pregnant.

She looked disappointed when Aaron said he forgave him because that wasn’t in her plan so now she tries to get Aaron to do what she wants, where she will gladly fail. 

I have one problem with what I just wrote: The crying phone call to the abortion clinic when she was in the pub. That one doesn’t add up.


A long, long time ago, back when my original comic was still in development, I came up with this character that my mains were supposed to be looking for/saving from demonic possession and she was kind of a big deal.

But, as time went on, I rewrote her for the second part as a much bigger villain character and shelved the old idea.

Then, for no reason whatsoever, I suddenly started thinking about her opposite Hanzo/Genji in Overwatch.

Triggers after the cut.

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@twatcitytrick a break up is deffo needed!!!! and some of the things rebecca said was true, i hated the tone of voice she was using. i’m surprised aaron’s head hasn’t fucking exploded. he’s always being told how to think, what he should do, how he should feel. he needs a break. he needs help!!!! he needs to take care of himself


@klanceweek Day 3: Scars

“The bombs are in place,” Keith says, swinging his leg over his hoverbike and starting the engines.  He speeds away into the desert, grateful that his oversized green jacket blocks most of the wind.  “I’ll let you know when I’m in the clear.”

“Got it.”  Pidge grumbles some profanities under her breath.  “Almost done hacking into the security feed, so Hunk and I should have a clear visual in under a minute.”

“Man, the Garrison sure is worked up over this.” Hunk’s anxiety is clear even through the comms. “What do you think is in there?  Do you think it’s an alien? Oh God – what if it’s an angry alien trying to kill us all.”

“Don’t need to worry about it just yet,” Keith says tersely.  “We’ll find out soon.”

Pidge makes a triumphant noise. “More like we’re gonna find out now. Bringing up the camera fe –”  She inhales sharply and Hunk gasps at almost the same time.  “Holy shit.”

“What’s wrong?”  Keith grips the handles tighter, heart hammering behind his ribs.  “What did you see?”

“It’s Lance.”

Short thing for my Champion Lance AU because the prompt was perfect.  Just redrew some screencaps this time because I didn’t want to spend too long on it ahaha, I’ve got a lot of drawing to do this weekend…