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interview | cole sprouse x reader

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written by: yours truly

edited by: @jugheadxreaderinyourhead

anonymous said: I loved guest star!! 😍 I was wondering if you could make a fic about cole how youve been keeping your relationship for months now and fans are suspecting that youre dating because of all the bts and photos of you and his ig and in one interview that youre having together someone questions you guys about it. sorry if this was long 😂 i love your fics 😘❤

a/n: basically this is another guest star part but an interview!

“god i’m so nervous”. you mutter pulling on your fingers as you wait in the green room with your boyfriend cole and co-star kj. we were about to endure a joint interview and it was your first lot of press you’ve done for riverdale.

but it wasn’t that factor that made you nervous, it was that people were becoming more and more aware of your romantic relationship with cole.

you’d been able to keep it under wraps for the whole two years you’ve been dating but now that you were both sharing the small screen people had caught on.

so you had to control yourselves whenever you were out. refraining yourselves from snap chatting each other or posting photos all over your instagrams.

you had to be strictly platonic. you didn’t need any sort of bad press if you two were to break up. so for now you weren’t a couple, you were just a couple of besties.

or atleast that’s what you thought. you thought were pulling it off. but more and more accounts for your ‘ship name’ with cole had popped up on both twitter and instagram and not to mention the constant questions when meeting fans in the flesh.

especially when they caught you out mid-date. when you two had to coyly pretend that you were waiting on other friends to excuse the fact that you were out together without the rest of the cast.

and to be quite frank you were getting sick of all the pretending and running around. sometimes you just wanted kiss your boyfriend or hold his hand whilst you walked down the streets.

not that you really had the opportunity to take a leisurely stroll down the road, being famous disney stars and all.

“you’ll be fine”, cole whispers walking toward you making sure no one was staring at the two of you. he placed a soft hand on your shoulder, instantly filling you with comfort.

“just breathe okay? if they ask don’t say yes but don’t say no, yeah? that way we aren’t lying or avoiding the question” you nod smiling to the boy as a young women calls you over to the interview room.

the three of you file in, sitting down on a huge plush couch, each boy on either side of you as the interviewer sits in her own seperate lounge chair.

the interviewer starts her intro off strong turning toward the three of you. “kj apa as archie andrews, y/n l/n as c/n c/l/n and cole sprouse as jughead jones on the cw’s riverdale!”

the three of you all smile greeting the interviewer, and the camera crew, as you settle into the interview, talking about the upcoming season and possible plot.

you were too busy worrying to even pay attention to half the stuff that was spewing from the ladies mouth, that you barely noticed her turn to you and begin to engage in conversation until kj smoothly nudged you.

patting down your dress you push your hair off your shoulder as she addressed you directly.

“so how is it for you to go from disney to the darker side of the cw?”

“i mean it’s a lot different to disney i’ll tell you that”. you pause the group laughing to themselves “i didn’t even really think i’d be coming back to acting but i couldn’t resist the role”.

she nods playing with the cards in her palms. “so anything in particular that’s vastly different?”

“well - it’s still directed for the younger generation but i feel like in disney it was more so for the children than the preteens for example…and the content we’re filming is a lot heavier than the stuff we dealt with on y/d/s but it’s also just as fun and exciting as i remember”.

“so you and cole -” you freeze at the mention of him, “both disney kids coming back to acting. kj what was it like to know that you were working with some of the greatest names in disney?”

you breathe a sigh of relief taking a sip from the glass of water on the table as you listen to kj rattle on about how much he adored cole and dylan.

“both of their shows i watched religiously. me and my mates used to love it aye. especially y/d/s with uh y/n we loved her a lot - im pretty sure one of my mates had a poster of her”.

you blush giggling to yourself. “so you had a crush on y/n?” the interviewer laughs, kj turning red at the words. you continue laughing placing a hand around his arm.

“aw kj!!!” you swoon embarrassing him further. cole joined in on the fun, “yeah he was a big fan we kinda had to push him a bit and be like ’hey buddy“.

kj shakes his head furiously to the camera his words rushing out in defence “nah nah nah”. sending you and cole into a laughing fit as the kiwi struggled to cover up his words.

“i mean i was a fan. like who wasn’t aye, but nah it’s a lot of fun filming with them and we all are good friends with the others too. but ugh yeah- it’s hard to go out anywhere because fans notice them from a mile away”

the interviewer laughs “wait people still notice you as your disney characters?” we both nod cole taking the lead.

“i mean it’s very flattering but as you can see im not the same kid with the blonde shaggy bowl cut so sometimes i question how they’d recognise me- especially from friends”.

you smile the interviewer looking to you for input “what about you?”

you nod leaning back slightly into the couch feeling coles arm against the top of the couch.

“they do yes, i go anywhere and they all yell ”c/n“ and sometimes i just forget and then they’re running and i’m running and then they’re screaming and i’m screaming”.

the room started to laugh.

“it’s a very weird situation” you giggle the interviewer cutting in.

“and you looking nothin like that girl anymore- you look amazing!”

you place a hand over your heart in awe “thank god for that” you joke poking fun at yourself. “i grew up and hit puberty and sometimes when i hear someone say ’hey you look like that girl off y/d/s? i’m like damn i must be having a rough day”.

the interviewer giggles “oh don’t be so hard on yourself- doesn’t she look hot now boys?” she slaps kj’s leg and they both nod.

“god yeah she’s come along way from disney-even though i still had a crush on c/n”, cole comments a smile growing on your face at the compliment.

“so are you all single?”

your heart plummets at the question. the dreaded question for anyone in the industry is asked whenever they are in one or aren’t. no one wants to be asked this question ever.

cole answers first surprising you “i’m not no”.

“i am” kj chirps taking a long drink from his water.

“i’m not either” you clear your throat smiling, refusing to make eye contact with cole.

the interviewer smirks knowing she got the answer you wanted “oh so you two are off the market”. she pretends to act surprised “well who are they”.

cole replies cutely “for us to know and you to never find out- all you need to know is she’s beautiful and one of a kind”.

you fight off the blush tinting on your cheeks as the interviewer wraps up the interview.

“one last question before you guys leave- serpent jughead? yes or no?”

“yes yes yes” you stammer feeling confident. “have you seen jughead in a leather jacket? serpent jughead is the best thing to come out of riverdale”.

cole blushes and the interview is officially over. cole’s manager walking over to escort us back to our green room.

“i think you might have just outed us” he teases walking dangerously close to you, his hot breathe on your neck.

“what can i say- serpent juggie just does some indescribable things to me”.

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Can you do one where andy and y/n are both in bands and they’re in an interview togother, so they’re getting asked a lot about their relationship and it’s really cute and fluffy with playful banter and pda?



(Y/N) opened the trailer door, peaking around the corner. Andy sat on the couch while  a crew set up a camera and an editor from AP organized her questions.

“Am I late?” She mouthed.

Andy shook his head, smiling when she entered. He patted his lap, motioning her over which she gratefully did, taking the weight of her tired feet. She had already preformed twice today, and it was blazing hot.

“Alright Andy, and (Y/N). Are you guys ready?” The warm faced interviewer asked. Andy nodded, while (Y/N) gave a thumbs up. The woman circled her finger behind her back and the camera started rolling.

“Alright guys, so it’s a well known fact you guys have been dating. And can I just say its adorable. Anyway, the reason I mention it is because of my following question. There is a lot of controversy on how you initially met. Some say warped 13 others say at a bar in vegas. Can you guys enlighten us on the truth?” She asked.

“We met in Nj on tour.” They said at the same time, causing them to break into laughter.

“Alright, how about your first kiss?” She asked next. Her name tag said peggy.

“Oh that’s easy, that was in vegas.” Andy said with a smirk.

“Hey I thought it was ‘What happens in vegas stays in vegas.” (Y/N) scolded playfuly.

“Alright guys, second to last question.” She said, smirking like she knew something. (Y/N) shrugged it off. “Are you planning on colaberating your bands in the future?”

“Oh most definitely.” (Y/N) said with a grin as she put her hands around andys shoulders and squeezed gently.

“Yeah, it would be amazing to have them with us. Maybe tour together more often.” Andy agreed, rubbing her shoulder. He released, standing up and walking to the kitchen and giving the one minute sign with his finger.

“Alright, last question but I believe its andys turn to ask.” Peggy said with a cute little grin.

“What?” (Y/N) asked, knitting her eyebrows together. Before she knew it andy was on one knee.

“(Y/N) you’ve made me so happy in the last 3 years, Happier then I ever thought I could be. Will you…marry me?” Andy asked with a glimmer of hope in his eye.

“Of course I will!” (Y/N) screaming, pulling his up and climbing onto him so her legs were wrapped around his waist. “I love you so much.” She whispered in his ear. She didn’t notice the interviewer and camera guy leave but she didn’t care. She only had eyes for her andy right now.

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nct dream reaction where their gf is an idol that all teen boys want as their gf? if that makes sense thx

Mark: He wouldn’t see it as something to be jealous or angry about, he’d be fully supportive of you and your fan service. He’d be too proud of you to let jealousy get the better of him. Though as soon as you’d bring out your irresistible and adorable aegyo on an award show, on stage of in an interview, it would make his heart flutter. 

“Y/N you’re too adorable. No wonder you have so many fans!”

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Renjun: It wouldn’t even phase this cutie. He’d be too focused on you to evan notice the mass of fanboys falling for you. In all honesty he would be one himself, watching all of your group’s MV’s, reality shows, variety shows, and radio shows. He’d live for your fanservice, getting just as giddy as your fans. He’d feel so lucky to be able to call you his girlfriend.

“I can’t believe I’m lucky enough to have you Y/N!”

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Jeno: He may get jealous occasionally, though he probably wouldn’t show it, he’s too sweet and wouldn’t want to ruin your mood as you were so happy that you debuted, and he was happy for you too. He’d know how hard it can get, even though he debuted not too long ago it had been hard for him and he’d want you to know how he would always be there for you no matter what.

“I love you Y/N, I’ll always be here if you need me.”

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Haechan: He would definitely get jealous. He seems to be the clingy type and he’d want your attention to be solely on him most of the time. Your fanservice would be appreciated by him, but he’d want you to keep your best aegyo for him because he loved it when you acted all cute to him.

“You said you would only do gwiyomi for me!”

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ft. Taeil

Jaemin: He’d get slightly worked up also, but in a means to get you back for your excessive fanservice, he’d up his game and act more cute on camera and for his fans and he knew you got slightly jealous when girls paid him a lot of attention. You would then bring you the fact that you’re getting a little bit jealous and he’d pulled you into a tight hug. 

“If you bring it down a notch, I will too. Deal? You’re my adorable girlfriend!” 

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Chenle: He’d be much like Renjun and Mark, a Y/N stan and a very proud boyfriend at the same time. He’d always express his admiration for you and wouldn’t be phased by your fanboys. He’d appreciate their love for you as they supported you through buying your albums ect. Yet he’d also turn into one himself when you did something extra cute.

“You did so well on your stage! I don’t blame your fanboys for falling in love with you!”

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Jisung: Being rather a quiet person, this boy wouldn’t know what to say whilst in admiration of you. He’d acknowledge the fans but he wouldn’t be bothered by them as he knew that he was yours and you were his. He’d give you so much support and would comfort you when things got a little too hectic.

“You’re too perfect Y/N.”

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Exo Reaction to their idol crush saying they like them(Exo) on an interview

Requested by a friend of mine



Interviewer: (Y/N) out of any idol, who is your ideal type.

You: Easy..Xiumin from Exo

Xiumin: Did I just hear what I think I heard….


Interviewer: Okay (Y/N) today you’ll be answering some questions..but it has a twist…you will also be hooked up to a lie detector..”

You: Okay..

Interviewer: First question..Celebrity crush..

You: Luhan


Luhan: Of course she likes me, I’m fabulous..*he’s actually really happy on the inside*


Interviewer: (Y/N), your ideal type is?

You: Wu Yifan, or also known as Kris


Suho: *excited when he hears the news* “I love you too!!”

Lay: “Oh…”


Interviewer: Why do you like Byun Baekhyun

You: W-well…He’s funny and goofy..also kinda sexy..*smiles/blushes*

Baekhyun: “Oh really..*smirks*”

Chen: Tease. Everytime you guys hang out he teases you.

“Hey jagi..”


Baekhyun: “Hey Chanyeol did he hear that (Y/N) likes you”

Chanyeol: I’ve heard..

Anytime someone mentions it, he immediately blushes.

Kyungsoo: “Heard that guys, (Y/N) likes me and not you!..Stay away or I’ll kill you”


Interviewer: So (Y/N), we heard that there is a crush..

You: *blushes* Y-Yeah..

Interviewer: And who might that be..

You: Huang Zitao..

Tao: W-What?! R-Really!

Kai: “W-What..she likes me?..Haha take that bitches!”


You: Well Oh Sehun is my ideal type..cause he’s funny, adorable, has a nice bu–face, yeah face..“

"Here that, she likes me, not you!”

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Grant Gustin, interview

You’re famous and he’s your celebrity crush

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“Hey, Grant! You got a celebrity crush at the moment?” The interviewer caught Grant’s attention.
“Uhm, yeah actually! I just saw this really good film, Y/N Y/L/N were in it and I just got kind of obsessed, haha,” Grant’s cheeks turned a slight shade of red at the end, realizing how creepy that could have seemed.

“You know, that’s so funny! We just spoke to her a minute ago, and she was really fond of ‘That actor from the Flash, Grant Gustin’” When the reporter had said this a smile immediately appeared on Grant’s face.
“Really?” He laughed, not believing it 100% before the interviewer nodded drastically.

“Oh, wow! That’s such an honor, I just- wow!” Grant said, not knowing he would later run into the star herself. Also oblivious to his future relationship with Y/N, he said his goodbyes to the interviewer. Never in his wildest dreams, he could have known you and him would end up married with three adorable children. Yet, it happened, and you both lived the happiest life anyone could ever ask for.

A/N: OK, so I know this isn’t exactly one of my best works, but hey! There’s 1500 of you?! I have 1500 followers?! How on earth did I manage to deserve that?! Wow, pressure's big right now, I’ll try my best to make the next update worthy for you lovelies:**


“So we hear that you and Liam Hemsworth have a little feud going on?” Th he interviewer muttered. “Is this true or just another rumor?”

Dylan let out a chuckle as he nodded. “It’s true. Well it’s not really a feud more like, whose the better guy for Y/N. Which-” he glanced up at the camera and flashed a wink. “By the way is me. I’m the better guy for Y/N, I mean look at me. I’m adorable.”

The interviewer belted out in laughter. “Now is there anything you’d like to say to Liam?”

Dylan shrugged his shoulders. “Don’t worry man, you’ll be invited to our wedding.” He smirked.


“Okay, we had one of our new interns interview Dylan this morning about Y/N, and he had a lot to say of the matter.”

Liam furrowed his brows, and slowly nodded. “Oh did he now? What did he say?”

The interviewer pulled out her phone and smiled. “We actually have a clip.”

She played the clip, giving Liam a chance to watch it.

He couldn’t only but smile, and chuckle as he stared at the screen.

“Seems to me, Dylan is sure he has won Y/N’s heart.” She exclaimed.

He shook his head and exhaled, his lips curving. “I think it’s quite funny actually. It’s going to be fun to knock that cocky kid back to reality. He has no chance against me.”

“If Dylan was here, what would you like to say to him?”

He let out a chuckle. “Bring it on.”

Josh Dun Imagine Gush

Requested by Anon: Can you do an josh dun imagine where he’s gushing over his partner (AKA reader) and Tyler has to end the interview because it was getting annoying

“Good luck today.” You pecked Josh’s lips and he grinned, before pulling you closer, which made you roll your eyes. Josh looked out the window and you followed his gaze.

“You should get going.” You mumbled and his attention returned to you. 

“Tyler isn’t here yet, I’ve got time.” You shook your head, but couldn’t help smiling as he kissed you again. Your kissing was interrupted by a car horn from outside and you pulled apart. Josh sighed and grabbed his things, before turning back to kiss you again.

“You’ll be watching, right?” Josh asked, despite Tyler calling to him from the car. You kissed him quickly and nodded.

“You know I always watch. Now go.” You laughed, as he jogged down to the car and got in, waving at you as the car drove away.

You flipped through the channels, before you found the one the boys were on. The interviewer was introducing them and you settled back, smiling a the kind words. The boys appeared and you listened to the generic questions about their music.

“So, you’re both in committed relationships. Tyler you’re married to Jenna and Josh you’re engaged to (Y/N). Do they inspire your music?” You sat up and waited for the answer. Tyler talked about Jenna and you grinned, but stopped when Josh started talking. 

“(Y/N) inspires me in everything I do. We’re really in love and that sounds cheesy, but it means that (Y/N) occupies most of my thoughts, so any inspiration comes naturally.” You were surprised by his words and Tyler nodded, but Josh didn’t seem to want to stop.

“(Y/N)’s one of the best people I know. Gives me unwavering support, but still questions me when I need it. We look after each other. (Y/N) understands me and accepts everything about me-”

“As adorable as this is, this interview isn’t about (Y/N).” Tyler joked, but there was some seriousness in his tone. Josh bit his lip and nodded, sending a smile to the camera, that you knew was meant for you.

You stood in the doorway, as Josh walked up to the house. He gave you a smirk and you returned it, shaking your head at him. Josh stopped in front of you and you pulled him close.

“So, that interview was something.” Josh chuckled.

“You liked it?”

“I did. I don’t know what my favourite part was. Maybe the fact that I’m one of the best people you know, or that I occupy most of your thoughts.” You couldn’t keep the wide smile off of your face as you spoke and Josh grinned at how happy you were.

“I love you.” He mumbled and kissed you.

“Really, I’d never have guessed.” Josh laughed at your comment and rolled his eyes.

“Don’t worry I love you too.” You leaned in and kissed him again.

Requests are open

To love an angel - Castiel x Reader

Title: To love an angel

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 1,248

Warnings: None

Prompt: Hey! I hope requests are still open! If not then just ignore this - can I get a request where it’s the french mistake episode and you’re Sam and deans little sister and Sam and dean find out in an interview about the season that y/n is in love with Cas? Thank you! Love your writing!

“Man did I tell you I freaking hate this place?” Dean huffed as they walked around the set of Supernatural.

“A couple times yes.” Sam rolled his eyes.

“Heck yeah! And what’s up with them all the time? I mean wasn’t the director like different the previous time? Or- or that Misha dude. Wasn’t he dead?” Dean groaned and Sam only shrugged.

“Beats me.” he sighed as they made their way to the bunker- or what looked like it “It seems like this place is not exactly the same one as the previous time.” he looked around him, worried someone could be close and listening. That would be one heck of an awkward situation.

“Still- this place sucks. And I mean have you seen the weapons? All plastic shit! And let’s not talk about Baby!” Dean shuddered unpleasantly.

“Yeah yeah I get it. You don’t like it here. Well, I can’t say I am overly excited. Let’s just go find (Y/n) and get out of here.”

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Sleeping Cutie || Michael Clifford

will do, honeybun c: 

Summary: You were always the innocent, shy girl that everyone knew stood beside the loud and crazy Michael Clifford. And although people don’t see it, Michael adores your being so much. 

I M A G I N E 

“I know you’re tired, Princess, but I promise it’ll be over in a snap!” Michael cooed. You were currently being carried bridal style by you lovely boyfriend, Michael Clifford. He was just minutes away from starting an interview at 7 a.m., hence why you were so exhausted. The other boys were amused, poking your cheek or lightly pinching your nose when Michael came by rocking you. 

“She looks like a little baby,” Ashton comments as he looks down at you. Your eyes were squinted, your eyes wandering around the drummers face. He pokes the tip of your nose, causing you to gain the energy to stretch your arm to poke his nose back. Ashton giggles before Michael walked you over to Luke, who was sat on the waiting couch. 

“Y/N, are you sure you don’t want to go back to the hotel?” Luke suggested quietly, making you shake your head against Michaels chest. You nuzzled your face in it, sniffing to take in Michaels scent. He smells of Axe cologne and pizza. It was your favorite scent in the world. 

“Ay Mike, bring her over here! I found her some coffee,” Calum called over, feeling yourself rise and fall with every step Michael took. You fluttered your drooping eyes a bit wider to look up at Michaels chin. He had shaved before we left, leaving him with just a bit of a messy stubble. You were amused to see some patches have just a bit more longer hair than the rest. Your index finger reached up to rub it, causing Michael to look down and smile at you. 

“What’s wrong, babygirl?” Michael asked you quietly, knowing being really loud would interrupt your bliss state. He gave you his happy smile, it was small but full of sincerity. 

“Your beard feels weird,” you croak, giving a weak smile as you continued to rub. Michael quietly laughed, having you feel it and have you smile even wider. You stopped once Michael halted. Looking over at Calum, he gives you a cheeky smile and hands you a cup of black coffee.

“Try to stay awake with this, okay?” Calum says as you hold the warm, styrofoam cup. You nod, giving Calum a quiet thank you before Michael walked you over to the couch and sat down. You sat up on his lap to slowly sip on your coffee cup. You were suddenly startled by an energetic hand being shot at your face with a huge smile shining at you. 

“You must be Michael Cliffords girlfriend, Y/N,” the woman said, her personality way more bubbly than you could actually tolerate. 

“That’s right,” you mumble, taking her hand as she holds it firmly and shakes it vigorously. It felt like she was gonna yank your arm off. “And who are you?” You asked, hoping it didn’t sound so intrusive. 

“I’m today’s interviewer!” The interviewer cheered as she went to shake Michaels hand. “I must say, Michael, your girlfriend looks absolutely lovable! Very exhausted, but still cute!”

“Thanks!” Michael said, lifting his legs up to make you jump. You began to blush, looking away at the two as you sip your coffee. Michael chuckled as he wrapped his arms around your waist and leaned his head on your back. “She’s a bit shy sometimes, and blushes a lot.”

“I see,” the interviewer said, smiling at the two of you before going off to introduce herself to the boys. She gave Michael a 2 minute warning, causing Michael to have to place you on the couch. You pout at him, very irritated that you were no longer on his lap. As you sat with your cup of coffee, Michael bent down to look at you. He grabbed your chin between his index finger and thumb and gave you a soft smile. 

“Baby, stop pouting,” Michael cooed, those forest eyes showing you adoration. “Just give us an hour and we’ll go back to the hotel and take a nap together. I promise on my hairs life.” You giggled, nodding silently before taking another sip of coffee. 

“I’m sorry if I fall asleep,” you told him quietly. Your cheeks were quick to react, having them tint pink. “I’ll try to stay up but I know I’ll fall asleep.” 

“Don’t worry about it, okay, Y/N?” Michael said, planting you a loving kiss before. “I’ll see you after, okay?” You nod, watching as Michael joins the other boys and gets introduced into the interview. 

Unfortunately, 5 minutes in as they discuss the question asked about their current tour, Sounds Live Feels Live, your vision was gradually turning black. Without worry of spilling the coffee you already drank, you found yourself losing the battle of staying awake. And there you were, losing to the guilty pleasure of deep slumber.

“Y/N…” you heard a whisper. “Wake up, baby…” You instantly opened your eyes and sat up from the voice. You knew it was Michaels right away, since you were so fond of how loving he sounded. Finding Michael, you grab his hands and freak out. 

“I swear I was awake the entire time!” You blurt out. “I just had my eyes closed but I was listening to every word, I swear!” You then looked around to find yourself in the hotel bed that you shared with Michael and felt defeated. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to fall asleep during your interview…” You pout, feeling bad for falling asleep through pretty much the entire interview. 

“Y/N, every time you do that, I just can’t keep myself from not going insane,” Michael says as he bites his bottom lip. He grabs your shoulders and pulls you close. His lips find their way on yours, feeling Michael adore your lips as they danced. 

“Do what?” You asked quietly, completely confused and oblivious. 

“Act the way you do,” Michael says sweetly as he pushes a strand of hair from your face. “So sweet and apologetic and shy. You’re just so fucking cute, Y/N!” He pulls you into his arms, finding yourself in fetal position in them. He plants a kiss on the top of your head as you shiver in his arms. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m just a bit cold…” you say softly, sniffling a bit from a potentially cold you were getting. Michael smiles adoringly at you before peeling off his Nirvana hoodie. He immediately pulls it over your head, finding yourself in the darkness. “Mikey, I can’t see!” You squeak, feeling him let go to allow you to adjust it. Popping your head through the head hole, you smile at Michael and put your arms through the arms of the hoodie. But you noticed how much of a mess your hair became and began to giggle. 

“I’m so glad you’re mine,” Michael breathes as he gives you a gentle kiss on your forehead. You gave him a wide smile as you stared into those forest green eyes you love so much. A sudden yawn then escaped between your lips and you felt yourself get groggy again. 

“Michael, I’m still a bit tired,” you said, rubbing your eyes in exhaustion. 

“But you just woke up!” Michael exclaims with an amused smile. 

“But now I want to sleep again!” You laugh, poking Michael’s nose. You then grab one of his hands and feel on his callouses. Such a talented guy, you thought, smiling fondly at what you were feeling. “Take a nap with me?” You suggested. 

“I… alright,” Michael gave in. “Only because you’re too fucking cute every single moment without even trying. Now c’mere, I’m the big spoon.”

With that, Michael lays down first with you following his lead. He holds you by the waist tightly as he puts one of his legs over yours. It makes you giggle, considering he was still wearing his outfit for the interview. But Michael found himself get very comfortable as he rested his lips on the top of your head. 

“Sleep well, Princess,” Michael whispers on your head before the both of you drift off into a pleasant sleep.

a cute, sleepy yn releases a soft and cuddly michael and i really want one.

This Isn’t Your Interview

Warning: fluff

A/N: this is much shorter than I wanted it to be, sorry. Also, reader is around the age of 2 or 3

Summary: Jensen has an interview and brings his daughter with him and she keeps saying adorable stuff and answering questions.

Jensen sat in the leather chair with the tiny toddler girl in his lap, ready to start his interview for Entertainment Weekly. The interviewer sat across from him and smiled at the small child. “Let’s get started, shall we!”

Multiple questions later y/n began to make random noises trying to get her dad’s attention. “So Jensen, how is the whole single parent thing working out? You seem to be doing pretty well.” Both Jensen and the interviewer laughed, but before he could even answer, y/n was shouting with her hands on her hips. “My daddy does a great job of taking care of me!” The small child said, full of sass.

“I expected nothing less of him.” The interviewer laughed at the little girl’s response. “Now Jensen, would you ever consider letting y/n being on the show?” At the mention of her father’s show, y/n’s head peeked up and she gasped. “That would be fun!” She clapped her hands together. “I would get to work with Daddy and Uncle Jare-bear!” The little girl giggled as Jensen just stared at her in awe. “Ya know I’m supposed to be answering the questions, right?” He smiled down at y/n while trying not to laugh.

“Well since Miss y/n seems to enjoy having the spotlight, I think I should ask her a few questions.” The young Ackles looked up at her dad as if looking for a sign of approval, to which he solemnly nodded his head.

“Now Miss Ackles, have you ever been on set before?” “Actually I have. I go with daddy every time he’s there. I sit in the big girl chairs with Mister Singer while Daddy and Uncle Jared make scenes.” Y/n states in a professional tone.

A few more questions for the little girl and then she turns to her father. “When will daddy get to talk again?” She looked over at the interviewer with pure concern for her father. Both adults laughed at the cuteness of the toddler and then continued with the interview.

As the few final questions rolled through, Jensen’s baby girl stayed quiet so her dad could finish.

Then, the final question that y/n had been waiting for. “Now do you think y/n should be a major character in the and be an amazing badass hunter like her dad? Because this kid is gonna grow up to be a star I tell you.” The interviewer smiled at the twinkly eyed little girl. “Absolutely, yes, 100%, positive!” y/n yelled while jumping off her father’s lap.

“This is my interview ya know?” Jensen asked with a serious face even though you could tell he was trying not to laugh at his child’s cuteness.

“I think, one day she will be a huge star and on the show. And it’s obvious that she will be a badass.” Jensen proudly exclaimed while picking his daughter back up.

“Well there you have it folks!” The interviewer started off joyously. “That was Jensen and y/n Ackles here with Entertainment Weekly! I’m (insert random interviewer) and this was Entertainment news!”

Jensen and the interviewer stand up and shake hands and then he starts to walk away with his happy child in his arms. “You’re adorable, ya know that?” He questioned his child. “Yeah I know!” She sassed back at him. “You are definitely my kid.” Jensen and y/n drive home with smiles on their faces, happy that they had some great father daughter bonding time today.

words: 573

He talks about your child(ren) during an interview (SEVENTEEN)

only doing the older ones 

Y/S/N= Your son’s name

Y/D/N= Your daughter’s name

S.Coups: -he’s a dorky dad and he’d do anything for Y/D/N but she hadn’t gotten used to the fact she now had to share him with the world. So she was 1 ½ and wanted nothing more than her daddy so she would throw fits often before he preformed but would get over it when they started singing Adore U. It was actually caught on video of her meltdown and her cheery expression right as the song started.- “She loves our songs but she loves me even more/ I hope she gets over her breakdowns soon and concerts won’t be difficult anymore”

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Jeonghan: -your 1 year old son was blessed with his father’s hair. You recently posted a picture of Y/S/N with his long hair up in a cute little bun as he watched tv in your living room. Most people found it adorable and Jeonghan talked about it in their interview- “she sent me many pictures of him with his hair up she did it because she was tired of his hair getting in his face. She wants to cut it but he cries everytime it’s mentioned so we won’t cut it at least not yet”

Originally posted by hansolence

Joshua: -Your daughter mainly spoke Korean and when your visited his relatives in America she had some grasp on the English language because you and Joshua spoke it to eachother. You and Joshua took he to a beach but when she said it it sounded like ‘bitch’ because neither of you used the word in English so she just said what she thought it was- “my daughter’s a good girl honestly English is the hardest language to learn so she’s doing decent. She’ll get it”

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Jun: -it was always an iffy topic with him because he liked keeping you and Y/D/N out of the way of cameras. He valued your privacy but he had a few pictures of your baby girl on his phone that he showed during an interview- “she’s almost 3 and I like keeping her out of the public’s eye for the reason she’s so young and doesn’t need tons of people bugging her. But if you look hard enough there’s pictures of her out there”

Originally posted by thekpopfix

Hoshi: -Y/S/N was known for not having a normal look on his face whenever he ended up in pictures. Soonyoung loved posting the pictures because the fact his 4 month old wasn’t capable of being normal even for a picture. They brought up a montage of pictures during an interview- “I think there’s one normal picture of him and it’s the only one that’s not on the internet for the reason he actually looks normal and we treasure it like we do him”

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Wonwoo: -Your daughter didn’t like smiling it seemed like but it really was she didn’t like all the people so she didn’t want to smile. Even when you held a camera near her the smile would drop and Wonwoo loved it.- “Y/D/N is simply the shyest little creature ever she just wants to be around a few people and she’d be all smiles. She just got used to all the other boys recently and actually smiled at them”

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Woozi: -when daddy was working around the recording equipment your son would be in his lap ‘helping’ which was pointing out sounds he heard and making them back at Jihoon. It was his little distraction during his work that he enjoyed. And you took a pic of them and posted it on Instagram and it went popular- “I like to say he’s getting a head start in the business. Y/N calls it he really wants to hit all the buttons but won’t because I’d scold him”

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Like a Dream(P.9)

Title: Like a Dream(P.9)(last part)
Pairing: Robbie Kay x Reader
Warnings: Fluffy ending.
Summary: Y/N lands the role of Peter Pan’s romantic interest in a movie-version of Once Upon a Time and Robbie tries to convince his co-actors that he doesn’t have the slightest interest in his new female counterpart.

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The last few weeks of filming seemed to fly by. Thankfully, there were no more heated scenes between Akira and anyone else, said for one final scene with Robbie, which was just fine. Me and Robbie had become so comfortable with each other that the scenes were easy to film and much more believable. 

Robbie was the first to come out to an interviewer that we were official, it set off a domino effect of excitement with our fans. Social media and magazines exploded with adorable photos and sweet questions. Of course, there were some bad remarks within it all. Articles titled ‘Is Y/N cheating on Robbie kay?’ or ‘Is Mr. Kay dating Y/N out of pity?’

We ignored them, we had too. I trusted Robbie and he I. If we didn’t there was no way our relationship would last. Instead, we took the bad press with humor, making jokes about my affair with Parker or how pitiful I must be for Robbie to agree to fake date me. 

All in all the last few weeks were great and now it was today, the last day of filming. One more scene, a final kiss and then that was it. Robbie and I had already agreed to take a break from movies after this, we wanted to spend some time together before we decided our next move.

Even Parker was taking a month or two off of auditions. I stayed in Robbie’s apartment a lot more often then my own, but we had our breaks away from each other of course. We went to interviews separately and even some days on set we went alone.

“Are you nervous?” Robbie came up from behind me, making me jump a bit, having been stolen by my thoughts. I turned to face him, smiling as I saw his usual grin. “What were you thinking about?”

“The last day of filming today. That’s crazy right?” I answered, letting him sit next to me.

“Yeah, but I think I’ll be glad when the press for the movie dies down a bit. We might be able to sneak back to my place in Texas and enjoy a date without being surrounded by cameras.” He laughed, his arm moving to circle around my shoulders, my head instinctively leaning against his chest.

“That’ll be nice. Though, I’m certainly gonna miss everyone.” I said, a slight frown to my face.

“Nah, no worries there, love. Trust me, they’ll keep in contact. They always do.” He kissed the top of my head and then we stayed quiet as we watched a few final scenes between other characters, until it was our turn for our last act.

On stage, I stood beside Colin, my outfit for Akira completely redone. Covered in gold leaves with white glitter, my hair down and swirled around my waist in soft curls, a crown on my head, set between the two branch like horns.

Colin was in his normal attire for Captain Hook, Robbie the same old Peter Pan, though this time, he held a large sword in his hand, pointing it directly at Colin.

“You might as well back down now, Hook.” Robbie slid into the part of Peter as if we’d never walked off stage. “She’d never choose you and the ‘savior’ over me. Can’t you tell? She would have killed Henry in exchange for a little power. She wouldn’t have stopped. She’s more like me then you know.”

Colin braced forward, his face contorted in anger. “You don’t know a thing about her. You pushed her into everything she became. Akira never chose darkness, you forced it into her. With every boy you made her kill.”

I was currently unable to speak, frozen by Peter’s magic in this particular scene.

Robbie let his lips upturn into a smirk, laughing a bit before swinging his hand to the side, an indication that special effects would show that his magic on Akira had subsided. “Alright, if you don’t think she’d chose darkness. Let me prove you wrong.”

I stood now between both of them, turning towards Colin, a few others in the cast behind him and then back to Robbie. Dating him made these scenes easier. If this was a real moment in my life, I’d run to his arms over and over again.

“Go on Akira, show them who you really are.” Robbie added, a grin plastered on his child-like face.

I looked at Colin, my face showing a small moment of guilt, making sure to act as if for a second, I could chose them, but I made sure to let the sign of a powerful demi-god show on my features before I spun around and rushed to Robbie’s side.

Our lips collided without a care of the cameras or people watching. Eyes shut as they zoomed in on the moment. I felt Robbie’s arms encircle my waist, pulling me up against him before he pulled from the kiss and grinned over my shoulder. “We’re resetting the board. Game over.” Purple smoke circled around the two of us, starting at our ankles and making it’s way up. “For now.”

With that, the smoke shielded us from the cameras and we made sure to move off stage so they could finish the scene after we ‘vanished’.

The ending left it wide open for a sequel, or at least a continuation in the tv series, though no one had actually discussed it just yet, we all knew it was a possibility.

After the finishing touches and a couple of retakes, made it back on stage for congratulations and goodbyes.

“That’s a wrap guys!”

Later that evening we all stood on the red carpet for a party to celebrate the end of filming. We were all dressed up, smiling for cameras, answering interviews.

For a moment, I pulled away from Robbie to go talk to Lara and Colin, being pulled into an interview with them in the process.

Robbie was across the way, his lit up from the flashes and lights, giving small smiles and answers to fans as he walked past. He was close enough to me now that I could hear him, an interviewer pulling him in for a few questions.

“So that’s the end of filming with you and Y/N…What now?” He had asked, microphone held out in anticipation.

Robbie shrugged, giving a small smile. “That’s the end of filming, now we just get to settle into being in a normal relationship and not one where we’re trying to take over everything together.”

I gave a small chuckle, walking away from the camera I was on to stand a bit behind the guy interviewing Robbie.

“So you two will still continue to see each other after this?”

Robbie’s eyes caught mine and he smiled, nodding while he reached a hand out to pull me over to him. “Long after this of course.”

I grinned, looking up at him, head leaning on his shoulder as he kissed my cheek, placing his arm around my waist once again. “You two are quite adorable.” The guy added, getting a small laugh from the two of us before we kept going.

I glanced at Robbie and caught his gaze moving towards Josh as he sauntered over to us, a knowing grin on his face. “Oh gosh.” Robbie chuckled, a red look coming to his cheeks as the older actor stopped next to us.

“I gave you until the end of the movie.” Josh started, though I had no idea what was going on, I could see the sheepish grin on Robbie’s face.


“You didn’t even last a few weeks, did you?” Josh laughed, patting him on the back before smiling at me. “Can’t blame him, can you though, Y/N? You’re quite perfect for this guy.”

When it finally clicked, I smiled brightly and glanced at Robbie, enjoying the laughter from Josh as he walked away. “The end of the movie, huh?”

Robbie laughed, pulling me into
him for a swift kiss. “I fell for you as soon as it started, love.”

I'll Never Forget (Part 3)

Warnings: none
Rating: everyone?
Summary: (read Part 1 and Part 2 first!) Chris and reader are in a relationship and the reader is scared of going public with it because of the age gap. They then go to premiers/awards shows to let people know that they’re dating (as requested by @believememylove)
Y/N = your name
Previous Part

Your post orgasmic states left you both tired and sleepy. You put no effort into keeping your eyes open and soon drifted off to sleep in a spooning position, with Chris being your source of heat.

Your eyelids fluttered open, and the unfamiliar feeling of someone pressing against you reminded you of the event of which had taken place only a few short hours prior. You noted that darkness had fell and claimed the night sky, the moonlight shining brightly through the few clouds which roamed it.

It was then that the thoughts started taking over your mind. Doesn’t this…make things awkward between us? Was this a one night stand? Should I leave now? Wait, we were meant to be friends…and now I’ve just fucked it all up! I have to leave right now!

Your mind racing and your heart thumping, you delicately pulled the bed sheet aside and lifted Chris’ arm from around you. You sat up slightly and shifted, swinging your legs over the side of the bed. Chris let out a sigh, and you turned, watching him with anticipation of what was to come. He resumed his light snoring and this was the all clear. The moment that your toes touched the floor, you heard Chris whisper your name groggily.

“Y/N,” you turned to face him, afraid of what he was going to say. “Where are you going? Come here, next to me,” he lifted the bedsheet, patiently waiting for you to join him once more. 

You decided it would be best to talk to him. He’d also think of the situation when the time came. Snuggling into his warmth again, you looked at him, and he was smiling sleepily. “Chris, can I ask you something?”

“Sure,” he moved a little so that your head was resting on his arm and you were facing each other.

“Is it gonna be awkward between us, now? Because we-”

“No,” he interrupted, chuckling. “Of course not. In fact, I wanna do this some more,” he smirked, leaning forward to kiss your lips. You eased up a little, glad that he didn’t just think of this as a one-time-thing. 

“You think so? We’ll still be friends, right?”

He gave you a lop-sided grin and said, “we could be more than friends…”

You didn’t know what to say at that moment. Was he being serious or was he trying to take advantage? You leaned back a little and Chris showed his confusion. “I don’t know if you’re being serious or not…”

“I’m being serious! Honestly. I mean, I’m definitely up for some more of the fantastic sex we had,” he said, laughing a little, “but I’m willing to take a shot at a relationship with you. I feel all mushy inside when I’m around you, and things feel right. I like it.”

“I like it too,” you replied, leaning forward again and pressing your lips to his, passionately letting your emotions show. “We should take it slow, though. Not rush into things.”

“Yeah, of course. I’ll take you on a date first, does that sound good?”

“Mmhmm,” you mumbled into his chest. “I’ve got no plans tomorrow night.”

“And you’re the one saying ‘let’s take it slow’,” he laughed.

“I guess I’m just excited…I need to go home and shower first though, you don’t want to go on a date with me if I’m smelly, now, do you?”

“You could shower here,” he suggested, edging closer to you.

“I could, but I still have to go home - I need a change of clothes. I’ll take the offer for a shower with you though.”

“You better, you’d be missing out on a lot.”

*Time skip to a month later*

“Do you wanna go out for lunch later?” Chris asked you as you sat opposite each other, eating breakfast.

You thought about your answer, “no,” you sighed.

Chris showed his confusion and after a moment’s pause, he asked, “why?”

“Because…me and you…there’s a thirteen year age gap between us. Don’t you know what kinda shit the media will say about us?”

Chris set his cup of coffee down on the counter. “I didn’t think that our age gap would’ve been an issue, I thought that we could work this ou-”

“No! Honey, I didn’t mean it like that,” you told him, bringing your hand up and placing it on top of his. “We have worked it out, I just don’t want people to judge you for dating me. I don’t want you to have to deal with all the shit the media throws at us, for being with me.”

“Why should what they’ll say about us even matter? I’m willing to deal with anything if it means I get to be with you,” he assured you, squeezing your hand.

“I don’t want to be a burden, I can’t let it happen. I don’t want people to say things about you and judge you and brand you-”

“Shhhh, Y/N, baby…calm down. You’re not a burden to me, and you never will be. I don’t care if they say shit about us. We know that we love each other and that’s what matters. I want them to know about us, I want them to know that you’re my girlfriend, because you’re especially important to me.”

You thought about this for a moment, and he was right. Why should what they say matter? It shouldn’t. You’d do this together, so you agreed to go out for lunch with him. Unsurprisingly, there were paps. They did take pictures. And they did try and ask questions, but Chris ignored them all. 

One day, as you were entwined in each other’s arms, lying on the couch, Chris turned to you and said, “Y/N, I don’t want you to feel like you have to do this, but I was just wondering so I thought I’d ask.” You smiled a little and waited for him to continue. “Will you be my date to the Oscars this year?”

You couldn’t stop the smile that broke out across your face; you nodded your head and whispered, “of course I’ll be your date to the Oscars.” You got up and hugged him, burying your head in the crook of his neck. 

“I just didn’t want you to feel pressured because you said that you didn’t the media to say anything about us,” he spoke, lacing his fingers between yours and resting his head on top of yours.

“I don’t feel pressured. I think it’s the right time, anyway…they’ve seen us together before, we just need to confirm it.”

“Yeah, you’re right. We’ll wear matching outfits too,” he smiled.

“You’re so adorable, Chris. I love you,” you said, kissing along his jaw and down his neck to the dark ink that was marked on his clavicle. 

“I love you too,” he leaned down and caught your lips in a slow, passionate and meaningful kiss.
She wouldn’t stop talking. The interviewer was very talkative, and she was loud. You and Chris were standing in the Dolby theater, doing a small interview for the camera. “…And with me here tonight is Chris Evans himself, with the company of his gorgeous date, Y/N Y/L/N. Now, we’ve heard that Y/N will be starring in your new movie, Chris, is that right?” You cringed internally because you knew this was a way of her bringing the subject up. 

“It is, yes.”

“And there were a couple of occasions where we’ve seen you together…Y/N, is it true that you’ve taken Captain America off the market?” There it is.

Everyone turned to you, and you smiled victoriously. “That’s true.”

The interviewer turned to the camera and said, “and there you have it, everyone! Chris Evans is no longer for the taking!”

Chance (Grant Gustin x Reader)

A/N: Here is another Grant one! 

Request:  Can you do a grant gustin imagine were the reader is grants celebrity crush and has been since he was a teenager and he watches all of her shows/movies and interviews and one day they are interviewed together and grant is kind of star struck and afterwards he gathers the courage to ask her out and she says yes because he seemed really nice (he isn’t her celebrity crush though she doesn’t have one)

Originally posted by ikarus-incarnate

             Grant Gustin had a celebrity crush. That was it and it was a very weird feeling for him, since he was the star of his show and so many people wished to be with him. So many of them messaged him on every possible social media, but he only wanted to be with one person. In those instances, whenever she showed up on the screen in his favourite shows and films, whenever he saw her doing interviews he already did or aspired to do, his heart beat a little faster than before.

             And he did realise that, that was the exact feeling some of his fans felt whenever they saw him. He couldn’t really blame them anymore. He knew how it felt to have a crush on someone, who he’s never met before. He was her fan for so long now, since she starred in the shows he watched as a teenager, his feeling growing each time he watched her amazing acting. Her amazing sense of humour and her kindness, which was so clear in each interview she did, was calling to him. And yes, he realised that she was probably a different person in real life, because all actors really were. But that didn’t stop him, from imagining how great it would be to meet her one day.


             The make-up and his hair was done; he was sitting in a chair waiting to be called on stage. Another day in his life, another interview to go through. He smiled at himself in the mirror, practicing his CW smoulder, laughing quietly. He was so bored.

‘Grant! You’re up!’ The woman holding the tablet called out to him.

             He stood up and walked in on stage, waving to the crowd of mostly girls, who were cheering. He smiled taking a seat next to the host and waited patiently for the audience to calm down.

‘Well, if it isn’t the one and only Flash’ The host exclaimed, earning a chuckle from the crowd.

             After few questions about the newest season, which he dodged skilfully, knowing well that he would probably be killed by his producers if he spoiled anything important the host announced:

‘It’s time for our second guest! You may now her from the hit series – Mr. Robot’

             At this point, Grant’s heart started pounding violently. No. This couldn’t be. This couldn’t be happening. It was probably someone different…

‘Give it up for…. Y/N Y/S!’

             The audience erupted into cheers and the girl he was dreaming of meeting for so many years walked in on stage. She had a beautiful smile on her face and was waving to the audience, sending kisses. She was even more astonishing in person than on the screen. Grant had to force himself to look away from her kind face and stop himself from drooling all over. This was it. This was the moment he imagined so many times and now, all of it came true. He was so damn lucky.

‘Hi everyone!’ she said, taking a sit next to Grant. ‘So much positive energy! I love it!’

             The interviewer went on with the questions about the newest season of the show and she answered them kindly, not spoiling anything and laughing every time, he tried to push her into revealing something new.

             Nobody noticed Grant, who was star struck, drooling all over, with the sheer adoration written all over his face. He couldn’t really blame them, nobody was going to pay attention, when the ray of sunshine like Y/N was sitting next to him.

‘Grant, thank you so much for coming here today!’ the host finally said ‘And Y/N beautiful as always, thank you for joining me.’

             The cheers erupted, she stood up waving to the people and left the set. Grant followed, trying to build up the courage to ask her out. Not often you had the chance to ask out your celebrity crush and he was damned if he wasn’t going to take it.

‘Y/N!’ he shouted after her.

             She turned around and smiled at him.

‘Oh! Sorry! We haven’t been properly introduced’ she said, giving him her hand ‘Y/N.’

             He took it without hesitation, feeling butterflies in his stomach. He really needed to get himself together, cause he was going to blew it.

‘Grant… I love your work!’ he couldn’t stop himself from fangirling, facepalming himself internally.

             The smile on her face could light up the darkest of nights and he felt his heart beating faster, knowing well that he was the reason for that. He so wanted to see that more often and more often to be the cause of that smile.

‘Thank you! It means so much to me, coming from you’ she said, still not letting go of his hand ‘Your acting is so good! I could watch your show over and over!’

             He looked at her no really knowing what to say. The person he looked up to, his crush just said that his acting is good. She said that she could watch his show over and over… This was the best day of his life.

‘Thank you… Listen… um… I know that it’s kind of a long shot, but…’ he started, knowing well that he couldn’t back out now ‘Would you like to get a coffee with me? Sometime?’

             She looked at him surprised, not really expecting that question. Her confusion was quickly replaced with the smile and her eyes were shining with excitement. She looked so beautiful in that moment and Grant was waiting for the next words to fall from her lips.

‘Yeah, I’d like that’


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fashion killa


She jiggy like Madonna but she trippy like Nirvana.


Harry thinks competing for an unofficial award of fashion is a bit childish and Y/N loves the competition.

[ inspired by the song Fashion Killa by A$AP Rocky ]


Harry knew how to set a trend.

It was something that usually came natural to him. He sometimes thinks it’s just because he has the money to afford fancy clothes but many people tell him otherwise - that his sense of fashion was one of the best.

And Harry was not one to gloat about his successes because he was a very humble lad.

Given, his mum taught him to never take his opportunities for granted.

But his humbleness might be tested when a certain scarlet takes ahold of his title as the most fashionable trend setter. An almost game they played; either one of them would wear something bold that turned heads all over the fashion world and vise versa.

It was a game. It was an unofficial challenge.

And Y/N loved that challenge.

“Harry, what’re your feelings towards Y/F/N?” the interviewer speaks with a smirk decorating his face, because of course, everyone knew their attitude when around each other was more competitive than friendly.

“Oh Y/N, she’s something alright.” Harry grins with full on dimples, a condescending smile non-the-less. He loves the attention the media gives to his game with Y/N. Always playful with each other but you couldn’t exactly call them friends per say because Y/N “didn’t associate herself with people in boy bands”, apparently.

And Harry believes that to be boldface lie. She was probably a fangirl of N'Sync or some shit - the truth being she just doesn’t want to associate herself with the one other person in the whole damn world that could ever compare to her trend setting.

And especially at something as important as The Grammy’s. Because Harry got nominated along with the other lad’s of One Direction with their single after coming back from hiatus 2 years later. He remembers Niall telling him rumors about Y/N and Rihanna (which might sound surprising but Y/N was also friends with Drake so it makes a lot of sense) possibly in a relationship (which is why she would be here) but neither of the girls have ever said anything about being lesbian or even bisexual for that matter. Quite possibly it was simply a rumor - as it almost always is - and the two were just great friends. But Harry would be hesitant to admit that he thinks the two might look rather ravishing sprawled amongst the silk sheets in his bed. But, ya know, that’s a completely different story.

Because Rihanna is a gorgeous woman but Harry thinks that Y/N is much more mesmerizing and electric; something about her being only 20 and already so known and he adores how she’s so confident in the eye of Hollywood when he knows how ruthless this line of business can be.

But Harry’s brought back to reality when he sees the one and only walking down the carpet with no one but herself (because Y/N never came to events with arm candy, her Tiffany diamond bracelets were far better and much prettier) and he notices her waving briefly at - oh damn is that really Justin Bieber she’s waving at? Y/N knows a lot of people, Harry would say.

“Someone’s looking ravishing tonight. My my, what designer?” The interviewer goads at Y/N and Harry is a little pissed that the attention isn’t on him anymore. Even if that was a bit childish in retrospect because she’s four years younger than him.

Harry and Y/N’s eyes connect and she smirks at him as he rolls his eyes before he can stop himself (he knows the camera picked that up and he can already see the headlines) before Y/N directs her attention back on the interviewer.

“Thank you! It’s a Dolce and Gabbana one of a kind,” she peers at Harry and looks down at what he’s wearing (a Gucci suit that has Y/N smirking in approval), “but I wouldn’t want to take away from your interview, Harry, so I’ll be on my way-”

“Leaving so soon?” Harry asks with a coy smile that brings a smile to the interviewer’s face because he knows this interview will be a hit.

Harry reckons she’s loving this too, they always playfully flirt with each other at events like this. This is the most they ever talk, however. Harry finds this to be a tad upsetting because he wants to be Y/N’s friend, in the most casual phrase of the instance.

“Yes, stay stay!”

And Harry couldn’t be bothered to look at the interviewer when Y/N looks like this.

The majority of the joint interview were questions on the two of them - and a couple were about the rumor Harry was thinking about earlier, the one with Rihanna but Y/N quickly shoots that down as Harry’s smile during the ordeal is enough to break the internet probably - questions about their friendship or if they were even friends because they had many mutuals but Harry’s favorite question is if they knew about the dating rumors on them two and Y/N’s favorite question is if they’ve ever fucked (because Y/N wouldn’t really mind if that rumor came true, if she’s being honest.)

And with the words of “Imagine if you two dated! Best dressed couple, every single time.” Harry and Y/N make their way away from each other but not before Harry pulls her away and whispers in her ear a thing that’s sure to kill Y/N (and the world, if they knew Harry’s words of advice.)

“The dress is rather gorgeous, Y/N, must say. But, love, always remember to never let sticky tape show. Big no no.”

And he walks away with a haughty smirk dancing across his lips as Y/N’s cheeks turn a deep shade of crimson as her eyes dart down to her chest because, God sticky tape showing is a big no no, Harry was dead right.

But she soon comes to realize that there in fact was nothing showing and her jaw drops in astonishment at Harry’s audacity and Harry just really likes fucking with people, especially Y/N.

He winks back at her with that coy grin he’s famous for, yelling out a curt, “Made ya look!”


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“So, we all know the new actor on the show, [Y/N]. How has it been different since the cast has changed? Are the rumors true? Are the two of you romantically involved?” The interviewer spat questions at Jensen.

He smirked, one corner of his mouth pulled up as his eyebrows raised briefly. He smiled as his eyes darted to you across the set.

“Um, [Y/N]’s great. It’s been different, that’s for sure. How? Um, it’s gotten more fun. Joined right in on all the pranks right away - oh, [Y/N] got Jared so good yesterday!” He started laughing, eyes crinkling around the edges as he closed them and shook his head.

“Damn right I did!” You popped up behind him, resting your chin on his shoulder.

“So, the other question?” The interviewer raised her eyebrows as her eyes flitted between the two of you.

“No - we uh, not yet.” He turned his head and was met with your gorgeous eyes. “Hey, [Y/N]?” His breath ghosted over your cheek.

“Yeah, Jay?” You smiled.

“Do you want to make the rumors true?” He grinned, but he was blushing.

You didn’t give him a verbal response, just moved your face closer to his until your lips connected. There was his answer - and the interviewer’s. 

He talks about your child(ren) during an interview  (BIG BANG)

Y/S/N: Your son’s name

Y/D/N: Your daughter’s name

Jiyong: -your son had recently started school and you were pregnant again. There was much tears that day from the hormones and Jiyong and to stay home to calm you down- “Y/N hasn’t been taking it so well and I understand he’s getting so big and it’s scary. Hopefully he’s going to be protective of his baby sister”

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Seungri: -your 4 year old daughter had recently started modeling in adorable little clothes. Seungri was being over protective and the other’s teased him about it- “you know no dad wants his daughter to model. I mean if she does she does but it makes me want to kill any guy that looks at her”

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Daesung: -your 1 month old daughter was a daddy’s girl and Daesung was very happy with it. He took her everywhere he could and wasn’t ashamed of the bright purple diaper bag he had to carry. Every time someone brought her up he was proud to talk about her- “Y/D/N is doing fine she was having a hard time of letting me leave without her today though. She’s my perfect little angel” 

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Taeyang: -your 18 month old son had become a must see at performances, people could tell he wanted to dance but his little body didn’t know how to so he would flail around before Youngbae would get a hold of him. During an interview they showed a video from you as you recorded him dancing to Bang Bang Bang- “he’s a little dance machine I saw he never stops moving even after we put him bed he’s moving” 

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Seunghyun: -Seunghyun took advantage of the fact he had a son. So your 3 year old wore Y/S/N and him wore matching suits to an award show. During the interview the MC teased him that he was making a mini me- “why wouldn’t I? He doesn’t look much like Y/N so it’s not hard to. Plus you can’t say he doesn’t look good in a suit”

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GOT7 reaction to when an other member accidentally says in an interview that you and M/N are dating

You’ve been dating for a while, but nothing officially public.


First thought through JBs mind ‘WHAT THE HELL YOUNGJAE!!’

Then tries to solve the issue by denying but he clearly can’t and starts grinning like a love stuck fool.

Later in the dorm - all hell breaks out!!


Jackson just couldn’t keep his big mouth shut and now he’s told the interviewer that your marks girlfriend… on live T.V!!! 

Jackson: “Marks ideal type would obviously be Y/N”

mark: whispers “Shit”  

Interviewer: “Is this true Mark?”

Mark: “Yeah, we’ve been dating a while now”

Interviewer: “aww send her wink through the screen”


When JB let slip that you was Jackson girlfriend, the studio burst into oohs and awws and Jacksons creaming voice being the loudest! 

Flustered and slightly confused he had no idea what to do, all he knew was that JYP PDnim was going to make his life hell from now till the end of time.

Jackson: “Mark I’m a dead man!”

And then the interviewer pushes for more details, Jackson then decides, ‘nothing can be done now, at least be happy that its out there at least Y/N will be happy…. i think’

Interviewer: “so Jackson why do you like Y/N”

After a giant list to attribute he finishes of with this.


Of course it was Yugyeom that told the interviewer, who else. After Yugyeom said it, he tried to pretend it was a joke but none was buying it!

But then the whole group started saying how cute you guys were together.

Interviewer: “Is this right Jinyoung?”

Welcome to the world of shy/cute junior. he wasn’t able to answer but there was that adorable smile to confirm that you two are an item.

Later at the dorm 

Junior: “YA YUGYEOM, come here!”


Youngjae told BamBam that you was coming to the dorm later, and maybe BamBam was over excited and told the interviewer too.

BamBam: “yeah Youngjae’s girlfriend is coming over later to celebrate our 2nd win!”

Youngjae tries to clear any misunderstandings people may have.

Youngjae & JB: “no no no thats not what BamBam means, he means she’ll be hangout with the us along with some other friends”

Interviewer: “But you and Y/N have been rumoured to be dating”

Youngjae: “perhaps” 


BamBam told the hyungs everything, mostly because he wanted a lot of advise, but when mark mentioned you in an interview, BamBam was brain dead.

Mark: “Since BamBam got a girlfriend he’s step down from fan service king rolls”

BamBam: “yeah…. wait hyung!”

Interviewer: “BamBam tell us a little about her”

BamBam: “well errm… hyung why did you do this to me!”

interviewer: “So BamBam you love her and you’re making your relationship public now”

BamBam: “yes i can see spending everyday with her”


Being the youngest, the hyungs didn’t have a problem with letting out his secret, mostly because Yugyeom kind of asked for their help, he wanted to make the relationship public just didn’t know how.

He didn’t know the hyungs where going to do this but when it happened he was happy.

But he had to pretend like he was annoyed.

Interviewer: “so the maknae has a girlfriend, all the members must look after her a lot”

Yugyeom: “Not more then me!”

Other members: “Prove it!”