he was so adorable i can't take it

Okay, I’ve been dying to draw Keith in a red knitted cat-ear beanie ever since I read Voltron Cafe by @voltron-cafe

Let me tell you this AU had me reading non-stop for several hours, on the edge of my chair and unable to take my eyes away. Everyone was so well made in it and omfg don’t get me started on how adorable Lance and Keith were.
So yeah, enjoy an adorable Keith in a kitty cat beanie Lance made for him!!!

the signs and small children
  • Aries: "Aww you're so adorable... you're gonna be prettier than me one day"
  • Taurus: "You're just so cute I wanna eat you up... oh that sounds weird, that's not what I meant."
  • Gemini: "oml. I don't wanna break you... you do you, I'll just admire you from here"
  • Cancer: "Come and love me please I want to be your favourite <3"
  • Leo: "Never grow up, it's a trap"
  • Virgo: "They're so flipping cute I'm going to steal them and claim them as my own"
  • Libra: "so cute XD I can't"
  • Scorpio: "Awwww you're gonna get all the boys/girls aren't you, I can tell"
  • Sagittarius: "Why're you so small?!"
  • Capricorn: "I will name him squishy and he shall be mine"
  • Aquarius: "you're adorable but also please don't cry because I don't know what to do"
  • Pisces: *taking hundreds of photos* "CAN I HOLD THEM?!"
EXO Reacts to: 'Please don't get hurt, I can't lose you. That would kill me.'

Summary: You think they’re sleeping when you whisper these words.


He’d find it cute that you cared so much for him. He’ll face you and reassure you that he will take care of himself and tell you that you have nothing to worry about.

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He continues to pretend to be asleep, smiling triumphantly. When he’s sure that your fast asleep he returns the loving gesture.

‘I love you too Y/N.’

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Dying over how adorable you are! At first he’ll pretend to sleep, but you notice the smirk on his face and he soon turns around and snuggles into your neck.

‘You’re the most precious thing on this planet princess.’

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Junmyeon thinks that this is the sweetest gesture in the world. He’ll look up at you with a sweet smile on his face, admiring you.

‘How did I get so lucky?’

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Yixing remains oblivious to your sweet words, he’s way too deep in his sleep. But, he does unconsciously snuggle closer to you.

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He’s probably gonna tease you a little tbh. This doesn’t mean he isn’t fangirling on the inside though. As soon as he heard that sentence his heart leapt at his chest.

‘Aw jagi, look at you blushing! You’re so cute.’

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He let’s out a cute giggle over how cute you are. He turns around to look at you and wraps his arms around your body, placing a sweet kiss on your cheek.

‘I love you so much Y/N.’

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Immediately turns around and plasters kisses all over your face, literally squealing how cute you are.

‘Who knew I could love someone as much as I love you?’

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His eyes shoot open, and he giggles at the embarrassed look on your face. He embraces your body, and the two of you share a passionate kiss.

‘As long as I have my jagi I’ll be safe and sound.’

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Although he’ll find what you said extremely heart warming and inside he’ll be screaming; he wouldn’t want you to know that he was a big softie so he would pretend to sleep for a while. Like Kris, once he thinks you’re asleep he’ll hold you close and whisper:

‘You are so sweet, I love you Y/N.’

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Jongin will be speechless, he’s so overwhelmed by how lovely you are. He stares at you with wide eyes, he falls in love with you all over again. He pulls your body close to his, holding on tight to you for the rest of the night.

‘I can never let you go Y/N, I want to be with you for the rest of my life.’

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This lil brat is gonna carry on sleeping with a proud smirk on his face, your gesture of love and care has just raised his ego x1837382. He’ll bring this up randomly somewhere in the near future to tease you; of course he loves it though.

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Hello 😁! What kind of girls do you think jackson is attracted to and how would he approach her and be like in a relationship? Btw i really like your natal chart reading 😄😉

Hey, anon! I’ll be quite honest here: the personification of Jackson’s type is pratically Jaebum. lmao And I’ve already said I don’t do ships so this is just by comparing their charts.

He basically needs someone that acts cold and is responsible but also a deep down softie. Jackson has too many feelings so he needs someone that is like that too, but he can also be quite naive since he has such a good heart - so he needs a partner that is good at understanding people’s real intentions and is also cold/direct enough to deal with those things. Someone that will give him strength. Jackson has serious break downs now and then according to his chart and he pressures himself a lot, so he needs someone that is strong and supportive. Someone that will just understand when he’s not just joking around about needing a hug, you know? 

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‘Cause Jackson can be quite dramatic, but an observant and caring person will understand when it’s an actual silent cry for help of sorts. So yeah. He’s probably attracted to hot bodies at first since he’s a very visual guy, but these little things about one’s personality will be what really makes him really fall in love. People that will take care of little things for him, litlle meaningful things that he’ll appreciate more than anything else. I’d say that Jaebum is not the perfect candidate because he’s too awkward so maybe someone that is more comfortable with public displays of affection would be better. Just trying to define a type here. lol

A girl or boy (since I don’t know his preferences) with those characteristics would be perfect for him. Now, as to how he’d be when in a relationship… Needy but also very caring. Pisces all over his chart makes that happen. I think he’d be jealous sometimes but not in a bad way, talking would solve it. His Moon is in Libra so he’s very, very caring and protective - even motherly like. He’s clearly a guy that spoils the people he loves and while dating someone that would intensify. Would definitely be the kind to surprise you now and then and would contantly worry deeply about your well-being, asking if you had already eaten and stuff like that. And many public displays of affection, if his career allows, would insue. With his Ascendant in Aquarius, he’d be very respectful of your space and would expect the same. Despite his insecurities, I’d say he’s the perfect boyfriend. When he actually falls in love, that is, which can be kinda hard because he has many placements talking about taking some time to understand the difference between love and passion. But overall, just a really nice guy and definitely husband material.

And thanks, I’m glad you like it! :) 

Samurai Bravo/Mchanzo Crossover

Jack: *trembling with cold* I-It’s kinda cold…

Johnny: *takes off his jacket* Here, take my jacket, sweetheart

Jack: *blushes* Oh, Johnny… Thank you

*Johnny smiles and kisses his boyfriend*

*Hanzo looks at Jesse*

Hanzo: Jesse, I’m cold too!

Jesse: Dammit Hanzo, I can’t control the weather!

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(It was funny in my head… Ma english it’s very bad TwT)

  • Cana: Yo people, I was just wondering...what is your favorite pokemon? Mine's Alakazam.
  • Mavis: Ohhhh! I love Mew!
  • Happy: MAGIKARP!
  • Lily: You just wanna eat it...I would like to spar with Hitmon Chan
  • Carla: One thinks about food, one is about fighting...boys...Espeon in my case.
  • Wendy: I think, Beautifly is cute!
  • Gray: Articuno!
  • Juvia: Can Juvia pick Gray-sama?
  • Cana: No.
  • Juvia: Ugh...Squirtle...
  • Makarov: Snorlax is living the life.
  • Macao: I would like a Litten.
  • Romeo: Can we get one!?
  • Wakaba: PAH! My Vulpix will be superior!
  • Erza: Hmm...I guess I go for Mewtwo
  • Lucy: Ninetails is so graceful! Fits for me!
  • Natsu: Goldeen would work for you too.
  • Lucy: Shut up!
  • Natsu: I take Moltres!
  • Laxus: Jolteon...
  • Freed: Excellent choice Laxus! I will pick...ehm...Jolteon
  • Bixlow: Laxus already picked that one, I pick Hypno.
  • Evergreen: Ew...Gardevoir is now an elegant pokemon, fitting for an elegant wo-
  • Evergreen: I wasn't finished with my-
  • Jet: Greninja is pretty badass though.
  • Droy: Scyther has knives for arms though!
  • Lisanna: I take Pikachu, he is just so adorable.
  • Mirajane: Then I will take...Mismagius.
  • Warrod: Of course you went for a ghost type...I myself will take Mr. Mime!
  • Levy: Weird choice...I can't really decide...I think Umbreon. I like all the Eevee's evolutions.
  • Gajeel: Jigglypuff.
  • Cana: What?
  • Gajeel: What?

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Yo, could I have some fluffy UF!Pap headcanons? Sorry I know that's kind of an oxymoron. (/~\) I can't help but adore him though. -K


- He acts all big & bad, but when it comes to Frisk, he’s wrapped around their little finger. He’ll do anything they ask of him, whether it’s taking them on a patrol, hanging out with them at home, or bringing them with him to visit Undyne. They’re his best human friend, his first ever human friend, & that means the world to him. He’d do anything for them.

- He knows Sans has a hard time, & he hates that he has to act so bossy & tough in public. He hates that he constantly has to yell & scream & call his brother names like he despises his very existence. When they’re home he tries in his own awkward, shy way to let his brother know that he really does care. Half-frozen, slightly burnt spaghetti dinners left on the table. Pre-recorded episodes of his favorite MTT-shows left on the couch. It’s subtle, but these little things are all he feels he can do without words at his disposal.

- Undyne & him are best friends. They hang out together constantly, & it’s not uncommon for her to suddenly fling herself onto him out of nowhere & start noogieing his skull until he’s shrieking for her to stop. They spar, jam out together, watch movies, all that great stuff. They’re one of the most genuine pairs of friends the Underground has to offer, & they’re the best at making it known.

Steve poking Tony’s cheeks as he says, “Why you so cute?” with a poke for every word. The last poke ends on Tony’s nose which causes him to crinkle it up adorable and Steve sort of just melts

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Heyy! So we like started reading romeo and juliet in class and are now watching the 1968 version of the play. And holy shit Benvolio is so freakin adorable and I can't. I just can't he's so cute. <3333

Hello! Oh my god, Benvolio is the softest cinnamon roll to ever exist! He is so pure and adorable I just need to wrap him up in a blanket and take care of him for the rest of my life. I’m forever grateful to Franco Zeffirelli for his portrayal of Benvolio’s character—he looks so innocent and shy and kind and his smile denotes such gentleness! He even ignored Mercutio in act 2, scene 4 because he was too busy reading a book?? Oh my god. Just let me adopt him.

Also, he and Mercutio look so in love in the 1968 version, don’t they?

His reaction to Mercutio’s death  e n d s  me

In this scene everyone is looking at the Prince EXCEPT FOR BENVOLIO WHO IS LOOKING DOWN AT MERCUTIO’S BODY


But he looks so sad! Look at his face, it’s like he is emotionless after having lost all of his friends

IT BREAKS MY HEART. But I find it very significant that he is the only young man left alive. He’d be the perfect ruler of the Montague household—he’s not as oversensitive as Romeo nor as aggressive as, say, Tybalt. I’m sure he is the one destined to rule the household peacefully and rationally.