he was so adorable and polite

Why Otabek is the best.

Wasn’t there a saying that the people who are the most quiet notice the most/has the loudest thoughts?

Well in this case, meet Otabek.

Otabek is a character genuinely misunderstood by a lot of characters but adored by the fandom. 

Here, we have this:

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He takes off his sunglasses when he is talking to people, even when that person is JJ (who no character really likes all that much tbh). This is so respectful. He removes his glasses and makes eye contact when he is spoken to, even if he is just declining a simple offer. He’s badass, but he’s very, very polite. 

At 18 years old and being the NATIONAL HERO of his country, he’s still very, very humble.

He positions his medal so that the media can get an easy shot of him. He’s making their lives easier. He’s looking out for them! And even though he just won gold, he doesn’t show any signs of being cocky. He simply, once again, makes solid eye contact with the camera, showing respect/care. 

We have him here again, giving the photographers a clear shot of him; looking straight into the camera. He’s standing upright, being very, very proper. Furthermore, I find it so sweet that he’d rather cover up his medal and show his country’s flag instead! He truly puts his country’s pride above his own and I find that beautiful. 

However, sometimes his elegant etiquette is misinterpreted as being perhaps too archaic for this generation of bubbly, emotional, and loud skating talents. 

(Notice that his entire body is facing towards the person speaking to him, even though he later verbally expressed no interest in hanging around JJ.)

And even after JJ mocks him, he doesn’t reply or shoot back some snarky remark. 

Instead, he politely declines JJ’s request in the most fucking formal way possible. Not breaking eye contact. What even.

Anyways, let’s move onto his adorable interest in Yuri. After meeting perhaps his inspiration ever, he gets called an asshole. BY HIS MUSE. BY HIS INSPIRATION. PROBABLY HIS ROLE MODEL.

What does he do? Otabae remains silent and simply walks away. He’s unconfrontational, unlike Yuri, but his silence is demanding.

And guess what, it immediately piques Yurio’s interest.

In the video, Yurio’s eyes trail after Otabek. Now Yurio’s curious about him.

Yurio has a weird tendency to look at Otabek this way. It’s almost as if Yurio somehwat reveres his presence. It makes sense because I’ve done a past meta on why Otabek is probably everything Yurio wants to be/likes (physically at least).

I think someone’s mentioned this before but Otabek arrives WAY TO COINCIDENTALLY FOR IT TO BE AN ACCIDENT. Like it or not, Otabek has always planned to talk to Yurio. Hell, he was probably driving around to try and find him…and of course, saves him instead.


And guess what? This cutie pie tosses YURIO a helmet. Because safety is cool kids.

TDLR: Otabek is fucking bomb.

dragonite sprite rating

red/blue- very aggressive boy who means business!! will fight anyone who messes with those close to him. a powerful ally. 8/10

green- a playful dragon! he’s doing the cat thing with his paws. that’s adorable. 8/10

yellow- he’s got one paw on his hip like he’s about to tell you off or something. don’t mess with this dragon! 9/10

gold- gosh, what a cutie! this dragon loves you and will do anything to be your friend. 10/10 

silver- it looks like he’s inviting you to tea! how polite! will you accept his offer to get together and enjoy a nice beverage? 10/10 

crystal- look! he’s so excited to see you! he’s stamping his paws and flapping his wings in excitement! 9/10

ruby / sapphire / emerald- his colors were softened, so now he looks like an even friendlier dragon! look at him bounce! a beautiful dragon with a fresh coat of paint! 9/10 

firered / leafgreen- he’s so relaxed, but he straightened out his horns so they’re neat and tidy! still just as friendly and inviting as before. 8/10 

diamond / pearl / platinum - his color palette was changed again, and now he’s brighter than ever! it looks like he’s conducting a symphony! this dragon has decided to pursue a career in music. i support him and his decisions wholeheartedly. 11/10  

heartgold / soulsilver- back to the softened color palette (although this one was changed a bit)! this dragon fights for his friends! 9/10 

black / white / black 2 / white 2- yes!!! he is so lively and bouncy!!!! look at him!!!!! are you seeing this? oh man. this dragon is the best thing ever. 11/10

x / y / omegaruby / alphasapphire- not as bouncy as his predecessor. this dragon got himself together, and now he’s mellow and composed. 9/10 

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Hey! I'm a new Chris Evans fan. And I often come up to some phrases like "left boob", "meatball", "language" what's the meanning of those and what key things I need to know about him as a fan that i can't easily find on wiki or some source like that.


so the left boob thing, he always grabs his left boob when he laughs. “the left boob grab” i was going to post gifs but someone made a compilation video of his left boob grabs.

Meatbeall comes from when he called himself a fucking meatball in this interview

Language” comes from a line in The Avengers Age of Ultron 

some other things…

Chris has an adorable dog named Dodger who he adopted while he was on set filming the movie Gifted

he is obsessed with the patriots…

and also space/nasa

and all things disney

he likes his beard

he is passionate and active about politics 

and supporting Christopher’s Haven which offers apartments for families of children with cancer 

he did a series of videos called “Getting Inside Chris Evans’ Head” where he spoke openly about anxiety 

he’s just pretty great

Drarry + Lucissa headcanons for @ilvermourn

• Okay so Narcissa and Lucius have always known Draco is hella in love with Harry.
• And after the war they don’t care anymore, they want their son to be happy after everything they unwillingly put him through.
• And Narcissa actually adores Harry?
• He’s so polite and kind and he’s kind of scared/careful around her which she loves.
• Also he can’t stop thanking her for saving his ass during the war.
• Draco’s embarrassed as hell though.
• “It’s like my boyfriend loves my own mother more than me!”
• Lucius fully agrees.
• “Draco, tell Potter to stop being obsessed my wife.” “Tell your wife to stop being obsessed with my Potter.”
• But they also see their loved ones are happy. Narcissa smiles more often after her sister’s death, Harry stops being scared.
• Though the suggestion of meeting the Weasleys did not fall well with Narcissa.
• And Lucius also kind of starts caring about that boy?
• Because now he thinks about it that boy apparently grew up in a muggle variation of his wife’s household.
• And he kinda realizes maybe that’s why they bond so easily. Narcissa understands the abuse this kid came from.
• So he sits down with Harry more often, eventually teaches him about the different kinds of whiskey.
• Harry just pretends to be interested.
• Draco is so relieved his parents like Harry, and so happy everyone is becoming comfortable with him living at Malfoy Manor.
• Lucius and Harry talk about how they adore Narcissa and Draco. *insert embarassing stories*
• Narcissa laughs with both Draco and Harry about their ridiculous husbands.
• “And the time they spend on their hair, can you believe it?”
• Potters and Malfoys being a cute family okay

I’m going to make more posts about this.

Phone Call from Julian 2016
  • Phone Call from Julian 2016
  • Max T. and Julian (the Janitor) Koster


I’m still freaking out that was seriously the best 6ish minutes of my LIFE.
I managed to record it, so there’s not much to say about the call that you can’t hear for yourself, but overall, just, oh my goodness what a lovely person. He was so polite and friendly and it felt like talking to your best friend. Not to mention, he’s SUCH a good storyteller, something about the way he speaks is just so powerful and pulls you right in to listen, I couldn’t ignore any of his jokes. (Yes, plural, he told me THREE jokes!!) 

I didn’t get to ask him some questions like I had hoped, (I was planning on trying to get some show-related info for the fans) but I did at LEAST get to compliment him, which you’ll hear. He said I had a nice voice and I said that he did too, and that he should be on the radio, and he got SO flustered and grateful, it was heartbreakingly adorable to hear him be so happy that someone WANTED him to be on the radio. <3<3<3 What a cinnamon roll… #protectJulian2K16

Anyway, enjoy the audio, he was absolutely lovely to talk to and it really made my day. <3

(And BTW, @ichigo-otokonoko, yes of COURSE I got him to say hi to you like you wanted <3 Anything for you my darling ^u^ Love you, enjoy!!)


Rose/Scorpius → Love at first sight / Young Rose was the one who wanted him first, who kissed him shyly then asked so politely to be kissed, who adored him without reservation or expectation. Of course Scorpius thought her silly and sweet. He was relentless, charming, and utterly immature with her. He didn’t deserve her. And he teased her about her feelings for him, for as long as he could, until he could no longer stop kissing her, either. Oh, he was mad about her like you wouldn’t believe.


There isn’t ANY doubt in my mind that Tsukishima’s parents ADORE Yamaguchi and that the same applies for Tsukishima regarding Yama’s parents

Tsukishima did not have friends before Yamaguchi. So when their salty, anti-social lil brat came home with the most adorable little freckle boy, they were probably ecstatic. “WE THOUGHT YOU DIDN’T HAVE FRIENDS!” They’d exclaim, embarrassing Tsukishima as they gush over Yamaguchi. They’re sooo happy that their son has a friend! And a cute innocent friend at that, who adooooores Tsukishima.

So when I read stuff where Tsuk’s parents don’t like Yama because he’s poor or something, I get so put off. Like, nah, they probably offer to buy stuff for Yama all the time because they are so thankful to him for being Tsukishima’s friend?? And he only turns them down out of politeness and because he doesn’t want to feel like a charity case.

And then with Yamaguchi, he was like, bullied? And then suddenly he stops coming home with scratches and bruises and tear stained cheeks and starts coming home gushing about how amazing his new friend is!! Tsukki this, Tsukki that. And it’s infectious. They’re (I actually hc Yama as only having a mom but for this post I’ll presume a mom and a dad) so glad their son has a friend now and is safe and happy and has someone to look up to!! When they finally meet him they’re literally the sweetest people. Yama’s mom indulges his sweet tooth all the time.

And Tsukishima is a totally different person near Yama’s parents because it. Can’t besmirch the image they have of him.

And basically both of their families are second families to each other, same with homes, and they don’t even have to knock at this point.

And their parent’s probably became friends as a result too.


okay but have you considered little old lady fanclub

(because if there’s one thing conversations with my grandma and her crew at the old folk’s home has made clear to me it is that polite young people with nice arses are a desirable commodity at all ages)

Rfa child (update info)

Ren Choi
Age: 12 (new update)
Parents :
Dad: saeran Choi
Favorite food: simple snack and traditional food
Favorite fruit: strawberry and papaya
Disliked: modern food and orange
Ren is nice and polite to people who older than him,and really respect to his father. He also has sharp tounge and sarcastic sense of humor .
Ren genius and known a lot about gardening,he love to study about anatomy and adores anatomy,he also love to saving money for stuff he wanted. He goals are become a doctor.

- ren is secretly cry baby and childish around his father and risa.
- ren disliked haneul (seven son) because he feel haneul take risa from him(before haneul born ,risa and ren always play together)
-ren adores angel so much,but he unaware about his felling to her
- ren bff with jay and byul
- ren has illness due of saeran mint eye drug effect (but not dangerous)
- ren disliked having a sibling
- ren broke jaehee window to cockblcoked jay and mina (poor jaehee)
- ren pretty obsessive and overprotective with someone he cares a lot (risa,saerand and angel)
- ren biggest fear is get abandoned by someone his love and cares

Hello guys new update info for ren :) msg for stuff you wanna talk about! Im sorry my eng are not good but I’m doing my best!

University (Philip Hamilton x Reader)

Request: Can you please do “Just please be my best friend right now, not the guy I just confessed my love to.” with Philip Hamilton if you have time!

Word count: 1,026

Pairing: Philip Hamilton x Reader

AU: Modern

Warnings: None, just fluff and a bit of angst lol

Note: How can you not love Philip Hamilton? He is so adorable omg

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Babysitting Jobs

Word count: 919
Pairing: Uncle!Crowley/Child!Reader
Warnings: none?
Note: I just have all these feels and don’t know what to do with them
Tags: @aaron–hotchner
Idk if you even like Crowley but this was the fluff I spoke of.

The king of Hell walks into a church.
Sounds like a bad joke, doesn’t it? But here he was, babysitting the brat Moose and Squirrel call their sister. Though only ten, the child was an absolute horror. She was polite, compassionate, and downright adorable.
It disgusted him.
But, much as he was disgusted, he couldn’t help but have a soft spot for her. The way she discouraged traps, the names she gave his dogs (“Her name is Anna, cause she’s just as mean.”). Once, when she was seven, she asked for information from his demon, and ever so nicely added a ‘please’ at the end of the sentence. When he refused to give it to her, she toddled off to find someone who would, rather than hurting the black-eyed boy.
At the moment, he was seated next to her at Christmas mass. She was watching with shining eyes as the priest explained the story of Jesus. The man could’ve fallen asleep because of how boring it was.
The only reason he was even here was because those two idiots she called brothers and their little angel friend forgot to take her with them. They begged him to watch her until they got back later that evening, and he could do nothing but agree. And of course the brat wanted to go to church!
“Uncle Cas says God always likes to see his children there!” She explained.
The little old lady next to him seemed to be staring him down; her gaze constantly switched between the two of them, as if she was questioning his guardian skills. Kids weren’t much different than dogs, right?
That evening, he took her home draped over his shoulder. She had fallen asleep mid-mass. No doubt it was way past her bedtime, anyways. It was a shame, really. She had been all dressed up in her child-sized red dress and shoes.
“It’s cause they match your eyes!” She said, squishing his cheeks a bit.
He was hardly amused when the boys returned, covered in blood and sweat. This was no place to raise a child, even Hell would be better for her! And that’s exactly what he told them.
“She should not have to grow up with so much pressure!” He seethed, shoving Dean backwards.

“Oh? And what do you suggest? Hell would hardly be better!” The man yelled back. The group didn’t notice little tear filled eyes watching from the stairs. (Y/n) listened to them fight about her care until Crowley flashed himself out. She tucked herself back into bed, said a prayer, and drifted into a nightmare filled sleep, something about a man in a cage?
In the end, she stayed with the boys. Crowley was in no way related to her, had no leverage over the boys. He couldn’t technically take her, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t babysit now and again.
Today happened to be one of those days.

“Tell me, Peabody,” Crowley said, taking a sip from his tiny plastic tea cup. “Have you been getting enough sleep? You look tired.” She hadn’t. The nightmares had gotten worse and she was almost afraid to sleep now. Dark bags, the kind that shouldn’t be found on any ten year old, had formed under her droopy eyes.

“Mhm.” She hummed. There was no reason to worry her favorite uncle, was there? The door to the bunker opened and closed, alerting the king that her guardians were back. He ruffled her hair, said goodbye, and flashed out. The minute he was gone, (Y/n) laid her head on the table, ready for a short nap.

“What in God’s name did you two do?” Crowley snarled. (Y/n) was currently leaning against him, sobbing her heart out. It had to be their fault, obviously! What else could make her cry like this?

“Nothing! She woke up and wanted you, that’s all we know.” Sam insisted. Crowley muttered something about ‘being more of a Peabody than a moose’ and continued to comfort her, urging her to reveal the problem.

“Come now, Peabody, what’s got you so down? Nothing we can’t fix, yes?”

“Make him s-stop!” She cried. Were you talking about him? “He h-hurt Sam! Put him back, make h-him stop!”

“Put who back?” Crowley inquired. But the boys had a good idea of what she meant, and they were not at all shocked by what she said next.

“The m-man with the w-hite wings.” Handing you over to Dean, Crowley stood. A scowl adorned his face, as did bright red eyes. Someone would die tonight, and though it wouldn’t be Lucifer, they had a feeling he would get what was coming for messing with Crowley’s favorite Winchester.
Under the agreement that he got to speak with Sam and Dean, Lucifer stopped his tormenting. How he could even reach (Y/n) from the cage was a mystery. But she was sleeping easy and had no clue that those dreams had happened in real life, that was what mattered.
And that brings us right back to…
“But I want to see the puppies!” (Y/n) pouted angrily. Crowley stood behind her with an amused smirk.

“Hellhounds. They’re fucking hellhounds! You can’t even see them unless you’re a demon!” Dean replied. There was a long pause before she turned to look up at Crowley.

“Uncle Crowley, can I have my birthday wish early?”

“You are not wishing to be a demon!” Sam screeched. Ah, the joys of childhood.

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I just wanted to say that I adore your Whitebeard Pirates headcanons! Could you please do the commanders reaction to a new sister? You can do as many of them as you want! Thank you!


✨Oh goodness! ✨ Thank you so much!! 💖💖 I really really appreciate it!!!!

I hope you like them!! 💖


  • He’d be super super polite and offer a warm welcome to her
  • Probably would act super chill and relaxed as usual, but in the inside he’s super excited to have a new face around the ship. 
  • He would be the Janis Ian of the commanders and give her a brief introduction of everyone (hoping not to overwhelm her) 
  • Also offering advice on how to get along with the crew just right (though he has no doubt she would on her own)
  • Being Big Bro Marco™ he’d be almost protective of her at first hoping to prevent corruption from Ace and Thatch


  • He can’t wait to recruit another onto his team of pranksters 
  • But he’s kinda nervous bc he doesn’t know how to act around girls 
  • can I just be normal??? or do I gotta act polite??? etc etc
  • So he can be awkward around them at first, 
  • Also kinda adding to that he’ll definitely will tease tf out of them, like giving them weird rules or “traditions” that everyone does to embarrass her
  • If she can get past those first awkward weeks and pranks with him, they’ll probably be best friends


  • EXCITED x2
  • Let’s be honest, he’s the head of the welcoming department
  • So he’ll throw this giant ass party for her. Making sure that most of her favorite meals (etc.) are there for her
  • It’s also a good chance to recruit a member for his prank team
  • (tbh it’s a secret battlefield between Ace and him)
  • But he’s super happy that they decided to join and would want to know all about them
  • Why they joined, possible backstory, etc. etc.
  • He also joins in Ace with teasing her, but gets the two of them yelled at by Izo for embarrassing her  


  • *inhales deeply*
  • He would be super super excited to have a girl on board. He’ll want to get to know them and earn their trust so they can share secrets and “gossip” about the crew
  • Also super excited to come up with more fashion advice™
  • Like Marco he’ll be super protective of her bc Thatch and Ace are trying to corrupt her
  • But Izo or Marco would definitely be keeping an eye on her from a far to make sure she’s alright and such


  • *hopes to be noticed*
  • They’d try super hard to become friends with her
  • If they were successful they’d create a bunch of inside jokes instantly
  • Also a secret handshake because that’s a special bond right there yo 
  • They’d also rant on and on about their hobbies and interests hoping to find some in common
  • They’d probably follow her around at the beginning helping her with everything that needed to be done, explaining how it needed to be done taking Marco’s job

As for the others, they’d be really happy & excited to meet her, they’d love to learn about her and what she’d bring to the crew!!

Okay, so. Scorpius either gets with Rose or Albus, right? So either way he’s grandkid in law of Molly Weasley. Just imagine how much Molly would adore this sweet, polite, dorky, motherless boy who always says please and thank you unlike her rowdy biological grandkids and really appreciates her cooking, wears her Christmas jumpers, gets her really nice presents at Christmas (come on, he’s a Malfoy, he’s got the Malfoy charm. There are not going to be any cheap boxes of chocolates on his watch), excels in school and is such a sweetheart. She’d love him. And she’d have no tolerance of anybody who didn’t like Slytherin. You aren’t insulting her adoptive grandkid’s house/actual grandkid’s house on her watch.

dating hoseok

here you go anon ilysm marry me

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  • im crying this is my love, my sunshine, i wanna marry him
  • this boy is too precious for this world please protect him
  • he would ask you out right off the bat
  • like oh wow do you see this cutie do you see her seokjin, how adorable!!
  • and he’s gaping at you for like ten minutes straight and then he just shrugs like well okay it’s now or never
  • and he approaches you and you’re like typing away on your essay over in the corner of the library and you have earbuds in or something so you don’t realize he’s there for a rather long time
  • and he just politely waits and he’s beaming from ear to ear and yoongi wants to choke him because how blatant can someone be??
  • that’s beside the point though
  • finally this lil bean gets tired of waiting for you to notice so he gently shakes your shoulder and you blink and spin to face him
  • and he’s so cute and wow your heart just stops in your chest because is that the sun you’re staring at??
  • and he sticks his hand out all formal like “hi I’m hoseok, i think you’re really cute, you wanna come get dinner with me sometime soon?”
  • and you kinda just sit in shock for a few seconds like wait what are you serious?? is this actually?
  • but how could you say no to this boy??
  • so you nod and smile and he’s smiling even wider now and you quickly scribble down your number on a piece of paper and he takes it and he starts screaming and you kinda whaT
  • and he gets yelled at by the librarian but he seriously doesn’t care he keeps screaming and runs back to his boys to show off your number
  • and the date is a day or two after that and he takes you to his fave sushi place and it’s really casual and it’s just a chance for you two to get to know each other better
  • and he’s such a goofball but such a gentleman too and he pays for the entire thing?? and he suggests which sushi you should try if you’ve never had it before and he’s really cheesy and tries to feed you even though that is damn hard with sushi
  • and after that night he like walks you home and he’s already holding your hand cause he’s excitable and wonderful and you guys make it to your doorway
  • and he kisses both your cheeks and then your forehead like “i had a lot of fun I wanna do this again if that’s okay with you!!”
  • and wow believe it or not you do end up dating
  • the official boyfriend thing would happen really quickly afterwards he reminds me of someone who doesn’t like to take things slow and would rather rush in with all his emotions and passion and excitement
  • tbh jin and yoongi are like man you need to slow down you don’t want kids by next year but hoseok is so smitten he could really care less??
  • i see hobi being a sap when his lover is involved, like big time, he’s so whipped so the official boyfriend thing happens over a fancy dinner at a high end restaurant right
  • and he has a tux and you’re in a really nice dress and you have fancy glasses so you know it’s expensive
  • and you’re eating away and yoU’re kinda so why we here?
  • and you’re about to die seriously but his face is so bright and his smile is so wide and he looks so happy that everyone forgets to be mad at him and they’re all cooing at you two??
  • because honestly they think it’s a proposal
  • and you face palm
  • seriously
  • puns
  • but you nod because wow you’re smitten too and he kisses you all excited and wowowow
  • he’s so about skinship
  • like he would wanna kiss you everywhere all times of the day
  • you’re out shopping for jimin’s birthday present well guess who’s trying to kiss your face while you talk to the cashier
  • his fave would be cute playful kisses that last a few seconds but crave you wanting more
  • he loves kissing you on the nose and the corner of your mouth just to be tease
  • in public is no different he is all over you, swinging your arms back and forth, holding you close with his arm around your waist, squeezing your butt
  • at home he would be ten times more passionate though like wow let’s see what our evening activities were oh right snuggling and kissing for like seventeen hours
  • he loves his snuggles
  • he likes you on his lap, he likes his head in your lap while you play with his hair, he likes when you’re laying on top of him (if you don’t play with his hair he starts to whine and kick his legs all upset and he pouTS toO MucH)
  • he just likes when you’re touching honestly nothing makes him happier
  • except maybe when you agree to dance with him
  • he goes all out and expects you to keep up tbqh
  • and when you can’t he laughs and scolds you for not practicing more and then he slows it down for you and you can just admire how flawless he is and you’re always so breathless when he dances for you because he is water or something
  • and he would teach you slow dancing too and it would be midnight and you’re both in your pajamas and you have some slow romance song playing in the background and he has his hands on your waist and your arms are around his neck and your head is on his chest and he sings along so softly and you just sway
  • im dead
  • okay dates with this beaN
  • they would always be interactive
  • like hey i signed us up for painting lessons aren’t you excited??
  • wow babe aRT museUM BuT THey leT You MAke Your oWN papYRUS scriPT
  • did you hear there’s a new petting zoo, do you think they would notice if i stuck the goat in my shirt and carried him out
  • okay pet names
  • “jelly bean, my sunshine, my hope, my love, baby, sweetie, honey bunches of oats”
  • expect something creative and something out of the box and wilD
  • like you’re watching the boy’s practice one day and you’re distracted by namjoon and seokjin aggressively trying to be better than the other and suddenly hoseok screams “duCKY”
  • and you wait is that me is that my nickname of the day
  • there’s never a quiet dull moment with this boy
  • like it’s one in the morning and he’s standing there with a wii remote in hand challenging you to a just dance battle and you know you’re gonna get your butt handed to you but he’s using the puppy eyes so you at least tell him you’re picking the first song
  • movie night wouldn’t be that often, he seems to squirmy to want and sit and pay attention
  • so you usually end up playing just dance (and losING SO BADLY) or doing arts and crafts or something cute and childish like jigsaW PUZZLES
  • cause he can sit there and watch you frazzle out over the puzzle of a cute little cat but he can sit behind you and kiss your neck and shoulders whenever he wants is that a win win or what
  • this boy has like zero boundaries
  • like you’ll get up one morning, hop in the shower and suddenly someone has joined in your singing and “whOA SLOW DOWN I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE JAMMING TO CHAINED UP HOSEOK WHEN DID YOU-”
  • and he’s dancing along all happily “sorry I had to brush my teeth but this song is kINDA MY JAM”
  • like has zero boundaries
  • i would say he’s for snuggling in bed but it’s more like suffocating
  • like you start out and he’s holding onto you but you wake up at like three in the morning because you cannot breathe because this boy has rolled on  top of you and is smashing you half to death
  • small talk at night is not small talk he’s still wide awake and he’s talking about how much he loves you and yoongi and jeongguk and namjoon and suddenly he’s asking you if moving in all together would be “the best idea ever or what”
  • and you politely decline that offer
  • but he has his serious moments for sure he’s so good at picking up on the mood and other people’s feelings and he knows how to tone it down when you need it and he knows how to step back and make sure you’re emotionally//mentally//physically okay before being smiley and excitable and chattery
  • but anyway he wakes you up every morning by singing to you (it’s the same song, literally your name and then I love you in like seventy two different languages) and kissing every square inch of your face and flopping on you like boy has no chill
  • in any aspects
  • like “babe I was thinking we name our child after namjoon do you like that”
  • “ouR WHaT”
  • “the child we’re gonnA MAKE”
  • he would love kids so much and like the idea of marrying you and being a parent with you like he would always talk about it all the time he’s so cuTE
  • and when you’re upset
  • oh man
  • he would probably cry with you honestly
  • whenever you’re hurt or upset he can’t help himself but cry with you because seeing you hurt breaks his heart into a million pieces
  • he feels emotions so strongly //which i totally respect// so whenever you are upset or angry he is right there with you
  • he defends you no matter what, doesn’t even need to hear the situation he has your back
  • and after you’ve done your crying he does your best to cheer you up, by making you laugh and giggle and smile even if that means making himself look like a fool
  • jealous hoseok??
  • yes
  • that is a very big yes
  • i think despite his smiley and upbeat personality he would have issues with some self confidence things so he’s always worried you’re gonna find someone better
  • so when another guy looks at you he gets afraid and he panics and that means holding you close and kissing your face and telling you how much he loves you
  • he tells you that like every twenty seven seconds btw
  • in every single language he can
  • like he doesn’t speak russian but he thinks this is how i love you sounds?
  • and when he’s away he’s always calling you and leaving like five hundred hour voice mails talking about how much he loves you and can’t wait to come home and snuggle you
  • and he sends you the ugliest selfies but honestly you find them so endearing and they’re the cutest things??
  • he’s always spoiling you in attention like namjoon always tells you to leave the country while they practice so hoseok will stop talking about you
  • and he buys you stuff all the time
  • he’s super observant like he notices you’ve been scouring amazon for a cute lil skirt and one day you come home to like seven different colors of the skirt plus a matching blouse??
  • and where did thIS NICE BRACELET COME FROM??
  • he wants matching everything okay like wow did you know they make matching couple underwear
  • “no and i didn’t ever want to know that”
  • he’s such a sunshine and you would be his number one priority in life and he would love you endlessly and you would be his whole life
  • im gonna go cry now good night
Me, watching my shows when the OTP does something adorable...

anonymous asked:

Omg I want all the soft Alec headcanons ❤️ if you have time would you mind sharing some of yours?

okay but i’ve gotten such an influx of super polite anons it’s so adorable like. for the record, i will also respond to ‘bitch give me all your soft alec hcs rn’ but this is very sweet ❤✨

right anyway buckle up tbh, i have a lot of ~thoughts about this..

  • first of all, alec lightwood keeps a journal. he actually has since he was around thirteen, bc back then he was a mess of feelings he had no other outlet for. but now it’s become more of a habit, a way to sort through his day and (lately) catalogue literally every new thing he learns about magnus bane
  • alec is a total cuddler/heat leech?? his feet are always cold and his siblings are so warm like, izzy especially she’ll just be reading in the library and alec will plop down next to her and start wiggling his toes under her legs until she laughs and grabs a blanket to wrap them both up in
  • he never really ~liked cooking (and he’s still not great at it tbh) but he learned with izzy to keep an eye on her in the kitchen and it sort of became a good excuse to hang out with her and then later it becomes something nice he can do for her (or any of his siblings) when they’re tired and stressed and need a break. he can’t make anything super fancy, but he does some decent soups/pastas and breakfast is his specialty
  • alec has bad anxiety sometimes (like this is legit canon lbr) and when it starts to get bad he’s normally heading right for the training room to spend a few hours with the punching bag, but it’s the worst thing tbh bc it just amps him up rather than calming him down. but when jace is around and notices what’s happening, he’ll go with and always be casually more tactile than usual because he’s learned that touch is what really calms alec down. and it does
  • once he and magnus start dating and he’s spending more time at the loft, alec becomes mesmerized by all of magnus’s make up - all these tubes and powders and brushes? and like, it’s not his thing but it’s part of magnus and this whole gorgeous armor that he wears and so alec asks izzy about it and she introduces him to his new favorite passtime tbh: watching youtube make up tutorials
  • alec loves history like. part of the reason that he’s so rigid in shadowhunter tradition is bc there’s so much history there and here it is preserved in these small ways, these shared experiences and phrases that they have together? and magnus sees that and is afraid it will hurt him to hear the actual true story of some of that ‘history’ (and it does) but more than that it just fascinates him. he devours every story magnus tells him and almost passes out when he sees the true extent of magnus’s library (this nerd)
  • he is an early riser/light sleeper by training, by necessity, but once he starts staying over at the loft, sleeping in becomes alec’s favorite thing in the whole world. just lying there in magnus’s arms in this small separate world before the dawn that they create for themselves where there’s no war or duty or failure or shame, there’s just magnus. and alec. soft and warm, together

fake star wars spinoff movies

Bodhi Rook (Ahmed) lives a dangerous life – he’s part of a top secret peacekeeping squadron that’s way above the average person’s clearance level. So when he meets a charming guy with an adorable smile in the bar of the hotel where he’s staying for an international conference, it’s second nature to slip into a false identity. To give a fake name and the old (almost) lie: “I’m a pilot.” 

Meanwhile, Luke Skywalker (Hamill) has spent most of his own life trying to hide from who he is – his family is made up of big-name political figures, and military leaders who want him to be one too. His sister has dragged him to a conference with hopes of parading him in front of a government security recruitment panel – before the accident that took his hand, he had once been a well renowned fighter pilot in the air force. And, wanting to escape the limelight for once, that’s the line he falls back on when the gorgeous guy at the bar asks what he does: “I’m a pilot.”

The next day, the start of the conference rolls around and both quickly figure out through their own connections who the handsome guy they like really is. But with the shared feeling that there could be a genuine connection between them, neither is willing to let this go – especially since each is convinced they haven’t been found out, and that the other really only does believe they’re just a pilot. Now they’ve only got a week; to try keep their own secret identities from being found out, while trying learn more about what lies behind each other’s in the hopes of finding out if they really could be The One.

With support from an ensemble cast, this rom com boasts all the typical tropes – love at first sight, miscommunication, and an ending that would have rolled around sooner if everyone had just sat down and talked to each other. But there’s the fun in that? I’m The Pilot places these well worn clichés in talented hands against a novel backdrop, in an uplifting love story that’s sure to take your breath away.