he was smiling so hard

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Idk if i should message this or if you even answer but I really need to rant. Why do people force us to be social, or tell us to smile or they think we are afraid of them just because we keep our distance ? Im not comfortable around new people and i take my time to get used to them. Tday I had someone telling me to smile and to come closer and he was pushing so hard. I get why but if people see u r uncomfortable then why would they keep pushing?? I just dont understand. .. and I hate it...

@jessicakimba, thanks for ranting to us. It really makes our day. It can be increasingly annoying to have people push you. Especially if you just told them that you don’t want anything to do with them. To be told to “be more social” is one of the worst things to be told by someone on the outside refusing to look in. I hope you feel better and I hope you remain adamant in the face of extroverted society. Always here to lend and ear if you want to talk again! :-)

in a hundred lifetimes, i’d choose you

when sherlock says “we have a client” in asib and john is like “what, in your bedroom?”, he is flirting so hard, this is flirting 101, his voice, his smile hidden in the words, he is like “haha, what a silly way for you to invite me into your bedroom”. sherlock could’ve said “there’s a fire” and john could’ve answered “what, in your pants?” and it would’ve been the s a m e thing



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This could happened after the movie or could be an AU. Whatever you like. Just first meeting of Percy and Newt because either way, Newt just smiles and you’re doom Percy. Falling so hard there’s no way to crawl back ;))


If you like it please let me know. I’d love to see your comment <3<3<3
Happy Valentine Day you all ;)

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The difference between Yuri’s crying since ep. 1 to 7, is something I wanted to mention, because just look at the boy…

And how different he looks, how he doesn’t hold back, not like he did when he first cried on the phone, he’s letting all out, he’s not trying to put on a tough act, he is not smiling while trying so hard not to break down. His emotions now feel a whole more congruent to the anxiety and pressure he is feeling. And even if Victor pushed the buttons for this to happened, and may have wanted to test the boy, Yuri later states he feels way better after crying, because he knows he finally said what was on his mind, he didn’t have to pretend, or swallow everything and just keep on going, not anymore.

Minhyuk Appreciation

It’s Minhyuk’s birthday so here I am crying about who Minhyuk is

No.Mercy Era Minhyuk was…

  • the introduction of the sun
  • smiles despite being towards last place
  • staying in the studio helping his main competitor with choreo
  • comforting the higher number spots while he sat at 11th
  • boyfriend!Minhyuk
  • husky vocals and sweet songs
  • proving his talent as a dancer and vocalist
  • proving he was more than the visual line

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Trespass/ No Exit Era Minhyuk was…

  • being the speaker of the group
  • enlisting in the Jooheon protection squad
  • shielding Jooheon from copycat Zico comments
  • telling Jooheon he was handsome because Jooheon struggled with his image
  • realizing Minhyuk smiled so hard because he has a passion for the stage
  • birth of “Minmoongie”

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Hero/Rush Era Minhyuk was…

  • playful Minhyuk
  • the birth of “yellow card-imnida”
  • Sass master minhyuk
  • “Are they…wrestling??”
  • enlisting in Shownu protection squad
  • birth of the “jacket dance”
  • telling Shownu he’s a valuable and great leader
  • working out for a week to get abs
  • Vampire!Minhyuk

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All In/ Stuck Era was…

  • Jack Frost Minhyuk
  • Actor!Minhyuk
  • Hyungwon protection squad
  • “lately this hyung has really been taking care of me” -hyungwon about Minhyuk
  • iconic bathtub scene
  • overworked and broken Minhyuk
  • which led to fanboy!Minhyuk with Changkyun
  • scared to be in the hospital and off camera for too long because he thought we wouldn’t like him anymore
  • learning the choreography and dancing along in the crowd
  • learning calligraphy to handwriting lyrics to sing his own song at their first concert so everyone can sing along

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Fighter Era Minhyuk is…

  • return of boyfriend!Minhyuk
  • enlisting in the Wonho protection squad
  • realizing Wonho’s insecurities and telling Wonho he’s good enough
  • offering the fans his umbrella so they will be okay
  • it’s using a towel over his head because he gave his umbrella away
  • playing with children and making them smile
  • it’s telling the members to take care of themselves
  • starting an art exhibit with Kihyun
  • modelling with Hyungwon

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Minhyuk is happiness.  He is caring for his members more than he cares about himself.  It’s putting aside his own insecurities to help his members become better people.  He is smiles and comfort.  He is the protection of monbebes.  He is the life force of Monsta X that the members and monbebes cliing to when they’re feeling down.  He’s more than his face and body.  



As you can see, it’s gonna be about this cast for a minute y'all. My obsession hasn’t died yet😭 As hard as it was I ranked them in order. I love them all tho😻

1. Woody McClain
He’s so fine, funny, and humble. Like I’m really in love with him y'all. I’m mentally married to him and everything.💍😭

2. Keith Powers
He’s such a cutie😍 and he’s so laidback and chill. It’s so funny when he jokes the other members of the cast😂

3. Luke James
His voice💞 his confidence, his coolness. He dresses very nice too. His whole vibe just sends out black excellence.

4. Bryshere Gray
I’ve had a crush on this guy since the first season of Empire😩 I love the way he acts, he’s amazing. His smile is so beautiful💕

5. Algee Smith
It was so hard to figure out whether I should put him before or after Bryshere 😭but Algee is so cute💞 he has those bedroom eyes.I loved him as Ralph and I really wanna see more from him. He’s so positive and that’s what makes him even more attractive.

6. Elijah Kelley
I love his energy 💖omg. It’s so cute when he gets worked up and excited about something. Also have y'all seen this man’s outfits lately? His fashion sense is A1. And we cannot forget about the fact he’s fine dark chocolate🍫

Once again this was very hard for me😭 Let’s see if y'all can do it. Who’s your favorite? 👀