he was signing my autograph


So yesterday at Dragoncon, me and my dad went to the “Ask a character” panel where voice actors answered questions in their characters voices. It was Steve Blum, Charles Martinet, Rob Paulson and Tony Anselmo (who were all fanboying over each other the whole time and it was super adorable but anyway).

So one person went up and asked “Zeb” what his reason for continuing to fight was after most of his species was wiped out, and Steve jokingly said “My reason for fighting is Kallus.” And pretty much nobody reacted. And he was like “does nobody get that joke? I feel dumb now.”

So of course I, being a big dork who loves it when people make shipping jokes, am there waving my hand around in the second row yelling “I GET IT!” And then I told Tumblr.

(He later answered properly by saying Zeb kept fighting because of the Ghost crew because they’re his family, which is also an acceptable answer I guess.)

So today I went up to him I the Walk of Fame area and introduced myself as “that person who got your shipping joke yesterday” and I showed him the Tumblr post I made yesterday and that people were freaking out about it and he was very happy about it and signed my autograph book like this.

So that was pretty awesome. And I do appreciate it when actors are cool with making silly shipping jokes, so the whole thing made me very happy. And that’s my story.

so when i was getting my autograph with jared yesterday, as he finished signing the t-shirt i asked him, in this unsure way because i was nervous and also didn’t know if it was allowed, “can i give you a letter?” and he looked up at me and smiled a little and said “of course you can.” and as i was grabbing it out of my pocket i was kind of mumbling bc i had been anxious and debating giving it to him all day and was saying “i know it’s probably stupid but…” and he, quite literally, cut me off and just grabbed it right out of my hands and immediately said to me, very sincerely with a hand resting over mine, “it’s not stupid, thank you for trusting me.” and i know it’s only a small thing, but jared recognized how anxious i was about this and knew that it was a lot to write a letter and to trust him with whatever is in it, and he was so sweet and attuned to me while interacting and refused to let me put myself down about this… and he just has a very very special soul 

So I just met Chris Cason, the voice of Holy Roman Empire, and I had him sign my Hetalia DVD and he was like “oh you have Patrick’s autograph (Germany). He’s a good guy” and then mumbled “if you like low people on the totem pole” or something of the equivalent to make fun of him. And so I told him that Patrick was super stoked that he was the first signature cuz its usually Todd (Italy) and he told Todd Haberkorn to suck it when he signed my box and Chris laughed.

I’m noticing a pattern of each Hetalia actor insulting the previous actor who signed my box set, and then ganging up on Todd. By the time I actually get Todd’s autograph it’s gonna be interesting to tell him “Hey did you know everyone shit talks you when they sign this?” Lmao

Me at Wolfcon 3!


Soo… after the “Howl At The Moon” in Paris, this was my second Teen Wolf convention ever. But it was very interesting to see the differences.

I think it was very very well organized. I remember in Paris, when the autographs began, everyone was rushing to the tables to get theirs. But at Wolfcon, it was very good that all activities (autographs, meeting rooms, photo ops) were on a different level of the building, so they could easily control the access by the elevator. This way it was much more relaxed and it was never too crowded. This was great during the autographs, I remember in Paris it was incredibly loud and you really had to shout at the guests - at Wolfcon you could talk normally to them.

The staff was extremely helpful, well informed and always friendly and I was so happy that they were interested in my comic stuff too, I really felt welcome and I’m just so thankful for their kind words and this great time! And there were so many helpers! You never had to look long for one, every few meters you could find someone to ask for help. Also a big plus: They all were speaking English very good, so everything was so easy and uncomplicated. So I really couldn’t tell what to improve here.

I’ve read the report from someone who complained about the staff and had bad experiences with the organization. I can’t and won’t judge it, I was not part of this. But my personal experience was very different and 100% positive. Part of the problem was that if you had the autographs at the beginning of the first day it wasn’t easily possible to let your photos get signed if you had them later or at the second day. I don’t know how to solve this problem though without blowing up the whole schedule. But I considered the price of the photos for the autographs very fair. They were so large, A4 and for this format, the price was quite good.

I also have to add that the hotel was very good as well! The location was good, I liked the fact that the activities were on a different level and there were special, cheaper dishes for the convention attendants. Best french fries ever!

So yes, I really can’t think of anything to criticize. Maybe that it took a bit too long in the morning for the convention to start but well, this depends on the actors too and the traffic, so…

The best thing for sure was the Saturday evening activity. Actors coming by to your table and spending some time for private talks with only a few people, this was dope!

Ian Bohen

This time I had a meeting room with Ian and I loved it. First off, I was happy that he remembered my name and what I was doing. Ian is a very funny guy and you could see that he had fun meeting the fans too. I have to say from convention to convention, I like him more and more. I asked him if he had some influence on the character development of Peter: “zero”. And he admitted that he disliked some of the stuff that was written for Peter in Season 4. And damn, he is really competitive but this pushed his team during the Saturday evening activity forward. Loved it!

Ryan Kelley

You really can see how much fun Ryan has attending conventions. Always in a good mood, friendly and open to fans and not shy at all, you just have to like him. I made a special book with only my portraits and the hearts for signing and he repeatedly said he loved the pic of angry hellhound Parrish and that he would love to repost it. He even remembered that he already got a business card with my info on it. During the party, we talked about life in LA and how different the life of an actor is with months of not having any job and then earning a lot when you got roles. Wouldn’t be something for me, I prefer having a monthly salary ;)

Casey Deidrick

Awwww I liked him so much. He hasn’t any star attitude at all, he’s so down to earth and incredibly friendly and lovely to all fans. He’s just the guy I would instantly invite to my board gaming group and play Catan and other games for hours. He also seems to be good friends with the other actors like Ryan and Froy, the chemistry between him and the others on stage was great. Too bad he seems to be just in some episodes though.

Froy Gutierrez

Ohhh Froy. This never ending energy of his! He was so excited to be at the con, it was his first one. Whoever he met got a huge smile, a super cute “Hiiiiii!!!” and a tight hug from him. He was so excited to meet his fans, to get to know them and you could feel it was 100% authentic, he loved being here, enjoyed the atmosphere and wanted to give the best for the fans. He was there with his parents who accompanied him to the photo shoots and the meeting room but definitely not in a controlling way, I think they just were interested what was going on and wanted to support him. The meeting room with him was quite special. I was the first or second one to ask a question and a friend of mine really wanted to know what mental issues Nolan (his character) suffers from. Froy said it’s depression, social anxiety, and paranoia. I asked if he tried to prepare himself for these mental issues and he then said that he suffered from depression as well and knows how this feels. Then a girl raised her hand and asked how he managed to get over his depression… she wanted to say more but she started to tear up. Froy immediately jumped up from his seat and went down on his knees in front of her and gave her the most amazing hug ever, hold her in his arms for a long, long time, comforting her. It was so touching, half of the other people in the meeting room got emotional too and everybody really wanted to give them some time. For the next minutes, we talked about depression and Froy and other fans talking about their ways to get along with it. I think this shows how loving and caring Froy is to his fans and as I said, this feels very real and authentic.

(picture see above)

Carver Twins

In Paris, I didn’t get to interact with them because there were so many guests and it was so crowded that I decided to focus on the other guests. But this time, I had autographs with Max and Charlie and got to know them at the party. And I understand now why they’re invited so often by conventions. They were both so excited about my comics, Charlie even took a photo of it and wanted to get a book. During the evening party, Max and I were talking about our ages - him being 10 years older than most of the fans and me being 10 years older than him. But yeah, they’re so natural and uncomplicated, it was just great to have them around.


Hell yeah, Gid. He is so special and incredible. Charismatic as hell with a great presence and in such a good shape, even Ian was jealous! Of course, after having met the Theo half of Theo&Deuc I was very excited to meet Deuc now! Apart from the opening panels, the first time I’ve really met him was during the group photo but since there isn’t much time to talk, we just shook hands and exchanged some smiles. This changed of course during the meeting room which came a bit later. Gid stood up again after he sat down to shake my hand and thanked me personally for my work, he introduced me to the others. Gid is such an entertainer, he can do amazing things with his voice and has such a sense of humor and a keen sense of funny situations. He told us about the scene in which Deuc was sitting in the chimera den, talking to Theo (the one with Scott’s eyes on his claws) and how he couldn’t see anything because of the lenses he had to wear. He was repeatedly looking directly into the camera, something that was not wanted of course - but he was practically blind.

And finally, during the autographs, Gid signed my very personal Theo & Deuc book. With the signatures of Cody AND Gideon it’s finally complete now and I couldn’t be happier about it. Gid also has drawn a little comic Gideon into my fan book and it doesn’t look so different from my comic Deuc!

I also had the pleasure to be in team Gideon during the evening activity! Huge shoutout to team Gid! We were good AND civilized ;) We did perform very well, of course, thanks to Gid who managed to draw a Berserker (!) in a way that we could guess it within 20 seconds! We also got the point for “Time of Death” during Charade. And if Gid wouldn’t have messed up “Beacon Hills High School” by using the word “school” during a round of ‘Taboo’, we maybe would have won! But hey, at least we got 'Oni’ right. Thank you so much Wolfcon for making all this possible!

Finally, after my solo photo shoots with Gid, it was time to say goodbye for now. Again, Gideon was so sweet and thankful and so was I!

After all, I was very happy to have met Gid, like Ian said about him: his quick thinking is amazing and so is his charisma and humor. Hope to see him again anytime soon!

In general, Wolfcon felt somehow private and cozy compared to Paris. Both conventions were very good but different in atmosphere. In Amsterdam, you got more into personal touch with the actors which is a biiiig plus and everything felt more like a big family. I think this is because of the crew and of course Patricia, Franklin and Annette! If there’s a Wolfcon 4, I’ll be there!

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The english dub for episode 1 of season 2 is streaming now on Funimation's website. Since you said you'd be checking it out, I'll just ask the obvious: what did you hate about it? Was there anything you liked about it?

 It’s hard to be critical now because after three years of frequent anime con attendance, I’ve met most of these people. Some of them several times. I have a better idea of the difficulties they face and also the effort they put into their job. I still side eye a lot of the word choices, but again, matching flaps is hard and requires some creative hand waving. They do the best they can. 

A few things I will say. Jessica Calvello was a good choice for crazy mad scientist Hange but I was anxious to hear how she’d do in the more serious season 2 role. She did fine. That said, there’s no way anyone could compare to the amazing Romi Park, so Jessica is at a huge disadvantage.

Josh Grelle’s as Armin screaming his way into Eren’s room made me laugh. He’s my favorite English VA for good reason. He’s consistently amazing.

Gelgar’s little lisp might grow on me. In fact, I think it’s growing on me as I type this.

J. Michael Tatum is one of the funniest men alive, so I cannot take him seriously as Erwin Smith. My favorite J Michael moment was when he was signing autographs sitting next at Matt Mercer (Levi). Someone in my group mentioned their crush on Matt and J Michael looked at them and said, “Good luck with that, honey. I’ve been barking up that tree for five years!”. It’s hard to hear them together on screen and not laugh thinking about that.

Thanks for your ask anon!

Meeting Khary Payton!


I went to AwesomeCon on Saturday June 17th and I had the chance to meet Khary Payton! I waited in line for 45 minutes and it was so worth it. He talked to everyone for a good 5 minutes and you were able to ask him questions. Before I get into my story I want to share some funny things that happened while I was in line.

One family brought a stuffed tiger (see picture below) for their photo with him. When he saw the tiger he screamed “SHIVA! Oh Shiva!” and everyone in line started laughing. When the family was done talking to him they said that the tiger was a gift for him. Khary put the tiger on the table behind him to use in the photos.

A woman a few places in front of me was dressed like Negan and when she met him he started pushing her away (playfully) and said she was not allowed in the Kingdom. Then he brought her back and made her repeat a speech he came up with on the spot about how she wasn’t going to bring the baseball bat into the line and into the Kingdom. Then when they took their picture they did one where they looked angry at each other and then one of them smiling. 

Now on to my experience. When it was my turn I greeting him and gave him a big hug. I told him that The Walking Dead was my favorite show and I was so excited to meet him. Khary said “The Walking Dead is my favorite show too!” He asked me what my name was and I told him it’s Bella, he said he loved that name. I asked him what his favorite scenes and episodes were to film. He said that the finale was fun but his favorite scene was the one where him and Carol are talking in the garden. He also said, “We have some really great stuff coming up. I wish I could tell you about it but I can’t.” I said “I’ll take your word for it!”

When he signed my autograph he asked me where I was from. I said “Herndon” and he spelled the word wrong and I said that I didn’t mind. He ripped the pictured and said “No I am going to do this right for you. It has to be perfect.” He got another photo and signed it right. He said “Next time you come to the Kingdom present this to me and you can get in.” I thanked him and then it was time for the picture.

Since I am very small he leaned down and hugged me. Then he said “No wait! We have to get the tiger in this.” We posed with the tiger and I was so incredibly happy! I thanked him and said, “I can’t wait for the next season. I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day!” He thanked me and said, “I hope you enjoy the rest of the convention.” I thanked him again and left.

I am so incredibly happy that I met him and that I was able to talk to him for a while. This was the best celebrity encounter I have ever had. Please enjoy these photos. If you would like to use one PLEASE ask my permission via my ASK on my page.

At this time 2 years ago I found myself  backstage after what would be my last Motorhead concert. Sitting at a table watching people walk by and talk, seeing Biff Byford of Saxon walk past me and Mikkey Dee coming out the bathroom in a towel XD. Not knowing quite sure what to do and not being able to gain the courage to ask someone if I could meet the band. Than my mom asked a lady guarding  the hallway to all the dressing rooms if there was a chance I could meet Lemmy. A guy walked past us as they were talking and the guard told my mom to ask him. He turned out to be Lemmys personal assistant Ian. My mom  talked with him and he said he wouldnt make any promises but will see if I could. As we waited Mikkey came back out after getting into some clothes XD and he was talking and signing autographs for some fans. Again my nervousness got the best of me and my mom went over to ask him for a picture. We took the picture and in the photo  (in my opinion) I look pretty creepy because I was so nervous XD He than asked if we enjoyed the show and if I wore any earplugs and was surprised when I said I hadn’t :’) I remember him telling me, a few times actually, to “rock on girl” He was so nice and sweet.

As we continued to wait for Lemmy my legs were shaking like crazy. It was one of the most nerve-racking moments in my life. I could see Ian at Lemmys dressing room door peeping in and than looking at me (probably saying to Lemmy, “yeah she’s really weird looking but she really seems to want to meet you" XD JK)

But anyways he eventually said that we could come in and meet him but only for a brief time. I remember walking in, and seeing the back of his head and almost having a heart attack XD. We shook hands and took a picture, I tried to show him my tattoo but was too nervous so I don’t think he saw it right. I just remember looking into these puppy dog sort of eyes (and yeah I know thats a weird description of Lemmy but of course he wasnt well at the time) but its what I remember. I thanked him for the concert and than Ian lead us out. After we left we had to find  a hotel as we missed our last train home. I remember feeling so strangely, I defiantly was in shock. I remember my mom trying to say something to me and I was like “I cant talk right now” XD

Anyways it was one of the most awesome and surreal moments in my life. Getting to meet Mikkey and Lemmy, so special to me, especially now knowing what would happen 4 months later :( But I am so grateful for the following people that made this happen

George, a web admin for the Motorhead site who got me the backstage passes in the first place because I had submitted something to the site mentioning the blog.

Ian Gainer, Lemmys personal assistant  for actually letting meet one of my heroes.

My mom for helping me ask around for help

And to all of you guys for supporting and loving the blog. If it weren’t for the blog I wouldn’t have had this opportunity. I  know I have slowed down in postings but I still hope to continue to post as much as I can in the future.  Thank you guys! MotorheadForLife!


So today (5/7/16) is the 4 year anniversary of the day I met Johnny Depp. I just thought I’d share my story, since my original posts got deleted.

I didn’t sleep at all the night before. I stayed up in our hotel room, watching Alice in Wonderland on my phone, and just shaking with excitement at the fact that I was going to see Johnny Depp. We woke up at 5 or 6 am. that morning. People were already beginning to line up on the streets. Running to the sidewalk across from the Chinese Theatre, I set up camp with my Jack Sparrow blanket, and waited. For 13 hours, I waited.

When Johnny arrived, I was ecstatic. I was the only one there with a poster that I had made the week before saying “If Johnny’s fans are his bosses, I’m the CEO.” There were thousands of screaming fans by this point. People were pushing me up against the barricades and shouting. Everyone wanted to see Johnny. I remember, as Johnny started signing autographs at the end of the line, wondering if he was going to even get to me. I was just one person in a sea of thousands of people. As Jerry got closer, though, my mom got his attention. She told him we had made this trip down for my birthday, and that Johnny meant the world to me. Jerry sorta smirked and gave my mother a nod, and within a minute, he was pulling Johnny down the line to see me. 

I don’t even remember what I said to him, to be honest. My adrenaline was so high. I screamed something about it being my birthday, and how much I loved him, and how much he meant to me. And he looked at me. Through those blue tinted sunglasses, he really looked at me. And he smiled. After signing my autograph, he put his right hand on my left cheek, and said “Happy birthday, sweetheart.” He skipped the movie that evening. We all know Johnny doesn’t like watching himself on screen, and I remember laughing as his bodyguards tried to pull him inside once it was starting. He refused to go, and wanted to continue signing autographs. He was outside signing autographs for almost 2 hours. 

And that’s just about all I remember. I was a sobbing mess after that. I called up my dad on the phone and thanked him a million times. I typed up some nonsense post on Facebook with my shaking hands. I stared at my autograph for hours that night, and was careful not to wash my face when I went to shower.

And now, 4 years later, I’m still a massive fan. I know Johnny doesn’t even remember me, but for those 5 seconds, I felt special to him. Just thinking about it makes my heart soar. The thing that sets Johnny apart from any other celebrity is that he truly cares for his fans. He has such a big heart, and he knows that just a few seconds of his time can make a phenomenal difference in someone’s life.

So, I guess, what it’s taken me this long to say, is Thank you, Johnny. From the bottom of my heart. Thank you for looking at my 15 year-old gremlin face, and showing me kindness. You changed my life, and I’m so grateful.

I saw An Act of God! And I met Jim!

Good gracious, what an experience. We arrived at the theatre, and stood in line to be seated. I kept thinking, ‘Jim Parsons is in this building right now’. I don’t know if that helped me or made my excitement worse! My husband got a drink, and I should’ve as well. I was too nervous to drink or eat. When he came out on stage, I thought my heart would burst through my ribs. I have a heart arrythmia anyway, and trust me…seeing him in the flesh made it go haywire. He is just…beautiful. Plain and simply. We had center row seats 11 rows back, and I could perfectly see his blue eyes an perfect skin. I was slackjawed the entire time. The show was hilarious. I won’t give it away for spoiler reasons, but Jim’s dry humor and wit shone through. He owned the stage; the audience loved him. And when it was over, he took three bows. About 90 percent of the patrons exited through the lobby doors leading to the gift shop kiosk, and I looked to my left and saw the outside sidewalk. Something told me to go that way instead of buying a stupid mug. As I was going down the stairs, a stagehand said the stagedoor is to the left. I couldn’t believe it, I ran outside and was like twentieth in line behind the barricade. My husband followed me, and asked me if I was really going to stand there and wait an undetermined amount of time for an autograph. He was excited for me, but knows I was overly excited and about to faint from nerves. I said yes, of course, and he went to buy me a bottle of water. It took about fifteen minutes, but the stagedoor opened, and out walked Jim. Dear Lord. I was on the verge of fainting. I hadn’t eaten or drank anything for hours and lets be honest…I was seeing Jim. He was very gracious and soft spoken, walking down the line and signing for everyone. I wanted to snap a photo of him, but was terrified I’d either drop my I phone, or risk him moving past me. So I waited and he finally came to me. OMG…He said 'hello’, (he sounded JUST like Sheldon) and I said it back. I handed him my sharpie, and my hands were literally trembling. He looked at me and said sweetly 'how are you?’ I think he knew I was on the verge of collapse. I said 'good, thank you for the play’ and he said 'oh! thank you!’ He handed me my sharpie back and I just stood there, my legs feeling like jelly. I turned to the lady on my right and said 'wow’. She said ’ i know, right?’ I couldn’t even feel my legs. I did snap a picture of him from the back as he signed autographs, which I will post. But here is my signed playbill. I can’t believe Jim Parsons spoke to me. After writing The Chaos Cognizance all of this time with him as my inspiration, to meet him and talk to him was priceless. He was just lovely. Sweet and lovable to all, and gorgeous up close. It’s an experience I will never forget.


Fun story about Daveed. I was lucky enough to meet him after a performance back in February. The theater manager let me stay inside afterward because I had a gift for Lin, being ex-military I wanted to give him a challenge coin (big military tradition). While we were waiting for Lin, the theater manager brought over a few of the cast members for us to meet “come meet my friend Cheryl” one of which was Daveed. He was so incredibly kind and soft spoken and just a lovely person. He graciously signed autographs for my friend and I and posed for a picture.

Fast forward to June and some friends and I had gotten together and had Hamilton challenge coins made with Lin as Hamilton on one side and Leslie as Burr on the other along with lyrics from Wait For It and World Was Wide Enough. I brought a bunch of them to give to the cast after the show. Anyway, Daveed was the last one I gave a coin to as he was taking his time talking with a number of people after the show. Again, he was so incredibly kind, I was certain he wouldn’t remember who I was, but when I mentioned it he pointed to the exact spot in the theater I had met him at back in February.

He is such an amazing human being and a gift to this world. I’m so lucky and thankful that I got the opportunity to meet him twice.


The Beatles filming the “Strawberry Fields Forever” promotional clip, Knole Park, Sevenoaks, Kent, 31 January 1967; photographed by Jane Bown.

While sorting through one of my scrapbooks, I re-discovered this description from a Christie’s listing (filed under 2005) - for autographs obtained either on 31 January or 7 February 1967:

“These signatures were acquired by the vendor during the shooting of the promotional clips for Strawberry Fields Forever and Penny Lane at Knole Park, Sevenoaks, Kent, on either 31st January or 7th February, 1967.

At the time, the vendor was chief photographer for a local newspaper, the Sevenoaks Chronicle, and recalls receiving a tip-off that the Beatles would be at Knole Park. On arrival he was told by the producer that the press were not welcome, but managed to persuade him to let him take a few photographs on the understanding that he would not reveal what the film was for.

The vendor noticed Brian Epstein and asked him for his autograph and recalls, ‘He was charming and signed my book three times.

I then managed to get Ringo, John and Paul [to sign]. […] George Harrison’s signature was not obtained as he was, apparently, irritated at being asked to pose for photographs, dismissing the vendor and a colleague with the comment, ‘Go take ******* photographs of yourself!’“

Alex Hirsch in Russia, day one, 16th of April

Today at Bigfest Alex on stage talked a lot about the show and shared some new facts (on Bill and Ford and AXOLTL!!!!) with us
Everything in quotes is an actual quote!

(here, have a pic of Alex and awesome Stans, took it while waiting for my turn)

He started by saying he’s suprised and glad the show is so popular here, and people were just cheering on him like crazy, it was very impressive.

Then he asked the crowd, what episode they wanted to know more about and decided to talk about Sock Opera.

Originally Bill wasn’t in it, but since he and the crew figured, that “kids must be missing Bill”, they came up with “making a deal plot”. Then they had to decide “why on earth” would Dipper shake hands with “basically devil in a triangular shape

So there was a plot, where Dipper and Bill become friends. Bill pulls Dipper out of his body and they are flying around the city together pulling pranks on people (?like taking their pants off – not sure about this part lol?) That was too unbelievable though, and got discarded, because Dipper wouldn’t do something like this.

Then Alex talked a bit about his voice-acting and did an impression of Bill and “reality is an illusion” catchphrase. The crowd went nuts, and he pretended to be scared and asked “B-bill?”. And then answered himself in Bill’s voice “I AM HERE!”. And Alex started looking around again like Bill was actually there on stage too, it was so amazing!

About the Journal

Alex was like, okay, one of the main questions to be answered – where was Ford all this time?

Keep reading

and the last write-up for Red Dragon Con! Sorry for it being… so… long?

Mads Mikkelsen

I had already bought my ticket before Mads was announced (because science bros) so that was… well, I don’t know what that was. Me and my girl had joked around about either Mads or Hugh attending, saying that they wouldn’t anyway, and then whoop, there he was. It was nuts. So I went to the con a little nervous and a lot excited and just dead curious as to what he was going to be like.

But let me tell you about Mads fucking Mikkelsen.

Mads fucking Mikkelsen is a CUPCAKE OF LOVE. I am not kidding. He is the friendliest, sweetest, nicest man. He’s super gentle. He’s constantly smiling. He couldn’t be any less like any of the characters he’s played. He’s a FLUFFY DANISH KITTEN. Over the course of three days I watched him console people who had panic attacks, greet everyone, everyone, with a friendly smile and a handshake, watched every autograph session he did run incredibly late because he insisted on giving everyone there a moment of personal attention, and watched him make sure that everyone knew they would have a chance to speak with him and ask the questions they wanted to ask. In short, I watched a man who knew exactly what this event would mean to people, and watched him treat this with the most kindness and respect possible. He’s fantastic, he really is. He actually remembered people’s names, for fuck’s sake.

I cuddled him for the photo op (when I say ‘cuddled’ I mean ‘fondled his abs because my hand just kind of ended up there and eh I went with it’), and he shook my hand and we talked briefly as I got my autograph. He signed the picture we’d taken, which had both me and my girl in it, and she told him it was kind of like an early wedding gift to ourselves. That made him smile and he wrote ‘I’d love to have you both for dinner’ on the picture (I died).

(also because I know people will want to know - he is actually even better looking in real life, and he smells nice, just kind of clean with a hint of cigarettes. He smokes seriously a lot :P also he has a really soft, gentle handshake? It’s so cute. And he has reading glasses he keeps pushed up in his hair oh gosh) 

So, his panels!

  • let’s just start with the one I know everyone is going to want to hear about anyway - the fanfic. Yes, it came up. Yes, someone asked, which isn’t something you ought to really do (there’s a line between actors and fans and that’s kind of crossing it) but the question was asked and his answer to it was actually shockingly respectful and deeply hilarious. Yes, he’s read fanfic. Not a lot, but some. He laughed and said “it’s pretty sexual? But apparently I’m very good” and he just GRINNED THIS MASSIVE GRIN. And then the real kicker - yes, he did actually say that Hugh Dancy is the one who sends it to him. Which is disturbing on many levels and I was shrieking with laughter and I don’t even know how I survived that panel is what I’m saying.
  • his favourite outfit from the show is the plastic murder suit, because it looks so cool. He does think it’s a really stupid thing for Hannibal to wear, because it’s REALLY HOT, he’d get drenched with sweat, and it’s SUPER NOISY.
  • he doesn’t think Hannibal and Bedelia had sex. I quote: “They really liked brushing each other’s hair, you know.”
  • Mads likes giving hugs, but does think they should be special, so he doesn’t just hug anyone.
  • someone asked him if Hannibal would let Will keep the dogs. He says he thinks Hannibal would, as every relationship requires that kind of compromise - you get to keep those ugly curtains if I can keep keep this ugly carpet, etc etc. He was then asked what Hannibal would name one of the dogs. His answer was… Encephalitis.
  • my girl asked him what Janice Poon’s food tasted like. He said she always made two versions of every dish - an actual meat one, and a pasta version for the vegetarians. He says him and Laurence Fishburne would always go for the meat ones, and they’d be amazing? For one particular dish (sadly he didn’t mention which) they even purposefully screwed up a take so they’d get to eat more of it.
  • he confirmed that Hannibal did genuinely turn himself in because Will said he wanted to forget him and he was worried Will actually would. Will wouldn’t have chased after him, and it would have been easier for Will to let him go if he didn’t know where he was. So he made sure Will would know where he was, knowing Will wouldn’t be able to resist the temptation and would, eventually, come see him.
  • he hasn’t seen season 3. Like, at all. He didn’t even know what the final scene looked like all finished.
  • Carrying Will bridal-style was impractical. He mentioned that if you have to carry someone you really ought to do that fireman-style, but you know, that’s hardly ~*cinematic*~ so they went for the bridal-style thing… except Hugh Dancy is not actually as tiny as he looks and is pretty heavy, and Mads had thrown his back out the day before, and the whole thing was really difficult.
  • Someone asked if he felt Will and Hannibal were really in love. He gave a really insightful answer on how being ‘in love’ would be too simple for Hannibal, too banal. What he feels for Will goes beyond this. He really feels they’re soulmates, and (his words, not mine!) that Will is the light of Hannibal’s life. He also feels that Hannibal would feel this was obvious, that Hannibal honestly assumed Will knew Hannibal felt this way about him. This was why he was so hurt when Will turned on him at the end of season 2. Not only did Will break his heart, he also suddenly realised Will never understood just how deeply he felt for him. He killed Abigail because he knew it would break Will’s heart as badly as Will had broken his.
  • he doesn’t know if Will and Hannibal survived the fall, but supposed they might have landed on ‘some soft rocks’. If they did survive, he thinks they’d probably go into hiding for a few years, maybe hang out with Hannibal’s uncle, listen to some music, just chill.
  • even though Hannibal kind of planted that seed, he hadn’t expected Margot to actually go and get herself pregnant by Will. If the baby had been born, he would’ve probably been pretty jealous.
  • Hannibal saying to Alanna that her life, her wife’s life, and her son belonged to him meant that, yes, he would kill Alanna, would maaaaybe kill Margot, but he would NOT kill the boy. He’d probably just kind of take him and raise him. When he said her son belonged to him, he meant that literally.
  • Will is rude. Hannibal usually hates rude people. He doesn’t mind Will’s rudeness, however, because (again, his words, not mine!) love makes blind. Also Will isn’t necessarily rude on purpose., he’s just… socially inept.
  • on Hannibal being able to take out more than one person at once in a fight - Hannibal isn’t necessarily a top-notch fighter. He’s just very clever and always one step ahead of people, so he just sort of blindsides them. On taking the two police officers at Chilton’s door - Hannibal would have the element of surprise there, as they wouldn’t be expecting a dude in a plastic suit opening the door. He’d just swing it open and “spank spank!”. Yes. His actual choice of words was ‘spank spank’. Let that sink in for a moment.
  • he compared Hannibal to a cult leader in regards to his treatment of Abigail - he could see where her weaknesses were, and knew how to exploit them to his benefit.
  • he didn’t think Hannibal would have actually eaten Will’s brain. It was a spur of the moment thing. He would have probably regretted it, too.
  • he brought a huge pint of beer to the first panel. I love it. Everybody else had, like… Starbucks, and he just comes on all happy with a pint.
  • he asked us where the hell the flowercrown thing came from. Someone explained it was a meme in other fandoms too but that Hannibal stuck with it, and Kacey Rohl mentioned Supernatural and Sherlock. Mads then asked the room if those fandoms were big, and if we might be able to take them in a fight (which the room confirmed that, yeah, we could)
  • at the closing ceremony he thanked everyone for coming, for supporting them and the show, and he said he felt grateful for all of us. And then he got a little emotional. Just a little. Teeny bit. Teeny Danish emotions.