he was really weird


Furniture Store Training!

VSEPR trained in a furniture store today! We focused on staying calm in a really weird environment, managing excitement around children (he loves bouncing and noisy kids), loose lead walking, “under”, sit/stays, down/stays, and short distance recall in new places! He was a bit stressed at first but once I gave him a few minutes to adjust to his new settings he settled right in!

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"but i thought it was too oc because it made reigen too nice" omfg im laughing (this is the OP of the post on their main blog btw!) i would have thought earlier that it's too oc too b/c it would mean reigen is spending money(!) on mob

haha I’m glad someone saw that! I felt bad for misjudging reigen but I was really surprised he went to all this trouble. I thought it must have happened after the seperation arc because he became noticeably nicer after that but no, that wasn’t until october, he’s just a really great mentor and he was feeling generous (and probably felt really bad for teru, the poor kid), and recall he buys mob food after many of the exorcisms. plus with more media attention he was getting bigger/more lucrative jobs around that time too.

but this was definitely more than I would have expected and it was a really sweet little omake. I especially appreciated how benevolently polite he was to ritsu/inviting him along despite ritsu…not liking him so much, because reigen’s a responsible adult and ritsu is a young child and adults shouldn’t be shitty/petty to kids under their care.

ok but sep arc was in october and this was summer so it must have been around the urban legends arc, because by mogami arc mob’s back to school and that’s immediately after plant dude arc. mob was also pretty bluntly sarcastic to reigen in the omake which is exactly how he was in the urban legends arc as well. the solo mission chapter is set here too in the manga, and the girls are all in school so I assume the manga skipped over a lot of July and August, assuming it started in May/June. like, urban legends is probably the only one that was arguably set in summer vacation time.

shou and serizawa weren’t around because WD arc hadn’t happened yet (a tragedy, I would have loved to see them). 

although dimple wasn’t around either, which is weird..I miss him a lot…

sometimes I think these omakes inhabit a place removed from the regular timeline and logic of the series but are interconnected within their own canon. I will cherish this omake for referencing the Shut Up and Eat incident if for no other reason

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Yay! Another transformers blog! Is it ok if I ask for romantic headcanons for mtmte rodimus, megatron, drift, ratchet with their human s/o?


- Tries to be romantic- he really does- but it can come off kinda weird. The first time he seriously tried to flirt with you he just slid you a Rodimus Star, winked, and walked away. He might have been drunk.

- He’s very casual about physical contact (although he has to limit it due to size differences). Pokes you a lot when he’s trying to get your attention or on your nerves. When he’s bored he’ll stroke your hair with his thumb (it’s not that comfortable but it relaxes him so you’ll let it slide). Lots of shoulder rides and kisses too of course!

- He might be is the bragging type, but it’s not exclusive to himself. Anything you can do that’s even mildly impressive in any sense is a chance to brag in his eyes. It can get somewhat embarrassing when he keeps acting like some mundane human thing is so spectacular, but it’s heartwarming to know that he cares.


- Not gonna lie, this is going to be a strained relationship from the start. Between him being haunted by the shit he’s done in the past and you, reasonably so, being apprehensive about dating this ex-warlord that has killed large numbers of humans in the past, this relationship is going to be a constant work in progress.

- He’s not that bad at romance, he’s just perpetually anxious about messing up and giving you yet another reason to hate him. He’ll give you gifts pertaining to your interests but usually just leaves them on your desk with a note. You know the relationship is getting serious when he starts giving them in person

- Two words: Old. Fashioned. He takes things slow (sometimes too slow, not all of us live for billions of years Megatron), like holding doors open or sending you flowers before a date.


- This is a very sweet and healthy relationship. He’s naturally affectionate and somewhat doting but he knows when to give you space to be your own person. And since he’s great at reading auras, he knows exactly when to do this. 

- Most of his dates are just you two spending time together rather than going out. He finds it to be the best way to truly get to know each other, because when it’s just the two of you, it’s easier to be more honest and open. When you do go out it’s usually with friends to Swerve’s bar (there aren’t a lot of places to go when you’re in the farthest reaches of the universe).

- He knows exactly what to say to make you swoon. He’s got the most sincere, specific-to-you compliments that you’ve ever heard, and he knows and uses it. He’s also surprisingly good at massages despite the massive size difference, he’s been studying human pressure points in his down time. 


- You have to have a thick skin to even start a relationship with him. He’s old, tired, and grumpy and oh boy does it show. Get ready for bluntness and half-hearted remarks aplenty, being a medic on such a chaotic ship can get stressful.

- That said, if you really want to make him melt after one of those days then massage his hands. Your tiny fingers can do more than any piece of equipment he has. Keep it up long enough and you’ll see the sweet side of him you usually never get to see. He’ll talk more openly and might say a sappy line or two, it’s very worth it.

- He might not get much time away from the med bay, but when he does he makes visiting you his top priority. He’ll try to do something fun with you but odds are he’ll nod off, he’s very tired he can’t help it. 

listen, @naberiie​ and @evaceratops​ brought Rabé/Fives to my attention and now I have to Make Content, but I can’t really form a proper fic rn??? So??? I’m sorry guys, have this instead.

They meet when Echo is still alive, and he and Echo are contracted out to Senator Amidala’s visit to Naboo, even though he finds it really weird and not normal. Echo doesn’t think much of it, and that’s enough for Fives to not really argue or say anything about it.

Padmé tells them to explore the palace, while she’s in a meeting. Fives is excited; he and Echo never had official leave time before, and he always thought Naboo was a beautiful planet. Echo walks towards a wing, and he’s eager to follow.

They find Padmé’s former handmaidens, though they don’t know they were that, in an open courtyard outside. They’re sparring, and Echo immediately asks if they can join them; “might as well learn to fight a smaller opponent, right, Fives?”

Fives meets Rabé because she’s his sparring partner. He thinks she’s pretty, and he fumbles with talking because kriff, he’s never met anyone this pretty? Sure, he’s admired others before, but this is different. He feels like he shouldn’t be around her at all, let alone fighting her. Sure, it’s a spar, but still, he feels like that.

Still, he prides himself in being a vod of his word, so he puts his all in it.

He never lands a single hit, and by the time someone calls time, they’ve drawn a crowd around them. Fives pays them no mind, Rabé just went toe-to-toe with an ARC Trooper, and not only matched him evenly, but she had knocked him on the ground a few times, landing hits that Fives never thought would ever be landed.

Every bit of free time Senator Amidala gives him after that, he spends seeking her out. Sometimes she’ll be free, and she’ll teach him about Naboo, or he’ll teach her about growing up on Kamino. She gets very, very angry about how they were raised, and Fives learns that she was Senator Amidala’s former handmaiden, and now worked as a spy for the new Queen of Naboo.

When it’s time for him and Echo to part, he doesn’t want to go. Echo just smiles at him, amused, when Fives talks about his time with Rabé, about how he wanted to do nothing but make sure she’s happy, and safe, and how passionate she now was about helping the clones gain their rights and freedom.

It isn’t until he’s talking to General Skywalker and General Kenobi about it, that he can finally put a word to what he’s feeling, and it’s only because of General Kenobi.

“My word, Fives, I do believe you sound quite like a man in love.”

When he meets her again, Echo is gone, and his only words were desperate, pleading, wanting her to know what she meant to him, because Fives knew there was nobody who would ever make him feel like she made him feel, even if she didn’t understand the words he said to her.

“Mhi solus tome, mhi solus dar'tome, mhi me'dinui an, mhi ba'juri verde.”

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I want to be the anti industry Insider! I'm going to go with I am a member of craft services for a very prominent catering company that I won't name but let's just say they've fed just about anyone you can name. I once saw Harry Styles comment after eating a low-fat blueberry yogurt that he is not dating Louis. Really weird because no one was around him and it was completely unprovoked. Totally true though. Trust me, everybody in craft service knows the secret that Larry are in fact not together

That’s amazing, I know people who work in a high fat non blueberry ice cream store who messaged me on Anon and said that they’ve seen Louis in there ordering icecream with green and blue toppings and when asked how he was doing he said he had to get one for his “fake child I really hate and wish would go away already” when like nobody even asked him about his kid? It was weird. I just left it at that though. And? You could see he was gay because of the way he was. I’ve met Gay Men before and he was just like a gay man. Everyone in the store mentioned it to each other later. We were all like “Wow, did you just meet a Gay Man out there who’s forcibly closeted? I need a moment to jot this down in case I find a Tumblr blog I can report it to later on!” It’s not homophobic if you also put rainbow hearts in your icons! Anyway, they may or may not have new insights about this they could share later on their totally new fandom blog @thelarrativesfriendwhosawtheminanicecreamshopandknowstheyregayandisnotthelarrativeonanotheraccount!

Season 3 is confirmed for september and i want to play more with Lotor’s design  


i’m convinced that Tony doesn’t actually go to high school and just shows up occasionally to give cryptic advice to Clay

The Hausmates as stuff my bf did: part 3
  • Bitty: drunkenly lost both shoes at a party and sweet talked the host into giving him his for life
  • Jack: has an alter ego called "bad boy troy" which is just him but in a leather jacket
  • Shitty: befriended an MC Donalds employee so he could get happy meal toys for free
  • Lardo: crowdfunded a coat for his teacher
  • Ransom: once nearly became part of a sect bc he was too polite to say no to them
  • Holster: Screams "succubus begone" whenever I undress in front of him
  • Chowder: Greets his best friend by making bird noises. But not any bird noises. Atlantic puffin noises. Google them.
  • Nursey: Got voted "most likely to skip class" on a poll he wasn't even in
  • Dex: once got angry at me for posting a selfie bc how is he supposed to concentrate when he wants to keep checking his phone to see it
  • Whiskey: has an online diary that is just pictures of his dog
  • Tango: had an active Facebook group called "spot niclas" where ppl posted pics of him doing weird stuff at school
  • Foxtrot: took over the role as host at school events, got the school choir to write him a jingle for when he steps on stage

Lipstick Prince - Cha Hakyeon 💄

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Can you recap what happened on fallon

  • he pranced when he first walked out 
  • jimmy said carolina was a jam multiple times
  • he also said his album was amazing
  • he also said dunkirk was amazing
  • they talked about two ghosts being the next single and harry said the two ghosts were talking to each other and not him so he said “give me some ghostie”
  • they talked about harry singing with stevie nicks
  • jimmy brought this tiny little bottle that stevie gave him and told harry that if you blow a wish into it, your wish will come true
  • jimmy said his wish came true because harry’s there :’)
  • harry made a wish and blew all cutely into the bottle :(
  • jimmy dramatically fell over and harry got up and pretended to punch him and then took over and gave the outro for a commercial break 
  • they were talking about harrys world tour and harry said “i like the world” and jimmy said “the world likes you” with no hesitance
  • a clip of dunkirk was shown and he and jimmy made really weird noises
  • harry gave a speech about how if people come together we can do wonderful things
  • they sang a tiny bit of ‘Party At My Parents House’ and harry said the civil war skit on SNL was his first war movie jjdfhkefkj
  • jimmy complimented harry the entire time that’s it that;s the entire show