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Sam is so sweet and caring most of the time that I sometimes forget he's really badass. What're your favourite Sam's ruthless moments :D (I know Sam's in a very bad time during the addiction, but I just couldn't resist his brutal force)

Oh goodness, yes, Anon, Sam is the baddest of badasses and the sweetest of cinnamon rolls. Sam’s displays of his power during s4 don’t fall on my favorite moments list because that whole season is so unbearably painful to watch. (That’s not to say that him killing Alastair wasn’t super freaking intense, though!) 

In the same way, Sam’s displays of strength in, say, 10.01 and Mystery Spot don’t really register on my badassery scale, though I totally see why many people like them. The moments I find Sam to be most badass (usually!)  have little to do with ruthlessness, though.

Here are some parts I thought Sam was particularly badass:

  • Psychic Sam using freaking telekinesis to free himself when Max is threatening Dean (1.14).
  • Sam throwing himself in front of a Wendigo, arms spread, to protect two innocent people (1.02).
  • Sam taking down a few werewolves and saving the day after being shot in the gut and pretty much choked to death (11.17).
  • Sam in “The Usual Suspects” wasn’t a badass in the traditional sense, but the way he and Dean were totally competent sassmasters made me happy. Like, how freaking awesome is my tall puppy son?
  • Sam leading the Special Children in 2.21. Again, it wasn’t a display of violence that made it seem so badass to me, but it was instead the way he prioritized the safety of the people around him over his own fear. What is that if not badass?
  • Any time Sam does a spell, honestly. (Witch!Sam feelings!)
  • Scary as heck, but Sam taking control of the dream in “Dream a Little Dream of Me.” I mean, no big deal. He’s just doing what this other guy has spent ages learning to do without any effort at all.
  • Psychic-nosebleed!Sam. I know I said s4 is tough for me, but HNGHHH.
  • Sam in “My Bloody Valentine.” It’s not his displays of power that make him so badass to me, but the fact that Famine’s influence made lovers eat each other, but Sam not only had the presence of mind to make his friends lock him up, but the strength of will to refuse the blood/strength offered to him when he was literally right in front of Famine, which made even Castiel, an angel, lose himself in his desire to indulge.
  • “Swan Song.” That is all.
  • Soulless!Sam. Especially that bit where he chewed into his own forearm to get the blood necessary to paint a huge devil’s trap on the ceiling. Smart!Sam + Badass!Sam is the best combination.
  • Sam taking back his Soulless memories and absorbing his Hell!Self in order to wake up and help Dean. “You know me. You know why.” Honestly Sam is the most badass when he is not holding a weapon. His true displays of power so rarely involve violence.
  • Sam in “Born Again Identity.” Sometimes he shows the most breathtaking strength when he is physically and mentally at the end of his rope.
  • Sam hunting hellhounds in s8 and s12. Glasses are a plus.
  • Sam taking out a series of demons while doing his best not to hurt the host in “Our Little World.”
  • Sam facing the guy who tortured him for centuries head-on in 11.09 and 11.10. That is one of the most badass things anyone could ever do.
  • Sam doing whatever he could to save people in “Don’t Call Me Shurley,” which ultimately led to him getting infected by the Evil Fog of Doom.
  • “You can ask me any kind of question you want. The answer’s gonna be the exact same–Screw you. You want to get mad? You want to get mean? I’ve been tortured by the Devil himself, so you—you’re just an accent in a pantsuit. What can you do to me?”
  • Leader!Sam in 12.22.

(And many more.) But those are just a handful of my favorites.

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I actually feel the same way and I can’t chock it up to “development/growth” either. Vegeta by the end of the Buu saga, even the end of DBZ 10 years afterwards, feels VERY DIFFERENT from DBS Vegeta. To me. It just lacks that oldschool Vegeta flavor the way DBZ Vegeta had til the very end, and I’m sorry but… I actually like Vegeta for HIM, rather than how far away he’s come from being the badass I initially fell in love with. I’m not saying the boy can’t grow or shouldn’t, it just feels like he’s lost something on the way, esp into the new series

Rebound pt. 2 (M)

A/N~ Hey! So I put up part one yesterday and it got a really good response. So thank you so much to everyone that messaged me, I really appreciate it! Here is part 2!! I hope you all like it. As always, I love feedback, so please don’t be shy!

This scenario contains sexual and mature themes. You have been warned! 

Part1 ~ Part 3 ~ Part 4

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JIMIN’S ORANGE HAIR IS LIFE! Thought you ought to know.

Are you going to get in?

Well yeah of course you are. It’s Park fucking Jimin, you’re not stupid, or, are you? Who knows? But we will find out.

You get into Jimin’s car, sitting in the passenger seat. He closes the door after you and gets in the other side.

“Okay babe, I’m going to have to leave you home tonight because I have shit to… take care of. I’ll pick you up tomorrow and we’ll have some fun.” Jimin says smirking at you. Fuck this boy was so beautiful, this was why he was such a fuck boy. But that’s just in his nature. If he found love, he would probably shoot it with his hand gun. Did I mention that? No.. well he does and it’s rather sexy when he get’s all badass. You’ll see…

“Okay, tomorrow then.” You smile back, you can’t help but feel excited for what tomorrow is going to bring. Jimin starts his engine! I didn’t know that you were in Fast and fucking furious, because when Jimin pulled out on to the road. Good luck to anyone that didn’t look before crossing.

It was rather fun, you started to laugh when Jimin put the windows down and the cold winter air was hitting your cheeks. Making your hair go wild, it was the most fun you’ve had.. maybe ever! 

Jimin can’t get over how adorable you are, like look at you laughing at something so simple. You were so pure, but maybe not your mind.. Just saying. Your urge to touch him was consuming you, you just wanted his lips on yours again. Jimin  pulls up in front of your house, sooner than you thought. But that’s not shocking he drove so fucking fast. he turns his engine off.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, sweetheart.” Jimin gives you a peck on the cheek. Yeah, no that’s not going to get you through tonight, peck on the cheek from the fuck boys of all fuck boys. What is life? You unbuckle your belt, lifting yourself to settle on Jimin’s lap. You straddle him.

“Sweetheart, what are you doing.” Jimin asks, his hands on your thighs rubbing circles into them. You cup his face, looking from his eyes to his plump lips. You bite your lip trying to be sexy. Well you are, because Jimin has a hard situation going on at the moment, if y’know what am saying. Of course you do, you can feel it against your thigh.

“I’m just giving you a proper goodbye.” You say giving him big innocent eyes. He chuckles, that eye smile is heaven. You lean in connecting both your lips. It’s soft, vanilla. That changes when Jimin swipes his tongue on your bottom lip, you part your lips for him. He sticks his tongue into your mouth, the muscle playing with yours. His hands grab your ass tight, making you moan. Jimin tries to reconnect your lips, but you pull away.

“Good night, Jimin. I’ll see you tomorrow.” You give him one last peck on the nose, getting off of him and walking up to your house. You turn around and run back to the car. Jimin has his eyes closed, leaning his head back on the head rest. You open the car door.

“Did you forget something, babe?” Jimin smirks. 

“No, I was just wondering if you had my number.” Jimin looks a little surprised, your not coming back to fuck him in front of your parents house and the neighbours. What a surprise!

“Of course I have your number.” He says like you had just asked him was grass green.

“How? I’ve never gave it to you.”

“Another storey, another time.” Jimin’s phone buzzed. “Alright, babe I actually have to go, but I’ll text you about tomorrow.” He shot you a wink.

“Okay, see you tomorrow.” You flashed him a smile and closed the car door, walking up to your door.

“Hey, aren’t you going to say goodbye?” Jimin asked shouting out the window of his car. Without turning around you reply.

“Goodnight, Jimin.” You opened the door, gave him a wave and closed it. Well just know you just teased Jimin… Ahh, I don’t think that’s how it goes. He teases you, not you tease him. Well I hope you did your stretching for tomorrow *wink *wink…. 

You woke up to your phone buzzing, informing you someone had text you. You grab it off the bed side table and look to see whom it’s from. It’s an unknown number, you’re curious so you open the message.

Unknown- “Hey babe, it’s Jimin. I have some business to take car of, but I’ll pick you up at 8 and we’ll have some fun ;)”

Oh my lord, Park Jimin just text you. Well you knew he would, you left him wanting more. Which was a good thing, as you didn’t have any sexy lingerie and you’re not taking your clothes off for him to see you in your granny panties! Image…

So you get up and dressed, making your way down to your local lingerie store. There was so many beautiful sets of panties and bras. You wanted it all, like fuck Jimin your getting this for yourself. But also for Jimin, let’s be real here.

“Hey, can I help you with anything?” Blonde middle ages women approached and asked you.

“Yes, please!”

She giggles, “Is it your first time buying lingerie?” 

“Yeah, is it that obvious.” You ask, your cheeks have gone soooo red.

“Honey, don’t worry I will get you into something sexy to please your man!” She says. “Do you know what he likes?”

“Ahh, this will be our first time together, so no. But I just want something black and lacy.” You reply feeling more at ease.

Not long after she has you in the dressing room trying on a lacy black bra and pantie set. It was very see through, but it made your ass and breasts look amazing. A knock came to the dressing room door.

“Is everything alright, honey?”

“Yeah.” But before you know it she’s opening the door and closing it behind her. You pick up your jacket to try and cover your body.

“Honey, stop let me see you.” She pulls down the jacket and gasps. “Honey, wow. I didn’t know you had such a gorgeous body under those clothes. You really shouldn’t hide it, it’s beautiful!” You giggle and turn to the full length mirror, to take in your appearance. You did look go, gals been doing her squats!

“Do you think he’ll like it? He’s been with a lot of girls hotter than me.” You say looking at her through the mirror.

“Honey, I wouldn’t be surprised if he came in his pants just by the sight of you.” You giggle.

“I’ll take it!” 

You were very happy with your new purchase. You couldn’t wait to see Jimin tonight. You knew this wasn’t a date, this was never going to be a proper relationship. But you couldn’t help but get excited to be with him. Jimin for you meant trying things you never did, because you were to chicken shit to. You knew him calling you ‘babe’, ‘baby’, and ‘sweetheart’ shouldn’t effect you so much but it does. You listen here Y/N don’t let your feelings get in the way of this, it’s just fun… Yeah and that’s why you bought the expensive lingerie.

It come the time when you had to start getting ready to go out. You had a shower, you shaved and waxed… everything! You applied some make-up and put the new lingerie on. You you loved it! You did your hair and got dressed, hiding your little surprise for Jimin under the tight fabric.

You put your shoes, a ring and a choker on that you always wore. Not to much, not to little… just right. Go on you, getting your self all sexy.. You ought to be proud, it’s and effort to even get out of bed. You heard a car honk outside. You look out your window to his Jimin’s BMW.

You run so fast to get out before your parents get nosy and go out. You almost break your neck trying to get down the stairs.

“I’m leaving now, I might stay in Joy’s tonight. Don’t wait up.” You shut up to your parents. You open the door and close it swiftly. Jimin is leaning up against his car with his phone out. When he hear’s your heels against the ground he looks up and smirks. 

“Sweetheart, you are look breath taking.” He whistles, making you blush. You walk towards him, swaying your hips. When you get to him he pulls you into him, he nuzzles his nose into your neck. He inhales your scent. His scent invades your nose, It’s a mixture of cigarettes, after shave and mint.

“Did you miss me?” You ask looking up at him, his arms still tightly wrapped around you. He smirks.

“What if I bit?” He puts his bottom lip in between his teeth. This fucking bitch, why did he have to be so fucking sexy. He was making you feel all sorts of things. “Shall we go? I think your parents a watching us.”

“Of course they are. I’m sorry.” You say, dying inside. Why couldn’t they be normal? You just turned 22, they need to chill the fuck out!

“Don’t be! Now come on.” Jimin opens the car door for you, as you move to get in Jimin slaps your ass. You yelp in surprise. You kinda liked it. You had never been spanked before, it was rather arousing. Oh, you’re kinky, who knew?

Jimin takes you to this underground club. He told you a few of his friends perform there. This underground bar is also known for selling drugs and just doing illegal shit in general. You were a little nervous, but why should you be? At Jimin’s side nothing would happen to you. 

He brought you over to a group of six boys, you’ve seen most of them with Jimin before. Namjoon was a rapper, he rapped at the club along with Yoongi and Hoseok. Jungkook and Taehyung were dancers and Jin… Jin cooks, and apparently it’s ‘sex in your mouth’, you wonna try it… Sameee.

Jimin and you spent most of the night in the booth with the boys. They were amazing and had so many stories. They had all gotten down this rocky path somehow, but they didn’t seem to mind. They embraced it, it was their personality, it was them. You couldn’t deny that you loved it. Jimin must of told them not to tell you what they get up to, due to scaring you off. Not that you minded not knowing.

Throughout the night Jimin’s hands were on you, on your thighs, hips, waist and let’s not forget those ass grabs. They were nice… Your drooling sweetie. But yeah it was time to get out of here. You lean over to Jimin whispering in his ear.

“Do you want to go somewhere a little more private?” You glide your hand up and down his thigh. He shifts in his seat, looking at you like he’s about to pounce he doesn’t give a fuck who’s here.

“Let’s go, baby.” Jimin pulls you up from your seat at the booth. He put’s his arm around your waist and pulls you close. “We’re leaving, I’ll see you at the same place, same time tomorrow Namjoon.”

You bid the boys goodbye, as they do so to you too. You and Jimin make your way to the exit when Jimin spots someone or something. He halts, “Baby, give me to minutes. Stay here, I’ll be back.” He goes off in the direction his gaze was glude to, disappearing into the crowd. 

You stand with your back against the wall waiting for Jimin. When you look to your left you see your ex. What’s he doing in a place like this? Is this why Jimin doesn’t like him so much, it can’t be that he just got another girl pregnant? So many questions.

“So your fucking Park Jimin now.” It’s not a question it’s a statement. He gets closer and closer. He puts his hands on the wall beside your head. You try to leave, but you can’t. You can smell the alcohol on his breath, he was always a bad drunk.

“If I am or not it’s none of your business. So could you let me leave.” You huff.

“Look at you in this dress, whoring yourself out now that i dumped you.”

“Sorry what? I’m the whore, are you not the one that fucked multiple girls when we were in a relationship. Oh, and got one of them fucking pregnant.” You spit. His hand violently grabbed your chin.

“Stop fucking around, you’re mine and no one else’s. Especially not Jimin’s-” His sentence was cut short by Jimin grabbing him by the collar and pushing him violently against the wall.

“What the fuck did I tell you, she’s not yours. Jesus fucking christ do you not have a brain or something. The next time I see you around my girl, I’m going to cut your balls off. Got it?” Jimin punched him hard in the stomach, but all that’s going on in your head is~ did he just call you’my girl’. Yasss he did! Today was very new and exciting for you, good for you. What did this mean though, like where you actual his girl or is he just saying that. Who knows, we’ll see… 

“Sweetheart did he hurt you?” Jimin walks over to you cupping your cheeks. You nod no. “Good, let’s go” He grabs your hand and takes you out to his car. He put’s you in the passenger seat and get’s in the driver’s.

“I’m sorry I left you on your own.”

“Jimin, I’m a big girl. I can handle him. Can we go somewhere private?” Jimin smirks at how forward you are. He starts his engine and drives off.

Next thing you know Jimin is opening the door to his apartment, you follow him inside. As soon as the door closes Jimin is all over you, pushing you into his room, slamming the door behind him.

“Baby girl, you don’t know how long I’ve dreamt about this.” He closes the distance between the both of you. His lips are devouring yours, you push his shirt over his head, exposing that body. It was a body fit for a god, a sex god. Yassss Y/n is getting some tonight.

“Fuck” you say looking at his amazing body. You kick off your heels, now having to step on your tip toes to kiss him. He finds the zipper to your dress, unzipping it slowly as he looks into your eyes. It finally falls to the floor, revealing your lingerie. Jimin steps back to look at your lacy black undergarments.

“Baby girl, did you buy them for me?” He asks, licking his lips.

“What if I did?” 

“Fuck, baby you’re on another level!” He pushes you on the the bed, hovering over you. He touches the thin lace gently, looking down at you. “I like that I’m the only guy to get to see you in such a magnificent outfit. If I knew this was under that dress, we wouldn’t have even when to the club.” you giggle at him.

“Are you just going to play with the bra all night?” You giggle. He looks down at you with a sinful smirk. Well aren’t you wet, he’s just smirking. Yeah nah, it’s not just smirking it like eye fucking with his mouth.

“Baby girl, I’m just savouring this moment.” His lips are on your again, his tongue slipping into your mouth and playing with yours. His hands go to unclasp your bra, you arc your back to help him out. Your sexy lingerie is on the floor now and Jimin’s mouth is on your breast. He takes your nipple in between his teeth and pulls. You can’t help the moans that escape your mouth, Jimin does the same to your other breast.

“Baby girl I’m going to make your feel so good!” He starts to make a trail of hot kisses down to the hem of your panties. He caresses your thighs with slow circles, he starts to pull the lacy black panties down until there on the floor with the rest of your clothes.

“You’re so wet for me baby. Have your ever been this wet before, you’re dripping!” Jimin smirks at you from in between your legs. Ugh, isn’t that such a nice sight. 

“No, it’s all for you.” You say feeling a little embarrassed. Jimin starts to kitten lick your juices, sticking his tongue in your centre. You moan out his name.

“You sound amazing baby. Keep making them beautiful noises.” He abruptly puts two fingers inside you, thrusting in and out. He leans in and starts to suck on your clit. It’s euphoric, your ex never went down on you, it didn’t matter if you gave him 10 blow jobs in a row.

“Jimin that… feels amazing” You pant, your hands going into his hair. You moan out more, until Jimin removes his fingers and fingers from you. You whimper at the loss contact. He gets off the bed and starts to remove the rest of his clothes.

“Don’t worry baby, I just want you to come on my dick.” The excitement you feel at the pit of your stomach, you can’t wait for him to fuck you. He gets back on the bed, completely naked. His member so hard and so big. He positions himself at your entrance, pushing in slowly. He groans in pleasure.

“ Fuck Jimin, you’re huge” You moan out closing your eyes tightly as he stretches you out. Soon the pain turns into pleasure and you moan. “Jimin you can move now.” You pant.

“Open your eyes baby.” Jimin grabs your hands and pins them above your head, he starts to move in and out of you. Your legs wrap tightly around Jimin’s waist. He holds both your hands in one hand, whilst the other one smacks your ass. “I said open your eyes!” Another slap, you moan loudly opening your eyes. 

“Do it again.” You pant, looking up at Jimin. His hand smacks your ass again and again and again. Making you moan and feel over come in pleasure.

“You really are one of a kind, baby girl.” He starts to fuck you deep and hard. You can feel your self starting to come.


“I know, baby. Come on my dick.” His pace his getting faster and harder, you loved it. You had never experienced so much pleasure as you were at this moment. You came, tightening around him. You screamed his name as you came, You were a moaning mess. Jimin came not long after you, ridding out both your highs.

He halted his movements, collapsing on top of you. One of his hands intwined with yours, as your other stroked his hair. You both tried to catch your breath. He got up after a few moments and left the room. He came back with a towel, he cleaned you up.

“Here.” He helped you sit up. He put one of his oversized t-shirts on you, it just devoured you. He put on a pair of shorts and got back into bed with you. He pulled the covers over the both of you. He pulled you into his side, kissing the top your head, he began to stroke your hair.

“You were amazing baby.” His after sex voice was the sexiest thing you have ever heard. Holy fuck man! 

“Thank you.”

“Babe, don’t thank me. It was all you, you were fucking amazing.” He kissed the top of your head again.

You and Jimin talked for hours about everything and about nothing, until you both fell asleep in each others embrace. You had never felt so alive and loved before. When you were with Jimin, he made you feel like you and him were the only people on the planet. You loved it!

Well shit, you’re falling in love with Jimin! 

A/N- So this is part two of rebound. I hope you all liked it and I didn’t disappoint! Feedback is always appreciated, so please do! Thank you to everyone that give feedback last time! If you guys want a part three let me know.

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more soul babs, this time I’m getting my fronds in on it. (and vinny because I literally saw him for a second before he sort of vanished)

Going from left to right we got: official-nifaux, skillfulprey, lolzman87, me, rileyomalley, rebornica + vinny, and rykitsu.

People to be added: mrkenyon, thelastsworld, thisworldendswithme, autistic-pyro, ghostyknight, fancyspants, homestuckinator413, and more when I remember all the faces I saw. (cuz most of them rushed past me really fast)

but yee enjoy this wip. btw vinny was actually that big, he was pretty damn intimidating, not SCARY, just intimidating.

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Welcome to Avatar Korra Park - where nonbending means you're less than human.

Uuuuuugh I know right? I have no idea how they made amazing characters that had major roles like Sokka and Suki in A:TLA, and now their existence doesn’t matter. Not to mention that of the new characters, it sounds like poor Asami has done basically nothing since Book One and Bumi is presented as a joke rather than a badass retired general (and then he gets bending because???). And the Book One issue, which was real and pressing, wasn’t even resolved! What the fuck, man, it’s like Bryke agrees with Korra that the nonbenders were “oppressing themselves”.

In Asuncion, the capital of Paraguay, one man’s trash is not just another man’s treasure. It’s also his children’s playground – at least if you live in the village of Cateura, which has the honor of being built directly on top of Asuncion’s main landfill. As one might expect of a place erected on a massive pile of trash, Cateura’s residents lived in poverty. The primary industry was picking through the landfill for sellable items, a career which you might recognize from the sci-fi dystopia Elysium, or just, y'know, depressing old reality.

Music teacher Favio Chavez decided to change that by getting the local kids interested in classical music. The only problem is that there are no instruments in Cateura – a genuine violin would be worth more than their average house. They do, however, have a shitload of garbage. So Chavez decided to make lemons into lemonade. Or rather, garbageade. He built their instruments out of trash.

6 Badass Teachers Who Should Get Paid More Than Any CEO

the way you and michael had become friends was rather a funny story really, well to you at least.  the first time you’d ever talked to michael was when you’d been walking by a broom closet at school and heard what sounded like sniffling.  it was a wonder that you’d even heard it over the puoring rain coming from outside.  being the good person you are you went to open the door and there before you was the self proclaimed badass of school, michael clifford.  “uh…you okay?” you’d ask which would be replied to with a rather sassy “yeah i’m fine” “well you don’t look fine” and just as michael was about to reply again a clap of thunder shook the building causing michael to let out a small whimper.  you did your best to keep your laughter to yourself and when he saw your rather bemused smirk he just muttered a “shut up badasses can get scared of thunderstorms too”

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