he was probably christmas shopping

BTS Reaction: Christmas Shopping/gift giving

Jin: Let’s just be honest he is your gift, you don’t really need anything else. Just look at him

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Suga: I feel like Yoongi would hate Christmas shopping lol He would probably be completely fine the first hour or so but after that he just wants to get everyone gift cards and be done with it

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J-hope: Hobi would be fine with the whole shopping thing, just the giving of the gifts would be the problem. He would become attached to some of things bought and be very determined to keep them. But after some serious negotiating and contemplation of the smiles on Christmas morning he would eventually get over it.

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Rap Monster: I feel like Christmas shopping with Namjoon would take a good bit of time like several days,weeks or months because he would put a lot of thought into what he want to give someone. The gift would come from deep in his heart and it would be unforgettable.

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Jimin: I feel like Christmas shopping w/ Jimin would be pretty easy at first. Butt then he’ll become like a kid in a candy store and pick up everything he sees so by the time he gets to check out he’s spending wayyy more than expected. Jimin is a spoiler i believe, he’ll give and give just so he can see the smiles cause it warms his heart.

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V: This little shit would prolly attempt to pull a prank on Christmas. Like getting a huge box but only having a Hersey bar in it just for the laugh. He would have something else you actually wanted as well, he just wanted to fuck w/ you. (I did this to my brother last year and it was amazing lol)

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Jungkook: I feel like Kookie would need a little help Christmas shopping especially for a girl lol. He probably prefers group shopping so he can have someone to bounce ideas off of and help decide what would be perfect

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may i ask some liper?

I only ship them as bros but lucky for you THEY ARE MY FAVE BROTP

  • Just imagine it’s winter time and Piper gets back from walking in the snow. She’s freezing cold, soaked to the bone and wants to cry cause today has just been horrible so Leo drags her over to the couch and they cuddle and drink tea until Piper is warm and she falls asleep with her head on his shoulder.
  • Piper probably takes Leo shopping cause he literally has no nice clothes.
  • He feels bad that he’s making her pay for everything but she’s like “dude chill my dad is a movie star.”
  • They stop to get ice cream and share a sundae cause they are losers.
  • Lots and lots of kisses on the cheek.
  • Piper has really bad dreams about the quest she went on with Jason and Leo (aka the lost hero quest) about losing her dad so she sneaks over to Leo’s cabin in the middle of the night and they normally stay up talking for a few hours or until she calms down.
  • Other times she has a nightmare about losing Leo so she will sneak into his cabin again but just crawl into bed with him instead and fall asleep.
  • Piper and Leo sometimes wrestle and Piper always kicks his ass.
  • She will also personal kick anyone’s ass who causes any kind of harm to Leo.
  • Leo trying to braid Pipers hair but sucks at it so he puts pipe cleaners in it instead and calls her a Piper Cleaner.
  • She laughs really hard at that and hates it at the same time.


About my handle…

It’s kind of a personal reference. I met Brian May and family, entirely by happenstance, December ‘78 at Pier 39 in San Francisco. It was a brand-new shopping centre and my family and I were up in The City for our annual Christmas shopping trip (I’m originally from Santa Cruz, about 75 miles south).
I never asked him why they were in the Bay Area a week before Queen were due to play but as near as I can guess, they had a four-day time off. It was between their Kansas and Seattle shows and he was probably visiting friends and doing some Christmas shopping himself. He was wearing a midnight blue velvet blazer with a little silver bicycle pin on one of the lapels.
And…I guess I can say which store I met him in, since it’s not there anymore. It was the San Francisco Music Box Shoppe and he was checking out the cabinet with the real expensive boxes, inlaid-fruitwood and brass disks that play a gazillion tunes, automaton chirping birds, handcrafted ones. Chrissy was with him and pushing a stroller with then baby Jimmy in it. I stood back and left them alone, let them do their browsing/shopping and waited until they were going to move on before approaching and asking, “Are you Brian May from Queen?” Yeah, like the mass of dark brown curls, cute English accent and obvious “money is no object” wallet weren’t clues! #teenagederp
Brian was wonderful. Very gracious, friendly, witty and kind. He gave me that terrific smile of his and quipped, “I’m afraid…I am!” I remember being slightly taken aback, not at his height or the hair (I was pretty tall myself) but his fangs. Also at how sparkly his eyes were: understand that this was before the Internet, even before video machines, and magazine photographs just didn’t do him justice.
So we spent a few minutes chatting and looking back, I keep thinking that I was probably the luckiest girl in the world because it was in a rather mundane environment, and this was about when he stopped being as shy as he used to be. Not a rock ‘n roll circus with a thousand other fans and a veritable army of professionals contending with me. Just him and his family, and me with mine. Even my folks liked him. Dad later told me that he changed his mind about rock stars after that encounter. Get this: my Dad NEVER changed his mind! Once he took an opinion, that was it, set in stone, the Immoveable Object. Maybe Brian really is an angel walking around on Earth, spreading miracles in his wake? Could be…

So now you know why Brian May is my favourite.