he was pretty smooth about it tbh

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(Johnny,Jaehyun,Taeyong,Doyoung.Yuta,Ten,Hansol - reaction to their gf having a very sensive neck( like you can't even blow on it. She gets chills all over her body) -- like what would they do with it (while making out or while making love)

I can only imagine 3 reactions to it.

1. Abuse it.
Some of them might thoroughly enjoy using it to their advantage, doing everything they can to make you writhe beneath them.
God, just picturing the little shits is so lewd
They’d start out simple, cradling your neck gently. It’d move to gentle kisses of your neck to sloppily sucking on the delicate skin. You’d most definitely writhe, covering your mouth, lowkey pushing them away because it’s too much [yet you wouldn’t want them to stop].
Would use their force to keep you still, wanting nothing more than to hear your whines as their teeth graze your skin.
- Yuta [This peice of shit. K, but would def dive in, not moving as your hands lowkey are pushing at his chest. He’d do something like grab one of your wrists, guiding your hand to his crotch.]
- Jaehyun [Boy oh boy. So like has anyone ever hugged you so tightly you can’t move? It’d be one of those things as you start to writhe, he just pulls you against himself (he’d probably crush you being on top of you like that tbh), your arms trapped between your bodies as he goes to town.]
- Doyoung [Hi, so I’m not 100% sure what he would do because he’s Doyoung, but I can see him as just not caring, like not budging no matter what you do. Or, I could see him doing some real classy shit like wrestling both your wrists into one of his hands and holding it above your head.]

2. Avoid it.
A few may try to avoid your neck if they know it’s hypersensitive.
Which may or may not come off as awkward at times as they have to take a moment to pause.
I don’t think they’d understand it really? The may thing you hate being touched their or something which really isn’t the case, but unless you say so, or pull them into the crook of your neck I think they’d busy themselves with other parts of your body~
- Taeil [Boy would be smooth about avoiding the area, almost as if it were natural, not awk at all, he’d just put his lips elsewhere :’)]
- Ten [Pretty much the same as Taeil tbh, a bit nervous tho at moments, but it wouldn’t really show]
- Johnny [He’d be super awkward about it, like it’d be on his mind every time, as a result, his kisses would be sub-par as his mind is filled with thoughts of avoiding the area because he thinks you don’t like it. You’d have to gain his attention again before he’d forget about it.]

3. Forget about it.
When in the moment, a few may totally forget about it, naturally diving into the crook of your neck, surprised by your reaction.
As a result they may be a #1 or #2 boy beneath the surface and carry on.
- Mark *this is making-out only, not dabbling in minor smut. [He’d kind of ruin the mood, turning awkward as he murmured before busing himself with your lips or face once again, anywhere but the neck.]
- Taeyong [He’d a little bit a #1, but not to the extent as the other boys. Every once in a while when he’d pull away, both of you breathless he’d nose at the junture of your neck, using the time to slip his hands under your shirt or something before returning to your lips.]
- Sicheng [He’d totally forget lol. He’d test the waters tho, he’d kinda avoid the area, but might sneak in a few quick kisses, curious to your reaction.]
- Hansol [In most cases I think he’d literally be the same as Mark, however, he has another mood that’s a bit more forward and sexy, so there’s also a possibility he could just do whatever he’s feeling at the moment.]

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goshiki, shirabu, ushijima (for the ask thing)

Boy this is so hard because I would want to put Ushijima in all 3 (for rEASONS)


ELEVATOR: Goshiki! I think he can remain cool in emergency situations also I hc him to be pretty chatty so the hours would probably fly by

LAB PARTNER: Ushijima! I feel like he would be pretty smooth to work with without awkward situations, we’d both try as well as we can. (I’d probably fear working with Shirabu or would get into fights with him about who knows what better)

MCD TRAINER: Shirabu then. He might be a pain in the ass if you mess up at first (he hates explaining things 5 million times) but after u find out what customer service is like u understand his attitude and get along p well. Odds are u find him chilling with Kawa somewhere on the property and tbh I’d be down for a bitch off with them both

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How about the RFA + Saeran finding out about MC having an identical twin sister? I love your writing btw

thank youuuu, honeybee!! and thx for the request!!! i think i got this wrong tho, lol forgive me pls. <3


-you had invited your sister over, while jumin was at work. it had been long since you two last spoke, and you definitely owed it to her, to fill her in these past few months-

-you asked her to sit down, and went to you and jumins shared bedroom, to get a cardigan

-it just so happened that jumin, came home while you were changing. 

-”mc, im home…i didn´t think that shirt would be your taste?..i thought i knew your taste pretty well” wtf jumin

-”yeah uhm, i´m not mc…i´m her twin sister..i guess she haven´t told you about me? haha i´m hUrt”

-well that was definitely not mc, you may look identical but your personalities and taste were not 

-when you emerge from your room you find your sister and jumin, discussing clothing for you?? wat?? are you doing?! 

-ok but they actually get along pretty well, and he´s 100 okay with you inviting her over regularly


-your sister had been dying to meet your infamous boyfriend, so you drag her to one of his shows..

-she is swooning whoah

-zen is so confused tho, there´s 2 of mc?? uhm?? is worried someone poisoned his water or somethig fucking dramaqueen wow

-until your sister introduces herself as “mc´s beloved other half, and a new fan of yours!” damn sis don´t boost his ego

-i mean after that he loves her! 

-”when are your sister coming on visit again??” omg zen staph


-you would have already told him that your sis was coming to visit

-but at that time he was playing lolol and in the middle of a boss fight, so he hadn´t really listened 

-he ended up going to bed at around 4 in the morning

-when he woke up, super groggy and with huge bags under his eyes

-walked into the living room in only boxers


-he hurries back to the bedroom..pinches himself, realizes it´s not a dream. quickly gets dressed and adventures back into the living room

-”uuhm sorry about that…i didn´t know we were having guests…are you two sisters??”

-”yup! twins actually! i heard about your gaming addiction, yoosung..but oh my! mc he´s even more adorable in person!!”

-blushy nervous mess


-you bring your sister to your cafe with you! 

-when you two walk in, jaehee takes her glasses off to clean them

-this isn´t double vision, right??

-she is quick to compose herself tho and gives you both a warm welcome

-your sister loves her! 

-”wow, you´re mcs girlfriend??? you´re so cute!! good job mc!”

-cute blushy jaehee is cute

-”i really think mc is the cute one in this relationship”


-your sis wanna visit all the time 


-ho boy

-he already knows everything

-he probably spent hours looking at pictures of you two together to teach himself to distinguish you two.

-he gets a little bit too into it tho

-which gets very obvious, when you bring her over for the first time, and seven is there in an instant 

-”hi kathy!!!! sup?” 

-he made sure to buy her favorite cake, and drink and omg chill

-he slips up, when your sister is telling a funny story about “her ex” and seven blurts out “peter or john the fuckbo-?” whoopsie doopsie

-your sister pauses for a moment, but then countinues unfrazzled, to both of your relief

-things goes pretty smooth from there


-when your sister introduces herself his response is just “yeah i know…hello” he did not know

-or did he?? you weren´t sure and if you ask him, he´d insist he knew no matter if it was true or not

-he´s really shy tbh, doesen´t talk much but smiles to you once in awhile over the table

-he´s clearly concentrating on eating with manners, and it´s the cutest thing ever

-your sister even comments on it like “you don´t have to act so formal, we´re family” 

-lil bby boy flushes red as a tomato

//Wow so I totally forgot it was Carlos Week, and I don’t have any drawings for today (wow I suck) but it’s headcanon day so I’ll just use my gifs sorry 

Carlos is canonly a hot nerd. My headcanons of this include…

  • He has a sort of messy medium length going on and almost always has his safety glasses/goggles on (you know, for in case of science)
  • He has thicker, roundish eyebrows
  • Has almost hazelish eyes (they’re more green-blue but have that pretty brown tone in them, you feel?)
  • Wears squarish glasses
  • Has a stubbly-but well trimmed beard going on- idk what you wanna call it but see any gif for reference
  • He has the skin color of Dylan Marron
  • Wardrobe consists of science pun/nerd shirts, flannel, and lab coats 
  • Was the professor everyone crushed on
  • He’s naturally curious about everything bc knowledge, ammirite
    Like, who knows, that butterfly could be explosive it’s Night Vale anything could happen
  • Did I mention he’s a very smooth scientist
  • Though this was a blooper, this is def something that happened at one point it’s canon okay shut up don’t argue with me
  • BUT he can pull himself together (sometimes) and actually be a seductive mofo
  • Also very goofy and punny, he’s pretty great to be around tbh
  • We know he owns multiple lab coats in Cecil’s eyes at least, but I believe he has a collection. 
  • You literally cannot tell me otherwise
  • Probably watches Dr. Who and has all of the Bill Nye the Science Guy clips on VHS or something
  • Does science like the Mythbusters

…You know what though honestly forget most of what I just said if you want to see the freaking canon Carlos just go to carlosmanofscienza and that’s a scientific fact

//I’m pretty sure it’s actually Carlos roleplaying a guy named Matt calling himself the mun and a Carlos cosplayer
It’s a trick, don’t buy into it.